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So apparently the original thread got bumped off the board. That makes it a bit harder to post my newest chapter.

This is a Standalone(ish) Sequel to Liara offers her Azure (Found Here: ) and Allers offers an Interview (Found Here: ). Chapter 4 occurs at the exact same time as Falere Offers Dinner (Found here: ). All of the previous stories can be found in text form on my Hentai-Foundry page or my ASSTR site (here:

Summary: Tali gives herself to Garrus as meat, and Garrus decides to play with his Food.

Chapter 1 - Tali Asks
It had been a week since Shepard and Traynor had eaten Liara's Azure; a week since they had consigned the Asari to the kitchen for parts; and in that week almost everyone had had a chance to enjoy Liara's meat except for Tali and Garrus. Liara had been found in the refrigerator the next day, dead. Shepard had had her skinned and parted out almost immediately, reserving a few choice cuts like Liara's breasts for herself and her new lover, but giving generously of the rest. Between EDI's Asari tentacle gumbo, Vega's ground Asari burgers, and the large leg that had been roasted two days ago, the smell of Liara's meat cooking seemed to fill the crew deck almost constantly and it tickled her senses even through her Suit's filtering whenever she went to visit Garrus in the central battery. Even girl talk in the port lounge wasn't immune from Liara's presence as she'd discovered talking to Samantha Traynor about her new relationship with the ship's captain. Unable to restrain her enthusiasm about a gift that Shepard had given her, Traynor had unzipped her top to show off her new Asari leather bra made from Liara's body. She seemed especially proud of how the placement of Liara's nipples matched her own exactly. She even had a matching pair of panties, Traynor explained.

With the constant reminder of just what had happened to Liara assaulting her from all sides, Tali's mind started to dwell more and more on the last time she'd seen her friend. Just how happy she'd been, the way that excitement had practically dripped from between her legs. But it wasn't just that that Tali was dwelling on, it was Javik's revelation that he used to eat quarians and his offer to turn her into Prothean cuisine. She even remembered Garrus' joking request that she let him try some 'prothean cuisine' for himself.

Was it any wonder then that Tali found herself making her way to Javik's room on the engineering deck during one of her breaks? She didn't intend to let the Prothean cook her, but, what harm would it do just to ask about how the Protheans used to cook her people?

When Tali opened the door, Javik was standing at his... Tali didn't really know what to call it, his water table maybe? Whatever it was, Javik was standing there facing away from the door.

“Ah. The quarian. What is it you want? Have you come to question me like the Asari used to now that she is gone?” Javik asked. “Perhaps I should have told her more about Prothean cooking. The Vega Human's burgers were pleasant, but they do not compare to a well made Asari maikosh.”

Tali blushed, though it was thankfully not visible beneath her suit. “That is what I wanted to talk to you about.” Tali explained. “Prothean cooking, I mean.”

“You wish to know how to make a perfect Asari maikosh?” Javik asked incredulously. “I do not think it will do you much good, you will not be able to enjoy it.”

“No. No! That is not... I mean, last week you mentioned that you used to cook quarians?”

“A week? Ah yes, the human seven day increments. The things you primitives come up with. Did you wish for me to cook you then? I am 68,000 years out of practice, but I have roasted enough quarians that this should not be a problem.” Javik replied.

“Ah, no. I do not want you to cook me. I am merely asking because I wanted to know how you used to cook quarians.” Tali asked.

“Ah. I see. Quarians were considered to be a delicacy in my cycle. Both attractive and delicious. I am glad that if you cannot share one you will at least share the other.” Javik agreed, continuing before Tali could protest again. “Very well. I will educate you. In my cycle there were many ways to cook Quarians, but my favorite bears a resemblance to the human cooking method of kālua. We would take Aspa berries and the konote herb, along with grains of salica and mash them together into a thick paste which we would rub over the Quarian while they were still alive. Sometimes we would force the quarian to do this to themselves for us. We made sure that for female Quarians such as you, the sauce was used to liberally coat their genitals.”

Tali shivered, imagining the scene, a group of protheans surrounding her, ordering her to rub sauce over her entire body, even forcing her to rub it inside of her pussy.

“Once the quarian was coated, we started a fire in a pit and covered it with hot stones. We covered the Quarian in wet cloth so that they would not burn and tied the cloth around them so that they could not escape. Then we would put the Quarian in the pit and watched while it cooked. We knew the meat was ready shortly after the meat stopped thrashing around.”

Tali could feel a fire light within her loins as Javik explained how the Quarians would be trapped, unable to escape, unable to pull away from the heat that surrounded them as they roasted alive. The thought of that happening to her... well, there were times when Tali was glad that her suit was incredibly concealing.

“Sometimes, the meat would still be alive when we carved it, cooked into complete immobility. You could see their faces move sometimes, rarely.”
“Did you ever wonder what they were thinking?” Tali asked.

“No. Why would we? They were dinner. What they thought did not matter.” Javik replied.

“Thank you Javik. This discussion has been very... enlightening.” Tali spoke walking to the door uncomfortably aware of the way her loins were aching just from Javik's short descriptions.

“I see. You will not be asking me to cook you then?” Javik responded. “That is a shame Quarian, I am sure you would be delicious.”

Tali retreated slightly quicker through the door, making her way to Jack's old room in the engineering sub-deck. After a conversation like that she needed some privacy.


“Garrus, I have come across information which may be of interest to you.” EDI's voice echoed through the central battery. “Do you wish for me to play it for you?”

“Certainly EDI. I'm just about done with my current round of calibrations and I have a few minutes. Is it important?”

“It is... personal.”EDI said, pausing to consider how to phrase it. “I believe you would like to hear it.”

“Okay then, put it up on screen.” Garrus said as she strode out to the main console and watched the screen above. The view shifted to the camera in the port side storage area that Javik had taken as his cabin, just as Tali entered the room. Garrus watched eagerly, if a bit self-consciously as Tali asked Javik just how the Prothean had cooked her kind in ages past. The Turian took a second to jot down the ingredients as Javik mentioned them. He knew all of them, and actually had some of them with him, but Aspa berries were native to Rannoch. They were hard to get a hold of, and expensive, since you had to go through specialist greenhouses to obtain them. Still, Garrus knew a guy on the citadel who sold them that still owed him a favor from his days in C-Sec.

Binding Tali in a wet cloth wouldn't work for cooking her either. If he was going to sell the girl on this it needed to be pleasant, and neither he nor Tali wanted her last moments to be spent going into anaphylactic shock. That's what they wore the suits to prevent after all.

Actually, with her suit in the way, cooking Tali at all would be almost impossible. The suit would keep her cool with it's internal temperature regulator up until a temperature that would cause her to burst into flames instead of slow cooking her.

Still it was a nice idea while it lasted, and it would keep him pleasant company tonight. “Thank you EDI. I don't think that it'll come to anything, but that was nice to know. What's Tali doing right now by the way?”

“She is running through her newly downloaded Flames of Ardor nervestim application down in the engineering sub-deck.”

“Ah.” Garrus paused, unsure of how to respond to that. That put a decidedly different spin on Tali's shy admission from when Liara had walked through the crew deck. Garrus had thought that she was embarassed and just giving into his teasing because she liked him, but now? If she was looking into cooking on her own? “I see.” It certainly gave him a better idea about just what would be in Tali's fantasies for the foreseeable future at least. “I'll talk to her later.” Garrus made a note to ask his friend for the Aspa berries. After all, even if he was misreading Tali, the Quarian might still enjoy a taste of her homeworld.


For the third day in a row, Tali writhed in her suit as she activated her Flames of Ardor Nervestim program and fantasized about being roasted alive. It wasn't enough. Fantasizing about having it happen was wonderful, but it wasn't enough anymore. Her orgasms were wonderful, but it was getting hard to focus on anything else, the thought of her body cooking with no escape, of her willingly helping her chef. She was aroused all the time now, distracted when she was working. And the orgasms that her nervestim program was giving her weren't enough. She wanted more.

Frustrated, Tali shut off her nervestim and got up from her bunk. Maybe Shepard could help her with this?

She hopped out of the crew room and into the elevator, pressing the button for the top level, the commander's cabin.

Opening the door, she saw just the person she wanted to see, Commander Shepard, talking with EDI's new chassis.

“Shepard. Can we... talk?” Tali asked nervously.

“We can always talk Tali. Hell, it seems like most of what I do on this ship is run around talking to everyone. What seems to be the problem?”

Tali looked askance at EDI before deciding that as the Ship itself, EDI probably already knew about her issue.

“How did you... I mean...” Tali paused stumbling.

“Tali?” Shepard asked, genuinely confused.

“Shepard, I...” Tali took a deep breath and braced herself. “What made you ask Liara to be your dinner?”

Shepard looked at Tali searchingly, wondering why the Quarian was asking. “I.. didn't actually.” Shepard explained. “Liara came to me with the idea. She said she knew I'd been flirting with Traynor and asked me to serve her Azure at our first date. She said she'd rather it be me and that if I wouldn't do it she'd get someone else who would.” Shepard smiled. “She was quite insistent.”

Tali's jaw dropped. “She... she asked you? But how did she know you would be interested?”

Shepard laughed. “She didn't. And I wasn't, at first anyway. She had to convince me. She started by ambushing me in my quarters posing naked on my bed. She was very... articulate on the matter.” Shepard paused. “Why do you want to know?” She asked intrigued. “Don't tell me you want to be cooked too?”

“I...” Tali blushed behind her visor. “I sort of do? I'm not sure.”

Shepard looked her Quarian friend firmly in her glowing eyes.

“I just... When Liara walked through the crew deck on the way to your um... your dinner date, Javik mentioned that the Protheans used to eat Asari.”

“Okay, now that I think about that it's not too surprising, but what made you get interested in cooking?” Shepard asked.

“Well, he also mentioned that Protheans ate Quarians as well.”

Shepard's eyes widened, she hadn't heard of a Levo species able to eat Dextro food, or vice-versa. Idly she wondered if Liara knew about Prothean dietary habits before she offered Shepard her Azure? Maybe Javik was her second choice?

“I just, seeing Liara there, naked, in public, happy to be cooked, and realizing that that could be me... I... I became curious.” Tali admitted shyly.

“Curiosity is nothing to be ashamed about.” Shepard encouraged, seeing that Tali was wavering on whether to continue her story or not.

“Yes, you're right.” Tali reassured herself calming down a bit. “So three days ago, I asked Javik to tell me how he used to cook Quarians.”


“And he told me how he used to cook us. He would, coat us in an Aspa berry sauce. Sometimes... sometimes he would make us rub it on our bodies ourselves. He would force us to... Then he would wrap us in cloth and bind us with rope and bury us in coals, so that we cooked alive, trapped, unable to escape, knowing that we were cooking, but with absolutely no way to stop it, as he and his fellow Protheans watched.”

Shepard looked her friend over. Tali was like a little sister to her, and Shepard wanted to comfort her, but something in Tali's voice stopped her.

“Keelah Se'lai, Shepard! I wanted it!”

Shepard blinked, realizing that Tali wasn't in distress, she was aroused.

“The whole idea, being forced to prepare myself, being cooked in public, unable to escape. My life dependent on the whims of someone else's stomach. I wanted that. I still want it. It's been three days Shepard, but it's all I can think about!”

“Miss Tali'Zorah has run the Nervestim program 'Flames of Ardor' at least 7 separate times over the past three days.” EDI confirmed for her.

“I thought... when Liara walked out, Garrus asked me if I'd cook for him, and I told him I wouldn't mind, but he hasn't said anything about it since.” Tali admitted with frustration. “I thought maybe asking Javik about what he would do to me would help, but it hasn't. It's stupid. I wouldn't even be able to enjoy Javik cooking me anyway. He wants to strip me naked and wrap me in a wet cloth, but if I leave my suit I go into anaphylactic shock. Not that I want Javik to cook me, but I still thought about it.”

“This sounds like you're serious.” Shepard replied.

“I am.” Tali agreed. “I want to cook.” She continued, “But I want to do it right. I want to be cooked in public, humiliated, forced to orgasm in front of total strangers against my will. I want to not know when it will come, I want my life to be in someone else's hands completely. Garrus' hands. I trust him, I want him to cook me. I want to be meat, like Liara was. I want what she had.” Tali finished a bit dreamily.

Shepard looked her over and was about to respond when Tali continued. “But it'll never work. I can't leave my suit or else I might die, and not in a way I'd enjoy, and can't exactly be cooked while I'm still inside the suit.”

EDI looked at her curiously. “Why not?”

Tali jerked her head in the android's direction, startled by her speech focused as she was on Shepard to the exclusion of the other occupant of the room.

“What do you mean, why not? EDI, if Garrus tried to roast me inside my suit it would melt and ruin everything.”

EDI cocked her head to the side emulating a common human gesture of puzzlement. “So why not use your suit to cook you?” EDI asked.

“What do you...? EDI the temperature control programs of my suit keep me at a constant temperature.” Tali fell silent for a second as EDI's point occurred to her. “But, if I could override the temperature controls, I could set the temperature the suit keeps me at to something outside the habitable range; something high enough to cook me alive.”

EDI nodded.

“EDI, could you write the program for me? I wouldn't have the first idea on where to start to make a proper temperature control program like this. Something that someone-”

“You mean Garrus?” Shepard snarked.

“That someone could alter remotely from their omni-tool, maybe even tying in separate controls for my Nervestim program as well?”

“I can certainly do that for you Miss Tali'Zorah. It should only take a day or two to complete if you have an omni-tool model in mind.”

“Can you make it for an Ariake tech Logic Arrest Tool model X?” Tali asked immediately.

“I can Miss Tali'Zorah. But might I suggest that if you wish for Garrus to use it on you? You follow Miss Liara's example and approach him about it?”

“I will. After you give me the controls I will. First thing.”

“Well then, It looks like I'm not needed here.” Shepard chimed in sardonically.

“Ah! One last thing Shepard...” Tali cried out diverting her attention to her host. “When Liara came and asked you to help her, what convinced you?”

“Well, I guess... It was the fact that Liara wanted it enough that if I refused, she was going to get someone else to eat her anyway. Someone she didn't care for the same way. That really showed me how important this was for her.” Shepard paused. “Is this as important to you?”

Tali paused to consider before nodding. “Yes. It is. If Garrus declines, I will ask EDI to reprogram the controls so that they'll work on Traynor's omni-tool instead.”

“Samantha's?” Shepard asked surprised. “You know she can't eat you, right?”

Tali nodded. “But she'd definitely enjoy watching as she forced me to roast in public. I could see her triggering the controls in the middle of the citadel presidium and sending me down to the refugee areas of the docks when she finished enjoying the show I'd put on for her, and, I guess you as well commander.” Tali added realizing that Traynor would probably invite her new lover to watch as well.

“And you'd like that?” Shepard asked to confirm.

“Roasting in the middle of the presidium?” She asked, her mind lost in a pleasant fantasy as she mulled over the thought. Everyone staring at the suit rat as she cooked in front of them, unable to escape her fate. Forced to orgasm as Traynor switched her Nervestim to it's highest settings while she cooked her. “Definitely.”

“And afterwards?”

“Not so much. I'd rather be eaten by someone I know than thrown out like refuse.” Tali paused. “But if that's the only option...”

Shepard nodded. “Well, if you really want to do this, I can't stop you, just make sure you finish all your repairs on the drive core before you do. And, If you want to use Glyph to make a memento for Garrus after you're gone, feel free. I know I vastly enjoy the one I made of Liara.”

