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Right. This is a sort of "What If?" to my Other Amy Pond Snuff-o-Gram story. Here's hoping you all enjoy it.

Amy Pond: Sexy Schoolgirl Snuff-o-Gram
Tags: Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Prostitution, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, scalpel, F/F, Schoolgirl roleplay, Trophies, Fisting, Dissection, Sex Ed, Nipple-ectomy, possible snuff.

“Ah! Ms. Oswald, just the teacher I was looking for." The Headmaster of Coal Hill School called out as Clara made her way to her last class of the day. "Although, your proposal was... unorthodox, since you already paid for the expensive materials, and since it has the potential to be very educational, I have decided to approve it." The headmaster paused, "Room 3A has been set up for your use. Your class will be watching the demonstration via the cameras you requested."

Clara blinked. She didn't remember writing a proposal. Still, she was used to strange things happening by now, and was certainly curious about what was happening. So with a quick about face, Clara turned away from the classroom containing the seniors she had intended to teach basic anatomy and sexual education to, and headed for room 3A instead.

Amy Pond waited alone in the room the students who hired her had directed her to. Her heart was racing. She knew what she was getting into when she'd signed up for the "special service" section of the Kiss-o-Gram company's catalog, but she'd expected something more... private when the most expensive service she'd offered was finally purchased. The room she was in now may have felt abandoned, but the cameras all around her were a silent reminder that what was about to happen wasn't just being watched, but recorded to watch again in the future.

She also assumed the person she'd be serving would know what they were getting at the outset, but she'd been told that Ms. Oswald, the woman she'd be serving didn't know what she'd been bought for, and that it was her job to tempt the teacher into going all the way with her. Amy's role here wasn't something she'd anticipated, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't looking forward to it. After all, she'd always wished her teacher would take her when she was younger, and now she got to fulfill exactly that fantasy...

The room was almost empty, except for cameras and microphones set up on stands around the front of the room, and a single student, a redhead she didn't recognize, sitting in the only student desk in the room, in a school girl's uniform at least two sizes too small.

“Who are you?” Clara asked, curiously, and a bit confused. The redhead in the chair looked older than her students, though she wasn't sure how much. The cameras were odd too... “And what's going on here?”

“I'm Amy, Amy Pond,” The redhead explained, looking every bit the inch of a nervous schoolgirl, her red hair streaming in a pony tail behind her as she got up from her desk, revealing just how short her skirt was in the process. “I'm not in your class, but I volunteered to be your model for your sex ed demonstration.”

“Demonstration?” Clara asked, remembering what the principal told her. Was this what he meant by her proposal? Clara had to admit that the sight of the redhead was making her excited, but did she really mean what she thought she meant?

Amy blushed, playing her part as the dutiful schoolgirl to a T. “I volunteered to be used... by you... Ms. Oswald.”

Clara blinked as her brain finally realized what was happening. “As my model for sex ed? To demonstrate things for my class on?” she confirmed.

“Sex Ed and... Anatomy.” Amy Pond admitted, looking down and blushing. The blush wasn't faked, the redhead had not expected Ms. Oswald to look this pretty, especially in her loose blouse and knee length skirt.

Clara smiled mischievously, wondering who had set this up for her. Maybe her students? She did have a slight schoolgirl fetish, maybe they'd caught her looking? Well, no matter who arranged it, it seemed to have the headmaster's stamp of approval. Clara was going to have fun with this lesson. Not too much fun of course, Ms. Pond was a student so Clara couldn't exactly use her to fulfill her fantasies, but a little fun would probably be fine. Amy would stop her if she went too far.

“Alright Miss Pond, if you want to volunteer, come up to my desk and let me take a look at you.”

Amy nodded, walking up to the desk in her high heels, dropping the blazer the students had given her on a chair off to the side; leaving her in a white blouse and tie that didn't quite cover her midriff, a black pleated skirt that only came to her mid-calf, and a pair of knee high stockings.

“High heels in school?” Clara asked, arching her eyebrow, “You know that's against the rules, don't you?”

“Yes, Ms. Oswald,” Amy agreed, though she in fact knew no such thing, “Would you like to punish me?”

“In a bit,” Clara smiled. The playfulness was a good sign. Hopefully Amy would be in just as good humor for the rest of the demonstration.

“I assume my students are watching from the other room?” Clara asked, looking around just in case they weren't.

Amy nodded, blushing as Clara reminded her they were being watched.

“In that case, let's begin the lesson... Hop up onto my desk, Ms. Pond,” Clara ordered, “And unbutton your blouse.”

Clara's heart sped up a bit, if Amy Pond really was here for what she thought she was, she'd have no objections to Clara's instructions, on the other hand, if she was mistaken...

“Yes Ms. Oswald,” Amy agreed, hopping easily up onto the large desk at the front of the classroom, making sure to keep her knees together so as not to give the cameras a glimpse of what lay in store later.

“Your blouse, Ms. Pond, you can leave the tie,” Clara chided her 'student,' eager to see if she complied.

“Of course, Ms. Oswald,” Amy agreed, slowly unbuttoning her blouse from the collar downward, each loosened fastening revealing more of her pale skin, as well as the fact that Amy hadn't worn anything beneath her blouse to support her modest breasts. Breasts, Clara noted, which were mostly still covered by the redhead's blouse.

