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I finished this one a few days ago, but I wasn't planning in posting it. A few people have already read it, and one of them told me to upload it here, telling me she liked it, so we will see.

Its quiet long, as there is a plot there, but if you just want to go straight into the sex it starts on the second half. As always, let me know what you think if it (good or bad)!

tags: F/f, cons, non-cons, first, lesbian, anal, piss, toys, rape, bagging, snuff

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and covered in sweat. It was still raining softly outside and the room was cold and dark. Pulling the duvet under my nose I turned on the lamp I had by the bed.

The dim light was barely enough to fill the room, allowing me to see that I was still alone, through the door that led to the hallway was open, and beyond it there was only darkness.

Whipping the tears from my face, I started sobbing as I tried to remember the nightmare that had woke me up, but it seemed to fade more and more with every second. Cursing myself I grabbed the notepad I kept on the bedside table and I wrote what little I could remember of it.

When I couldn't remember anything else, I pushed the notepad away, and I buried myself under the duvet, trembling in fear. Promising that tomorrow I would finally check the basement, I tried to get back to sleep, but it was a long time before I could.

Almost a year ago I found out my aunt Jennifer had died of a heart attack. She was only 55 years old, and while I haven't seen her in a while, we used to talk on the phone for hours as I told her about the books I was working on. We were the only family we had left.

My parents had died 5 years ago, a few days before my 25th birthday. They were driving back from one of their friends party, and my dad lost control of the car. He skidded out of the road, right into a tree that split the car in two, killing them both. He had been drinking, and while one of his friend had told him not to drive, he insisted, telling him we was just fine.

I took a few days off from my work and I drove all the way back to the town where she lived, remembering all the time I had spent with her. The funeral was a simple affair as she had few friends, and no family beside me, but I felt better after it was done.

The next day I met her lawyer, and fat old man that always seemed to be smoking. Since she had no other family, I inherited the house, which had never occurred to me. He said the paperwork should take some time, but he gave me the keys to the house and told me that I could move in whenever I wanted.

Stunned I drove to the house, feeling a little nervous. I had never owned anything more expensive than my old car. But I loved the place. It was where I had spent most of my childhood and now it was mine.

It was a 30 minute drive from the town, following a series of dirt roads that got worse and worse the further you went. A thick forest lined the sides of the road as I got closer, and right at the end, was the house.

It was an old wooden cabin that was built in a small clearing in the forest. It had two floors and four rooms, though there was only one bathroom. A huge basement sat under most of the house, and to one side my aunt had later built a shed where she stored firewood and a few tools. On the back there was a small trail that led to the lake, 100 yards away from the house. You could see the water between the trees from the living room.

I parked my car in front of the house, turning off the engine before I got out. A flood of emotions overwhelmed me as I sat on the hood, just looking at it as I remembered the last summer I had spent there. It wasn't long before I started crying.

Fifteen years was too long, and only now I realized how much I had missed the place. Around me I could hear the wind in the trees and the birds singing, the waves breaking in the lake in the background.

I used to come here every weekend when I was younger, as we were living in the town back then. But when my dad got a new job 1000 miles away, we had to move. I told them I wanted to stay, and my aunt even told them I could stay with her, but they insisted and in the end I said goodbye to all my friends and we moved away.

Pulling the keys out of my pocket, I went inside. The house was just as I remembered it, thought there were hundreds of painting all over the place. Jennifer had been a prolific painter for all her life, and while she never became famous, she made a living out of it.

I walked around the place, feeling a little uncomfortable as I watched her life, just as it had been the morning she died. Her clothes were still in her room, her toothbrush in the bathroom. The dirty dishes from her breakfast were still in the sink, just where she left them.

But now it was mine, and I knew that I had an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

Back then I was living in a small rented studio apartment in the city. It was way too small for me, and also crazy expensive for what it was. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to move away, but I was writing freelance, so I only needed an internet connection and the house had one, albeit a slow one.

It was a huge leap for me, and it made me nervous, but that afternoon as I watched the sun setting behind the trees I knew I had to move.

I threw all the food she had, knowing I wouldn't be back in a while and then I moved all her stuff to one of the smaller rooms, leaving the main room for me. I locked the house when I left, and I drove back to my apartment, already making a plan.

In the end it took me almost two months to move, as there was more to arrange that what I thought at first. The final paperwork that made the house mine came just a few days before I moved in, and after I had signed I felt happier than ever before.

The move itself was easy. I rented a trailer, and after loading all my stuff in the back I drove away. Once in the house I unpacked everything, moving what remained of my aunt’s stuff into the same room as before, promising that I would take care of it later. Besides the paintings she had a couple of hundred DVD's with all kinds of pirated movies. They were all labeled with her long, flowing scrip, and every few nights I took one out to watch in my computer, just before I went to sleep.

When I had time I started checking the paintings she had left around, hanging the ones I liked most from the walls until the place looked like an art gallery. She mostly painted landscapes and birds, but among them I was shocked to find a few nudes.

They were all young girls and they were all completely naked, though they were posing in such a way that you couldn't really see anything. Most were looking away from the viewer, but one caught my eye. She was looking straight at me, looking slightly uncomfortable as she sat on a couch, her legs folded under her body and her arm covering her breasts. After a minute I realized it was the same couch that was in the living room.

She had never mentioned those, but by the dust they had on they must have been pretty old. I tried to find a date, but there wasn't one, and after a while I moved them to one corner, as I felt uncomfortable watching them.

A change of air did me good, and after setting up a small office in one of the rooms, I got back to work on my book. After college I had started ghost writing for a few publishing houses. Mostly short stories, but when I had free time I started working on my own book. It took me almost five years to complete and another one to get it published. I remember how proud I was when I got the first print copies, and how nervous I felt when it was finally on sale.

It was a horror story, a bit clichéd maybe, but in a good way. It wasn't a bestseller by any means, but it sold decent numbers, and more importantly it pushed me to start working on another one, hoping to improve on the first.

My aunt had always been the one to cheer me on, unlike my parent who always said that I should study something better paid. She said that I should always write what I felt like writing, though she was surprised at first when I told her I liked to write horror stories.

I never believed in anything supernatural, but I did have a very vivid imagination, and when I was a kid I was fascinated by the horror genre. I was a big fan of Stephen king, but I would devour anything I could get my hands on.

It felt a bit sad writing without her input, but I pushed on, and after a while pages started flying and I wrote almost every day. My office was small, but it had two windows, both looking out into the forest. Whenever I got stuck on something, I would push off the desk, stretching my arms high over my head as I watched the trees.

A month after moving in, the house felt like home, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It felt isolated without being too far from civilization, it had internet, and most important of all it was quiet. The closest house was a 5 minute walk away, and it was a summer house so it empty most of the year.

When the summer arrived I started walking in the afternoons, after I had finished working. I would follow the countless trails around the forest, or if the way was nice I would take my laptop to the lake, and I would write as kids played on the other shore, closer to the town.

Everything was perfect, and I wished for it to stay like that forever. But that is when the nightmares started.

The next morning I woke up, decided to put an end to in once and for all. After breakfast I grabbed a flashlight and I went to the back of the house, where the door to the basement leaned against the house.

There was a big padlock on the outside, and I never found the key. Knowing I had to get inside, I went to the shed and I grabbed an old steel pipe that was lying around. I managed to push it under the shackle, and after pulling from it, the lock snapped in two.

Throwing the pipe away, I pulled the doors opened and I stood in front of the stairs.

The inside was a dark abyss, and my flashlight only managed to reach the bottom. Swallowing nervously, I went down, taking the steps one at a time as they creaked loudly under my weight. Once in the bottom I realized that aunt Jennifer had covered the windows with some rags, blocking all the light. I pulled them out one by one, feeling better as the sunlight flooded the room.

I had expected to find something awful down there, but besides a few shelves full of old tools and boxes and a single battered sawhorse, the place was empty. It was just one big room, that smelled of mildew and dust.

Feeling somehow disappointed, I looked around the place, but there was nothing that stood out. I checked the shelves before I left, just out of curiosity, and I found a few jars of homemade jam that looked to be way too old to still be edible and a box full of DVD boxes.

Unlike the one that I found before, this ones were labeled with dates, written neatly on the discs. With no idea of what I could find in them, I took them upstairs and I went out for a walk. When I got back a few hours later, I had completely forgotten about the box, and it was only when I went to the kitchen to make myself some dinner that I remembered it.

Thinking I would find some boring home made movies, I made myself some dinner and I went to my room. I sat on the bed and I picked one at random, loading it on my laptop.

A view of the living room and the couch appeared on the screen, thought the couch appeared to be much newer. On it there was a girl, maybe 12 years old, completely naked. She was sitting awkwardly in front of the camera, covering her body as much as she could.

“Noooo…” I whispered to the screen as I watched in horror.

Then the camera shook as something bumped it, and the girl looked up. She looked scared, her eyes looking above the camera before she got up. Her arms hung besides her, leaving her body exposed to the camera, and I could see her trembling in shame as she looked away.

I could hear someone's breathing, slow and deep, close to the camera, and a moment later the camera shook again. A woman appeared on the screen, walking toward the girl with her back towards the camera. She was tall and big bodied without being fat. She had long brown hair, and even before I could see her face I knew who she was.

On the screen, she stopped next to the girl, grabbing her hand as she led her to the couch. Aunt Jennifer turned around, sitting on the couch as she made the naked girl sit in her lap. Holding my breath, I saw her looking into the camera as she smiled, just before she moved her hand between her legs.

I stopped the video in horror, pushing the laptop of me as I ran downstairs, pulling my hair.

“Nooo! Nooooo! Nooo! It can’t be! Ohhh god, it can’t be!” I screamed in panic.

I felt sick, and soon I started hyperventilating. The room started spinning around me when I saw the couch, and with the image still burning in my mind, I barely managed to stumble outside before I started puking. I dropped to the floor, my head hanging down as I kept puking until my throat felt raw and my stomach was empty.

Once it was over I rolled to the side, wiping my face with the back of my hand. I started crying and sobbing hysterically as I thought about the video.

“No! How could you!” I stammered.

I tried to deny it, telling myself that it wasn't what it looked like. But I knew that it was just a lie. I don't know how long I laid on the floor, but eventually I managed to calm myself enough that I was able to get up. It was cold outside, and I was shivering by the time I made it back inside.

I started sobbing when I saw the couch again, but I went back up into my room. The laptop was laying on the bed, the screen mercifully off, and I hesitated by the door. I wanted nothing more than to run, to put everything away, but I knew I would never be able to do it. Instead I walked slowly towards the bed and I grabbed my laptop.

Sitting on the edge, I woke my laptop again, and the video appeared again. Aunt Jennifer was still smiling to the camera, her hand between the girl's legs as she looked away in shame. With a trembling hand, I hit play again, and I watched in horror as she started touching her.

The girl squirmed in my aunt’s lap, as her fingers were deep inside her pussy. A few minutes later, the girl started shuddering and I watched as she came in front of the camera.

Looking satisfied, my aunt got up, grabbing the camera in her hands.

“Sit on the floor, over there.” she ordered the girl, who obeyed her sullenly.

Once on the floor, she made her lay back, telling her to keep her legs open. The camera moved between them, giving me a close-up of the undeveloped pussy.

“Pull them apart, just how I showed you before.” she told her.

Like before the girl obeyed her, pulling her lips apart with one hand. The pussy was a light pink color, and even in the poor light I could see she was wet.

Pulling away, she started directing the little girl into a few different poses, filming her body from every angle. The girl obeyed her without question, but her face looked red with shame and I could see tears falling down her face.

Chuckling behind the camera, my aunt turned away, placing the camera on a tripod , pointed towards the girl. Then she walked back to her, stepping over her head, before she crouched over her face.

“Nooo, please, not again!” the girl pleaded weakly.

“Shut up, Andy!” Jennifer said a moment later, her pussy hovering a few inches over the girl.

Then she grabbed her head, holding it down as she lowered herself on the girl's face. She started moving her hips from side to side as the girl struggled under her. From time to time I saw her moving out for just a moment, only long enough for the girl to get her breath back, before she forced her pussy on her face again.

After a while I saw her face glistening with my aunt’s juices. She was sobbing too, but my aunt didn't seem to care. On the background, I could hear the desperate girls moans of disgust as she her pussy.

“Ohhhh, I am so close!” she moaned before she lowered herself once more.

The girl resumed her work, but this time my aunt kept her there, holding her down when she started struggling. She had her eyes closed and her mouth hung open in concentration.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she moaned just before I saw her body rocking in pleasure as she finally came.

Too weak to hold herself in place, she fell back onto her ass, as the poor girl breathed desperately. Free to move, she rolled to one side, wiping her face with the back of her hand before she hugged her knees to her chest. She started rocking her body slowly as she cried.

My aunt got up shakily, and with a smile in her face she looked straight into the camera before she turned it off.

The video started replaying from the beginning, but I couldn't face it again. I stopped it, pulling the disc out before I closed the laptop. I held the disc in my hand, looking at the metallic surface as I thought about the rest of them. There must have been fifty more discs in there, and I didn't have any doubt about what I would find in them.

Unable to face another video like that, I slowly laid on the bed, and just as the girl on the video, I hugged my knees to my chest and I started crying.

I woke up the next day, feeling exhausted. My face was puffy from crying all night and my eyes were bloodshot red. I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't stay in bed anymore. Instead I grabbed my laptop, and the box of DVD’s and I went into the kitchen. I sat at the table, and after plugging the computer into the wall, I picked another disc at random.

Then I stopped as I started trembling just as I was to hit play. I didn't want to face what was inside them, but I also knew that I had to know what she had done.

I started watching the video, crying the whole time as she abused another girl. She looked a bit older than the first one, but just as scared as my aunt filmed her nude body. Halfway down the video, Jennifer sat on the couch, her legs spread open to the camera, before the girl kneeled on the floor between them. Without having to be told, she buried her face between them as my aunt held her in place, moaning softly from time to time.

Disc after disc, I watched with growing horror as she abused at least five different girls. A couple appeared only once, other appeared many times. In one of the videos she forced two of the girls onto each other, making them perform a 69 on the floor as the youngest one cried in fear. They looked remarkably similar, and for a moment I wondered if they were sisters.

I had no clue as to who they were, and only in a few of the videos she mentioned their first names. As I flipped through the remaining disc, I checked the dates. The oldest seemed to be almost 25 years old, and it had obviously been copied from a VHS, as the image quality was awful. The newest one was only a couple of years old, from two summers ago. I left that one aside and I picked up one marked “July 2000 H”.

I slipped the disc into the laptop, already trembling in anticipation as I waited for it to load.

But what appeared on the screen was much worse than before. Like before, a girl was standing in front of the couch, dressed in a blue summer dress and black shoes, She was short and slim, with long blond hair and big green eyes. She looked embarrassed to be in front of the camera.

“Helen, why don't you take of that dress?” Jennifer asked the girl, and on the screen, I saw my younger self nodding just before I pulled my dress over my head.

“Oh, shit! Nooooo” Please, no! It can't be!” I screamed in panic just before I slammed the laptop shut.

I ran outside again, desperate to breathe fresh air as my whole life crumbled around me. I kept running as far as I could, until I was deep in the forest, and when I ran out of air I fell on my knees, hugging myself as I started sobbing hysterically.

I started cursing my aunt for everything she had done, until my throat started to hurt, and then I just cried.

An hour later I dragged myself inside the house. I sat on the kitchen table once more, and I opened the laptop. The video started playing where it had stopped, and I stood in front of the camera, wearing my shoes a pair of white cotton panties.

“Those too, Helen, you know this.” my aunt said to me.

“Yes, aunt Jen.” I answered obediently as I slipped my shoes and my panties off.

Once I was naked, I sat on the couch, leaving my hips right on the edge as I laid back. Unlike the others, I didn't look scared. Instead I was smiling, almost eager for what would happen next.

On the screen, I heard my aunt grunting in satisfaction and then she appeared on the screen, naked as I was. She walked towards me, and she knelt on the floor just as I opened up my legs.

I held my breath as she lowered her face between my legs, and she started eating my pussy. I felt my skin crawling with revulsion as I watched her abusing me, thought in the screen I was moaning in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, god.... no…” I moaned weakly as I watched the screen.

A few minutes later I saw myself cumming as I pulled from my aunt's hair, holding her between my legs as I shuddered in pleasure. When it was over I laid on the couch, a smile on my face as my aunt laughed softly.

When I managed to recover Jennifer moved the camera, pointing it at the floor before disappearing. A moment later I appeared on the screen again, my pussy dripping down my thighs as I stood shyly by the floor. Oblivious to the camera, I ran a finger between my pussy lips and I sucked it clean, moaning softly.

“Get on all fours, Helen.” my aunt ordered me.

On the screen I nodded once before I did as she told me. My aunt reappeared on the screen, wearing an old style strapon made of black leather. The straps hugged her hips and her ass, and on the front there was a long flesh colored dildo. It must have been at least 8 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter, way too big for a child like me, but when she kneeled behind me I looked back, and I smiled.

“Do you want this?” she asked me, waiving the dildo in the air..

“Yeeeessss.” I moaned as I closed my eyes, resting my face on the wooden floor.

Smiling, she grabbed my hips in one hand, and the dildo in the other. I trembled in anticipation as I waited for her to rape me, but when she pressed the tip between my pussy lips, it slid past them easily. It obviously wasn't the first time she had used that thing on me.

I watched in horror as my aunt started fucking me in front of the camera while I moaned, louder and louder with every passing second.

“Do you like this, Helen? Do you like it when I fuck you like a slut?” she asked me in between grunts.

“Mmmmmm, yeeeesss aunt Jen!” my then 13 years old self moaned back.