Tali paused, not realizing that Shepard had made a tape of what had happened to Liara. “Could you... could I watch it? Yours I mean?”

“Sure. But if I let you, I want a copy of yours as you make it, okay?”

Tali shivered. The idea of her commander, her captain, watching her debased, humiliated, and even snuffed... Enjoying it on lonely nights... Long after she was gone. The idea was like lightning in her loins. And if she agreed she could watch Liara become meat completely?

“Of course Shepard. I'd be happy to give you a copy.”

“And one for Jeff's collection as well?” EDI asked.

“I... Since you are helping me, I'll give you a copy for your collection.” Tali compromised, unwilling to admit that she wanted Joker to see her naked and controlled, but enjoying the idea immensely. “I... I need to go now.” Tali stuttered as she made an escuse so that she could have some time alone with her new Nervestim program.

Shepard grinned knowingly. “Of course you do. Glyph. I want you to follow Tali from now on and film everything she does. Follow her orders to the letter okay?”

Tali was already up. She didn't even make it out of Shepard's room before she activated the program. Her mind filled with ideas for the conversation she would be having the next day.

Tali blushed behind her suit as she made her way to the main gun battery, Glyph following behind her, filming, as ordered by Shepard. She was sure that her plans were written broadly on her face, she couldn't help but imagine that every hushed conversation she heard as she passed through the crew deck was about her. They weren't of course. She knew that intellectually, but it didn't feel that way.

The door to the central battery hissed open and Tali could see Garrus standing there off to the side next to his personal weapons table, calibrating the sights on his sniper rifle.

Tali's heart beat rapidly in her chest, her right arm felt heavier where her omni-tool rested, as if the pieces of code that EDI had given her earlier today had physical weight to them. They didn't of course, that was silly, but they felt heavy to her just the same. For the last time Tali asked herself if she really wanted to do this, to give up control, to give up her life, to allow Garrus to decide when, because it wouldn't be a question of if, she lived or died on a whim. She was about to give Garrus the tools to send her into a screaming orgasm without any notice, or, if he wanted, to roast her alive, helpless to escape her fate while people watched it happen to her. The flush of heat in Tali's crotch that had appeared just thinking about it answered the question for her.

“Garrus?” She called out, closing the door behind her and her heart lept a little seeing EDI lock it from intruders, just as Tali had asked her to. They wouldn't be interrupted now, and this conversation wouldn't end until Garrus had decided whether to help her or not, one way or another.

“Tali?” Garrus asked looking up from his work surprised. He had been so wrapped up in his calibrations he hadn't even noticed her come in. “When did you get here? I mean, it's good to see you!”

“I, thank you!” Tali smiled at Garrus' warm welcome. “But I... can we talk?” she asked hoping that Garrus wasn't just joking a little over a week and a half ago.

“Of course!” Garrus agreed. “I can finish these calibrations later,” he said placing his sniper rifle off to the side and taking a seat on one of the ammo crates, motioning for Tali to take the other.

“I, do you remember last week? When Liara...”

“Walked through the crew deck naked on her way to feed Shepard her privates?” Garrus asked. “Even if I had, Traynor's been wearing those new boots and gloves of hers around the ship to 'break them in,' makes it hard to forget what happened.” He added amused.

“Not just the gloves and boots.” Tali muttered, offhandedly.

“Oh? I didn't see anything else?” Garrus asked.

“She had a bra and panties made from her as well. She showed me the bra.” Tali admitted, a bit embarrassed.

“Well, that's certainly interesting,” Garrus replied. “I don't think I'll be looking at Miss Traynor the same way again.”

“Yes.” Tali replied awkwardly, trying to get the conversation back on track again. “You remember how you asked me if I'd... if you could try some... er... 'prothean cuisine' if you wanted some?”

Garrus' lower mandibles twitched in surprise. He knew what this was about now. His mind harkened back to his conversation with EDI several days ago, when she showed him the footage of Tali talking to Javik and told him just what sort of 'entertainment' programs Tali was using her suit to run.

“I... do remember that.” He said carefully, hopefully, not ready to believe that this was leading up to what he thought it was quite yet lest he offend his Quarian crewmate.

“And do you remember what I said in response?” Tali asked nervously.

“You said, that you wouldn't mind cooking, if I asked you to.” Garrus stated, trying to erase any hint of emotion from his voice.

“So... why haven't you?” Tali asked.

“Why haven't I... what?” Garrus replied.

“Asked.” Tali responded.

Garrus' heart pounded against his metallic exoskeleton. Was she really asking what he thought she was?

“I thought you were joking.” Garrus admitted, a bit of shock leaking into his voice. “I thought you were just, teasing me.”

“I wasn't,” Tali admitted, keeping he sentences short so that she'd be able to actually utter them with her mind whirling as it was with a heady cocktail of endorphins and fear.
“I... I want you to cook me,” She continued trying to get as much out as possible before she couldn't bear to admit any more. “I even asked Javik for a recipe. He told me to use Aspa berries, konote, and salica as a... a marinade,” She blushed clasped her hands around her upper arms and looked downward, her face safely hidden by the opacity of her visor, but the rest of her body betraying her anxiety.

“You...” Garrus knew all of this already, he'd seen the video logs, but it was entirely different to know a secret than to be told it by the holder. And while he suspected she wanted him to cook her, that was all it was, a fleeting suspicion, now, it was real. Tali's words lingered heavily in the air, changing everything.

“Please!” Tali interrupted before he could continue. “I want to have what Liara had. I want to be meat like she was. I want you to do it to me. I want to be humiliated, degraded, shown off in public at your pleasure. I want to lose control like she did. I want someone to own me like Shepard did for her. I want to be eaten like she was.”

Tali paused. “I want to put my life in your hands, never knowing when you'll decide to end it. Never guessing when you hunger for my body will overcome you and I'll go from 'Tali'Zorah vas Normandy' to 'Garrus' Dinner.'”

Tali looked up at Garrus, her eyes open, pleading, and visible even through the visor of her helmet. “Please? Will you help me?”

Garus looked her over. He'd never seen her without her suit. It was extremely rare to be able to do so, Even in the climactic scenes of Fleet and Flotilla, Shalei had never removed hers. Still, since her suit was pretty much skin tight, he had a fairly good idea what Tali looked like under it. Well, he had a good idea, between the tightness of the suit, and his memories of a unique memorable encounter from his time as a C-Sec officer.

The once over was a formality, something to do, he was going to say yes, there really wasn't any doubt about that; the idea had been haunting his dreams since EDI had spoken to him. But the long langorous look at Tali's body bought him time to figure out how to explain the problems he had thought of in a way that wouldn't make Tali think he was rejecting her.

“I will,” Garrus said, watching Tali's eyes literally light up with joy. “But there's one problem,” Garrus continued. “I can't cook you with your suit in the way, and you wouldn't enjoy the experience outside of it, nor would it be either sudden or surprising.”

Tali smiled beatifically, though Garrus couldn't see her mouth, only the shine in her eyes and the way she tilted her head happily.

“Ah!” she responded. “EDI took care of that.” She took his right arm tenderly in both of her hands and Garrus couldn't help but be reminded of the iconic scene on the presidium between Bellicus and Shalei. And then, just as Garrus was about to become lost in thought, his omnitool beeped.

The Turian looked down at Tali in askance.

“There,” Tali stated firmly. “I just transferred the controls to your omnitool. I'm yours now, completely.”

“The controls?” Garrus asked unsure of what had just happened.

“To my suit,” the Quarian explained. “I had EDI write a program for it. You now have absolute control over my encounter suit. You can activate my nervestim programs... or adjust my temperature controls.” Just the thought of Garrus doing that was enough to make Tali damp down below. I can't override them anymore, or even activate them.”
Garrus' eyes widened at the trust, and control that Tali had just given him. Her life was now, quite literally, in his hand.

“I'm your toy to play with now. Your meal, whenever you want one.” Tali explained, her voice trembling with excitement. “If you want to cook me in the middle of the presidium, I can't stop you, if you want me to orgasm in front of Quarian high command, you can do it. I'm yours... Master.” Tali had fantasized about what to call Garrus when this moment arrived for days. She'd settled on Sir, until EDI had pointed out that for Turians, 'Sir' was a military term, and it was incredibly wrong to abuse those under your command. EDI had recommended a human term, 'Master' instead.

Almost reflexively, Garrus activated a program, 'Magic tentacles,' on a lower setting, and watched as Tali visibly shivered under it's effects.

Tali could feel the phantom tentacles caressing her body, circling her breasts and probing the outsides of her snatch teasingly. She'd long ago gotten used to the sensation, and she hardly ever used the program, it did almost nothing for her anymore, but now; now that it was Garrus activating it; now that she had no idea what would happen next, when, or even if the program would ever stop; now that she couldn't stop it even if she wanted to; Tali's body came alive once more under the program's ministrations.

Garrus wanted desperately to increase the intensity, to watch Tali writhe on the floor in front of him overcome with pleasure, but he was a Turian, and he knew how to be patient. Despite what Tali had told him this wasn't just about his enjoyment, it was also about hers.

“Go to bed.” Garrus ordered, shocking Tali out of her daze. The crew deck wasn't full yet, but it was still crowded. If she went now, with the program still active...

Tali looked pleadingly at Garrus's face, and the Turian just smiled. “Now,” He asserted. “and if you're quick, maybe I won't up the intensity until you get there.” Garrus' grin widened. “Maybe.”

Tali pulled herself together holding her legs to try and steady them before almost running out the door. It only took a minute before Garrus slid the intensity switch half way to the top, knowing that Tali was probably still standing in front of the elevator when he did so.

“You know, Tali is my best mechanic.” EDI's mechanical voice chimed in. “I hope you don't plan on doing that when she's working on something important.”

Garrus looked up, not really surprised that EDI knew what had happened, and more than suspecting she had been listening in the whole time. “Warn me if she's doing any sensitive work. I wouldn't want you to be damaged by my fun.”

“I thank you.” EDI replied matter of factly. “Since you are doing me a favor, I should mention that I took the liberty of reprogramming one of Tali's Nervestim programs.”

“Oh?” Garrus asked, amused.

“The Flames of Ardor program. I rewrote it. It should now be almost entirely indistinguishable from the sensation of her own suit heating up and beginning to cook her alive.”

“That's good to know.” Garrus replied amused, as he used his eyepiece to flip through encounter suit models.

“You know, Tali's solution of using her encounter suit for this gave me an idea.” Garrus added as he settled on a page selling a specific model of encounter suit he'd come across once at C-Sec while busting a Quarian prostitute.

The suit was completely clear, transparent, and had revealed all of the prostitute's private parts while still technically qualifying as clothing by the rules of the citadel. If he remembered correctly, those rules had never actually ended up changing even after the incident. It was expensive, but it might be worth it for the extra feature. A transparent sleeve which could be adjusted to be more or less rigid via an omni-tool. A sleeve made to slip right between the opening at the junction of Tali's thighs.

Looking at it now Garrus realized why he had only seen the suit once, it cost a small fortune. Thankfully, being a military consultant and a member of the Normandy Crew had paid quite well over the years, not to mention the small fortune he'd inherited from Shepard after she had “died” at the start of that whole thing with the Collectors. He'd offered to give the money back once, but Shepard had refused. Now he was glad for that, since he'd be buying this toy from the funds she had left him.

“It will take approximately a week before we are at the citadel where you can pick that up,” EDI interjected. “Would you like me to start programming the controls for this model for you as well?”

“Yes.” Garrus replied. “And make sure to add the vaginal sleeve controls to the program as well.”

“Of course.” EDI answered. “This suit has much higher quality wiring than her last suit. It should be able to withstand much higher temperatures, as well as a much higher level of Nervestim than Miss Zorah is used to.”

Garrus grinned. “I was actually looking at the coloration, vaginal sleeve, wound sealing functions, myself.”

In the corner, a monitor flicked on showing the feed from Glyph; Tali collapsing, spent, into her bed. Garrus' fingers found his omnitool, and flicked a switch, increasing the setting of the nervestim program yet again.

As Tali writhed on her bed, her every orifice violated by phantom Hanar tentacles, Garrus settled into watch.


Chapter 2 - Tali Adjusts

As EDI had predicted, it took most of the week for the new encounter suit that Garrus had ordered to come in. What Little time Garrus had that wasn't spent exploring planets on missions with Shepard, was spent either reading the manual for the new undersuit he had purchased, or playing with his new toy. Garrus remembered one particular encounter fairly vividly. Tali was up in the cockpit, with Joker and EDI's physical body. Joker was raving about how wonderful a cook EDI was, and how her Asari tentacle gumbo had come out perfectly. Tali hadn't told him about her decision. Hadn't told anyone it seemed, well, except for EDI obviously, and himself. As garrus watched, he noticed Tali rubbing her thighs together as Joker described just how delicious Liara's “hair tentacles” had tasted, and EDI corrected him repeatedly in good humor that they were really “scalp crests.” Garrus couldn't resist. He activated a new Nervestim program in Tali's suit for the first time “At the Mercy of the Fleet.”

It was a shame that her mask shielded her face from view, because Garrus would have loved to see the look on her face as he suit slowly seemed to heat up, her flesh starting to tingle intensely as she attempted to keep still. EDI gave her a knowing glance, but Joker just kept talking, watching the control panels and the display in front of him, oblivious to what Tali was going through right next to him.

Garrus' attention shifted as he felt the door behind him slide open. Garrus turned around, minimizing the window on his internal systems view screen and bringing up the Extranet viewer window he had open instead.

“Well, I suppose that answers my first question.” It was Samantha Traynor, dressed in her usual uniform, but wearing her very distinct set of thigh high boots and arm length gloves underneath. She was looking at the open extranet window behind Garrus, the one that he assumed was innocent, but that actually held a pictorial portion of the instruction manual for the new encounter suit he had purchased, a pictorial portion detailing the use of the vaginal sleeve.

“This... isn't what it looks like?” Garrus asked, hoping that the advice Joker had told almost everyone in the crew by this point about what to say when you're caught looking at something either incriminating or embarrassing actually worked the way that he suggested it would.

“So, you aren't looking at an instructional manual for a very... sensitive function of a high end Quarian encounter suit model?” Traynor asked rhetorically.

“No?” Garrus tried to deny it like Joker had taught him.

“Well, that's a shame then. I had come to talk to you a bit about Tali's fantasies and helping you give her the experience she wants, but if this is all perfectly innocent then you couldn't possibly be interested in that.”

“Wait! No. This is exactly what it looks like.” Garrus replied.

“So then Tali did speak with you already?” Traynor asked.

“A couple of days ago actually.” Garrus replied.

“And she gave you the program that EDI made for her?” The comm specialist continued.

Garrus pulled up the internal systems view screen again. Tali was quaking in her suit as she struggled to keep silent, Joker totally oblivious to what was happening next to him as Tali's suit tricked her body into thinking it was being fucked hard by a ship full of horny Turian soldiers.

“I guess that's another question answered then,” Traynor admitted. “You know that Shepard thinks of Tali as a little sister, right?”

Garrus suspected as much. “So she wants me not to give her what she asked me for?”
“That's not it at all.” Traynor disagreed. “Shepard doens't want to stop you. This is what Tali wants, she just wanted me to help you make it better than anything Tali has imagined,” Traynor looked over at the view screen where Tali was letting out short moans and squeaks, trying to disguise them as indications of interest in what Joker was telling her instead of the signs of her impending orgasm that they really were.

