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He licked his lips for reasons he couldn't explain. The texture, shape, and color of those two objects made his stomach stir. This couldn't be happening, could it? Brian continued staring down at the two flip-flopped feet in front of him. He became mesmerized when she flashed a glimpse of her young, immaculate sole. It cried out to him, begged him. "No, he thought to myself. What's wrong with me?" He glanced at the perfectly tanned tops and the dark painted toes. There wasn't a single flaw or blemish anywhere on these 21-year-old feet.

Her name was Jenna. She was a conceited, wealthy sorority girl who majored in marketing. She had always treated him like dirt, and used men. She was widely known as "the bitchy one" by her classmates, but she was beautiful. She was slender with tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and perfect legs. Typically she rejected all but the best-looking, wealthiest, and most self-centered males. Jenna was the kind of girl who didn't deserve to have such nice feet.

"No, not at all," Brian thought to himself while staring at those two perfect feet propped underneath the chair in front of him. The soft wrinkles of her creamy white soles exposed as she removed her foot from her flip-flop and crunched her cute little toes. He imagined what it'd feel like to be holding those two feet in his hands, freshly severed from their owner, her face crying in pain, sheer shock and disgust. He could do whatever he wanted with them, hell, even eat them. Yes, eat them. Mmmm.

Brian licked his lips and came up with a plan to get those feet off Jenna's legs and onto his dinner plate.

He continued to stare at them, his mind racing. Jenna sat at her desk, her luscious smooth soles bringing odd sexual urges that Brian had never felt before. They really were flawless soles, so creamy white and so soft looking. The pinkish tan line at the sides made them all the more beautiful. Each toe was a work of art, long, but perfectly proportioned and descending in size from big to little. Each ended in a plump, juicy head with a nice dark nail polish from a fresh pedicure. Her arches were high and heels perfectly round, almost like she never walked on them. There wasn't a callous anywhere. How she made it to this age with such unblemished feet was hard to believe. He swallowed hard as Jenna moved her feet back into her flip-flops. The show was over.

After class, Brian went home to his girlfriend, Leah, who happened to be one of Jenna's sorority sisters. She was attractive, but did not have quite the intense sex appeal that Jenna had. She was a good lay though, that was for sure. Brian really liked her personality too. She was smart and very open with him. He couldn't really ask for much better. For whatever reason, he decided to ask Leah if she knew Jenna.

"Do you hang out with Jenna much?"

"Oh God no, she is SUCH a bitch! I hate her," Leah quickly responded.

It was an odd reaction, but Brian decided to dig deeper. "Yeah, I kind of figured that. I have a class with her and she seems really stuck up and mean. I get the impression she hates everyone not as lucky as her and thinks she walks on water."

"Oh yea, that's Jenna alright. She thinks she's God's gift to men. She's a huge slut too. I can't believe how many guys she has slept with. She's probably the biggest slut in my sorority."

"Well, she is pretty," Brian continued.

"Oh, not you too?!" Leah countered. "God, every guy is always hitting on her. It really gets to her head. I agree she's pretty, but when you're that big of a slutty bitch, nothing can make up for it."

"Oh yeah, I would never date someone like that!" Brian commented. "It's just I can see why guys like her. She's got a nice body too. She seems to take care of herself."

"If by take care, you mean constant pedicures and manicures, and tanning booths, you're right." Leah started laughing. "She probably spends more money on that than schoolbooks! She's obsessed with keeping her hands and feet looking good. One chip in her toenail, and she has the pledges do a full pedicure!"

Brian imagined those perfect feet and got a little aroused. "Man, that's horrible!"

"I know, right? The pledges all hate her. They literally have to wait hand and foot on her. I did too when I pledged. I spent so much time down at her feet it made me sick!" Leah seemed riled up and full of resentment. "I always had to paint her toenails like a little slave! Fucking whore!"

Brian couldn't believe the anger coming out of Leah. Sure, Jenna was horribly mean to him in class, but it wouldn't ever get to him that much. His earlier daydreams were just fantasy. He didn't actually want to hurt her or anything. It sounded like his girlfriend did.

"I'd love to get that bitch back. She always borrows my stuff without asking too. Ever since I moved into the house, Jenna has just gotten worse and worse." Leah continued until Brian grabbed a couple of beers and they started drinking before the night out on the town.

"Jeez Leah, sorry I brought it up. Let's just have some fun tonight."

The night wore on and they got drunk and partied. They met up with some friends, and then later retreated back to Brian's place for more drinking. The next morning they had a wicked hangover.

"Jesus, it's 10am, I got to go to class!" Brian jumped out of bed and nudged Leah, who was still sound asleep and ignoring him. She moaned and turned over. She probably wouldn't be making it to class.

Brian threw on some clothes as fast as he could and literally ran to his class. He got there ten minutes late, which no doubt would peeve the professor who always got mad if anyone was more than five minutes late. Surprisingly, as he walked in, it wasn't the professor who made an issue of it, but Jenna.

"Are you kidding me, Brian?" Jenna laughed, obviously trying to kiss the professor's ass. "Fail him for the semester!"

"God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be late." Brian fumbled his words as the professor looked up at him.