A few minutes later I saw myself cumming for the second time in minutes. I started shuddering on the floor as my aunt tried to push the dildo even deeper inside me. But she pushed too hard, and she slipped on the floor, burying the whole length inside me as she fell on top of me.

I screamed in pain, but she held me down, laughing as she called me a baby.

When it was over she pulled out from me, and I saw my juices dripping from the dildo. My aunt made a show of looking into the camera before she smiled.

“Look at the mess you made on my new dildo, Helen!” she cried in mock outrage. “You better clean it up quick!”

On the screen I looked behind me, and after a brief struggle I managed to get on all four again. I turned around, crawling towards her, and once I was in front of her I started running my tongue over the dildo as I liked it clean of my juices. Above me, my aunt simply watched, fondling her breasts.

A minute later she told me to stop, and she undid the straps, dropping the dildo to the floor. I smiled in front of her before I picked it up, and I clumsily put it on me. She had to help me with a few of the straps, but after a minute, the dildo was sticking in front of my body, looking grotesquely big.

Jennifer laid on the floor, facing up as I crawled between her open legs.

“Put it in me, baby. Fill my pussy!” she screamed on the screen as I started fucking her.

I was painfully inexperienced with it, so I didn't really know what to do. My movements were erratic and from time to time I could see myself pushing it sideways into her pussy. It must have been brutally painful for her, but she didn't seem to care. She laid on the floor with her eyes closed, fondling her breasts as she moaned softly.

“Faster…” she moaned a moment later, and I did as I was told, pushing the dildo inside her as fast as I could.

Moments later she came, lifting her hips from the floor as she screamed loudly, making me jump on my seat.

When she stopped moving I pulled out of her pussy, the dildo shining from her juices, and I laid on the floor next to her as she tried to catch her breath. I saw her turning her head around, kissing me on my lips before she slid an arm under my head.

The video ended a moment later, with both of us still laying on the floor as my aunt recovered from her orgasm. In my kitchen, I stood paralyzed, my eyes frozen open as I watched the screen.

I couldn't believe that it had happened. How could I forget something like that? I wiped my face with the back of my hand and I flipped through the remaining discs. There were another four with the letter H next to the date, ranging from the year 2000 to 2002, when I moved away. I pulled them out, leaving them aside for the time being as I wasn't sure I could see another one with me in it.

Instead I grabbed the oldest one I could find, and I started watching the rest by date. By the time I got to the first video I appeared on it was already dark outside and I was mentally exhausted.

I wasn't sure how many different girls were on the videos, but there were at least 8, maybe more. And then I remembered that I had to count myself in.

With trembling hands, I picked the oldest of my videos, and I started watching it. I appeared on the screen again, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and with my hair tied in a long ponytail behind my back.

This time I wasn't smiling though. Instead I looked uncomfortably away as my aunt told me to pose for her, making me expose my body until finally she told me to take my panties off. I reluctantly pulled them down, leaving me completely naked.

Then my aunt sat on the couch, forcing me onto her lap and she started touching me, slipping her fingers between my legs despite my protests. I could see myself crying as she held me down, and I could hear a wet sound coming from between my legs.

“Shhhhhh, don't fight, Helen… It will feel really good soon.” she whispered.

With my eyes closed, I nodded once, hanging my arms to my sides. My aunt kept playing with my pussy in silence, until I started to relax. I stopped trembling and my shoulders dropped as the tension faded away. My mouth hung open, and my only movement was to lick my lips from time to time.

On the screen my aunt smiled, looking into the camera from time to time. Then she released my shoulders, as I wasn't fighting her anymore, and she hugged me from behind, grabbing one of my breasts as she started fondling them.

Without warning I started screaming as my body spasmed violently. Looking scared, my aunt grabbed me again, holding me in place just before I fell to the floor. Wave after wave rocked my body as I grimaced in pain, until it started to fade and I collapsed on her arms, my body completely limp.

“Ohhhhh. You came, Helen. How did it feel?” she asked me a moment later, sounding excited. “Was it good?”

I managed to open my eyes, just long enough to look at her. Looking away in shame before I nodded once, my face turning a deep shade of red.

“Good! Tell you what, I will teach you how to do that to me, and then I will show you something new.” she said laughing. “What do you say?”

I nodded again, and she pulled me up onto my feet. I wavered for a few seconds before she released, my legs too weak to hold me up, but when I recovered, she sat on the couch, her hips on the edge as she laid back.

“Kneel on the floor, between my legs.” she said, pointing in front of her.

I looked back at the camera, licking my lips nervously before I did as she said. From there I had her pussy right in front of my face. It was a light brown color and she was shaved completely smooth. Even on the screen, I could see that she was obviously wet. I laid my legs on the thighs, leaning forwards as she guided me.

When she told me to start licking it I hesitated. I saw myself looking up into her eyes, but she repeated her order and I hung my head in defeat.

Then I moved closer, burying my face between her legs and I saw her moaning weakly as she shuddered on the couch. But a second later I pulled out, wiping my face with my hand.

“Uhhhhhh. It tastes like pee!” I moaned from the floor.

“Mmmmm, yes, I know. But you will get used to it. Now get on with it, Helen, you know I don't like to repeat myself...” she said, her voice low and threatening.

I hesitated once more, but in the end I moved forwards, and I heard myself gagging as I started licking her pussy. In between moans of pleasure, my aunt started playing with her breasts, pulling from her nipples until her face turned into a grimace of agony.

“Yeessss…” she moaned as I kept licking her pussy.

“Push a finger inside me, just like I did to you…” she whispered a moment later, and I took one of my hands between her legs.

I saw her body tensing a moment later, and then she grabbed my head with one hand, pulling me closer to her. I heard myself sucking greedily as wet noises filled the room.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, just like that. Now touch my asshole... just touch it, gently…” she told me.

I couldn't see what I did, but she whimpered weakly for a few seconds, until a moment later she too managed to cum. She screamed loudly into the room, calling my name over and over again as her body rocked violently, and when it was over she collapsed on the couch.

When she managed to get up she was smiling, and I looked into her eyes, waiting for her approval.

“Ohhhh, that was wonderful. Wait there, I want to film you, just like that.” she said, going for the camera.

The camera moved again, getting closer to me until it was farmed in a close-up of my face. I was smiling shyly, my face covered in her juices and my cheeks red with shame.

“Did you like it?” she asked me off camera.

I looked away, nodding slowly as my face turned even redder than before. A long string of her juices slid down my chin, landing between my small breasts.

Aunt Jennifer started laughing and a moment later the video ended. I stared at the black screen, my breathing was fast and shallow as tears streamed down my face, falling on the table.

Closing my laptop, I got up, walking unsteadily towards the outside. The inside of the house felt hot and claustrophobic. I felt my body itching furiously and I had to fight the urge to scratch myself.

Once outside I stood still with my eyes closed as I enjoyed the cool afternoon air. With the house behind my back the only thing I could see was the forest. For a moment I thought could almost forget everything that had happened. If only I could just start running.

But I couldn't. Instead I turned around and I went back into the kitchen. I grabbed another disc, of the ones that weren't marked with an H, and I kept watching them one after the other until it was dark outside and I couldn't do it anymore.

Those videos were just like the others. They were always girls, maybe between 12 and 15 years old, and they all looked terrified on the screen as my aunt abused them. Most were alone, but in a few there were two girls, forced onto each other despite their protests. Some resisted, and in those Jennifer became violent and aggressive, forcing them into submission.

How could she do that? I was horrified and confused as I tried to understand that. And worse of all to me, how could I have forgotten everything that had happened? The image on the screen was nothing like the quiet, loving woman I knew for so long.

When I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, I dragged myself upstairs. I had to look away as I passed a painting that was hanging from the wall, a self portrait that my aunt had made when she was younger.

When I got to my room I just fell onto my bed, too tired to undress, and I was asleep a few minutes later.

The nightmares returned that night, but it wasn't the basement anymore. I dreamt I was with her in the living room, and that there was another girl, naked as I was, sitting on the couch. I was looking at her with hungry eyes, smiling as I waited for my aunt to finish setting up the camera. Then the girl looked at me, her face a mask of terror and I woke up.

It was still dark outside, and I had no idea what time it was, but I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. I was too alert, to agitated for that. Instead I rolled to one side and I got up, feeling even more tired than yesterday.

With the face of that girl still fresh in my mind I went downstairs into the kitchen, and I turned on my laptop. After loading another disc, I rubbed my face as I waited for it to load, already wondering what horrors awaited me. I glanced to one side, were two more discs marked with an H awaited me, but I couldn't face them, not yet.

I spent the day in the kitchen, watching all the videos that were in the box. I only stopped a few times to go to the toilet and once to make myself a sandwich. As I was making it, I tried to remember the last time I had eaten something, but I couldn't. It must have been a couple of days ago, at least, and I felt weak and slow.

Once the last video was over I got up again, heading outside. This time I kept walking, following the trail that would take me to the lake. When I got to the water the sun was already below the horizon, and the sky was a bright blue color.

I looked around me, but I seemed to have the lake to myself. That was better, I thought, as I started walking into the water.

The deeper I went the colder the water got. When the waves starter crashing over my knees I stopped, looking at my wet jeans. I could keep going, I said to myself. They said that drowning was just like going to sleep.

I closed my eyes, my body swaying as the water moved around me. It would be easy, I said to myself, just keep walking. I wiped my face with the back of my hand, and I started sobbing hysterically.

I don't know how long I stood there, but after a while, when the sky was already turning black, I turned around and I went back to the house, shivering from the cold. There was still something I had to do, I told myself. Not yet.

That night I was finally able to sleep. I woke up around 9 am, feeling a little less tired than before, and I managed to take a shower before I went down. My laptop was still on the table, but I left it alone as I made myself some breakfast. I knew I would need energy for the last part.

As I waited for the toaster, I sipped my coffee, spinning one of the last two disc in my fingers. I eat quietly, looking at the trees outside the window, and when I couldn't postpone it any longer, I sat on the table, pulling my laptop closer to me

I grabbed the oldest of the last two discs, leaving the last one for the end, and I loaded up on my laptop. I could feel my heart, beating furiously inside my chest as I loaded.

It was somehow disappointing, I thought once it was over. It was just my aunt and me, having sex like before. I was smiling like on the other two, but nothing else.

I swapped the disc for the last one, trembling in fear, and I hit play.

This time the video started on a bedroom. It took me a while to figure out that it was my aunt's room, though it seemed that she had painted it differently at some point and the bed was different too.

I could hear sounds coming from behind the camera, and a moment later I walked into the frame, naked and leading another girl by my hand. By the date on the disc, I must have been 14 years old back then, and the girl looked younger than me, maybe 12 years old.

Were I was already turning into a woman, her body that was still developing. She was short and slim, with small hips and very small breast. Her long black hair was tied behind her head in a single ponytail that shook from side to side with every step she took.

I led her to the bed, and we both sat on the edge. She folded her hands over her thigh, trying to cover herself while I looked relax into the camera, apparently waiting for something. A moment later I nodded, and I grabbed her hand again, leading her into the middle of the bed. I made her lay on it, pushing her legs apart despite her protests and then I climbed on top of her, my hips over her face.

She moved her head to one side, trying to get away from me, but I held her hips down.

“Aline, we talked about this.” I heard my aunt saying from behind the camera.

The girl nodded nervously, relaxing her body while I made myself comfortable. I saw myself lowering my head between her open legs and I closed my eyes before breathing deeply. Then I looked up into the camera, smiling eagerly before I went back.

This time I buried my face deeply between her legs and I started lapping at her sex as she squirmed under my body.

“Aline…” my aunt said again, and the girl raised her head, burying it between my legs.

I saw myself shuddering in pleasure as she ran her tongue between my pussy lips, and it wasn't long before I started moaning in pleasure, pushing my hips against her face as hard as I could.

Without stopping, I moved one of my hands under her ass, and I slipped a couple of fingers inside her, making her cry in pain. I started pushing them in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, but faster as faster as she loosened up.

It was obvious that she wasn't enjoying it, but I was. I could see my body tensing as I neared an orgasm, and I watched with horror as I raised, sitting on the girl's face. She tried to move away, but I held her in place, desperately grinding my pussy against her sex as I pinched my nipples.

Aline moaned in desperation as she tried to breathe, making my skin crawl, and on the screen I finally came. I shuddered in pleasure as a powerful orgasm rocked my body. I stood still for a few seconds, gasping in agony until I collapsed to one side.

Desperate for air, Aline rolled to one side, coughing violently before she could finally breath. Her face was red and shiny with my juices and her tears, but I didn't seem to care. I simply laid on the bed, with a big smile on my face.

The screen went black a moment later, but the video kept playing. A few seconds later it came back, showing the bed again. Aline was sitting on the bed, her back resting on the headboard and her knees folded against her chest. Her face still looked red, but she seemed to have cleaned herself.

“Are you ready?” I heard my aunt asking.

“Yeah… sure.” I answered back, though I sounded a bit hesitant.

A moment later I appeared on the screen again, naked as before, but wearing the same strapon I had used on the other video. Aline looked at it and her face went white.

“Please…. I don't want to…” she pleaded weakly, her voice broken and full of fear.

On the screen I moved closer to her, and taking her hand, I pulled her away from the headboard.

“Come on, it won't hurt. I promise.” I said to her.

On the verge of tears, she moved to the center of the bed once more. I told her to kneel and then to get on her hands, leaving her pussy exposed to me. The dildo looked grotesquely big next to her small body, and for a moment I was about to stop the video.

Then I saw myself climbing onto the bed, moving until I was behind her. I had the dildo in one hand, and I was about to push it inside when my aunt stopped me. I looked at her sheepishly when I realized that she was far too dry for it, so I moved back, and I started lapping at her pussy like before. The room filled with wet noises as I tried to make her as wet as I could.

A minute later I moved behind her once more, grabbing the dildo in one hand as I rubbed it against her pussy. As I had promised her, I took it slowly, pushing it bit by bit as her pussy opened up. It was still too big for her, and I saw her wincing from the pain as she struggled to stay still.

I didn't look too comfortable either. But I kept moving, pushing the dildo inside her until half of it was inside her. Then I stopped, staying still as I waited for her to get used to it. I looked towards the camera as I waited, and I wanted to believe I was asking my aunt to stop this, but a moment later I started pulling out.

It was slow going at first, but after a while I started moving faster as I fucked her pussy. She was grunting in pain, but I kept going, moving deeper and deeper until the dildo disappear inside her. There was no pleasure for her, I could see that, and it broke my heart to see what I had done to her.

The torture seemed to go on forever. At some point her arms collapsed from the effort and she laid her head on the bed, turning it towards the camera. She had her eyes closed, and tears streamed down her face.

“That is enough, Helen.” my aunt said from behind the camera.

I stopped, pulling out of her slowly, wincing as I saw her blood on the dildo for the first time. It wasn't much, but it made my younger self shudder in sympathy.

Free from the dildo, Aline laid flat on the bed, sobbing quietly. She didn't seem to notice when my aunt climbed onto the bed in front of her. I watched her in silence as she grabbed her hands, pulling them above her head.

“I want you to fuck her ass now.” she said with a smile.

I watched in horror as on the screen I hesitated only for a moment before I nodded. I turned towards the camera again, looking uncomfortable and unsure of what I was doing, but I moved further back, resting my weight on her legs.

Aline seemed unaware of what was going to happen, but she did look up when I spat on her ass, rubbing it with a finger over her virgin asshole.

“What are you doing?” she asked me innocently.

I looked at her, not knowing what to say, until my aunt pulled hard from her arms.

“Hold her down, okay? And do it quickly, you know I don't like it when you disobey me, Helen.” she said.

On the screen I nodded again, holding her down as she tried to roll over. I pressed on hand against the back of her neck, and with the other I grabbed the dildo, rubbing against her asshole.

“Noooo! What are you doing! Stop!” she pleaded desperately, trying to get away.

Crushing both her wrists in one hand, Jennifer punched her in the back of her head, making her bounce on the bed.

“Stop struggling, Aline!” she screamed wildly as I watched frozen. “And you better do as you are old, Helen!”

Hanging my head in fear, I moved my hips forward, pushing the tip of the dildo against her sphincter.

“Ughhhhh!” she grunted a moment later. “It hurts! Please! Stop!”

I looked at my aunt for a moment, but she glared angrily at me.

“Fuck her ass, Helen. I won't say it again.” her voice was sweet and soft, but I looked at her in terror.

Without waiting to be told again, I started pushing harder, grunting from the effort as I tried to force the dildo inside Aline’s asshole. A moment later my hips moved forward a few inches, and I looked up in surprise.

Her face twisted in a sudden grimace of agony and her mouth hung open, as if she was about to scream, though she was completely silent.

I was frozen in panic, the dildo still inside her, and I looked up again, not knowing what to do. In front of me, my aunt glared angrily, her mouth curling in disgust.

“Fuck. Her. Ass…” she said to me.

This time I didn't hesitate. I started fucking her like before, going slowly as I tried to move deeper and deeper. Aline stood completely still, her body tense from the pain, but she was still silent, which only made it worse for me.

This time, even on the video, I could see the dildo becoming red with her blood, but I kept going even then.

My aunt released her hands a moment later, and when she was satisfied that she wasn't going anywhere, she climbed off the bed and stood behind me, resting her hands on my shoulder.

“Faster…” she whispered on my ears.

Hanging my head in shame, I started going faster, until I could hear my hips slamming against her ass.

I felt sick just by watching it, but on the screen I obeyed my aunt without hesitation. When she told me to go faster again, I did, and then she told me to slap her ass I did it, leaving a silhouette of my hand printed in red on her pale skin.

Behind me, my aunt started fondling my breasts with one hand while she played with her pussy with the other. She was moaning loudly, and I could see her body flushing with excitement.

