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It’s been a long time since posting here! Here’s my latest story for you guys. It features April O’Neil from the ninja turtles. (The one where she’s a teenager, not the adult one of the old days)

It’s based on this particular episode:

If you didn’t watch it and don’t feel like doing it, here’s what you need to know:

The earth is going to be blown up by space triceratops, the turtles, April and Casey are off to space with a cyborg names Fugitoid to stop them. Their first stop is at a pirate spaceport and the turtles cause a hell of a mess and now have to fight or run.

Now, on to the story!

April gulped as the whole marketplace seemed to glare at her and her friends. She was kinda pissed that that crystal had been so fragile. She had barely dropped it and it shattered in a thousand pieces. She was even more angry at the turtles for causing so much havoc on purpose.

“You know we don’t have any money. Why did you eat some guy’s food?” she hissed.

Michelangelo scratched his neck self consciously with a chuckle. “It was space pizza, April. How could I possibly pass on that?”

“It wasn’t space pizza! It was some kind of alien species!” She yelled, slightly horrified that her friend had eaten something alive.

Hearing the other boys laugh at their flustered orange bandanaed sibling, she whirled to face them. “What are you guys laughing at?” she asked with a dark glare, instantly shutting them up. “You decapitated a robot back there. He could have been sentient. Like the one that saved our butts. Remember that one?”

“Actually, the Fugitoid is more of a cyborg than a robot. Remember that he has a brain...” Donatello started before the full fury of the redhead’s frown fell on him. “Errrr… Nevermind,” he wisely finished.

April took a deep breath. She was mad at her companions, of course, but she was mostly mad at herself. The boys were always rambunctious. It was one of the main reason that she enjoyed hanging out with them so much after all. That, plus the fact that they had a second chance to save the earth had everyone acting hyperactive, herself included.

As the group bickered, a large alien with tentacles for arms separated himself from the crowd. “Are you gonna pay for what you broke and stole or do we have a problem here?” he asked threatenly.

April was not really scared of him. Her and the guys were all top fighters so they probably could fight their way out of here. The only thing was that this was a pirate spaceport and they probably had ways to catch troublemakers since there was no cops around here. She couldn’t let this stupid moment be what stopped them from saving the earth. Glancing back at the turtles, the yellow suited girl saw them all acting sheepishly at being called on their misdeeds. All except Raph of course. The red teen looked to be one second away from attacking.

Clearing her throat to get everyone’s attention, April stepped forward. “We don’t really have any money to pay with. Is there anything we could do to to settle things?”

The big alien grumbled. “You’re not the first mooks to come here and not have the right currency on hand. We accept barter if you have anything worth taking,” he conceded.

The teenage girl’s eyes lit up. She had not expected the tentacled behemoth to be this reasonable. Looking down at herself, she deflated a little. The only stuff they had on them were the Fugitoid’s gear and their weapons.

“Hmmmm… Would you want any of this?” she asked, gesturing at their equipment.

The de facto leader of the aliens hummed and hawed as he inspected what was offered before stepping back. “That’s all pretty standard stuff you have on you. Nothing that will come close to cover your bill. Anything else to offer?”

Leonardo stepped up when he saw that April was at a loss. “We came here on a spaceship. Just give us a moment and we’ll go find the pilot and see what we can offer you.”

The tentacled alien rubbed his chin as he thought about the suggestion. “Ok. Go find something to bargain with,” he said, raising the teens’ morale. “But she stays here as collateral,” he finished, pointing at April.

Seeing that the turtles were going to argue, the redhead stepped in. “Go, you guys. The faster you get the Fugitoid, the faster we can get out of here and get on what’s important. Saving the earth.”

With a nod, the teenagers ran out as April followed the purple alien back to his booth. It was very weird to be alone with the thing. She had seen and fought things that would shatter a normal human’s mind but being by herself on an alien planet, a pirate spaceport at that, and being held as a hostage was making her feel out of her debts. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the tentacled beast started talking to her.

