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Loretta was really enjoying the raunchy house party, because everything about it was so mature. Having just turned fifteen she was by far the youngest girl there, of the guests, anyway, and when her blind date Ralph had to leave early, the host, a really rich guy who owned the house, talked her into staying, telling her that some of his musician friends were dropping over after their dance job to entertain them.

She didn't feel any particular attachment to this guy Ralph anyway, because he was a blind date, and had acted like such a nerd all evening, so when he told her he had to get up early the next morning, and pulled this just when the party was warming up, she was glad to see him go.

She had never seen so many ladies with big tits, wearing such expensive gowns. The party was so sexy, with men in tuxes and beautiful women in expensive revealing gowns, and there were even three teenage topless waitresses with really big tits, who were outrageously sexy.

They wore only open lace panties, that only partly covered the most important part, their actual slit, but showed the trimmed hair of their little pubic bushes above the waistband. That was a crazy thing to call it, because these panties were slung so low they didn’t entirely cover the girls’ clit hoods.

They thought they were so cool, because they had on provocative black garter belts, black nylons and red sexy high heel shoes. Most of these waitresses were a couple of years older than Loretta, and they all acted very mature. They had excellent figures, with full round breasts, and they weren't ashamed to have them bare, with everybody staring at them. They also didn’t seem to mind people being able to see the top of their cunts above the tiny abbreviated panties.

The waitresses were really blatant in their outrageous exhibition of their big tits, and they all had large gold rings pierced through their nipples. They were extremely sultry, and Loretta couldn't take her eyes off those daring nipple rings. The party was so mature that the sexy topless waitresses even gave her champagne, without asking her for I.D. This entire thing was totally adult. Loretta felt completely accepted here.

She'd really found the wealthy host, who's name was Rich, to be a much more interesting guy than her blind date Ralph, because besides owning such a beautiful house, he was very handsome and was in control, and he also didn't seem to have a date. She didn't even know how she'd got to be paired up with this dink Ralph in the first place, or what his connection was with this luscious hunk that owned the house.

She got close to him a couple of times, listening to others talking to him, and she found out his name named Rich. She'd got into this when she got a call from someone who said he'd gone to school with her, in grade six. The name she remembered, but the voice had really changed. Ralph didn't look the least bit familiar, and he was much to old to have been in grade six with her, but that was three years ago. He had been an "in" to this really sexy party, and that was all that mattered.

When he met her at Wendy's after she finished work, he was driving a big sports car and was a flashy dresser, and although he was already more than twenty, he had lots of money, so she'd gone to the house party with him, just for the kicks. She had brought from home a bag with a pretty dress, fresh pantihose and panties and some nice shoes.

She had brought them to work with her, so her parents wouldn't see who she was going out with. It was none of their business, anyway. Ralph let her change out of her Wendy's uniform in his car. The guy stood outside the car but had peeked as she changed, and she had given him a couple of thrills, flashing her ass and her titties at him to make it worth his while.

She figured that if he turned out to be cool, she might even let him make it with her afterwards. He told her she had the best tan of anyone there, because she took good care of herself, not like the other pale skinned ladies. Then he disappointed her, because he was so square, and he turned out to be such a bore at the party that she was glad to see the end of the prick when he left.

Soon after Ralph was gone the musicians arrived, and they carried their instruments downstairs into the basement rec-room. She loved bands, and these guys were so cool she wanted to help them, but she thought that would be too much like a groupie, so she just watched them. When they were set up and started to play, she watched them for a while, but everyone else was still upstairs, so she went back up there.

Rich had begun paying special attention to Loretta as soon as Ralph had gone, and about twenty minutes after the musicians started playing, he invited her to joint the others in the large fully developed basement of the beautiful and extravagantly furnished home. It was already after midnight, but she sometimes worked late at Wendy's if somebody didn't show up, and what her stupid parents didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

This was too much fun to leave now. There were folding chairs set out on a semicircle, and people were taking their places, so she took a seat beside Rich and settled into it. The room was bigger than she thought possible in the basement, and the ceiling was quite a bit higher than in her parent's basement. It was more like what she would expect to see in a store.

Once she was seated, she noticed that the area the seats faced was raised two steps high, and had a rough beam floor, like a temporary stage. The back wall was curtained, with different colored curtains covering doors at the back of the stage. There were some fixtures, like big wood beam posts standing up from the floor, and a few chains dangled from the ceiling.

She decided it sort of reminded her of a dungeon in a horror movie. This was really exciting, and she was eager for things to get started, but she had no idea what to expect. The people in the room were all so cool! Maybe they would have some B&D or something equally naughty.

The band she had watched as they had set up were now playing beside the stage, so she knew that they weren't what everybody was there to see. They played only golden oldies, from at least three years ago, and no original stuff, so they weren't too interesting anyway.

The three topless teenage serving girls had also come downstairs now that everyone else was downstairs, and Loretta was surprised but not shocked to see that they had taken off the scant little panties they had been wearing. She thought it was exciting to see them shamelessly revealing their neatly trimmed vaginas, with their curled and moist inner sex lips painted and showing. She had been to clubs where the waitresses were topless, but only the dancers on stage showed their cunts.

These girls were just waitresses, not entertainers, but they were letting it all show. This was really adult. What did shock her was something she had never even thought of before. In addition to their nipples, each of the naked young waitresses also had a heavy ring piercing one of her inner cunt lips, pulling it out. These girls were real punk. She had sort of hoped deep inside that the party might get dirty, and sure enough, it was starting to happen.

This was so mature it was scary. She loved it. These three pretty but impudent teenage girls now wore only their high heeled shoes, nylons and garter belts, and the cute little collars and bow ties around their necks. Their genitals were bare naked. These bold young naked waitresses were really cool, and very daring, with their pierced titties and pussies completely public.

Several of the guests openly fondled the three cheeky girls, feeling their ringed breasts, or running their hands through the naked crotches, and some of the men even thrust their fingers right up into the neatly trimmed tender vaginas as they were being served. She was so excited as she wondered if she would have the nerve to fondle the girls exposed sex organs. When the chance came, she was too shy, and she blushed furiously as she turned away in embarrassment.

The girls didn't care, and soon their dripping aroused pussies were gaping from the intimate attention they were receiving. Their pierced nipples were erect, and their flared sex lips and erect clits swelling out in clear arousal. They were having a ball. Loretta was very impressed at their open boldness. These sexy chics had obviously left home already, and probably had their own places and cars and everything.

She felt very young all at once, just working at stupid Wendy's, and still living at home where her Mom and Dad could boss her around. When everyone was finally seated, the lights were dimmed, and spotlights in the ceiling lit the area that everyone was facing. It was like a very low stage, only inches high.

A master of ceremonies wearing a top hat, tails and knee length boots introduce each of the acts, and later on he even took part as well. What followed was a very filthy and violent sex show, particularly the shockingly violent part. It started out as a pain and total control act, and then got much more serious.

At first what was done shocked Loretta, but they made it really exciting, and once she saw that everyone else was enjoying it, she became used to watching the dirty and pitiless things that happened. It was a real rush watching the sexual violence and merciless organized brutality to women taking place on the stage, in the company of all these adults.

All of the violence was directed entirely at the good-looking female participants. Everything she saw was new to her, and even when there was more hurting than sex, Loretta was soon enjoying the punishing abuse and raw sex the very attractive females in the show were experiencing.

She had been the recipient of cruel sexual punishment from her father since she was a little girl, and she knew the kind of suffering that was often expected of women. She had just never thought of it as entertainment before. The whole concept was new and exciting to her.

Although she closed her eyes and shivered with some of the things they were doing to the beautiful female subjects, she was very excited to be allowed to sit with all of these mature people and join them in the full enjoyment of their kind of outrageous sex entertainment.

It started with a pair of older guys who must have been almost twenty, who thrilled everybody as they seductively stripped naked, revealing their well tanned muscular bodies. Featured were the rigid up-curving erections of their uncut dongs. This was going to be a real sex show! These muscle beach boys were both real hunks, and Loretta was looking forward to the rest of the show.

They went to a curtain over a door at the back wall, and brought forward an attractive bright looking woman in a neat business suit with a skirt that stopped just above her knees, and with a tight fit around her pretty ass. From her haughty attitude it was clear she was not there by choice.

She looked at the naked young men holding her and the sitting people in the audience with shock and horror. One of the naked beach boys held her while the other clamped a steel collar around her neck, pulling her hair back while he locked it in place. She started deriding and then swearing at them, but they didn't pay any attention to them.

Her jacket, skirt and frilly silk blouse were removed, and her slip was taken off her. Everyone was impressed at her excellent figure as she was turned to face the audience. She was a marvelous creature. Next her brazier was removed, revealing her magnificent breasts.

She really yelled when they took off her bra. Finally her lace panties were slid down over her gorgeous legs in their sleek nylons, and she was forced to step out of them. She was allowed to keep on her garter belt, brown hose and light brown high heel shoes. Steel cuffs were attached to her wrists, her arms were spread, and she was chained to a pair of wide spread posts.

A chain from the ceiling was attached to her collar to hold her head up, and one of the men took a big artificial rubber penis, and amazingly thrust it right down her throat. This was the first time Loretta had ever seen a woman gagged. She couldn’t believe they would do this to a woman. It was exciting.

Then the two young men started slapping the attractive business woman around, making her big tits bob, and they stopped using their open hands and began punching her big tits and her back above the kidneys when she tried vainly to kick them in the nuts. Loretta was impressed at the merciless public beating. Next they went to work raping the beautiful woman. They began with her anus.

One of them stood behind her, and rubbed a gob of grease on her rectum. Then the other began tugging at her pubic hair, bothering her cunt until in defence she thrust her hips back, and in an instant the young man behind her thrust his penis deep into her beautiful exposed asshole. She pulled her gorgeous pale hips forward in revulsion, and the man behind her expecting this reaction, moved with her.

Without the luxury of lubrication, the man in front thrust quickly up into her ripe vagina as she presented it to him, so that she was suddenly being violently double fucked. Loretta squealed a high screech of delight at the outrageously brutal sex act, and everyone laughed.

Properly staged, a violent gang rape made excellent entertainment. The athletic young studs lifted their legs and wrapped them around the gorgeous spread and bent legs of the chained businesswoman, and performed acrobatic sex with her while her legs in the dark hose and high heels had to carry the weight of the three of them. The sight of the erotic trio was remarkable.