Traynor took a good long look at the schematics on display for Tali's new encounter suit. “Looking at this, I don't think you really need any ideas from me,” Traynor admitted, “so why don't I offer you something else?” The comm specialist asked.

“Like what?” Garrus asked unsure of what Traynor meant.

“You know Liara left me all of her stuff right?” Traynor asked. “Including something I think Tali might enjoy a lot, a top of the line Armali Council Mass Effect powered dildo. With her current suit, there's no way for her to use it, but with that suit that you're giving her...”

Garrus smiled. “There's nothing stopping her.”

Garrus paused, and turned to Traynor. “Thank you. I know she'll enjoy that. Let me show you how much.” Activating his omni-tool, Garrus motioned for Traynor to watch the live vid-feed of Tali in the cockpit. When both of them were looking, Garrus slid up the intensity control for Tali's suit. Over the audio hookup, Garrus and Traynor could hear Tali gasping for air, panting heavily as she was pounded by phantasmal cocks in every hole. She was writhing in her chair and even Joker wasn't oblivious enough to ignore it now. The wide eyed pilot was staring at her asking her if she was okay as she jerked spasmodically in place her suit tricking her muscles into providing the feedback to make the experience even more realistic.

It wasn't even a minute before Tali let out a loud scream as she came, causing Joker to run over to her and check if she was okay. Garrus turned off the program.

“Jeff, my records indicate that Miss Zorah has not experienced an epileptic fit. Something merely triggered one of her nervestim programs.”

“So, Tali's a screamer?” Joker asked his cybernetic lover.

“This appears to be the case.” EDI replied as Garrus shut off the view screen.

“As you can see, Traynor,” Garrus explained, “I'm sure Tali will be very loud in her appreciation.”

“You're witty.” Traynor responded. “I'll have to watch myself around you.” She added as she turned to leave.

“I'll be right back with that thing we just talked about.” Traynor said as the door hissed open. “Until then, would you mind sending me a copy of that vid we just watched?”

Garrus nodded as the door hissed shut. He wouldn't mind at all, and Tali had said she wanted to shown off, and degraded. He hoped she was enjoying it as much as he was.


Tali wasn't sure what to think when Garrus called her into the Normandy's main battery almost a week after she had given him total control over her suit. Over the past week she'd been thoroughly humiliated as Garrus had played with her nervestim programs. She'd been tentacle-fucked into orgasm in front of the elevator, gang banged in front of Joker so thoroughly he thought she was dying. She still couldn't look him in the eye.

Of course none of that compared to yesterday when she was eating with Garrus in the mess hall. He didn't have any food in front of him, and when she asked about it, he said not to worry, he'd be eating a bit later. Tali's heart pounded a bit at that admission, but he told her to eat, so she did. As she ate her food, she started to notice her suit getting warmer, slowly. Her skin started to tingle heavily as her nerves clued into what was happening. She couldn't see it, but she knew. This didn't feel like any nervestim program she'd ever used before, this... “This is real. You're really cooking me.” Tali said, shocked. “I'm cooking.”

Garrus just smiled as the heat grew more intense she could feel her cunt tingling heating up with its own unique type of heat as it began to sink in what was happening. Tali grabbed her breasts through the suit, there was barely any sensation, but with the heat assaulting her body from all sides it was more than enough to bring her to the next level.

Tali could feel her slit rubbing, dripping wet against the crotch of her scorching suit. This was it, she was really cooking. She was... “I... I hope...” She was panting hard enough that each word was a struggle to get out. “that you... enjoy... AH!” Tali cried out as a stab of pleasure flowed through her emanating from the junction between her legs and travelling upwards till it dulled her thoughts as effectively as the sweltering heat of her suit. “your meal... Master.”

She couldn't stand much more of this, if it continued, she wasn't going to make it long enough to be served.

“I certainly will.” Garrus replied, looking completely unruffled save for his eyes, which were avidly taking in every single detail of her suit-covered body.

It was too much! She could see the white spots gathering around the edge of her vision as her thoughts gave way. It was getting... it was so close... so... “AUH!” The cry escaped her lips before she knew she had uttered it. Her slit clenching hard around nothing at all, her muscles spasming as it hit her. She was cumming, she was cumming harder than she'd ever... there was no... the white spots were invading her vision and it wasn't long before she couldn't see at all. Everything had gone white. She reached for the table to brace herself against and missed. She could hear footsteps, and people gasping and talking. She could hear her name, but she couldn't make out just what they were saying... She felt like her brain had drifted into a thick fog, and she couldn't quite understand what had happened, even as her suit cooled down around her.

When Tali's vision returned she realized that Garrus had left her there, alive, slumped in her chair. Her crotch was damp, her muscles limp, and the entire mess room sneaking glances and talking about her. They knew what had happened. They'd seen, and much to her mortification, heard, everything. She'd just had the greatest orgasm of her life in front of each and every one of them. And now, they knew exactly what she was. A Slut. Meat. Garrus' Toy. She could hear them whispered around her. They were right.

Her mind still felt fuzzy, even a day later.

She hadn't seen or heard from Garrus since then, until he called for her. And now, here she was, just outside the door to the main battery.

It hissed open before she could touch it.

“Ah, Tali. I was expecting you.” Garrus grinned.

She didn't know what to say. How do you talk to the person that has your life in their hands, the person that has humiliated and degraded you all week? The person who's been giving you exactly what you dreamed of?

“Do you know why you survived yesterday?” Garrus asked.

“Because you wanted me to?” Tali ventured, a bit sad.

“No.” Garrus' response was quick, and hid a hint of nervousness. “You survived because your current encounter suit won't withstand the heat I want to use to cook you.”

Tali's eyes widened. If that was true... she really could have been cooked yesterday, in front of everyone, with absolutely no notice! But... she was still wearing the same encounter suit. If it was true, there was no way that Garrus would ever cook her.

Garrus saw the uncertainty in Tali's eyes and smiled reassuringly. “Don't worry. I fixed the problem,” the Turian sniper reached inside one of the crates littering the room and pulled out three items.

The first item, she could see clearly, it was a jar full of a pinkish-purple sort of paste, or maybe a sauce? It was hard to tell, and it didn't look all that viscous. Garrus set it on the table next to a disassembled rifle.

The next item, was sort of cylindrical, but it was kept in a blue leather pouch, and Tali couldn't make out what it was for certain, though the shade of the leather looked awfully familiar. Garrus set it down next to the jar.

The final item was in a black cloth bag. It was large, but thin and wide, and Tali couldn't make out what it was. Though she had a suspicion.

“Up until now you weren't in any danger of cooking,” Garrus admitted sheepishly. “But in here, is your new encounter suit. It's perfectly capable of standing up to the temperatures I want to use, and it's maximum threshold on nervestim programs is fifty percent higher than your old suit.”

Tali could feel her heart racing. She didn't realize how large an effect her close call yesterday had had on her, now, with the limits she didn't even know about lifted before her eyes, she'd never felt more alive.

“Last week you told me that you were mine now. 'My toy to play with now. My meal, whenever I want one.' Do you still feel that way?” Garrus asked, unsure of the answer.

It was nice, touching that he cared, but misguided. This wasn't a simple case of role playing, where after a week she would wear herself out and become tired of it. This was what she wanted, everything she wanted. “I'm yours. Your toy to play with. Your meal to devour. I gave my life to you a week ago, I can't take it away from you now, it's yours now. I'm yours now. Don't think about when, or if I want to cook, I do. Instead, just think about when you're hungry.”

“I... I was hoping you'd say that,” Garrus pulled her new encounter suit out of the bag, “because I like to show off my toys to everyone I see.”

The suit was clear. Completely transparent. Unadorned with any sort of decorations, save for the wiring that was threaded through it the same color and size as strands of Commander Shepard's hair. There was also with a curious shaped tube of the same material as made up the suit inside the crotch area. Just looking at it Tali was sure that the suit was exactly her size and furthermore, it looked like it would fit perfectly with her sleeves, boots, and helmet.

It was also completely clear. The implications ran wild in Tali's mind. With that suit on, she might as well be naked, her entire body would be on display for anyone to see. She really would be nothing but a toy, a sex toy for Garrus to show off to everyone he met. Her loins ached at the thought, even as her heart pounded fast enough that she thought she was going to faint.

“You want me to wear that?” Tali asked, not quite sure that the suit in front of her was real.

“Not just that.” Garrus said, putting it down on the table with the rest before picking up the jar once more. “This as well.”

Tali looked at the sauce. The purplish color was familiar to her. “Is that?”

“Aspa Berry paste, mashed up with konote, and salica. I've heard that it's perfect for cooking Quarians.” Garrus replied, grinning.

“And you want me to...”

“Put it on? Yes. I want you to take these and head to the airlock. I've cleared it with EDI and Shepard, no one will be using it for at least another day or two. I want you to slather your body in this,” He shook the jar. “Every part of your body,” he said gazing pointedly at the crotch of her encounter suit. “And since I got EDI to rout all the video feeds from the airlock through here where I will be watching and recording... I want you to put on a show. Something I can enjoy, after I eat you.” Though Tali didn't know it, the last bit had been Traynor's suggestion, a way not only to make Tali even more excited, but a way to create a memento to remember her by.

Tali's cunt was sopping wet. Garrus was asking her to bare her body, and put on a private show just for him. Her mind flashed back to her meeting with Javik. Giving her the Aspa berry paste, forcing her to rub it on her body herself and then making her don her new suit that would show off every last bit of her body to anyone who wished to see it. A suit that, just like the wet burlap in Javik's story, she wouldn't be able to escape from while she cooked in it alive. Now, with the reality in front of her, with Garrus telling her to put on a show, implying that he wouldn't be keeping her around too much longer, Tali could never remember being more aroused in her life.

“Once you've rubbed the sauce in, put the suit on, I'll tell you what to do with this last bit... after you're done with that.” He said hefting the blue asari-leather pouch.

“Now,” Garrus continued, “you have an appointment with an airlock, and I wouldn't want you to be late.”


Chapter 3 - Tali Changes

The Airlock was silent as Tali stepped inside, the band of blue light running over everything in the room just as it always did, making the room sterile, and more importantly for her, safe. The room was bare save for a metal bar-stool (that Tali recognized from the bar in the crew rec-room, although the leather seat seemed to be blue now), the bag that Garrus had given her earlier, and Tali herself. Tali's eyes passed over the hidden cameras mounted in the walls and corners of the airlock, they were designed to help prevent boarding attempts and visually verify crew-members returning from missions and leave. Those cameras would be serving a different purpose today. A part of Tali couldn't believe she was actually doing this. Her heart was pumping loudluy in her chest, her skin almost tingled from the fear. She knew this was insane, she was giving up complete control of her body, had already given it up, but now she was about to willingly dress herself in marinade and put on the suit that would be used to end her life? She knew it was carzy, but after Liara, after seeing how happy she looked? After feeling that joy of surrender herself? Another part, a larger part of Tali, welcomed what was to come.

Tali had never given a strip show before, but she'd been running with Shepard to see more than a few Asari dancers plying their trade in clubs. Slowly, she bent down and slid her boots off of her feet one by one, revealing even more of her black colored encounter suit beneath. Next, she reached behind her and disengaged the magnetic locks on her sleeves, letting them slide off her bare arms and fall to the floor with a thunk. The open air on her skin thrilled her. It was new, unique, a feeling she'd only experienced in the most intimate and private of moments, like changing her suit. If she was being completely honest with herself, it was also something of a powerful aphrodisiac.

Slipping her newly freed fingers behind her back and beneath the decorative purple hood portion of her suit, Tali disengaged the magnetic locks.

Slowly, facing the airlock cameras, Tali unbuckled her belts and removed the purple cloth that she used as decoration over her suit, leaving her clad in nothing but her helmet and body suit, her arms bared for Garrus, looking on through the camera to see. Hesitantly, not knowing whether she'd ever be allowed to put them back on again, Tali set the purple raiment off to the side. Her fingers were trembling now, partially from fear, but mostly from anticipation. She'd never done this before, stripped for an audience. She'd barely even given any thought to it, she'd always focused on what came after her clothes were gone, but now, now that Garrus had ordered her to, taking her clothes off wasn't just something dangerous to fear, it was arousing as well.

Her fingers flew over the controls that were concealed beneath her purple cowl, disengaging the airlocks on her suit. With a hiss, her air tight suit expanded, enough for her to remove it.

Tali peeled herself out of her suit, exposing her light grayish-purple skin bit by bit. First her shoulders were revealed, then the suit peeled off just enough to give whoever was watching a glimpse of Tali's impressive cleavage as she pulled the suit down past her breasts. The light hit Tali's starburst-shaped nipples for the first time in years as her large breasts fell free of the suit. Tali could feel them bouncing, and, wanting to show off one of her better assets, she cupped her hands beneath them and bounced them a bit, using the same techniques she'd seen Asari dancers use in afterlife to make them jiggle and shake enticingly.

Bit by Bit Tali peeled off the suit, sliding it over the gentle curve of her hips and revealing her prodigious butt in the process. Tali's butt, no, she supposed since she was meat now it was probably her rump, was magnificent. Smooth and soft, it jiggled but was firm enough to properly spank. Most people who had mentioned it agreed it was Tali's greatest asset, but Tali knew they only said that because they hadn't seen her pride and joy.

Tali's greatest asset, to her own mind, was her pussy. Her puffy outer lips hid a set of muscles toned almost to perfection by her various nerve-stim programs. Though she'd never really used it, Tali knew that when Garrus ended up cooking her for real, her pussy, her Azure, would be the best tasting part of her body. As Tali peeled off her suit, she smiled as it was revealed in all it's glory.

Soon, the suit was down to her toned thighs, then, it slid down to her calves, until she stepped out of the portion of the suit surrounding her ankles and feet leaving helmet as her final piece of clothing.

Garrus watched entranced. He'd seen Asari, and even human women nude before, but Tali was different. Her skin was a light grayish-purple, and unlike Turian or Asari skin, it seemed soft and pliable, similar to humans. Her large breasts were topped with a nipple each, but unlike the rounded shape of human and Asari nipples, Tali's nubs were set in a vaguely star shaped analog of the human aureole. Tali's hips were wider than Shepard or Traynor's but just barely out of human norms. Her pubic mound was completely bare, fleshy, similar to a human one, but without any inner labia.
Tali blushed a bit, as her she stood almost completely naked in the airlock looking up at the cameras watching her. Her arms moved to hide her breasts and snatch from view, before she stopped them, remembering just why she was naked in the first place. Modesty wasn't something she'd be allowed anymore now that she was meat. Especially not with her new encounter suit.

Moving her hands to her collar, the Quarian girl lifted up her helmet, leaving her completely exposed to the open air of the airlock. She'd never been this... this nude before. She could feel the sterilized air of the airlock playing against her skin. It was still, uncirculated. There wasn't even a breeze. But after years of wearing an all-encompassing body suit it felt, lighter on her skin. More... Decadent.

Trembling in the open air, Tali ran her longest fingers around her nipples, slowly tracing their inhuman shape as the stimulation caused them to harden in excitement. Pulling her breasts higher, Tali licked at her nipples, her tongue flicking quickly over them until they were shiny enough to catch the light. Tali shivered. It was an unusual feeling, having wet nipples. Her encounter suit kept her almost completely dry, even dealing with sweat, but her encounter suit wasn't covering her nipples anymore. Tali took a few seconds to revel in the feeling before turning her attentions back to the room surrounding her.