"Brian, you know my policy. What's your excuse?"

Brian couldn't think anything up and just blurted out the truth, "I went out drinking last night."

"I appreciate your honesty, but from now on, show a little responsibility." The professor seemed like he was going to let it slide this time.

Jenna on the other hand couldn't let it go. Brian sat down behind Jenna in his usual seat and she turned back and glared at him with her pretty brown eyes. "You are pathetic, Brian. Probably out with my ugly bitch sorority sister, Leah, right? Fucking loser."

Brian couldn't believe how mean Jenna was. "You are horrible, Jenna. And don't give me any shit. I see you out drunk all the time on weeknights. You came in late yesterday!"

"I can do whatever I want. Every professor at this college wants me."

Sadly, Brian knew she was right. It was horrible how girls like Jenna skated by on their looks, but it was the way things were at this university. Brian was really starting to hate this girl.

After he was done with classes, Brian came back to his apartment to find Leah crying. "What's wrong, baby?" Brian asked.

"Jenna stole my favorite shirt and lost it at a guy's house. It cost $80 and I don't have the money to replace it. You know my parents aren't rich like hers. Why does she keep doing this to me? I've done nothing to her."

Brian put his arm around her and comforted her. He knew Jenna just was a horrible person deep down with a very inflated ego. She was a classic spoiled rich girl who didn't identify with anyone who had to work hard for their place in life.

"Have you ever thought of getting back at her?" Brian asked. He wanted to get back at her too for all her insults.

"I want nothing more in this world." Leah replied, a burst of energy filling up inside her. "She has done nothing but insult me and talk shit about me since the day we met."

"What if we did something to scare her so much that she would never bother us again?" Brian was thinking back to all those images of her beautiful size 8 feet displayed in flip-flops every day in class. She always dressed the same with jeans and those beautiful feet on display in all their glory.

"It's about time, Brian!" Leah exclaimed. "Let's get her good! I mean really hurt her!" Leah had an evil glint in her eye.

Brian had found his partner in crime, but he still had some second guesses. He never had hurt anyone before, not even hit anyone before. He was a nice guy, but he knew he had to stand up for his girlfriend. And he couldn't lie to himself. He desperately wanted to feel those feet.

"You said that Jenna always likes to make the pledges give her pedicures. Maybe we can give her a pedicure she'll never forget." Brian swallowed hard, starting to contemplate the full implications of what he was proposing.

Leah smiled, "I'd love to."

And so it was set. Brian and Leah hashed out their plans over drinks. Leah knew Jenna's every move. They'd get her on one of her drunken stupors around town. Brian knew of a house that was currently vacant that had a basement that would be perfect for hiding Jenna. Tonight would be the night.

Leah knew Jenna was a attending a party and then bars, then maybe another party or going home with a guy. Leah and Brian stayed up late drinking and tracked her whereabouts. Leah had gone to all the same parties and bars as Jenna and relayed the information to Brian. She told him to be ready for Jenna at 3am on the far side of town.

Sure enough, Brian caught a glimpse of Jenna leaving a house where it looked like a party was going on. He couldn't help but notice she was wearing flip-flips. He could hear the little pitter patter of her walking on the pavement. As she got some distance from the house, he ran out and drugged her. She screamed a little but was out cold in seconds. Than Leah came out of the house and walked up the street.

"God, I hope no one heard her," Brian gasped, panting nervously about what he just did. "You sure you want to do this?" Brian held up Jenna's limp unconscious body and noticed one of her flip-flops fell off. He slipped it back on her foot, making sure to let his hand graze across the underside. He couldn't believe how soft and smooth it was.

"No one heard anything. They're all wasted. Let's get her to the house."

Brian and Leah carried Jenna two blocks before they came upon the vacant house. The door was locked. "Dammit, Leah, let's just leave her here and forget about this. We're doing something illegal here. We can't just kidnap her like this. If we stop now, we'll be fine. She won't be able to identify us."

Leah looked disgusted. "Quit being such a pussy. It was your idea." Leah was obviously drunk, slurring her speech as she spoke. Brian had a lot to drink too that night, but he could tell he wasn't as drunk as Leah. But both of them were in no condition to be making such reckless decisions.

"C'mon, Leah, just think about this. This is really wrong." Brian set down Jenna on the front porch and started to walk away. "Don't be dumb. This isn't worth it."

Drunkenly, Leah broke out a window on the front door of the house with a piece of wood lying on the porch. She opened up the creaking door, and started to drag Jenna inside, struggling to get her legs in the doorway. "Help me, dammit!" Leah gasped.

Brian had to make a quick decision. Either he went back and helped his girlfriend, or he walked away, and who knows what would happen to Jenna. Judging by how much Leah drank, Brian knew she was not going to make any smart decisions that night. She looked like an animal claiming its prey. Brian hesitated, but figured he was already in too deep. If anything happened to Jenna, he was at least partly responsible. Maybe he could convince his girlfriend to go easy on her.

