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I got stuck half way down a long story, so I wanted to try something easier for a while. It ended up being a little longer than planed, and it probably needs a little more work, but I think you might enjoy it.

Also, this is my first decapitation story, a fantasy that I am enjoying quiet a lot now.

As always, let me know what you think if it (good or bad)!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

The taxi driver kept looking at me through the mirror as I squirmed on my seat, the making it even harder to concentrate, but there was little I could do about it. I gritted my teeth in frustration and then another wave hit me. Desperate not to scream, I bit my lower lip, but a weak moan managed to escape.

Next to me Megan was looking out the window, smiling innocently. She had her phone in her hand, and when she saw me looking she grinned, flipping it on once more.

Groaning in anticipation, I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something else. My neighbor's face, my gym teacher’s hairy butt crack, a pile of garbage, anything that could help me. But it was useless.

A moment later I felt the vibrator inside me changing rhythm and the frenzied humming filled the inside of the taxi. A moan escaped my mouth before I could stop it, and the taxi driver looked at me once more, smirking as my face turned red.

“Please… turn it off, Megan… please, I beg you…” I pleaded weakly.

She turned towards me, smiling innocently as she did something on her phone. A moment later the vibrations slowed down a bit, and I started to relax thinking that it was over. But just when I lost my concentration for a moment, it sped up yet again, going even faster than before.

“Pleaseeeeeee!” I begged once more.

But she didn't listen. The vibrator started moving inside me, but this time it the rhythm was unpredictable, and it became impossible for me to resist. I started moving my hips, grinding my pussy against the seat as I desperately tried to cum. My pussy was dripping wet, and I could feel my panties getting soaked with my juices as I started hyperventilating.

And then it just stopped, leaving me aroused but unable to cum.

I opened my eyes and saw Megan, smiling as she slipped her phone inside her backpack. I pleaded silently at her, hoping against all odds that she would at least let me cum, but I knew it was useless.

Then the car stopped, and I remembered the driver. He was looking straight at me, smiling as one of his hands rested on his lap. Only then I noticed the musky smell of my juices, flooding the inside of the car.

With my face even redder than before, I opened the door and almost fell down in my rush to get out. I was waiting for Megan when I noticed a dark spot on the seat, and when I touched my ass, my hand came back wet and sticky. I was mortified, but at least I would be able to change my clothes once we got inside the cabin.

“Thank you! Have a nice day!” Megan said to the taxi driver as she got off.

He smiled at me, sniffing the air before he started laughing. Feeling humiliated, I turned around before I realized that my pants were soaked through, but it was too late. I heard him laughing even harder and then he drove away, leaving us alone.

Megan stopped next to me, holding her backpack in one hand. She slowly licked her lips, making me shudder deliciously, and for a moment I forgot about the humiliation. I just wanted to kiss her, to rip her clothes off and throw her to the ground so I could fuck her, but I was still angry, and instead I stood still, looking at the cabin.

“So, do you like it?” she asked me a minute later.

I had to admit that it looked pretty cool. It was a small log cabin, sitting in the middle of the forest. To one side I could see a big deck with a huge fire pit, and on the other, a small trial that she told me led to the lake, just a few hundred yards away.

It was a beautiful day, and I could feel the sun on my skin. Above us, a few clouds moved slowly and the tree tops shook with the wind.

“It’s awesome… And it was so nice of your dad to let us stay here alone for the weekend.” I finally said.

“Well…” she suddenly said, laughing softly. “He didn't exactly said we could come. But he didn't say no either. It's kind of the same, right?”

I looked at her, speechless for a moment..

“You mean he doesn't know?” I finally asked her.

“Yep. I never asked, but I know he won't use it this weekend, so we will be alone. Come on, it will be great!” she said enthusiastically.

I looked at the cabin again, suddenly unsure about the whole thing. I hadn’t told my parents either, but I had counted on her telling her dad, just to be safe. If no one knew, that was a completely different thing, and suddenly this didn't sound like such a great idea.

“Jessie, come on. If I had told my dad he would have found an excuse to barge into us in the middle of the night. I don't want to repeat last month's fiasco. I mean, he is my dad and it wouldn't be the first time I gave him a blowjob, but I don't want to see you getting fucked in your ass again.”

I had to admit that it would be better this way, but I was still unsure.

“Come on, relax. No one knows we are here. It will be a great weekend! We can go to the beach, the lakes is warm enough that we can swim in it, and at this time of the year there won't be anyone around!” she said a minute later, trying to convince me.

“Ohhh, fuck it. Okay!” I said, throwing all caution away.

I grabbed her shoulders, pulling her closer to me and then I kissed her deeply, burying my tongue inside her mouth. She struggled at first, just because she wasn't expecting it, but a moment later I felt her hands around my back, touching me feverishly as her hands moved down along my body.

But before she could get anywhere, I pushed her back, leaving her just as frustrated as I felt.

“That is for not letting me cum in the cab… Come one, I need to change my panties!” I screamed as I ran towards the front door.

Once inside we dropped our stuff on the main room and we changed into our bathing suits, throwing our clothes onto the bed. It was tempting to stay inside, as I was still horny, but we wanted to make the most of the day while we had the chance. And of course, who said we couldn't fuck at the beach.

When we were ready, we started running towards the door. As we got hallway, she pushed me against a wall, making me stumble and she sprinted ahead. She was laughing but when she got to the door, she stopped quickly

I caught up to her a few seconds later, but there was no rush. It was raining, not too hard, but the wind and the suddenly cloudy sky said that it was just the beginning. As if to make it clear, a lightning cracked through the air, making us jump.

In all the excitement, neither of us had thought to check the weather forecast, and the cabin had no internet.

Disappointed, we went back inside, checking to see what food we had, but there weren’t a lot of options. We found a few bags of dried pasta, a few cans of sauce, a half eaten packet of musty crackers and a piece of coal inside the fridge.

“You didn’t happen to bring any food, did you?” she asked me as we stared at the food.

“Did you?” I asked her.

“Ohhh… shit!” she screamed a moment later.

But not all was lost. There was a pretty good selection of wines and the bar was pretty well stocked. At least we wouldn't die of thirst.

With no other options, we grabbed a bottle of wine, and we went back to the room. There was a huge TV hanging of a wall, but predictably, there was no signal. Our hopes of an awesome weekend a little diminished, we sat on the bed, looking at each other.

Smiling, Megan drank almost a quarter of the wine in one go, and after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she passed me the bottle. Red wine wasn't my favorite, but it was better than being sober, so I took the bottle to my lips as Megan grabbed her phone.

A moment later the vibrator inside me started moving without warning. It went straight into full power, making me spit wine all over the bed as Megan laughed hysterically.

I should have been angry, but I was so horny from before that I just laid on the bed with my eyes closed, moving my hips in the air as my pussy started dripping once more.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw her head, hanging above mine as she smiled. Grabbing my head, she pulled me up and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth as I squirmed under her body. Her hands started caressing my body, pulling my top to one side and leaving my breasts exposed.