Tali shivered as she looked around, completely uncovered for the first time in several years. Her old suit lay at her feet, her new suit, the jar of Aspa berry sauce, and the blue leather pouch, were all in the bag she'd set down by the door as she entered. Slowly, Tali stepped past her old suit, puddled on the ground, and approached the bag.

Garrus looked on enthralled as Tali sauntered over to the bag, her ass swaying back and forth and tantalizing glimpses of her pussy flashing before the camera. This was amazing. He couldn't quite believe what was happening in front of him. Fingers trembling with excitement, he called the cockpit.

“EDI are you getting this?” He asked, making sure that Tali couldn't hear him.

“Of course, Garrus. It is also being recorded if you have missed a portion.” EDI answered wryly. “If you recall, our deal was that I help you record this, and in return, I keep a copy to give to Jeff.”

“No, that's not it.” Garrus said quickly. How could he explain the desire to brag about what Tali was doing with someone in the know? Of course, that last bit had potential, about Jeff getting a copy of the tape? With the suit that he had ordered Tali would be on display for the whole crew soon enough... why not start it a bit earlier than she expected?

“EDI, can you forward the feed to all the monitors in the ship so the whole crew can see it?” Garrus asked, his voice trembling with anticipation.

“Of course I can Garrus. Do you want the crew to have access to the speakers and microphones in the Airlock as well?” EDI asked, seeming slightly amused.

“That would let them hear and speak to her?” Garrus asked rhetorically. “No, not the speakers, just the mics. They can listen in, but I don't want them distracting her. She's mine to order around, not theirs.” Garrus smiled. This way, they'd all get to see just the kind of Quarian meat-girl Tali really was.

Trusting EDI to handle the particulars, Garrus turned his attention fully back to Tali. She was bending over the bag, her puffy purple pussy in full view of the cameras as she emptied the bag.

“Not yet.” Garrus chimed in, reminding Tali of her purpose in the airlock as his naked, girlfriend? slave? meal? started to open the blue drawstring pouch. “It's time for the Aspa sauce, meat.”

The jar the Aspa sauce was in was really more of a flask. The berries were juicy, and so the consistency of the sauce was less like the jello that the human crew members ate in the mess hall, and more like syrup, or honey. That was all that Tali could tell without opening the flask first of course.

“You may sit on the stool I gave you.” Garrus' voice came over the speakers. Tali knew that despite the phrasing of the offer, it was really more of an order.

Tali sauntered over to the bar-stool, flask in hand. She'd seen Asari dancers use bar-stools like this before in their dances, but she never thought she'd be doing so herself.

The seat was smooth and soft to the touch, it was light blue and also slightly scaly. With a shock, Tali pulled her hand back. “Is this?”

“Liara?” Garrus finished her question. “Yes. Traynor had a bit of her left over so she used her to reupholster the chair in her new cabin. She was nice enough to lend it to me.”

Tali trembled. She knew that Traynor had used Liara to make her new lingerie set, but she hadn't heard of this. Slowly, she ran her fingers over the seat, knowing that this used to be her friend, the girl who inspired her current course in life, knowing what she had been reduced to, nothing but a seat for her replacement's ass to rest in... It sent a thrill through Tali's entire body.

Slowly, she sat down resting her own bare putt on the Liara-leather seat. She'd never touched Liara like this while the Asari was still alive, but now, feeling the cool sensation of Liara's flesh rubbing against the edges of Tali's own pussy, feeling the leather give and surround her ass warming to her touch... Knowing that when Garrus finally cooked her, there'd be even less of her left behind than of Liara... It was unbelievable. She could feel her pussy, already damp from the whole experience become even wetter at the thought.

“Enjoying it?” Garrus asked. “Wishing that was you covering that chair?”

Tali nodded, unable to speak. She didn't regret deciding to be cooked but...

“It could be, if you want it to.” Garrus replied. “If you want to change the plan... just tell me. Traynor's shared all sorts of ideas she's had for you with me. I could visit them on you... Of course, that would mean not being cooked, it would mean knowing when you were going to be snuffed, losing the spontaneity. It would mean getting back into your old suit, because if you put on that new suit, I will roast you. Is that what you want, meat?”

Tali shook her head as quickly as she could. It may have sounded interesting, and she hoped that Garrus would tell her what Traynor would have done to her... but it wasn't worth not being roasted alive for.

Frantically, Tali uncapped the flask. The aroma hit her like nothing she'd ever experienced before. The smells she encountered through the suit were dull, stale and filtered, but this? This was amazing. It burned her nose, tingling in the back of her mouth. It was so sweet she could almost taste it, but spicy at the same time. It was indescribable, and tali almost wished she could taste it.

Pouring a drop on her finger, she brought it to her mouth and licked it off, sensually sucking on the digit. It was incredible! She'd never tasted anything like it. She could drink the whole flask and still not be satisfied... of course... she knew couldn't even if she wanted to. If she drank the flask, then what would be used to marinate her?

Tali poured the sauce between her breasts, shuddering as the cool liquid hit her sensitive skin for the first time. She watched it spread across her breasts and into the valley between them where it dripped down her stomach before pooling between her clenched thighs right above her pussy.

Tali stroked her soaked, oily breasts, spreading the sauce around with one hand as the other poured a small trickle out to supplement. Her fingers glided across her nipples, staining them a deep pinkish purple from the sauce. She could feel it tingling slightly, but she wasn't sure if it was from the sauce, or her memories of what happened to Liara. She traced the sauce around her nipples, she coated the bases of her breasts, and ran her damp fingers up and down her arms until they almost shimmered with the stuff. She rubbed her arms across her belly, smearing the sauce in evenly, before coating her face and neck as well. The Quarian's longer fingers, let her evenly coat her back as well.

Finally, Tali's entire upper body was a shimmering deep purple, completely coated in sauce from head to hip. Of course, that only left the job half done. Tali reached into the pool between her thighs, soaking her hands with the Aspa berry sauce before running her sopping fingers up and down her thighs as best as she could still sitting. She leaned forward and dipped her fingers in again, running them up and down her ass, coating it with the fragrant mixture, squeezing her supple flesh as she imagined what would happen to it, how it would be coated and roasted still attached, then carved off into rump steaks for Garrus' enjoyment. 'Of course, even Garrus can't eat all of me in one sitting...' Tali realized, but the thought fled beneath the sensations of her fingers rubbing the sauce liberally between her ass cheeks.

Garrus watched eagerly as inch by inch his prize coated herself in the marinade he'd obtained for her. The thought of the crew, watching, knowing she was his, willingly, and just what he'd be doing with her, was incredible. Remembering that Tali didn't know the sort of show she was putting on for them was even better. Tali was doing this just for him.

The Turian's eyes focused tightly on the screen as Tali leaned back and began to part her thighs. He could see the sauce running down her once bare pussy, dribbling over it as it stained her skin. With her legs wide open the sauce dripped down them, to the floor in places, but mostly over the Asari leather seat that Traynor had lent him. Knowing her, she probably wouldn't mind Tali staining it, but Garrus hoped she wouldn't ask him to replace it. Given his plans for Tali, she wouldn't be leaving any leather behind.

Still, no point in worrying about later with the show tali was putting on. Even though it was being taped, he didn't want to miss an instant.

Tali reached down and rubbed her cunt, tenderly massaging her outer lips until they were completely coated with the sauce. Her pussy almost shimmered with the stuff, and Tali, very aware that Garrus was watching, made sure that the cameras captured every last inch of her treasure. Then, Tali lifted her leg and rubbed it down with her sopping fingers, making sure to carefully coat every inch of skin before moving on to the next leg and repeating herself.

Finally, Tali lifted her legs so that her knees almost reached her shoulders, balancing carefully on the seat as she leaned back a bit. Her legs were splayed wide, giving Garrus, and unknowingly the rest of the crew a perfect view of her snatch, framed on either side by Tali's three toed feet. Running her bare hands up and down her thighs to coat them in the Aspa berry sauce once more, Tali slid her fingers down her legs until each hand clasped it's matching foot.

Sensually, Tali began to rub the sauce into that last remaining uncoated surface of her skin. Slowly, Tali wrapped her fingers around each toe and rubbed up and down occasionally shifting her hand from overhand to underhand until the toes were almost dripping with Aspa berry sauce.

Now, with her body coated from her head to her feet there was only one spot left on her body that needed coating. Tali reached for her damp pussy, ready to use her sauce-covered fingers spread the marinade all over her sensitive inner walls.

“No.” Tali stopped immediately as Garrus' voice echoed over the speakers. “You don't get to touch yourself like that. You don't get to feel anything inside you except the sauce, and your suit. I want your... filet, completely untouched when I eat it.”

Garrus must have seen Tali's look of shock and confusion because he continued almost immediately. “That doesn't mean I want it unseasoned, by the way. Take the bottle, and pour the rest of the sauce inside of your cunt, then put on your new suit so none of it can escape.”

Tali shivered. She was looking forward to saucing up her pussy by hand. She'd never, really, touched herself that way. Not without the suit in between her fingers and her treasure. The last time she was fitted for a new suit she hadn't exactly had any... privacy, and the time before... she hadn't yet wanted to. Garrus was telling her that she'd never have that chance, just to touch herself like that. It occurred to Tali that Garrus wasn't there, he couldn't stop her if she didn't obey him... But she couldn't do it. She'd given him her body, it was his to use has he pleased. Tali couldn't take it back now.

Her fingers shaking, Tali picked up the bottle of sauce. The bottle was almost half full. That was almost as much sauce left as it took to coat her entire body, there was no way that it would fit in her pussy unaided. No, Tali realized, if she wanted to fit contents of the entire sauce bottle inside of her she'd have to get it into her womb.

Tali stared at the bottle for almost a minute as she tried to figure out how to do what she needed to. Finally, Tali climbed off the chair and lay down with her back on the floor and her legs hooked into the bars of the stool so that her knees were pointed towards the ceiling and her hips, and most importantly, her the opening of her pussy, were both angled upwards.

Carefully, so as not to spill a single drop, Tali raised the flask to her pussy, then, in full view of the cameras, she pressed the mouth of the bottle to her yearning lower lips. Tali shivered as the lip of the flask pushed past her own pussy lips and stopped right inside the puffy entryway. A small amount of sauce that had spilled outside her pussy was now trickling down her stomach towards her chest, but the majority of the liquid was pouring into her inner passage. Tali could feel it as it stung against her virginal walls, itching and tingling as it slowly filled her pussy, but the strangest sensation of all was the strong and steady dripping she felt as the sauce dribbled down past her cervix to hit the back of her womb.

Tali had read once that the human equivalent of her cervix was shut tight until they gave birth, but that wasn't true for Quarians. In Quarians, cervixes dilated slightly any time they became sexually excited, so as to provide easy access for the male's seed.

The bottle was slowly draining into her filet, seasoning it with the flavor of Aspa berries and herbs as Tali watched. She really was meat now, wasn't she? Tali thought to herself. Nothing else would ever be allowed to touch her prime cut directly until Garrus carved it out of her. Soon she'd be wrapped in clear packaging, just like the meat in the markets on the citadel. There was no mistaking it, she wasn't Tali, the Quarian engineer anymore, she was Tali, Garrus' meat slut now.

She could feel the sauce sloshing about inside her womb, stinging terribly like a persistent itch. She wanted to scratch it, but even if Garrus had allowed her fingers past her pussy lips, there was no way she could reach. She could feel it spreading, filling her womb and spreading down her fallopian tubes to surround her eggs inside her toughened quarian egg sacs. Tali could almost picture them slowly pickling in the marinade, becoming nothing more than a delicacy for Garrus' Turian palate. It didn't really matter, she'd be roasted before she could use them anyway, but somehow the thought that they were gone, that Garrus would consume them with the rest of her, ending her line completely, was incredibly arousing.

Finally, the bottle was empty. Tali pulled it out of her pussy with a wet “plop” and let it clatter on the floor of the airlock. She waited a minute to make sure that all the liquid had drained into her womb and then Tali carefully began to reposition herself.

The marinade on her fingers had mostly dried, as had large parts of her body, leaving them slightly greasy, but not sopping wet like they were. Idly, Tali realized that her entire body was completely covered in sauce. If Garrus wanted to come through the airlock door right now and roast her he could. Of course, that would defeat the point of the cooking suit, but it was still fun to fantasize about.

“Now,” Tali shivered as she heard Garrus' voice once more, “I want you to put your suit on so that that sauce won't be wasted. I'll be very upset if I see even one drop leaking from your cunt.” Tali's eyes widened. As excited as she was, her cervix was barely any barrier to leakage. Of course, as a Quarian, she could clench her labia hard enough to form a barrier, but it wouldn't be fool proof. If she wanted to obey Garrus' orders she wouldn't be walking to her suit, and she'd have to be extra careful getting there.

Tali clenched her pussy lips as hard as she could before crawling on her hands and knees towards her new suit, desperately hoping not to spill a single drop of marinade. She could feel the mixture sloshing about inside her with every step she took, dribbling back into her pussy from her womb. Slowly, Tali crawled towards her suit, each new inch sending another sloshing wave down her pussy only to be stopped by her clenched lower lips.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tali finally reached her new suit. Carefully, she flipped herself over so she was laying on her back once more before very carefully slipping first one foot, then the other into the legs of her new suit. Slowly, Tali pulled the material up her legs so that it was flush against her skin. Idly she wondered just how Garrus had gotten her exact measurements for the suit.

The suit felt sticky against her skin. She wondered if it was the suit, or the marinade she had coated herself in causing that feeling. She shimmied slightly, clenching her pussy lips as hard as she could as she pulled the suit up over her purple stained hips, leaving a clear sheath lined with heating filaments and wires hanging just below her, what had Garrus called it? Her Filet.

“Alright meat.” Tali shuddered as she heard Garrus call her what they both knew she really was. “See that blue pouch over there?” Tali nodded. “I want you to pick it up, and use what's inside to force that tube hanging beneath you as far as it can go into your sopping wet cunt.”

Tali, still clenching her lower lips so as not to let any of the sauce fall into the tube, scooted over to the pile where she'd left the pouch, right next to her old suit. The pouch was smooth and warmed quickly to her touch. Whatever was inside it was large. Big enough that the pouch seemed almost stretched and bulging. The pouch itself was leather, but it wasn't the same texture as the leather of the seat. It was smooth, but not scaly... though that shade of blue... it was dyed?

“Wondering what the pouch is made from?” Garrus asked amused.

Tali nodded, excited, and just a bit afraid of what her owner would say.

“Look inside, I'll tell you once you see what's in it.” Tali could hear the barest hint of a smile in Garrus' voice.

The leather opening of the bag seemed thicker somehow, and slightly more rugged, but naturally round. It bulged, the opening slightly ajar and Tali could see the barest hint of something silver beyond the entrance. It was warm as she reached inside and pulled out. Slowly, Tali pulled open the drawstring.

It was a penis. That was Tali's first thought, a giant metal penis. It reminded her a bit of Legion, Tali realized sardonically. It was huge. Thick, but also incredibly long. The head fit easily through the opening to the pouch so long as Tali held it open but, whatever material the pouch was made out of the opening clenched back like a scrunchie whenever she let go of it.