Brian reluctantly walked back up the porch and picked up Jenna's feet. He couldn't help but notice how warm and soft they were. The glossy painted toes gleamed in the moonlight. One of the feet brushed his groin, and he actually got an erection. Leah grabbed Jenna's arms and started heading into the house. She drunkenly made it to the basement door. Together, they carried Jenna down the stairs and set her down on a table in the middle of the room. They grabbed some rope and tied her wrists and ankles down. Jenna didn't move. She was still unconscious.

Leah went back upstairs to shut the front door of the house and door to the basement. She drunkenly stumbled down the stairs. "Let's get that bitch, Jenna!" She burped loudly.

"Leah, I can't do this." Brian realized how drunk he was. He wasn't thinking straight. This whole thing was a very bad idea.

"You're fucking doing this Brian, or I'll tell the cops it was all you. You're a terrible boyfriend."

Leah looked down at Jenna and started stroking her lush brown hair. She ran her hands over her breasts, then down her stomach. She continued down her legs, squeezing them through the jeans, and then made it down to her ankles. She let her fingers graze over the tops of Jenna's feet and pinched her toes. She then slid her fingers underneath her flip-flops and rubbed them along the soles, making sure to feel Jenna's arches and heels. She pulled them out and grinned at Brian.

Brian glanced at Jenna to look for any reaction. There was none. She was really out cold. He didn't know what to do. There was his girlfriend standing there with the most diabolical look on her face, and there was Jenna lying helpless to do anything.

Leah grabbed Brian's hand and put it atop Jenna's left foot. "Take off her flip-flops. I want to see her bare feet."

Brian did as he was told and slid off Jenna's flip-flops, revealing the immaculate, creamy white soles of her feet. They were so smooth, she probably just had them pedicured that day. Brian ran his hand over the arch of Jenna's left foot, feeling its perfect contours and then stopping at the butter soft, fleshy round heel. He played with each meaty toe before stepping back trying to stop himself from going any further. But the primitive feelings inside his stomach were coming back. Despite his resistance, his mouth started to water. The soles of Jenna's feet looked like two fine pieces of meat. Her feet would be delicious. He felt a mix of arousal and hunger.

"I think it's time to give Jenna a pedicure," Leah grinned while pulling out a bookbag. She unzipped it and inside were various knives and cutting utensils.

Brian had a sinking feeling in his stomach. "Leah, let's just think about this for a second." He noticed Jenna start to wake.

Leah took out a marker, rolled up Jenna's jeans, and drew a line around both of her slender, nicely tanned ankles.

Jenna blinked and glanced down at the end of the table. "What the hell?"

Leah got excited. She wanted Jenna to be awake for this. Leah started tickling the bottoms of Jenna's perfect peds. Jenna started to wiggle her toes and flex her arches in protest. "Where am I?"

Jenna noticed she was tied down tight and couldn't move. She got a glimpse of Leah. "Oh my God," she gasped with a shiver of fear trembling down her spine and through her beautiful bare feet. She then noticed Brian, who at this point looked nuts. "Oh Jesus, what the fuck is going on?!"

Brian started to talk, but Leah interrupted him, "Hi Jenna, it's going to be a long night, my little slut. I've got big plans for you."

Truthfully, Brian wasn't sure what these plans were, because they never actually discussed them beforehand. This was one drunken disaster unfolding before his eyes. There was no turning back now. Jenna identified them both. Plus, in his drunkeness, he was getting pretty hungry.

"You fucking ugly losers! Untie me!" Jenna yelled. "What the hell are you doing?!" Jenna noticed the lines drawn around her ankles, and that the bottoms of her jeans were rolled up. She didn't know what to think of it, but it really creeped her out.

Leah started tickling her bare feet. "You sure do love making pledges give you pedicures, don't you Jenna?" Leah felt her stomach stir. "I'm hungry, how about you Brian?"

Brian stared at Jenna's luscious soles. "Yeah, sure am."

"Do you think anything is open? It's getting pretty late?"

"Doubt it. We're gonna have to think of something else. I thought maybe Jenna's feet would do."

Jenna looked stunned and froze in terror. "Oh my God, untie me Leah! Get me away from this creepy fucking loser!"

Leah just smiled and bent down at the end of the table. She stuck out her tongue and started running it along Jenna's smooth soles, swirling it in her arches and sticking it between each of her juicy toes. She even started to nibble on the soft heels. Leah went to town on both of the high arched wonders. Jenna knew she was doomed.

"Yeah, Brian, I think Jenna's feet will do."

Brian decided to go in and lick them too. He sucked on her large big toe that was just begging to be eaten. He started to bite into the base as Jenna let out a scream.

"Oh my God you sick fuck, let me go! Do you have any idea what you're doing?!"

Leah looked into her bookbag and started pulling out all the knives. "How are we going to get through those ankles of yours, Jenna? I mean, we're going to have to cut off your feet before we can eat them, right?"

Jenna whimpered in fear. "Leah, I know you've had a lot to drink, but just stop and think about this. I'm sorry I've been so mean to you. Just don't cut off my feet!"

Leah pulled out a large serrated knife and set it on the table. "I'm starving, Brian! Jenna's feet look so tasty! Just look at those delicious soles and tan lines! I bet there's some good meat in those tootsies!" Leah started poking into her fleshy soles, which just further sent Jenna into a writhing frenzy.