Loretta had never seen real sex before, although the boys at school liked to shock the girls by showing them the dirty pictures of fucking in their magazines, and she was impressed atthe power the men put into thrusting into the woman. She had not realized the potential of a lady's bum as a place to make love, and she was sure it hurt a lot.

Most of all, she was impressed at the total control the two teenage males had in this brutal sex act. Her Dad was boss at their house, and he beat her Mother when she got out of line, or made something for dinner he didn't like. Her Mom also got fucked a lot, but although she had heard it she had never seen them do it. Because of her upbringing in a house were brutality was the norm, it was not strange for her to see men applying brutal violence to a woman.

For her it would be different when she got married, but she understood that regular violent beatings were a normal way to control a woman. These tough guys had the beautiful woman in their total control, and were entertaining the excited audience by radically abusing her gorgeous body with wild abandon.

Loretta had often seen her Dad punch her mother in the stomach, or drive his big hard fists into the woman's big breasts, but she had always been horrified, not entertained, as she was now with all these grown up people. It was just like going to a horror film, except there was no popcorn, and the action on the stage was not faked.

For these people the horror was a kick, and Loretta was starting to get into it. She well knew from experience that men were always supposed to be in charge, and everybody knew that women always had to know their place. This tough business woman was learning her lesson real good, and it was sort of fun being part of it, watching along with all these grown up people.

The woman moaned through her dildo gag in anguish as the two naked young men suddenly doubled their pumping action into her holes, and Loretta realized that they were reaching orgasm, and were ejaculating their sperm into her colon and vagina, tossing their heads back and grunting in short desperate breaths. This was really exciting.

The big muscular beach boys pulled their stout rigid pricks out of the bound lady, and both of the stiff shafts were still dribbling white semen from the uncircumcised ends. One of them battered her big breasts with slaps and punches as the other got hold of a pair of huge artificial plastic pricks.

She moaned in misery as they thrust the two enormous dildos up into her anus and vagina, and then left her chained to the posts, cum dribbling from her twin stuffed fuck holes, in a position where she could watch the rest of the bizarre violent sex show, to complete her education.

The next act was performed right in front of the strung up woman, and was even more violent. Loretta was somewhat concerned about the harm being done to the young female participants, and she asked Rich about it. She was assured by her wealthy host that it was all an act, although she could not understand how that could be true. What she was seeing was very real, she was sure of it.

A lovely twelve year old girl with her brown hair pulled back into a long bobbing pony tail was brought onto the stage by the master of ceremonies, and the boys who had raped the business woman stripped the girl down to her panties. The girl had almost no tan, compared to Loretta's richly tanned hide, and she showed just the beginning of cones that pushed her nipples slightly forward.

She was strung up with ropes, as the business woman was, and the master of ceremonies viciously whipped her. Loretta was convinced her screams were real. Next her panties were pulled off, and she had her lean legs spread. She had a puffy pubic mound, on which she had not yet developed any sign of pubic hair.

Her naked pussy was whipped as hard as her back and buttocks had been. The extraordinary abuse caused the young cunt to spread open, its clitoral hood bulging, and fresh angry red welts grew on her pubic mound until they bled, as did those on her back and buttocks.

Loretta wondered how Rich could possibly say that this was faked, but she didn't press the matter, because she was afraid he might make her leave. After all, this was his party. She was surprised at her own response. Although there was no sex or fucking or anything this time, she was sexually aroused by the brutality to the girl, as were the people seated around her.

When the lovely whimpering twelve year old was finally released and taken sobbing into the room behind the curtain, a beautiful fifteen year old girl with gorgeous long blonde hair was brought out onto the stage by the husky boys. The girl was stripped naked, revealing her big soft tits, and she had her hands chained together behind a stout post, which held her firmly in place. Even her tan wasn't as rich as Loretta's.

"Where did they take the other girl?" Loretta asked Rich, concerned about her whip wounds.

"She is being cleaned up in the back," he said. "After the show, the guests are welcome to go back and have sex with any of the girls we use. Don't worry about it, although they don't have any choice in their punishment tonight, they will be well paid for their abuse. Also, they have no idea where they are. This is like a living nightmare for them. We really enjoy it."

Loretta hadn't thought about payment, but it seemed a good way to make sure the girls didn't get stupid and tell later. After all, it was just sex. Then she thought with a shiver she had no way of knowing if Rich was telling her the truth, but she was his guest, and had to believe him.

Now the master of ceremonies took over on the stage, and the strung up girl had her bulbous titties tightly clamped, right at the base, with wooden clamps that were closed with big wing nuts. These were now fastened so tightly that her soft round breasts ballooned out severely. The muscles on Loretta's face tightened, and she squeezed her eyes closed as the beautiful girl squealed in agony. Those vicious clamps really hurt.

Then the show really got rough. They were going to really hurt her. One of the boys handed the master of ceremonies a box of four inch long steel needles. One by one these were thrust into her swollen boobs by the sadistic man, making the girl scream in horror. Loretta cringed, but Rich pointed out that the thick steel needles had been all carefully sterilized and specially sharpened first, so that they would slip right into her meat without doing much damage.

The shiny steel needles slid into her fresh tit meat like they were sliding into rubber, producing keen ear-splitting screams from the teenager. She was about Loretta's age, and the young guest identified more closely with this tormented girl's agony than she had with either of the others.

Rich assured her that the sharp needles wouldn't do the girl any permanent harm being thrust through the fatty female meat, and as more and more of the long pins were thrust through the screaming girl's tightly squeezed tits, it didn't get any worse, and Loretta found it was really sexy watching the pretty girl who was her age being totally dominated like that, and being painfully punished just for the fun of the people watching.

The man took his time with each pin, drawing the maximum terror response from the young girl with each impalement of her sensitive mammary flesh. The slow pace of the punishment allowed the audience to draw from each thrust the most subtle nuance of the teenager's agony. Finally he used two much larger pins, and inserted each straight into the tightly bulging breasts, driving them in through her swollen nipples.

Loretta realized that it was as much terror as pain that made the girl scream, which was proved when the man with the box of pins threatened to use the needles in her eyes if she kept it up. She took the threat seriously, and she only squealed and moaned with the movement of steel through flesh when he thrust the rest of the forty long pins through her fat titties.

Once again Loretta cringed in sympathetic response as a heavy alligator clamp was attached to the young blonde girl's well trimmed vagina, and the pain was so great that the beautiful teenager was unable to take a deep breath, and instead made short little squealing gasps. The brutal clamp had a weight attached by a short chain, and it squeezed her outer pubes together and pulled them severely downward. She threw her head back and writhed in agony at the coursing pain.

This was the kind of severe sexual punishment Loretta could appreciate, because her father had once clamped her little cunnie with strong wooden clothes pins when she was just six. He had done this to her because she had pee'd her panties at the dinner table when he had slapped her mother's face.

He had made little Loretta stand up on her chair, had pulled her wet panties down around her knees, and had clamped four of the wooden clothes pins with their strong springs painfully on her immature little sex organ, with her mother, her twin sister and her brothers helplessly watching.

In fact, her brothers, one older and one younger, had giggled at her squeals of distress, but her twin sister had been so disturbed that she had kept her eyes closed most of the time, and had piddled in her own panties. The only reason her sister Lorraine didn't get caught was that everyone thought they were smelling Loretta's accident.

Her Father had forced Loretta to stand there on the chair, whimpering in agony and holding up her dress so everyone could see what she was whimpering about, while the others finished their meal, and then ate desert. It was both excruciatingly painful, and totally humiliating, and she had never forgotten the incident nor forgiven her father for making her endure the severe punishment as a little girl.

Her deep tan was her way of confirming her lovely body. She knew what this pretty teenage girl was feeling, both from the sharp physical pain in her groin and from the extreme humiliation, standing naked and being sexually tortured in front of all of these strangers, and holding their undivided attention, unable to escape either the pain or the totally humiliating attention.

The master of ceremonies began driving another set of long steel pins into and through her tortured pubic mound. The beautiful teenager renewed her screaming, and as the torture continued without a rest, her throat was worn raw, and her screams reduced to a raspy crowing.

Soon there were more than forty of the four inch long pins driven into her tender young vagina and around her puckered anus. The girl sobbed uncontrollably as the process was reversed, and the master of ceremonies began pulling the long pins out of the pretty teenager's bulging tits.

He began thrusting them, dripping with her blood, into the tender meat of her squeezed, punctured and stretched pubic mound and vagina between those already in place. All forty of these thick four inch long shiny steel needles were pushed, one by one, deep into the tender tortured meat of her stretched little organ and rectum to their full length, until the bound girl's anus and vagina were completely jammed with the vicious torture toys.

Loretta somehow pictured her beautiful twin sister Lorraine, who's deep tan equalled her own, standing there, taking the pins into the flesh of her vagina and rectum, and she found this unexpected mental image so exciting and stimulating that she felt the urgent need to piss.

Loretta was always in the firing line for painful and humiliating sexual torture from her father in front of the rest of the family, and she found her promiscuous sister the most despicable creature she could imagine. The bitch had laughed when their father had stripped Loretta in front of the family.

He went much further, bending her over, pushed the handle of a flashlight into her little cunnie, and then had stuck the handle of a broom up into her tiny anus. She still went red with anger and humiliation whenever she thought of that incident, and she longed for the opportunity to see her twin sister get what she so richly deserved.

That bitch Lorraine had been such a wimp, and had taken advantage of her so often as they grew up that Loretta had learned to hate the slut. They were identical twins, and whenever Lorraine did something wrong, she was always able to twist things so that Loretta took the blame.

Now she felt she had to pee like a race horse, and she asked Rich which way to the lady's room. He told her how to find it. She slipped out of her chair, and moved toward the stairway, but looked back to catch an impression to take with her. She noticed that the girl's eyes had lost their gleam of spirit and resistance.

Now her eyes were hooded, any sense of hope had faded, and she was enduring this outrageous assault on her femininity with despair, knowing there was no escaping her fate. The tortured girl looked like she did not expect to survive this horrendous treatment. This was really serious stuff. It was all so outrageous Loretta did not want to miss an exciting moment.

