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This story is horror fiction and describes what happens to a pretty
camp counselor after treating her girls like crap one too many times. It is vulgar and very graphic. Procede at your own risk.

Meg was the prettiest counselor at Camp Chippewa. She stood 5'8" and had beautiful brown hair and eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned and didn't have a mark or blemish on her entire body. She was perfect from head to toe, and she knew it. She had an arrogant attitude and treated her less popular kids like crap. She was hated by many at the camp, but her beauty kept all the guys drooling.

She was just 18 years old and worked at the camp to save up money for college.

"Clean up this mess, you little cunts," Meg yelled at the girls in her
cabin while they slept.

The girls got up and hurriedly cleaned up their clothes, despite the
fact it was only 5 in the morning.

"I've got a little surprise for you," Meg laughed with an evil grin on
her face. "Since I can't sleep, I decided I'd give you girls a little
project, something you'll need to learn when your older and jealous of girls as pretty as me."

A couple of the girls in the cabin, Suzy, Amanda, and Julie, spoke up. They were all junior high age. Suzy looked at Meg's pretty brown eyes defiantly. "You can't do this to us. We didn't come to camp to be treated like shit."

The other girls looked confused, not knowing whether to join Suzy or not. Amanda and Julie eventually stood by her side and stared at Meg.

"Oh yeah, got a problem, want to bitch? Go ahead and tell Greg," Meg replied.

Suzy thought for a moment and then rolled her eyes. Greg was the head counselor and he was obsessed with Meg. He had sex with her at night after the girls went to sleep. He let Meg do whatever she wanted.

"That's what I thought, Suzy," Meg said.

Meg laid down on a bed in the cabin and looked around. It was still
dark outside. She put her hands behind her head. "Alright, who here knows how to give a good pedicure? Amanda, why don't you take off my shoes and socks, will ya?"

Little did Meg know that Amanda actually had a lesbian crush on her and a foot fetish. She had stared at Meg's peds many times, trying not to be noticed. Meg had exceptional feet- long, nicely tanned with creamy white bottoms, high arches, butter soft heels, and perfect toes, all aligned nicely. She could have been a foot model.

"OK, Meg. That's not so bad." Meg sat down at the end of the bed and took off her tennis shoes. She then slipped off her ankle socks,
letting her fingers brush against the soft, silky smooth undersides of Meg's feet. She noticed her toes were unpainted and clear.

"Damn right it's not so bad, you should be honored to paint my
toenails." Meg looked down at her feet and then glanced at Julie.
"Jules, hon, I want you to do my fingernails, and you better not fuck up, or else. That goes for you too, Amanda. I want the best
fingernails and toenails in this camp.

Meg noticed Amanda was staring at her bare feet licking her lips.

"What are you, some kind of foot freak?" Meg barked. "You're such a weird bitch, Amanda. It figures you have a foot fetish. I dated a guy once like that, and dropped him cold. It's really creepy, ya know. Go wait outside. I don't want you to orgasm while my toes are painted. Don't ever touch my feet again, and if I catch you even looking at them, it's your ass."

Amanda turned red as other girls looked at her. She started crying and ran outside. Meg had a mean smirk on her face. "Yeah, go run, run to Lisa's cabin. She's a dike. Maybe you two can play footsie together or something."

The other girls in the cabin looked shocked. Meg laughed, and then her face got serious. "Five, six, seven, hey, where's Kelsey? I only see seven of you. I want that filthy bitch to do my toenails."

Kelsey had hid in the bathroom.

"Suzy, go find her," Meg ordered.

Kelsey stepped into the room looking scared. Meg stared at her evilly and started laughing.

"Since some of you are little foot freaks, why don't you suck my toes and massage my feet with your tongues." Meg wiggled her toes.

"You can't make us do that, Meg," Suzy said.

"Shut up, Suzy. I can do whatever I want. This is my camp. I can make you eat out my pussy if I want. Greg worships me like the goddess I am. Go ahead, file a complaint."