Once she got the flanged head past the opening, the rest of the long metal phallus came out easily as she tugged on it with one hand as the other hand held the soft blue leather.
“Like it?” Garrus asked, as Tali stared at the dildo. “It was Liara's.”

“This... Robo-cock?” Tali asked, surprised. She remembered just what Garrus had ordered her to do with the thing. It was already big enough that Tali was unsure her cunt could take it, but now... knowing that it was Liara's, knowing that this was what she used as she fantasized about being eaten... Knowing that it would be inside her too now as she shared the same thoughts, the same fantasies? Tali's loins yearned for it.

“That too.” Garrus replied with a smile.

Tali almost dropped the pouch in shock. “Hers? You mean?” but the texture was so different?

“”You're wondering why it feels different aren't you? It's not made from Liara's skin. There wasn't much left of that after making Specialist Traynor's new bedroom set.” Tali's mind flashed back to the sight of Samantha Traynor clad in nothing but her new Asari leather boots, gloves and bra and panty set. “What little there was... Traynor used to make that seat you were using.” Tali remembered the feel of Liara's leather beneath her butt, almost caressing her.

“So then...” Tali asked, “what did she use to make it?”

“That pouch?” Garrus asked amused. “Can't you tell? The opening gives it away.”

Tali stared at the opening of the pouch. It was round and blue, and the material was thicker than the rest of the pouch. With the dildo emerging from the entrance... It almost looked like...

Tali blushed deeply across her entire body as she realized just what she was holding. With the sauce staining her skin, the blush made her turn a deep violet.

It was her cervix! The opening to the pouch was made from Liara's cervix! Tali's pulse quickened. If that was Liara's cervix... there was no sign of stitching! It was perfectly joined to the pouch! Which meant that the pouch in her hand was....

“Liara's womb.” Tali whispered, awed as ran her fingers over the soft leather uterus of the Asari that inspired her. This is what it had been reduced to; a carrying pouch for her favorite sex toy. Tali almost came right there as she imagined Traynor, dressed entirely in garments made from Shepard's former lover, pulling Liara's favorite toy out of the remnants of her womb and fucking her with it.

“Exactly.” Garrus replied as Tali shivered, more aroused than she'd been in her entire life. He was glad he had convinced Traynor to part with her new favorite toy, the effect it had on Tali was certainly, stirring.

Shuddering as she tried her best not to come from just the thought of what Liara had been rendered into, Tali finished pulling the dildo out of her friend's womb. Despite sticking a bit at the end when the second flanged head on the other end of the dildo caught against Liara's cervix, the entirety of Liara's last toy was now revealed to the cameras monitoring the airlock, and unbeknownst to Tali, to everyone else on board.

The double headed dildo glimmered in the light. 'It was certainly large enough for the job,' Tali thought to herself. It was cool to the touch at first, but warmed quickly with contact. A shimmering fake metal cock. It really was the perfect tool for the job at hand.

Placing the carrying pouch on top of her old suit Tali finished suiting up, slipping her arms inside the sleeves and rolling the suit all the way up over her pert breasts up past her shoulders. With a hiss, Tali engaged the suit, causing it to become almost completely airtight save for the opening at her neck which would lock to her helmet when she put it back on. For now, Tali planned to keep her helmet off and feel the air against her face as long as she could.

Looking down, Tali could see her new suit for the first time. It was completely clear, save for the multitude of small heating filaments which traced through it, curving with her body but far too thin to actually cover anything. That wasn't the only change, the sheath still hung between her legs, reminding her just what Garrus had asked her to do next. She felt, naked wearing it, and as she glanced over at the ceremonial cloths and hood she always wore, Tali realized that though they'd obscure a portion of her body, when she finally got them on they'd only serve to emphasize her tits and ass which would be left totally uncovered by them. The fact that her... filet, would be out of direct view from the front only made her feel more naked as she realized that it would be on view, with an easy access sheath every time she bent over. Thoughts of crawling through EDI's vents to fix a loose screw with her new suit on raced through her mind, causing her skin to flush with embarrassment yet again.

In a vain effort to distract herself from what was going to come later, and how everyone in the crew was going to see what a dirty slut she really was as soon as she stepped out of the airlock, Tali walked back over to the chair, plopping her suit covered ass back down into it, squirming a bit to get comfortable atop the light blue scaly leather.

Sitting on the Liara-leather seat with Liara's favorite toy, Tali couldn't help but think back to the last time she saw the Asari maiden alive, almost strutting as she made her way, completely naked and Azure dripping visibly, to her date with the dinner table. She wanted that too; to be eaten by her lover like Liara was. And now, sitting in the airlock her naked form enclosed by the new suit Garrus had bought not just to show her off and mark her as his, but also to roast her the moment the mood took him, she knew she would be.

Quickly, Tali matched the one of the dildo's heads to what was currently, the very bottom of the sheath. Careful not to rip the clear material, she pushed the dildo up, rolling the sheath over the surface sort of like a human condom until the sheath was rolled double over the dildo and the head was poised at her still clenched lower lips with just the clear material of her suit between them.

Tali paused and, unclenching her lower lips, pushed the metal dildo past the entrance to her hidden passage.

Tali paused as the sleeve-covered dildo squelched its way into her sauce filled cunt as the sensation started to overwhelm her again. Now that she wasn't so focused on keeping the sauce inside her, or distracted by the origins of the dildo's carrying pouch, the tingling feeling from the Aspa Berry juice marinating her inner walls came flooding back to her. Tali could hardly believe this was real. Just this morning she was a normal Quarian virgin, in absolutely no danger of cooking, not that she knew it. And now? Her Filet was officially seasoned meat and she was a dead girl walking.

Slowly, Tali eased the metal invader in a bit further, straining to accommodate it's girth even as the sauce it was displacing sloshed back and forth inside her, doing terrifyingly interesting things to her sense of composure.

Inch by inch she forced Liara's toy inside her straining snatch, struggling to accommodate it, until finally they hit a wall. Tali blinked. It wasn't her cervix. She could feel that tingling harshly as it pickled inside her. Then it hit her, it was her hymen. She'd always been an active young Quarian, but with her suit in the way protecting her, she'd never actually torn it! And, since it was rather porous, the Aspa berry sauce had passed through it without any difficulty.

Her orders were clear, Tali knew what she had to do next. In order to obey Garrus, her hymen had to go, but still, there was a hint of regret at having to do it through the suit, being unable to feel the metal head of Liara's dildo directly as it tore through her maidenhead.

Of course that didn't matter now. She wasn't a little girl saving herself for a romantic wedding. She was seasoned meat now. A slut eagerly awaiting the day when her master finally decided to roast her, and her master had given her an order.

Gripping the shaft of the dildo tightly, Tali quickly jerked her wrist, brutally forcing the head through her hymen and into the passage beyond with a pained whimper. The blood from her torn maidenhead would be invisible, diluted among the plentiful Aspa berry sauce squelching out of her seasoned filet. It was almost as if she'd never had a Hymen at all. Only she would ever know what she'd just given up for her master. And once she was cooked, that knowledge would vanish forever... just like her.

Tali's breathing came in fitful heaves as her cunt spasmed against the girth of Liara's toy. She'd never had anything inside her before, and this, this was almost too much. For a second, Tali's mind wandered back to a roast pig she'd seen rotating in the window of a restaurant on the citadel and wondered, looking at the metal rod now firmly inside her, if this was what it felt like to be spitted? If it was, Tali almost regretted not pleading with Garrus to make that happen instead.

Of course, the sight of Tali sitting, legs splayed, her star tipped tits heaving, as she forced a giant metal cock inside her was quite motivating to Garrus as well. His fingertip shaking, he switched on the microphone to Tali's airlock.

“You know, Tali, I haven't been completely honest with you.” Garrus admitted, a grin almost visible in his voice. Tali's body tensed visibly on the chair as she wondered what Garrus was saying. He lied? Was he not really going to eat her? Was he planning on keeping her forever as just a convenient fuckhole?

“When I said I'd be routing the feeds from your airlock in through here,” Garrus continued, “I forgot to mention, that I also had EDI rout them out to every single monitor in the Normandy.” Tali's eyes widened in shock as she realized just what that meant. “You've been streaming live to the entire crew since you picked up the Aspa sauce.” Garrus admitted triumphantly. “and now, I want you to tell the crew now just what you really are, but why you're doing this.”

Tali was struck completely breathless as she realized just what Garrus had said. The entire crew had seen her naked? Had watchedas she rubbed and fondled herself, had seen her almost cum just from holding the pouch made from Liara's womb, had stared at her pussy as she posed it toward the cameras for her lover's enjoyment. They were watching her now as she forced Liara's toy cock into her own snatch! They'd even hear Garrus call her meat! But... that was all they knew. They'd seen how slutty she was acting, they'd viewed every inch of her exposed body as well, but they didn't know what she was doing. They didn't know the reason that she had coated her entire body with Aspa berry sauce, even filling her womb with it! They didn't know the reason she had changed suits!

And Tali found, as her pussy clenched around Liara's old dildo harder than it had ever clenched before, that she wanted them to know. She wanted what liara had that day in the mess hall. She wanted to be naked, exposed for the meat that she was, she wanted the crew to look at her and know that with a simple flick of a switch she'd become Garrus' dinner, whenever he wanted it to happen.

“I'm a slut!” Tali shouted towards to watching crew as she started thrusting Liara's toy in and out of her hungry snatch. “I'm meat!” Tali exclaimed. “I want to be fucked! and sucked! and used! and thrown away! I want to be devoured! and cooked! and slaughtered! and spitted!”

Tali's breasts were heaving, her star-shaped nipples bouncing from excitement and exertion as she roughly fucked herself with Liara's toy.

I want Garrus to destroy me! To show me off in public and lend me to his friends! !o cook me when I'm least expecting it! I need to feel the heat! Against! my skin! As I roast! Alive! inside! This! Suit!” Tali rammed the dildo home at practically every word. She was close, the biggest orgasm of her entire life! She could feel it!

“I want him to carve out my cunt with a knife! To tear out my eggs and eat them in front of me!” Tali cried out in pleasure as she fucked herself silly with Liara's double dildo. “I want! I Want! I- I! AAAHAAHAAHAAAh!”

It was like an earthquake had hit her. Tali had never felt anything like it. The pain, the pressure, the feel of the dildo inside her as she bared her soul to the entire crew... It was incredible!

Black dots swam across Tali's vision as she collapsed out of the chair. She was fading, quickly as a wall of pleasure poured over her.

Desperately she crawled towards her helmet and with all her strength sapping form her body, she locked it in place just as she had practiced a thousand times prior before the darkness overcame her.


I know I said Falere occurs at the same time as Chapter 4, that was a Typo, I meant Chapter 5.

Chapter 4 - Tali Listens

Tali stirred back to consciousness as she heard the airlock hiss open.

“So, those are really her-”

“Ovaries? Yes. Or whatever the Asari equivalent is. I had them lacquered and made into two pendants, one for each of us, as a reminder of the night we started dating, and the delicious meal we shared together.”

Tali groggily checked the seals on her helmet. They were engaged.

“So you just drilled a hole in them and covered them in resin?” Garrus asked.

“Basically, yes. Why? Were you thinking of doing something similar with your meatslut?” Tali recognized Traynor's voice asking.

“No,” Garrus denied. “Tali's ovaries are already basting. Javik says they're supposed to be the best part. I don't plan on missing them. Besides, I don't think a pendant's the right look for me anyway.”

The Quarian meat-girl felt her sore, abused pussy clench down as she listened to Garrus casually describe his plans to devour her. Slowly, she realized that there was something still inside her.

Liara's dildo! She hadn't managed to remove it before she blacked out, and now it was trailing out from between her thighs like a long metallic snake. No! Worse, she hadn't finished what Garrus had ordered her to do, the sleeve was still sticking out of her body slightly.

Heedless of how weak and drained she felt, Tali rolled over so that her back pressed against the floor instead of her front. Reaching both hands down, she grabbed hold of the metal double-sided cock.

“Oh, wow! Look at her go!” Tali heard Shepard chime in, but she wasn't important. This was. “I haven't seen that thing used as enthusiastically as Tali's using it since Liara decided to put on a show for me!”

Tali pushed the dildo further into her body, using short, hard thrusts. Each new thrust forced Liara's old toy past her bruised and aching muscles and deeper into her waiting cunt until finally, feeling sore almost to the point of breaking, Tali touched the head of the robo-cock to her cervix.

It wasn't enough. There was still material left outside her battered cunt.

“I gave her an order, and now she's carrying it out.” Garrus answered as a matter of fact. “She's nothing more than an obedient if, enthusiastic meat-slut nothing to get excited about.”

Tali felt a flush of pleasure as Garrus denigrated her, putting down her eager obedience to nothing less than what she should normally doing. She could feel her cervix loosening in arousal. It wasn't wide enough, but Tali didn't care, she had a job to do, and her Master expected her to do it.

Bracing against the ground with her entire body, Tali took the metal cock in both hands and, arching her hips upwards, she slammed it home, stretching the head quickly past her cervix until the ring of flesh snapped back to surround the base beneath, trapping the flanged tip of the cock inside her womb.

The suit pulled tight against her lower lips, her job was done.

“Oh wow.” Traynor said, stepping between Tali's splayed legs. Tali's eyes widened as she finally realized that the voices she was hearing weren't coming from the speakers, but from inside the airlock with her! She's just fucked a dildo into her womb in front of Shepard and her lover!

“May I?” Traynor asked gesturing towards the metal cock.

“Feel free.” Garrus answered.

Tali watched as Traynor swept her three fingered hands off the dildo and grasped it with her own five fingered human hands.

“AUGH!” Tali cried out as Traynor yanked on the dildo, slamming the flanged head against the inside of her cervix.

The pain was indescribable! It felt like she was being torn apart, and Specialist Traynor didn't seem interested in stopping any time soon!

“Wow! She's... Really... Ah... Tight!” Traynor grunted out as she tugged on the dildo, heedless of Tali's distress. The Quarian's pain didn't even register. Tali was meat now, not a person anymore, and Traynor intended to treat her as such.

Once the initial shock had cleared, Tali felt herself enjoying it. She shivered as Traynor planted a Liara-skin boot on her Ass and braced herself to rip the Dildo out of her Quarian victim. Tali clenched her muscled instinctively, longing to avoid the pain as Traynor, possibly literally, tore her cunt apart.

“Now now Traynor. Just wait a second. I don't want you damaging my meal.” Garrus urged.

“I'm not giving up my favorite dildo, Garrus. And she doesn't seem to to want to let it go.” Traynor complained, boot still stamped on Tali's bountiful ass.

“Let me fix that for you then.” Garrus called up Tali's suit controls on his omni-tool and activated one of the functions of the new suit, ordering the sleeve to turn rigid.

Tali's eyes bulged as the sheath popped open and stiff with a plastic-sounding hiss. Even at her most aroused she'd never been stretched open this far! It felt like she was being stabbed right in the cervix at first, then dulling swiftly to a throbbing persistent ache.

The Quarian girl barely noticed as Traynor easily slipped the dildo out of her gaping pussy. With the sleeve active, Tali's entire cunt was stretched open, from her puffy purple lips, all the way a little past her cervix. Everything was on view, and Shepard was certainly interested.

“Oooh! I can see all the way to the back of Tali's Womb!” Shepard exclaimed as she bent down where Samantha was standing a few moments ago and looked deep inside Tali's secret passage.