Loretta finally gave in to the pressure in her bladder, went up the stairs, and down the hallway to the left, as Rich had said. As he had told her, there was a door with a photograph of a woman with her skirt raised, pissing into a champagne glass. She was impressed that Rich would have the nerve to openly display this gross and highly outrageous photograph. She went into the washroom, locked the door behind her, and lifting the skirt of her dress and sliding down her panties, she on sat the toilet.

As she started to tinkle, suddenly a panel of the wall behind her opened, and one of the naked beach boys from the show downstairs stood there. He came into the large bathroom, and reached for a bottle of Vaseline on the counter beside the sink. She got up from the toilet, pulled up her panties and pulled down her dress, and slapped his face. Ignoring her, he smeared a gob of the petroleum gelatin onto the end of his jutting penis, and then he grabbed her.

Unlike the careful undressing of the unwilling girls in the sex show going on in the basement, he grabbed the skirt of Loretta's dress and ripped it violently upward, destroying the expensive garment as he removed it. With equal brutality, he ripped off her panties by jerking them upward until they split, tearing them apart in the action and hurting her crotch as well.

The vicious tugging also tore her pantyhose, the only pair she owned, which he jerked down around her knees. Fortunately for her full young tits, she was not wearing a bra. Ralph had talked her out of wearing it when she had changed out of her uniform, convincing her that her beautiful firm tits looked better in the dress without extra support. She had agreed with him.

The burly boy bent her over and thrust two fingers into her cunt, and found it moist from her recent urination. He was surprised to discover that she was still a virgin. Not wanting to destroy her hymen, he spread her buttocks, and pressed the greased head of his penis against her tight anus.

Suddenly it was in, and with a rapid thrusting, he buried the long firm flesh organ to the hilt, so that she could feel the tight curls of his pubic hair against her buttocks. Loretta screamed at the merciless and painful invasion of her fundament, and the older boy moaned with pleasure as her tight rectum gripped desperately at the base of his stout rutting penis.

Now she knew the discomfort boys had given the beautiful businesswoman when they had stripped and publicly raped her rectum. The searing pain between her buttocks told her sex was more painful for females than she had guessed, at least when the male fucked them in their bottom.

She could tell that the boy thrusting powerfully into her tight and painfully stretched rectum was not the least interested in intimacy, but was instead using her as she believed females were intended to be used, for his own carnal pleasure, and to relieve himself inside her.

He was really using her body to masturbate himself. Loretta felt dirty and useless, which was exactly his intent. She was quickly learning the true if limited value of a woman. He was gripping her slender hips firmly with his powerful hands as he jerked his sex-swollen penis steadily into her severely packed colon with strong even strokes.

Suddenly both his powerful grip and his pace increased, and she could feel the jetting of hot spunk deep inside her stuffed intestines. Loretta felt the ripple of his long thick penis sliding against her rectum as he pulled out of her, and was shocked when he grabbed her hair and spun her around, then thrust her open mouth onto his prick, driving the cum-dribbling and shit-smeared sex organ deep into her throat.

With no choice in the matter, she cleaned her own fecal material from his penis until the organ was gleaming with her saliva. He thanked her by standing her up and slapping her well tanned round tits to make them bounce painfully, then he drove his fist into her belly, as she had seen her father do so often to her mother, and it hurt her more than she had imagined possible. Then he took her into the hidden passageway, which led down a steep and narrow set of stairs down to the basement.

They emerged in a room that was stark, and contained several wire dog cages. She knew that there was a dog at the back of the house, because she had heard the barking when she had arrived earlier in the evening. All of the cages in the basement room were empty, with their wire doors open.

The naked beach boy removed her remaining clothing, then opened one of the dog cages and thrust her into it, locked the cage door with a large padlock, and left. She was stunned at this sudden turn of events, and was just beginning to realize how dehumanizing it was.

The cage was much too small for even a young girl of her diminutive size to get into comfortably. It was only two feet high, twenty inches wide and three feet long. It must have been designed for a large dog, she thought, as she twisted around on the rough blanket on the floor of the cage in a vain attempt to get comfortable in the severely confined space.

She had not finished urinating upstairs when the beach boy had burst into the washroom, and now she felt a bowel movement coming as well. It was clear she was going to have to wait for both. Loretta found the best way to get comfortable was to curl up on her side like a dog.

Loretta had no idea how long she had been sleeping, but she was aching all over when the beach boys came into the room. They were dressed now, in jeans, t shirts and sneakers. They looked just as good dressed as they did naked. These guys were real hunks.

She tried desperately to cover her nakedness, but they ignored her. They threw a gray blanket over the cage, and then picked it up. She was taken up the stairs and out through a door into the back yard, where her cage was loaded into a van. As soon as the cage was in the van, they pulled the blanket off.

It was daylight, and she thought the sun was high, but from her cramped position on the floor of the van, she couldn't see anything couldn't tell for certain. What was certain was that her bladder was about to burst, and she also had a desperate need for a bowel movement.

"Please," she said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"I know," said one of the boys, "and I want you to continue to experience that growing need. If you do it in your cage, I'm personally going to kill you with my bare hands." Before the sliding door of the van closed, her cage was opened, and she was given a bowl and spoon, a full box of sugar coated dry cereal and a quart of milk. Then the door slammed closed.

Hours later, the van was still sitting in the back yard, and the sun had moved around, so that the dark van was soon severely overheated. Loretta was perspiring so much that her blanket was damp, and she was in intense agony from abdominal cramps due to the growing pressure in both her packed bladder and her overstuffed colon.

The two young men finally came back and collected the empty cereal package and milk carton, and replaced them with another box of cereal and a second quart of cold milk. She was hungry, and couldn’t believe that was the only kind of food these mean guys were going to give her.

"I have to go to the bathroom" she whimpered, "Please!"

"If we don't take her, she'll do it in the cage, and we'll have to clean it up," one of the boys said to the other.

"Do you think she'll cooperate, and do it properly, like a good dog?" the other asked.

"You bet!" she said, "Please, I have to go so bad." She was experiencing severe bowel cramps from the tight packing in her colon, and she was now desperate. The boys opened her cage, and placed a collar around her neck. It was a choke chain, a simple loop that could be pulled very tight, but would release when the tension on it was released.

One of the muscular beach boys fastened a chain leash to the ring at the loose end. Suddenly, without warning, he gave the leash a sharp tug, jerking the chain loop too tight around her slender neck. This was the kind of treatment one would not even give to a dog, and it made her want to vomit.

"Jump out, on your hands and knees, and crawl like a dog, bitch!" he commanded. Loretta obediently squeezed out of the wire cage and hopped down to the ground, and started to crawl, straining on the leash, toward the house. The leash jerked again, and the choke chain gave her a painful shot in the neck.

"This way, bitch!" the boy with the leash said, and he tugged her toward the garage. "Around the back, where you can do your disgusting trick without attracting the attention of everyone in the neighborhood. She was quickly reminded of her nakedness, and she raised her knees off the ground so she could move faster, crawling on her hands and feet.


"You're learning fast, bitch, but don't hold your ass so high in the air." She bent her knees more, and found that although it was more difficulty at first, she could move more smoothly this way. When they reached the back of the garage, she was led to a garden area where the soil had been recently dug up.

"Dig a hole with your hands," the boy with the leash said. She did. "Now squat over it and piss into it," he said. The two older boys watched and laughed as she did as she was told, in the fashion of a dog. When the strong stream had reduced to a trickle, he said "Now hump your back like a dog and I need you to take a shit into the hole."

This was completely humiliating. Her need to delicate was so great that she could not possibly resist his command. With tears streaming down her face, she arched her back and strained, watching between her legs to see that she was dropping her feces into the piss-soaked hole in the dirt.

This whole bizarre treatment was completely degrading, worse than anything she had ever seen before, and Loretta sobbed as she strained, fighting constipation, and suddenly and painfully produced a thick twisted knob of her hard packed shit. It stretched her tight anus to the limit, and felt exactly as the violent ass rape had the night before.

She was glad she had dug the hole in the moist soil as wide as she did, because the tight shit ball fell well off center, and rolled down the side to the deepest part of the hole. She adjusted the position of her hips over the hand-scooped depression in the earth to improve her aim, because to miss it completely could bring dire consequences.

Loretta knew from the experience of watching the live performance of rape, merciless genital whipping and deep sex organ piercing that when it came to naked young girls, these powerful boys played hard ball. She saw her firm round boobies dangling as she watched her progress between her spread legs, and was again reminded of her nakedness.

With the odor of her excrement drifting up to her nostrils, she was hit in the face with the reality of her situation, and the gross obscenity of act she was performing for the boys like a trained seal. Her face flushed with shame as she produced a long flexible turd that curled into the fresh hand-dug hole in the soil.

She noticed that in this part of the garden the soil was moist and loose, but dry and firmly packed everywhere else. It had clearly been freshly dug this morning. As she finished her humiliating crap, she also notice with a shiver that the shape and size of the freshly turned soil was the same as a grave.

"Cover over that crap!" the boy said as he gave a firm jerk on the leash. She did so, and looked at him fearfully. If this was a new grave, maybe somebody and been murdered, she thought. She was startled at the directness with which the answer to her thoughts came.

"That's not the only shit in that soil," the other beach boy said to her, and the one with the leash laughed.

"I wouldn't call that lovely female stockbroker a shit," he said, "I thought she put on a great show."

"You killed her, the beautiful business lady?" Loretta said, shocked at the news. It was so appalling she could not believe what she was hearing, and she dropped another fat stool, which also needed covering. She was so shocked that without thinking she picked up her own excrement in her bare hand and dug another hole to bury it. She looked to the big boys for confirmation of the astounding news. "After everybody left last night, did you two kill that woman?"

"Hell no," the boy said, "That would have been a waste. It's too bad you left the show so early. After the needle act, the climax of the show was her snuffing. It was what the people all came to see."

"You really killed that woman, right there on the stage?" Loretta asked incredulously, "with all those people watching you?"

"It was a real blast," he answered. "She was a lively bitch, and she put up a great fight, right up to the end. Those good looking business bitches with the long gorgeous legs and big tits are always the best."

"Ya," the other said, "And not a bad piece of ass, either, though her fresh hole was best. Usually we don't bury them here in the back yard, but we got this special show to get you ready for today, so it was the best way do deal with this lovely lady. She has a special mattress and blanket of lye, so she'll be completely gone soon."