Brian couldn't believe his eyes. It turned out his girlfriend had all the same desires he did. His mouth was watering just watching his girlfriend feeling up Jenna's helpless bare feet. No matter how hard she tried, Jenna could not escape Leah's grasp. Leah picked up the knife and handed it to Brian. He wanted him to be the one who did it.

"I don't think I've got the strength for a foot amputation. Why don't you do me a favor and cut off both of her feet for me, hey honey?"

Jenna couldn't believe her ears. "Help, please God, somebody help me! Ah!! They're going to cut of my feet! Oh my God, they're psycho! Somebody, anybody, help me!!!!!"

Brian walked down to her terror-stricken face and whispered in her ear. "No one can hear you, Jenna. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to cut off your feet and eat them."

Jenna tried with all her might to break free from her bonds as Brian walked down to her left foot. He grabbed it tightly around the arch and squeezed hard, pushing her heel into the wood. Then it came. The first cut caused worse screams than Brian had ever heard in his life. It was like nothing he had experienced before. She was shaking violently on the table screaming her head off as he continued cutting into her ankle.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooo! Oh God!!!! Stop!!!!!!! Please God! Stop!!!!!!"

Tears were pouring out of her eyes. Blood was pouring profusely from the wound. Brian had to readjust his grip since so much blood now covered her foot and made it slippery. He felt her toes twitch and arch spasm as he wrapped his hand around her midsole. Then he continued cutting. The knife went deeper and deeper into the bone. The pain Jenna was feeling was beyond comprehension. Her screams just grew louder and more desperate as her entire face was coated with tears.

Leah had to leave the room. She couldn't take Jenna's screams. Despite how drunk she was, it turned out it was too much for her to handle.

Soon, Jenna's left foot stopped moving. The knife was over halfway through the ankle. Brian could feel the life leave Jenna's foot. He again wrapped his fingers around the arch and pushed down onto the table. Jenna's screams never stopped as the sawing continued. Eventually, he reached the other side of the bone, and with a few quick strokes, severed her achilles tendon. The foot fell off in his hand. He set it down on the table and examined himself. He was covered in her blood.

Jenna was moaning in extreme pain and complete shock at what had just happened. Her foot was really just amputated like something out of horror film. Her leg ended in nothing but a stump. The bottom of her pant leg was completely soaked in blood. Through the tears in her eyes, she could see her severed foot lying at the end of the table in a pool of blood. The pretty toes were freshly painted, but blood trickled off the tips of them. She got sick to her stomach upon seeing the ankle bone and raggedy flesh where her foot used to attach to her leg.

Leah came back into the room, and looked around nervously. Brian just shrugged his shoulders. Leah walked to the end of the table and looked at Jenna's pain-torn face. She had never seen a look of despair like that before. She was crying and moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Leah picked up the severed foot, wrapping her hand around the arch. Fresh blood oozed between her fingers. It was still warm. She glanced at the pedicured toes, completely lifeless. She looked over the creamy white sole, which now had blood stains on it. Then she gazed over the tan top, which was nearly covered in blood. Jenna's foot was now just a piece of meat. "It's heavier than I thought it would be."

"Yeah, I know." Brian wiped his bloody hands on his shirt. Jenna stared into his eyes. She had the look of total shock.

Brian took the foot from Leah, marveling at how soft and warm it still was. He licked some blood off the sole. "Mmm, not bad. Try it, Leah."

Leah grabbed the foot and started sucking the toes, cleaning all the blood off of them and the top of the foot. Soon, she worked her tongue around the ball of the foot and heel. The tan top of the foot still had great color, and once the blood was off of the sole, it too was still fresh and creamy white in color.

Jenna was barely conscious at this point, ready to pass out from blood loss and shock. Her painful moans started to quiet a bit. The blood loss from her ankle was slowing, but it was clear she was not in good shape.

Brian and Leah continued to play with Jenna's severed foot without a care in the world. Brian unzipped his pants. "I wonder what it would feel like on my dick?"

He lowered Jenna's severed foot onto the head of his erect penis. He let the toes brush across the top and soon started rubbing his dick over the high arch of the foot. It felt wonderful. It was smoother and softer than anything he ever felt on his penis before. Eventually, he worked his way to the incredibly soft heel, thrusting into the soft flesh. He started running the size 8 appendage up and down his shaft, letting the toes curl over the head. Soon he came all over the sole of the foot.

Leah looked shocked. "Wow, I guess you like Jenna's feet more than just dinner items."

Brian took the cum covered foot and brought it up to Jenna's horrified face.

"No, please, no, take me to a hospital, please God!" Jenna cried. "My foot! Oh my God, what did you did to my foot!"

Brian bent down and whispered into her ear. "If you lick it clean, I won't cut off your other foot."

Jenna started crying uncontrollably as Brian ran the sole of her severed foot over her lips, his cum coating her face. "Please don't do this!" Jenna tried shaking again, but had little strength because of all the blood loss. She turned her head to the side as Brian grabbed her jaw and jerked her head back.

"C'mon, you slut, lick your sexy little foot clean."