The girls looked tense.

Meg glanced around the room at them and spread her legs. "So what will it be, ladies, feet or pussy?"

The girls rolled their eyes.

A pretty girl who was older, Leah, spoke aloud to the group. She was tall, tan, and had dark brown hair. She wore a short skirt and flip-flops, exposing her pretty teenage legs and feet. "C'mon, it won't be that bad. It's just feet."

Meg thought of saying something mean, but she liked Leah the most, so she just smiled. "Let's get to work ladies."

Leah was the first to go. She was somewhat bisexual and didn't mind the feet of a girl, as long as they were clean and pretty. Meg's feet fit the bill. Leah kneeled down at the foot of the bed and sniffed. Meg's feet actually smelled good, like watermelon lotion. Leah ran her tongue up the sole of Meg's left foot while grabbing her delicate ankle. Suzy knelt down at the right foot with a disgusted look on her face. She took Meg's big toe into her mouth. Leah actually didn't mind licking Meg's feet, as they were soft, smooth, and tasted good. Her toes felt nice between her teeth as she lightly nibbled on them. Meg wiggled them a little and laughed.

"I'm starting to wonder about you too, Leah." Meg smiled.

Outside, Amanda was sitting outside crying when a fellow camp
counselor, Lisa, walked by.

"What's wrong honey," Lisa asked while putting her arm around Amanda.

"It's Meg. I think girls' feet are pretty and she called me a freak in
front of the whole cabin. She made me leave because she didn't trust me to paint her toenails. It was so embarrassing."

"Why was she having you paint her toenails? She's not supposed to do that."

Amanda sobbed. "She said there's nothing we can do, because of Greg."

Lisa nodded her head. "Unfortunately she's right. Greg is obsessed
with her and lets her do whatever she wants, no matter how sadistic. Look, liking a girl's feet is no big deal. I'll let you in on a little secret, I do too."

Amanda stopped crying. "Really? I thought I was the only one."

"Oh no, lots of people like a pretty girl's feet. The foot fetish is
the most common of all. How do you think strappy high heels, sandals, and flip-flops became mainstream fashion? It's a lot more common than you think, just not as common for girls like us to like other girl's feet. Do you think you're starting to like girls more than boys?

Amanda looked worried. "I think so. Look, I don't want to be a
lesbian, and get made fun off, but I like girls more than boys. I
can't help it."

"None of us can," Lisa smiled. "It's just the way the cookie crumbles. Same thing with feet."

"Well, it's not just that," Amanda said shyly.

Lisa looked confused. "What do you mean, Amanda?"

"Well, I don't just think Meg's feet are pretty. I think they look
good enough to eat."

"Oh, that's just called shrimping or foot worship. Lots of people like
to suck toes and lick the soles of a girl's feet. It's not that weird," Lisa replied.

"No, I mean good enough to eat, literally."

Lisa's face turned white and she started to stand up.

Amanda realized she had gone too far, and started laughing. "Uh, I was just joking. I would never do that. That's cannibalism."

Lisa looked nervous and glanced down at her own feet in flip-flops. Amanda was looking at her painted toes. "Ah, Amanda, I think I have to go now."

Lisa walked off nervously. Something was definitely wrong with Amanda. Maybe she needed help. All the torture Meg had done to her seemed to have gotten to her head. Joking about eating Meg's feet just wasn't something a normal girl would do, foot fetish or not. There was something else very different going on.

Lisa decided to go talk with Greg at his office. "Look Greg, I think
you need to transfer Amanda out of Meg's cabin. You've either got to make Meg stop being so mean or move Amanda out. Meg's been humiliating her in front of all the girls, and I think it's getting to her head."

Greg looked up from his desk. "Look, Lisa, Meg hasn't done anything that bad, and a lot of the girls really love her. She's worked here for three years."

"They say they love her because they have to. Meg threatens them if they don't perform as her personal slaves."

"That may be so, but you have no way of proving that."

Lisa looked frustrated and stormed out of Greg's office. "Maybe things would be different if you weren't fucking her."