“Keep going!” she said laughing as she slapped my ass.

Then she moved to one side, laying on her back and folding her knees against her chest.

“Now fuck me, Helen! Hard!” she ordered me.

I stopped quickly, pulling out of Aline’s destroyed asshole and I paled as I saw the dildo. It was a complete mess, covered in blood and shit. I saw myself retching as I shook my head in denial and disgust.

“Do it! Now!” she ordered me again as I watched Aline’s unmoving body.

“Helen!” she screamed once more, making me jump.

I walked unsteadily towards her, and she moved closer to the edge. Grabbing the dildo with disgust aimed it between her legs and I closed my eyes. On the screen, aunt Jennifer grabbed it, guiding it towards her pussy as I moved forward.

It slipped easily inside her, making her moan in pleasure as she laid back.

“Fuck me!” she ordered me. “Harder!”

I started sobbing as I pushed the dildo deep inside her pussy, fucking her as fast as I could. Aunt Jennifer started grunting in pleasure as I pounded her against the bed.

“Yes! Harder! Harder!” she screamed.

A moment later she screamed loudly into the air, arching her back as she finally came. Her body shook as waves of pleasure rocked her over and over again. I was too scared to stop, so I kept fucking her, until she finally collapsed on the bed.

She pushed me away with one hand and I stumbled back, watching at her in horror.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned from the bed.

I looked at Aline’s body, and then it finally became too much. I started crying hysterically and I fell back, moving as far from the bed as I could until my back was pressed against one corner of the room. I folded my knees up against my chest, but it wasn't easy with the strapon still attached to me. Then I simply stared at the bed, as my aunt recovered her breath.

A few minutes passed like that, the room filled with my cries and my aunts heavy breathing. Then she rolled to one side, her eyes closed as she smiled warmly. She managed to get up, thought her legs trembled from the effort, and she staggered towards the camera.

The last thing I saw was Aline’s the blood dripping between her legs.

On the kitchen, I started at the laptop's screen as tears fell down my face. I couldn't believe she had forced me to do that. And worse of all, that I had done it. No matter the threat, I shouldn't have done to that girl what I just saw.

I tried to get up, but my legs folded under my body and I fell to the floor, still crying. It was a while later, when I got cold, that I managed to get up. I couldn't look at the screen or at the pile of discs on the table. I just had to get out. To move as far from there as I could.

I managed to grab my purse and my car keys, and then I staggered to my car, leaving everything else behind. I even left the front door open.

Whipping my face with my shirt, I turned on the car and I drove away. I didn't know which way I was going, and it didn't really matter, I just had to get away.

The road blurred past and I don't remember much, but I stopped to get more gas at some point. I remember the man behind the register when he asked me if I was okay. I just started back at him, my face blank and said that everything was okay before I kept driving.

It got dark, but I kept going. I should have stopped. I was tired, and I couldn't remember the last time I had slept well, but I just couldn't. I told myself that I was okay, just tired.

When I woke up again the car was spinning around. Dust filled the air around me, and I could only grab the steering wheel as I screamed desperately, waiting for it to stop.

When it did I stood completely still for a few minutes. I was on the side of the road, pointing sideways, but I did not seem to have hit anything. With trembling hands, I rolled down the windows and I turned the radio on, raising the volume until it made my head hurt. Then I started the car again and I drove, very slowly, until I found a motel.

I don't remember asking for a room, but I woke up the next day on a bed. It was noon and the receptionist was banging on the door, telling me I had to get out. I opened the door just a bit, blocking it with my foot.

On the other side there was a blond girl, maybe 20 years old. She looked at me and then she moved back, terrified at what she saw.

“I will be staying for a few more days.” I said, my voice deeper than normal. “I would appreciate if no one bothered me.”

Before waiting for an answer, I closed the door and went back to the bed.

I woke up the next day, just as the sun started setting behind the skyline. I felt depressed and every movement was a terrible effort, but I managed to get up from the bed and then I dragged myself into the bathroom.

I showered, which made me feel a little better, and then I went out as I was too hungry to think straight. The idea of going back terrified me, but I couldn't stay in the motel either. The only place I could think of was a friend's house that lived in the city, but I didn't know her phone number, and my cell phone was still at the house.

Too terrified to go back, even for just a moment, I decided to go to her house and hope she was there. I asked the girl in the reception where I was and I bought a road map. I wasn't that far from her house, I told myself, even though I had no other choice.

I drove all night, and when I got there it was early in the morning. I was tired and desperate when I knocked, but I got lucky.

“Helen?” she asked me when she opened the door.

I collapsed in her arms as she hugged me uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. She asked me what was happening, but I couldn't tell her. The best I managed to say was that I needed to stay for a few days. She looked unsure, but I told her I had nowhere else to go, and she agreed to let me stay for a few days.

A few hours later she left for work, leaving me alone, and I grabbed her computer as I started researching, as I always did for my work.

I discovered it was possible for someone to lose some memories after a traumatic event. It was called Dissociative fugue or fugue state, but while it was possible for it to last for years, it was more common for it to last only a few days, or months at most.

After what I saw on the last video, I wasn't surprised that my mind just wanted to forget everything. For a moment I was terrified, as I wondered what other memories I had lost, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I also searched the local news, as much as I could find online, about missing children stories, suicides, disappearances, anything that might be related to the girls I saw. But most of the videos were old, from before the newspaper had a digital record, and I couldn't find anything about any of the girls in the videos, at least nothing obvious.

I stayed in my friend's house for a few days, before I moved to a hotel. I felt uncomfortable in her house, and I felt a little better by then, thought the idea of being alone with a girl made me nervous.

For a time I thought about going to the police with the discs, of telling everything that had happened, but I was too scared of what people might think of me. Worse of all, what would the girls on the videos think? Some of them would be grown up women by now, but a few would still be girls. How could I expose them like that?

It took me a while, and many sleepless nights, but in the end I managed to accept what happened. I felt ashamed of what I had done, but I told myself that I didn't really have a choice, that if possible, I would have done differently. It was all I could really do.

I returned home two weeks after I left, stopping the car a few yards away from the house. I knew what awaited me, as I had thought about it all the time as I drove back, and the thought terrified me. Still, I couldn't escape forever.

I got out of the car, and went inside. The house was just as I had left it, but the kitchen smelled terribly. The fruits and vegetables I had on the counter were covered in mold and the inside of the fridge looked awful, but I left them as they were.

On the table, just where I had left them, were the discs, with my laptop still on.

I pulled the last disc from the drive, placing it on its box, and then I moved them all into the cardboard box. With trembling hands, I took them down, into the basement where I found them. I thought about burning them, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not yet.

Instead I closed the basement, and I concentrated on getting everything clean. I threw the spoiled food and I cleaned the kitchen as best as I could, until the air inside smelled of bleach. Then I picked up my phone. The battery was dead, but after charging it a million messages flooded me. Friends asking if I was okay, missed calls from my editor, tweets, Facebook alerts. I answered back the ones I could and ignored the rest.

When I opened up my email it was the same. The worst was from my editor. I called her, telling her I had a few problems but that everything was okay. She wasn't convinced, but I insisted, telling her that I was just about to get working on the book again.

And it was true, as I thought the work would help me put everything behind me. I dived into my book again, writing for as long as I could. When I wasn't writing, I cleaned the house, or I went running. I felt sore at first, as it had been a long time since the last time I exercised, but after a while I started to recover.

I thought that as long as I kept busy, I would be fine, and for a while it worked. I couldn't forget what I had seen, not again, but I could move on.

But after a while, the nightmares started to come back. I would wake up in the middle of the night, terrified as before, but this time I could remember every detail of the dreams. At first I told myself that they would soon go away, that I had to wait, but it soon became too much for me.

At night I would lie awake in my bed, too terrified to sleep, until eventually I couldn't stay awake any longer.

In the nightmares I started relieving the videos, one after the other, only this time I was my aunt, and I saw myself raping the girls, or forcing them to touch me.

With little sleep, even the day became a daydream, and I struggled to get anything done. I lagged behind the book, and I grew desperate. I thought about looking for help, maybe seeing a psychologist, but how could I tell him the real cause of my problems?

In the end, like before, I decided to endure, with the hope that it would just go away.

But it didn't. And it only grew worse when I started waking up feeling aroused and excited. I laid on my bed, unable to go back to sleep as I felt my body burning with frustration. No matter how hard I tried to, once I was up, I couldn't go back to sleep.

I tried running, taking cold shower, but nothing worked. I felt disgusted with myself, as I knew what would help me sleep again, thought I couldn't bring myself to do it.

But how long could I keep it up? Sometimes I only got a couple of hours of sleep before I woke up, feeling angry and exhausted. I sometimes cried the rest of the night, feeling trapped, until one night I couldn't take it anymore.

Like before, I woke up, covered in sweat and with my pussy dripping with arousal. I had been dreaming with a little blond girl, maybe 13 years old. I was eating out her pussy when I woke up, and for a moment, when I was only half awake, I thought I could taste her in my mouth.

When I saw the time on my clock, I started screaming in desperation, but it was useless. That night I gave in. With the lights off, I rolled onto my back, and I slipped my wet panties to one side. I started touching myself, fantasizing about one movie star or the other, but it didn't work. My mind kept drifting towards that girl, showing me her naked body in front of me.

Trembling from exhaustion, I surrendered. I concentrated on her, thinking of the taste of her breast, and her softness skin as I ran my fingers along her back. Closing my eyes, I imagined her hands between my legs. I heard myself moaning weakly, and no matter how disgusted I was, I felt my body responding. I became wetter than before, until my pussy was dripping, and my nipples poked through my tshirt. I started rolling them between my fingers, biting my lips to stop me from moaning in pleasure.

A moment later I froze in place, as I felt an orgasm exploding inside my body. Waves of pleasure rushed along me, and I shuddered on the bed, unable to control myself.

When it was over, I felt weak and feverish, but I managed to roll onto my side, and before I knew it I was asleep again.

The next morning I woke up rested for the first time in months. But I also felt disgusted with myself. How could I have done that? I felt ashamed, and as the night grew nearer I started fearing what might come. What if I had another nightmare? What would I do then?

I was trembling by the time I went to bed, and it took me a while to finally fall asleep. But a few hours later I woke up again, feeling just as aroused as the night before. I started crying again, knowing how simple it would be for me to sleep again, but I refused to give in again.

That night I couldn't go back to sleep, and the next morning I was exhausted and angry with myself. I thought it was my own fault, that I was somehow doing this to myself as a form of punishment.

As the day moved on I was restless, and like the previous night I had trouble sleeping, waking up a mere hour after I had gone to bed. This time I surrendered more easily than before. I played with myself, thinking of the girl in my dream, and before I knew it I was sleeping again.

Soon, it became a routine for me. I would go to bed, sleep one or two hours before I woke up. I would masturbate, and then I would sleep the rest of the night. I felt disgusted every morning, telling myself that it would be the last time, but the next night, when I woke up and I was faced with another sleepless night, my resolve vanished.

During the day I would sometimes daydream, frozen in the middle of whatever I was doing. I would suddenly realize I was staring at a wall, o standing still on the stairs. They were sometimes so real that I had trouble telling them apart from reality.

I started feeling a morbid fascination with them, almost waiting for the night so I could live them again. And then the dreams stopped, just as soon as they had appeared.

At first I was relieved, telling myself that it was over. But started having trouble to sleep. I would lay in bed, sometimes for hours, until I was too exhausted to think. I thought I would go crazy, that this was it, but in the back of my mind I knew what I had to do.

One morning, after another sleepless night, I dragged myself to the basement and I grabbed the box with the DVD’s again. I carried them into my bedroom, and after closing up the curtains, I undressed and I sat on the bed with the laptop in front of me.


I grabbed one of the discs at random, and as the video played in front of me I started touching myself. I watched as my aunt abused a girl of 13 or 14 years old. I heard her pleading at her to let her go, and her muffled screams as my aunt held her in place by clamping her little head between her legs. When I came, halfway down the video, I pushed the laptop away, and I went to sleep.

From that night on, I couldn't sleep without masturbating first. I tried browsing the web, looking for more normal porn in the hope that something else that would arouse me, but no matter what I tried, in the end nothing else worked. I told myself that it wasn't so bad. That I wasn't forcing them, just watching old videos.

Then I fell even deeper, when I started fantasizing about doing it in real life. I know I should have been terrified by that point. I should have told myself that it was time to look for help. That it was too much for me to deal with. But I didn’t.

Instead I started daydreaming of the things I would do if I had the chance. When I went to the town I would watch the girls walking along the streets or playing in the park, picturing them naked inside my mind. It became an obsession.

Then one day I caught myself making plans as I daydreamed. I had it all figured out. I would find a girl, take her home and then I would rape her. The only thing left was an opportunity.

I was in the kitchen, putting everything away before I went up into my room. My body was tingling in anticipation when I looked outside, and in the dim light that escaped the house, I saw something moving towards the back of the house.

It was drizzling outside, and the wind was howling. I thought that it might have been a dog or maybe a deer, so I grabbed my flashlight and I went to the back door, walking quietly. I stood still, struggling to hear anything, but the only thing outside was the wind.

Feeling slightly silly, I pushed open the door and then I jumped up into the air, screaming in panic.

“Holy shit!” I screamed as I saw a girl, standing in the doorway.

She looked back at me, her face pale and her eyes wide with panic. When I managed to breathe again, I saw that she was soaking wet, her woolen pullover hanging down from all the water and her jeans were sticking to her legs.

“What the hell are you doing walking around in the dark!” I said a moment later, suddenly angry with her. “You scared the shit out of me!”

She looked even more terrified than before, and for a moment I thought she would just ran away. But my anger faded away, and I suddenly felt pity for her. It was too cold to be outside now, and soaking wet as she was she must have been freezing.

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn't mean to say that.” I said a moment later, crouching down so as not to tower above her.

“You must be freezing cold. Why don't you come inside with me?” I said, trying to convince her. “It's warm, and we can call you mom if you want to.”

She hesitated for a moment, but then she nodded, taking my hand as I led her inside. She left a trail of muddy footprints behind her, but I didn't care. I sat her in front of my cast iron stove, and a moment later I could see steam rising from her wet clothes.

“I will make you some tea. How about that?” I said to her.

As I waited for the water to boil, I looked back at her, and I suddenly froze in place. It was too good to be true. She just appeared out of nowhere, alone, and in this night? I felt my body tingling as I watched her moving closer to the stove.

Behind me, the kettle started to boil, whistling loudly. With trembling hands I made her a cup of tea, and then I walked back towards her. She was sitting on the floor, on a small pool of water, trying to squeeze her hair dry.

“Here you go, sweetie.” I said as I kneeled on the floor next to her. “What is your name?”

She hesitated for a moment before grabbing the cup from my hands, but she still looked cold. Grabbing it in both hands, she took a sip and her face light up in pleasure.

“I am Melanie.” she said a moment later.

“Melanie. That is a beautiful name.” I said, trying not to grin. “And how old are you?”

She looked at me for a moment, her face suddenly wary as she realized she didn't know me. Trying to put her at ease, I grabbed my phone and I held it out for her.

“It's okay, I just want to help. Do you want to call you mom first?” I said to her.

She hung her head in shame a moment later, breathing deeply.

“I don't know the number.” she said sounding ashamed. “And I am 14 now.”

I felt a shiver running down my spine, but I told myself that I couldn't rush it. Instead I calmed myself, smiling warmly as I thought about what to do.

I asked her what she was doing here, alone and under the rain, and she told me that she was following her older sister and her friends on the beach when she got lost. She saw the lights of my house in the dark and she came to ask for help.

Licking my lips, I watched her once more. She was soaking wet, and it stood to reason that getting her out of those wet clothes would be good for her, right? I told her to wait for me as I ran upstairs into my room, trying to find anything that would fit her. She was way too small for anything of what I had, but I found an old tshirt that didn't fit me, some jogging pants I didn't use anymore and a woolen sweater.

After grabbing a towel from the bathroom and went back to her.

“Melanie, you're going to get sick if you stay in those wet clothes. Why don't you change into this?” I said. “I don't have anything your size, but this shouldn't be too big.”

She took them from me and after looking at them for a minute she asked me where the bathroom was.

For a moment I had fantasized that she would change in front of me, but it was a bit too much to ask. Instead I took her upstairs, leaving her alone as I went down into the kitchen. I nervously walked around my table as I waited for her.

When I heard the bathroom door opening I stood still, trying to calm myself as she walked down the stairs. My clothes looked too big on her, but I was mesmerized. She had dried her hair as best she could before pulling it behind her hair, and now that I could see her well, I saw that she was really beautiful.

She had a small round face, long brown hair and brown eyes. For a moment I stood frozen in place as I remembered one of the videos. She looked almost identical to the girl in it. If not for the fact that she should be around 35 years old now, I could have sworn it was her.

“Feeling better?” I asked her when she stopped in front of me.

She nodded shyly, handing me a ball of wet clothes.

“Good. Why don't you go by the fire again and finish your tea? I will put this in the dryer and once it's done I can take you home, okay?” I said to her.

She smiled for the first time and then I went into the kitchen. Watching behind my back to see if she was looking at me, I set her clothes on the counter, untangling them and putting them into the dryer. There, still inside her pants, I found her panties. They were white, with a pink trim all around, and I started trembling as I watched them.

They were soaking wet with water, but it didn't matter. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply as I held then in front of my nose. They still smelled like her. A musky mix of sweat and soap.

Before she could realize anything, I shoved it all in the drier and set it to run. After calming myself a little, I went back to the living room.

She was sitting by the stove, her back towards me, and I started shuddering as I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. Images flashes in front of my eyes, scenes I had seen in the videos, and it took all the self control I had to stay still. I knew that if I rushed it, I would only lose my chance, or worse, end it in jail.