Loretta was startled to hear she was going to be in a show, and wondered what he meant by 'fresh hole', but she knew better than to ask, and show up her ignorance. She somehow felt like a co-conspirator in the killing of the beautiful woman, because she had watched her brutal rape, and they told her so openly of their guilty act. She felt guilt for the act of murder in having been there, having witnessed part of it, and now knowing that it had happened.

Her fear was partly replaced by at first revulsion, thinking of the beautiful and smart looking business woman now lying dead beneath her, and then with curiosity, wondering how it could have happened. He had said that the businesswoman's death was what the people had come to see.

It was all carefully planned, and everybody but her knew about it all along! She shivered again, but this time there was also a twinge of excitement, and anticipation. Would she get to see the deliberate sex killing of a woman, and know about it before it happened?

"You should have seen that bitch swinging by her big tits," the boy who had ass-raped Loretta said, "and taking all them darts," he added with enthusiasm, "it was fantastic."

"I want you to clean your asshole by skidding it along on the grass, like a real dog, bitch!" the other boy said. "Bring your legs forward, lift them in the air, and walk on your hands. That will make your asshole slide on the grass, and the grass will clean out your ass grove."

Loretta was revolted at the degrading way she was being treated, but she resentfully complied, and by arching her back severely, she found that it worked, her anus rubbed on the grass, as she walked on her hands between her legs, and by doing this her ass was soon scraped completely clean.

She was startled as she looked down to see that her neatly trimmed vagina was moist and open, a clear signal that she was aroused at this obscene humiliation. She realized that her greatest hope right now was triggered by carnal lust. She wanted to have the big pricks of one of these powerful boys, who she knew were murderers, take her virginity.

Oh God, she thought to herself, how gross, I'm so sick for even thinking of that. The burly beach boy jerked on her leash, and they headed back to the van, with the naked Loretta in the lead, and she was again caged like a dog. The loose choke chain was left on her, to constantly remind her of her new status.

Instead of leaving this time, the boys jumped into the front of the van, and began to drive. Loretta was famished, so she ate three more bowls of the sweet cereal, which happened to be one of her favorites. She found that being on her hands and knees was the best way to travel in this cramped cage.

Twenty minutes later the van came to a halt and the motor was switched off. All Loretta could see was sky. The boys got out of the van, and were gone for about ten minutes. When they returned, the van was started again, and drove into a huge building with a monstrously big door.

When the side door of the van opened, she could see they had driven the van into a hanger, and they were parked beside a twin engine airplane. She saw a mechanic in coveralls on the other side of the plane, and the boys were talking to another man, who wore a brown leather jacket.

"We've got a delivery, "one of the boys said, "This one's a new hound, going out to the ranch. The other one drove up with Rich. This one's fifteen, and pretty. I hear she's going to be upgraded to a deer." This caught the men's attention, and the mechanic and pilot came around to inspect the naked girl kneeling in the cage. The two boys turned the cage around, to show the curious men her rear end.

"Look at that ass on her," the beach boy said, "nice and lean, the way I like them, with the anus exposed in that neat hollow. I got into it last night." The men looked at him. "With the boss's permission, of course. He set it up, so I'd do it when I took her. He was watching through the one-way mirror in the ladies' can.

"And look at that cunt on the little bitch, have you ever seen one so perfect, on a little bitch so young? She's a real exhibitionist. And would you believe that a perfect cunt like this one is still sealed?"

"Holy fuck," the mechanic said, "Such a beautiful cunt, and she's still a virgin?"

"Would I lie to you?" the boy said, and winked at him. "Had any virgin pussy lately?"

"I got into the asshole of one of them twelve year old twins that was flown up there a few months back, when they were left here overnight before the trip. Rich told me and Bill he wanted both of the little bitches bung holed, to hurt them good without messing them up, and to leave them virgins. Those two pretty little cunts were used as deer girls too, weren't they?"

"Ya, but Rich wants to try it again," one of the beach boys explained. "We were there for that one, before the two big muscle broads were hired. That was our first event. One of those twins bought it first shot, twisted around on an arrow aimed for her shoulder, and took it right through her little nipple, which made it a direct hit on her pounding little heart. The other one ran from behind a tree, spooked a horse and got knocked over. She hit her head on a rock, and never regained consciousness, so neither one of them provided much fun for the participants."

Loretta shivered with the incredible news she was hearing, as she saw herself and her role here in a new light. But the next thing she heard gave her even more reason for concern. "Rich is driving another one up there right now, tanned as well as this one, and they should be nearly there. He said he needed two."

"Let's get moving," the other beach boy said, before she could work out what she had learned. "Rich said the deer hunt is to happen today." They pulled Loretta's crate out of the van, and loaded it into the luggage hatch in the airplane. It was a small single engine aircraft, and the hatch was just large enough to hold the wire cage.

During the transfer, Loretta was further embarrassed by her nakedness when she saw that there were several other men working in the large hanger, who kept at their work, but watched as the cage with its remarkable contents was moved from the van to the plane.

The small compartment was immediately behind the back seats, and she could see over the top of the seats a view upward, so when the plane started to move, she could monitor its movement out of the hanger, and into the cloudless daylight. The sun was very high, so she imagined it could not be more than an hour before or after noon.

The flight lasted nearly two hours, and when the plane finally rolled to a stop and her cage was unloaded, she was surprised to see that the two burly beach boys had not made the trip. Her cage was handled by a pair of strong, healthy looking women with the well developed musculature of body builders. They wore tight t-shirts that were a couple of sizes too small, short shorts, and high heeled pumps.

There was no privacy provided, as there was no hanger, but Loretta quickly realized that the plane had landed at a private ranch. There was a well manicured grass runway, and a large paved apron, with half a dozen corporate jets parked by a cluster of trees, with netting pulled over them, either to provide some shade, or perhaps camouflage.

A golf cart was parked beside the plane, and her crate was loaded, tilted, onto the back of the cart. Loretta remained kneeling in the confining space, but also now leaned against the side of the wire cage to keep her balance. The pilot walked over as the cage was transferred, and as the women climbed onto the two seats on the golf cart, he slid his hand through the wire end of the cage, and slid a finger into the folds of Loretta's vagina.

She squealed at the gross indignity to her privacy as he checked for himself the boys' story that this one was a virgin. The golf cart was unloaded inside the tack room. As Loretta was allowed to crawl out of the cramped wire cage, a leash was attached to her choke chain, and she was taken for another walk by one of the women to relieve herself.

This time she was not led to a private place behind a garage, but was instead forced to crawl ahead of her handler onto a broad lawn in front of the large rambling ranch house. A lavish garden party was in progress, and Loretta recognized many of the people as having been present at the sex show last night, hundreds of miles away.

She realized she was not the only one to have a plane ride that day. The guests were now in casual clothing, and they were being served refreshments by half a dozen ten year old girls, decked out in pretty white dresses. Rich was there, carrying a stiff leather riding crop, and he spoke to her.

"How was your flight, dear?" he said, not expecting an answer. "Let's hear your bark," he said, resting the riding crop across her bare back. She made a barking sound, and everyone laughed. Encouraged, she started making the sharp barking sound, loudly this time, and she notice that the pilot was standing by the airplane, lighting a cigarette, and was watching her.

One of the women was approaching him. The guests all watched as Loretta was commanded to do her dog trick. She was ready, but this time there was no loose soil to dig. She blushed severely as she squatted and urinated on the grass, then on command, she arched her back and defecated on the well manicured lawn like a shameless dog.

"Clean yourself, bitch," the woman holding her leash said, and used a sharp tug to encourage action. Remembering her lesson of the morning, Loretta brought her legs forward, lifted them so she could walk on her hands, and dragged her slender spread buttocks on the freshly trimmed grass, wiping her pretty ass crack clean. One of the little girls brought some paper towel and picked up the fresh feces from the lawn, as if it were something she did every day, and she carried it off to the trash bin behind the house.

"You take to being an animal very well, don't you, child?" commented Rich. He turned to a young man in a t shirt and jeans. "You can go up now and get the pit ready." Loretta wondered if the pit was something she would see in whatever event she was to be involved in.

She felt the tightness of the chain around her neck that told her she was not to respond to any questions as she knelt naked before him on the lawn. Looking at his riding boots, she thought of her father, and his work boots, that she had seen him use viciously on her mother. She remembered the woman often having her ribs taped and her large breasts bandaged from the abuse she took for not pleasing the violent man.

"I think you make a very becoming dog, or should I say bitch?"
The riding crop made gentle contact with the slot of her crotch, rubbing against the tender lump of her rectum and then crossing softly her delicate cunt lips. This was outrageously personal. She lowered her head in humiliation.

"Isn't this a lovely little bitch we have here?" he said to the guests who were gathering around her. "Roll over onto your back, little bitch," he commanded. Loretta responded quickly, not wanting to rile the powerful man.

He ran the flap on the tip of his riding crop across her collar bone, and then casually slid it down across her round breasts, circling the nipples. "Look at these lovely little titties," he said to the interested audience. "If she were to grow into an adult, she would develop full mammaries."

Loretta was confused by the conditional form of Rich's statement, and was bursting with curiosity about her impending fate. The riding crop traced a path across her belly and reached the split of her young and totally exposed vagina.

"Let's see if she's in season," Rich said. She lifted and spread her legs in submission as the riding crop traced an unhurried line down across her pretty open split, and slid down to the delicate pucker of her anus, then moved back up the line of her sex organ to the light puff of neatly trimmed blonde curls on her naked pubic mound.

"I think this pretty little vagina has never whelped any pups, but that tight little anus looks like its ready for some serious mating." Loretta trembled, remembering the painful invasion of her colon last night. She was certain Rich had ordered the boy to commit that violent anal rape.

Rich slapped the whip against her bare cunt with three rapid sharp blows. "Get back over on your hands and knees, little bitch!" he said. The guests all laughed at her immediate obedience. "Here, Rex," Rich called, and a very large mastiff came running. "Look at what we've brought you, lad."

The big dog's tail was wagging, and it circled the kneeling girl, sniffing with particular interest her private parts, then licking them with its sloppy wet tongue. From her position with her head down, she was able to see that the beast was sexually aroused, with it's long thick penis sliding out of its sheath.