The cool air of the room felt delicious over my nipples, but when she took them into her mouth, sucking from them gently, I finally lost it. I closed my legs as a bolt of pleasure struck my body, making me shiver. An instant later I came, and I felt as if my whole body exploded.

The room disappeared, and the only thing I could feel was Megan, still on top of me as her hands rubbed my clit over the fabric of the bikini. The vibrator was still moving furiously inside me, adding to the sensations that flooded my mind.

But just as soon as it started, it faded away. It hadn't been enough and I wanted more.

I opened my eyes, looking hungrily as Megan watched me. Without saying another word I pushed her to one side. She squealed in surprise as she landed next to me, but before she could recover I climbed on top of her, sitting on her chest as I pinned her down.

“Ohhhh! I can feel the vibrator…” she moaned as I pressed my pussy against her hips.

Smiling, I pulled my bikini off, lifting my hips from her body for just a second. The I ripped her bikini off her body so hard that it left a red line where it had been, but she didn't seem to mind. Instead she grabbed my breasts as I turned my body around, slipping a finger between her legs.

She was soaking wet, just like me, and my finger disappeared inside her with no effort. I heard her moaning as she eagerly moved her hips against my hand. I was still horny, but I knew it would be awhile before I came again, even with the vibrator inside me.

Slipping another finger inside her, I grabbed her breasts and I started pulling from her nipples, pinching them until they turned white. I saw her biting her lips, as she tried not to scream in pleasure. She always said that her breasts were very sensitive, and being the bitch that I was, I used that knowledge to my full advantage.

I slipped another two fingers inside her pussy, though it wasn't so easy now. I felt her muscles fighting me as she moved her hips against my hand. A moment later she stretched her arms above her head, surrendering herself to me. I loved to see her like that, as it was the completely opposite of her normal, dominant personality.

“Please… more… Jessie, I beg you…” she pleaded pathetically.

It would have been easy to tease her for a little longer, but I was getting horny again. Pulling my fingers together, I started pushing my whole hand inside her pussy.

Event after all the times I had fist fucked her before, she was still pretty tight, and I had to push hard, fighting as her pussy desperately tried to keep me away. But soon my knuckles were inside her and the rest of my hand slipped easily inside her.

She gasped in shock as I waited for a few seconds, trying to pull away from me, but soon the pain was gone and she was moaning once more.

“Do you like that?” I asked her teasingly as I moved my fingers inside her.

“Yeessss… Arghhhhh!” she screamed as I twisted her nipples hard, almost pulling her body from the bed.

I formed a fist inside her pussy once more, and then I started fucking her with it, moving her whole body on the bed. Her screams were deafeningly loud, but I kept pulling her nipples without mercy, until finally her whole body pulled tight and she came.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh…. goooood!” she gasped as she flopped on the bed like a fish, my arm still inside her.

I released her nipples as she collapsed on the bed. Her arm was laying over her face, and her chest rose in a blur as she breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath.

Before she could recover, though, I slowly slipped my hand out of her pussy. She started whimpering as my knuckles popped out of her, and her pussy gaped grotesquely for a whole minute as she watched.

The only sounds in the room were the rain on the roof, her breathing and the vibrator, still moving inside me.

As I waited, I watched my arm with wonder. It was dripping wet with her juices, but the most impressive thing was seeing in ending just a few inches below my elbow. I was a tiny girl, but it must have been at least 12 inches of my arm inside her.

If I had been her, I would have had to rest for a few minutes before I could come again. But Megan, unlike me, was one of the lucky girls that could come time after time without having to wait. I looked at her in envy as she opened her eyes, watching me with hunger from the bed.

“I am thirsty…” she said a moment later.

Grinning, I climbed on top of her again, though this time I placed my knees at either side of her head. I felt her hot breath between my legs and a few seconds later she grabbed my hips, pulling me down towards her face.

“Uhhhhh… yeeeesssss…” I moaned as she started lapping at my pussy.

The sensation of her tongue, moving between my pussy lips as the vibrator moved inside me was intoxicating. I felt my whole body trembling as I struggled to stay still, but it soon became impossible when she pressed her thumb against my asshole.

My arms became too weak to hold myself up, and I fell down, my face landing over her dripping pussy. Meanwhile, she pushed her finger inside my asshole, moving it in circles as she tried to loosen me up.

“Mmmmm… mmmm!” she moaned, her mouth sucking my clit.

Shaking my head, I managed to drag my arm under my body again and I lifted just a little. Her pussy was still inches from me, and when I breathed, the aroma was intoxicating. Without having to be told, Megan pulled her legs apart, and I dived into her pussy, sucking her juices greedily.

We lost ourselves in each other’s body for a while, stopping only to catch our breath. She managed to slip another finger inside me, and then another. The sensation was strange, and a little painful at first, thought I soon relaxed into it.

A few minutes later I managed to cum once more, and Megan followed me a bit later. Exhausted, we laid on the bed, our bodies pressed against each other, still sticky with sweat and our juices. But the vibrator was still on, and it was driving me crazy.

I rolled to one side and I managed to grab Megan’s cell phone, and I turned the vibrator off. Amazingly, I was still horny, even after cumming twice in 30 minutes.

Then I saw Megan, lighting a joint next to me. She took a long and deep hit, her eyes closed as her body relaxed into the pillows. Then she stood still, her mouth open as she enjoyed herself before releasing a thick cloud of smoke into the air.

I savored the sweet and acrid smell, and my mouth watered as I waited for my turn. Her eyes still closed, Megan passed me the joint and I took a hit. The smoke burned my lungs as I held it inside me for as long as I could, and when it left, I felt my body becoming numb and relaxed.

Pressing my body against her, I laid on the bed and we smoked it all until only the tip was left. The weed and the wine combined inside me to turn my body into a puree. I was too weak to even roll from the bed, but strangely my mind was wide awake.

“It's good, isn't it?” Megan said a moment later, her voice barely a whisper.

We stayed like that for a while, just hearing the rain falling. It was nice to relax once in awhile.

“How do you want to go… you know, when it's your time.” she asked me.

I waited in silence, not knowing what to say. I had fantasized about it many times, of course, but I had never told anyone, not even Megan.

“Me first then, I want to hang.” she said proudly. “Have you ever seen a girl hanged? I saw one last month at the shopping mall. They ripped her clothes in the middle of the food court as she pleaded for mercy, but they never listened. While everyone watched, they tied her hands behind her back and then they slipped the noose around her neck.”

She stopped for a moment, her eyes staring into the ceiling.

“You should have seen her face of panic when they lifted her from the ground. It was… god, it was terrible to watch but it also made me so wet that I thought I would cum right there. She danced for quite a while too. Her eyes found mine at some point, and she started at me, maybe hoping I would help her, but I just watched. I was afraid someone would notice me if I said anything...”

When I looked at her, I saw her smiling softly with her eyes were half closed.

“She must have lasted… oh, I don't know, 10 or 15 minutes maybe. It must have felt much longer for her, of course. But as I watched her dancing desperately under the rope I felt my body responding, until I was trembling. I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn't, it would have been a suicide to do it there. When it was over, I ran to the nearest bathroom and I locked myself in one of the stalls.”

