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First time posting on Guro Lit. Got a little hot and bothered after reading a few of the more... prominent pieces here and decided to make one of my own. Noticed a lack of necro here. Well, that's not good. Time for an intervention.

Tags: rape, ryona, snuff, necro, teen, loli, breath-play more to come...

xxXX Tit for Tat XXxx

Part 1

The Rusty Nail was an old bar, with a rundown and dilapidated exterior that belied a warm and tastefully decorated interior. There were two floors in the bar; the ground floor for casual patrons and people looking to get drunk, and the first floor for patrons who had a little extra coin to afford the peace and ‘service’ that awaited them. Usually, no-one would ascend up to the second-floor without paying first at the counter lest they get kicked out.

You walk in, coat soaking wet from the rain outside. You take it off and hang it on one of the provide coat racks before walking to the counter.

People whisper at your back when they think you aren’t listening. They call you names. Titles earned from your line of work. You have many, but one in particular sticks out; Hellbound. Not because you had some kind of hellish power at your beck and call. No, it was because your soul was bound for Hell when you one day die.

You’ve come to accept it. It was an inevitability when working as an assassin. Killing people was a sin and sinners go to Hell. If that was the case, then you’d have some fun before your time was up.

The barkeep sees you and points a finger up to the second floor. A customer. Goody. You ascend the stairs and a barmaid leads you to him.

Or rather, her.

Your latest client; a redhead wearing a dress and corset showing off her eye-catching curves and bountiful bust. Her slate grey eyes see you, and you see them glint in arousal as she looks over your frame. You sit down across from her, arms crossed patiently on the table.

“…Are you the Hellbound?” she asks. You nod, not bothering to say anything. “You look less intimidating than I thought you would be. And far more dashing, as well.” She licks her lips. “I am… Well, you may call me Ann. And I have a job for you.” The woman places a piece of parchment in front of you. On it is a name and directions. “I assume you are familiar with the tiny ball of fat and bastardry known as Count Lobreck?”

Count Lobreck. One of the assistant administrators of this province, he is a small man with a round belly and a thick beard who liked his women… young. Very young. He was also currently away on a business trip with most of his family save his youngest daughter, if your informants were to be believed. You give the woman a nod, eyes going over the parchment in your hands.

“The monster stole my youngest daughter. We found her dead in a ditch outside our home two months later covered in semen.” The woman’s voice is furious and cold at once. “We hired the best alchemist we could to track down who defiled my little girl. Most of those responsible have been dealt with, and now only Lobreck is left. However he is away at the moment. Thus, his daughter will have to suffice.” She sighs. “Simply put; I want you to do to Lobreck’s daughter what I’ve written on that piece of parchment. Infiltrate his estate, kill everything in it, and string up his child when you’re done.”

You glance at her, then back at the piece of parchment. There isn’t a lot she want done, but they are… permanent. The task will not be cheap, however.

“Coin is not an issue.” She says. “Can you do it?”

You grin.


The Lobreck estate grounds were relatively small compared to most other noble family estates in the kingdom. Most of the property was occupied by a large four storey mansion, complete with a pool, a sauna, large kitchens, and living quarters for the live-in help and security forces stationed there. You acquired a map of the place after one of your informants bribed the city archive in relinquishing the building plans, so sneaking in undetected was not an issue.

You cleared the grounds easily enough. Men patrolling the outskirts died quickly to blades into the back of their heads, broken necks, slit throats, or simple suffocation. Once you were sure all twenty guards were dead, you moved into the mansion itself and had yourself some fun.

There were half a dozen maids in the house. All of them beautiful young women aged between eighteen to twenty-four. You hunted them down one by one and killed them after having your way with them.


The victim was a short green-eyed blonde, cutting onions in the kitchen.

You snuck in quietly and crept up behind her. Quicker than she could respond, you wrapped your muscular arms around her neck and brought her to the floor. The surprise made her drop her knife. Stupid bitch.
You lay on your side, the maid struggling desperately in your arms. You tighten your hold around her neck and smile when she starts to choke.

Gradually, her movements slow until the stop altogether and her choking eventually ceased. You keep your hold on her neck tight for another minute just to be safe before breaking her neck, nodding in satisfaction when the smell of fresh urine reached your nose. You learned your lesson the last time you strangled someone to death and left without making sure they were dead. You went hungry for a month because you left the job incomplete.