Lisa decided to go back and find Amanda.

The morning sun was starting to rise as Amanda was sitting on a bench overlooking the lake. Sun filtered through the tall trees.

"Hey Amanda, I've got an idea."

Amanda looked happy to see Lisa. "Look, I was just joking about Meg, ya know. I would never hurt her or anything like that."

"I know. Look, I need you to tell Greg about what happened. Maybe he'll punish her or you can transfer into my cabin."

Amanda's face turned stone cold. "Oh no, I could never do that. Ratting out Meg would be impossible. Everyone's so scared of her, they'd say I was making the whole thing up."

"Well, maybe we can just get you transferred to my cabin."

"I can't do that. Meg will make my life even worse if I am not loyal to her. A girl did that last summer, and she nearly killed herself."

"If you won't speak up, then there's nothing I can do to help you."
Lisa patted Amanda on the back. "Come see me if you change your mind. Meg's a real pain in the ass and all us girl counselors hate her. We'd stick by your side."

Amanda sat outside staring at the lake until someone from her cabin came out and grabbed her. It was Leah, one of Amanda's best friends.

"You're not going to believe what Meg made us do after you left."

Amanda responded, "I can't imagine. What?"

"She made us suck her toes and massage her feet with our tongues."

Amanda swallowed hard, feeling a bit aroused inside. "After all that
shit she said about me being a foot freak, she goes and does that. What a royal bitch."

Leah replied. "She was trying to make a point or something by showing us what foot freaks do. To tell the truth, I kind of liked it. She actually has really pretty feet. She takes good care of them too. They were so soft and smooth. They tasted like watermelon lotion."

Amanda smiled and looked at Leah. "Wait, they tasted good? I've never tasted feet."

"Yeah, they did- really good, and they felt nice on my tongue too."
Leah smiled in return. "I think I know where you're coming from now. Meg's got a perfect pair of feet."

"Hey, what do you say we get a little revenge on Meg?" Amanda looked like she was hiding something.

"What do you mean, Amanda? Meg's untouchable."

"After three summers of her shit, I think she's overdue for a little torture of her own."

"Amanda, you're talking crazy. Torture?"

"Yeah, not just any torture, but something that will change her life." Amanda could see Leah was starting to buy into the plan.

"What exactly do you have in mind?"

"You said her feet taste good, right?" Amanda smiled sadistically.

Over the next 20 minutes, Amanda and Leah hashed out their plan for revenge. They decided it would be best if they could get the whole cabin in on it. Soon, Meg came outside and grabbed the two girls by their hair.

"What do ya know, two little lesbos sitting by the lake." Meg slapped Amanda across the face after noticing her glancing at her perfect size 9 feet in white flip-flops. "What'd I tell you about looking at my feet, Amanda?! God, you're hopeless."

Leah and Amanda reluctantly returned to the cabin where they prepared for the day's activities.

Over the course of the next couple days, Leah and Amanda shared their plans with the other six girls in the cabin. Despite its brutality,
they unanimously agreed to take part in the revenge. They'd had enough of Meg, and the only way she'd learn a lesson was through life-altering measures.

While in the mess hall one afternoon, Meg strutted around in strappy, cork heels, exposing her sexy feet to all. As she walked to pick up food, all the girls in her cabin were transfixed by the site of her feet. They stared at the backsides of her feet as she made her way down the aisle. Leah and Amanda drooled. Tonight would be the night.

The inside of the girls' cabin was roomy and had an upstairs loft for Meg to sleep in. At the back of the room, there was a large table. Adjacent to that, there was a supply closet filled with various
camping gear.

Meg's loft had a small stairwell at the front of the cabin. She slept
up there except on nights when she would visit Greg. The stairs
creaked, so the girls would have to be extra careful not to awaken
Meg. Normally, Meg would sleep in light shorts and a small t-shirt.
She normally was barefoot. Amanda knew that because she went up there a few times to get a look at her bare feet while she slept.