After a few seconds she looked at me, still smiling, though her eyes were wide open now.

“I want to feel that. The noose, crushing my throat as my weight pulls it tighter and tighter, people watching me as I try to reach the ground…” she managed at last.

She waited in silence for me, but it wasn't easy. She always seemed so eager to be snuffed that it scared me. I wondered what she would do after her 17 birthday. Would she be one of the girl that volunteered to be snuffed and cooked?

I too fantasized about it from time to time, but the idea terrified me. I didn't want to die, not yet. There was so much that I wanted to experience. But in the end if there was one person I trusted, it was her.

“I want to be impaled.” I finally said.

I waited for a few seconds, half expecting her to laugh or to criticize me, but she just waited patiently as she smiled.

“Have you ever seen one? From up close?” I asked her, and when she nodded I continued. “I saw one when I was 12. A friend of mine was caught stealing and her father released her to the judge. They did it in the school playground. It was…”

I couldn't continue, but I saw her nodding in understanding a moment later.

Megan rose from the bed and then she sat on top of my lap.

“It's funny, now that you mention it. I had a sister, once. She was older than me, but she got converted when I was 13. I don't remember much about her, but I do remember that she was an insufferable bitch.”

“I guess my dad thought the same. He brought the whole family here one weekend. Everyone went to the beach, except my sister, who started bitching about not having internet. My dad just ignored her, but when we returned, he and my brother tackled her down before she could realize what was happening. They quickly tied her arms behind her back and they took her down into the basement.”

I looked back at her, feeling a little uncomfortable as she told me the story, though she didn't seem to notice.

“I didn't know what was happening then, thought my mom told me to strip and she took me down. My dad and my brother were also naked. They had tied my sister to a wooden sawhorse, her chest laying on the beam and her limbs tied to the legs. She was crying desperately, and I remember the stench of piss when I stood next to her.”

She stopped for a moment again, licking her lips as she looked at me.

“When I looked at my dad again, I saw him holding a six foot long spit. The metal gleamed even on the poorly lit basement, and the point looked impossibly sharp.”

“I was suddenly terrified, but my mom took my hand and led me to one side as my dad took position behind her. My brother stood in front, holding her in place as she tried to escape. I remember it as if it had been only yesterday. The smell of the air, my sisters face, the fear I felt.”

I could almost imagine the scene as she told the story. I imagined myself in her sister's place. The panic I would feel as I saw the spit moving inside me, knowing I was going to die.

My face turned red as I felt my pussy dripping with excitement. Hoping she wouldn't notice, I moved my hand over it as my breathing became faster and faster.

“She pleaded for her life, but they didn't listen. My dad impaled her in just a few minutes as she screamed in agony, until the tip came out of her mouth, scraping against her teeth. After it was over they turned towards us, smiling warmly as I trembled next to my mother. My brother took me first, and then my dad…”

“What happened after that?” I finally asked, thought I already knew the answer.

“A barbecue…” she said, her eyes unfocused.

She was silent once more, just looking into the distance, until a minute later she grinned at me.

“You know, the spit is still down there. And it's not alone… do you want to go check it out?” she finally said.

I looked shyly away as I felt my body tingling with arousal. But I couldn't do it, or at least I told myself that I couldn't. Maybe it was fear that we would get carried away, or that when I saw it, everything would become too real to me. I had seen it happen before to a few friends during school trips to conversion centers or museums.

For now it was just a fantasy, and it was fine that way.

“Maybe later…” I said, hoping it would be enough for her.

She nodded understandingly and I felt a little better. Then I remembered that I really need to pee. I told her I would be right back and I slipped into the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and tried to relax, though it wasn’t easy. A moment later, urine started trickling between my legs, and as I breathed in relief, the vibrator came back to life.

I grabbed the edge of the seat as my body became weak, and soon I was moaning. It was an agonizing torture to pee like that, but I couldn't stop. I closed my eyes, as tears streamed down my face. and my body, still flushed with excitement, responded quickly. I felt myself rising higher and higher, until I could feel the edge just in front of me.

I breathe deeply, ready to cum, but just like before, the vibrator stopped without warning.

“Fuuuuck! Megan! Again?” I screamed in frustration, as I heard her laughing.

When I returned to the room, Megan was standing in front of the bed, smiling mischievously. She was wearing her double ended strapon, and when I saw it I stopped by the door. It was made of hard black rubber, with a short side that was already inside her, and a long side that stuck in front of her.

“Come here…” she told me, patting the bed.

Trembling in anticipation, I did as she said, laying face down on the bed. Then she climbed on top of me, the dildo nestling over my butt, and a moment later she started rubbing my back.

“Do you want to try something new?” she asked me a moment later.

I bit my lip, suddenly worried. You never knew what Megan would do, and for her new could mean anything. But I also trusted her not to do anything too drastic. I looked back at her before nodding, and she smiled.

“Turn around, I will be right back.” she said enthusiastically.

She jumped out of the bed, and after rummaging in her back pack, she pulled out a long steel rod.

“Ohhhh...” I managed to say as I felt a knot forming inside my stomach.

I had never seen one before, but I knew what it was. The polished steel glinted under the light, and with a smile on her face, she handed it to me.

It was surprisingly heavy for its size, I thought as took it. The shaft was an inch in diameter, and two feet in length. I ran my hands over the surface, but there were no hard edges and the tips were perfectly round. It was, after all, a training spit, for those like me that fantasized about being impaled but weren't ready to take the last step.

I swallowed hard, trembling as I held it. It was small compared to the real deal, but up close it was still intimidating.

“It was from my mom… do you want to give it a try?” she asked me, looking unsure.

I shook my head from side to side, suddenly terrified. So far everything had been a fantasy for me, but this was real. Even if it was rounded off, it could still do a lot of damage inside of me. I pushed it towards her as she looked at me, looking confused.

“I thought… Don't you want to know how it feels? You know you are safe with me…” she said a moment later, as if reading my mind.

I stopped for a moment, trying to calm myself. If there was a time to try it, it was now, when it was all a game. We were both 15 years old and still safe, if only for a couple of years more. But when we turned 17, things would change. One day we would be meat, and the idea both terrified me and made me incredibly wet.

After breathing deeply a couple of times, I told myself that I could trust her, and as I remembered how I had felt when I saw my friend being impaled, I knew I would do it. Biting my lower lip I smiled shyly towards her.

She grabbed the spit once more, telling me to lay on my back. Trembling in anticipation, I moved to the center of the bed. As she looked into my eyes I grabbed my legs, pulling them against my chest and Megan kneeled in front of me, the spit in one hand.

I started trembling as she lowered her face between my legs, and then I felt her tongue pressing against my asshole. I gasped in shock, as she had never done it before, but the sensation was incredibly erotic. A moment later I felt her tongue slipping easily inside me, and then I heard her drooling.

“Ohhhhhh… “ I moaned.