“You know. You do have one thing that would wipe you and your friend’s bill,” he said amiably.

“Really? Then why didn’t you say that before?” the redhead asked, her anger coming back at the alien’s flip flopping.

“It’s not something I wanted to discuss in front of your hotheaded friends. You see, terrans are pretty rare in space. The only time we see you guys is if someone abducted you and are selling you for food. Terrans taste really good but the meat is usually pretty beat up by the time we get to eat it. A live specimen like you would cover what you and your friends took,” he said, still in a friendly tone.

April’s mind boggled. That thing wanted to eat her? He wanted her to sell herself as meat? How could he ask that while smiling so nicely?

“Whaaaaaaa...” was all that came out of the teenager’s mouth. Her mind locked by the absurdity.

The purple alien chuckled. “You guys are on mission to save earth, right? From what I hear, you have a whole armada on your plate. I doubt there’s anything on that ship to cover all the stuff you guys destroyed. Just one look at the guys you travel with, a fight is going to start when they realize that there’s no other way to leave.”

April nodded as she imagined the scenario in her head.

“Then, either your whole group is going to get killed fighting or, if you guys are badasses, some will get back to your ship and try to fly away. Sadly, that’s when the anti-spacecraft cannons will activate and kill the rest of your friends. If you make this sacrifice, you’ll probably end up being the reason that the earth gets saved in the end,” the big alien finished with a flourish of its tentacles.

The redhead rocked on her heels. They had anti-aircraft guns? Of course they would. They would need to defend themselves from whatever’s out there, right? She would be selling herself for butchering, though.

Looking over at the food counter, April imagined herself on it. She’d be naked of course. Everyone of those aliens would be able to see everything as they bargained with the shopkeeper for her meat.

With shock, the teenager looked down at her crotch. She had felt it twitch at the image for some reason. Even now as she reviewed the scenario, she could feel herself getting wet.

Ignoring the weird way her body was behaving as best she could , April tired to think about what to do. She went back and forth. If she waited, the guys might have found something worth trading but if they didn’t, there would be a fight and the ship might get destroyed, dooming earth.

The stakes were simply too high. The redhead’s fists clenched and she looked up to meet the purple alien’s eyes. “I’ll do it.”

“Great!” the mammoth exclaimed as he ducked behind his stall. He popped back out with some money and paid the other merchants for their damages, thereby taking full possession of the live human.

Even with the trauma of having just sold herself as meat, April noticed that some of the other aliens seemed to be unhappy and were silently arguing before storming away.

When the purple shopkeeper came back to her, she had to ask. “Why were they so surly? You’d think they’d be happy to get paid.”

The big thing looked back with a smirk. “They were trying to get more money. They were starting to think that blowing up your ship and selling it for scrap would be a better deal. I made them see reason.”

The redhead cocked her head. Something was fishy here but she could not put her finger on it. Then again, maybe she was just trying to find something weird so that she could justify breaking this deal. She had made her bed. Time to lie in it.

The deep voice of her new owner brought the teen’s mind back to reality.

“What was that,” she asked.

“I said, take off all your clothes. You need to be prepared,” the purple alien repeated as he got some things ready.

Gulping and looking at all the lifeforms walking around in the busy marketplace, April started to disrobe. She took off the space suit with no problems as she was wearing her normal clothes underneath but she could see that she was already drawing some looks.

With trembling hands, she reached down and removed her socks. That was safe to go.

Standing barefoot, April reached for her shirt but stopped. She did not wear a bra so removing this article would expose her modest breasts to everyone. The teen blushed when she noticed that her nipples were rock hard. She always knew that she enjoyed attention. It was actually the reason she almost never wore bras. She always rolled her eyes when one of the guys would hit on her but secretly, she really liked when she caught one staring at her chest.

Letting go of her shirt for now, The redhead took hold of her shorts. A small blush appeared on the teenager’s face. The short shorts were also something that she wore to get looks. She had never really thought about it but she enjoyed when the guys would try to get a place behind her when she bent over to get something. Once, Donatello had asked her to get something that had rolled under a desk and she had huffed but had gotten on her knees to reach back there. It did not take long for the sharp teen to realize that all 4 turtles were now behind her as her cute butt was in the air and on full display.