Leah started laughing as Jenna's tongue lapped along the smooth underside of her amputated foot. It was a ridiculous sight. Brian shoved the toes of of the severed foot into Jenna's mouth. She wrapped her tongue around her big toe while crying. She sucked it clean and moved onto the next. This continued until all the cum was off of the toes. Then she stuck her tongue into her arch, lapping up all the cum, making sure it was spotless.

"C'mon slut, that's not good enough. We need this clean enough to eat! We're starving!"

Jenna kept crying and started lapping up the cum off the soft heel of her severed appendage. Within a few more minutes, her severed foot was spotless, but covered in her saliva.

Jenna kept crying, "Please get me some help!" She could tell by the look in Brian's eye that the night was still young.

Brian took Jenna's amputated foot and set it back down at the end of the table. "Jenna, Jenna, Jenna," he laughed while running his fingers up and down the sole of her right foot, marveling at its texture. "Hmmm, I don't think one size 8 is going to big enough for the two of us. We might need some more meat!"

Jenna's eyes opened wide. Not only had she just experienced the nightmare of a lifetime having her left foot amputated by these sickos, but they now were planning to cut off her other foot. "You promised you wouldn't!" Jenna cried to no avail. "Please, get me to a hospital! I'm begging you! Stop this! Don't cut off my other foot!" Jenna trashed violently, trying to escape the table, her footless left leg banging against the wood.

"Sorry, Jenna, I guess I lied. I appreciate you cleaning your foot, but this tootsie has a date with the oven too!"

Brian grabbed the knife and gripped Jenna's right foot in his hand. As soon as he ripped into the delicate ankle, Jenna's screams once again got out of control. Her voice was cracking up from all the earlier screaming.

"I can't take it!" Leah yelled while watching Brian saw into Jenna's slender ankle. Blood was flying out of the wound. "Her screaming, I can't take it!"

Brian was in another world as he continued cutting off Jenna's right foot. It convulsed and writhed in his hand like prey trying to escape its impending doom. The toes flexed and spasmed as each cut brought Brian closer to his prize. He loved the feeling of Jenna's helpless foot in his hand.

The screams just grew louder and louder, even worse than before. Jenna glanced down at the torture scene. The knife was deep into her ankle and blood kept flying up her pant leg. Some even got on her face. The tears kept rolling out until she had no more tears left. Brian smiled at Jenna and kept sawing and sawing like a woodsman immersed in his craft. Leah's stomach churned as the drunken hunger became too much to bear.

"Hurry up Brian, I'm starving! Cut off that slut's foot!"

Jenna knew it was almost over. She started to lose her bearings. The pain was just unbearable as the knife continued its descent into her ankle bone. Soon, she no longer could feel her foot at all. The knife was all the way through the bone and Brian severed the achilles tendon.

Her moans grew more desperate as she feared she was going to slip away.

"Just ignore her, Brian," Leah said as she walked up to the table and picked up the freshly severed right foot of Jenna. She licked the warm sole and sucked on the pretty painted toes.

"God, Jenna's feet are going to be so delicious." Leah couldn't contain her excitement. Brian felt himself getting aroused again. "Here you go, baby. I want Jenna to watch. The slut can watch what we do with her sexy little feet."

Leah unzipped Brian's pants and took out his dick. She grabbed both of Jenna's severed feet and wrapped them around his shaft. "Feel good, baby?" Leah asked while glancing back to laugh at Jenna. "Hey Jenna, look at your feet!"

Jenna was moaning and whimpering from the pain of just having both her feet chopped off. She glanced towards Leah then looked down to see her severed feet used as sex toys. She could see the blood-soaked footless ends of her jeans at the end of the table, and beyond that, both of her amputated feet stroking off Brian's erect cock.

Brian shuddered in pleasure as the unbelievable soft soles of Jenna's now amputated feet worked their way up and down his shaft. The soft, beautiful toes rubbed against the head of his penis, and butter soft heels pushed against his balls. Leah adjusted the severed feet and placed Brian's dick between the high arches. This aroused Brian further.

Jenna just kept crying while watching this horror show unfold with what used to be her beautiful feet. They were now just two pieces of meat that were being used in some sort of sick sexual act. "Why?" Jenna whimpered. The pain was still unbearable, but seeing her severed feet used in such a debased manner just made things worse.

"She could've been a foot model with such perfect feet. Well, I guess could've been before tonight, haha," Brian said as the soft, creamy white soles worked their way up his penis. Leah was now rubbing them all over, making sure he felt every inch of those flawless feet one last time before their journey into the oven. He eventually came all over both of Jenna's amputated feet.

"Should we let Jenna play with her feet again?" Brian asked, looking at Leah with desire.

"Naw, I'll take care of it this time. I want to enjoy them before we eat them." Leah grabbed both of Jenna's severed feet and starting lapping up the cum on the soles. She sucked the toes dry and ran her tongue in circles around the supple heels.

Jenna just kept crying, and crying. "You sick fucks, get me to a hospital. Please. Oh, my feet," she whimpered.

Leah ignored her and continued to enjoy her beautiful tan feet. She even sucked a little blood from where the ankles used to attach to Jenna's legs. "Hmmm, Jenna, I'm sorry, but we're keeping you around. Don't you want to watch us enjoy our meal? You're staying put you little slut. You're going to watch us dine on your beautiful feet.