She stood there, watching Amy as she sat on her desk, swinging her feet gently, her blouse unbuttoned, her tie hanging down between her modest assets, all combining to provide an absolutely alluring sight that still concealed everything important.

“You aren't wearing a bra, bra's are required by the dress code, aren't they?” Clara remarked.

“Yes, Miss Oswald,” Amy replied mischievously.

“I'll have to punish you for that, later,” Clara remarked as she approached Amy from the side, “But for now, you won't be needing this any more.” With that, Clara pushed the blouse off Amy's shoulders and slid it down her arms until it pooled about her wrists, leaving the redhead's upper body clad only in her diagonally striped tie, which was blue in two different shades.

Amy shivered a bit as her breasts were revealed to not just Clara Oswald, but the cameras as well, her puffy nipples only slightly darker than the surrounding flesh of her tits, even as flushed with arousal as they were.

“There, that's much better,” Clara admitted, glad that her suspicions about what Ms. Pond had volunteered for were confirmed. “Now I can start the lesson.”

Amy shivered slightly in the cool air of the classroom as her body was bared to the woman she'd been bought for, only her tie left to safeguard her bared chest.

“These,” Clara began, reaching around Amy from behind as she slid her hands beneath Amy's assets, “are your breasts.”

Clara grinned a bit as she fondled the redhead, “They're very nice, small, but they don't need to be large to serve their purpose...”

“And... what's that... Miss Oswald?” Amy asked, breathing heavily from the teacher's ministrations.

“To feed children, and to... attract a mate,” Clara explained. “And while you can't do the first right now, since you're not lactating, you've definitely managed the second, Miss Pond.” Grinning, Clara pinched Amy's nubs, rolling them between easily between her fingers, drawing a low moan from Amy in response.

“These, are your nipples,” Clara explained, pulling on the flushed nubs, not just to make Amy uncomfortably aroused, but for the benefit of the students watching as well. “When you give birth, your baby will suck on them to get milk...” Clara paused, “In some women, they're also very sensitive.”

Amy's heart raced as the teacher paused, “Shall we find out just how sensitive yours are, Ms. Pond?" Clara asked, teasing.

Amy nodded, her body shivering with fear and arousal. "Yes, Ms. Oswald. That's what I'm here for."

Clara grinned, thoroughly enjoying herself as she pinched Amy's barely-there light pink nipples, twisting them to pull a cry from Amy's painted red lips. Clara could feel the buds of the other girl's breasts stiffen beneath her fingers. "As you can see from Amy's panting," Clara joked, "direct stimulation of a girl's nipples can cause arousal and sexual pleasure."

"Ms. Pond, slide off your skirt so that my students can see the effect that playing with your nipples had on you," Clara ordered, not sure how far she could press this but counting on the girl on the table to object if any boundaries were crossed. Idly, Clara grinned to herself, knowing exactly how far she'd like to go with her spunky little display model if she was given free reign.

Amy of course had no thoughts of objecting; she'd been bought and paid for and was incredibly hot for teacher. Amy wanted to be snuffed, and her only worry was how far she'd have to push Miss Oswald to get her to go through with the fate her students had planned for her; so Amy slipped off her skirt without any reservations whatsoever.

As Amy's skirt slid down her thighs it was immediately apparent just how wet Clara's treatment had made her. Amy's simple thin white panties were soaked almost completely clear around the slight cameltoe of her pussy.

"Oh you are enjoying this, aren't you?" Clara asked with a naughty grin on her face as she noticed just how wet her 'volunteer' was.

"Yes, Ms. Oswald," Amy agreed. "It's why I signed up." The redhead was talking about her job as a snuff-o-gram of course, not as a volunteer, but there was no way that Clara could possibly know that.

"Well then, peel those panties off so that your classmates can see your sex," Clara ordered. "We don't have all day to complete this lesson," the teacher finished, chiding.

"Of course, Ms. Oswald," Amy replied, thoroughly enjoying the way this beautiful teacher was ordering her around. Her panties clung to her snatch, leaving gleaming traces of moisture on her pubic fur which she'd shaved neatly into a thin red landing strip for today's encounter. Slowly Amy peeled the fabric from her skin, enjoying the way it clung and stuck as she removed it from her body until finally with a damp sounding squish she pulled it completely from her puffy lower lips and pushed the garment down around her ankles next to her skirt.

It was electrifying, having a student obey her like this, but Clara had to be careful to keep things professional; to keep from going too far.

Unable to hear her teacher's thoughts, Amy kicked both garments off her ankles with a playful smile; aiming so that they landed on the floor beneath the desk. This left the pony-tailed redhead clad solely in her knee-length socks and high heels below the waist; her upper body still barely shrouded by her half-discarded blouse and the striped student tie hanging between her tempting little tits. With her skirt and panties below the desk, if things didn't go as far as she'd planned for, Amy might be able to tempt Ms. Oswald further by crawling under the desk after them to retrieve them. Her soft ass was her nicest feature, or so her friends told her.

"Good," Clara praised her would-be student professorially. "Now, spread those puffy young lips of yours for the camera. It's time to educate your peers in exactly what a pussy looks like."

Amy's snatch was already incredibly damp from anticipation, but somehow, being ordered to bare her sex for a classroom full of strangers she'd never met in person managed to get her even wetter. Her lower lips squelched as she spread them wide, two fingers on each of her puffy outer labia, one hand dedicated to each side. Slowly she spread them wide, revealing the smaller inner lips hidden within and pulling her sex open so that Ms. Oswald's students could see inside the entrance to her cunt.