Tali watched as Traynor stuffed the Dildo that had taken her virginity back into it's carrying pouch, forcing the head past the entrance and then sliding it bit by bit inside as her other hand coiled the monstrously sized cock through the outside of Liara's womb. The dildo was completely dry, unsullied with her juices or virgin blood thanks to the sheathe currently expanded inside her pussy. Despite tearing her hymen, it had never really touched her at all.

“Can I touch?” Shepard asked, bringing Tali back to the present.

“As much as you want, Commander. After all, if It weren't for you, this little slut would still be thinking she was a girl instead of my dinner.” Garrus answered, sending a thrill through Tali's entire being.

Shepard pushed her fingers inside the opening to Tali's womb. She could see the Aspa berry sauce filling small rivulets around the sheath where it wasn't directly touching Tali's tender walls. The opening looked wide enough, and Shepherd had always wanted to try this.

Curling her fingers into a fist, Shepard pushed her entire hand inside her Quarian friend's gaping cunt.

Tali gasped as Shepard began to fist her; pistoning her hand in and out of Tali's already sorely abused snatch. Each new thrust drew pained babbling from the object of Shepard's amusement, but Shepard ignored it. Each “Ah!” and “Ough!” did little more than urge Shepard to speed up and go even roughed as she practically punched her way in towards Tali's womb.

Garrus and Traynor were both more than a bit aroused by the spectacle as Shepard's hand and wrist completely vanished into Tali's welcoming cunt.

“This, is amazing” Shepard announced as she fisted her friend. “The suit is slippery enough that my fist slides in easily. I can feel her trying to squeeze me out, but with this thing forcing her open, she cant!” Shepard exclaimed with almost child-like glee.

“You know,” Traynor spoke up, “I bet you could punch your fist all the way into her womb if you tried.”

“Why don't you find out?” Garrus asked, much to Tali's joy.

Shepard pulled her arm out of Tali's pussy until only her knuckles remained inside the helpless Quarian meatslut. She bent her elbow, and tilted her shoulder back, carefully amassing power for her next move.

Tali could feel her loins quivering in anticipation of the pain about to hit her, but she didn't mind. She wanted it. Wanted to be treated like meat, like a toy. To be abused and discarded. Played with to bring her master pleasure with no thought at all to her own.

It came without warning. One moment Shepard was tensing her wrist, and the next? White stars flared behind her eyes as Shepard's fist squished and splashed the Aspa sauce that half filled her womb.
'Shepard was inside her.' Tali realized gasping through the pain. Her womb was being used as nothing more than a warm mitten for Shepard's fist!

When Tali shuddered next, she wasn't quite sure whether it was from the pain of being punched in her womb, or from the thought of being her pussy being used like a mitten.

“Oh, wow!” Shepard cried out. “This is incredible... She's so warm... I can feel her pulse against my wrist!”

Traynor smiled as she watched her lover gush over how fisting Garrus' pet Quarian made her feel. This was one of the things she loved about Shepard; the way that, even if she was a bit hesitant at first, she could easily shift her mindset and turn a girl from a 'woman' into a 'toy'. It certainly made their bedroom games much more fun.

“I'm sort of regretting the way you destroyed Kelly's cunt now that I've gotten to try Tali.” Shepard continued.

“Kelly?” Garrus asked. “”You mean Kelly Chambers? Shepard's old Yeoman? I thought I saw her get on the ship a week back, but I haven't seen her since...”

“She's not exactly... mobile.” Traynor admitted. “She got on wanting to thank Shepard for saving her life. Something about the Cerberus attack? I'm sorry, I'm really not clear on that. She was so disappointed when I walked into Shepard's cabin dressed only in Liara, wanting to surprise her.”

“Of course.” Shepard chimed in as she slowly pulled her arm back out of Tali's body. “Then she asked where Samantha got such incredible lingerie... and when Samantha told her what happened to Liara, Kelly asked her what she'd do to her.”

Tali quivered and shook as Shepard's fingers slowly traced her sensitive inner walls as she pulled out inch by inch. This was different form before. Not as hard, or as brutal, but more intimate. Shepard was touching her in a way no one ever had before, in a place no one ever had before.

“I mentioned that she looked almost my size, and that I really could use a coat stand for my new room.” Traynor replied.

“It was a bit more than that Samantha. You told her how, if she gave herself to us, the first thing that you'd do would be to take off all her limbs and leave her absolutely helpless. Then, you'd slice her tits open and replace the meat inside them with silicone until Kelly's breasts match your own perfectly. Then you told her that you'd take a pole and force it all the way inside her cunt, past her cervix until you could look down the pole and see the back of her womb. Then you'd pump hot resin down the empty pole until it filled her womb completely and hardened, trapping the pole inside her now useless cunt forever.” Shepard explained.

“The girl got so hot she gave herself to Shepard in thanks for saving her life right then and there. And after a little fun in the bedroom with both of them, I convinced Shepard to give me her newest toy.” Traynor smiled lasciviously. “She's on a pole in my quarters if you want to see her? Shepard and I need to head down there anyway. Diana Allers is going to interview me about dating the Commander here, and she wanted to see what happened to Liara once she finished starting our relationship.”

“That does sound interesting...” Garrus admitted. “Were you planning on showing her your new Kelly Coat rack?”

“I wasn't planning on hiding it,” Traynor stated. “But if you want, I can use her to display my Liara-leather bra?”

Shepard pulled her fingers completely out of Tali's body. With the sheathe still active, Tali's cunt couldn't close, and the first human Spectre could easily see all the way back into the Quarian's womb as she gave the passage one last look. Tali's eyes were glazed, unseen beneath her helmet. Between her impromptu show to the whole crew earlier, Traynor's attempts to rip Liara's toy out of her, and Shepard's brutal fisting followed by tender tracing fingers; Tali was feeling completely overwhelmed. She could barely manage to string a coherent thought together.

“I'm not sure that's a great idea, Samantha.” Shepard responded to her lover's earlier question. “Liara's one thing, but Kelly's human. It might not play well back home.” Reading the disappointment on Traynor's face, Shepard continued. “I know how much you like showing off your collection, but you can show Allers what you did to Kelly after the interview is over.”

Shepard turned to Garrus. “If you're coming with us to watch the interview, what are you gonna do with this?” She asked pointing to Tali.

“Since she's been such a good slave, I think Tali deserves a reward.” Garrus grinned, opening up the suit controls on his omni-tool. “A little taste of what's to come for her.” Garrus continued as he activated the Flames of Ardor nervestim program.

Tali didn't even notice the trio exit the airlock as her new suit tricked her into thinking she was being roasted alive. When the Airlock hissed shut the trio left her inside quivering on the floor, her Quarian cunt stretched open until it gaped as the cameras continued to roll.


Chapter 5 - Tali Simmers

Tali was in heaven. It had been the better part of a week so far since she had moved to the new suit and she was enjoying every second of it. She'd put on her ceremonial clothes after recovering from her experiences inside the airlock, pulling on the sleeves and hood, fastening the belts beneath her breasts before finally putting on her boots and attaching the rest of the fabric.

The final effect made her feel obscene. With her suit now transparent, the cloth that usually hugged her sides only served to emphasize her bare stomach and breasts, and while the portion of the purple patterned cloth that draped in front of her pussy (and only in front of her pussy) did serve to conceal her sex from the front, it was barely adequate at the job. The slightest movement stirred the cloth, pushing it out of place and offering anyone looking at her front a tantalizing glimpse of her pussy, but that wasn't the worst part. Since the cloth only covered her front, anyone looking at her from behind could see her pussy lips barely peeking out from below her equally bared butt. And of course if Tali ever bent over, like she'd accidentally done in front of Engineer Adams when she went to fix something in one of the ducts... Well, everything was on display.

She felt debased every time she walked. Of course, the way Liara's old info-drone followed her around, filming her every move for the memento she'd planned for Garrus and promised to Shepard, well, that only fueled her feelings of degradation.

She could see the crew-members watching her as she walked out the elevator towards the mess hall. Garrus had ordered her to join him for dinner. He'd been doing this all week, ordering her to come somewhere and meet up with him, showing off her body to the entire ship in the process.

The marinade that she had rubbed on her body at Garrus' request had dyed her skin a light purple, making her highly visible as she walked around in her shiny transparent suit, and drawing the eyes of everyone around her. When Garrus asked her if she enjoyed the staring, if she enjoyed the crew knowing she was food, seeing her as the slut she really was, Tali hadn't been able to deny it.

The elevator doors slid open and Tali sauntered out.

The tapes of her show had been broadcast across the ship, and everyone knew what she was now. She was Garrus' toy, his meat, but everyone was still pretending to treat her like a person. Still, Tali knew how they really felt. She'd overheard enough hushed conversations, seen enough surreptitious hungry gazes to know what they thought behind closed doors when they thought she wasn't paying attention. They dreamed of fucking her, hurting her, killing her, all justified by the fact that she'd enjoy it if they did.

They weren't wrong.

Of course, even more than the attentions of the crew, it was absolutely sublime knowing that the only thing keeping her safe from them was the fact that she belonged to Garrus, that only he could decide what to do with her.

Of course Garrus hadn't limited his use to merely showing off his new toy. The very next day after the airlock, Garrus had lent her out to Traynor. Tali had seen the video of what happened to Liara of course, it was a big part of what made her finally confess to Garrus, but it hadn't prepared her for what Traynor had planned.

Apparently, after her Airlock show, Traynor had been interviewed by their resident reporter, and she'd told Miss Allers exactly what had happened to the rest of Liara, off the record of course. Whatever she'd said must have been incredibly arousing, because it got Miss Allers to offer herself to Specialist Traynor, despite knowing exactly what the sexy sadist had planned for her. Or maybe because of it?

When Garrus told her he had lent her to Traynor, Tali hadn't known what to expect. In her new suit, Garrus could cook her at any time, anywhere he wanted, and Tali hadn't exactly forgotten her little conversation with Shepard about how much Traynor would enjoy watching her cook.

Tali didn't think that Garrus would really cook her when he wasn't around to watch, but she wasn't entirely sure of it.

Of course, even though she was half-expecting to be roasted alive, that hadn't really prepared her for what she got when she arrived in Specialist Traynor's cabin.

With the black curtain pulled, Traynor's cabin looked almost normal, if you discounted the incredibly impressive array of computer equipment on display. Of course, that ended the moment Traynor ushered her behind the black curtain and into her bedroom.

Traynor had started to explain her role in the night's activities, but she'd had to repeat herself since Tali had gotten distracted by Traynor's newest souvenir, her predecessor Kelly Chambers, who she'd mounted on a pole, legless, her arms useless, but still alive, for Traynor to use her as a coat rack. Well, a lingerie rack really.

Tali was amazed, and even though she was more than slightly horrified by the sight of her friend in this condition, Tali was even more aroused at the sight of the sexy xenophile turned into a living sex toy.

Traynor had then handed her a scalpel and offered her a chance to do something similar to Allers when she showed up. Well, maybe offered wasn't the best word, Garrus had made it exceptionally clear that Tali was to do everything Traynor asked her to, even if it meant she'd die in the process. Compared to that, starring in Diana Allers' little livestream quasi-snuff show wasn't something she could say no to.

Tali was enthralled. She watched as Traynor destroyed the other woman, slowly stripping her of humanity using Tali as her tool. The entire bout of depravity streamed live for the enticement of her viewers. Tali was well aware that her own perfectly clear skintight suit concealed nothing, showing off every last shred of her own Aspa berry dyed body as she slowly cut and sliced, turning Diana Allers into a new computer case for Specialist Traynor. The thought of being on display like that enthralled her. Strangers who she'd never meet watching her? Judging her? It was all Tali could do to keep from touching herself.

The experience was over too soon. Diana Allers reduced to nothing but a living toy as Traynor played with herself watching. When the feed died, Traynor ordered Tali to leave, to return to her room and wait for her own master, and to remember she wasn't allowed to touch herself until he arrived. Garrus didn't come for her that night, he left her, stewing in her own arousal as she wondered whether she should have asked Traynor to snuff her instead of Garrus back when she first made her decision. At the time the choicehad been easy, Traynor couldn't eat her, and Tali desperately wanted to be cooked. But now? Tali hadn't thought herself attracted to the way Traynor turned women into toys, but there was something indescribably erotic about it.

The next few days flew by in a whirlwind of exhibition and arousal. Tali was told to resume her previous life as if nothing had happened, but Garrus had given the crew a free license to touch and fondle her no matter what she was soing, and he had a deft touch on the controls of her suit, sending her into a riotous orgasm in the middle of conversations, and bringing her to her knees moaning his name as she walked down the hall.

The rest of the crew must think of her as a completely hopeless snuff-slut by now, Tali thought to herself as she made her way to the dining area for the next surprise. Tali wasn't sure they were wrong.

There was someone new in the dining room, there was an Asari girl standing at the front of the room, next to an Asari Matriarch that Tali instantly recognized as Samara. Falere, Tali remembered hearing about the girl they encountered on Shepard's last mission, Samara's daughter. She scrunched her brows, what was the girl doing here? And why was she naked?

Tali's gaze couldn't help but linger on the blue scaled alien, even as she looked around for Garrus.

“Over here,” Garrus called from a seat near Shepard and her new lover Samantha Traynor. “Settle in, the show's about to start.”

Tali sat down next to her master, laying her completely visible butt in the chair he'd allowed her to sit in, sneaking a glance at Shepard and Traynor, the latter clad in the remnants of Shepard's last girlfriend Liara. Tali had barely settled in when the absolutely ravishing young Asari maiden began to speak.

“Hello. My name is Falere,” the blue skinned girl announced her cheeks flushing slightly purple in embarassment. She spoke quietly, but firmly as she stood between Samara and a complex device that seemed to be a metal pole almost exactly two meters tall, shined to a mirror-like sheen, with a three footed stand that gave it an almost passing resemblance to a husk spike. “I want to thank you for helping my mother when she needed it,” Falere continued. Tali smiled, she hadn't actually been on that mission, but the after reports made it sound just as eventful as most of Shepard's other missions. “Because of all the help you gave her, and since the monastery where I've lived my entire life is gone now, I've decided that I want to give you all the only thing I have left to offer,” Falere paused and Tali wondered if this was why Garrus had called her here. “Me,” the Asari maiden finished, blushing heavily.

“Does she mean?” Tali asked Garrus quietly, not finishing her question lest she jinx it.

“She does,” Garrus reassured her. “And while neither of us can enjoy eating her gift, we can certainly enjoy watching her give it.”

Garrus' statement sparked a fire in Tali's loins as she leaned forward slightly, eagerly anticipating the show.

“I've been planning and practicing for this for the last 100 years, so I hope you all enjoy it,” Falere stated hopefully. “And me,” she joked with a nervous smile.

Tali stared as Falere turned around, giving the entire room a magnificent view of her scaly blue bottom, the slightest hint of a pair of darker lips resting beneath it. Tali watched, enthralled as Falere bent over slightly, giving just a hint of her dark purple lower lips before bracing herself, wriggling her butt and boosting herself up onto the counter just behind the vertical spit.

"As an Ardat Yakshi, I've never had a lover," Tali listened to Falere explain as the Asari maiden reached down to cup her Azure demurely. "If I did, it would kill them," Falere continued. "My Azure's been ripening for centuries, soft, and completely untouched by anyone, waiting for this moment."

Tali could feel herself getting hotter and hotter as Falere spoke, and she knew that it wasn't because Garrus was messing with her suit's temperature controls. It was like watching what happened to Liara, only without the complicated feelings created by knowing the little meat-slut beforehand.