The girls' plan was to get up at 5am, tie up Meg, and drag her to the table at the back of the cabin. That's where they'd have their fun.

The girls all went to sleep, and so did Meg at around 2am. She stumbled in drunk after a long night of partying.

At 5am, Leah's cell phone alarm vibrated and she got up the other
girls. Two girls, Christine and Andrea, worked on setting up the table. The took all the supplies they needed out of the supply closet. They placed a large serrated knife, metal bowl, large platter, 20 feet of rope, duct tape, and a camping stove at the end of the table. The smiled at each other and gave Leah, Amanda, and Suzy a thumbs up. It was dark inside the cabin, and Leah almost tripped and fell, but Suzy saved her. The three girls grabbed Julie and started to head upstairs. The two other girls, Kim and Kelly, stood watch to make sure no one was coming.

They carefully made their way up the stairs and eventually reached
Meg's bed. She was lying on her stomach sprawled out. A pair of knee-high boots were lying on the floor, but she still had all her clothes on. She had on a pair of jeans, tight shirt, and black socks.

Julie stepped on a creaky floorboard and all the girls froze. Meg
turned over, and let out a moan, but did not wake up. Leah and Amanda held pieces of rope in their hands. Julie held duct tape. They had to be fast, or Meg might be able to get away.

In an instant, the girls stormed Meg's bed and tied up her arms and legs. Julie placed duct tape over her mouth before she could let out a scream. Meg tried desperately to break free, kicking her legs and wailing her arms, but she eventually just fell off her bed and hit the floor hard. Amanda stared into Meg's big brown eyes. They were so pretty and scared.

The four girls carried Meg down the stairs, not caring how bad they banged her up. Meg let out lots of moans, but nothing loud enough for anyone outside the cabin to hear. The other girls helped out and they brought Meg to the table at the back of the room. All the lights were on, since there were no windows there. Meg looked in horror when she saw the large serrated knife resting on the table. She kicked violently, and the girls dropped her. Meg hit her head and was out cold.

"Shit, what do we?" Suzy asked, panicked.

"Just stick to the plan and tie her to the table. She'll come to."

As Christine and Andrea helped tie down Meg's unconscious body, they started having second thoughts. "I don't know about this. This is pretty serious."

"Meg deserves it," Leah said while slipping off Meg's socks, letting
her fingers linger on her silky smooth soles.

A few minutes later, Meg woke up. She noticed her socks were removed and started mumbling through the duct tape over her mouth.

Amanda and Leah stepped into the room. Each girl wrapped a hand around one of Meg's bare feet. They palpated her soles and played with her toes.

"Hi Meg," Amanda said with a smile on her face. "We've got a little
surprise for you."

Leah picked up a knife and showed Meg the large platter. "You have such delicious feet Meg. You shouldn't have let us taste them. I'm surprised you're not a foot model with such perfect peds. Your soles are so soft and smooth. They have such a succulent texture and the creamy white color with that slightly pink hue makes them look like top-grade meat. Your arches are well defined, and those toes, well, it just doesn't get better than that. You have the best toes of any girl I've seen. And your heels feel like you've never walked on them in your life. Their so soft and smooth."

Meg whimpered as Amanda started licking her tender foot bottoms.

Leah's hand grazed the lightly tan top of Meg's left foot and she
pushed down on her gorgeous toes. "They say the best meat is close to the bone, Meg. That means feet would be the best part of a human. A young woman with such luscious appendages like yourself surely knows her tootsies look great. I mean, you take such good care of them for being someone who hates foot freaks."

Meg struggled against her bonds as tears streamed down her face.

"In case you're still wondering, we're going to cut off and eat your feet, Meg." Amanda said while tweaking the toes on her right foot.

Meg's body convulsed and she attempted to yell.

"It's no use, Greg can't save you now."

Meg looked at the other girls in the room, with a begging look in her tearful eyes. All the girls shook their heads.

"Anything you want to apologize for, Meg?" Amanda asked meanly.