"Well done, Ms. Pond," Clara praised. "You have a remarkably pretty little pussy, by the way. What say we take a look at it?"

Amy shivered as Clara leaned in close to her pussy. Despite her job she was still a virgin, having been one when she signed up and this being the first time she's ever been ordered as anything other than a plain vanilla kiss-o-gram; having another woman's face so close to her privates was a completely novel experience. She could feel Clara's warm breath brushing against her bared snatch and the sensation sent more than just a pleasant tingle up and down her spine.

Clara was in much the same boat, the musky scent of Amy's beautiful sex tickled her nose making her want to lick the prize currently on display. Of course, in the back of her mind Clara fantasized about going further. She fantasized about fucking Ms. Pond in earnest before opening her up to finish the lesson by showing her class the rest of the redhead's reproductive organs. Snuffing a student, especially a feisty redhead like Amy, for a simple demonstration? The thought was endlessly erotic. But, there was no way it would ever happen, so Clara had to be content with just the fantasy.

"Now, not all vaginas look the same, so don't worry if Amy's here doesn't look quite like yours, or your girlfriend's, but they do all have the same parts, so let me point them out to you," Clara lectured, treating the redhead as a sort of living display model as she spoke to her class.

"Lets start with the part you're probably most familiar with; the pubic mound," Clara began, stroking Amy's own pubic mound with her index and middle finger for emphasis. "Both men and women have them, and both genders have pubic hair as well," Clara paused for a second as she ran her fingers through Amy's ginger landing strip eliciting a soft gasp from the vulnerable redhead. "Though of course not everyone trims theirs as nicely as Miss Pond here does."

Amy's breath hitched as Clara's fingers traveled south, tracing their way around her sex. "Amy's external genitalia here all fall under the umbrella of her 'pudenda,' though the term isn't really commonly used," Clara admitted. "These puffy outer lips of hers are called her labia majora, or outer labia," Clara explained, stroking Amy's spread cameltoe lightly. "Which makes these much wetter inner lips are her labia minora, or inner labia," Clara continued, stroking them for emphasis and causing Amy to quake slightly at the sudden, but not unanticipated, intrusion.

"These surround and protect Miss Pond's vaginal opening, right here," Clara explained, running her finger softly around the entrance to Amy's sopping cunt and taking a visible amount of arousal with her when she stopped. "As you can see, Amy's vagina lubricates itself when she's aroused in preparation for sex." Clara paused. "I see you've been having naughty thoughts, haven't you Amy?" She teased with a grin.

"Yes, Miss." Amy admitted, blushing in embarrassment despite the fact that this was exactly what she had signed up to do; well, this and worse... Of course Ms. Oswald had no way of knowing that the naughty thoughts making Amy so wet were all about just what Clara would do to her when she found out that Amy was really a Snuff-o-gram her students had purchased for her...

"I shouldn't have to explain this," Ms. Oswald continued, "but just in case you have some misconceptions; a woman does not piss out of her vagina, a woman pisses out of this hole right above it," Clara traced it with her finger, rubbing glistening trails of arousal all over Amy's urethra. "This is Amy's urethra, and as you can see, your penis will definitely not fit inside," Ms. Oswald laughed making it perfectly clear that she meant it as a sort of joke.

Clara grinned for a second before realizing that she couldn't hear her students laughing because they were in another room. That made it a bit hard to make sure they were paying attention to the lesson of course, but Clara had full confidence that the display model and subject matter were both interesting enough to hold her class' attention.

"Finally, this here is Amy's clitoris," Clara explained pulling back its protective hood with a finger before trailing her other, still lubricated finger over it to make it nice and shiny.

"Not all women enjoy clitoral stimulation," Clara explained before flicking the tiny nub and watching as Amy's whole body spasmed in time with her sex in response, "though as you can see, Ms. Pond does; quite a lot." Clara grinned naughtily, "In fact, what Amy just experienced is known as an 'orgasm.' Usually they take much more effort to induce, but it seems like Ms. Pond's thorough enjoyment of her time as your display model was enough to make up the difference."

Clara frowned as she realized that the practical section of the lesson had to come to an end if she wanted to finish the lesson plan. "She really has been a fantastic one at that, and it's certainly a shame we can't continue using her, since I'm sure she'd serve just as well as a model for the remainder of the lesson. Unfortunately we can't; since it's now time to switch from the outer female sex organs to the inner ones like her womb and ovaries, and while I'm sure that using Amy as a display model for that portion of the class would be extremely educational, it would also be quite fatal for her. That's why I'm going to switch to charts and diagrams instead." Clara shrugged as if to apologize to her class while emphasizing that there wasn't much she could do about it. It really was a shame though, Clara had started fantasizing about using Amy for the second part of today's demonstration pretty much since the moment the redhead had first informed her she was volunteering. The thought of what it would be like to open the redhead up and take out her reproductive systems, snuffing her for no real purpose beyond teaching her class a lesson she was sure they'd never forget; well, the idea certainly appealed to her a great deal.

"You can get dressed once more if you wish, Miss Pond; though of course you don't have to," Clara offered Amy, looking around the room; trying hard not to give the faux-schoolgirl a second thought. "Once you decide either way, please help me find what they did with the charts? I can't seem to see where they put them."