This was a horny animal, and it could be a problem. They had owned a puppy at home, a miniature poodle. When it was a year old it had to be destroyed, because every time it got an opportunity, it mounted people's legs, trying to fuck them, and it spurted its jism onto men's pants and women's stockings.

"Lift your hips," Rich commanded, placing the riding crop under her tummy and pressing it upward. As Loretta obeyed, the dog climbed onto her from behind. She could feel the animal's moist penis thrusting aimlessly against her crotch, rubbing against the lips of her vagina.

Then the beast slid forward, and it pressed the broad head of its big dong firmly against her tight anus. She screamed out as the big animal hunched up and suddenly lunged, driving the amazingly rigid penis painfully into her dry fundament. The thick canine flesh shaft stretched her anus agonizingly, but was moist enough to avoid splitting her brutally invaded rectum. It hurt much more than the beach boy's lubricated entry of her pained bottom had been, and she thought she was going to die.

For some reason, Loretta turned her head over away from the people on the lawn and looked toward the field as the hound humped brutally into her. She saw the pilot, leaning against the aircraft and smoking, watching her debasement as he chatted with the other woman who had met the plane, and had helped take Loretta's dog cage to the tack room.

Her eyes were fixed on the figure of the pilot as he talked to the sexy looking woman in the tight t shirt and shorts. She felt the hound's thick penis stroking evenly into her tightly stretched asshole, and the rapid swelling of the bulb at the base of his stout flesh shaft that effectively locked him inside her tight anus.

Her shame was focused on the strong male figure of the pilot as he tossed his cigarette but onto the ground, twisted it out with his shoe, and then climbed into and started the engines. He was still watching her kneeling naked in front of the people on the expansive lawn, giving the people a thrill as she took the huge hound's thrusting penis in her fundament.

She felt the heavy painful thrusting of the large dog's thick penis rutting deep in her colon as she heard the aircraft's twin engines rev up, and she caught his curious but compassionless glance as she watched the plane turn and taxi to the prepared grass runway.

More than anything else, that brief look told her that she was truly nothing to these people but a sex object, a stimulating but valueless article, like the girls she had watched last night, or worse still, like that attractive business woman, to be raped, sexually abused and then mercilessly killed, simply for their entertainment! These were powerful people, the kind she had heard talk about, but did not believe could really exist. They had so much power and control over females it was crazy.

Her knees and elbows dug into the grass and she rocked forward and back with the weight and strength of the huge canine butt fucking her. As the motors of the aircraft roared the mastiff doubled his efforts, and Loretta kept her eyes on the plane as it sped away across the grass strip.

Loretta threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as the small craft lifted into the air. The huge Irish Wolfhound had reached orgasm, and it blew its hot slimy spunk into her intestines, in front of all these people, who were laughing with delight at her humiliation.

In just twelve short hours, the innocent young Loretta had twice had her tight anus bred to thick raging pricks, one from a husky boy and the other a hound, but both of them were controlled by Rich, the man who now had supreme authority over her life, and still she remained a virgin. Her emotions welled to overflowing, and she sobbed as she realized that this powerful man who gave the orders was now her absolute master, a man she knew had ordered the entertainment murder on stage of the beautiful business woman last night

On command, the huge mastiff lifted up and painfully pulled its penis out of her, violently jerking the thick hard ball of the base of the organ through her anus. She couldn't believe the relief as the knobby flesh shaft slid out of her tender and bruised rectum. Loretta sobbed uncontrollably, her face hidden as her head rested on her folded arms on the cool grass.

She could hear the comments from the people as she crouched there, and she felt the dog's slick cum oozing out of her rectum and dribbling down across her naked cunt. This time she ignored the painful jerk on the choke chain around her neck. That brought about the one thing she should have expected, but had not.

Without warning, the hard leather riding crop smashed into the gap between her raised buttocks, stinging both her swollen red cum-slicked anus and her virgin vagina, stunning the tight flesh between them. She lifted up with a startled scream, flexing her lean back beautifully, and tightening her tits as she leaned back.

The stiff whip smashed down across the tops of her stretched round breasts, making them bounce, and she screamed louder and more desperately, in a series of shrill frantic gasps as the sharp pain seared through her groin and chest. She could never have guessed how painful a blow could be from such a short riding crop. No wonder horses obeyed.

The woman holding her leash jerked it sharply once more, and this time Loretta lifted her knees and walked in the crouched posture on her hands and feet like a dog, as she had been taught to do earlier that same day. She was taken back to the tack room, and the woman who had been talking to the pilot was there waiting.

We'd better get her ready, they'll want to start soon," she said to Loretta's handler. "The other one is being brought down from the house. She's been Rich's guest."

Then she turned to Loretta. "You've been promoted, sweetie," she said to Loretta, "You're going to be changed from a bitch into a deer."

The women stood Loretta up and removed her choke chain. They gave her an enema to flush out her colon now that she had evacuated it in her brief public performance, and then repeated the enema, deeper this time, then gave her two more, until the water she produced was running clear. She felt as if the women had cleared out her entire intestinal track, which is exactly what they had done.

Next they gave her a sponge bath. As the women worked they talked, and the woman who had chatted with the pilot filled in the one who had acted as Loretta's handler.

"You wouldn't believe what they did at the party last night," she started. Hey, you were there, kid," she said to Loretta, "Did you see them snuff that gorgeous stockbroker?"

"I saw them fucking her, two at a time, in her bum and in her cunt," she answered, as the long enema shaft was thrust into her anus, "but I had to leave to go to the washroom, and then I was kidnapped." Ignoring her from then on, the woman went on to describe what she had been told. "The pilot said it was really fantastic. They stuffed dildos in her throat, cunt and ass....."

"I saw that!" Loretta volunteered.

Ignoring her interruption, the woman went on, "They tied her tits with sash cord and hung her by them, and nothing else. Can you imagine?"

"Sure," the other replied, "When I was in college, one of the girls trying to get into our Sorority was a real pain, fucking our boyfriends before she even got in, so for her initiation half a dozen of us stripped her, tied her hands behind her back, and then hung her by tight cords around her big tits. While she was hanging there we had our boyfriends over and we had a party. She hung there naked for nearly seven hours.

"The guys were startled at first, and embarrassed to look, but once they got used to it and saw that it was okay with us, because we had done it to her, they thought it was terrific, having the naked girl hanging there by her big tits like a profane statue.

"Every time we opened a beer, we stuffed the metal bottle caps up into her cunt. We must have gone through six cases of beer that night. Can you imagine having seventy beer bottle caps thrust up into your twat? God, that must have been horrible.

“By four o'clock in the morning, we had enough beer into the guys that their inhibitions were down, so we cut her down and they all took turns butt fucking the slut. All the girls in our sorority made bets on how fast our dates would cum inside her. In an hour her asshole was a slime bucket, so we sewed it closed with thin copper wire. Next we sewed her mouth closed and her big nipples together.

“By then it was five o'clock in the morning, so the guys helped us take her out and mount her cunt on the muzzle of the cannon in front of the campus library. The thing was more than four inches wide, and we had a hell of a time getting her pussy over it, but it was well worth the effort. You should have heard the bitch trying to scream through her sewn lips. Our prank caused quite a scandal, but it was never traced back to us. We never saw the conniving bitch on campus again."

"Jesus, you guys played rough at college. So did these guys last night. Everyone was given darts, and they used the swinging female stockbroker as a target. She twisted as best she could, providing good entertainment value with her postures, and she moaned delightfully through the obscene gag in her throat as the long points of the darts slammed into her.

"Apparently she took more than a hundred direct hits in her meat. When they were finished they cut the voluptuous bitch down, and pulled out all of the darts as painfully as possible. Apparently her naked flesh was bleeding all over from the puncture holes from the cruel darts.

The boys then took up their knives and they heartlessly sliced holes in her neck and navel, about three inches long. They thrust their pricks into the new cunt-sized holes and gave her another unique double body fuck. It sounded fantastic, I wish I'd been there to see it. The pilot said the audience went wild.

When they were finished and shot their spunk into her body, they got hold of their knives again, and went to work on the proud naked lady with a vengeance. They ripped her belly wide open, and gutted the beautiful bitch alive. Apparently it was a fabulous event." Loretta gagged, and they moved her over to the sink quickly, not wanting to have a mess to clean up.

"I really wish I'd been there. And the pilot said that the entertainment last night was just a warm-up for this event."

"How are they hunting them?" the other woman asked.

"I think it will be bows and arrows, the same as last time."

"Holy shit," the other said, standing back and looking over Loretta's naked and supple fifteen year old body. "That was bloody brutal, with those two pre-pubescent kids. The problem last time was letting his guests handle the bows. Rich has got some real marksmen to shoot these human deer this time.

I hear he's got some Florida poachers, who hunt deer in the swamps so silently that they can pick off the warden's dogs without him knowing it. Today's cunt hunt should be fantastic." Now Loretta did toss her biscuits. If they were trying to scare her, they were succeeding.

They were going to hunt her with real arrows. Everything was happening so fast her head was spinning. Just last night she was a drive-through-window girl at Wendy's, and then suddenly she was a guest, enjoying real adult tough sex acts. The business woman had been so beautiful, and she had been forced to shit on her fresh grave. Now she was about to be hunted to death by expert killers for the fun of these people!

Just then the door behind her opened, and someone came in. Loretta turned around and suddenly screamed. It was her twin sister, Lorraine. She was wearing a stunning dress, and had her hair done up so beautifully that she looked four years older than her true age of fifteen.

"What are you doing here, Lorrie?" Lorraine asked. One of the women grabbed her and slapped her face violently.

"No talking, bitch! Get out of those clothes, now!"

"You better do as she says," Loretta said. "The 'or else' is pretty horrible."

"Rich is going to kill you, lady!" Lorraine shouted as she held her struck face. "I'm his girl friend, and this is his ranch! How come you're bare naked, Lorrie? What's going on here?"

"Rich fucked you all night last night, then he drove you up here, and he sent you down here to the tack room, right?" asked one of the muscular women.

Lorraine was speechless, then stammered, "Well, yes, but..."

"Then get out of those clothes, right now!" She put her arm on Lorraine's shoulder. "He told you to do exactly as I tell you, didn't he?" Again she hesitated. Loretta was delighted to see her sister put on the spot like this. The snotty bitch had this kind of treatment coming to her. She couldn't wait to see what they were going to do to her.