Jenna kept crying and asked them to kill her. "Please, please, just end it. I'm in so much pain. How could you do this to me?" Her moans grew louder as she writhed and trembled, looking in horror at her severed feet being held in Leah's hands.

"We said we weren't going to kill you Jenna. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine. It's not like people liked you for your feet, right?"

Brian and Leah walked upstairs to the kitchen of the house. They realized how drunk they still were as the climbed the stairs. As they reached the kitchen, they turned on the oven. "Hey, still works!" Leah exclaimed.

Brian started going through the cupboards looking for seasonings and a baking dish. He found what he needed. Leah set Jenna's feet down on the counter and helped Brian prepare a rub. They found some lemons, cut them up, and put them to the side. Brian threw some oregano and basil into a bowl. He lightly tossed Jenna's feet in it, making sure the soft, tender soles got a good amount. He then grabbed a jar of honey he found. "How about some sweet feet, Leah?"

Leah smiled. "Honey will go great with Jenna's feet." Brian set both feet soles up into the large baking dish and drizzled honey and lemon all over them. He rubbed it over the soles, toes, heels, and tan tops of Jenna's feet. He made sure to get the sides and tan lines too. The oven was soon ready, and Leah smiled.

"Let's put them in, and bake them rare. I can't wait any longer, plus I'm sure feet as perfect as Jenna's don't need much cooking."

"Honestly, Leah, I used to look at her feet and think how good they might taste, even raw. I can't believe we're actually going to eat them for real." Brian burped, tasting the beer from earlier.

"I am so hungry," Leah continued, as her mouth started to water. The sweet, aromatic smell of Jenna's baking feet filled the air. "Hey, we didn't have a choice. Everything is closed and we had to eat something, right?"

Brian nodded, and opened up the oven. A incredibly sweet smelling steam filled the kitchen air. Brian salivated as he looked at the lightly cooked soles of Jenna's incredible feet. They were still creamy white in color, but it was obvious the honey and seasoning had worked its way into the soft meat. The toes glistened as foot juices pooled in the baking dish. Leah stuck her finger in the foot juices, and licked it. "Oh my God, this is incredible."

Brian grabbed a plate and lifted out both of the hot feet. They kept their shape as well as their color. The tops stayed tan and the soles stayed creamy white with light pinkish tan lines at the sides. He placed them both soles up on the plate and drizzled the honey foot juices over the mouth-watering soles. "Show time."

Leah smiled and opened the door to the basement. She grabbed two chairs and started taking them downstairs. Brian followed with both of Jenna's cooked feet lying soles up on the plate. He went down the stairs and greeted Jenna. "Wow, fifteen minutes, Jenna. Your feet cooked up real nice real fast. Let's take a seat, shall we?"

Brian walked to the end of the table where Jenna's head was. Jenna looked in terror at the sight. On the plate were both of her pretty feet lying soles up in a pool of foot juices like two pieces of rarely cooked meat. It was a horrifying sight, and she started crying uncontrollably again. "Please, please, what is wrong with you?" The tears poured out of her beautiful eyes, streaming down her striking face.

Leah grabbed a knife and fork and sat down next to Brian. "I want to watch her cry while we eat." Leah took her fork and pierced the big toe on one of the feet. She then sawed it off with her knife. She popped it in her mouth and looked shocked. Juices exploded from the incredibly tender meat and rolled down her chin. Brian moved in to lick it off. Leah started to chew the soft flesh and swallowed hard. "Oh my God, Jenna, I don't know what you did to your feet, but these are just incredible! I've never tasted anything like this! It's so sweet and tender!"

Brian couldn't wait any longer. He sliced off a hunk of arch meat from the same foot and stuck it in his mouth. Words could not describe the flavor explosion he experienced. The sweetness and texture was unlike any other meat he had eaten before. It was so soft, it practically melted in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed the delicate sole meat, and continued to cut off a hunk from the ball of the foot. He didn't think it would be as tender since Jenna put her dainty weight on it as she walked to and from class, but he was wrong. Another flavor explosion filled his mouth with delight.

Jenna was crying harder now. "Please God, oh please God, help me," she whimpered. "My feet! My poor feet!" Tears kept streaming down her pretty face.

Leah decided it was time to try what she had wanted to eat more than anything, Jenna's immaculate, pedicured heels. "I spent so much time making sure Jenna's feet didn't have a callous or blemish on them. She has softer heels than a teenager." Leah pierced the round heel of Jenna's half-eaten foot and sliced out of a large hunk of juicy meat. She stuck it in her mouth and her eyes light up in surprise. "Wow, maybe even better than her big toe!" The heel meat was some of the juiciest and most well-marbled. Rich foot juices flowed out of her mouth as she leaned over Jenna's face, making sure to let some of the juices land on Jenna's lips. "Sorry Jenna, just thought you might want to try some of your feet."

Brian cut off Jenna's second toe and pierced it with his fork. He lifted it up and ran it over Jenna's lips. "Eat up, bitch."

