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so a friend of mine challenged me to write some smut from first person perspective, and instead I wrote this. I was feeling particularly self hating when I wrote this so this is supposed to be me, and is loosely based on one time the ex boyfriend of a girl I was seeing showed up at my house and threatened to kill me. so without further ado, enjoy me being raped.

Its a long walk back home from work, and of course its midnight. With my luck someone will try to mug me or worse, but it was a long and tiring day, and I'm anxious to get home. Angry phone calls from my girlfriends ex boyfriend mixed in with the expected perils of retail did not combine to make it an enjoyable day.

Older men grossly flirting with me and attempts to feel me up still fresh in my mind, i send a few texts to my girlfriend to complain while i take a shortcut through a parking lot. Powerful arms reach out from a shadowy van as i walk by it and grab me; covering my mouth and dragging me into the shadowy interior.

Hands rip and tear at my clothing until I'm laying on the cold floor of the van in my bra and panties, staring in shock and fear at my assaulters. Three masked men sit around me, all otherwise naked and all more than well hung. The men don't waste any time in tearing the last of my clothes off before forcing me on top of the biggest cock and shoving it into my cunt; the second largest pounds into my ass, and the last penis is forced down my throat when i begin to scream.

My attackers are far from gentle; my arms are painfully pulled behind me by the rapist plowing my ass and the man I'm forced to ride reaches his large hands to my throat and chokes me when I try to bite down on the prick fucking my face, occasionally letting go of my neck to slap my tits and pull at my nipples. All the while i hear the men spitting out insults; "Dyke" and "Lesbo Slut" are two of the more popular names they call me.

After what feels like two hours of non-stop rape i feel the cock stuffing my throat twitch before it shoots cum down my gullet. The man in my ass climaxes next, and i feel him pull my arms back harder and me farther onto his dick as jizz coats my bowels. I feel nothing but shame as the last penis in me finishes, my womb filling up with my rapists seed and doubtlessly impregnating me. The men pull out of my violated holes and drop me back on the floor of the van where I curl up and cry, but it isn't long before I'm grabbed again and painfully thrown out of the van.

"This is what happens when you steal my girlfriend you fucking dyke!" the voice of my girlfriends ex shouts at me. "But don't worry slut, we'll help make sure you don't make that mistake again."

As I lie on the hard pavement I can feel the cum leaking out of my stretched asshole and cunt, while more drains from my open mouth. I feel something like cold metal press against my temple, and with a sudden bang, everything goes dark.



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