Remembering the memory with a fond grin, April took a deep breath and pulled her shorts down. She was still wearing tights and her panties so she felt safe, for now.

Of course, The teenager knew she could not stop. Looking over the crowd, she could see a few aliens had stopped and were watching the show. April wondered if they found her sexy. After all, she looked nothing like them so did they watch for the thrill of watching the pretty girl disrobe or to check out the new meat display? Strangely, both thoughts were pretty arousing.

The thought of dying was frightening but, now that she was thinking about it, also quite freeing. ‘What do I care if they see me naked. What do I care about anything anymore. Might as well give them a show,’ she reasoned.

Grabbing the edge of her shirt, April started gyrating her hips to unheard music as she slowly pulled it up. She slowed down even more when she got to her tits but did not stop. Soon, her twin mounds were exposed to the air and she could hear some favorable whispering in the crowd. She kept her shirt around her head for a few moment since she knew that guys liked to look even more when the girl wasn’t looking.

Having let the aliens take a good long look at her teenage breasts, April whipped off her shirt and threw it behind her. She then reached down and started to sensually shimmy out of her tights.

The redhead kept her eyes down. This worked better if she didn’t look at the crowd since she could imagine them to be super impressed with her sexiness, which emboldened her to try harder.

Now only in her panties, April turned her back on her public and bend over. First, she reached back and ran a finger along her still hidden slit, getting a small shock at how drenched she was. Recovering quickly, she slowly slid last article down, stopping when they reached mid thighs. The little minx then reached back and opened her ass cheeks, letting everyone take a good long look at her virgin snatch and her cute little rosebud.

The athletic girl could not hold a moan at her own daring. She could feel her pussy twitch as the cold air hit it. Looking up, she realized that she was now looking right at her owner.

The purple alien laughed heartily when his property’s face turned beet red. “I am happy that you’re getting in the swing of things. You were a great purchase! You even come with your own advertisement,” he said with a chuckle, gesturing behind the blushing teen.

April gulped and peeked back. The crowd had mostly stopped moving at this point, all staring at her displayed assets. She could tell that some were looking at her like food but others definitely looked at her like a woman.

“Get that last bit off and jump on the counter. It was a fun show but we need to get you butchered before your friends come back and cause trouble,” the big thing ordered good naturally.

April nodded and tossed off her panties before sitting on the counter. She was now facing the crowd and even if she knew she was already dead, it was still hard to detach herself from the situation with so many eyes on her.

The purple chef did not seem to care about her apprehension one bit, however, as he grabbed both her legs and briskly spread them into a split while making her lean back a little. This extreme position caused even her tight little pussy to spread open on it’s own for the viewing pleasure of the assembled aliens.

April jumped in surprise as something large was shoved in her slit, all the way to her womb. The extra sensation was the last straw and she screamed her orgasm as he body convulsed. She could dimly hear some clapping and cheering as she was lost in pleasure. It was a very queer feeling to get a crowd’s approval for cumming but the redhead found that, for her, it was deepening the feeling.

As the teen’s mind came back, she could hear her owner speak to his customers.

“As you can see, she’s really responsive. That tells us that she’s as fresh as she can possibly be. Plus, a clean bill of health,” he finished, gesturing to her crotch.

Looking down April saw the thick rod that was poking out of her was glowing a bright pink. The athletic girl moaned at the sight. She had mastubated countless times, of course, but she had always only used her fingers, this was the first time she saw her cute little pussy stretched that much. Just looking at it made her want to have sex for real. She almost asked the purple alien to give her a good fucking before killing her but then realized that people would probably not want to buy meat that was freshly fucked.

All of a sudden, the rod was removed, making her feel empty, but was quickly replaced by a spoon filled with some sort of brown grainy stuff. The coarse matter was rubbing the inside of her cunt just right and the more the big alien shoveled in there, the better it felt.