You lift the body up and set it on the counter, face down. You flipped up the long uniform skirt and ran your hands up the body’s toned, stocking-clad legs to her underwear clad rear. A garter belt, too. Mmm…

You pull it down and finger the dead woman’s sex, still warm and moist from the urinal discharge. You undo your pants and insert your length into the corpse’s folds with a muffled moan, beginning to thrust not long after. The maid, whomever she was, is tight. Deliciously so. Her rear is plump and firm, and you savor it with a hard squeeze and a few light slaps. You undo the corpse’s hair and pull it flush against you, breathing in its scent as you rip open the uniform’s front to grope at the modest breasts underneath it. Small, but firm. She must have been quite active when she was still alive.

Your thrusts pick up speed as you kiss the dead body on the lips, forcing your tongue through unresisting lips to grapple with a limp tongue. She tastes like strawberries and milk. It must be what she had for her last meal. Pity; you liked strawberry and milk. You pull away, turn the corpse around and lay it on the counter, suckling at its breasts as you orgasm hard into the corpse’s womb. You look at the dead body’s eyes, smiling at the lack of life in their gaze. You pull it up and kiss her again, continuing to thrust. Mmm, if you weren’t on a job, you would be bringing this lump of meat home and make dinner out of it-

“Hailee?” a voice calls out and you freeze mid-kiss. “Where did you put the towels again?”

The doors opened to reveal victim number two. A woman with long brown hair tied into a pony tail wearing glasses. She sees you defiling the body of her co-worker, pales and opens her mouth to scream.

Your right arm snaps up and the crossbow on your forearm unfolds and fires. The bolt hits her dead in the middle of her forehead and her scream turns into a fading moan. She collapses forward, banging her head against the kitchen counter hard enough to draw blood. Whew, that was close.

You pull out of your first cocksleeve and move over to the second maid. She’s convulsing on the floor, eyes rolling up into the back of her head, her fingers twitching and gripping the floor as her legs tense and kick. Blood is beginning to pool around her head and she already urinated herself. Hm. Still alive? Well, want not waste not. You draw a knife and cut open her uniform, pleasantly surprised to a pair of large, full breasts bounce free. You suckle on one as your hand flips up her skirt and guides your manhood into her. A live vagina is much better than a dead one, and you moan as your start thrusting even as her walls convulse and clamp around you.

The dying maid’s hands grip your shoulders and balls up against your chest. You don’t know if she is trying to push you off or pull you closer, but you assume the second one with a smile as you lean switch breasts and knead the other one with your free hand. You trace kisses up her chest, along her throat, before coming to a stop on her lips.

Her back arches upwards and a pathetic, half-choked moan leaves her lips as her folds tighten around your length to milk you dry. A dying orgasm, who would've guessed? You orgasm with her, making sure to force every bit of your cum in her so that she remembers you in her dying moments.

The woman expires soon after, her hands dropping down as her convulsions finally cease. You pull out of her and give her one last kiss, before popping her up against the wall

That’s two down. Four more maids and one noble-born brat to go.

The next parts will be coming in a few days, depending on whether or not life gets in the way. Criticism and comments are welcome.


Nice story, would love to read more if you continue writing. Very hot so far!


I hope to see more if this soon. Very hot .


Rather than just necro, there's also a severe lack of this sort of "clean" snuff kills. Definitely looking forward to the next part. Thanks for the fun read!

The main issue with this sort of writing is variety. Even if the plot doesn't actually need to be real complicated like Summermount was it can still get pretty difficult after awhile to avoid being repetitive in properly describing different girls and killing them in different ways, especially as numbers rack up and most things within the confines of the set-up are already used. Was surprised by the wrist-mounted crossbow though, certainly never thought of that one.


I love this and almost can't wait for the next part


You find victim number three with a cursory check on the basement. An older woman with black hair tied into a matronly bun, she was busily checking the various boilers and shovelling coal where needed. You creep in slowly, making sure to keep your steps light so that the wooden stairs leading down didn’t creak and give you away.