"Get out of those clothes, and do it fast!" the woman commanded her. To make her point, the woman slapped Lorraine's face so hard that her head was jerked to one side. Loretta was dried off as Lorraine reluctantly undressed, sobbing quietly in self pity, and then they were both told to bend over.

"The reason the hound was used was to prepare the portal," one of the women told Loretta, as she thrust a thick wooden plug deep into her frequently abused asshole. "With you young ones, its tough to get this plug into you without rupturing your asshole, unless it has been loosened up first. This is the anchor, to help make a deer out of you."

Attached to the stout plug was a brown fir tail, white on the underside, that stood erect, like the tail of a deer. Lorraine was not so lucky, because her anus had not been prepared, and she screamed as her tight rectum was violated with the large tail plug, even though a gob of lubricant was smeared on the end of the invading shaft.

Then they placed a headpiece onto each of the girls, that were made from the upper half of the head of a deer. They had long slender antlers, gleaming eyes, and a damp nose. The masks covered the upper part of the girl's faces, revealing only their mouth and lower jaw. They had to tip their heads back to be able to see, exposing their throats, and even then they had to peek down their cheeks. This made it appear that the deer was gazing at the sky.

Finally, the naked twins were given a pair of strange shoes. These were like the front part of high heels, and the girls' big toe was held away from her other toes, as the shoe had the shape of a cloven hoof. There was a shaft that extended back, that lay against the sole of her foot, and was very uncomfortable only when they stood flat on her foot.

If they stood up on their toes, it was quite comfortable. The shoes were filled with glue, so that when they put them on, they were glued onto their feet. It felt weird at first, but it dried quickly, and made the shoes fit even better. Loretta looked down and then at her gorgeous twin sister, and was startled to see how much these well crafted hooves made them both look like real deer.

Similar devices were attached to their hands, splitting their thumb and forefinger from the other three fingers. These were also glued onto them, and Loretta was dismayed that she no longer had the use of her hands. She hoped that the glue would dissolve easily afterwards. She tried walking, forced up onto her tiptoes in the bizarre toe shoes, and she found that it was not as difficult as she had imagined it would be.

As long as her legs were strong enough to stay up on tiptoe, she would be all right. What she noticed was the strange feeling of the thick wooden plug in her anus when she walked. This was really weird, she thought. Her thoughts returned to her feet, forced to stand on tiptoe in the amazing tiny hoofed boots.

"Deer don't stand upright, kids, get down and crawl, like you were taught." Loretta got down, and with these extension devices on her hands she was surprised at how much longer her arms seemed to be. Her back felt like it was almost level, with her pretty round ass raised, which would reveal her beautiful sex organ under the raised tail. This position took some of the strain off her feet, but now she was not sure if her hands were strong enough to use them in these strange feeling hoof devices.


Loretta showed Lorraine how to move, and her twin sister caught on fast. They moved around, and Loretta noticed that the tail in her asshole moved as she did, and she realized for the first time how much her ass swung when she walked. She found it even more difficult to see in this position, and her neck hurt when she lifted it to see.

Suddenly she saw her image in a large mirror, and she was startled at the incredible effect of the mask and hooves. She turned to see her profile, and the tail was just as authentic. She had once seen a real live deer at the zoo, and she was a good substitute. In fact she was even better, with her naked female body, with her titties swinging from her chest as she moved.

She was also sure that her vagina was clearly visible beneath the tail from the rear. Her rich deep tan matched the color of a deer's coat, as did her sister's. She realized how carefully the two of them had been selected for this incredible role. What did these people have in mind for them? This was very exciting, and at the same time very frightening.

From outside, she heard the sound of horses walking, and coming to a stop just outside the door. Within a few minutes, she was sure there were more than two dozen of the big animals had moved to right outside the door. Suddenly there was the loud blast of a hunting horn: someone was trumpeting the call for the hunt. "Let them go!" came a booming voice, which Loretta recognized as belonging to Rich. If there were anything left in her gut she would have shit. This was really going to happen!

The two women pulled open a door on the other side of the tack room, and told the bizarrely outfitted naked young girls to run. "It's just a game," the women assured them, "But you've got to do it right, or Rich will be very angry with you, and you know what that can mean." To make their point, the women lashed at the girls' rumps with leather belts, smacking them so that they bolted out wide doorway into the bright sun.

"You've got to stay down on all fours as long as you can," the other added, shouting after them as they ran. "Just remember, it will go bad for you when you stand up."

"Now get going, you've got five minutes before they come after you," said the first, and they both slapped the twin teenagers on their naked ass. Loretta and Lorraine burst out of the door, running on all fours, and headed across the open field to the nearest trees.

Loretta knew she could run faster if she could stand up, but she also remembered the words drilled into her brain just in the last moment, and she couldn't allow it to go bad for herself or for Lorraine. She remembered the fresh grave of the beautiful business woman, and the vivid description of the horrible things they did to her before they killed her, just for fun. These were the people who had done it, and they could just as easily do it to her.

Rich and the others watched the lean figures of the naked young deer girls running on all fours across the field, and were amused at how well they stuck to their instructions. In five minutes they had not yet reached the woods, although they could easily have made it in two minutes had they stood up and run full out like a human.

The woods were less than a quarter of a mile away. The riders were in no hurry. After the girls disappeared from sight, they gave them an extra thirty seconds, then set off after them a relaxed canter. The big purebred horses covered the distance to the edge of the wood quickly, and the dozen riders, wearing the authentic leather costumes of tenth century English archers and all armed with powerful bows and a quiver full of lethal arrows, separated.

They moved in a pre-planned sweeping action, designed to herd their naked human prey toward a clearing to the left and up a gentle slope. Chasing them would be easy because there was no undergrowth in the woods to hide them, and even if they could avoid the clearing, several of the archers were certain to get a clear shot at each of them sooner or later.

There was nowhere for them to hide or escape to, because the manicured forest was surrounded by a tall fence that was capped with barbed wire, and which was also electrified. The only question was when, rather than if they would catch their delightful prey, and which would fall first, Rich's party girl, with the Man's freshly planted seed in her womb, or her innocent twin sister, who had performed for them as and with the hound.

When the deer girls had reached the cover of the forest, they were immediately disappointed that it did not offer the kind of protection they had anticipated. They stood up, and the first thing they tried to do was to remove the uncomfortable tails from their assholes. With the hooves glued onto their hands, they were unable to get the tails out.

Loretta tried to take off her mask, and was surprised to find that it was stuck fast onto her head at several points with something like crazy glue. She almost panicked as she struggled unsuccessfully to remove the mask and the hoof gloves. Lorraine had made the same shocking discovery.

In unison, the girls both screamed at the stark realization that they were not only being exploited as sexual animals, but that these evil people had made permanent changes to them. They had been manipulated into playing the part of obscene animals for this stupid fantasy game. What was frightening for Loretta was the knowledge of the dire consequences if they did not play along with the bizarre sexual game.

"We have to go back and demand they stop making fools of us," she said, and Loretta notice how erotic her sister looked when she was mad, particularly when she was naked and in the strange animal get up.

"It isn't that easy," she explained to her sister. "Last night they killed a woman, just for fun. I was there, and they tortured a couple of others really bad, in a sex show at Rich's house."

"You're crazy. I was there too," said Lorraine, "and nobody
was killed. Rich told me to wait up in his master bedroom and watch TV for a while, because he was having an important business meeting downstairs. Then when he finally came up, we made wonderful love half the night."

"That's not how it was," Loretta said. There was no meeting, but I don't know how you missed the party going on, because people were everywhere."

"There wasn't any party. I was there the whole time. Rich and I went up to the master bedroom, and we had drinks, and then I had a little rest while he had his meeting."

"He drugged your drink, to keep you out of the way."

"That's a lie," Lorraine said, uncertainly. "He even checked on me, and when he was free, it was really late. I’d fallen asleep, but he woke me, and we had a snack and then we made love."

"He makes sure all the girls he uses get a penis into them somehow, but its not usually love making, if you know what I mean."

"What do you mean? He made love to me."

"I bet there was a twist of some kind," Loretta said. Did he leave the lights on?"

"Yes, they were quite bright."

"And you did it on top of the bed, right? Not under the covers?"

"He likes it best in the open, as he put it. What on earth are you getting at?"

Did he just fuck you, or did he make you do other things?" Loretta asked.

"He didn't make me do anything, but he did ask me nicely, so I did some things for him."

"Like what?"

"Well, he didn't want to hurt me by penetrating me, so he asked me to break my own hymen first.

"You had to pop your own cherry! Ha! That must have been a sight!"

"He gave me a special narrow knife to do it with, it was a special knife just for doing that, one he brought back from Cairo, and he told me how to use it."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, even though I bled, he asked me to prove I had popped my cherry by putting a big plastic cock into me. It was huge, and it really hurt, but he told me to take my time, and it wasn't too bad once it was in."

"Did he tell you or did you know that you were performing on television?"

Lorraine's jaw dropped. "What are you saying?! How do you know that?"

"That's why the lights were up. I bet there were a lot of mirrors in the room."

"Even the ceiling. That bastard. I thought he just liked to see himself perform."

"Then he fucked you?" Loretta asked?

"Yes, then he asked me to do some...."

"Look out, they're coming!" Loretta shouted. "Run!" Both girls ran, upright, and on their toes in the strange hoof-shoes. They lifted their heads back to see where the other was going, but they could not see each other as they ran from the thundering sound of galloping horses, and they were quickly separated.

Loretta ran toward what she thought was thicker woods, but as she moved she saw that she was chasing an illusion, with the large trees uniformly spaced. There were no fallen trees to hide behind, and only the occasional bush, which were mostly too small to provide any cover.

When she was getting short of wind, Loretta turned to see where Lorraine was, and was surprised that her twin sister had somehow disappeared. Lorraine had last been on her left, so she guessed she had gone up the slope toward higher ground. She could hear the horses slowing, and when they momentarily stopped, she was sure they had reached the woods.

She stopped and listened carefully, to judge which way the horses were moving. The sound in the woods was misleading, and she had to guess. It sounded like they were moving to the right, so she quickly ran to the left, toward the slope, in the direction she thought Lorraine had gone.

There was excellent footing, which made running in the hoof shoes not too difficult, which was a good thing, because the slope was steeper than she had guessed. Or maybe it was that she was not in shape. She had never been a jock, but physical things usually came easy to her. It was probably just peeking out under the damned mask that made things hard to judge.