When I was wet enough, she pulled back, wiping her face with the back of her hand as she smiled. I closed my eyes, and a second later the spit touched my pussy. She rubbed it between my soaking wet lips until it was slippery with my juices and then it was time.

The steel was incredible cold, and when it touched my asshole I tried to move away from it. She easily pinned me against the bed with one hand, though, and despite my protests, she started pushing it inside me as I grunted.

It wasn't that big, but it was hard to relax with the cold spreading through my body and the knowledge that soon two feet of steel would me inside me. Still, she kept pushing and soon the tip moved past my sphincter.

I gasped in shock as the cold sensation intensified, but Megan didn't give me time to recover. Inch by inch, the spit disappeared inside my rectum, the tip moving in a circle as she tried to find a way inside me.

There was no way it would fit inside my rectum, so the tip was designed to bend my intestines when it reached the end, straightening it inside me. I had fantasized about it for so long that the mere idea made me tremble.

Megan took her time, knowing that I would enjoy it more that way, but even then it wasn't easy. I was grunting as flashes of pain erupted inside me. Then she stopped, and I gasped in relief.

“Wow… that's half, Jessie. A whole foot…” she said in awe. “How does it feel?”

I was at a loss for words at first, unable to describe what I was feeling.

“I feel full… uncomfortably full... The cold is the worst, so far at least. God, I can feel my stomach turning inside me.” I finally managed.

And I was true. I had never experienced something like that inside me before, and unlike a cock or a dildo, this was completely rigid. It would force my rectum and my intestines straight as it moved inside me. I could only imagine what a real spit would feel like.

“Do you want to stop?” she asked me a moment later.

No matter what, I couldn't stop now. I needed to know how it felt, even if it was not the real deal. Afraid my voice would crack, I nodded once, clenching my jaw as I felt her grabbing it again.

She was even slower than before, and I could see her face twisting in concentration as she pushed it carefully inside me.

When I closed my eyes, I could feel the tip moving deep within my body, pushing and pulling my insides as it made its way through my intestines. The sensation was so intense that at first I couldn't breathe and I panicked, but soon it became a little easier.

Desperate for release I started rubbing my clit while I fondled my breasts with my other hand. I wanted to tell her to turn on the vibrator, but I couldn't talk. But even without it, I could feel a warm sensation spreading through my body as she kept pushing forwards.

It was painful at times, but also incredible erotic. I could imagine it being a real spit, with a sharp point that would pierce my whole body. Then I started shaking uncontrollably, and a moment later I felt something pushing my stomach to one side.

I gasped, more in shock than in pain, and then it stopped again.

“Ohhhhh, Jessie… it's in…” Megan said a moment later as she moved back a little.

Wanting to see it, I tried to raise my head, but with the spit inside me I couldn't bend my body. A bolt of pain flashed inside my mind, and I had to fall back down as I tried to catch my breath.

“I can’t move…” I grunted in frustration.

Tears were falling down my face as I struggled with the overwhelming sensations that coursed through my body. For a moment I thought it would be too much, that I would go crazy, but as I felt her hand rubbing my belly I relaxed just a little.

“Wait…” she said as she moved away from me.

I wanted to tell her to stay with me, that I didn't want to be alone like that. I felt vulnerable and afraid, more so than ever before. But she returned only a moment later, holding her cell phone in her hands. Through the haze of pain and pleasure that was my mind I heard the camera clicking, and then she showed me the screen.

On the picture I was laying on the bed, holding my legs against my chest as the tip of the spit stood an inch out of my asshole.

“Ohhhh, god…” I managed to say as sweat poured from my body.

Megan laid next to me, making me gasp in pain as the mattress moved under me. Her fingers danced over my chest as she looked into my eyes, smiling lovingly.

“Can you feel it?” she asked me, but my only response was to whimper pathetically.

“Two feet… god, it must be almost here…” she said, her finger moving in a circle just under my sternum. ”Does it hurt?”

I was about to nod again, but I stopped myself. It did hurt, but the pain wasn’t important. I could feel the spit inside me, its coldness radiating through my body as I laid on the bed. I felt uncomfortably full too, but I was still dripping wet, and I felt that I could cum at any moment.

Without warning, I felt her fingers sliding between my pussy lips, and I gasped in shock.

“Nooooo…” I begged.

She pulled her hand back, looking afraid.

“Do you want me to pull it out?” she asked me a second later, looking concerned.

I started sobbing in frustration. What I wanted was for her to push it all the way through my body, until the tip came out of my mouth, that I couldn't wait any longer. But I couldn't tell her that. The idea still terrified me.

“Please...” I begged. “Just a bit…”

Megan grabbed it again, sending another jolt of pain through my body, but the worst was when she started pulling it out. My insides seemed to follow the spit as it left my body, a sensation that was far from pleasurable, but at the same time that sensation of fullness disappeared, and I could breathe normally again.

“There, is it better?” she asked me a moment later, and I breathed in relief.

“Fuck me… please…” I begged her a moment later.

Grinning, she climbed on top of me, grabbing the dildo in her hand. There was no need for foreplay, and she knew it. The tip of the dildo disappeared inside me a moment later, and then she started fucking me hard, my body bouncing on the bed as her hips slammed against my ass.

With the spit still inside me, I felt fuller than ever before, and as I moved, the dildo moved inside me. I started moaning in pleasure as I felt my body responding.

Above me, Megan was lost in her own pleasure. I knew from experience than the dildo would be pulling and pushing inside her pussy, stretching her as she fucked me. Then her pace became faster still. I started grunting in a delicious mixture of agony and pleasure, until I finally came.

I screamed loudly into the air, as my whole seemed to burn from the inside, and then I collapsed back onto the bed, completely exhausted. I just wanted to lay still until I could recover, but Megan had other plans. She kept pounding me savagely, until my pussy felt sore and bruised, but she was completely obvious to my problem.

When I opened my eyes, I saw on her face that she was close to her own orgasm, and then I remembered what she had said. I looked around the bed, still littered with our clothes from when we arrived, and I found her pants. I slipped the belt off, and before she could react I slipped it around her neck.

“What are you... aaaaarggghhhhh!” she screamed as I pulled it close.

She screamed in panic for a second, but then I saw her relaxing.

A moment later she closed her eyes and she kept fucking me. Grabbing the belt, I pulled it tighter, watching as the leather dug into her neck. I kept waiting for her to tell me to stop, but her face twisted in concentration as it slowly turned purple and then slightly blue.

Even then, I kept pulling, until I could her breathing becoming ragged and broken. The belt started crushing her throat and I heard her gagging, but she kept fucking me, her eyes still closed.

Then without warning she pushed the dildo deep inside me. I screamed in pain as she fell on top of me, spasming as she finally came. As I watched her flopping on top of me, I suddenly panicked. I quickly pulled the belt open, watching in awe at the deep red marks it left on her neck, and a moment later I heard her breathing again.

Too exhausted to move, she simply laid on top of me as she tried to recover her breath. I don't know how long we stood like that, but after a while it became hard for me to breathe. Her weight was crushing me, but with the spit still inside me, I couldn't move.