"They didn't."

Clara blinked. "I'm sorry?" The brunette asked, a bit thrown by this new development.

"They didn't put the charts anywhere, Ms. Oswald. I can get some if you want me to, but I was rather hoping you might use me instead," Amy declared, looking down bashfully as she ran the toe of her shoe in little circles on the floor, her blouse laying discarded on the desk behind her leaving the redhead clad in just her high heels, school tie, and knee high socks; her pale perky breasts calling out to be played with.

Clara blinked. Was this a dream? The schoolteacher wasn't sure. It certainly felt real, but what Amy was saying... She couldn't be serious, could she?

"I've already signed all the permission slips," Amy added in an effort to convince the beautiful brunette in front of her. It wasn't even a lie, Amy had typed up a set of fake permission slips to bring with her when she'd gotten the job. They were props of course, just toys to heighten the experience; Amy was a snuff-o-gram not a student, after all. But it didn't really matter if they were real or not since Clara wouldn't get in trouble for agreeing to Amy's offer anyway. "So, if you really think I'll be a better model, Ms. Oswald? Use me. Please. It's what I signed up for."

Clara blinked, not expecting this sudden turn of events at all; and still fairly certain that she was dreaming besides.

"That's why there's a scalpel in the desk drawer," Amy admitted. "For me. I've been looking forward being used for this lesson ever since I signed up."

This couldn't be right, Clara thought to herself, all the while hoping that it was. Still it wouldn't hurt at all to check, would it? Urgently the brunette checked the drawer.

There it was; a gleaming steel scalpel, razor sharp and almost certainly never used before. Below it were a set of papers, permission slips, signed by Amy Pond. Clara blinked as she realized that the young redhead was old enough not to need a parent's signature for this. Her eyes skimmed quickly over the words growing ever wider as she read what the redhead had agreed to.

"Is this true?" Clara asked, desperately hoping that it was but unwilling to believe it.

"I certainly hope so. I made sure it was when I signed it. That's why I was so wet earlier..." Amy admitted.

Clara could barely credit it. Amy was hers to do whatever she wanted to for the duration of the lesson! She could fuck the girl with impunity if she wanted to (and how she'd wished she'd known that earlier when she was almost fingering the redhead), but that was just the tip of the iceberg of what Ms. Pond had signed up to do. Amy had agreed to be a demonstration model for the entire lesson, with absolutely no restrictions on what could be done to her. If Clara wanted to end her participation in the lesson here, she could; but she certainly didn't have to. If she wanted to cut Amy open to show off her womb instead? She could do exactly that. She could take trophies and specimens. She could even snuff the redhead outright if she wanted to! But, only for the rest of the hour. Once the lesson bell rang, Amy would be safe.

Idly, Clara checked the clock, she'd already wasted more than half of it in her ignorance. There were less than thirty minutes left for Clara to have her way with Amy, and Clara had no intention of wasting these as well!

"Everything seems to be in order," Clara stated, not willing to spend any more of her precious lesson time looking into the permission slips any further. "Hop back up on the table and we'll open you up for the second part of this lesson."

Amy's heart was racing. She couldn't believe she was doing this, lying to a teacher like this just to be snuffed. She could have explained everything, told her why she was there, but instead she let her believe that the fantasy was actually real, and now she was about to be cut open so that her body could be used as a display model for a class of strangers! Eagerly, Amy hopped up on the desk. She couldn't wait to get started!

Clara's pulse was pounding in her ears as she picked up the pristine scalpel. She could see Amy Pond's inviting, pale white skin as she gazed down at the girl sitting on the desk. Amy's legs were spread, her pussy soaked, the fingers of one hand playing with herself while the other fondled one of her modest tits. In the span of a few minutes, Miss Pond had gone from an innocent and embarrassed schoolgirl to a naughty little harlot in need of a good lesson. And Clara was certain that she was just the teacher to give it to her.

“I promised to punish you earlier for those dress code violations, didn't I?” Clara asked, weighing the scalpel in her hand.

“Yes, Ms. Oswald,” Amy nodded, looking at her with lust-filled eyes. “Are you going to do it now?” she asked, somewhat hopefully.

“Well, I can't exactly do it after class ends, can I?” Clara asked. “You won't be around.”

Ms. Oswald's declaration sent a spike of arousal shooting through Amy's veins. She'd been almost sure that Clara was planning on snuffing her, but she hadn't been certain. Now, she was.

“Hold out your breast,” Clara ordered. “No, not like that, by the nipple,” she corrected until Amy got it right.

"Perfect," Clara proclaimed as she drew the scalpel down on the edge of the redhead's pinched and distended nipple, slicing it completely free from Amy's breast in one full motion. "Give it to me," Clara ordered. "If you're unwilling to wear a bra in school, we'll just have to deal with the problem a bit more directly, won't we?"

"Yes, Ms. Oswald," Amy panted incredibly aroused by the way Clara had just defaced one of her breasts. A small trickle of blood had started flowing from the wound, but Clara reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of flesh colored plasters. As a teacher Clara had learned fairly early on to keep some adhesive bandages on her person in case of cuts or scrapes, and handing them out was almost automatic now. Of course, that didn't prevent Clara from anticipating the way that the flesh colored plastic would make Amy look like her nipple had been replaced by smooth skin when she applied it.