Instead I sat next to her, watching her with a smile as she finished her tea.

“Once your clothes are dry I will take you home, ok?” I said to her, and she nodded eagerly.

She looked away, and an uncomfortable silence formed between us. Outside the rain kept falling, harder than before, and I felt nervous.

“So. Why did your sister leave you alone in the rain?” I finally asked her.

She looked at me again, biting her lower lip. Then she told me that she had been following them all day, but that when they saw her they called her a baby and they started running.

“You don't look like a baby to me, Melanie.” I said, trying to make her feel comfortable.

“Thanks.” she said, smiling shyly.

Then she looked behind me, pointing with one hand.

“Are all those yours?” she asked.

On the wall behind me there were a few shelves, full of books. They were all the books I had read since I was a little girl, all the way through college and into today. It was quite a big collection, and most of them were fantasy and horror stories.

“Well, not mine, but I bought them. I am a writer though.” I said without turning around.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes! I write a lot of things, but what I love most are horror stories!” I said, and a moment later I froze.

She was too young. What if she didn't like horror stories? It would only push her away. I was cursing myself for being so stupid when her eyes light up.

“Ohhhh, that is so cool! I love horror stories! Especially the really scary ones!” she said excitedly.

Turns out that she was a big fan, just like I had been at her age, and while she hadn't read my book, she told me she would love to read it. I got up, picking one of the copies I had along with a pen, and I signed it for her on the cover, adding my Facebook contact on the bottom.

“This one is for you. And once you finish it you can tell me if you liked it.” I said, giving it to her.

She took it with a big smile, and wrote me her own Facebook contact on a piece of paper, telling me she would start as soon as she got home.

We talked about books and movies we liked for a while, until Melanie finally opened up. She told me about her sister and her dad, how her mother had killed herself when she was little, where she lived, and how much she loved reading. She named a couple of her favorite books, and I managed to remember the plot of one of them. She looked at me, surprised, as I told her my favorite part.

Half an hour later. the drier bell ringed through the house, and Melanie looked at me, suddenly shy again.

“I think I should be going now. It’s getting late.” she said.

I wanted to keep her there, but I couldn't. I told myself that it would take time, that if I rushed it I would fuck it up. So instead I got up, holding out my hand for her.

“Sure. Go and get changed and I will drive you.” I said.

After picking up her clothes from the drier, she went upstairs to change, and a few minutes later we were driving in the rain towards her house.

She didn't live far from me, but there were no direct roads, so I had to drive across the whole town.

When we finally arrived, I parked the car outside, and sat looking at her.

“Here you are. Now, promise me you will write me when you have a chance. And remember, don't tell anyone you were with me, okay?” I said to her. “You will only get into trouble if you do.”

She nodded, clutching the book to her chest, and after a quick kiss on my cheek she ran towards her house.

When I drove away I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I wondered if she would write back, or if I had made a mistake by not taking advantage of her right there. But it was too late to change my mind.

I went back to my house, and after watching the video were I raped Aline, I quickly fell asleep, dreaming of her.

It took a few days until I heard from her again. I was very nervous, and concentrating on anything was extremely hard. I kept checking Facebook to see if she had left me a message, but for a long time she didn’t. I had her contact name, and I had checked what was publicly available on her profile, but I didn't want to add her first, thinking that it would be a bit creepy.

Finally, on the third day, just when I was about to send her a friend request, I got hers instead. Feeling elated, we started chatting that same night. She told me she had finished my book, but that she had to read the last part with the lights on as she was too scared to do it in the dark. I could almost imagine her, sitting on her bed with her pajamas, trembling in fear.

Like the first night, we started talking about books, and her school. She told me about her friends, which she didn't like much, and how little she saw her dad as he was always with his friends drinking or at work.

We became friends very quickly, and soon I was spending more time chatting with her over Facebook than working on my book. I started sending her my short stories, the ones I had written when I was in college, or the ones I wrote under other people's names. She started sending me pictures of her in school or in her room.

There was nothing sexual about it, not for her. Sending a selfie to a friend was something she just did, but to me they were precious. I watched them all the time, keeping them at hand whenever I masturbated, and that was becoming more frequent all the time.

Of course I wanted more, but I couldn't just ask her to get naked for me. Instead I became her friend, until she opened up every secret she had with me.

Finally, after a couple of weeks, I saw an opportunity. She told me she had to get a new pair of jeans, as she had ripped her when she fell from her bike, and I told her I could buy her a pair, just as a present. She sounded unsure at first, but I convinced her, and we finally met in the shopping mall.

She was wearing a pair of old battered jeans, ripped at her knees, and a white t shirt that hugged her body. I stood to one side, watching her for a few minutes until I walked up to her.

She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted, so 15 minutes later we were walking outside with her new jeans in a bag. Not wanting for it to end so soon, I took her to the food court and we spent the afternoon chatting and laughing.

After that it became easier to see her, and I started walking along the lake or in the forest. We went shopping from time to time, and we would spend hours while she tried different shoes or clothes. I would watch her after she came out from the changing room, smiling as I told her how good it looked on her.

I got more and more comfortable being with her, until one day, as we were passing in front of one of the shops, I pointed at a red dress that was on display.

“Wow, look at that.” I said, pointing it. “I bet you would look beautiful in it.”

She turned red when I told her she should try it, but after a while I managed to convince her and I waited outside the changing room as she tried it on.

A few minutes later she came out, and I was stunned. She looked gorgeous in it, and for a moment I didn't know what to say.

“Wow…” I mumbled when I saw the sales girl looking at me uncomfortably.

The dress itself was gorgeous. The top ended just over her breast, though there was a lacy layer above all, that went around her neck like a shirt, and the bottom was layered. Whenever she moved it bounced around, drawing my eyes towards her.

It wasn't that revealing, I thought. The skirt ended just over her knees, but she wasn't used to wearing a dress.

“It looks gorgeous, Melanie. Do you like it?” I asked her a moment later.

“Yeah, it's pretty.” she said, sounding a bit doubtful. “But it's a bit expensive.”

I waited a few seconds, so as not to sound so eager, and then I smiled.

“Oh, don't worry about it. It will be a gift from me, if you want it that is…” I said, crossing my fingers.

It took a while, but I managed to convince her again, and once we were out I also bought her a pair of black knee high boots and black panty hose. She kept thanking me all the time as she carried the bags towards my car.

“It's not a problem. Just promise me you will send me a picture of how it all looks when you got home.” I told her.

That night she sent me the picture, and I told her how pretty she was as I masturbated in front of the computer until the key were sticky with my juices.

The next week I took her to a restaurant I knew on one of the neighbor towns. She wore the dress and the boots I bought her, and I wore a black dress that I had bought for my first book presentation. We sat on a table outside enjoying a beautiful night, eating and laughing for what felt like hours. She was just gorgeous, and as we talked my mind was racing, wondering how I would take everything one step further.

When we got to the car, it was only 9 pm. I looked at her for a moment, thinking of how to invite her to my house without making it creepy.

“Do you think your dad will get angry if you get home at midnight?” I asked her. “We could go back to my home to watch a movie...”

“Sure. It's a Friday so he is probably already drunk at the bar. We have time.” she said.

We climbed onto the car and I drove towards my house, trembling in anticipation. She asked me a few times what movie we were going to see, but I kept quiet, smiling as she begged me to know.

When we got to the house she ran towards the living room, throwing herself onto the couch as I went to the bookshelf, searching for a movie I had seen a few months ago. It took a while, as my aunt’s handwriting was small and hard to read, but I finally found it.

“Ta da!” I said, holding the box in one hand. “The Orphanage. It's a bit old, so I am pretty sure you haven't seen this one yet.”

“Ohhhh, what is it a about?” she asked, getting comfortable on the couch.

“Nooo, no spoilers. Just sit and watch.” I said.

I plugged my laptop into the TV my aunt had in the living room and then I turned around.

Melanie was sitting on the couch, her legs folded under her body as she hugged one of the cushions. The dress had climbed up her legs, showing most of her pantyhose.

“You are going to ruin the couch like that. No shoes!” I said as the movie started playing behind me. “Here, let me do it.”

I kneeled on the floor in front of her, taking her feet and sliding her boots off. I ran my fingers over her black pantyhose, shivering as I felt the nylon under my skin, but she didn't seem to notice. Her eyes were already glued to the screen.

I turned off the lights, and after taking off my own shoes, I sat down next to her. She moved a little closer to me, pressing her hips against mine thought she didn't seem to realize that.

I laid back, watching the screen, though I hardly paid any attention to what was happening. All my senses were on Melanie. I could feel her body heat as she moved closer and closer to me, and her perfume was intoxicating.

As the movie moved forwards, she started wailing in fear with every jump scare, until she threw her cushion away and she pressed her body against mine, hugging me and burying her face against my chest.

I hugged her back, burying my face in her hair and breathing deeply. By the time the movie was over she was trembling in my arms, but she was also smiling.

“Did you like it?” I asked her as I turned on the lights again.

“Yeah! It was so cool!” she said as she laid on the couch, stretching herself like a cat.

For a moment I was about to tell her to stay, but I felt it was too fast again. Cursing myself I drove her to her house like the last time and I went back. The house smelled faintly of her, and as I watched the couch I could almost imagine her naked body on it.

After that, she started coming to the house more frequently. At first I was too scared to try anything, but with time I grew comfortable. When we watched a movie she would always touch me in some way. If it was a horror movie, she usually sat right next to me, pressing her back against me. If it was a comedy she would sit on the other side, her back against the armrest and her feet on my lap. I would spend the movie massaging her feet with a big smile on my face.

From time to time she stayed for dinner too. I would make Mac and Cheese, her favorite, and we would sit in the kitchen table to eat as she told me about her day.

One night, feeling a little more adventurous than usual, I opened a bottle of white wine, pouring a glass for me before I showed it to her.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked her.

She looked at me, doubt all over her face as she held her empty glass in one hand.

“Come one, just a little bit, and we can add some sparkling water to make it softer.” I said.

She finally agreed, and I poured her just a little bit of wine that I cut down in half with the sparkling water. I placed the bottle on the table and I took a seat, grabbing my own cup.

“Try it, come on.” I said, sipping from mine.

She breathed deeply, and then she took a sip. It was a pretty sweet wine, and with the sparkling water it must have been very similar to a soda. I saw her licking her lips and then she hummed in satisfaction.

“Its tasty!” she said a moment later, taking another sip.

“Yeah.” I said.

“You know, my dad used to give me red wine with sparkling water when I was little. It used to drive my mother crazy.” I said as I closed my eyes for a second. “She would start telling him how he had ruined the wine, and all that. She was a very uptight French, and my dad was a very laid back Italian.”

I saw her glass was empty again, so told her she could have more if she wanted. I smiled when I saw her pouring herself a little more than before.

The rest of the meal went over quietly, and by the end I was feeling bold from all the wine. When she finished eating I got up, grabbing her hand and I took her to the couch, taking her glass with her.

“Do you want to play a game?” I said to her as we sat on the couch.

She took another sip of wine before nodding.


“I am pretty sure you have played this one before, so, how about Truth or Dare?” I said, feeling as my face got red.

For a moment I feared she would say no, but she nodded enthusiastically and I let her go first. She was innocent, as only a child could, and I always answered her questions. She asked me about my parents and my aunt. About my friend and places I had been.

I, on the other hand, had a very clear idea of where I wanted to get, so I asked her different questions. I asked her if she had kissed a boy before, which she told me she had, and how many boyfriends she had in the past. She turned red with shame as she told me that there had been two boys, both classmates.

I later asked her if she had seen a boy naked before, and she turned so red I started laughing, but in the end she told me she had, once during a sleepover. She said she was staying at a friend's house a few years ago, and she went into the bathroom without knowing. Her friend’s brother was just coming out of the shower and he saw her naked before she managed to slam the door closed.

When she realized my tactic, she started choosing a dare, and I told her to run to the beach and back in the dark, or to drink more wine. We were laughing all the time, and when it became my time again I was ready.

“Truth or dare?” I asked her.

She looked at me for a moment, her face twisting in concentration, before she made up her mind.

“Dare! No! Truth, truth!” she said laughing.

My mouth felt as dry as a desert, so I took another sip of wine. It was now or never, I said to myself, before breathing deeply.

“Have you ever been with a boy?” I managed to say after a moment.

She looked at me in shock before she laughed nervously.

“What?” She said, smiling uncomfortably. “Can I get a dare instead?”

“Nooooo, that is not how it works!” I said, throwing one of the cushions at her.

She moved away quickly, laughing as it sailed past her, and then she kicked me in my hips.

I acted hurt, but it had been just a bump. Even then, it was all I needed. I rose quickly, falling over her as she tried to get away. Despite the wine, or maybe because of it, I grabbed her hands, pressing them against the couch as I sat on her stomach.

She started struggling while she laughed, telling me to get off, but I grabbed both her wrist in one hand and I used the other to tickle her mercilessly. Tears ran down her face as she begged me to stop, kicking uselessly into the air.

As she struggled to get free, I felt her hips rubbing between my legs and my dress rode up my hips, leaving my panties in plain view. She was laughing so hard that her face started turning a deep purple color. When I realized that she couldn't breathe, I stopped thought I still held her in place.

“You cheater!” I said as I watched her from above.

My hair was hanging down around her head and my face was inches from hers. I could feel her warm breath on my lips, and a shiver ran down my spine as I felt her moving under me.

“You look so pretty…” I whispered.

I completely lost it then. I moved closer to her and I kissed her lips. She stood frozen in place at first, but a moment later she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her, tasting the wine and the pasta as she kissed me back clumsily.

It must have lasted a few seconds at most, but it seemed to go forever. Then she turned her face away.

“Stop… Please…” she whispered.” Her voice musky and full of fear.

I stood back, releasing her arms before I got off her. She rubbed her wrists as she looked away in shame.

“I am sorry, Melanie. I don't know why I did that…” I stammered a moment later, feeling as everything collapsed around me.

“It's okay…” she said a moment later, but I knew it wasn't.

I told her I would take her home, and she waited for me in the car as I searched for the keys.

The drive back was pure torture. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was, to ask her to forgive me. I cursed myself for rushing it, but I kept quiet. Sitting next to me, she spent the whole trip looking of her window until we got to her house.

“Bye” she said before getting out.

No kiss, no see you tomorrow. Nothing. I watched her getting into her house and when the door closed I lost it.

“Fuuuuuuck!” I screamed as I slammed the wheel with my hands. “Imbecile! How could I do something so stupid!”

I drove back to my house, crying softly as I realized I had thrown away all the trust I had with her.

It was a long night, and I didn't get much sleep, but the next day was even worse. I wanted to give her time, hoping against all odds that she had just been scared. But the afternoon came and I hadn't heard anything from her. At times I was nervous, and other I was just angry with her for being so childish. But in the end I just wanted to talk to her again.

When I finally got a message from her, I almost cried.

She said that she was sorry for leaving like that, that she had been scared when I kissed her. I told her that it was okay, that I understood. We talked a little after that, but it seemed forced and it just made me feel uncomfortable.

Wanting to see her again, I invited her to have dinner and she said yes. I arranged to pick her up near her house and a few minutes later I was driving towards her.

When we were back in the house she seemed uncomfortable to be around me. She was wearing jeans and a sweater I had given her as a gift a long time ago. She looked to beautiful that I wanted to kiss her again, but I knew she needed space.

She sat in the kitchen while I made us something to eat and she slowly opened up again. By the time our dinner was ready she looked like her old self again, though I still felt a little nervous.

We ate quickly, eager to go to the living room and we sat to watch yet another horror movie. Like before, she curled up against me and I hugged her, breathing her perfume once more. I felt better after that, and I was finally able to relax.

When it was over, she picked another one, and I looked at her for a moment. We never saw two movies in a row, as it would become too late for her, but I knew better than to say anything.

When the second movie was over I turned off the TV and we stayed on the couch, tangled together like two lovers. She seemed uncomfortable again, though.

“I never did tell you…” she said a moment later.

I looked at her, not knowing what she meant, until I remembered what had happened before the kiss.

“That's okay, you don't have to tell me if you don't want.” I said.

“No, that is okay, I don't want to be a cheater.” she said smiling.

“I haven't, not yet… you know, been with a boy.” she said, her voice barely a whisper. “I am afraid it's going to hurt too much.”

Her face was a deep shade of red and when I looked into her eyes she turned away, looking uncomfortable.

“Oh, Melanie. It doesn't have to be like that.” I said, caressing her hair.

“I mean, mine was pretty bad, and I was pretty scared afterwards, but it was just because he was just a brute. He cared only for himself, and he didn't really know what he was doing either.”

That was a lie, actually. I had been surprised when I had my first time, or what I thought was my first time, because I hadn't felt any pain and I didn't bled either. It was only last year that I discovered why. My first time had been when I was 13, with my aunt and her strapon. But I wasn't going to tell her that.

“But of course, it doesn't have to be that way. If you find someone who loves you, that cares for you, it can be a wonderful experience. You just have to find the right boy…” I said.

“Or girl…” I whispered a second later.

She looked at me, her eyes shining as she licked her lips.

“Yes, I know.” she said.

I felt my heart beating wildly inside my chest as I realized that this was my chance. I looked at the clock hanging from the kitchen wall. It was almost midnight, maybe this was the moment I had been waiting.

“It’s getting late. It’s time I took you home.” I said, wishing she would understand what I meant.

“There is no rush. My dad is away for the weekend, he went fishing with his friends, and my sister doesn't even care where I am.” she said, looking out the window. “Maybe I can spend the night here. We can watch another movie, if you want.”