“Megan, you have to…” I started saying before I finally saw him.

There was a man, standing by the door. He was dressed all in black, and a mask covered his face, except for his eyes and his mouth.

I stood completely still, unable to move or even breathe, until I saw him grinning.

“Megan! Get off!” I screamed desperately, trying to push her of off me, but she just stared at me, grinning stupidly.

Meanwhile, the man lunged towards us, reaching us in only a couple of steps, and he grabbed Megan's belt from my hand. He pulled mercilessly from it, and before I could do anything about it, he pulled her from the bed.

She flew through the air, her hands grabbing the belt in her panic just before she fell to the floor. A second man appeared behind the first, going straight towards her, and then the first one fell on me.


His hand closed around my neck, crushing it as he lifted me effortlessly from the bed.

I started choking as he held me in the air, so I grabbed his hands desperately, trying to lessen the pressure in my throat, but he only pressed harder. Then the spit slid out of my ass, falling between his feet with a loud thud. He looked at it in confusion for a few seconds before he broke out laughing.

Without a word, he dropped me on the bed once more, turning me around and twisting my arms behind me. I screamed in pain as I heard my shoulders popping from the effort, but he didn't seem to notice. A second later I heard a quick zipping sound and something hard and sharp closed around my wrists. When I pulled from it, I only managed to cut my skin.

Then he grabbed me again, carrying me onto his shoulder as he left the room. The last thing I saw was Megan, struggling on the floor as the second man ripped the strapon from her pussy.

When we got to the living room, he dropped me carelessly on the floor and I bumped my head against the tiles.

“Kneel and stay still, if you know what is good for you.” he said a second later.

In my panic, I scrambled to my knees, struggling to keep my balance with my arms tied behind me. The other one dragged Megan into the room a moment later, dropping her onto the floor next to me. I winced in sympathy when I saw her head hitting the tiles. She stood still for a few seconds, but she was groaning from the pain, which meant she was still conscious.

“Megan, are you okay?” I whispered a moment later. “You have to get up… please…”

I saw her moving on the floor, but her hands were zip tied behind her back, just like mine.

“Come on, Megan…” I pleaded.

Finally, she managed to kneel on the floor, thought she looked dazed from the pain.

“It hurts…” she managed to say, before they told us to be quiet.

Then the two men towered silently above us, and I felt my body trembling in panic as I realized that no one knew we were there.

“I thought the place was supposed to be empty, man… What the fuck are they doing here?” one of them asked.

“How the fuck should I know. Harris said it would…” the other answered, sounding more annoyed than angry.

My blood froze inside my chest as I heard the name, but it couldn't be true. Next to me, Megan raised her head, looking into his eyes.

“Daddy?” she said a moment later, her voice full of fear.

“Ohhhh, shit…” the first one said, grabbing his head.

The second looked at us, and then at his partner, shaking his head as they realized what it meant. A moment later he turned around, grabbing his phone as he went towards one of the windows.

“Keep an eye on them.” he told his partner.

I saw him dialing, and then he waited for someone to answer.

“Hey, we have a problem here.” he finally said. “We found your daughter and a friend, fucking each other in the main bedroom…”

In front of us, the second men was watching us with a hungry smile on his face. I wanted to cover myself, but I was too scared to move. Next to me, Megan was sobbing weakly.

“What do you mean, what problem? What the fuck do we do with them!” I heard him saying to the phone. “Yeah… okay, we can do that. Of course… If you are sure that’s okay. Thank you Mr. Harris, I will let you know when it's done.”

With that he closed the phone and then walked back to us, smiling wildly. A moment later he crouched in front of me, and then he took of his mask. I stared back in shock as he folded it neatly before he slipped it into his pocket.

He must have been in his early thirties, with short brown hair and green eyes. At any other time I would have thought he was attractive, but now he just terrified me.

“Please… what are you going to do with us?” I finally asked.

“Well, the problem for you is that you didn't ask your daddy for permission to come here, didn't you?” he asked us. “No, I figured you didn't. And that means that this is technically breaking and entering, which in turn means you are fucked…”

I started hyperventilating as I realized what that meant, but before I could do anything I heard Megan moving next to me.

“But… this is my dad’s cabin, he wouldn't…” she managed before he interrupted her.

“Who do you think I was talking to? He said you are ours, so I guess you are meat now, girls. Congratulations!”

“Noooooo! Please! You can't, we are too young!” I pleaded desperately as Megan started sobbing again.

“That might be true, but you broke the law, and you already know that means you lose your protection. And since her father is the owner, you are his to dispose off in any way he sees fit.” he said, rising from the floor as he looked at his partner as he took his mask off.

He was older than the first, maybe in his late forties, and his hair was completely grey. He had a long scar, running on his brow from side to side, and his eyes were dark brown color.

“Please… I don’t want to become meat...“ I begged weakly, but they just laughed.

“Beg all you want, I like it, but it won't make any difference.” the older of the two said laughing.

“And don’t act all innocent. When we found you, you were playing with a blunt spit inside your ass and your friend here was fucking you while you choked the shit out of her. It's not as if you don't want this to happen.” the other side a second later. “Come on, let's take them downstairs.”

Paralyzed with fear, they picked us up again and they carried us outside. It was raining softly, and as the freezing water landed on my skin I started shivering. They took us around the house, towards the basement door that was leaning against the wall.

The man set me on the ground, and then he opened the door. The inside was completely dark, but he pushed me forwards anyway, and I managed to make it all the way to the bottom without falling. I could hear him searching for the light switch behind me, and a second later he managed to turn them on.

It was a relatively big, but cramped space. One side was filled with old, dusty stuff. I could see a couple of ancient bikes, a broken kayak, an old Christmas tree that was grey from all the dust and many boxes, piled as high as the ceiling. But the other half was just an open space.

The first thing I saw was the noose, hanging neatly from one of the rafters, right in the center of the room. As I watched it, my mouth felt dry and pasty, and I morbidly wondered how many girl had gone under it. Next to it, leaning against the wall, there was a modern style guillotine, made completely out of steel. The blade, hanging above the lunette, looked impossibly huge, and for a moment I imagined myself laying under it.

But then I finally saw it, just in the corner. There was an old and battered wooden sawhorse and a shiny metal pole, a little over 6 feet long and an inch in diameter. The tip looked impossibly sharp, even from the distance, and as I watched my legs started trembling.

“Please, just let me talk to my dad, he will understand…” I heard Megan pleading next to me, as the second man carried her downstairs.

A moment later I heard the door closing behind us with a loud crash, and Megan screamed in surprise, though I hardly noticed it. I couldn't look away from the spit, and I as I licked my lips nervously, I remembered the story Megan had told me about her sister.

“Wow, look at that guillotine. Looks brand new!” the oldest one said excitedly. “Hey, do you know if your dad ever used it before?”

Megan looked at him blankly before she shook her head.

“What a shame, this things are expensive…” he said, sounding disappointed. “Which one do you want to do first?”