Jenna clamped her mouth shut, but it was no use. Brian shoved the toe into her mouth. She immediately spit it out while crying. Brian leaned in over her lips and clenched it between his teeth, letting his tongue rub all over Jenna's face. He chewed loudly and spit out the bone. "Wow, Leah, these toes are incredible. They taste different from the arch and ball of the foot, but still great in their own way. I've got to try some of Jenna's heel meat."

Leah sliced another hunk of heel meat from Jenna's now mostly eaten left foot. Brian's reaction was the same as Leah's, sheer shock and satisfaction. "Just incredible. It's as good as the arch meat. That's just incredible since Jenna put more weight on this than any other part of her feet. I figured it would be less tender, but I was wrong." Juices flowed out of Brian's mouth as he savored each luscious bite of Jenna's foot meat.

Jenna continued to cry and moan in pain.

"Well, I guess all those pedicures finally paid off!" Leah laughed as she finished slicing off the toes of Jenna's left foot. She ate two and gave the baby toe to Brian. Brian shoved it in his mouth. It was small, but the meat was incredibly tender. Still, he wondered what the big toe was like. He looked down at the right foot and his mouth watered in anticipation. Jenna had large big toes that were perfectly shaped.

Leah finished off the sole meat on Jenna's left foot. All that remained were skeletal remains. As she was chewing in delight, Brian started cutting off Jenna's other big toe. He picked the severed digit up between his fingers and stuck it in his mouth. The flesh on the pad of the toe was just as soft as he could have imagined. It was even softer than the arches and heels. He lightly chewed as the tender meat fell apart in his mouth. He pulled out the bone with his fingers and dropped it on the table.

Leah got to work on the arch of the right foot. She sliced out a mouth-watering hunk of meat. She brought the fork to her face and took a few small bites. Her face exploded. The sole meat was just incredibly tender and textured. It had a little more flavor than the heels or big toe, but Leah couldn't decide which part was better. "Jenna, every part of your feet is just exquisite. I never knew something could taste this good."

Jenna whimpered as she noticed her right foot was now half gone as Brian took out another large hunk of her sole. She wanted out of this nightmare, but it was clear they wanted her to continue to suffer. It was bad enough they cut off her feet, but now they were devouring them right in front of her eyes. There was no point in asking for any help. It would be over soon enough.

Brian and Leah continued to eat the meat from Jenna's right foot until it was nothing but bones and ligaments. They just had the best meal of their lives. Every one of Jenna's toes was a tender morsel fit for a king. Jenna's soles were a work of culinary art. Jenna's heels were beyond comprehension in flavor and texture. Overall, Jenna's feet were a meal that would never be topped.

Brian and Leah walked home and went to bed, still drunk, but no longer hungry. Hours later, Brian woke up with a bad hangover, not remembering much from the night before.

"Leah, you're not going to believe this, but I had the most horrible nightmare. You know that Jenna girl? I dreamed we kidnapped her and ate her feet! Isn't that crazy?"

Leah rolled over, "dreamed?"

Brian glanced at the floor of the room and noticed two flip-flops that didn't look familiar. They kind of looked like the ones he'd seen Jenna wear to class...


Awesome story, I wanted a long time to have a foot cannibalims story.... and you made an amazing one. ^^

I love evry part of the story and I am sure I will read again. ^^ Now I wonder, will you make an other story like this? I would love. ;)

If you need idea, just ask. :)

Thank you again and awesome work. :)


Oh, would love to hear some ideas for some tasty feet!


My pleasure. ^^

For the idea: Well what about next time a feet eat raw, that can be Fun. ^^

I really loved how the feet was cut off and how they play with them before to eat. That would be fun if the feet are throw at animals, dog.... byt what about snake, insect, cat, other animals who can have fun with those feet.

We can have the feet be skinned, of have is sole open for playing with the flesh inside. Other thinngs would be to have the feet be severed and conserv by the owner who want to play with them a long time.

For the torture, even if I loved to have the feet cute off, we can have more torture when the feet are still with the legs. Like that, more pain with the owner, toes cute off, sole bit, ect...

May be the next feet eater could be a women? I mean, the main character who eat feet. Like that she could play with the feet with her breast.... or pussy... a feet inside her womb.

If you like write fantasy.... what a bout a magic who still connect the feet to the body after be cut off? like that the owner will still feel the pain. And feet who can regenerate, like that, eternal food and pain.

I would love see a new story of foot torture cannibalism, will you make an other one? ^^


Oh yeah, some good ideas.

Doing more torture while the precious feet are still attached to her legs is not a bad idea. Cutting her toes off one by one could be good, and also the idea to cut open the sole to play with the tender meat inside is a great idea. Maybe even eat some of that sole meat raw? The final amputation of the feet for sex toys and meat could come after that.

How about ideas for the type of feet? Jenna is a gorgeous tan brunette with mouthwatering high-arched feet with creamy white soles and long toes. They are Size 8s so about average size. Tan white girls with high arches tend to have the most appetizing feet.

But maybe something different? Maybe a hot blonde with super high arches and creamy white soles? Maybe a taller brunette with bigger feet? Maybe a gorgeous Indian girl with delicious feet? A hot Latina with mouthwatering feet? Or how about a beautiful mixed race half black/half white girl with immaculate soles? Or a half asian/half white girl with the softest feet known to man?