I swallowed nervously. I could swear that I knew what she was telling me, but I couldn't just ask her.

“Sure, if you want I can prepare the guest bedroom for you.” I said hoping my voice wouldn't crack.

“Oh, sure.” she said, but she sounded disappointed.

“Or, you can sleep on my bed… if you want.” I couldn't even breathe then. I just looked at her.

“Okay.” she said while she smiled.

I had to control myself, but I managed not to smile too creepily as I filled with joy.

There was no third movie that night. A few minutes after she decided to stay, Melanie told me she was tired. We went upstairs, and while she used the bathroom I searched in my closet for a tshirt that would server her as a pajama.

When I found one, I knocked on the door, and she opened it just enough to grab it. I went to the bedroom, waiting nervously for her to finish. But I was too restless, and before I drove myself crazy I decided to go back downstairs.

I locked the door and the windows, something that I never did before, and I turned off all the lights. I grabbed a big candle from the bookshelves and I light it. Warm light filled the living room and then I heard the bathroom door opening.

“You can use the bathroom now if you want.” she said from the first floor. “I will be in the bedroom.”

I almost ran up the stairs, blowing up the candle in the process, but I had the lighter with me. I set it on the sink and I brushed my teeth, before I undressed. I had the shirt I used to sleep on hanging behind the door, so I undressed and I slipped it on.

Before leaving I noticed Melanie's clothes, neatly folded on the floor. I couldn't resist the urge to check them, and I felt my blood freezing inside me when I found her bra there. There were no panties, though, but that would have been too much.

I picked up the candle again, and I carried it into the room. The lights were off, but by the light it gave I saw Melanie's form under the duvet, and when I set the candle on the dresser, she looked up.

I was too nervous to say anything, so I slipped under the duvet, feeling her warmth. I moved a trembling hand towards her, until I found her arm and when she didn't say anything I moved closer, until I was pressed against her back.

From up close I could hear her breathing quickly, and as I slipped one arm under her neck I kissed the back of her head.

“Have you… you know?” she asked me.

Hugging her closer I thought about the first time I had seen myself in the videos. How I had licked my aunt’s pussy, how I had fucked her with the dildo…

“Yes…” I whispered. “turn around, face down.” I said as I moved a little back.

She did as I said, and I pushed the duvet away. Climbing on top of her, I sat on her ass and I started massaging her back. I could hear her purring in pleasure a moment later, and I smiled.

“Why don't you take off that shirt?” I asked her.

“Okay.” she said, before she slipped it off.

Wearing only her panties, she laid on the bed again, and I watched her naked back for the first time. I was too afraid to move at first, but as I started massaging her back again and I felt her soft skin under my hands, I finally relaxed.

I took my time, working her back as best as I could, until she seemed to melt away under me. Then I moved to one side, and I told her to roll over.

With her eyes closed, she laid face up, showing me her small breasts for the first time. They were two small orbs, the size of oranges, and they looked so delicious. Sitting next to her, I started massaging her legs and her stomach. I was terrified that she would run at any moment, as I could see her trembling ever so slightly, but I couldn't control myself.

Working from her stomach, I started moving in circles, going wider and wider, until I got to her breasts. I grabbed one, kneading it softly until I saw her nipple getting hard and then I did the same with the other.

She was still silent, but I saw her moving her legs slightly apart, and I knew what she wanted.

I moved a little further down the bed, so I could get a better view of her crotch, and I started moving in circles again, this time going lower, until my hands were caressing her mons over her panties. I could barely feel her pubic hair under the fabric.

Her mouth hung open and her face was twisted in concentration, as I slowly moved downwards, until my fingers were dancing between her legs. Her panties were already moist over her pussy and I felt my body tingling in anticipation.

“Raise your hips…” I whispered, and a moment later she did as I said.

I grabbed her panties, and I slowly pulled them down, leaving her naked.

A soft fuzz of hair sat above her mons, the same color of her hair. I ran my fingers between it, caressing her skin as she moved her legs further apart.

Then I moved two fingers down, between her legs, until they slipped between her lips. She was already wet, and I couldn't resist myself. I took my fingers into my mouth, savoring her pussy for the first time. Her juices tasted musky and salty, and as I closed my eyes I licked my fingers clean.

Then I went back between her legs, moving my fingers up and down slowly as I fondled her breasts with the other.

“Relax, Melanie…” I said as I kept playing with her pussy.

Her only response was a weak whimper as I pushed one of my fingers deeper inside her. With only the tip inside, I could feel the tightness of her virgin pussy and I had to control myself.

There were two side of me right then, one that wanted to rape her savagely, until she was bleeding and crying, and the other that just wanted to savor her body for as long as possible.

Moving closer to her body, I leaned forward and I took her breasts into my mouth, sucking her nipples between gently between my lips.

She started moaning, and I pushed my finger a little deeper, moving it in and out of her pussy as I grew bolder. It was still tight, but I felt her loosening up, and I knew what would make it easier.

“Stay still.” I whispered into her ears as I moved between her legs.

I slipped of my shirt, throwing it away and then I lifted her legs, resting them on my back as I leaned forwards, until her pussy was in front of my face. I had waited so long for this, that for a moment I didn't know what to do.

But it didn't last long. Before she could realize what I was doing, I moved closer and I started licking her pussy. I felt her body trembling and a moment later her hands landed on my head, pushing me away.

I grabbed her hips in one hand, holding her down until she stopped pushing.

“Ohhhhhh… god….” she moaned a moment later, her hands gripping the bed sheets.

Free to work, I kept licking her pussy, running my tongue between her pussy lips until she was dripping wet, and then I sucked her juices greedily. Slipping one hand under her legs, I rested on finger over her tiny clit, and then I slipped my index finger inside her.

It was noticeably looser, and I moved it deeper than before, until my whole finger disappeared inside her.

“How does that feel, Melanie?” I asked her when I pulled back to breathe.

But she was too lost in her own pleasure to hear me, and with a smile on my face I returned to where I was. Once I thought she was ready, I started fucking her with my finger, moving as slow as I could. I heard her wince in pain a few times, but she never told me to stop, and after a while she was moaning loudly.

Her hands returned to my head, but this time she was pulling me closer, until my face was pressed against her pussy. I slipped my finger inside her, sucking hard until I heard her whimpering, and then I knew she was ready.

“It will hurt a little, Melanie, just wait until it passes, okay?” I asked her.

I waited until I saw her nodding, and then I pulled my hand out. I started sucking her clit while I stretched on hand towards her breasts, fondling them softly, and then I slipped two fingers inside her.

She lifted her hips in reflex, and I heard her moans turning from pleasure to pain. But it was gone in an instant, and I pushed her down against the bed once more, my mouth never leaving her pussy.

I started fucking her with my fingers again, moving them slowly as she started to get used to it.

The was just a hint of blood as I sucked her pussy, but I hoped that the pain hadn't been too bad. I concentrated on her pleasure, desperate to make her cum, and a few minutes later I felt her body tensing again.

“Ughhhhh!” She grunted as she strained against me.

I saw her muscles pulling hard all over her body and then she finally lost it.

She moaned loudly, her hips bucking like crazy as I pushed my fingers as deep as I could. Waves after waves of pleasure rocked her little body until she just collapsed on the bed, her breathing hard and uneven.

“No! No! No… stop! Please!” she said as her eyes shot open.

I moved back, knowing that she was just sensitive after her orgasm, and I sat on the bed, watching her as she recovered. She kept moaning weakly, her body shuddering from time to time, until she fell asleep.

With a smile on my face, I wiped my face on the sheets, and with the taste of her pussy still in my mouth I laid next to her, pressing my back tightly against hers.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still hugging her naked body against mine. She was snoring softly, and I didn't want to wake her up, but my arm was under her head and I couldn't feel it anymore.

“Melanie… time to wake up.” I whispered into her ears until she started to move.

I had to grit my teeth as blood rushed back into my arm, but it only lasted for a few moment before it turned into a dull throb.

When Melanie was finally awake, she looked at me, and then she looked shyly away when she realized we were both still.

“Did you rest well last night?” I asked her with a smile.

She told me she had, and with her face turning red, that she had liked what I had done to her. I told her it had been a pleasure, and though she didn't seem to be in a rush, I told her to get dressed and to come downstairs for some breakfast.

I hadn't felt that happy in a long time, and for the first time in months I felt satisfied.

I made us some toast and tea, and just as the water started to boil I heard her coming down the stairs. She was wearing the tshirt I had given her yesterday, and now I could see that it was just barely long enough to cover her ass.

She took her plate to the table, and we ate in silence. From time to time she would look up at me, smiling shyly before she looked away, and I couldn't help but smile back.

When it was over, I sat across from her, looking into her brown eyes as I waited for her to say something, but she remained quiet.

“So… do you want to try something new?” I finally asked her.

“Yessss! I thought you wouldn't want to!” she said enthusiastically.

I grabbed her hand and I led her towards my room, but she started to run when we got to the bottom of the stairs. She looked back once, and then she climbed the steps, two at a time. From below I could see her naked pussy as she ran, and I followed her as fast as I could.

When I got to my room, she was sitting on the bed, her back resting against the headboard and her legs folded against her chest. She was naked too, so I could see her pussy from the door, though she didn't seem to realize that.

I walked confidently towards her, sitting by the bed as she watched me nervously.

This time I knew that she wanted this, so I told her to lie down and I started kissing her passionately. Her lips were the sweetest thing I had tasted, and I lost myself in them as she started caressing my body.

I stopped long enough to take my clothes off, and once I was naked like her, I laid on the bed and I started touching her again. She was already wet and my fingers slipped easily inside her pussy, until she was moaning softly.

“Melanie, I want you to touch me like I am touching you, okay?” I asked her.

She nodded weakly, and I took her hand in mine, guiding her towards my pussy. When her fingers first touched me, I felt a bolt of pleasure coursing through my body and I gasped in shock.

A moment later she relaxed, and I felt her hand moving between my legs, her fingers slipping easily inside my wet pussy. When I managed to focus my eyes again, I saw her watching me intently.

“Harder. You won't hurt me.” I told her as I kept touching her.

I felt her pushing another finger inside me, but it wasn't enough. She was still too gentle for me, and I knew it would take me forever to cum like that. After all that time waiting, I wanted it now, and I knew how to get it.

“Wait, wait…” I told her as I caught my breath.

I got up from the bed as she watched without knowing what was happening. From my dresser I got out my magic wand, and with it in hand, I went back to the bed.

She looked at the wand in wonder, obviously not knowing what it was used for. Looking into her eyes, I turned it on and it started vibrating softly. The buzzing filled the room and her eyes shot open.

“Lie down, let me show you how it feels.” I told her as I moved back, giving her room.

I lowered the power until the tip was vibrating more gently, and then I moved between her legs.

“Just relax…” I told her as I pressed the tip against her clit.

The moment it touched her, she started shaking and trying to get away, but I held her in place as I knew the first time it would be like that. A few moments later she visibly relaxed, and she closed her eyes.

“Ohhhhhh… it tickles.” she whispered a moment later, and I smiled.

I set the wand into random mode, and it started moving erratically in my hand. If she was anything like me that would drive her crazy.

Now that she was ready, I made myself comfortable between her legs and I moved closer, until our pussy's were close to each other. Then I moved even closer, and placing the tip of the wand between us, I pressed it hard against her.

I felt the vibrations running through my body as I pushed my hips against her, and soon Melanie was doing the same. When I managed to open my eyes I saw her fondling her own breasts and then I pushed the power up one level higher.

The buzzing grew faster and more urgent, and I heard Melanie's breathing getting faster too, until she was hyperventilating. Her face was twisted in concentration and a soft whine was escaping her throat.

A moment later I finally came, and my whole body tensed as it tried to pull itself together. I couldn't control my hands, and the wand just slipped between my fingers, landing on the bed under my ass. It kept vibrating as I shuddered in pleasure.

Then I heard Melanie screaming as she too came. When I managed to recover again, she was lying on the bed, her legs wide open and her arm draped over her eyes. Her pussy was dripping wet and the sheets under her ass were already sticky with her juices.

I turned off the vibrator and I sat on the bed, watching as she recovered from her second orgasm. I thought she looked so sweet then, as she tried to recover her breath. But most of all because she was finally mine.

After that, we started spending as much time together as we could. We still watched movies and had dinner together, but now every night we were together we would have sex. As time went on I started trying new things with her, and she was always eager to please me, no matter what I wanted.

She learned how to suck my pussy, how to finger me and how I liked to have my asshole touched when she was doing it. But I always wanted more, and soon our relationship turned into one of dominant and submissive, almost without me thinking about it.

I felt drunk with power, and I kept pushing her all the time, thought I was still careful to go slow.

A few months after that first night I took her out to the same restaurant as before. She was wearing her red dress and the black boots, and as we drove I kept telling her all the things I would do to her once we got back. By the time we arrive at the restaurant, she was so horny that she wanted to go straight back to my house.

Laughing sweetly, I told her that we would first have a nice dinner, and then I took her hand as I lead her inside.

I had arranged for a table outside, with a view to the lake. It was colder than last time, and I saw her arms covered in goose bumps by the time the waitress had brought the menu.

As she tried to decided what to eat, I looked around, but it was still early and there wasn't a lot of people around, so I took a chance to play a little with her.

“Give me your panties.” I ordered as she read the menu.

She looked at me, confused for a moment, and then her face turned red as she looked around. There was a couple sitting a few tables to one side, and a lone man reading a book on the other. No one seemed to be paying us any attention though.

“What? Like now?” she asked me, her voice barely a whisper.

“Yes. Now, before I decide you are being naughty again.” I said to her.

I saw her face suddenly turn pale as she remembered last night. We had been having dinner when I told her to get naked. When she refused I pushed her on the table and I spanked her ass a couple of time, leaving it red and sore.

She hung her head in surrender, and after looking around once more, she lifted her ass from her seat, just enough for her to pull her panties down, and she slipped them off.

Hiding them in one trembling hand, she pushed them across the table towards me. I took them from her with a smile, and then I left them on the table, just by our wine bottle. She looked at me in panic, but I held her gaze, until she turned her eyes away in defeat.

A moment later our waitress returned with our food and I saw Melanie's face turning even redder than before, but if she saw her panties on the table, she didn't say a word.

We ate quietly, making small talk and watching the lake as the sky turned black, and when she was about to finish her dish, I checked my purse for a little surprise I had planned to give her.

“Come with me.” I told her as I walked towards the bathroom. The place was busier now, with just a few empty tables, but the bathroom was mercifully empty when we entered.

I took her hand and I led her into one of the stalls, telling her to turn around and to bend over. She looked miserably at me, and for a moment it looked like she would say something, but in the end she turned around and she did as I said, keeping her hands on the wall.

I pulled her dress up, leaving her pussy in plain view, and from my purse I took out a trio of chinese balls. They were made of hard black rubber, with a solid piece joining them together, and in the end, a small ring.

I held them up for her when she turned her head around, and the look of panic on her face was priceless.

“Noooo! Please, not here!” she begged me, but I shushed her.

I licked my fingers and I ran them along her pussy lips. It wasn't really necessary, as she was already wet enough, so I took the smallest ball and I pushed it inside her. She gasped as it moved in, but she held still, as she knew I didn't like to tell her twice.

Then I pushed the second one in, and finally the biggest one disappeared inside her, leaving only the ring sticking out between her legs

I pulled her dress down, and after making sure it looked okay, I kissed her lips and I opened the door.

“Don't let it fall…” I warned her as I turned around, and without another word, I left her in the bathroom and I returned to our table.

She came back a minute later, her face covered in sweat and walking slowly. When she got to the table, she grabbed the edge and then she sat without really realizing her mistake until it was too late. I saw her gasping as the balls moved inside her, and she had to push her hand against her mouth to avoid screaming.

I called our waitress again a few minutes later, and I ordered us some dessert. Chocolate mousse for me and a banana split for her. She looked miserable as she ate silently, but I told her we wouldn’t leave until she finished and that seemed to do the trick.

A few minutes later, she pushed her empty plate away and she looked pleadingly towards me. How I loved to see her squirm, I thought then.

“Ahhhh, not yet…” I told her.

I pointed at her panties, still on the table, and she looked at me without knowing what I meant.

She looked so sweet when she was confused, that I couldn't help myself. I got up from the table, grabbing them and bunching them into a small ball. Then I stood next to her and when she opened her mouth to ask me what I was doing I shoved them inside her mouth.

“Shhhhh. Keep your mouth closed and no one will know. Now come, let's go.” I said.

She followed me quietly towards our car, but just as we were about to exit the hostess appeared besides us, wishing us a good night. I stopped in place, looking at Melanie as her face filled with panic. This time she knew what I meant.

A moment later her face turned red again, and she looked at the hostess, who was looking at us uncomfortably.

“Oooou ighttt.” she mumbled with her panties still in her mouth.

The hostess looked at her without knowing what to do, and before she could say anything else we were outside, heading towards the car.

Once there, I held the door open for her and she climbed quickly, shutting the door behind her as her face burned with shame. I walked lazily towards the driver side as my body tingled in excitement, and when I was inside I saw her spitting out her panties.

“No, not yet.” I told her, and thought she looked about to complain again, she took them into her mouth once more.

I turned on the car, and when we were on the road I opened up the glove box. My magic wand was in there, and when she saw it she started shaking her head in fear.

“Put on your seat belt first, Melanie.” I told her.

She clipped herself in, and with a look of fear in her eyes she grabbed the wand in her hands. A moment later a loud buzzing filled the car and I saw her pulling her dress up. Despite her protests, her pussy was soaking wet and when she pressed the tip of the wand against it she started moaning loudly.