It must have been just a couple of seconds, but for me it seemed to last forever. I pleaded silently not to be the first while my eyes darted towards the spit. It was just leaning against the wall, but the sight of it was terrifying, and I felt my stomach twisting inside me when I realized that I was about to die.

“Harris said that we had to do the daughter first. He wanted to see her hanging, so we have to film it.” the other one said, grabbing me by one arm.

“Nooooo! Please! I will do anything you want, please! I don't want to die!” Megan started pleading as he dragged her toward the noose. “Jessie! Help me!”

The oldest one stood next to me, watching me as I trembled in fear. Tears fell down my face as I watched her. Megan kept pleading for help, but what could I do? Even if I had my hands free, we would be hopeless against the two of them.

When I looked up at him I saw him smiling. Then he started undressing as I watched in silence. After taking of his underwear, he slipped his boots on once more, and then he stood beside me, grabbing one of my arms.

His cock was already hard, and when he caught me looking at it, he started ginning.

“All in time, don't you worry.” he said. “You are not going to try anything stupid, are you?”

Afraid my voice would crack, I shook my head, my eyes still glued to his cock.

“That's good, I don't feel like running today.” he said as he looked towards Megan.

His partner had just finished slipping the noose around her neck, closing it tightly and moving it to one side, so that the rope was just behind her left ear. That way she would stay alive for longer, as her brain would still get blood.

After it was done, he went to the wall and he pulled from the other end of the rope, until Megan was forced to stand on the tip of her toes. I saw her face, twisting in concentration as she struggled to keep her balance.

She was sobbing harder now, her eyes closed as tears fell does her face.

Then he took out his phone again, propping it against a small shelf so that he could film her. I could feel my heart, beating furiously inside my chest as the checked it one more time.

Once that he was satisfied, he quickly undressed, folding his clothes neatly as he had done with his mask. I watched in horror as he started playing with his cock in front of her, though with her eyes closed Megan couldn't see him.

“Mmmmm, something is missing.” he said as he looked around.

Next to me, his partner chuckled patiently while he looked around the shelves, rummaging in an old box as he pulled random stuff from it. Finally, he turned around with a satisfied look, as he held something in his hand.

It was a long steel spike, like the ones used to grill meat. He held it in his hand, trying the tip with his fingers before he smiled towards me.

“I think I will have some tit brochette tonight!” he said laughing as he walked towards Megan.

She seemed to realize something was about to happen, as I saw her opening her eyes. Her face froze in panic when she saw his hands, and she tried to take a step back before she remember the noose. I saw her gagging as the rope dug deeply into her throat, forcing her to stay still.

“Please… Nooooo...” she begged once more, but he only laughed.

Standing in front of her, he grabbed her breasts, fondling them roughly as she tried to stay still. She started grunting in agony as he pulled her nipples.

Then he showed her the spike, and her eyes widen in terror. Grabbing her right breast, he pulled from her nipple until it turned white, and then he pressed the tip of the spike into her flesh. Her skin dimpled grotesquely as he pushed harder, and then without warning it jumped forward, piercing her breast.

She gasped in shock as a little drop of blood fell down her breast, but it was just the beginning. He kept pushing hard, until the tip reached the other side, and then it finally broke free. I could see her clenching her jaw as she tried not to scream.

Without giving her time to recover, he grabbed her left nipple and he repeated the process, until both her breast were skewered by the spike. Blood was slowly trickling along her chest, and a moment later the basement filled with the metallic smell of it.

I turned away, suddenly unable to watch as he started jerking off again while he pulled from the spike. Megan screams filled the basement, making me shiver, but the one next to me grabbed my face in one hand, forcing me to watch.

“You can't miss the show… come on.” he said cheerfully as his partner tortured my best friend.

A minute later, Megan breasts looked swollen and red, and he finally stopped. Before she could realize what he meant, he kissed her deeply, forcing his tongue into her mouth. I hear her moaning weakly, unable to resist, and once it was over she looked at him in shock.

“Time to dance, little girl.” he told her as he walked towards the wall.

As Megan watched in horror, he grabbed the rope once more, pulling from it until her feet were a foot above the floor. She started kicking wildly, trying desperately to reach it once more, but it was impossible.

The rope crushed her throat, pushing her tongue up and out of her mouth, and drool started falling down her chin and onto her breasts. Her eyes, filled with horror, locked onto mine as she pleaded silently for help, but there was nothing I could do for her.

After tying the rope once more, the man returned to her. He grabbed her hips, lifting her onto his cock. It slipped easily inside her pussy, making her moan. I watched in awe as he started fucking her while she hung.

With every thrust of his cock her body jumped up in the air, allowing her to breathe, even if it was for just a second, but when she came down the rope would pull a little tighter than before. From where I stood I could hear her gagging as her face slowly turned blue.

She looked just how she had when I had choked her with the belt, just a few minutes ago, and for a moment I wondered what she felt as her fantasy became real. I remembered how I felt with the training spit inside me, how aroused I had been, even if it had only been two feet long.

Unable to move, I stood still as I watched him fucking her, and just behind them, the spit gleamed in the darkness.

I jumped a moment later, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked to one side, terrified at what I knew was coming, but unable to do anything to stop it. But he had other plans, at least for now. He turned me around, until I was in front of him, and then he pushed me down, forcing me onto my knees.

His cock ended just in front of my face, looking impossibly big. I liked my lips nervously as I looked into his eyes, but I knew what he wanted.

Closing my eyes, I opened up my mouth and I swallowed his cock. It was the biggest one I ever had, and I could only get half of it inside me before I started gagging. To one side I could still hear Megan struggling, her breathing becoming slower and harder as he grunted in pleasure.

Slowly at first, I started sucking his cock, trying to move as fast as I could without choking myself, but with my hands behind my body, it was hard to keep my balance. I could feel my mouth, getting wetter as the musky taste of his cock filled me.

A moment later I felt his hand on the back of my head, guiding me slowly as he moaned. But after a while he started pushing harder, trying to force his cock inside my throat. I started gagging as a sour taste filled my mouth, but he just kept going.

“Fuck man, I love how tight their cunts get while they hang!” I heard the other saying.

A loud meaty sound filled the basement, making me jump, and the cock inside my mouth kept going deeper and deeper. I started retching, trying desperately to relax so that it would pass into my throat, but it was impossible.

Without warning her grabbed my head with both hands, holding me in place as he pulled me towards his cock. I felt the tip pushing against the back of my throat as he grunted above me. Panicking, I tried to move away from him, but his grip was too strong.

Desperate for anything that would stop the pain, I twisted my hand under my body, touching myself as he fucked my mouth. My body responded instantly, and I felt my juices dripping down my legs.

Meanwhile, he kept pulling, harder and harder as I gagged desperately, my lungs screaming in agony as I ran out of air. I moaned and gagged, hoping that he would let me breathe, but he didn't. A moment later I felt something popping inside my mouth, followed by a short bolt of pain, and then his cock moves quickly inside me.

“Ohhhhhh… fuck yeah…” he moaned above me as his belly pressed against my nose.