Suzy started to peel off the duct tape over Meg's mouth. Meg tried to scream, but Suzy quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

"You do that, and we take a whole lot more than your feet, Meg." Suzy started to caress Meg's soft, delicate hands. "You promise not to scream?"

Meg nodded her head and Suzy lifted her hand.

"Oh God, please, please don't do this!" Meg cried. "I'm sorry about making fun of your fetish. I know I have pretty feet. I was just
playing around."

"You'll have to do better than that, Meg," Amanda said as she rolled up Meg's jeans, exposing her delicate ankles. She started poking into her delicate foot meat. "Mmm, delicious. I can't wait to sink my teeth into your luscious soles, Meg. I'm glad your feet are size 9 ½. That's more tender girl meat for us all."

"God, you can't do this! It's cannibalism! You'll all go to jail! Let
me go, now, I mean it! God, I can't believe you want to chop off my feet. What are you, psycho?"

"You're talking too loud, Meg, and none of us are listening. We'll
have to put the duct tape back on, and then it's adios feet," Leah
said while running her fingers up and down the bottom of Meg's foot. "Take a good look at your toes. Today's the last day you'll see them."

Suzy stepped forward with the duct tape.

Meg turned her head nervously. "Wait, wait, I'll do anything. I'm
sorry, just let me make this up to you, Amanda. I'll let you suck my
toes and play with my feet as much as you want. You can do whatever foot fetish stuff you want with me."

"Foot fetish?" Amanda laughed. "I'm afraid this is something else,
Meg. I want to eat your feet for dinner, not play footsie."

Leah nodded, and looked at Meg while Suzy put more duct tape on her mouth. "Say goodbye to your feet, you slutty bitch."

Meg's eyes bulged as the first cut was made. Amanda wrapped her
fingers around the delicate midsole and arch of Meg's left foot. She
cut right down into the ankle and blood squirted from the wound. Meg's head was shaking violently as she tried to scream.

Amanda enjoyed the feeling of Meg's helpless bare foot in her hands. She made light cuts so she could keep feeling the convulsions of her foot and wiggling of her toes.

Meg looked down in horror to see the knife half way through her ankle. She could no longer move her foot, but the pain was incredible. She couldn't believe that her foot was actually being amputated. It was something straight out of a horror movie, but this was all too real.

After a few minutes, Meg's left foot came off in Amanda's hand. Meg was crying uncontrollably and watched in horror as Amanda picked up the severed foot and smiled.

Amanda passed it around. Each girl marveled at the sight and feel of Meg's severed foot. The foot was still warm, and despite the blood that had gotten on it, still looked beautiful. Leah started sucking on the toes, and felt her stomach stir.

Meg watched in horror as her severed foot was set back down on the table. She glanced down at the bottom of her pant leg. A pool of blood was forming and she felt nauseous. There was nothing there but a blood stained leg of her jeans. She couldn't believe the sight. She screamed as she felt Leah grab her remaining foot. First, Leah started to lick the soles and then tickled the foot to get a reaction from Meg. She stuck the big toe in her mouth and it wiggled. Meg watched in horror and Leah started biting down hard. Soon blood was flowing.

Eventually, the toe came off in Leah's mouth, and Leah smiled. "Mmm, Meg, I don't know what you've done with your feet, but they taste like heaven."

"Hey, no fair, let me try a toe," Amanda exclaimed. She bent down and grabbed Meg's convulsing foot. Blood was flowing from where her big toe used to be.

Meg was in utter shock and the pain was making want to die. She
couldn't believe that was the last she'd ever see of her big toe, and
pretty soon, both her feet. It was surreal. Through her watery eyes, she watched as Amanda bit through her second toe and severed it in her mouth.

"We might as well finish them, come on Suzy." Amanda said.

"I don't know. I'd like her feet cooked, not raw," Suzy replied.

"Oh, Meg's feet are so good, it doesn't matter. Her toes are the sweetest, most tender meat you'll ever eat."