"I planned this out a century ago, and I've practiced it hundreds of times just so that I could make it perfect, just for you," Falere breathed enticingly. "Of course, I never thought that there would be so many of you watching..." Tali began to touch herself as Falere explained how hard she'd worked to become meat. Tali could empathize, the thought of giving her life up to be eaten? It was a fantasy Tali shared, and watching Falere donate her body as dinner for the crew was an enticing preview of what Garrus might have in store for her soon.

Tali watched as Falere let her fingers slip from her Azure, lightly tracing her prime cut as she reached up with her other hand to idly play with her nipples. The other girl was turned on! She wanted this, maybe almost as much as Tali did. The Quarian leaned forward so as not to miss an instant, her hand sliding underneath the table to play with her suit-clad lower lips.

"Of course, I had planned to let the couple that bought me take a more... intimate role in my seasoning, but since there are so many of you, my mother will be doing it for you. I hope you don't mind?" Falere asked cheerfully. She sounded so young! Tali knew that the blue skinned girl in front of them was hundreds of years older than her, but the way she spoke made her sound like a perky schoolgirl...

Tali could hear her crewmates reassuring Falere that they didn't mind at all, but Tali's attention was pointed at Samara's face instead. The Asari Justicar looked serious, implacable, ready to carry out her duty as soon as she was able. Tali thought the pair might be better suited for a performance as strict teacher and naughty schoolgirl than as mother and daughter, but she wasn't about to nitpick how the younger Asari decided she wanted to be snuffed.

"I hope you know, I had this spit made just for me. Once I'm spitted, my body heat will activate it, cooking me from the inside out. Just for you..." Falere tempted liltingly.

Tali looked over at Garrus as she played with herself, there was a noticeable bulge in his armor, and Tali knew exactly how to handle that.

“Master,” Tali spoke, turning the Turian's attention towards her. She shivered as his eyes drifted down and caught her playing with herself hidden only by the table in front of them.

“Toy,” Garrus offered with a slight grin at her obvious arousal.

“Do you want to see me spitted too?” Tali asked her master as she stroked the bulging armor around his hips, nodding at Garrus' member to make it absolutely clear what she meant by “spitted.”

“I would,” Garrus smiled impishly. “Maybe when the time comes I'll even have you spitted for real?” he asked, sending shivers up and down Tali's spine as she undid his armor letting his massively erect cock spring free. Garrus' cock was thick, with bony ridges and a tip that almost looked like that of a circumcised human if the head of the human's penis was a plate made of bone. It wasn't the first time she'd done this, pleased Garrus in public, but the show in front of her added a whole second level of taboo excitement to the act as she climbed into his lap.

As Tali lined Garrus' bony member up with the entrance of her snatch she caught a glimpse of Shepard's hand pulling Traynor's dress up and pushing the Specialist's Asari Skin panties out of the way so that she could play with her lover's glistening cunt. Tali shuddered. She wanted to be eaten, but the thought of having her pussy taken from her to be worn by someone else, well the thought was certainly exciting.

A blue corona of light surrounded Falere, grabbing Tali's attention as the Asari maiden climbed up onto the spit. She watched in awe as the Asari floated there in defiance of the Ship's internal gravity positioning herself so that the point of the spit was nestled firmly within the curve of her beautiful blue ass, right between her cheeks.

Tali slid down on Garrus' bony cock until her encased lower lips touched the smooth surface of his armor. Then she stopped, clenching and releasing the muscled of her cunt with garrus sunk inside her all the way to the hilt.

The Quarian girl watched, endlessly aroused as Falere reached down, spreading her virginal azure to reveal the soft pink flesh behind her light blue lips. Falere's Azure was already damp from the thought of being snuffed, and Tali smiled knowing that the Asari girl was just as excited for this show as she was.

"It takes a lot of concentration to stay like this," Falere explained as she rubbed her lower lips, spreading glistening arousal across the outside of her Azure. "If I get distracted, I'll slip!" Falere grinned as she dropped suddenly, just a finger's width, but enough to send an excited gasp throughout the crowd at the danger it implied. Tali's heart sped up, excitement and fear warring within her as she realized just how much she wanted to watch the Asari girl lose control.

"I can do this for hours, but that wouldn't be a very good show, and you'd work up quite the appetite waiting to sink your teeth into me," Falere explained, slapping her Azure softly, just enough to make a satisfying thwack, to emphasis her point. "That's why my mom is here," Falere smiled at looking over at the grim faced Samara.

“In my mother's hand, is a spice packet,” Falere explained, and Tali's eyes searched out the spice-packet. She'd only ever seen the dildo-like device in video, from Liara's own submission when she offered her Azure to Shepard and Traynor, and though the item looked mostly identical, there was a certain gravity to seeing it in real life and knowing that it would spell the end of the Asari maiden in front of her.

The spice packet was about 16 centimeters long, ribbed, and made entirely out of of a thin flexible transparent material that looked like glass but wasn't. It was all one piece, and though the seasonings were visible inside the container, there was no clear method of removing them, except perhaps by breaking the container. From watching Liara's final meal Tali knew how it was used, and part of her regretted there wasn't any such item she could use when her own time came. The idea of her own arousal melting the packet, spreading neuro-active spices across her sex, enhancing her pleasure and flavors even as it stripped her of her thoughts was incredibly seductive to the young Quarian engineer.

"Inside the packet are specialized spices designed just for this meal. Once the packet dissolves, the spices will spread inside me, stimulating my nerves, making me incredibly sensitive," Falere explained, stroking her Azure for emphasis, "right here..."

Tali rocked slowly up and down on Garrus' cock as he sat beneath her, building her own arousal just as Falere was building hers. She could hear the slick sound of Shepard fingering her lover, and it was hard to miss the blush coloring the cheeks of the always stoic Samara as her daughter explained just how she'd be eaten. She eagerly picked up speed.

"The spices are so powerful that if you leave an Asari under their effects she'll go mad within a week.” Falere added, explaining to those who didn't know exactly why Asari didn't use the items more often. “That's exactly the sort of distraction that would break my concentration," Falere quipped, sparing a lance at the spit cupped between her ass cheeks to emphasize the danger. "Of course the packet needs a large amount of Asari honey to dissolve it, so it's perfectly safe, as long as I don't cum."

Tali gasped as Garrus reached up and pinched her nipple through the protective covering of her suit. She thought she could hear Shepard whispering beside her, but her attention was quickly diverted as Samara began to speak.

"Of course, since an Ardat Yakshi cannot live outside the monastery, I will make Falere cum.” Samara added with the force of an Oath. “My daughter will not survive the night."

Tali gasped in arousal as Samara sealed her daughter's doom. She'd been there with Shepard on the mission where Samara had killed Morinth, if the Justicar promised her daughter would not survive, then Falere was as good as dead already.

Tali watched enthralled as Samara stepped behind her daughter, her cat-suit covered breasts pressing against the younger Asari's back even as Falere thrust out her Azure for easier access. Tali moaned and whimpered, bouncing on Garrus' cock as Samara spread her daughter's sex with a single gloved hand, bringing the spice packet to bear with the other.

"Ah!" Falere cried out cutely as her mother pressed the rounded head of the spice pack against the splayed entrance to her privates. She sounded once more like the schoolgirl Tali imagined her as, and Tali's mind went wild imagining the Samara in a human Teacher's costume with a pair of decorative black glasses across her face.

“I think you've had enough fun teasing me, Toy,” Garrus asserted. “It's time for me to have my fun.”

Tali gasped as Garrus picked her up and bent her over the table, her hands bracing her body so that her breasts dangled above the surface of the metal slab. She moaned as Samara started fucking her own daughter with the spice pack, Garrus timing his thrusts to match the sexy red-clad woman's own.

Tali watched entranced as the Asari meat's back arched in pleasure as her mother screwed her mercilessly with the deadly dildo. Tali could feel her own pussy flushing and heating up as she watched the blue scaled girl writhe and twist as she balanced on the tip of the spit. Her fellow meat girl panted, her bare chest heaving, bouncing up and down from the force her mother used to fuck her, her dark blue nipples swaying in the light of the galley. Envy twisted in Tali's heart, knowing that the other girl would be cooked, now, that she'd get what Tali yearned for without any of the waiting, the uncertainty. Tali was jealous. She wanted that certainty for herself, she wanted to know that as soon as she came, she'd die, just like the little morsel squirming above the deadly skewer.

“Oh!” Tali cried out, as Garrus' unyielding cock thrust against her inner walls. She could feel herself getting closer and she wondered how the Asari before her had managed to resist cumming for so long. Just the thought that she might be eaten at any time was sending her sealed yet still dripping sex into overdrive, the certainty of the event would transform her into a boneless mess unable to do anything but cum and cook in her own juices. Out of the corner of her eye tali noticed that Traynor had vanished and Shepard was grinning wickedly, but her mind couldn't grasp what that meant, not when her head was full of fog and relief was ever so close.

Tali's hips bucked in time with Garrus' own, both synchronized to the diligent work of Samara's fingers as they stuffed her daughter's azure with the spice pack. Slowly, Tali's mind was convincing her that it wasn't garrus behind her after all, that it was Samara, and the spice pack that her regular mind knew only worked on Asari, would spell her doom as soon as she came. Tali's pussy squished inside her suit, her breasts swung back and forth beneath her, slapping audibly against the same as Garrus fucked her. She was close, she teetered on the precipice of an incredible climax. She could feel it! Just... a little bit more...

“Hauagaugh!” Tali trembled crying as a dam broke inside her, sending a mind-shattering orgasm through her lewdly displayed body. Tali felt like everyone was watching her, that her climax may have distracted from the girl in front of her's demise, but she didn't care. Tali collapsed on the table, unable to move as the pleasure coursed through her, robbing her of her wits. She could see Falere shudder as Samara shoved the spice pack inside farther than it'd ever gone before, her fingers lingering in her daughter's seizing sex.

Tali stared, the Asari girl was as good as dead now, with the spice pack dissolved her every nerve would feel like it was on fire, slowly driving her mad if she wasn't eaten. Her fate was inevitable. Tali stared as the blue-scaled girl came like an avalanche, her control shattering as she fell onto the spit. She could hear beeping behind her, but between her own arousal and the sight in front of her her mind dismissed the sounds and focused on the show.

Biotic energy crawled across Falere's naked flesh like a tight blue flame no longer protecting her from the fatal invader beneath her. She fell, her pert blue butt slowly impaled, taking more and more of the invader as Samara seemed to pull her daughter downwards to her doom using the finger she'd crooked in the younger girl's cunt.

Suddenly Tali's nerves lit up as the spit coursed through Falere's body, the Quarian girl seizing around her lover's cock as he fucked her once more.

“Nervestim?” Tali managed to pant out. “Again?” She asked. “When... Ah! Are... you... Uh! Finally going to... cook me for real?” Tali pleaded in desperate breaths as she watched the spit slide effortlessly through Falere's body, until the bottom of her throat rested where the tip of the deadly skewer once stood.

“Actually, Fucking you in public like this? Watching Samara cook her daughter, it's made me hungry,” Garrus admitted. “Look down, this isn't nervestim this time, I'm cooking you for real.”

Tali, her mind still clouded with arousal and Garrus' announcement only worsening the issue, looked down. Her breasts were glowing, orange lines streaking through the suit encasing them. This wasn't nervestim, nervestim didn't do anything like that. Tali's mind broke a second time,s ending a flood of pleasure through her as the thought that she was finally cooking forced an orgasm bigger than she'd ever experienced though her body. She lost control of her body, her muscles clenching, crying out in ecstatic pleasure. She was cooking! She was really cooking!

Tali lost sight of the Asari maiden dying in front of her as her chest began to cook. She couldn't think, only feel as the heat roasted her tits from without. She felt like her whole body was on fire, cooking, but she lacked the control to look. It was endless torture, her mind soaring into unfathomable depths of pleasure and agony as the suit cooked her alive.

Tali couldn't see Garrus' lie, couldn't see that her chest was the only part of her cooking. She hadn't noticed him activate the flames of ardor program to intensify the experience and fool her into thinking her was roasting her entire body right that second. But Tali could smell her marinaded breasts as they continued to roast, she could feel the heat crisping her nipples turning them from centers of pleasure into tasty snacks. Tali's mouth began to water, she smelled delicious! It was everything she'd hoped for! Cooking alive, unable to escape or stop it, held hostage by her lover's hunger as everyone watched. She truly felt like meat now. She was meat now, the scent of her cooking flesh branded her as food as nothing else in the universe could. Tali bucked, her orgasm intensifying, rolling ceaselessly over her as she cooked, this time for real.

Tali's mind fell away, and it felt like hours before the sensations of being cooked alive stopped she finally came back to herself.

Her breasts burned. They felt like a pair of glowing mounds pressed against her chest; bloated and constrained by her suit. Her cunt ached from the pounding Garrus had given her, it pulled and stretched around Garrus' cock, still pistoning in and out of her completely mercilessly. Her body screamed, protesting every motion as Garrus continued to fuck her already hard-pounded Quarian snatch.

“Keelah! Keelah Se'lai..!” Tali begged, unable to resist.

“You look... just about... done!” Garrus stated, and Tali shivered, she sex clenching around Garrus' cock as she realized that he was referring to the fading orange heating elements threaded through her suit and not how close she was to what she realized was probably her final orgasm. She felt dizzy, lightheaded, warm... was this what Liara felt before her end? Was it felt like to be meat? Tali smiled, it felt like being loved.

“I think, I'll start with a pair of marinated Quarian tit-steaks, don't you?” Garrus teased, still using her relentlessly.

Tali could only pant heavily in response. Her eyes were locked on the slowly roasting form of Samara's daughter, Falere, in front of her. Falere's mother was still playing with her bared and well-spiced cunt, and Tali wondered if that's what she was too now? Just meat, living out its last moments before her owner finally ended her life.

The familiar hum of Garrus' omnitool sounded out from behind Tali's back and suddenly she felt a sharp pain slicing through the base of her well-cooked tits. The knew what this was! She'd read up on everything Garrus could do to her with her new encounter suit! Tali remembered shuddering, touching herself in the middle of the night as she read that Garrus could cut her to bits, amputating major sections of her body. She remembered almost cumming as she learned about the compressed airtight irises located at all major junctions all about her body, how they could swiftly separate pieces of her from the rest of her body keeping her alive and 'fresh' throughout the process. The thought shot through Tali's brain like lightning, and she realized just what Garrus had done to her even before the sterile blades finished their job and her lovely purple tits hit the table without her, bouncing slightly as they rolled about in the plastic cups that were once part of her suit, but now were merely Garrus' flatware.

Tali's eyes widened as she felt their weight suddenly lift from her chest. It was real! Somehow, after all the nervstim that Garrus had subjected her to, even the cooking itself didn't feel wholly real, not like this, seeing her tits rolling on the table in front of her, Tali realized that this was it, Garrus really was eating her at last!

“Those should do for now...” Garrus smiled. “They're more than enough for this meal. I'll eat the rest of you later, meat.” Garrus teased, and Tali's body rewarded him by clenching down hard on his bony Turian cock.

“You really are enjoying this, aren't you, you little meat slut?” Garrus asked. “Even after seeing who you really are these past two weeks, I still didn't quite believe it...” Tali's world ignited as Garrus activated the Flames of Ardor program once more. “Now just lie there and stay still, they didn't give me a plate since I can't eat any of Falere, so you'll have to take its place while I eat this pair of absolutely delectable roasted Quarian tits. Okay?”