April could kind of hear her owner chat with clients, probably talking about buying her meat, but she was mostly focused on her pussy. Her little slit was full but the purple thing just kept cramming more in there, making the moving matter shift more and more in a delicious feeling.

The redhead gasped when a bold alien with long arms grabbed her small titties and started to massage one while pinching the other’s nipple. The girl looked at her owner but he was distracted talking to another client.

The teen reflexively reached up to defend her body before remembering what was going on. She was just a piece of meat right now which meant that it was perfectly ok for someone to inspect her however he wanted. As long as it was ok with her owner, of course.

Lying back, she focused on the feelings of her cunt being stretched as far as it would go and the rough alien hands manhandling her poor little breasts. It did not take long for the redhead to be a moaning mess, her next orgasm right at the gates.

She barely heard her owner reassure an alien that she could not be anymore fresh but she did notice it when one of his big tentacle slapped her right on the clit. The pain immediately turned to pleasure in her muddled brain and she announced her second orgasm to the pirate port with a long scream of pleasure.

The purple alien chuckled as the girl bucked on his counter, rubbing his ridged appendage up and down her moist slit. Having gotten advanced orders for most of her already, the man knew it was time to cook the little spitfire.

April was swimming in orgasmic bliss. She was a little sad that nobody was playing with her body anymore but she could not wait for the next time they were going to make her cum. She felt a tentacle wrap itself around her right arm and pull it out but she barely paid it any attention since it was not her pussy or tits.

The pain was like a bucket of water being thrown in her face. Looking to her side, the redhead’s eyes almost fell out of her head when she saw the little stump where her right arm used to be. Looking up, she saw her limb being placed on a prep table, still twitching a little.

She should have screamed her head off in horror and pain but while she definitely was in agony, she felt somewhat detached from it.

“You humans have such simple systems. Maybe that’s why you’re so tasty,” the alien chef enthused. “That rod I started with doesn’t only check you for diseases, it also administers a mind numbing agent to make sure you remain calm while I finish you off,” he offered when he noticed the confused look on the teen’s face.

April marveled at her missing arm but her attention was quickly diverted to when the purple thing grabbed her other one. She knew she should be doing something to save her body but she only looked on as he raised a giant cleaver.

The teenager realized that she was rubbing her thighs together, grounding the brown stuff in her pussy in a pleasurable sensation as her owner froze for a second, the big cleaver gleaming in the light, before he brought it down with a final thud.

Once again, April’s mind seized up at losing another limb but she could not help moaning as she looked at it joined its twin on the other counter. She had no arms now. Even if she somehow survived, she would be pretty useless. The thought should have been soul crushing but it just made her feel wet. ‘Those drugs are awesome stuff,’ she thought with a giggle.

When the big chef came back to her, she noticed that he had switched tools. He was now brandishing a wicked looking saw as he approached her legs.

As the purple thing lined up with her hip, April could not stop herself. “Make me cum again before cutting them off. I am so close for some reason,” she begged.

The chef laughed out loud. “I am really sorry to have to kill you for your meat. You would have been a great pet,” he praised, patting the redhead’s hair before going lower. One tentacle went to her pussy, roughly rubbing her clit, while two more played with the teen’s modest tits.

April looked over her body at the crowd that was still watching her. She had almost forgotten about them. The humiliation that all these aliens had just heard her beg the man that had cut off both her arms to make her cum was enough to make her crest the wave.

As his property once again convulsed in ecstasy, the chef did not waste time and started sawing.

The redhead’s howl of pleasure turned to one of pain for a second before merging into something more. Never in her life had she been in so much pain as she felt the cruel teeth of the saw sink deeper and deeper in her unresisting leg, yet, it only served to fuel her orgasm to reach higher and higher.

Much too soon, she felt her limb detach and fall lifelessly on the counter. “More… More! Cut the other one, quick! And don’t stop rubbing my slit,” April ordered as she unsuccessfully tried to buck her hips.