Suzy shrugged her shoulders and knelt down at the end of the table. Meg's remaining toes wiggled as Suzy crunched down on the third little digit. It came off in her mouth and she was shocked at the flavor- better than anything she could have imaged.

Soon, all of Meg's toes on her right foot were gone.

"Might as well have some fun now," Leah said. "I don't think Meg's felt enough pain yet."

Meg mumbled desperately through her duct tape.

"Why don't we cut a ball piece, midsole and arch piece, and then a heel piece, just like the restaurants do with meat. After all, Meg's feet are the finest grade meat on the planet."

Meg looked down at her now toeless foot sobbing. She watched in horror as Leah took the knife and started sawing through the side of her foot where the arch meets the ball. All she could do was scream through the duct tape and cry.

Leah took her sweet old time, and after five minutes of slow cutting, she had severed the ball section from the rest of the foot. Blood was everywhere.

"Here, put it in the bowl, we'll marinade it." Amanda said. "Hey, Suzy, might as well get the stove going."

Suzy put together the camping stove and lit it.

Leah was working on separating the arch and midsole from the heel. It was quite a bit more difficult than the ball, since the foot was thicker and meatier by the heel. After much torturous pain for Meg and lots of blood loss, the arch and midsole were nicely severed. It looked like a perfect little steak. The girls' mouths were watering.

Meg was barely conscious at this point. "Better do something for the blood loss," Amanda said. She grabbed a torch lighter and flicked it on. "We can't have Meg dying on us now. We want her to watch us eat her feet."

Amanda took the lighter to Meg's footless left leg and cauterized her stump. The blood oozed as Meg shook in excruciating pain. She nearly bit her tongue off. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

Leah was working on cutting through the ankle, taking time to feel the soft texture of its underside. Meg had remarkable heels. It was if she had never walked on them in her life. After caressing the heel section of Meg's right foot, she started sawing through the ankle. Loud sounds filled the room as Leah did it fast. She couldn't wait any longer. She was starving.

Amanda picked up Meg's left foot off of the table and brought it to
Meg's face. "I'm going to take off your duct tape. You scream, we cut off your hands too. It's hard enough not having any feet, imagine what it'd be like without hands."

Meg's eyes were huge and she squirmed. She looked down at the end of the table to see her footless legs. The bottoms of her jeans were covered in blood. She nearly fainted. She muffled "No" through her duct tape before Amanda took it off.

"You ever sucked your toes before, Meg?"

"No, please, please. Oh my God, you really cut off my feet!" Meg was hysterical. "How could you cut off my feet?" Meg was crying and looking like she was about to lose consciousness again.

Amanda started licking Meg's severed foot and played with it a bit.
She then lowered the foot and shoved the toes into Meg's mouth.

"See, is that so bad? If you're lucky, I'll even give you a taste of your feet after they're cooked."

Meg tried expelling her own severed foot from her mouth, but Amanda kept forcing it down. Meg couldn't believe she was sucking on the toes of her own lifeless foot. It was eerie.

"That's enough, Amanda," Leah proclaimed. "Let's get these puppies cooking."

"Yes, let's eat," Amanda said as she removed the foot from Meg's
mouth. Meg gasped for air.

Amanda and Leah working at the end of the table preparing a marinade. They decided only the parts from the right foot would be marinated and the left foot which was intact, would be cooked with a honey glaze.

Leah gathered all the foot pieces and put them in the bowl, making
sure to knead the meat. Amanda grabbed some honey, and started
applying it to Meg's left foot with her hands. Meg's foot still was warm and it felt softer than ever. Amanda was starting to get aroused.

She spend lots of time applying it to the heel, arch, and toes, and
made sure to coat the tan tops too. She loved the feel of Meg's supple foot in her hand. The foot glistened and her clear toenails now had a sugary coating on them. The girls watched with their mouths hung open as Amanda placed the foot on the camp stove. She shoved pins in between the third and second toes and then into ankle. It would hold the foot above the heat, and allow to be rotated.