I kept my eyes on the road, but it wasn't easy. From time to time I looked at her, smiling in satisfaction as I saw her body responding. Her nipples poked through her dress and he pussy got even wetter, until there was a dark stain on the seat under her ass. She was also gripping the door handle so hard that I could hear the plastic cracking.

By then I knew her body well enough to know when she was close, so I waited a little more and then I stretched my hand, hooking my finger inside the ring that was still sticking out her pussy. With one quick pull, I yanked the three balls out of her and a moment later I saw her cumming. She screamed wildly into her panties, squirming in her seat as the world exploded around her.

When it was finally over she collapsed into her seat with a big smile on her face and the wand slipped of her fingers, landing on the floor. I had to pull over to turn it off, as Melanie was too far gone to hear me.

I drove all the way to the house while she recovered, and once there, I finally told her take the panties out of her mouth. They were soaking wet with saliva, so she carried them inside before she dropped them next to the washing machine.

I paid no attention to her, as she knew what I wanted now. Instead I went to the kitchen, where I poured myself a generous glass of wine. I took a small sip as I walked towards the couch, were Melanie was waiting me. She was kneeling on the floor, completely naked.

When she saw me walking, she smiled eagerly and I sat in front of her, my legs at either side of her body. Without another word, she pushed my dress up to my hips. I hadn't wore any panties that night, so I just moved my hips forwards, until they were just on the edge of the couch.

Breathing deeply, she looked into my eyes, waiting for my approval, and when I nodded, she buried her face between my legs.

Far were her first clumsy attempt at eating my pussy. Now she was quite skilled, and whenever I wanted it to last I had to concentrate hard, or she would make me cum in minutes.

As her tongue buried itself inside my pussy, I laid back, sipping from the wine glass and stroking her hair.

“Ohhhhh…” I moaned quietly as her tongue swirled inside me.

She was getting more skilled every day, I thought with satisfaction. A few minutes later it finally became too much for me and I came, flooding her mouth with my juices. She sucked them greedily, swallowing every drop until there was no more and then she sat back, waiting for my next command.

It was a full minute later that I managed to think clearly again.

“Come here.” I told her, before I leaned forwards. I kissed her deeply, tasting my own pussy on her lips, and as she kissed back I could feel how horny she was.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked her a moment later.

She looked shyly away for a few seconds before she licked her lips.

“Uhhhh… mmmm… I wanted to try the… you know…” she mumbled.

And I knew what she meant. We had bought a new double ended dildo, as the first one I had bought ended up being too small for our taste. It had arrived yesterday afternoon, and we hadn't had time to check it until now.

Without another word, I smiled warmly at her and then I took her hand, leading her towards the stairs. As usual she started running ahead of me, taking two or three steps at a time as she ran eagerly towards the bedroom while I followed her from behind.

When I got there she was waiting on the bed, laying down with her arms folded under her head. I watched her ass for a moment, imagining what it would feel like to fuck her asshole, but I pushed the idea away. There was time for that on another day.

I grabbed a few thing from the dresser and then I kneeled on the bed.

Grabbing a bottle of oil, I started massaging her back as she purred with her eyes closed. Working my way slowly, I moved my hands up, towards her neck, and I concentrated on it for a minute, rubbing the oil all over her skin.

From time to time, I moved my hand under her body, squeezing her neck lightly. I could feel her tensing up, as it was still something that made her uncomfortable, but she stood still as I softly choked her.

Then I moved back and I worked her ass, kneading her asscheeks for a few minutes, while I pulled them apart harder and harder every time. I watched her asshole with lust, and when she started moving her hips in anticipation, I poured a little more oil on her ass and I started moving deeper between her legs. My fingers disappeared easily inside her and she started moaning in pleasure.

Then I took my other hand, moving it in circles around her ass, and as she started squirming I closed it more and more, until my finger was dancing around her asshole.

“Pleaseeeee…” She begged weakly a moment later.

Smiling in satisfaction, I dug into her asshole with my fingernail, pushing hard until I saw it disappearing inside her. She gasped as I moved my finger inside her, and I started working it around, loosening her up for what was to come.

A moment later I pushed a second finger inside her asshole and I knew she was ready.

From the bed, I grabbed a small anal plug that I had given her as a gift. It was a small thin cone made of hard black rubber, less than an inch in diameter at the widest and 3 inches long. I moved it between her legs, rubbing it against her asshole until it was coated in oil before I started pushing it inside her.

I loved watching it disappear inside her, and she always told me how much she loved to feel it inside her, though whenever I told her I would get a bigger one she flatly refused to listen. On the bed, Melanie was moving her hips in circles as she moaned weakly, trembling in pleasure.

I pushed the plug slowly, until the waist moved inside her. Then her asshole sucked it in the rest of the way, until the only thing visible from outside was the base.

“Do you want me to fuck you now?” I asked her.

“Yeeesssss… please...” she whispered weakly, but I wasn't planning on anything like that. Not yet at least.

I grabbed her ankles and I flipped her over without warning. She yelped in surprise, shooting her arms to the sides to try to stop me, but I slapped them away easily. Looking into her eyes I stood on the bed, and then I placed my feet at either side of her head.

She nodded eagerly, already knowing how this would end, and I crouched over her face as she grabbed my hips. I felt her tongue moving over my pussy, lapping my juices eagerly, but it didn't last long. Instead she scooted higher on the bed, until I could feel her hot breath on my asshole.

Without hesitation, her tongue started moving over it, pushing slightly as I shuddered in pleasure.

“Ohhhh, shit…. not so fast, I want it to last!” I moaned at her.

She slowed down a little, thought her tongue kept pressing against my asshole, until I relaxed and it moved inside me. Then she pushed a couple of finger inside my pussy, pushing hard until I felt her knuckled pressing against my clit.

It became too much for me. Soon I lost all the control I still had left, and I started grinding my hips against her face. It was hard to believe that she was only 14 years old, and for a brief moment some part of me reminded me that this was wrong, and that I should stop. But as I writhed in orgasmic bliss, her face buried between my legs, I pushed it away.

“Melanieeee!” I screamed into the air before I dropped on my hands.

Her pussy was just under my face, and I could see her juices dripping down onto the mattress as she pulled her legs open. I wasted no time sucking her pussy, and we lost ourselves in each other's body.

There was something raw and incredibly powerful about how I felt with her. There were times I woke up in the morning, before she did, and I just sat there watching her sleep. It took me a long time to realize that I had fallen in love with her, thought it was a somewhat weird and twisted kind of love.

A moment later I felt my orgasm rising higher and higher and I knew I was close. I rose again, sitting with all my weight on her face, and I held her down as she started struggling, desperate to breathe. Her tongue was still moving inside my asshole, making me shudder as she knew that I wouldn't let go of her until I came.

It was a few more seconds until my pleasure finally crested and everything around me disappeared. Bright light filled my eyes and I felt my whole body burning as I rocked violently. Melanie’s hands grabbed my hips, keeping me in place when I started to fall, and for a moment I thought it would never end.

But soon enough it was over, and I fell to one side, clutching my pussy as I laughed. Behind me I could hear Melanie breathing desperately as she tried to recover.

It took me a while to open my eyes again, but when I did Melanie laying next to me, watching me intently. Her mouth was still shiny with my juices and her cheeks were red. She smiled sweetly before looking away, too shy to say what we both knew she wanted.

“I will be right back.” I finally said, rolling off the bed.

I went to the dresser again, and from the top drawer I grabbed the new double ended dildo. I held it in my hand, feeling how heavy and solid it was. It was L shaped, with the short bulbous end designed to be inserted into the dominants woman pussy, leaving the other end for the submissive.

The hard black rubber was shining under the rooms lights, and for a moment I started thinking that it would be too big for her body. Just as quick as it had come, though, it was gone.

Grabbing the separate harness, I went back to the bed, were Melanie was watching me.

I pulled my legs slightly apart, and then I pushed the short end inside me, gasping as the bulb stretched my pussy. It was supposed to help keep it in place, but we had gotten the harness anyways as the last one tended to slid off me from time to time, leaving us frustrated and angry.

The short end was a little over six inches long and an inch and a half in diameter, and on the inside of the L there were three small ridges would rub against my clit whenever I pushed.

Once it was in place, I slipped the harness around it, closing the straps around my hips and my ass. I pulled from the dildo, gasping as the other end moved inside me, but it seemed to be stuck firmly in place.

Once I was ready, I looked at Melanie. She was looking at the dildo, her eyes wide open, and she looked a little afraid. Crawling over the bed, she grabbed it, her hand trembling as she realized that her fingers barely managed to close around the shaft.

“Come down from the bed, and grab the edge, Melanie.” I ordered her.

She still looked scared, but she did as I told her, grabbing the mattress with both hands as she leaned over.

I stood behind her, the dildo in one hand as I rubbed my spit over it. It was at least twice as wide as the biggest dildo she had ever used and part of me was afraid it would hurt her. But another wanted to hurt her, to see her bleed as she screamed from the pain.

Moving forwards, I rubbed the tip against her pussy, and then I started pushing in. Despite how wet she was, I moved slowly, feeling as she the dildo inside me pressed hard against the back of my pussy, until I was shuddering in pleasure.

“Ughhhhh…” Melanie grunted in front of me.

I could feel her body shaking from the pain, but I kept pushing until the head disappeared completely inside her. The rest of the dildo moved much easier, and I kept pushing as it slowly filled her pussy.

“How does it feel, Melanie?” I asked her once the whole ten inches were inside her.

“I feel so... full…” she managed to say in between moans.

Her head was resting on the bed, and I could see her gripping the sheets so hard that her fists were turning white. I wanted to start fucking her right then, but I knew she wasn't ready yet. I stood still, giving her time to get used to it as I ran my hands over her back.

A minute later, I started pulling back, and I saw her pussy closing tightly around the black shaft of the dildo. She was moaning in pain at first, but by the time the head was the only thing inside her, she was getting used to it.

Careful so as not to hurt her, I started moving my hips faster as I fucked her with the dildo. It felt intoxicating to see the huge dildo disappearing inside her small pussy, and soon I was lost in my own pleasure as the dildo inside me pushed and pulled with every thrust.

I grabbed her hips in both hands, holding her tight as I picked up my pace. By then she had loosened up more, and I started moving even faster. The room filled with her moans of pleasure as she relaxed.

Without stopping, I grabbed the base of the butt plug, pulling it out a little until she started gritting her teeth from the sensation.

Her body shook violently with every thrust, and I saw her moving one of her hands between her legs. A moment later she started whimpering softly as she started pinching her clit, just how I had taught her to do.

A moment later I saw her toes curling up from the mix of pain and pleasure she was feeling. She buried her face on the bed, screaming wildly, and I slapped her ass hard enough that my hand remained printed on her skin, forming a red silhouette of it.

But I wanted it to hurt more, so I leaned forwards again, and I dragged my fingernails along her back, pushing hard until there were four red lines on her skin. I smiled in ecstasy when they started bleeding.

Then without warning I felt her body tensing and she curled her back. She gasped in surprise and then she collapsed on the bed, completely unconscious.

I should have stopped to see if she was alright, but I was too close to my own orgasm to stop. Instead I grabbed her hands, and pulling them towards me as I lifted her body from the bed. Her head hung down lifelessly, moving from side to side as I fucked her, and then I went even faster.

I fucked her savagely for a full minute, until my legs felt weak and my clit felt on fire. I was concentrating my whole body on stretching my pleasure as long as I could, but it became impossible.

I finally surrendered and everything exploded around me.

When I opened my eyes again, I was laying on top of her, the dildo still deep inside her pussy. She was completely still, thought I could see her chest moving up and down as she breathed.

I felt weak and disoriented, but I managed to stand, moving back until the dildo left her pussy with a wet sound. It gapped open for a few seconds before it slowly closed down. As I watched, I undid the straps around my body, dropping the harness to the floor and then I opened up my legs. I whined in pain as the bulbous end stretched my sensitive pussy, but soon it was out.

I held the dildo in front of my eyes, still amazed that Melanie had managed to take it all in. The dildo was sticky from our juices, so I dropped it by the bed, knowing I would have to clean it tomorrow.

Then I looked at her once more. The four lines I had left on her back had stopped bleeding but the edges were turning a deep pink, and the anal plug was still inside her ass. I thought it would be really hot to leave it inside her for the night, but maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea. Instead I pulled it out slowly, though she still woke up as the waist left her asshole.

Like her pussy, it gapped open, thought I watched it for a full minute before it closed. Once it was out, I dropped it next to the dildo. I crawled onto the bed, hugging her naked body against mine, and then I covered us with the duvet.

“Did you like it?” I asked her.

She buried her face under the pillow, but I could still hear her laughing nervously. Smiling, I pulled her closer to me, and we fell asleep a few minutes later.

That night the dreams returned again and the next morning I woke up with my pussy soaking wet and feeling frustrated.

I had dreamed of Aline again, and how I had raped her with the dildo until she was bleeding. I could remember every detail of it, every scream and every shudder of her body, and as I watched Melanie sleeping I felt the urge to do the same with her.

By then she was spending every minute of her free time with me, and pretty much every night too. Her father didn't seem to notice, though I had never seen him, and she told me her sister just didn't care about her.

I tried to keep working, but doing anything when she wasn't around became impossible. I would just sit in front of my computer, counting the hours until she could come back. My editor contacted me from time to time, and I told her that everything was going great, but when she asked me to send her my work so far I just ignored her until she gave up.

But I had a bigger problem than her.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to contain myself. There was that side of me that wanted nothing else than to tie her to the bed and to rape her ass until it was in ruins. But I couldn't, of course. I didn't even want to do it, not really.

What made it difficult was that Melanie did almost anything I told her. When I suggested that we should try some bondage she said that would be great.

We tried with ropes first, but when we knew she liked it we bought more toy. Handcuffs, leather cuffs, ball gags, clamps, and dildos in every shape and size.

We spent a whole night browsing Amazon, looking for new sex toys to try. Half an hour after we started we were so horny that we stripped naked, and I made her sit on my lap. I held the mouse in one hand and with the other I played with her pussy, pinching her clit whenever we ordered something.

One of the last things we bought was a double ended penis gag, made of rubber and leather. The day it arrived I was so excited that I dragged her upstairs and I threw her on the bed, ripping her clothes off as fast as I could.

The gag itself had two ends, a short stubby one, about two inches long and two inches in diameter, and a long one that was about 8 inches long and two inches in diameter. Between the two was a molded leather plate, that would press against the person's face, and a few leather straps to hold it in place.

I showed it to her, burning with excitement, but her eyes opened wide with fear.

Before she could say anything, I tied her arms and legs to the corners of the bed, her body spread into a big X. Once it was done, she was completely defenseless, and she knew it.

From the dresser, I grabbed a few things and then I returned to the bed. Hiding it from her view, I grabbed one of our vibrating dildos and her anal plug, and after coating them in peppermint oil, I pushed them inside her.

She gasped in shock when the oil started to work, sending a cold burning sensation thought her body. I could see her grinding her hips in agony as she tried to get them out.

Then I climbed over her body, sitting on her chest and I held the gag in one hand.

“You want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?” I asked her.

“Please, just take them out!” she begged me desperately, as I laughed.

With a smile on my face I clamped my hand around her neck, choking her until she had to open her mouth to breathe. Before she realized her mistake, I shoved the short end inside her mouth. She tried to close her lips, but I just pushed it all the way inside her mouth, before closing the straps behind her head.

I could hear her gagging softly as the dildo depressed her tongue into the back of her mouth It was obviously too big for her, but she was still able to breathe.

When it was done I moved back, watching her. The black dildo stood out grotesquely from her face, and I grinned as I felt my pussy dripping with excitement.

I turned around, facing her feet, and then I grabbed the dildo in one hand. I rubbed the tip between my pussy lips and when it was covered in my juices I slowly pushed it inside me.

“Ohhhhhh…” I moaned as the shaft slid inside me.

As she struggled under my body, I kept pushing down, until my hips were resting on her face. I could feel her nose just under my asshole, and a moment later I pushed a little harder, suffocating her under my weight.

I felt her pulling desperately from the ropes as she fought to breathe, but I stood still for a few seconds, drunk with the power I had over her. A moment later I pulled up and I started fucking myself on the dildo.

Despite the size, I felt it filling out my pussy with every thrust, and the sensation was intoxicating.

Soon I was slamming my ass violently against her face and I could hear her moaning in panic as she fought to breathe. I knew that the dildo inside her mouth was supposed to make it hard to breathe, but she was just a child. My mind kept telling me that I had to stop to check if she was okay. I tried to push the idea away, but soon it became too distracting.

I stopped only for an instant, just long enough to see her face. She was crying and her face was covered in my juices, but she was still breathing.

A moment later I resumed my work, impaling my pussy on the dildo. With every thrust I pushed her head against the bed, making it bounce. As I fucked myself, I felt a warm sensation slowly moving through my body and I started pulling from my nipples as hard as I could.

I could fell my orgasm so close that it was driving me crazy, so I slammed my hips one more time against her face and then I held them there. She started struggling once more, desperate to breathe, but I held in place, grinding my ass on her face until I finally came.

I screamed loudly into the air as an orgasm rocked my body and for a few seconds it was so intense that I couldn't even breathe. But too soon it was over, and I slowly came back.

The dildo was still inside me, and I could feel Melanie's warmth between my legs. If not for the fact that she was still struggling to breathe, I would have stayed like that for ever.

Groaning in agony, I lifted myself from her face until I was free of the dildo.

Melanie was breathing furiously through her nose as she cried, and her face was soaking wet with my juices. The dildo, sticking straight up from her mouth, jiggled comically whenever she moved.

Smiling evilly at her, I moved my head between her legs and I pulled the vibrator out. From how wet she was I could tell she had managed to cum, so I pushed it into her pussy again and I sat by her on the bed.