Clara took Amy's severed nipple from her hand as she handed over the pair of plasters, deftly pocketing the small hunk of flesh as a souvenir and wondering what she could do with it.

"Two?" Amy wondered aloud as she stared at the pair of bandages.

"One for each nipple," Clara explained, matter-of-factly.

"But you only took one?" Amy asked, the sudden pain of the wound making her a bit dazed.

"You know, you're right," Clara agreed. "Lets fix that, shall we? Pull out you other nipple so I can get that one too."

Amy's eyes widened, but she complied. This was why she'd become a snuff-o-gram in the first place. She wanted to be dominated; taken apart piece by piece by an incredibly gorgeous woman. To Amy, the hot pain of the scalpel taking her other nipple was a dream come true.

Buttons. That's what she'd use them for, Clara thought to herself as she examined Amy's other nipple. She could have them lacquered and use them as fasteners for her jeans. It would be incredibly sexy, Clara decided as Amy finished covering the second wound Clara had given her with the plaster. She looked almost like a strangely drawn cartoon without her nipples, anatomically correct in every way save for the flat, lifeless plastic that had replaced the nubs crowning her tits.

"There we go," Clara declared as she pocketed the redhead's ruined nipples. "I'll have to figure out the proper punishment for those high heels of yours later..." Clara continued. "For now though? I think it's time to get to the real meat of today's lesson."

Amy shivered as Clara traced a triangle across her well trimmed pubic mound with her finger, deciding where she would cut with the razor sharp scalpel Amy had brought her. "I think right about... here," Clara decided, plunging the thin blade just below Amy's belly button and immediately pulling it to the side, severing the muscles of her stomach and keeping the redheaded 'schoolgirl' from ever sitting up again.

Amy whimpered as the stinging edge of the scalpel sliced through her flesh. She could see Clara carving out a large window into her body, going over the triangle she'd traced earlier with her blade in an effort to only cut once. Despite knowing that this would almost certainly be fatal for her, Amy's cunt was sopping wet, and growing even more so by the second as Clara defaced her body. She could feel the blade curving down, turning just over her pussy right beneath the bottom edge of her neatly trimmed ginger landing strip and pulling back up. She could watch the progress of the thin red line that Clara left behind in the wake of her incision. The brunette had almost connected it to the spot she'd started.

Then, suddenly, Clara removed the scalpel. She was done with the cut, and the front of Amy's pubic mound was little more than a single slab of meat resting in place.

"Now it's time for the fun part of the lesson," Clara declared, putting down her blade and sliding her fingers into the incision she had made.

Amy's eyes widened almost comically as she felt Clara feeling around inside her for the first time, her finger pushing down on her womb as she tried to get a better grip on the slab of flesh that used to protect Amy's ovaries and womb from the world beyond her body. It was a completely new feeling, but it didn't actually hurt. If anything, Amy felt good. Feeling another human being inside her like this was strange, but Amy knew that this was just part of her destiny; to be snuffed by this stunningly beautiful young teacher to educate her class.

It was warm inside Amy's body, warm and wet, Clara decided as she carefully lifted the front of Amy's pubic mound (cute little landing strip and all) free from the rest of the redhead and placed it with a wet squelch on the desk next to the redhead. That much blood would certainly leave a stain on the wood, Clara thought to herself, excited enough to notice, but too excited to care.

"Tada!" Clara declared, waving her reddened hands at Amy's newly revealed reproductive tract. "I told you you'd make a good display model for this as well, didn't I?" Clara asked, enjoying the sight of Amy's body cut open on the desk before her. Amy's womb was now in full view of the cameras, a flushed pink and pulsing slightly with every beat of the redhead's heart.

Amy shivered as the cool air of the room stung the edges of the incision Clara had carved into her body. She felt exposed, even more exposed than when she had merely been naked. She really was just a display model now. Being cut open like this in a regular classroom? Even if Ms. Oswald did nothing else further to the redheaded 'schoolgirl' she'd probably sealed her fate. Amy could see the empty spot where her pubic mound used to be just south of the modest swells of her breasts; her womb and ovaries sitting out in the open for anyone to see, or touch...

"This," Clara continued her lesson by reaching down to stroke Amy's exposed womb with a blood soaked finger, "is Amy's uterus." Amy shivered at the brunette's touch, her breath hitching as Clara caressed her more intimately than any lover ever could.

"Every month, Amy's eggs travel from her Ovaries, here, down her fallopian tubes and into the womb where it is can be fertilized by sperm and lodge on the walls of her uterus to become a baby. Of course, since Amy isn't pregnant and never will be," that particular pronouncement sent the redhead's cunt spasming in excitement, "all of her eggs released so far dissolved each month and were discharged during menstruation."

For Clara, this was a dream come true. Her own pussy was absolutely sopping wet at the sight of the redhead in front of her, placidly laying there as she took her apart. Turning this beautiful young student into a demonstration for her class was arousing her more than she ever thought possible. Clara wanted to take off her own panties and just sit on Amy's face and have the redhead lick her to orgasm even as Clara killed her. But she couldn't. While she could do whatever she wanted to Clara for the sake of her demonstration, having a student pleasure her was probably a stretch too far for the headmaster to allow.