"We'll cook this one rare." Amanda said as she placed the glistening foot over the stove.

Before long, the sweet smell of cooked foot flesh filled the air. It
smelled like nothing else- incredibly sweet and aromatic. The girls
knew they were in for a good meal. Amanda watched the foot cook and made sure to rotate it evenly. Before long, it started to take on a slightly goldfish appearance. Liquid honey dripped from the toes. It looked remarkable.

Meg couldn't believe the sight. Her own girls were salivating over her severed foot cooking on a camp stove like a rotisserie.

Another ten minutes passed, the foot was done to perfection. It
glistened and steam rose off it. Amanda put it on a plate and started drooling. She inhaled deeply. Leah was stroking the lips on Meg's mortified face.

Amanda brought the foot to the end of the table by Meg's head. She wanted Meg to watch as her and Leah made short work of her succulent roasted foot. Meg was still crying and couldn't believe the sight of her own severed foot lying on a plate, cooked like a piece of meat. She shuddered as Amanda spoke.

"Mmm, smells good, doesn't it? Would you like a bite? After all, this
is the best meal any of us will ever have."

Leah was the first to try the beautiful foot. She skewered the juicy
big toe with her fork and cut off the delicate piece of meat. Sweet
foot juices came out of the cut, and Leah rolled the toe around in
them. She brought the piece of meat up to Meg's face and rubbed it across her lips. "Sure you don't want any of your foot?"

Meg started crying uncontrollably again.

Amanda sliced into the tender arch meat and stuck a piece in her
mouth. It was beyond comprehension. Meg's foot tasted better than she could ever have dreamed. It was so sweet and delicate. The meat melted in her mouth. Her face lit up in ecstasy as she swallowed her first ever piece of cooked foot meat.

Leah preferred the toes and sliced each of the juicy digits off one by one. She rolled them around in her mouth, savoring the flavor and remarkable texture that only existed in a pretty girl's feet. Sweet foot juices rolled down her chin.

Both girls soon decided to try the heel, the softest heel of any girl
they'd known. The knife cut through it like butter and Amanda cut out a large chunk of girl meat. She was blown away again by the flavor. It tasted different from the arch, but was just as good. Leah soon followed, and started to cut away at the heel meat.

The girl's made sure to keep their meal just inches away from Meg's gorgeous face as they ate. Meg was ready to pass out from shock again. She watched in horror as two young girls devoured what used to be her left foot. The girls carefully devoured the luscious sole meat and made sure to sop up all the sweet foot juices.

Before long, they had finished all the arch, heel, toes, and ball of
Meg's foot. All that was left was the meat deep inside the bones and the thin strips on the top of the foot. While not as awe-inspiring as the bottom of the foot, the top still tasted better than any other meat known to man. The girls finished and looked they had just taken the ride of their lives.

Meg looked at the plate and all that was left of her beautiful foot were a few bones.

After getting their fill of girl meat, Leah and Amanda agreed to give the marinated pieces of Meg's right foot to the other girls who had been waiting. They were cooking on the stove and appeared to be done.

Amanda removed the heel, midsole, and ball sections, and put them on a plate. The foot meat was steaming and made Amanda's mouth start watering again, despite the fact she had just enjoyed the remarkable sole of Meg's left foot. Leah came up with the knife and cut each section in half. Christine got half the ball of the foot, Andrea got the other. Suzy got half of the tender midsole and Julie got the other, including the arch- the most tender cut of girl meat. Kim and Kelly split the heel meat.

The girls walked to where Meg could watch them eat up the meat from what used to be her right foot. "Thanks Meg," they said in unison before devouring their girl meat.

Julie lavished the arch and exploded in excitement at the sweet
flavor. The meat was so tender it melted in her mouth. Suzy couldn't believe how delicious the sole meat tasted. She savored the flavor. Kim and Kelly were shocked by the tenderness of Meg's heels. It really was like she had never walked before. Christine and Andrea let their foot meat rest in their mouths before swallowing. They wanted to remember the flavor for as long as they lived.