The crowd’s laughter joined the chef’s as he obliged. It was hard work to keep all his tentacles moving while sawing the last remaining limb but he did not mind doing it for his little spitfire.

The teen moaned and gyrated as much as she could, trying to milk every last bit of feeling from her dying body. She focused on the saw as it dug in her. The back and forth motion reminded her of what fucking would have been and when the alien hit her bone, the vibration reverberated through her whole body.

April tried to will one last orgasm but she was just too tired. Her last limb fell off her body with a resounding thump and she laid back, breathing hard. She could not help nuzzling the tentacle that was fondly messing up her hair as the big alien moved to the other counter.

It didn’t take long for her and the public to smell a delicious aroma. ‘That’s me cooking. My limbs are being barbecued right now and it’s making me hungry,’ the redhead thought with a lazy smile.

April looked at all her stumps with curiosity. She was bleeding out but not that fast. ‘Probably another effect of that drug,’ she realized with marvel. Feeling more relaxed than she had ever felt, the teen laid back down and enjoy the smell.

She was woken up by her owner’s voice. “You’re starting to fade out fast. Do you want to just die on your own or do you want me to finish you off?” he asked almost tenderly.

April looked up at the alien’s face and thought for a moment. “Finish it. You took all my other limbs, might as well be consistent,” she drawled through the fog of her mind. “Use the saw. I liked the slow cutting,” she insisted with a smile.

The purple chef once again patted the teen’s matted hair for a moment before grabbing it and pulling, stretching out her slender neck. Lining up the saw, he gave her a last farewell look before starting to work.

The redhead immediately started to gurgle as she started choking on her blood. The teen’s pussy contracted, futilely trying to wrench another orgasm from her exhausted body. She could keenly feel the metal instrument as it cut through her unprotected neck, each motion snuffing more and more of her life until the world spun around.

April was confused for a second until she realized that she was now beheaded. She was surprised that she was still alive but understood that it would not last long as the darkness was already creeping at the sides of her vision. The last thing the teen saw was the crowd cheering and clapping her excellent show. ‘Not a bad way to go, all things considered,’ she thought with a last smile as the last of her energy ran out.

20 minutes later, the Fugitoid arrived at the food boot with a large bag. “Hello! I am here to pay for the dama...” he trailed off, noticing the few remaining pieces of the cute redhead on display. “Oh dear. What happened here?”

“Hey there! Want anything? It’s as fresh as possible right now!” the purple alien offered, gesturing grandly.

“Errrr… I was here to pay for her and the other’s damage to the marketplace,” the Fugitoid said, slightly put off.

“Oh! Well no need for that now. She already paid for that,” the chef replied.

“I can see that. You know that she was a human. Just one of her arms could have paid for all the destruction,” the cyborg admonished with hands on hips.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that she didn’t know her own value!” the big thing yelled. It was pretty visible that while he was acting aggressive, he was kind of sheepish about the whole thing.

The Fugitoid sighed. “That’s true enough. Let me buy her head at least. I may be able to put her brain in a robot body if she hasn’t been dead too long. That might pacify the others a little.”

The purple alien scratched his head. “Put away your money. This little spitfire really brightened my day so I’ll give her head away for free if you can resuscitate her. Here, take some of her meat too. She’s delicious,” he gruffly offered. “And, humm, tell her that if she wants too, she can visit later on,” he finished with a blush.

The cyborg cocked his head, a little confused about the whole thing. “Very well. Those turtles never stop eating so I’ll just not tell them what it is and they’ll love it. I’ll pass on your message to the girl if I am successful,” that said, the Fugitoid walked off with his precious cargo.

The alien chef could not help waving her off before turning to his next customer who inquired about how much it would cost for the human’s well seasoned pussy.


Nice story, I enjoyed the read! I'm sure I would've appreciated the irony more if I'd seen the show though :P


Very nice!


I'm happy you enjoyed it! And not really. That little paragraph I posted is pretty much all you need to know for the premise.

Thanks! Always happy when you enjoy my stuff.

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