Drool overflowed my mouth until it was dripping down my breasts, making my skin itch, which only added to my agony. And then it finally became too much. My stomach twisted one more time inside me and I started puking violently. But with his cock deep within my throat, it had nowhere to go but into my tortured lungs. I felt the burning acid of my stomach flooding them, until everything became pain and my vision turned white.

When he pulled out a second later, a disgusting mixture of puke and saliva exploded from my mouth, splashing his cock and my face. I fell to the floor, coughing desperately as I tried to clear my lungs. When I managed to breathe again, a dry raspy sound escaped my lips.

“Did that make you wet?” he asked me a moment later.

I turned my face away as it turned red with humiliation, but there was no denying it.

“I am going to cut you free, but if you try anything stupid I will make you regret it, okay?” he asked me, and before I could say anything I felt a tug and my arms were free.

Rubbing my wrists, I looked up from the floor as he waited, his cock covered in my puke. Swallowing hard, I leaned towards him again, and I took his cock in one hand.

“Go on…” he said a moment later.

I looked to one side, noticing that the man fucking Megan was moving faster now, and her face was already a light purple color. Her bloodshot eyes were wide open, and she was looking at me.

Whipping my face with the back of my hand I swallowed him again, taking him as deep as I could before I stopped. I held him there, just sucking him while I touched my pussy. I was incredible wet, and as I rubbed my clit, I felt my body shuddering in pleasure.

A moment later I started fucking my own mouth with his cock, pushing it as deep as it could go. From time to time I had to stop, as I puked again, but he didn't seem to mind.

Then I heard a loud moan, and the man fucking Megan finally came, shooting his cum deep inside her. She gasped in shock, locking her legs behind him as she started shaking her hips. Her face was a deep purple color by then, and her eyes were starting to close as she run out of oxygen, but even then, it was obvious that she was trying to make herself come on his cock.

I would never know how close she was, as a moment later he pulled back and his cock slid out of her. She looked terrified again, but her pussy was dripping down her legs, forming a small puddle on the floor.

My eyes were glued on Megan as she danced under the rope. I felt equal parts aroused and repulsed, and my body felt hot an feverish. Desperate to cum, I released his cock, and I pushed my hand inside my pussy, stopping only when the pain became too strong. In front of me, he started moving his hips in a circle, pushing his cock even deeper than before, and soon I felt him cumming.

His cock twitched over my tongue and my mouth filled with his seed, mixing with my puke and saliva. I swallowed desperately, gagging on the disgusting mixture. I felt my stomach revolting once more, and without warning I puked again.

Puke and cum shot through my mouth and my nose, burning my throat once more, and but I could feel my orgasm just in front of me. If only I had another minute, I thought.

But he pulled his cock out of my mouth a moment later, and his look froze me in place.

I took my hands from my pussy, almost screaming in frustration as I felt my orgasm slipping away. Then I finally noticed the silence. Megan was still shaking, but her movements were weak and slow. Her body swung under the rope, and her face looked a deep purple.

“Megan…” I gasped a second later as I realized that it was the end.

I heard her gurgling a couple of times, and her body spasmed one more time before she was finally still.

“Is she… dead?” I whispered a moment later, as tears feel down my face.

“Almost, it will take a few more minutes for her heart to finally stop.” I heard one of them saying.

I stood perfectly still, kneeling in a pool of my own vomit as she finally died. Her eyes remained open, thought they looked glassy and lifeless, and her skin looked paler than usual.

Suddenly I felt sick, and the stench of my own vomit didn't help. I started swaying on my knees as the two men ignored me, talking among themselves. She was finally dead… and now it would be my turn. I started hyperventilating as my heart beat furiously inside me, until I could feel it inside my head.

When I looked at her once more, I saw myself in her place. I felt cold and alone, and suddenly every fantasy I had about dying came rushing into my mind. I remembered feeling aroused as I fantasizes about being spited alive, the cold unyielding steel piercing my body. How many times had I cum imagining that? Would it be like that? Or would the pain overwhelm me?

I looked at Megan’s face, wishing I could ask her how it felt. I knew she had been close to an orgasm, but had she managed to reach it, or had the pain been too much for her?

A moment later I noticed that one of the man was standing in front of me. I managed to look up into his eyes as I sobbed weakly.

“Come, it's your turn.” he said as he held his hand for me.

Suddenly I wanted to run away, to fight them. I didn't want to die, but deep within me I knew I had no chance.

I managed to get up from the floor, wiping my hands on my ass as I looked at Megan. Was that how I would look, too?

I took his hand, and then we walked together towards the other end of the basement. The spit and the sawhorse were just in front of me, but when we stopped, I saw his partner, dragging the guillotine towards us. I felt my skin crawling with fear as I realized what it meant.

“I thought… I… that you were going to…” I stammered, unable to say the word.

He looked at me in confusion for a minute, until it finally dawned on him.

“What? That I was going to impale you?” he finally asked me pointing at the spit.

I looked away shyly, but I nodded once.

“No, I have done a few girls like that before, it's kind of boring for me. But I have never used one of those.” he said, looking towards the guillotine.

I felt somehow cheated that I wouldn't even get to live my fantasy, but of course there was nothing I could do about it. I watched the guillotine once more, suddenly terrified. It was supposed to be quick and almost painless, but the idea was far from comforting.

“I don't want to become… meat…” I managed to say, my voice cracking at the end.

The one holding my hand turned towards me, looking into my eyes.

“I saw you two playing. How she used the blunt spit inside you, and how you friend came while you choked her. Come on, don't lie to me, I know you enjoyed it.” he said a moment later.

My face turned red with humiliation, but despite that, I held my eyes on him. I wanted to tell him that it wasn't true, but I couldn't. Instead I waited in silence as he watched me.

“I know that you have fantasized about it, of becoming meat. Don't bother to deny it.” he said. “Now, we can do this by force, or you can help us, which in the end will make it easier on you.”

The basement was completely silent as he waited for my answer. But I couldn't speak. How could I? I started sobbing again as I watched the guillotine, only a few feet away from me.

“You have to decided now...” he said a moment later.

I finally surrendered, hanging my head in shame. I saw him smiling warmly as he moved to one side, his hand pointing at the guillotine.

Before I could realize what I was doing, I started moving towards it, dragging my feet on the floor as my mind remembered everything we had learned about them at school. The bascule was a short metal platform, only a few feet long, with the lunette fixed at one end. For a brief moment I looked up towards the blade, hanging above it, but I had to look away when I started to panic.

As long as I didn't think about it, I could keep going.

He hold me to turn around, and I sat down, wincing as the cold steel touched my ass. To one side I could see his partner, his phone in one hand as he filmed me, adding to my humiliation.

“Watch your head.” he told me as he grabbed my hair in his hand.

With his help, I laid down and then I moved my body up, passing my head thought the lunette while he moved my hair out of the way. Once in place, I had to keep my eyes closed, as the blade was hanging above me.

“Move a little higher.” he told me a second later. “That's it.”

I felt the edge of the bascule digging uncomfortably into my ass, and with nowhere to put my legs they hung at either side of the machine. A moment later he took my hands and he tied them together in front of me before running a leather belt over my chest, cinching it tightly.