After the girls had finsihed, Amanda walked up to Meg's tear-soaked face.

"See Meg, maybe you shouldn't have been so mean to us. All we asked was a little respect, and but no, you had to have it your way. Well guess what, now your pretty feet are in our stomachs."

Some of the girls complained of still being hungry. After all, two
feet were barely a meal for eight girls. Generally, a person would eat half a foot for a normal dinner, and a whole foot if they were really hungry.

"Well, Meg does have beautiful calves too," Leah said as she rolled up the pant legs above Meg's stumps. She ran her hands up Meg's silky legs."

"Please, no," Meg whimpered.

Amanda glanced down at Leah's feet. Her soles were exposed as she leaned forward to feel Meg's legs. Leah's feet were pretty size 8's with tan tops and nice white soles. Amanda licked her lips as she stared at the teenage feet.



Both this and the other foot cannibalism story (which I presume is yours from the matching style and content) have a wee problem bugging me: Toes have lots of little bones in them and, while you could certainly bite one off, I have serious doubts it'd be chewy or enjoyable to eat. Same goes for most of the foot, actually, due to all the cartilage and connective tissue. It'd be like eating a pile of rubber bands and paperclips >.<


^There would be a lot of tender, flavorful meat in the soles. The arch muscles would be especially delicious. The toe pads and fleshy pads of the heels would be juicy and well-marbled. While the feet wouldn't have a ton of flesh, the bottoms would yield some soft, juicy meat with lots of flavor. All of the meat is close to the bone, which will make them delicious after cooked. The soft, smooth skin would be delicious too.

Think of chicken wings. There is not a ton of meat, but they are delicious, if not a little greasy. Feet would be greasy too, but even tastier, especially the soft, smooth, immaculate feet of a young female.



Yes, think of chicken wings. Also while realism is important this is a fetish based fantasy after all even though certain realism could not hurt. Chicken wings are still delicious and many people loves chicken or duck neck... and necks have much less actual meat and fat than foot or toes.


Yeah, and it's not like soles are lacking in meat. They would be meatier than chicken wings and the skin on the soles of a hot girl is much softer and smoother than just about anything in the animal kingdom. The soles of a hot girl would taste incredible. Some cannibal tribes viewed them as a top delicacy. With how soft and tender some young female soles are, they would melt in your mouth! The soles of a girl's feet not only look like tender fillets of meat, but they taste great just worshipping them. If cooked, they would taste even more amazing! The soles would be really juicy for sure too as the fattier parts would keep the muscles juicy and tender. Some girls have feet that literally look good enough to eat due to their flawless creamy white soles. That's where the best meat is at!


Yeah, and it's not like soles are lacking in meat. They would be meatier than chicken wings and the skin on the soles of a hot girl is much softer and smoother than just about anything in the animal kingdom. The soles of a hot girl would taste incredible. Some cannibal tribes viewed them as a top delicacy. With how soft and tender some young female soles are, they would melt in your mouth! The soles of a girl's feet not only look like tender fillets of meat, but they taste great just worshipping them. If cooked, they would taste even more amazing! The soles would be really juicy for sure too as the fattier parts would keep the muscles juicy and tender. Some girls have feet that literally look good enough to eat due to their flawless creamy white soles. That's where the best meat is at!


Awesome story, I really want to see an other one of your invention. :)

Just a little things...... the story is may be.... too similare to your athoer one,. For the next that could be really fun to see something différent. ^^ What about feet be eat by animals?


What kind of girl feet would you like to see eaten by animals? Big, small, high arches, long toes, tan skin, white skin, teen, college?

Also, how would like you like to see the feet eaten by animals? Should the girl have her feet cut off first? Should she be forced to watch them get eaten right from her legs?


an.... asian teen feet if possible. :) And one feet cut of and the other not. :)


Nice it will go into the story...and some soft late teen asian feet too.


Any other ideas for the feet, just post here! They will go into the story!


Any updates on story?


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