She was suddenly startled to see a horseman directly in front of her. She froze. He was facing away from her, and the horse was standing stock-still, watching and listening. The man raised his arms as if in slow motion, and took his bow off his shoulder. Quietly he strung it, stretching the string and arching the bow with his powerful arms.

Then he very carefully drew an arrow out of his quiver. His every move was so smooth that it was like the breeze blew him. The man was one with nature. She saw the vicious steel tip of the arrow, and her heart stopped. It was big, and it had three jagged, saw tooth edges. They were going to shoot her and her sister with these savage weapons!

The bowman seated the arrow against his fist which gripped the bow, notched the feathered end onto the string, and steadily pulled it back, taking aim. Loretta noticed how smooth each action was, flowing evenly into the next, and for a moment thought what a beautiful act it was.

The bow moved slightly to the right, as if following its target, and her eyes followed he bowman's aim. With a shock, she spotted her naked and bizarrely costumed while basically nude sister climbing up the gentle slope, oblivious of the danger ahead of her. Loretta was unable to breathe.

This was so exciting that she wanted to scream, now that she was going to see her sister getting her own back in spades. Part of her wanted to shout out a warning, but the many abuses she had endured on her twin sister's account, and the certain knowledge that any sound she made would bring an arrow rushing toward her silenced her. In her excitement she lost control of her bladder, and she urinated onto the grass.

The man patiently tracked his naked prey with the arrow as she moved toward him. When he was ready, he let out a soft whistle. Lorraine lifted her head in curiosity, and suddenly she saw the man on the horse. He had deliberately baited her, wanting her to look. It took the startled girl a second to notice the drawn bow, and then it was too late.

The arrow flew cleanly toward her with a soft whistling sound, and caught her shoulder, just below the collar bone. With an audible 'thunk', it drove through her, and as she was spun by the force of the hit, Loretta was startled to see that the missile had driven right through her, with the head sticking out above her shoulder blade. Her gasp was covered by Lorraine's horrified scream.

Loretta moved behind a large tree as she saw a second bowman at ninety degrees to the other. His horse was also standing still, and he had probably been there all along. His bow was also drawn, and as Lorraine scrambled on all fours, her back was to him, and his swift arrow found her right buttock.

The slender shaft was suddenly nearly one third buried in the firm but tender meat of her rump. Lorraine was permitted to get up, and Loretta was startled to see that her arrow-pierced sister was able to run, and she did. The men sat calmly, watching her go. She had a noticeable limp, but was still able to move quickly, running up on her toes in the tiny bizarre cloven shoes.

Loretta heard a soft whistle behind her, and she spun around to see six riders sitting behind her. One of them was Rich, and two of them were beautiful women. She realized that if the horses walked instead of ran, the grass and soft soil would dampen their hoof beats, and that was how they had managed to sneak up on her without her hearing them.

Terror turned to horror as one of the men loosed an arrow at her. She lost sight of it, but felt it hit her side, just below the rib cage as she tried to twist away, and she felt the burning pain where the head cut its way out through her back. She thought she was gong to vomit, but resisted the impulse. This was for real, and these people were playing for keeps. They were going to kill her and her sister, just for the fun of it.

With these hoof gloves glued onto her hands, she was unable to pull out the arrow, and with it sticking right through her, she knew it would be impossibly painful to do anyway. It was really incredible, stuck through with an arrow, and being bare naked in this crazy costume.

It was hard to believe she was just Loretta, who worked at the drive through window at Wendy's. The remarkable deer girl turned tail, and ran directly away from them, up the gentle slope in the direction Lorraine had gone. The stiff arrow stuck through her side was painful as she moved, particularly when she accidentally hit it with her arm.

She was surprised to hear herself sobbing hysterically as she ran through the woods, and she looked back frantically to see if the people on the horses were following her. They were. Loretta ran faster, gasping desperately with the exertion and pain from the arrow in her side.

Suddenly she cried out as an arrow drove through her calf. She fell, skidding on her round titties on the grass, but she struggled to her feet, and found she could still run, although more painfully now. Ahead she saw a clearing, and on its far side, coming from the woods, were a another group of riders, several of them armed with the big bows and those barbaric arrows. In the middle of the clearing stood the erotic nude form of Loretta, with the two arrows piercing her.

At that point, as she looked at the standing figure of her twin sister in the highly sexually stimulating deer costume, Loretta the deer remembered the words of the women in the tack room. "It will go bad for you when you stand up." They were both standing up, and it was indeed going very badly for them.

Loretta quickly got down again on all fours. If this worked, it would be because her stupid sister was still standing up, and would take all of their attention. She could call out; she was close enough that Lorraine would hear her, but she didn't owe her dumb sister anything.

Let that stupid bitch take all the arrows, she thought. She had taken so much abuse for her sister all her life that now the mean bully could take the heat for a change. Loraine deserved whatever she got. Loretta ran on all fours into the clearing, with the riders coming up behind her.

More of the adult riders now converged from all around the clearing. The deer girls were trapped. Loretta watched the skill of the merciless archers with a rising sense of terror. She saw Lorraine take an arrow in her belly, and another from the side that pierced through both of her titties. That was an excellent shot. These guys knew what they were doing.

The arrowhead stood out one side, with the feathered end sticking out the other. These guys were really good! Lorraine was pissing herself, and as she turned, desperately looking for a retreat, she took an arrow into her buttock and another into her thigh. She looked like a porcupine with all those quills piercing her. She fell forward, and several of the riders were quickly over her.

A rope was looped around one of Loraine’s kicking ankles, and she was lifted, upside down, to the rump of a large horse. The rope was tied to a ring on the saddle, and she dangled, pierced with carefully placed and intentionally non-fatal arrows. These riders were real marksmen, and knew how to nail a girl without killing her.

Loretta screamed and twisted, thrashing her arms and kicking with her free leg, which did no harm, but beautifully displayed her pretty pink cunt. The hunt was going exactly as they wished today, thanks to the skill and steady nerves of the hired archers. They wouldn’t let compassion interfere with a creative kill. One deer girl was now fully under control, and the second was waiting and watching near the trees, within easy reach of the fearless hunters.

Now the riders' attention turned to Loretta. They circled the crouching naked deer girl, and she found herself trapped. She walked in a circle, down on all fours, unable to stay still with the pain of the arrows sticking through her flesh. Her plug-anchored tail stood up between her round slender buttocks, and it wagged impudently behind her tight round buttocks as she moved.

One of the women in the group of riders giggled mischievously. "Lets shoot her up her ass," she said. "Pull out that rectum plug and shoot arrows up her pretty little asshole! That will make the pretty young bitch dance!"

Rich pulled his horse beside her, and bending down, grasped her tail near the thick plug and gave it a jerk. It pulled free with a suctioning sound that ended in a loud 'pop'. Her rectum was slow to close after gripping the stout plug for so long, and drew admiring comments from the riders

Within a minute her resilient sphincter had closed to its normal tight roll. In her position her buttocks were sufficiently spread to reveal the teenage nude's puckered rectum. Rich brought his riding crop down across her ass. "Run, deer!" he commanded her, and she quickly complied.

On the fly, three skilled marksmen hit the tiny bull's-eye of her anus, and nine others came within inches, filling the hollow between her buttocks with feathered shafts. She now had a new feathered tail, made of the rear two-thirds of a tightly placed cluster of a dozen long arrows.

Those arrows that struck her rectum directly actually sunk in more than half their length, with their vicious heads buried deep in her internal tangle of guts. Her anus had been ripped by the sharp arrowheads entering her fundament, and it would never again close as it was designed to do.

One of the women watching squealed in orgasmic pleasure at the sight. "Now do her virgin cunt!" she said. “Those lovely steel arrowheads will effectively spay the little bitch by ripping into her fucking uterus! Oh God, I’m cuming, I’m fucking cuming just from watching! This is so exciting!”

Loretta had rolled onto her side, and was twisting her torso and writhing in agony. "On your back, bitch!" Rich commanded, and slashed his riding crop violently across her naked breasts to make his point. He did. Without hesitation, she rolled onto her back, her shapely legs wide spread, presenting her open cunt to the fearsome riders.

"Now lift your hips high and show me what your father never got to open!" The frightened and injured deer girl did as she was commanded, the bundle of arrows in her ass grinding together as she lifted her hips. Inside her, the saw-ridged arrowheads were also grinding together and doing severe damage. She screamed at the incredible pain, and her sister, dangling by one leg over the rump of a horse, echoed her wail.

Her beautifully formed cunt grinned at the riders, and Rich took a special huge bow from one of the archers. From his saddle, he produced a special long thick arrow, a perfect match for the monster-sized bow. This arrow was much thicker and longer than the others.

It looked more like a small spear with feathers on the tail end, and it had a monstrous head with horned spurs on it. He moved his horse back ten yards from her, while a pair of archers stationed themselves on either side of her. The three men drew their bows together, taking careful aim at the naked sex organs of their cooperative young human target.

The marvelous young deer-girl was sobbing uncontrollably, but kept her hips raised as Rich had commanded, her feet extremely arched in the little clove-hoofed shoes, and her knees well-parted, fully exposing the tender spread inner lips and pink vestibule of her beautiful virgin cunt. This was a flower about to be violently picked by her tormentors,

"God, she's a sexy little wench," one of the women said. "I can't wait for her to absorb some of those aggressive arrows into that delightfully sexy 15-year-old cunt!"

"Higher!" Rich shouted. Loretta strained her leg muscles, and the prone teenage nude obediently raised her slender hips another three inches, rotating her pelvis to the limit, fully displaying the delightfully open target of her sex he had chosen. In unison, the three arrows flew.

The two standard arrows with their triple blade tips ran between her spread thighs, skimmed across her hip bones, crossed her tummy, flying parallel to her torso, delicately grazed her ribs, and then each found its target, driving up through the vertical base of her firm round breasts.

The young but full mammaries distorted as they were hit, the arrowheads heads burst out through the tops of her ravaged tits, and came to a stop above her shoulders, dripping her blood from their stained tips. They looked outstanding. The huge arrow from Rich's bow made a perfect hit, and the savage barbed steel head monstrously violated her virginity.