You make it to the basement floor, and hunch down. You draw your knife and load a fresh bolt into your wrist-mounted crossbow. You tip-toe behind her and rise to your full height.

You wait until she finishes checking the boiler gauges and shovelling the satisfactory amount of coal. Then she turns around and you act.

Her mouth opens to scream, but you’re faster. Your knife flashes forward and buries itself into her throat and severing her spine. Her body falls into your arms like a puppet with its strings cut. Her eyes dart around fearfully, gurgling and choking on her own blood. You twist the knife and pop her head clean off her spine, then you cut it through the flesh of her neck.

Your sharp knife makes short work of the maid’s neck, and soon you hold the woman’s head in your hands. You bring her up to eye level, gazing into her deep green eyes even as her eyelids flutter. You pull her in of a long kiss, using a bit of tongue as a goodbye gift for the dying woman.

You pull away and look at her again. Her pupils have dilated and her tongue is lolling out from the corner of her mouth. Hm, dead. You drop the severed head and advance to the body. It’s still twitching, much to your amusement. Your bloody knife makes short work on the uniform and you get to work.

The flesh is hot and sweaty to the touch, a result from work near the boilers, you reckon. You massage its modest breasts and insert into her main entrance, enjoying its dying twitches as it clamps around your length in fits. The body is fit, though a bit aged as the breasts are starting to sag. You think this one was the head maid. You’ll never know for sure though.

You flip the body around and take it from behind, into its ass. You spread apart firm butt cheeks and ease into the dead body’s anus, groaning as it clamps down on you immediately. Ooh, this one’s tighter than most whores you’ve hired off the street. You even see the body’s back arch and its hands clench on the floor, as though in bliss. You smile and start thrusting; you think she was into anal! If only you’d known. You could’ve killed her slower to savor it. Oh well, you might as well blow your load in its rear as compensation. You’re sure the dead woman’s body loves it.

You pull out and move to the neck stump. Blood is still pouring out, though it’s no longer a torrent and just a trickle. You bring it onto your lap and jam your member into its throat, thrusting hard and fast. Mmm, still warm. You chuckle as the body stills at last, its throat tightening around you as it expires just enough to bring you to orgasm. You pump a few more times before finally getting bored and pulling out. On a whim, you toss the severed head into one of the boilers. The smell would attract attention, but by then you’d have already done in the remaining maids and were dealing with your actual target.

Victim number four was busily sweeping the foyer whilst humming a jaunty little tune to herself. From your spot leaning on the second floor’s wooden railings, you look at her closely. She’s young, probably in her early to mid-teens. She isn’t as well-endowed as the previous three victims, but…

You grin and draw your sword.

You vault over the railing, landing on the floor in a roll and sprinting to her not a second later. She turns in time to see you swing your sound and manages to choke out a scared whimper as you cut her in two. She falls to the floor in a heap of squirting blood and twitching limbs, but you jump onto the half with her mouth and clamp your hand on it. She struggles weakly, trying to push you off. She fails.

You leer at her mockingly as you draw your bloodstained member and jam it into her exposed guts. You thrust into her steaming intestines, groaning at the feeling of violating raw flesh as it twitches around you. You orgasm hard, hard enough for your current cocksleeve to gurgle and roll her eyes back in pain.

Or ecstasy, you don’t judge.

You pull out and move to her head. She’s weak now, too weak to make a sound loud enough to attract attention. You take advantage of this by jamming your length into her weak mouth all the way to the hilt. She chokes when you start thrusting, but her arms remain at her sides unmoving. Her eyes are dull, but still alive. She’s given up all hope already. Strange; they usually last longer than a few minutes. Her throat tightens around you and you orgasm into the back of her throat. You pull out and leave behind a string of white from her mouth. She coughs and meets your gaze.

“…Why?” she asks, voice faint and fading.

You bring up your crossbow and nail her between the eyes. She stops moving and stares lifelessly at the ceiling. Business is all the reason you need.

Now, for that noble brat and her two remaining maids…


You pad up the stairs quietly, bloody hands leaving behind red smears along the walls. Blood drips down your clothes and equipment, staining the fine carpets red. Your boots leave behind bloody imprints on the tiled floors. You glance at the tracks you’re leaving behind somewhat worriedly, then decide that you’ll have to get a new pair of footwear once the job’s done. Can’t have assassins sent after you because your victims’ next-of-kin managed to identify you, after all.