“It seems to me that you enjoyed herself, Melanie.” I said to her as I caressed her hair.

She shook her head from side to side, making the dildo juggle even more, and I had to bit my lips to avoid laughing.

“Do you want me to take that out?” I asked her sweetly.

Again she nodded with her head, but this time I couldn't stop myself in time. I burst out laughing as the dildo danced over her mouth. It was cruel, I knew, but it was nothing compared to what would come next.

I unbuckled the straps and I slowly pulled the dildo from her mouth. She coughed a few time when it left her mouth, and her face light up with relief. I was a little surprised when I saw teeth marks on the hard rubber, were she had obviously bitten hard in her desperation.

“Better? Do you want some water?” I asked her as she licked her lips.

“Yes please.” she said meekly.

Without another word I rose, standing on the bed with a big grin on my face.

“Nooo, please, not again!” she begged uselessly as I moved closer and closer to her face.

“Just open wide. You know I don't like it when you spill on the bed.” I ordered her, moving my pussy over her face again.

I could feel her trembling on the bed, but she stood still, her mouth wide open as I lowered myself over it.

A few weeks ago I had started training her. During breakfast I would force her to pee in a glass, just a little bit, and then I would add a little bit of orange juice. She had to drink it without complaint, or she would have to repeat it.

When she was able to do that, I told her to add bit a bit more pee and a little less orange juice, until one day it was just a small glass of her own pee.

One morning she came down to the kitchen, looking gloomy and tired. She grabbed a glass from the counter and she moved to one side, crouching on the floor as she held the glass under her pussy.

Smiling, I told her that it wouldn't be necessary, and her face light up with joy.

I crushed it a moment late when I pushed another glass towards her, full of my own pee. She looked miserably at it, but she took it without another word and she drank it all.

I grabbed her hair, holding her head in place and then I let loose a stream of warm pee straight into the mouth. A few seconds later I heard it splattering loudly into her mouth as it started to fill.

When I looked down I saw her eyes closed in concentration and her mouth halfway filled with my pee. I stopped, which wasn't easy, and she obediently swallowed it. When she opened her mouth again I repeated the process.

It took her six times to swallow it all, and by the end she was having some troubles. I could hear her dry heaving after the final load, and for a moment I feared she might start puking.

“Well done!” I said, congratulating her when she managed to hold it in.

She looked miserable, but she managed to smile weakly before she collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted.

As I took out the dildo and the plug, I felt horny again. She was still tied, with no way to free herself. She wouldn't be able to resist, I told myself. I looked at the anal plug in my hand, and I wondered, not for the first time, what it would feel like to fuck her ass.

But she wouldn't let me. I could use the anal plug, but nothing else, and it drove me crazy. She said I was too rough, to brutal for me to fuck her in the ass. And of course that was absolutely true. Just last week I had fucked her so hard with the dildo that she had been bleeding for a whole day, and it was a couple of days later when she stopped limping.

But that was exactly why I wanted to do it. Because it would hurt her, and because she wouldn't let me. The more she refused, the more I wanted to do it. Of course I could just force her, and we both knew it. I had done it many times before and she had always liked it in the end, but I knew that this time it wouldn't be like that.

Still tied to the bed, she looked at me and I smiled.

Without another word, I got of the bed and I went to the dresser. Behind me, Melanie raised her head from the bed, desperate to see what I was doing. Smiling to myself, I picked up a short leather belt, a couple of butterfly clamps and a wiffle gag. I hid them behind me as I returned to the bed, and before she could see what I had, I clamped her eyes shut with one hand.

Taking the leather belt, I closed it over her eyes. Then I grabbed the gag, and I pushed it into her open mouth. I saw her breathing in relief when she realized she would be able to breathe with it. Finally I sat next to her and I grabbed the two butterfly clamps. They were joined by a short length of chain, and when you pulled from it, they closed tighter.

I leaned over her chest, taking each of her nipples in my mouth and I started sucking them softly as rolled them between my lips. Her body soon responded to my touch, and a moment later her nipples were standing proudly from her chest.

Once I was satisfied, I stopped, leaving her wanting more. Then, without warning, I placed the clamps over her nipples and then I closed them.

She gasped in shock as the cold metal dug into her flesh, and I nodded in joy.

“Iiii urrrss!” she moaned through the gag.

Back at the dresser, I took the big double ended dildo we had and I pushed it inside me. I locked the straps around my hips and then grabbed a simple pair of leather cuffs before I returned to the bed. With her eyes covered she couldn't see what I was doing, but she knew it wouldn't be anything good.

Working fast, I close the leather cuff around one of the ankles and then I untied it from the bed. Before she could escape I locked her two feet together and I pulled her legs up, folding them against her chest.

The position left her pussy and her as ass completely exposed, and as I stroked the dildo in one hand, I felt the urge to fuck her ass again. And like every other time, I told myself that it wouldn't be today.

Instead, I pulled the vibrating dildo from her wet pussy and I replaced it with the one I was wearing. She was used to the size bi then, so I just started fucking her a few seconds later. I took my time, enjoying the sensation I had with the other end of the dildo inside me. Below me, I could hear her moaning in pleasure despite the pain she must have felt from the clamps.

I kept fucking her for a while, alternating between fast and slow, and moving one way or the other, teasing her until I felt my own orgasm getting closer and closer.

Then I grabbed the chain that connected the clamps, and I pulled lightly. The clamps closed a little more, crushing her nipples between the jaws and I saw her body tensing as the pain overwhelmed her.

“Oiuuuuuuu!” she screamed shrilly through the gag.

A moment later I pulled again from the chain, picking up my pace as I fucked her even harder than before. Soon my hips were slamming against her ass and I pulled a little more. Her nipples turned white and she started grunting as saliva ran out of her mouth.

I felt so close to cumming that it started to hurt, but there was another thing I wanted to do.

I released the chain and I closed my hands around her neck, squeezing as hard as I could.

With no warning, she wasn't prepared for it and she started gagging almost instantly. She started struggling violently, but my weight pinned her to the bed and her arms were still tied. She had nowhere to go, and she knew it.

I kept squeezing as I fucked her, until her face turned from red to a deep blue color. I had lost all control, and as I fucked her savagely I knew that this time I wouldn't stop until I came. Her grunts became louder, more desperate, and a moment later she started coughing dryly.

It finally became too much and I came once more. Despite the overwhelming sensations running through my body, I kept fucking her as I squeezed her neck, desperate to lengthen my orgasm for as long as possible.

I managed to open my eyes as the last wave of pleasure flowed through me. Her face was a deep purple and she was gurgling desperately. Terrified, I released her neck and I scrambled to pull the gag off.

It came out of her mouth soaked in her saliva, and a moment later she managed to breathed in. A long whizzing sound came from her throat, but she breathed again and again. With trembling hands I removed the clamps from her nipples and then I took the blindfold off.

Her eyes were bloodshot red and she was crying, but she stood still as I tried to undo the knots around her wrists.

When she was finally free I made her sit on my laps and I hugged her. I was sobbing hysterically by then. For a moment I had believed that I had gone too far, and the idea had terrified me.

“I am sorry! I am sorry!” I told her as I cried. “Please, forgive me!”

She tried to tell me something, but the most she could manage was a broken croak. Holding her tightly, I shushed her, telling her everything would be okay.

It took her half an hour to breathe normally again, and even after that her voice sounded dry and raspy. But she told me she forgave me, and the next day we acted as if nothing had happened.

After that night, the next couple of months were a bliss. I was too scared to hurt her again, so I started taking it easier. I didn't push her as hard, and I tried to be more caring to her.

That is not to say that we stopped having sex, but instead we got back to some of the thing that we used to do at the beginning. We started walking through the forest again, and in the evening we watched movies together. She came to my house to do her homework, and we would sit on the kitchen table, both working quietly.

I was in love, truly in love with her. And I was scared, because while every minute with her felt precious, another part of me felt constrained. I could still remember how I felt as I came that night as I choked her, and the memory tormented me.

But she didn't seem to notice any of that. To her, I seemed to be the only thing that mattered, and she wanted to spend every minute she had with me.

We still fought from time to time, as any couple will do, but they were for minor things. I used to get scared at first, as she sometimes got really angry with me, but we always seemed to fix it, one way or another.

Then one Saturday morning, after we had sex, she told me there was something she wanted to tell me.

“What is it?” I asked her.

She looked away, turning red with shame as she bit her lower lip.

“Ohhh, no! Don't tell me you are pregnant!” I said jokingly, making us laugh.

“Nooooo! This is serious!” she said.

I sat against the headboard, watching her as she tried to calm herself.

“I want to move in with you.” she finally blurted.

I stood completely still as I tried to understand what she meant, but I wasn't sure. She practically lived with me, and I pointed that to her.

“Yes, but I want to move with you. Truly live here, with you.” she said, looking at her feet.

“Melanie… I would love to, but.... we can’t. You can't just leave you house. Your dad… I mean, you are still underage.” I said, trying to reason with her.

“My dad doesn't even know I am alive, and my sister would rather have me dead.” she said angrily. “I rather live with you, just the two of us.”

“I know that. But what about school, and your friends.”

“My friends are a bunch of morons and I can keep going to school. You take me there most mornings, anyways!”

I didn't know what to say to make her see reason. I watched her silently as I tried to think of some way to convince her, but my silence only made her more agitated.

“Say something!” she said to me, making me jump.

“Melanie… I… you know I love being with you, but you can't move in with me. What if someone found out? I would go to jail if they discovered what we have been doing.” I finally managed.

“You are only 14 years old… you have to understand. Maybe in a couple of years...”

She looked unsure for the first time, but she wasn't ready to give up. Not yet.

“I wouldn't tell anyone… Helen, please…” she sounded so sad and fragile.

I wanted to hug her, to tell her that I would always be with her, but when I moved closer to her she moved back, getting of the bed.

“Noooooo! Don't you trust me?” she asked screaming.

I made a mistake then. I got off the bed too, moving towards her and grabbing her arm. She pulled away quickly, and before I could react she slapped me in the face, rocking my head to one side.

I felt my face burning were she had hit me, and before I could stop myself I slapped her face back.

The moment my hand connected with her face I realized my mistake. I knew shouldn't have done that, and I also knew I should apologize to her, before it went any further, but I was too angry and too proud.

Instead I glared at her as she glared in fury.

“You… stupid… old…” she managed to say as she turned red with anger. “I will tell everyone what you did to me! How you took advantage of me, how you raped me!”

I knew she was just saying those things to hurt me, because she was angry. But I couldn't stop myself.

“You little ungrateful cunt!” I screamed at her.

She started crying as I watched her. Without another word she grabbed her clothes from the floor and she stormed out of my room.

I was furious with her. How dared she threaten me? My vision turned to red, and I started thinking of all the thing I would tell her. I dressed quickly, suddenly feeling uncomfortable at being naked in front of her.

By the time I finished dressing my anger had faded away, replaced by a cold feeling of dread as I realized what I had done. I walked down the stairs, hoping against all odds that she was feeling the same, but when I got there, she was holding my laptop in her hands.

“Melanie…” I managed to say before she lifted it over her head.

A moment later she slammed it against the floor, and the case exploded into a million tiny pieces.

We both stood silently, watching as the last pieces slid across the floor. I could see in her face that she had realized her mistake, but I didn't care. I threw myself at her, screaming wildly and she started running.

“Melanie! Come here, goddammit!” I screamed at her, but when she turned around, she looked terrified.

Before I could catch her, she ran out of the house, moving along the road while I chased her. We were both barefoot, but we did not seem to notice. I was in better shape and had longer legs, so was soon catching up with her.

When she saw me so close behind her, she turned around into the forest and I followed her, weaving between branches and fallen trees. With every passing second I got closer and closer, but up ahead, between the trees, I could see the road.

Desperate to catch her before she reached it, I pushed a little harder, until I was just a few yard behind her. Sensing I was close, she grabbed a tree, swinging herself out of my way, and she picked a thick branch from the floor. She held it in front of her like a club as she tried to catch her breath.

“Stay away!” she screamed desperately.

I could hardly breathe and my feet were in agony, but I stood in front of her lost in a haze of rage.

“Put that down! Right now!” I screamed back at her.

But she looked terrified, and just like me she had lost it. She swung the branch wildly in my direction, and when it had passed, I jumped at her, tackling her to the ground.

We fell hard on the ground, and as we hit the ground, I heard a loud cracking sound. A moment later I managed to untangle myself from her I saw her lying on the ground, her head lying on a fallen log.

She was still breathing, but when I touched behind her head, my hand came wet with blood.

“Ohhhh, god…” I managed to say before I broke down sobbing.

I managed to drag her back the house without being seen, and when I got there I just collapsed on the floor. She was still unconscious, though she wasn't bleeding anymore and her breathing was slow and even.

I laid her on the floor by the entrance as I sat on the couch, grabbing my head as I tried to think of a way to fix everything. I wanted to believe that we just had to talk about it, that it would be fine, but I was scared of what she might do.

What if she woke up, telling me that she was sorry? Maybe the next day she would go to the police to tell them everything we had done. The more I thought about it, the more nervous I became.

I needed time, that was for sure, and I needed to do something with her before she woke up. Before I could panic again, I ran upstairs and I grabbed the rope we kept under the bed.

Then I picked her up from the floor and I carried her into the basement. It had been a long time since I had been there, but it still looked like before. Light filtered through the dirty windows and everything was covered in dust.

I carried her towards the back, were I remembered seeing a sawhorse. Then I laid her onto of it, facing down, and I tied her arms and legs to each wooden leg. When I was done, I pulled from the ropes, but there was no slack, and I felt sure that she wouldn't be able to escape.

Just before I left, I used the same rags I had taken before, to cover the windows once more. They were still on the floor, just where I had left them, and when it was done the basement was completely dark once more.

She was still unconscious when I left, but I closed the door just in case, and I locked it with an rusty screw driver that was lying outside it.

Trembling in fear, I went into the kitchen and I made myself some tea, telling myself that it would help me think. I was paralyzed with fear, and I couldn't stop shaking. I felt I couldn't trust her anymore, and the idea terrified me.

I started asking questions to myself. Did she had a diary? Had she told anyone about us? My mind was racing a million miles an hour, and for every question I managed to answer, two more came to my mind.

At some point I realized I heard someone crying, and I stopped to listen. I came from the basement, just under the kitchen. She was awake, then. It made me feel both relieved, by knowing that she was okay, and terrified, by knowing that I had to do something.

Like many times before, one side of me told me that I could thrust her. That if we talked, we could understand each other. That I should just go down to untie her, to apologize for everything.

But another part of me just saw it as an opportunity. I imagined myself doing things to her, things that had no turning back, and the idea terrified me.

At some point I realized it was getting darker, and I was still trying to think what to do. Melanie was crying weakly for help, but I knew that there was no one close enough to hear her.

Trying to calm myself, I grabbed a bottle of wine and I poured myself a glass. I drank it down as it were water, and then I filled it again, drinking a little slower that time.

But as the alcohol moved into my mind, I was finally able to relax, and that dark voice in the back of my head became louder.

By the time I finished the second glass, I was slightly drunk. I grabbed the bottle and a flashlight from the kitchen drawer, and I dragged myself to the basement. I stumbled halfway down the stairs, but I managed to grab the handrail before I fell to the floor.

Once I was at the bottom, I took another sip of wine from the bottle and I walked toward the back, where I could see Melanie’s body, still tied to the sawhorse.

“Helen?” she asked weakly when she saw the light.

Around us, the basement was completely dark, and I started to feel watched, even though I knew we were alone.

“Hello, Melanie…” I said as I stopped in front of her.

She was still tied how I had left her, laying face down along the sawhorse with her hands and legs tightly tied. She was tearing a pair of black tights and a white tshirt, but no shoes, and even in the poor light of the flashlight I could see that her hands and feet were turning a deep purple color.

“Please, Helen. I am sorry I hit you… please, just untie me, okay?” she begged, her voice trembling with fear.

“I can’t Melanie, you will tell everyone what we did.”

I took another sip of wine, enjoying the warm feeling I felt as it traveled down my throat. Then all of a sudden I felt dizzy. I dropped the bottle to the floor, where it shattered, and I fell to my knees.

“I won't, Helen. I promise I won't. Just untie me, it hurts…” she was sobbing now, and it was terrible to watch her.

But I was still angry with her. I felt my face getting hot as I thought about what she had said to me, and suddenly everything was clear.

“No, I won't. Not this time.” I got up again, swaying slowly in front of her.

“Helen, you are scaring me… please…” she begged again, but I didn't listen.

I turned around and I left her there in the darkness as she cried my name. I went upstairs, already knowing what I had to do. I stripped naked again, throwing my clothes to the floor, and then I took the double ended dildo from the dresser. I slipped it inside me, grunting in pain as I pushed the bulbous end into my unprepared pussy, and then I locked the straps around my hips and my ass, locking it in place.

I grabbed a plastic bag that was laying around and I picked a few thing I might need. A gag, the leather blindfold, more rope and a roll of duct tape, a few dildos, clamps, anything that I thought I might need.

Then I went back down to the kitchen, and I grabbed a pair of scissor from the kitchen drawer. Grabbing the flashlight again, I left the house, feeling the cold night air over my naked body.

I felt exposed and vulnerable as I walked around the house. It was completely dark, and except for the narrow beam of the flashlight, there were no lights around. I hurried to the basement, running down the stairs, and once I was in I closed the door behind me.

Melanie was just where I had left her, calling me desperately. But I didn't listen to her, and as I approached, I pointed the flashlight towards her face, blinding her.

“Helen, is that you? Please… untie me, I can't feel my hands!” she was sobbing hysterically by then.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I watched her. Keeping the flashlight pointed at her face, I dropped the bag and I grabbed the leather blindfold. I moved quickly, wrapping it around her head until it covered her eyes, and then I locked it behind her head.