The heinous crown of the over-size weapon parted her sex lips, instantly ripped through her tight maidenhood, drove up through the grasping muscle of her young vagina, and tore right through her cervix and ripped the back of her uterus, to settle in the tight tangle of her intestines, effectively impaling the beautiful teen with its stout shaft. Loretta was now effectively spayed.

She heaved, bucking her fevered hips as if she were engaged in a monstrous fuck with the invading weapon. The riders backed their mounts to give her room, and watched in fascination as she writhed and thrust her pelvis in her fantastic and highly erotic dance of agony.

Finally one of the horsemen got a rope around her ankle, and raised her off the ground, to dangle over the horse's hip, across from her twin sister. Both of the teenage girls were alive, now as severely wounded deer, and both were moaning and squirming as they bounced along, dangling by just one ankle, slung over either hip of the big horse.

The captured deer girls were taken to a smaller clearing which was further up the slope and then down into a small ravine. A fire had been prepared in an open shallow pit, and now it presented a broad bed of glowing coals. The twin deer girls were both alive and kicking, and were more than concerned at what they saw. This was turning out to be even more bizarre than either of them could have imagined possible.

"Now that we've captured our game, its time to clean them," Rich announced to the riders. There was a lean-to framework made of logs, supporting a horizontal log beam, which was ten feet off the ground. The men strung the girls up by their ankles from this beam, so that they hung upside-down, their hoofed hands dangling inches above the grass. Then everyone tethered their horses, as if they planned to be there for some time.

"Are you okay?" Loretta asked Lorraine.

"No I'm fucking not!" her sister shouted at her, and the situation was so out of control that Loretta laughed at her. She laughed hysterically, and couldn't stop, and her laughter quickly reverted to sobbing again.

"These pretty young deer girls are real gems, Rich," one of the woman said, "Where in the world did you find such a pair of lovely creatures? They make perfect hunting deer, among the best you’ve ever brought to our amazing cunt hunts."

"Their doctor referred them to me," he said. "She owed me a favor. I told her I was looking for a couple of attractive girls their age who were endowed with perfect cunts."

"She obviously has excellent taste in cunts," the woman said, "These little twats are incredible."

"They're working out rather well, aren't they? Of course, because we need white girls with a deep tan, to look properly look the part, it narrows the field," Rich said.

"How did you get hold of them?" the woman asked.

"One of my staff brought the one at this end to my home, where I seduced her. She actually came up here willingly. Then he went and picked up the other and brought her to my home to the party last night, and abandoned her there. I ‘rescued’ her, and took her down to witness the show. It proved to be a worthwhile risk, and set her up for this role.”

“My God,” chimed in another woman, “these girls have marvelous cunts! I've never seen female organs that look so succulent and beautiful."

"Now that they're both strung up, let's get on with it," the woman said excitedly. Everyone gathered around the large game cleaning frame, ready for the natural conclusion to the erotic deer hunt: the cleaning of the two living human deer carcasses. One of the men produced a large hunting knife with a ten-inch blade from his belt, and a fine grain whet stone from his pocket.

He moved in front of the two dangling deer girls and began to sharpen the large steel blade. As he worked, four others began tugging on the arrows, ripping them out of the tender flesh of the naked dangling girls. Because of the size and design of the vicious arrowheads, the men pulling the arrow out were doing real damage to the girls as they jerked on the stout shafts, just as intended.

The arrow that had gone through both of Lorraine's firm round breasts ripped the fatty tit meat as it was pulled backwards through them, as it was designed to do, leaving a gaping hole through the teenager's fat mammaries. The two arrows that had been shot up through Loretta's lovely breasts also tore holes as they were jerked out of her, and she produced horrific piercing screams as the arrowheads dragged out red chunks of he fresh tit meat. The group of arrows pulled out of Loretta's anus actually pulled out a long loop of her gut through her punctured asshole.

Only the large spear-sized arrow impaling Loretta's lovely vagina was left in place. When all of the other arrows had been salvaged from the bleeding flesh of the girls, the man with the hunting knife pocketed the stone, and he placed the blade against the delicate lips of Lorraine's vagina, which Rich had initiated the night before.

He pressed the tip of the blade against the small opening of the delicate female sex organ, and then gently thrust it into her beautiful vagina a couple of inches. The lovely little cuntlet, which had housed a real man's penis for the first time last night when Rich had fucked her, reluctantly accepted the sharp steel blade into its luscious tender folds. She gripped the blade with her little sex organ to keep it from dropping by its own weight further into her.

When the blade was inserted deeply enough that the grip of the girl's tight twat supported the weight of the large knife, the man let go of the handle, opened his fly, and pulled his large erect penis out of his pants. Lorraine's screaming mouth was at the right level, without ceremony he thrust his big prick into her face and rammed it deep down her throat.

Lorraine gagged, giving him the kind of squeezing sensation in his thick organ he was looking for, as his balls rested on the nose of the deer mask. Pressing his hips forward to keep his big cock firmly engaged in her throat, he pulled the steel blade out of her cunt, then thrust it into her belly at the base of her rib cage.

The insertion of the knife into her body caused the girl's tight throat to constrict on his cock. As he worked the blade in the tensed muscle, her throat pulsed, providing a milking sensation on his rigid organ. Her beautiful unfurled cunt was directly below him, and he watched with fascination the lovely sex organ gasping like the mouth of a carp out of water as he sawed upward through her tight belly.

He grasped the handle of the sharp knife with both hands, and pulled it upward toward her navel, ripping open her beautiful abdomen. The half inch thick wall of muscle opened, revealing the tight package of her pink and white guts inside. He continued the slicing action upward until he had cut right up into the curls on
her pubic mound. He reached orgasm as the skilful belly ripping was completed.

He pulled his spurting penis out of her throat and the blade out of her belly at the same time, and stood back to allow nature to run its course. The sliced flesh of the naked teenage deer-girl's belly slowly parted, spreading under the load to reveal her pack of internal viscera. The heaving huddle held at first, then slowly the moist snake of gut slid outward and down, dangling past her mask to loop into a tangled pile on the ground.

Loretta watched in horror as her sister's guts and internal organs were pulled free and cut out. Then she watched in horrified fascination as the pointed tip of a long steel shaft was placed against the eviscerated deer-girl's anus, and was forcefully thrust down into her hanging torso.

They were impaling her! They were going to roast her naked body on a spit over that fire pit! The girl was still alive and squirming under the terminal abuse she was receiving, but when the shaft moved up into her chest area, it pierced her heart, mercifully killing her. Finally the end of the shaft emerged with a spurt of blood through her gaping mouth, and now fully impaled, she was ready for roasting.

Loretta watched the horrendous action, quivering in fear as the men loosened the ropes around Lorraine's ankles and brought her twin sister down. The impaled deer girl's ankles and wrists were wrapped with a stiff wire and were bound to the long impaling shaft, a big plastic bag full of sausage dressing was dumped into her abdomen before her belly was sewn closed, and then she was laid in place to roast on the spit. Lorraine covered only half the large bed of coals, and there were a second set of posts waiting for Loretta's spit. Now it was Loretta's turn.

Another man opened his pants and produced his throbbing penis He throat fucked Loretta as two others grabbed the end of the large arrow protruding from her cunt, and struggling with it, dislodged the spear-sized projectile. As they dragged it out of her, the heinous head did what it was designed to do. It pulled her beautiful vagina inside out, and then pulled out with it a loop of her intestines.

The men pulled the teenager's tangle of pink guts out of her through her inverted cunt until they had completely disemboweled her. When she was properly eviscerated, she was startled that she was still alive, and she watched them bring the impaling shaft to her damaged and distended crotch.

Because her anus was torn apart from all of the arrows that had been shot into her and then ripped out of her, the shaft was set into her inverted vagina, to deflower her in her last seconds of life. The excited men and women were quietly masturbating themselves as they watched the obscene proceedings.

The shaft was thrust steadily into the beautiful teenager's womb, smoothly sliding into and filling her virgin hole, and then ripping into her uterus. In moments the long shaft had moved through her belly and her chest, drove through her throat and emerged through her gaping mouth. No one noticed or cared when the lovely teenager expired.

The ropes that hung her by her ankles were loosened, she was brought down, and now her belly was sliced open. She was filled with a bread and brandy sage dressing, sewn shut and lifted onto the spit, to roast beside her sister. The women took turns turning the twin spits, and soon the delicious smell of human venison roasting filled the air. This second human deer hunt had been much more successful with the beautiful teenagers than was the disastrous hunt staged with the two younger girls.

The guests had delighted in these two teens as they had given up their lives in the exciting chase, capture and cleaning. Their beautiful naked carcasses being impaled and roasted was an event to remember, and the aroma of freshly roasting deer girls was one that got their appetites up. They were ready for a feast of fresh killed and tender bitch meat.

Over a delicious meal of only the most succulent parts of their captured and roasted human game, the adventurers planned their next exotic event. It would, they all agreed, be necessary to have many more participants if they were going to use a gaggle of eight to ten year old girls, as they planned.

It would have to be a competition with lethal implications, they decided, as hunting that many would prove to be too complex. They spent the rest of the day planning for their next delightful exciting sexual blood sport event to be held at this secluded private estate.

They decided to select and procure half a dozen small girls from as many small village grade schools. They agreed on an age range of nine to ten year olds. They would turn the lovely little kiddies into pheasants, with their nakedness decorated with beautiful feathers, and appropriate head-pieces.

The German company that had made these marvelous deer masks, used by Lorraine and Loretta, would be engaged to create suitable pheasant headpieces for the children, and would be told the devices were for a children's pageant. That would be true, but not the entire truth.

Even the Germans might be concerned to know how the masks they made were to be used. Rich suggested he would release a pack of wild boar after them. That would get their attention, and create a suitably violent end for the naked little twats. They helped themselves to more of the succulent deer meat, and congratulated themselves for the heinous nature of their next outrageous project.



Thanks for posting this Regis. It is new to me. (Arch)


I didn´t know you have the whole story. I had only a incomplete one.
Thx for that, Regis.


I did't know there were incomplete versions out there. He did a lot of upgrading and revising, but usually didn't post partial stories.


Great tale! I'd never seen this one before. Thanks for posting!





Very nice story !
If a following is ever made, I'd love to read it ! :D


I'll take a look and see what else of his I have that is on the same theme, or something similar.

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