You reach the third floor and hear the sound of women giggling. You crouch and move to the source of the sounds, preparing your crossbow. They lead you to a spacious bedroom, full of fluffy stuffed animals, a dresser overflowing with frilly dresses next to a study table laden with books and pictures of people, and a large bed. On the bed are several naughty far too big for any child to use.

Unless they were adventurous and or brave.

The bedroom is connected to a slightly open door where steam wafts out. From the open door, you hear more giggles and a few squeals over the sound of splashing water. A bedroom with its own bathroom? Damn, the Lobrecks must be richer than you thought.

Ah, so the girls were talking a bath. And with hot water, too.
Good. You have to wash off the blood sooner or later and it comes off easier with warm water.

You pad over to the candles and blow them out one by one. With the room darkened, your bloody bootprints would be hidden long enough for you to act. You tuck yourself into the dresser, draw a knife, and wait. A few minutes later, the giggling and splashes stop.

“Wha- why is everything so dark?” you hear a voice ask. It was young and high pitched, likely a child. The target.

“Did someone leave a window open?” another childish voice says. Wait, two children? You were told there was supposed to be one.

“The windows are closed, so it couldn’t have been the wind…” you hear a more mature voice say. A maid. “It must have been Hailee. Damn that girl, playing pranks at her age… I’ll light them back up, wait here you two.”


“Alright, big sister.”

Big sist- Ah, so one of the maids was a child. The Lobrecks must’ve hired her to keep their youngest company.

You hear footsteps approach and you hold your breath. They pass you and rummage through the table next to you. A chance.

You open the dresser a crack and peek out. You spot the maid, her back to you as her hands work something and she cursed under her breath. You catch a matchbox in her hands. You grin and exit the dresser without a sound, your hand gripping the knife tighter in anticipation. You draw yourself to her height behind her and ready your weapon as she hisses in success, a matchstick in her hands lighting up. She turns and you stab your knife into her chest, straight through her heart. She chokes and spasms as her eyes widen in shock, then fear. She tries to say something, but you clamp your hand over her mouth and hold it there until she stops moving.

You wonder how you looked to her then, under the low light of the matchstick and drab in your ‘work’ clothes. A monster in the dark? The grim reaper? A nightmare made real?

You consider asking the maid, but she dies before you get the chance.
She falls limply into your open arms, but you snatch the lit matchstick from her hands before it goes out. You set her down gently, quietly, on the bed face up with your knife still stuck in her chest and light up the room. There was no need for stealth now.

“Ah, the lights are back!” you hear one of the two children squee. You seat yourself on the bed, the dead maid behind you, and pick up one of the many naughty toys on the bed.

“Great! Now we can pick up where we left off the night before~” you run your fingers along one of the dildo, tracing their ridged flanks with your gloved touch. They were eight, maybe even nine inches long! How the hell did these kids stuff them inside themselves?

“Oh, Sophia~ If your impatient I might just make you work for it~” you set the dildo down and pick up a set of plush handcuffs. Hm. To be so kinky at such a young age…

“Oh, we’ll see about that you-“ you set down the handcuffs and look up at your final victims for the night.

The two girls were young, utterly naked, and still slightly damp from their bath. One was blonde, a Lobreck, while the other was a brunette like the maid you just murdered. They couldn’t have been older than twelve, and they had to features to note. It was one of the reasons why you detested killing children; they just weren’t your type. Too fragile for the things you’d put your usual bedmates through, too small for your frame, and plain troublesome to deal with after a while.

Still, there was a silver lining; their terrified looks were on a whole other level compared to adults.

“B-Big sister?” the brunette kid asks. You grin and tug your knife from the dead maid’s chest, and flick the blood off it. The droplets splatter all over the two kids, making them gasp and step back in shock and disgust. “Y-You k-killed her?”

You did. And you’ll kill them both, too.

“B-but the guards-“


“T-the other maids-“

Dead. All six of them. Oh, no, wait.

You raise your crossbow arm and shoot the fresh bolt. It hits the brunette kid’s throat and she immediately starts choking The Lobreck kid watches her friend double over and fall to the floor, clutching her bleeding neck.