“Helen… I am scared… what are you doing?” she sounded so small and so afraid, that I had to stop.

What was I going to do? I knew what I wanted to do, but could I really do it? I felt my anger boiling inside me as I remembered our fight, and how she had swung that branch at me. The wine didn't, help either.

Without saying anything to her, placed the flashlight on the floor next to her, pointing up into the ceiling. It gave a soft warm light as it bounce off, illuminating the area around us, thought the rest of the basement was in complete darkness.

From the bag I grabbed the gag, a simple ring gag this time, that we hadn't used much, and I stood in front of her.

I grabbed her hair, pulling hard as I forced her to bend her neck backwards, and she started screaming in pain. When she opened her mouth I shoved the metal ring inside her mouth, pushing it as far as it would go, and then I locked the leather strap behind her head.

“eeeeleeennn… easeeeee!” she kept screaming as I gently caressed her head.

I kneeled in front of her for a while, just watching her. I usually hated to see her crying like that, as it made me feel terrible, but today I couldn't feel anything. A few moments later I rose from the floor, and I walked around her.

I picked the scissors from the bag, and standing behind her, I cut her tights away, pulling as much of the fabric as I could without untying her. Once it was done I did the same with her shirt. She hadn't had time to put on panties or a bra, so when she was naked I stood back.

She hadn't seen me, so she had no idea I had the dildo on. I slowly walked around her as she moaned in pain, stroking the dildo. It looked grotesquely big next to her, and even though we had used it countless times, I still thought it should be too big for a child like her.

Spitting in my hand, I smeared my saliva on the hard rubber, and then I stood behind her. Her pussy was just at the right height, and as I grabbed her hips in one hand, I started grinning.

I pushed hard into her pussy and half the dildo disappeared inside her, even though she was far from wet. She started screaming from the pain as she trashed around, pulling desperately from the ropes until I could see them digging deeply into her flesh.

Then I kept pushing, burying it deeper and deeper, until my hips were resting against her ass. Without giving her time to recover, I fucked her savagely . My hips slammed on her ass with a loud meaty sound and I could feel the dildo inside my own pussy pushing and pulling hard with every thrust.

After all this time, it felt glorious to fuck her as hard as I wanted, with no restrains.

But it was far from pleasurable for her. She kept screaming and grunting in pain as I raped her, and her body shuddered in agony. But as her pussy started to loosen up, I slowed down, wanting to make it last as much as possible.

I started moving slowly, running my hands over her body. Her skin was cold and covered in sweat, and in the dim light it looked a pasty white that made me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

After a few minutes a sensation of warmth started to spread all over my body, spreading out from my pussy. I was getting closer and I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. I ran my fingers over her back, caressing gently as I pushed the dildo deep inside her pussy.

“Why did you have to do it, Melanie…” I asked her. “It was perfect… why did you ruin it?”

Melanie was just laying on the sawhorse, her head hanging to one side as she cried, though she didn't seem to be in as much pain as before.

But I was getting angry again. I told myself that this was all her fault, that she needed to be punished. I started pushing the dildo as hard as I could, until she started grunting in pain once more.

Then I had an idea. I slapped her ass really hard, making my hand sting, and then I pulled out. The dildo came out wet and sticky with both our juices, and I could see her pussy gaping open grotesquely.

I walked around her body, holding the dildo in one hand and when I was in front of her face, I grabbed her hair with my other hand, pulling it up. Despite the gag, she must have smelled the dildo, because she started trashing around as hard as before.

“Oouuuuu! easeeeee, ooouuuu!” she begged through the gag.

A few week ago I had tried to fuck her throat, but it had been a disaster. Even with a smaller dildo that this, as soon as the tip touched the back of her mouth, she started gagging hard and we had to stop.

She must have know what I planned, and I could see her desperately trying to pull away, but it was useless.

I pulled from her hair, making her screaming and then I pushed the dildo past the metal ring. I was a tight fit, but I made it through and as I slowly moved it deeper into her mouth, I heard her retching.

But I kept pushing despite her protests, until I felt it hitting the back of her mouth. All the muscles in her body tensed under her skin, and her body shone with sweat. I looked down, and I could see her drooling constantly as a long stream of saliva pooled on the floor.

Then I moved my feet slightly apart, and I grabbed her hair as best as I could. Without warning I pushed hard again. I felt the dildo inside me pushing hard as her throat blocked me, but after a few seconds it gave way and the whole dildo disappear inside her mouth..

I watched mesmerized, my body tingling as I tried to imagine the agony she must have felt, and then I saw her cheeks bulging. She made a wet, tortured noise before vomit exploded from around the dildo, spraying my thighs and my stomach along with her face.

I pulled back quickly, more in surprise than in panic, and when the dildo cleared the gag again she started puking again. She convulsed on the saw horses as she kept going and going, while I watched a few feet away.

When it finally stopped, she hung her head down, too exhausted to move, as a slimy mixture of puke and saliva dangled from her open mouth.

I was trembling by then, drunk in power and feeling so horny I thought I could explode with just a touch.

I moved closer to her again, stepping on the pool of puke that was under her head without caring. Smiling, I grabbed her hair and I watched her face. She must have been in complete agony, but I wasn't done.

Closing my eyes, I released her head and I stood still, just listening. Every time she tried to breathe, I could hear a wet gurgling sound coming from her throat, and her body trembled in pain. I closed my eyes, running a wet finger over my asshole as I tried to contain myself.

A moment later I walked around her once more, and I grabbed her hips in my hands. Her back was raising and falling quickly as she breathed desperately despite the pain.

“Uuughhhhh…” she grunted weakly.

For a moment I wondered if she knew what was coming, but then I dismissed the idea.

I moved my legs apart and then I grabbed her ass in one hand, my thumb resting on her asshole. She didn't seem to notice though, which was a shame. Then I started pressing hard, slowly moving my thumb into her asshole.

It was tight, much tighter than her pussy, but I kept pressing until my finger disappeared inside her. She was moving her hips from side to side, probably in discomfort, but as I pulled out I slapped her ass hard. A moment later I pressed with my hand on her lower back, holding her in place.

Grabbing the dildo, I pushed it against her asshole, trying to force it inside her, but it was too big for her.

She started wailing in agony as I kept pushing, but it was useless.

“Stay still!” I screamed at her as I slapped her ass again.

Then I spat on her asshole, and I pushed my thumb inside her once more, working it around as I tried to loosen up her last virgin hole. Melanie couldn't do anything to stop me, and I saw her getting more and more terrified as she realized what was coming.

When I could move it easily, I pushed another finger in, working them until her asshole loosened up just a bit more. It was still tighter than her pussy, but it would do.

I pressed the dildo against her asshole once more, smiling in satisfaction as I felt her sphincter opening to accommodate the tip. It was incredibly tight, and as I kept pushing Melanie kept wailing in agony.

She had never been fucked in the ass, and the widest plug I had used on her as was just a little wider than a thumb. The dildo must felt huge to her, and the tip was just the beginning.

I kept pressing, moving it deeper and deeper into her bowels as she grunted in agony. My body trembled in ecstasy as I saw it disappearing inside her, inch by inch, until it was all gone.

I stood still for a moment, holding it in place as I watched her squirming. Her asshole was incredibly tight, so much more than her pussy. Whenever I moved, I could feel it gripping the dildo tightly, pulling the one inside me.

I closed my eyes, remembering the video in which I raped Aline. With that image burned in my mind, I pulled back and I started fucking her asshole for the first time. There was nothing gentle this time. I didn't take my time, I didn't wait for her to get used to it. I just fucked her as hard as I could, slamming my hips against her ass so hard that I started pushing the saw horse along the floor.

Melanie was wailing in agony, her screams filling the basement as I grunted savagely.

Lost in ecstasy, I just fucked her, letting loose all the anger and frustration I had inside me. I dragged my fingernails over her back until she was bleeding, I slapped her ass until it was red and my hand was on fire, and then I just kept fucking her, punishing her with the dildo.

Then I looked to one side and I saw the bag, lying on the floor. I shook my head, telling myself that it was too much, but that dark part of me was fully in control by then.

I pulled out of her asshole in one brutal movement, and the dildo came out with a loud plop. It was covered in blood and shit, and her asshole gaped open grotesquely.

“Oooouuiiiiiii!” she wailed in agony, making me shiver.

I grabbed the tape and her ripped shirt from the floor, picking a small piece, and then I walked towards her head. I wiped the puke from her face and then I stuffed the fabric into her mouth, packing it as tight as I could before I taped it in place, wrapping it a few times around her head.

With her mouth closed, she could only breathe through her nose, and I saw her struggling in panic.

Then I grabbed the bag, dropping what was left inside to the floor, and I went back behind her.

Her asshole was still gaping open, and blood was dripping down her thighs. I pushed the dildo once more, though this time is slid in easily, and I started fucking her again. I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling, moving closer and closer to my orgasm. When I thought I could almost reach out and touch it, I slipped the plastic bag over her head, tying it roughly around her neck.

She stood still for a second, probably not knowing what was happening, and then I saw the bag pulling tight around her head as she breathed again.

A moment later she pulled from the ropes, more desperately than before as she realized that she couldn't breathe. I started fucking her again, oblivious to her desperate cries. The world around us slowly faded away, until there was only us. I could almost feel her agony in my mind, and as her body started spasming I finally came.

I collapsed on top of her, my pussy contracting rhythmically around the dildo still inside me, and I gasped in shock as the world around me exploded.

When I came back I was laying on top of her struggling body. I felt weak and disoriented, but I managed to get up. The dildo came out of her destroyed asshole covered in blood and more shit, and her asshole was a ruin of torn flesh and blood.

With the dildo poking grotesquely in front of me I stumbled forwards, until I collapsed on the floor, just in front of her.

I raised my hand towards her face, pulling the bag tightly against her. I could only see the outline of her eyes, wide with panic, as she tried to breathed inside the bag. I was just about to poke a hole in the plastic, to let her breathe, but I stopped myself.

My hand dropped to the floor, and suddenly I felt terribly exhausted.

“Why did you have to ruin it…” I whispered as she tried to breathe.

She kept fighting the ropes, desperately trying to get the bag out of her head, but it was useless. Her movements became slower and more erratic as she slowly suffocated, until she couldn't keep her head up high anymore.

I was trembling, fighting with myself as I thought about freeing her, but it was too late for that. I just watched her from the floor as she stopped moving. After she stood still, I could see her chest moving for a full minute, until it suddenly stopped, and she was finally dead.

I waited for another minute, waiting to see if she would move again, but she didn't. I felt devastated, and I had to look away as I started sobbing hysterically. I don't know how long I laid on the floor, but at some point I couldn't take it anymore. The darkness, the smell of blood and puke, the feeling of her body close to me, it just became too much.

With great effort I managed to get up again. I undid the straps around my hips, dropping the dildo to the floor and then I stumble my way to the outside.

The night was freezing cold, but I didn't care. I closed the basement door behind me, and only then I realized that I had left the flashlight behind.

In the darkness, I stood perfectly still, too scared to move. I could feel that someone was watching me, just in front of me where the forest started.

“Hello?” I whispered, to afraid to do anything else.

A minute later I was still there, trembling from the cold and the fear I felt, but everything was silent. I turned around, touching the wall and I staggered my way along it until I got to the front door.

I felt incredibly relieved to be in the house again, but just in case I locked all the doors and windows before I dragged myself into my bedroom.

The room still smelled of her, and for a moment I saw her sitting there, just as she had been that morning. I could believe it had been less than a day since then.

I don't remember lying on the bed, but I woke up the next morning, clutching one of the pillows. My head was killing me and I felt weak and feverish. Yesterday seemed like a bad dream, and for a moment I told myself it had been. But I could remember every detail, every word and scream. This time it hadn't been a dream, no matter how much I wanted it to be.

I dragged myself out of the bed and I got dressed as best as I could. Everything hurt, and for a moment I watched the bed, thinking that maybe I could just go back to sleep. Then I shook my head, telling myself that I couldn't.

Instead I went outside, stopping by the door. It was a beautiful morning. The air was cold and crisp and I could hear the wind blowing through the trees. I went back to grab a sweater and then I walked around the house.

The basement door was still closed, and when I opened the inside was completely dark. I almost called out her name before I realized what I was doing. Pushing myself forward, I climbed down the stairs, moving along the wall until I found the first window. I ripped the rags off, feeling a little better as light entered the basement.

The I noticed the smell for the first time. A pungent mix of wine, puke and blood filler the air, making me shiver. I turned around, and I could barely make out her body, just a few feet away from me. I quickly pulled the rest of the rags off, and only then I managed to walk up to her.

Her body looked pale and waxy, and when I managed to touch her she felt terribly cold.

Trembling, I untied her and then I laid her on the floor. I took off the bag, and then the gag and the shirt from her mouth. The blindfold was last. Her eyes were still open, staring at the ceiling thought they were glassy and lifeless.

I hugged her against my chest, like a mother would a child and I started rocking her softly as I cried. The ropes had left deep marks around her wrists and her ankles, and in her struggle she had managed to cut herself with them.

I stood like that for a while, just crying. Then I laid her gently on the floor and I went out. I had a shovel in the shed, and with it I started to dig a hole, just on the edge of the forest. It took me most of the day, and by the end I was covered in sweat and dirt, my body screaming in agony from the effort.

I carried her up the stair in my arms, and then I lowered her onto the hole, dropping the toys that were on the basement and what was left of her clothes to one side.

After one last look, I finally buried her body, trampling the ground as best as I could before I went to sleep again.

The first two months after that were pretty rough for me. Her dad reported her missing that same night, and the police opened up an investigation, though at first they said that she must have ran away.

A few days later, the police called a press conference, saying that they were working on several leads, but that they now thought she had been kidnapped. They also asked anyone with information about her, to contact them.

I became terrified, thinking that surely she must have left something that could point to me. An email, a diary, even a chat or a friend that knew about us. I started having the same dream of her, in which I killed her over and over again, reliving that moment in perfect detail, until I feared to sleep, just like before.

I spent days just sitting in the house, waiting for the time they would come for me. I became paranoid, and any noise I heard was suddenly a cop, walking outside the house.

Rumors started going around that she had been raped and killed, that her body was lying in the forest somewhere. But they never found a body and every lead they found turned into a dead end. Soon people lost interest in the case, and everyone forgot about her.

With time I managed to put everything behind me. I started working again, concentrating on the book with the hope that it would help me. I was able to sleep again, and after some time the dreams stopped. I worked nonstop for a few months, until the book was finally ready.

After the first edition sold out in just a month, I was ecstatic. My editor asked me about my next book, giving me a few ideas she had, but I told her I wanted try something new for a while.

I had many ideas I wanted to explore, mostly about things I had learned with Melanie. Despite my editors protests, my next book was a comp


I had many ideas I wanted to explore, mostly about things I had learned with Melanie. Despite my editors protests, my next book was a compilation of horror stories for kids, with the main character named after her.

After that everything became easier. I stayed in the house, not only because I loved the place, but because I would never be comfortable with someone else living here. After all, so much of my life had happened there.

As for Melanie, she is still buried next to the house and I can see the place from my office. I look towards it from time to time, when I feel sad or depressed.

Just as I finished working for the day, I heard a knock on the door. I smiled to myself, and after closing my laptop, I went downstairs. I checked myself on the mirror on the way, and they I opened the door.

“Hello Natalie! How was your day?” I asked the 13 years old girl that was waiting behind the door.

She was tall and thin, all legs and arms, through her body was starting to turn into that of a woman.

When she saw me her face lit up with joy, and I took her hand, leading her into the house. We talked for a bit as we sat on the table, eating some cookies. She told me about school and her mom’s new boyfriend, how much she hated him, and how she missed her real dad.

When it got dark outside, I took her hand again and I led her upstairs, into my room. She jumped onto the bed, laughing nervously as I closed the door behind us.

“I think you are overdressed, Nattie.” I told her.

As she undressed, I opened the dresser, taking out a few toys that I wanted to show her and then I grabbed my camera. It was time to add another video to my collection.


Beautiful! I usually get annoyed with long introductions but this felt like more than just porn. Thank you for sharing.


Beautifull story, it's rare to have such quality and implication.

Strangely.... I just regret there is not happy end..... the relation of the two main character was so beautifull.... it's to bad that finish like this.


Thanks! I am glad you liked it!
Thanks! I have to admit that halfway down the story I felt the same. I wanted to write a lighter ending, but I had planned the one here from the beginning, and everything had been the preparation for it. I do have a few similar stories (though shorter) in my site that are not so dark, if you are interested.


Holy shit that ending. Listening to Trilogy while reading this was damn perfect




Well, I am intrested by those story please. ^^


Ahhh, I forgot to leave the link. Here you go!


Wow! And I agree the ending is sad. I have a suggestion for a second version of this story with a lighter ending.

Melanie moves in, her Dad signing away custodyfor a nice check that keeps him drinking for a while. A few days after moving in she finds the disks and is immediately addicted. She meets Natalie and brings her home as a love gift. Then Natalie starts to bitch about and she gets Melanies ending.

As I said just a suggestion lol!


Well, you are not the first to say the its a sad ending, but it was kind of the idea. However, I have to admit that up the the point in which Melanie sits down to talk with Helen the ending was still open. I had a similar idea to what you said, but Natalie wasn't included, they just formed a sort of team that started luring other girls in. I might do a different ending at some point, but knowing me I probably wont. Feel free to do so if you like!



I might just do that. Thanks for the permission! I´ll start as soon as I have my actual project finished.


No problem! If you post it here I will definitely check it out! As I said, up to the very end the story might have gone either way!

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