"As you can see, Amy's womb is slightly tilted," Clara lectured, reaching down to unfurl the organ, squeezing it slightly in the process just so she could enjoy watching Amy's pussy spasm from the discomfort. "This really isn't anything Amy needs to worry about, but I'm going to pull it out anyway so that you all can see it better."

Clara smiled, enjoying the way Clara's womb squished between her fingers. The life-creating organ was slightly smaller than Clara's hand, and the teacher briefly considered just crushing it right there and then. Amy had signed up for it. No one would fault her or be upset. She could explain it away as a demonstration of just how fragile a girl's womb really was, or how strong it was if it survived the force intact... But no, now wasn't the time to give in to every little impulse. Amy would lose her womb soon enough, and she owed it to the girl making her dream ome true for it to be truly educational when it happened.

"How about we take that cute little womb of yours and slice it open so that the class can see inside?" Clara proposed instead, and despite the teacher's friendly tone of voice, Amy was certain that this was a suggestion, not a question.

"If you think that's best, Ms. Oswald," Amy meekly replied, submitting to the teacher's authority.

"I do," Clara grinned, picking up the scalpel once more.

Lightning filled Amy's veins as Clara approached her womb with the bloodied, naked blade. She could feel goosebumps up and down her arms as the anticipation built within her; eager to experience the next step that Ms. Oswald would take on the road to destroying her completely. Her breath hitched as the blade sank into her flesh, sketching a broad capital I into her uterus in stinging lines of fire.

Amy shivered as Clara reached down and pulled open the flaps she'd just carved, opening a window into the interior of Amy's womb.

It was a soft red, only slightly darker inside than outside, and soft; Clara realized as she stroked Amy's newly revealed flesh. The redhead jerked at the sudden, unfamiliar sensation, her pulse racing as Ms. Oswald explored her body.

"There, now you can see the inside of Amy's womb. How far along on your cycle are you anyway, Amy?" Clara asked curiously.

"It... I just finished," Amy panted trying hard not to stutter as the teacher probed her womb with her fingers.

"So this womb is fresh then? No uterine lining starting to build up yet?" Clara asked, idly.

"Yuh-yeesss! ... Ms. Oswald." Amy cried out as Clara ran her fingers over a particularly sensitive area.

"That's very good to know..." Clara drawled, enjoying the way the redhead squirmed beneath her fingers. "I think we've learned just about all we can from this particular organ..." Clara stated. "I think it's time to examine your ovaries in greater detail."

Amy shivered at the implied menace dripping from Clara's tone. She flushed a deep crimson, a part of her wanting to shrink in on herself and curl up into a ball. But she couldn't; not just physically, since it would be impossible without the section of her belly Ms. Oswald had taken from her, but emotionally as well. Amy wanted this, it was why she'd signed up as a snuff-o-gram in the first place! Amy had never been more aroused than she was at this very moment with Ms. Oswald taking her apart systematically, piece by piece.

Clara took one of Amy's ovaries in her hand and firmly pulled it free, leaving it dangling half attached to one of the redhead's fallopian tubes. The brunette teacher could see the fear welling in Amy's eyes as she brought her scalpel close and began to cut it open along the length, slowly sheering it in half. Amy's eyes welled with tears from the pain, but her cunt was positively drooling as Clara vivisected her; eagerly enjoying the instructor's abuse.

Once Clara had finished slitting Amy's ovary in two she opened the organ up like a clamshell, revealing the spotted interior. “Now, if you look closely,” Clara began, poking at her model's ruined reproductive organ with her already blood dyed finger, emphasizing a particularly prominent spot of color “You can see some of Amy's eggs just starting to mature. Had I not just carved it in half, this one here probably would have been released on Amy's next period. Of course, since I destroyed this ovary, not only will that not happen, but I've also just reduced Amy's ability to conceive a child by about half, though that won't exactly matter to our model once this class is finished, will it?”

Amy shook her head frantically in agreement. "No, Ms. Oswald."

Clara smiled. "That's what I want to hear." Without another word, the brunette teacher dropped Amy's halved ovary carelessly back into her opened pubic mound before grabbing hold of the fallopian tube next to it and pulling it free. The small round tube was only a centimeter in width, and Amy watched in stunned shock as Clara deftly sliced off the end and turned to show the newly revealed cross section of the tube to the camera. "As you can see from the fact that they have to travel down this crowded little tube to reach Amy's womb, her eggs are tiny."

Nervously, Clara glanced at the clock hanging at the back of the classroom. She didn't have very much time left at all to play with Amy before the lesson was over. Playing with Amy's tubes was kind of fun, but the incredibly aroused teacher wanted to end things with something really worth remembering.

"Now I know what you're thinking, how does something that tiny turn into a full person?" Clara lectured, dropping the mangled fallopian tube in the process. "That's the wrong question though. The how of it is really fairly simple, that's why it takes nine months. What's more interesting is 'how does the baby get out of a girl when her pussy is so tight!?' Let me show you the answer to that now."

Amy shuddered in anticipation as Clara grabbed the base of her ruined uterus and tugged slightly on it, stretching it out to give her a clear line of sight to where it connected to Amy's comparatively pristine cunt. She moaned, panting heavily as Clara brought the scalpel to bear once more, circumscribing the entry to her womb with the blade and cutting the entirety of Amy's cervix free from her body in a few deft motions.

