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I'm a full-figured 58-year-old M-F trans furry who prefers "Shklee" and "shkler" as my pronouns. Today I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30 (I slept in, usually I'm an early riser) and made sure to check my privelidge before going outside to have a vape. On the way to my car this pompuos asshole wite supremacist (he's not actually white, he's Mexican - well technically he's from Korea but same diff)_ literally rapes me by saying "hi" like I have time for his bullshit, and that's when I decided, I should right an auto biograhy for my followers on gurochan and then kill myself bc I'm to good for this world.
I was born with autism (never got diagnosed but I can tell because I like science and like to keep everything real neat n organized) and even though I was the popular kid in school and had all the best people as my friends, somehow I always knew I was special inside, like Harry Potter. I couldn't do magic but I was a total badass like Katniss Everdeen except actually sexy.
When I got to college I decided I didn't need to follow society's dumb as fuck gender norms any more and started dressing as my true self. I have a bit of a muffin top but nobody really notices because they're always staring at my epic boobs anyway, so I wear midriff shirts alot. You can also see my pubes sticking out bc I don't believe in shaving since it demeans women.
uFnortunitly some rasist fuckweed was ubllying me one day saying I was fat even though I'm not and I'm on a diet even though I shouldn'thave to since fat is beautiful and I got back at him by flashing my boobs and then kicking his balls so he'd get conditioned like the dog he is and maybe learn to respect people's choices and one of the police was there and I got arrested for indecent exposure and assalt? Like it was my fault? Why people have to be such fags.
But anyway that's basically my life story so to take out my anger I've been writing guro ever since and imagining it happneing to real people like that who are inconsiderate aholes.
So now that's done I'mma go kill myself but I'm not saynig how because your all sick fux and don't deserve to know and I hope you all rot in H word with the niggas and the jews and the mexicans and the rasists and the nazis and the trump voters and all the other cis people who make the world aa shitty place.


April Fool's! I love all you guys and I hope you had a wonderful holiday ;)


>>9427 GuroChan's clock has also informed me that it is in fact no longer April Fool's Day in most of the world. Should have done this earlier xP


close enough. YOU TRIED.


Meh, 6/10




That's exactly how I think


Not bad as guro story, but not as prank.

After all that description, most upsetting thing is that we wont get to see your suicide video LOL


Can I have your car, dad?


Wow! I read the whole thing thinking please pleas plz!! be a joke cause it was so well written. It was perfect. people actually talk like that. Great writing.


yeah Aiko that was hilarious

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