Finally, he pulled the lunette down, and I heard it click as it locked in place. It was a tight fit around my neck, and I could feel the edge pressing into my throat when I swallowed.

My heart was beating furiously inside my chest my breathing was fast and erratic. Unable to resist any longer, I opened my eyes, watching the blade as it hung over my neck. In my panic I tried to pull away, but the lunette held me in place.

Then without warning, I felt his hands moving between my legs and I gasped in shock.

“Nooooo!” I pleaded weakly, but he didn't listen.

A moment later I felt his cock slipping inside my already wet pussy, and he started fucking me. He went slowly at first, grabbing my breasts in his hands as he played with them, but soon he picked up his pace, going faster and faster.

I started moaning as my body responded, and I felt my pussy dripping with arousal. He became rougher too, pulling my nipples and pushing his cock inside me with violence.

He stopped only for a moment, folding my legs over my chest, and giving himself better access to my sex. When he resumed his work, I could feel his hips slamming against my ass with every thrust.

Despite knowing that the blade could fall at any moment, or maybe because of it, I felt incredibly aroused, and in my desperation to cum one last time, I started playing with myself, desperately rubbing my clit.

He was fucking me so hard now that the whole machine was moving on the floor, and the blade above shook ominously. Then I looked up and I saw the other one, walking towards me as he played with his cock. He was still filming me, and as he saw me watching him, he started grinning.

“Smile for the camera!” he said.

Standing in front of me, he slapped my face hard, leaving me stunned. Before I could recover, he pulled my hair, forcing my head back and he pushed his cock inside my mouth.

I gagged almost instantly, as the position was incredible uncomfortable, but he didn't care.

“Blow me.” He ordered me and without hesitation I obeyed him.

I started sucking his cock, running my tongue over the head as he started moving his hips. I could still taste Megan’s pussy on him, and the idea was strangely erotic. Soon he was fucking my mouth as rough as his partner before him, the tip of his cock bumping against my throat.

Pain and pleasure mixed inside in my mind, until I couldn't tell them apart and everything seemed to disappear. There was only me, the two cocks inside me, and the blade, threatening to end my life at any moment.

I heard myself moaning and the two chuckled, but I didn't care. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer, until I could almost touch it.

Then the one in my mouth grabbed the machine, and using it as support, he rammed his cock inside my throat. I started retching almost instantly, my body convulsing in agony as his cock forced my neck against the lunette.

A second later I felt him cumming down my throat, his cock twitching wildly as jet after jet of hot sticky cum splashed inside me. When it was over, I felt him pulling out just as fast as before, and I puked. A brown liquid shot from my mouth, mixed with his cum. It ran over my face and into my nose, burning it as I tried to breathe.

Desperate for air, I started coughing as he laughed, crouching in front of me while he filmed me in my misery.

The pain made me lose my concentration, and my orgasm seemed to slip away. I looked up again, watching the blade in horror as I wondered when it would fall.

I started rubbing my clit even harder, desperate to cum before they killed me, but I was terrified that I wouldn't make it.

“Harder… please… fuck me harder…” I begged the one still inside my pussy.

I heard him laughing and a moment later he pulled out, only to push his cock hard and fast inside my asshole. He started moving it in and out a seconds later, fucking me savagely.

A wail of agony escape my mouth as I felt my asshole stretching to accommodate his cock. I was far too dry for anal sex, but he didn't seem to care. I closed my eyes, pushing a couple of fingers inside my pussy as I tried to concentrate.

I imagined his cock moving deeper inside me, just like a spit would, and I shuddered in pleasure once more. My orgasm was just out of my reach, and I told myself that if only I had another minute, I was sure I could cum. But the blade hung above my neck, and I knew there would be no warning before it fell.

A moment later I saw his hand, moving towards the trigger.

“Nooooo! Please! Not yet!” I screamed in panic.

I felt his cock going faster and faster as he grabbed my breasts again, pulling from them so hard I felt they would rip. I pushed another finger inside me and I held my breath as tears ran down my face, hoping it would be enough.

A moment later I heard his breathing becoming faster, and I knew he was close. My lungs were screaming for air by then, but I kept holding my breath as my body seemed to burn from the inside, and a second later I finally managed to cum. Every muscle in my body seemed to pull and contract at the same time, trying to tear me apart and I gasped in shock as a wave of pleasure flooded my mind.

Everything around me seemed to disappear in a flash of white, and I felt disoriented and lightheaded as I screamed wildly. Nothing else mattered but my orgasm, and to me it seemed it would last forever.

Then my senses slowly returned to me, one by one. I could smell my own vomit in the air and feel his hands over my body. He was grunting desperately too, as his tried to reach his own orgasm, and his cock tugged from my asshole as it clenched tightly around it. One last wave of pleasure rocked my body, and I was finally able to breathe again.

A strong feeling of euphoria filled my body as my orgasm slowly faded away, something that I hadn't experience before.

A moment later I heard a noise above me, and I managed to open my eyes, just in time to see the blade falling toward me. I didn't even have time to scream before I felt it slicing through my neck, cutting my head off effortlessly.

I was surprised at how little pain I felt, thought soon I felt a slow burning sensation along my neck that seemed to get stronger with every second.

Then the room started spinning as my severed head fell towards the floor. I felt a teeth rattling bump as I bounced once, and then I came to a stop facing up into the ceiling. My mouth, still open, filled with blood and I realized that I couldn't close it.

Then I saw him still filming me as he crouched next to me. He picked me up by my hair with one hand, holding his phone in front of my face. The sensation of moving was incredibly disorienting, and I felt a wave of nausea washing over me as he got up.

There was no pain, but I felt weak as he carried me. When we stopped, he turned me around and I saw my body, laying on the guillotine as blood sprouted from my neck. There was a red pool on the floor, expand slowly. The man was still fucking my ass, his face twisted in pleasure as he finally came inside my asshole.

As blood drained from my head, the scene in front of me seemed to slowly fade away and sounds became distant and faint. I blinked a few times, trying to remain awake, but it I felt so tired that I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.

A moment later the man groaned one last time and I saw him pulling his cock, covered in blood, out of my asshole. With a smile on his face he rolled my body off the bascule, letting it fall awkwardly to the floor. It landed face down, with my legs slightly apart and my arms under my chest. Then I was moving once more.

“Sweet dreams…” I heard the man holding me whispering in my ears.

Then he placed my head gently on the floor, between my open legs, and the last thing I saw as the world finally faded away, was his cum, dripping out of my gaping asshole.


I don't know why no one commented on this, but its pretty good!



It really is. I think most of the people just missed it, maybe it'll get some traction once it's back on the top.


Axecellent Stories, thanks so much for Posting. Loved it.^_^


Thanks! Glad you all liked it!


beheadings are always so nice!


Extremely nice. I can't believe I missed this when it came out.


I am glad you liked it! I think I will start posting them in parts, because if I just post the whole thing at once, people just read it and then forget about it...


Well written.





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