"HAAA-AUGH!!!" Amy cried as her tormentor tore the whole thing free from her body; cervix, womb, even her remaining ovary all ripped from her in one painful motion and dropped carelessly with a slick squishing sound on the small plateau of bare skin beneath her damaged breasts.

It was warm. Of course it was, Amy realized, the ruined remains of her reproductive tract had just been inside her less than a moment ago; but she'd never actually thought about how warm her body actually was on the inside before. The warmth was a welcome distraction; concentrating on the warm comforting sensation left where her damaged womb was carlessly tossed across her upper belly let Amy almost ignore the gaping emptiness and aching fire coming from her desecrated pubic mound. Almost, but not quite.

Clara watched as Amy's damaged cunt seized up around imaginary invaders, clenching down tightly in an unconscious blend of pain and incredible arousal. Amy was soaking wet, panting and shuddering in the most blatantly erotic display that Clara had ever seen. The redhead almost looked like she was cumming, and given that Amy's kinks had led her to this very moment, Clara wasn't completely sure that that wasn't a real orgasm wracking the nearly naked 'student's' body.

Whether real or not, Clara waited almost half a minute for the redhead's quaking to completely subside before carrying on with her lesson above the panting, moaning mess below her. "Amy's cervix is dangling down just below her belly button now," Clara lectured, indicating the puffy gateway to Amy's womb that she'd cut free from the 'student' just before. "The cervix serves as a door to the womb, keeping the baby inside until it's time to give birth h and keeping everything else besides a man's sperm out. Since I destroyed Amy's womb earlier in the demonstration, her cervix wasn't actually serving any useful purpose, so there was no point in letting her keep it. Besides, we're almost out of time and removing it makes this last part of the lesson go much faster."

Amy's cunt quivered as she realized that Ms. Oswald still had plans for her. She watched with eager anticipation as Clara leaned forward, reaching into her empty pubic mound and moving her fingers into position just above the wounded entrance to where her womb once sat. She couldn't be thinking what Amy thought she was, was she? Amy flushed at the thought, desperately hoping her suspicions were correct and that Clara had planned this one last indignity for her before finally snuffing her; one last act of defilement that would be completely impossible if not for everything the pretty teacher had done to her so far.

Without any warning, Clara thrust her hand forward, parting Amy's abused pussy from precisely the wrong direction. "As you can, umph! see... my hand and arm are much thicker than any penis that Amy could have ever encountered, and yet, despite some.. ung! slight resistance, they fit... perfectly... well!" At the last word, Clara's hand burst from between Amy's puffy outer lips to wave at the cameras in an incredibly obscene display.

Clara's fingers glistened with a heady mixture of the redhead's arousal as well as blood that had stained Clara's hands as she ruined the other woman piece by piece. She could feel Amy's cunt clenching and spasming around her as she reverse fisted the 'student'; the sudden unexpected pressure of her hand inside her setting the vivisected redhead off in a possibly final orgasm that had her shaking and trembling on the desk top, moaning for more. It felt absolutely wonderful! The way Amy's pussy was massaging her wrist, the soft warm feeling of her cunt surrounding her almost like a living bracelet; it was a feeling that Clara was absolutely certain she'd remember for the rest of her life, a feeling that if at all possible, she wanted to try and experience again...

Clara began to move her arm back and forth within the nearly naked redhead's cunt, fucking her methodically with her forearm as her students watched from the other side of the camera. "Look, my arm moves easily in and out of Amy's pussy without doing any damage. Well, any mire damage," Clara grinned, glancing at the ruined remains of Amy's womb and ovaries carelessly splayed beneath her damaged tits. "It won't rip or tear, it won't break..." Clara continued. "In fact you could fit a whole pineapple in here if you wanted to, or a small watermelon with enough preparation and effort."

It really did feel nice, Clara thought to herself as Amy quivered beneath her. There had to be a way to do this again, even just a little, the brunette mused heedless of her display model's feelings on the subject.

It wasn't against the rules, Clara considered, her arm still methodically pistoning in and out of Amy's battered cunt. The problem was getting another girl to volunteer like this one had, Clara continued. After all, something like this was a once in a lifetime occasion, for Amy at the very least, if not for her. Maybe she was looking at it the wrong way?

Amy's sex was still sopping wet, and getting wetter by the second as Clara reverse fist fucked her into a mewling bloody mess. Maybe trying to recruit another girl for this wasn't the way to go? The permission form had said she could take trophies... maybe instead of using another girl to relive the sensation of fisting the helpless schoolgirl below her, Clara could use Amy herself to do it?

Clara grinned wickedly. "It looks like we're almost out of time, but before I let you all go there is the matter of Amy's punishment for those flagrant violations of the school's dress code on her feet," the brunette instructor explained, pulling her arm free of Amy's well-used sex. Her arm was slippery; completely coated in a slimy mixture of the redhead's cum, and arousal, all tinted a light pink by the blood that had coated her fist before she had stuffed it all the way through Amy's damaged snatch.

Reaching down to pick up the scalpel she'd left next to the ruined schoolgirl, Clara put on her best stern expression. She was after all a teacher punishing a student; it was her duty to convey a proper amount of solemnity, even if what she was actually feeling was more of a sense of giddy anticipation.