Thanks. ^^

For the type of feet... well, I can't decide for you, but...... what about a half asian/half Whit girl. ^^ Soft feet, pink sole. I think that could be very fun. ;)


Delicious read.


Half Asian/Half White feet it is! Yummy...


Thanks. ^^ I can't wait to you the story you prepare now. :)


What about for a second pair of feet? Some delicious high-arched young feet from a gorgeous blonde?


Two pair of feet for one? I say yes!!!!!!


Maybe a third pair of feet too...any suggestions?


Humm.... latino feet?


^Yes, good idea.


So here's a potential idea...

A group of college business majors go overseas for an internship in a country they have never been to before. As gorgeous American coeds, they are quite popular and enjoy partying it up. Unfortunately, one of them breaks the law and they all get punished due to a backwards legal system. The punishment is the removal of their feet!






Superbe picture and superbe idea. ^^

But now it's time for you to make the story, I am sure that will be great. :)


Oh yeah, I think that Mandy Reloaded story was a sequel to the classic Story of Meg. There was a lot of foot torture in there and I think they ate her feet too. It's probably floating around somewhere on the web.


Forgot about how insanely delicious Raven Riley's feet look. Those are literally some of the tastiest-looking feet on the entire web. Her long, juicy toes are so perfectly-shaped, and her immaculate, creamy white soles contrast so nicely with those sexy tan tops. Those silky smooth soles are so mouthwatering they look like fine pieces of meat! Her flawless high arches would be the most tender meat known to man. And those narrow, round, soft, meaty heels would have some really well-marbled meat that would melt in your mouth. The shape of her feet is literally perfect for footjobs too. The way those perfect Latina feet fan out from narrow heels to an appetizing array of long toes is incredible.

They not only look great for footjobs, but also look good enough to eat!

The other two girls have really delicious feet too. That blonde has incredible high arches and soft soles while that Asian-White girl has soles that look unbelievably soft and smooth.



Indeed, Mandy reloaded was an unofficial sequel written by another author and somebody just posted the Story of Meg (based on style and theme obviously the same writer like in case of the Story of Jenna):

* * *
I would love to roleplay some extreme foot torture & foot cannibal stories in the style of Mandy reloaded or Story of Meg/Jenna. If anyone interested let me know :)


Role play? hum...... I am intrested. ^^


Drop me an email :)



^^^which of the three sets of feet above do you like the most? Which look the most delicious?



Foot fetishist can have completely different taste. Someone only like soles. One adores high arches, others want wrinkles. Someone is mainly into toes. One prefers short and aligned toes others are obsessed with long finger like toes and longer second toe. Someone into toenails. One enjoys tiny toenails or hates polish others want them big and long and wide and slutty paint.

I personally like long and slender toes and large toenails (nail plate) so for me Raven's feet are far the best, Vanessa is okay and Erica is absolutely no.


Yeah, gotta go with Raven too. Those feet are the total package. Those toes are beyond perfection and those soles look like such juicy fillets of meat. There is no doubt those soles would taste good. Her heels and ankles are amazing too. Vanessa has amazing soft soles too that look pretty tender and meaty, but her toes are smaller, though plump and juicy. Erica has really delicious feet too for people into high arches and round plump heels. Those soles look delicate and silky smooth too with a good amount of meat.


Why not the blonde Erica feet? They look tasty, no? And her big toes look meaty. Really soft white soles and nice golden tan tops too. Is it something about the other toes? Or the really high arches? They are great for footjobs lol. What about Vanessa feet? What is best part of them? Both to play with but also to eat? And how about Raven feet? What would you do with feet like that and what part looks tastiest?


A pleasure. ^^ I send you a mail. ^^


For animals eating feet, maybe one of the girls gets her feet cut off and they are given to an animal to eat? Or maybe the animal gets to eat her feet alive? It could be a fourth girl too while the other three girls are forced to watch before their own feet are amputated to be played with and eaten by people.

Also for amputation, what kind of device? Slow amputation with hacksaw? Quick amputation with cleaver or guillotine device? Medium amputation with serrated knife? Maybe different blades are used for different girls depending on their crime to stretch out their suffering as their feet are cut off? Maybe some get toes cut off one by one?


Guillotine device could be fun. ^^


Will work it in. Give some time but it will be crazy with feet torture...of all types of feet


Any other ideas for the feet, just post here. They will go into the story!


For now make the story, other will be for an other one ;)


I would suggest to involve some classic torments what are also reasonable before eating. First ripping off the toenails. Why to have them in one's mouth once the lunch starts? Secondly roast the feet over fire or hot coals. Cooked meat is just better than raw. And do both while the feet are still attached so the feet's owner have fun and may even beg to have her feet finally cut off...


Read some of the comments about raven riley's feet on fapdu. It looks like others agree about her feet!



Oh wow, those comments about Raven's feet are great. Her feet look so delicious for sure. Any updates on story?


Bump for this amazing story


Some more Raven feet for inspiration for story. Check out how juicy and succulent her soles look!






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