There. All six of them.

“Samantha!” the Lobreck kid kneels beside her friend. “Samantha, no!”

You laugh and stand, walking over to them. The Lobreck kid is too busy shaking her dying friend to notice you approach, and when she does you already have a fistful of her hair in your hand. You pull her away and drag her to the bed.

“Let me go!” the girl protests, grabbing your hand and digging her nails as deep as they could go. “You monster!”

You laugh and toss her onto the bed. The mattress rocks violently enough to send the dead maid tumbling off to the floor. She’ll have to try harder than that to hurt you.

She crawls away from you until her back hits the bed’s backrest. You unfasten your pants and crawl up after her. She kicks at your approach, trying to ward you off, but you grab her ankle and pull her to you with one strong tug.

She screams and claws at your face. You make her stop by stabbing your knife into her shoulder, making her scream again.

Your employer gave you the specifics of your job. One of them was to kill the youngest Lobreck daughter, rape her, cut off her breasts, and hang her in front of the manor entrance. In that order. Personally, the hanging part sounded a little too much, but hey, the customer is always right.

You bring your knife up again and stab it into her other shoulder. Then you grab her arms and dislocate them. Only then do you get to the raping.

You spread her legs and pin them under yours. You pin her in place with one hand and insert into her prepubescent opening with one rough thrust. You ignore the blood coming out of her cunt and keep thrusting, marvelling at the tightness of her inner walls and watching how her petite stomach deforms ever so slightly with every one of your thrusts. Such was her tightness that she manages to get you off after a few minutes of fucking, and you reward her by painting her insides white.

You flip her around and take her rear hole next. It takes some effort and a few blows to the girl’s stomach in order to get her to relax enough, but your member was lubricated enough from her main opening that you have no trouble picking up the speed of your thrusts after the few initial thrusts. Like her cunt, the tightness of her rear is enough to push you to climax after a few minutes of thrusting.

By now, the little bitch had finally stopped screaming and was mainly sobbing now. You flip her over again, extricate your knife from her shoulder, and bury it into her stomach. The girl chokes in surprise and pain, then wails when you begin pulling the weapon down, carving open her midsection.

Her intestines spill out, steaming and hot. You spot her womb, bruised from your thrusts earlier. You crawl over her and insert your member into the hole on her stomach to fuck her insides.

The warmth and general squishness is not what you were used to, but you eventually find the right angle and start enjoying the experience. The Lobreck girl clearly isn’t but she doesn’t matter. Like her cunt and ass, you orgasm after a few short minutes of fucking. You pull out in time to spray your seed all over her face and chest.

At this point, the Lobreck girl is half-dead. Her screaming had long since ended, and her eyes were blank from despair.

Poor thing. Not to worry though, you were almost done!

You grab your knife and begin cutting at her chest. The flesh yields easily to your steel, and the girl even manages another few pained moans before you finally finish. You give each severed piece of flesh a firm squeeze and let the juices drip all over the girl before tossing them aside. She dies not long after.

You move off the bed and wander to the bathroom, intent on washing off the blood and other juices on you. Along the way, you pass the other dead little girl in the room. She’s long dead, but her body is still intact.

Eh, what the hell, you’d like another fuckdoll. Her and her sister are still relatively intact enough for it.


Whew. Took me a while, but I finally did it. Man, I suck at writing loli guro. Guess that's what happens when someone tries to do something they aren't interested in.

Oh well, what's done is done. Tell what you think, and let me know if you guys want more!


I love it, although loli isn't really my thing either :P Hoping for more.


Wow some great stuff, long anticipated and didn't disappoint. Loving the creativity with the victims like the young maid, and hey the entire loli part fit nicely as well. Since in the end it tied in by being part of the orders, if the ol assassin was more simple and straightforward about it things would've been fine as well. Would love to see more, this is quality.


in case anyone missed the detail, reason for maid in the beginning asking for towels was the kids in the bath and head maidish character was shoveling coal to keep the bath hot. Way to go with the plot coherence :OOO




Just necro with pretee- and teen girls woudl be great. Just pure snuff->necro no guting or stuff.. just descriptions of cute dead bodies…

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