"High heels exist solely to promote sexual desire, Ms. Pond. They're a flagrant violation of the dress code and while your lack of a bra could have been an innocent mistake or an ill-thought out attempt at greater comfort, wearing high heels like this is a deliberate attempt to arouse your peers." Clara shook her head chidingly, her voice stern as she pronounced her sentence on the thoroughly-fucked redhead before her. "As punishment for your transgression, and to make sure something like this never happens again, I will be taking your pussy from you. It's useless to you anyway after what we did to the rest of your reproductive organs, isn't that right, Amy?"

Amy struggled to nod. She was worn out, completely exhausted. Her life almost burned completely through by the damage that this incredible teacher had done to her, not to mention the brutally vigorous reverse fisting she'd been subjected to, and the near constant countless orgasms that had followed.

"Yes... Ms. Oswald," Amy replied, panting for breath. She'd come in expecting to be snuffed from the outset, losing her precious little pussy was a small price to pay for the absolutely incredible experience that Clara had already put her through. Absently, Amy glanced between the broken wreckage of her reproductive system and the slab of flesh Clara had carved from her pubic mound to get access to it in the first place; even if Amy did survive this lesson, which seemed increasingly unlikely, it wasn't as if she'd ever be able to have normal sex again. She'd probably have to have her pubic mound filled with something like latex just to keep the rest of her body in place...

"And what do we say?" Clara asked bemusedly, trying to wring every last ounce of submission from the redhead as fuel for her night's entertainment.

"Thank you, Ms. Oswald. I'm sorry I broke the rules like that..." Amy admitted, playing her role to the hilt even as she lay dying on the desk below her. Despite that fact, or maybe even because of it, Amy's pussy was clenching down on the empty air within it with all its strength; the redhead had neber been more excited in her life than she was at this very moment on the precipice of death. A simple whim, an ill-placed cut and Clara could end her, taking everything she wanted from the redhead and leaving the rest for the custodian to dispose of at the end of the day. They thought was at the forefront of both women's minds, and it was more arousing than anything they'd ever thought before.

"Very good Miss Pond. Let's begin."

Amy hissed as the bloodied scalpel blade carved into her most precious of places, slicing her apart one final time. These weren't the quick, excited cuts that Clara had used to take her womb from her. No, Clara clearly wanted to savor this moment, and Amy couldn't blame her at all. The blood loss was getting to her, she could barely squirm beneath Clara's merciless knife, a fact that the brunette instructor was certainly appreciating since it made the cuts she was making that much more precise in her effort to turn Amy's soft snatch into a beautiful bracelet. She was fading fast, she couldn't cum, she couldn't scream, she could barely manage a moan. If Amy didn't get help soon she really would be nothing but another display model; a sexless parody of a girl destroyed by Ms. Oswald's boundless enthusiasm for proper teaching. Amy wondered if they'd preserve her if she died, so that future classes could examine her after watching Clara destroy her on their screen. Amy blinked, and when she was done, Ms. Oswald was shaking her, Amy's puffy young cunt wrapped perfectly around her wrist.

"Class is over, Ms. Pond," Clara grinned. "Now that your punishment is finished, I've told the class to send one of your classmates to get you to the nurse." Amy blinked looking down. At the wreckage of her body which Ms. Oswald had left behind. She supposed it might be possible to save her, but it certainly didn't seem likely; especially for a school nurse.

"I'll be taking this," Clara patted her new bracelet, "and this as well," Clara showed off Amy's last remaining ovary. "It'll work well as a paper weight once I have it lacquered."

Amy's eyes flicked to her severed cunt.

"That?" Clara asked. "I quite enjoyed the feel of fisting you. I'm going to have it tanned. Maybe filled with latex to replicate the feel of it, as a token to remember you by." Clara smiled. "Be sure to throw the rest of that trash away properly before you leave," the teacher warned as she pointed towards the mangled remains of Amy's womb and bisected ovary. "We don't want it attracting mice."

Clara paused to let the image of small critters feasting on her womb sink into Amy's swiftly fading brain before continuing. "I'm sorry I can't take you to the Nurse myself, but you made quite a mess here and I need to clean myself up before my next class so that I don't look like I just murdered someone!" Clara smiled, appreciating her own joke and Amy smiled back, idly wondering if she'd survive but not really caring either way. She'd done the job she was hired for. She'd fulfilled her purpose in life. What else was left for her? Life as a sexless latex stuffed toy? There was no sense worrying about it now anyway. After all, if wouldn't matter if she died, would it?

With the last of her strength, Amy reached down and grabbed her ruined womb, sliding it over her belly and over to the side of the desk where she remembered seeing a rubbish bin earlier in the day. She dropped it off the side of the desk and smiled when she heard the wet and vaguely metallic thwack of her womb landing where she'd hoped it would. That was what she was now, wasn't she? Rubbish.

Amy closed her eyes and waited for a student to retrieve her, wondering what would happen to her now...

The End


Really good. I like the teacher/student play.


Really good. I like the teacher/student play.


Really nice story.
I loved the first one you did about Amy and this one's even better !


Glad you like it! It was certainly fun to write.


Can we get an epilogue of what said student might do to poor dying Amy Pond?


Normally I'd say yes, but I want to leave the ending to this ambiguous. Anyone who wants to write such an epilogue should feel free to do so though.


You are a scary, terrifying, horrifically, good writer. More Amy please!


I'm about 19 pages into the next one.


That's great news! Looking forward to it.

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