Tali was too far gone to protest, not that she would have even if she could. This was what she was made for, right? Dazed as she was from recent events, she still hadn't realized that Garrus had only cooked a small part of her and not the whole thing. She lay, chest down against the table, the wounds on her chest pressing painfully against the steel and plastic surface beneath it. Tali drifted helplessly, detached from the world on a sea of pleasure, completely content as Garrus began to devour her thoroughly cooked breasts.


Liselle Offers Her Life
Tags: Mass Effect, Liselle T'Loak, Aria T'Loak, Counselor Tevos, F/F, Willing, Implied Cannibalism, Snuff, Domination and Submission, Voyeurism, Incest, Guillotine, Amputation, Machine.

"Do you know why you are here?" Aria asked her daughter, Liselle, from atop her throne from the top of Afterlife. Next to her, restrained at the base of her couch was another Asari, covered in an Asari-leather set of bondage restraints that emphasized her bright blue tits, each one pierced with a set of silver studs through the nipples. The restraints came complete with a full face mask to hide the Asari's identity, with tiny holes for Ara's prized lover to see through, and a ball gag to keep her quiet. Liselle knew it was Councilor Tevos beneath the mask, her other mother; the bright blue skin and piercings gave the game away to those who knew her. But despite Tevos being the Asari counselor, it was hard to fear the powerful politician when her arms were strapped behind her and she was unable to speak the slightest word through the gag stretching her jaw. Liselle herself was naked, her soft purple almost lavender skin shining in the wild lights of the club.

Liselle was nervous. This wasn't the first time that her mother had called her to her seat of power, the older matriarch was incredibly controlling and had taken every opportunity to enforce Liselle's purpose upon her. To Aria, Liselle wasn't just a daughter, or her most effective employee, she was also Aria's prized possession; an absolutely pristine Azure filet that had been aging for nearly three centuries. A filet that as of yesterday was no longer untouched.

“No, mother,” Liselle responded, hesitantly. Her mother was obsessed with the proper care of her Azure, telling her since she was young that her sole purpose in life was to one day have her sex harvested to fuel one of her mother's orgies. The diets her mother put her on since a young age were never designed with her health in mind (though they were hardly unhealthy), but aimed instead at giving her azure extra flavor for Aria to enjoy once she took it from Liselle, killing her in the process. The friends her mother had found for her had been focused on teasing her and keeping her in a constant state of arousal without any relief, to add spice to the cut. And now, Liselle had ruined almost three hundred years of hard work her mother had put into her.

It wasn't that Liselle objected to being snuffed for her meat, quite the opposite actually, it had been a constant fantasy for years, and Liselle had grown to almost need it. She couldn't get off without thinking about it, masturbating in her bed at night, thinking about her mother carving her apart, sinking her teeth into her daughter's most sensitive of spots... The thought never failed to bring her to orgasm. But Liselle had wanted more. After almost three centuries, she had had enough of being her mother's pristine virgin for harvest. She was done ripening, she was ready to be culled  now.

“You filthy little liar,” Aria replied. “I know exactly what you did yesterday. Did you think I wouldn't notice? On Omega!?”

Liselle hadn't been sure, a part of her had hoped that what she'd done; her little spout of maidenly rebellion, would pass unnoticed. But another part had hoped her mother would find out, that she'd punish her for her act. Liselle wasn't sure what would happen after that, whether her mother would see her use as more than just an expensive edible aphrodisiac, or whether the punishment would be fatal, her mother completely incensed over all the hard work that Liselle had completely destroyed with one act of sexual liberation.

“You ruined my prize, you slutty. Little. Whore!” Aria roared, incensed. “You're completely useless to me now!”

Liselle was afraid, she'd seen her mother like this before, but never directed at her. It typically didn't end well for the target of her rage. Tevos was wearing the remnants of the last example her mother made of an uppity young maiden, a girl who'd tried to cut Aria out of weapons trafficking across the station. Despite knowing it would be her end, Liselle's own sex was drenched at the thought of her mother doing that to her.

With Liselle naked, Aria could easily tell what her daughter was feeling, the trail of liquid sliding down her thigh, her rock hard nipples, the way the lavender-skinned maiden was rubbing her thighs together, it was clear that Liselle was enjoying her punishment. Aria didn't care. This wasn't about making her daughter regret what she'd done, Liselle wouldn't be living long enough to make whether she regretted anything or not matter. No, this punishment was about enforcing Aria's will, and about satisfying the older Asari's sadistic urges to punish her girl for this, possibly intentional slight.

“You're spoiled! I can't eat your azure not that you've ruined it. It's useless to me now!” Aria berated, making Liselle's Azure clench with arousal. “I guess I'll just have to salvage what I can from your worthless hide.”

“What... What do you mean, Mother?” Liselle asked nervously. Did Aria intend for her to work off the effort Aria had invested in her? Turn her into a servile gimp like counselor Tevos? Liselle could do that, but somehow, she didn't think that was what her mom intended to do with her.

“I mean, I'm having your tawdry ass snuffed and harvested before you destroy any more of my precious investments. If you can't be trusted to keep the sole reason I raised you safe, then you obviously can't be trusted with the rest of your meat, as debased and worthless as it now is.”

A thrill went through Liselle at Aria's declaration. She'd always loved the way her mother insulted others with such passion. Tearing them down and ruthlessly dominating them with just her words. Having that skill turned on her for the first time in her life was... indescribable. Of course, the substance of her mom's declaration was just as important. Aria was having her snuffed! Snuffed and harvested, it was just like some of her darker fantasies and the mere thought of it was making her wetter and wetter by the second.

"This is turning you on, isn't it you cheap little whore?" Aria asked, staring at her daughter's dripping Azure.

"Yes, Mother," Liselle replied quickly. There was no use hiding it, not when Aria could tell what was going on as plain as day.

"I'm almost glad you spoiled my prize. Who knows how debased you'd have tasted if you're practically cumming at the idea of being snuffed and harvested for the rest of your nearly worthless body," Aria replied. "I how you enjoy this you dirty little snuff-slut, because you aren't going to live through the hour."

Liselle almost came right there from her mother's words alone, but she didn't she held herself back. This was her last chance to cum, and she wanted to make the most of it. She wanted to cum just as she lost everything. The risk, the mere idea that she could be interrupted, that she could gamble and lose, she let herself go too late and never cum again... it held her in thrall.

"Jinae, have an automated butcher's block brought up to the lounge. As well as all the tools needed to harvest a disobedient daughter for her meat. Bring a guillotine and a pillory as well," Aria ordered the Asari commando guarding one of the stairs to her platform in Afterlife. Her daughter had ruined centuries of effort, she wanted her snuffed as soon as possible. Nobody fucks with Aria.

Her lust alone was almost enough to bring Liselle to her knees. She was going to be snuffed here? At the top of Afterlife? In front of half of Omega? In front of both of her parents? Her azure was on fire. Liselle could see several of her childhood friends scattered about the room. There was Lia standing guard, and Taylie dancing on a pole below, one eye always fixed on what was going on above her. Jara, another dancer was giving one customer a private lap dance in a booth. They would all see her snuffed like the worthless hunk of meat she really was. The thought was almost painfully arousing.

Aria let her daughter stew in her own juices for the two minutes it took to bring up the machines she asked for, directing the pillory to be set next to her gimp, and the other two devices to be placed in front of her, in full view of the floor below.

The older Asari's stony silence as they both awaited the instruments of her demise unnerved Liselle, but she kept herself busy by contemplating what was happening to her. She had always assumed that she was going to be dragged to the kitchens, and butchered there. She'd never seen the insides of that area herself. No one had, other than the cooks. Though, come to think of it Liselle hadn't seen any of those either. Dancers sent to the kitchens never returned. Not alive anyway. Asari-meat always appeared on the menu after a dancer entered, either from being ordered to report by Aria or on a dare from the other dancers, a practice which Aria tacitly supported despite causing a high turnover. Asari-meat was on the menu at Afterlife with an astonishing regularity. Liselle had sort of been looking forward to seeing it.

"I had originally planned to harvest your Azure myself, by hand. But your selfishness ruined  that. Now you're barely fit for my customers to eat, much less worthwhile enough for me to harvest personally. If you want to  be treated like all the other Asari snuff-sluts I've had harvested over the years, then that's fine. I'll treat you like the meat I had you bred to be. You're nothing but meat now, you stupid, slutty little brat," Aria declared once the machines were in place, the guillotine snapped into the automated butcher's block to create one whole machine, and Tevos locked into the Pillory with her feet next to her head, her arms still locked behind her back and her ass and azure jutting out just enough to make a tempting target for a crop,  showing off her own bared and dripping azure while removing her ability to turn away from the sight of her daughter being butchered.  The crop was one of Aria's favorite ways to have Liselle's other mother punished, as Liselle well knew. The queen of Omega had even her chastise Counselor Tevos on several occasions, usually with the windows to her throne-room darkened and her concealing face-mask removed so that she could stare into her mother's eyes as she whipped her sopping cunt.

"Meat doesn't deserve a name, and neither do you," Aria declared. "Climb up on that block and lock yourself into the guillotine, once you've finished with that, you can start harvesting yourself for me."

The effect this whole display was having on Tevos was absolutely clear to anyone able to see her. The Asari gimp was trembling, and her nipples looked hard enough to cut through Thanix battleship armor. She'd never been that involved in Liselle's life, she didn't want to get attached after Aria told her what she planned to do with their daughter, but somehow, despite seeing Aria snuff countless girls and send countless more for harvesting, the sight of her naked daughter being ordered to snuff herself for Aria's enjoyment was more arousing than the deaths of a dozen other girls combined.

Liselle stared at the machine. This was it. This was how she was going to die. For a second Liselle thought about running. Just fleeing naked through her mother's club and out to one of the many docks. She could stow away and service the crew once she was found. They might even end up snuffing her themselves. A gang of pirates coming across a naked Asari maiden, it was a possibility. Or they might keep her as a sex slave, forcing her to pay back the cost of her passage for the rest of her life. She'd heard of it happening. She might even get away with it, sneak off the ship at the first port of call and make a new life for herself, away from Omega, away from her mother.  But Liselle couldn't do it. It was like she was trapped in a bad vid, the only direction her legs would move was towards the machine, towards the final makeshift bed where she'd be laid to rest.

Aria watched enthralled as her daughter willingly climbed up onto the automated butcher's block. She'd ordered countless girls snuffed, the automated VI in the kitchen taking care of anyone that entered, but it was only very rarely that she got to see a girl snuff herself, much less her own daughter. The sight was incredibly hot. Aria knew that she'd be snuffing Liselle's mother within the next century. Aria had found the already well-connected matron at a snuff show she'd put on for her customers, an incredibly rare event meant to showcase what would happen if someone crossed her. Over the years she'd lost track of just what the maiden she had snuffed had done to displease her, but she'd never forgotten the site of then 'minister' Tevos with her dress pulled up to her belly openly fingering her Azure in what she thought was an unobserved corner as she stared dreamily at Aria's victim, clearly wishing she was in the other girl's place as Aria had her impaled vertically through her Azure and left to slowly bleed out, naked, the occasional electric jolt sent through the spit causing the girl to spasm and cum on command.

Eventually, she would end up snuffing Tevos. She'd spent enough effort nurturing the counselor into a submissive snuff slut that that was just an inevitability now. But she wouldn't be snuffing Tevos any time soon. Not until the counselor's usefulness had run out, both as a political toy, and as a sexual one. She'd be using the submissive matron as a tool to replace her lost Azure filet later tonight, putting yet another daughter in her to raise as a dutiful and chaste snuff slut to provide her with a perfect dinner. Maybe she'd have Tevos snuffed after finishing off their next daughter, she should be retired from the counsel by then.

The automatic butchering machine was complicated, but Liselle managed to make sense of it as she climbed on top of the mostly clear horizontal slab that was positioned just high enough to give those looking at her from the floor of the club an incredible show while also managing to block her second, subservient mother's face from view; a fact helped by the way that Tevos had been moved once she was locked in place. There were a multitude of different locks on the slab, starting with four sets of  leg-locks, around ankles, above and below the knees, and upper thighs.  There were Arm-locks at wrist, upper bicep, and above and below the elbows, which locked shut, but looked like they had enough slack that they would allow her to move her arms.  Then there were a further two locks about her waist and just below her breasts, and one around her throat that was actually the stock for the guillotine itself. Liselle willingly fastened each one in turn, first the ankles, pulling her legs far enough apart to strain them and thrust her already wet azure out into the open air. Next the rest of her leg locks keeping her in place no matter how hard she struggled. She could see her mother smile as she trapped herself in the harvesting machine willingly going along with her demands.
Next, Liselle fastened the locks around her torso, keeping her from bending her way to reach the leg locks. It would probably take over a minute to free herself now, a minute in which Aria could order her snuffed in any one of a dozen of different ways. A machine this complicated probably had a VI, and if Liselle had learned anything about her mother over the years it was that Aria didn't leave anything to chance, especially not the willing cooperation of her victims. Somehow, the knowledge that her mom would be snuffing her tonight whether she helped or not had only managed to make Liselle's azure clench in arousal before releasing a flood of enjoyment at the thought.

With Liselle mostly secured, Aria pulled the hood off of the Asari Matron who had given birth to her. "Are you enjoying watching your worthless little girl snuff herself, Tevos?" Aria asked, secure in the knowledge that the club's lout music would hide her words from those intent on listening in, and that Tevos' position rendered her invisible from those watching from below.

"Yes, mistress Aria," the Asari counselor moaned. "I just wish it was me in her place... Liselle is such a dutiful little snuff-slut and I'm proud of her for- ah!"

Tevos' praise was cut off by the loud crack of a riding crop landing hard against her sex. "That's enough. This worthless little cuntling of yours doesn't deserve any praise, not after ruining my special dinner. She'll be lucky if I decide that her meat is fit to feed the vorcha out back!"

Liselle practically creamed herself at that beautiful mental image. Her mother tossing scraps of her meat to the mutated fish dogs that infested the asteroid turned city. It was so... degrading...

"Well, what are you waiting for, you useless cow. Finish the job I gave you." Liselle eagerly complied, lifting the stock of the artificially archaic looking Guillotine so that she could fit her head inside and securing the lock around the stocks that went with it, trapping her neck as well as the rest of her body in place.

The stocks blocked Liselle's view slightly, keeping her from turning her head and making sure that her attention was completely focused on the gleaming metal blade suspended above her neck that Liselle knew would be used to end her life. Still, despite her diminished field of vision, Liselle managed to blindly secure her remaining limbs in the straps and locks provided for them.

"Barely adequate," Aria dismissed Liselle's accomplishment. "If you're done wasting my precious time, it's time for you to fulfill your only remaining purpose in life. There should be a button within reach of your right hand if you squirm. Press it."

Liselle had a good idea what the button would do to her, especially since it was the only button she could find on the surface of the table itself. But despite the trepidation that she felt at complying, the sheet knowledge that pressing this button could end her, snuffing out her life without any chance of appeal, Liselle pressed it anyway.

Immediately, Liselle felt a sharp prick in the base of her spine from what must have been a hidden needle protruding from the automatic butcher's block. Almost immediately the strain in Liselle's legs went away, replaced by an almost airy wash of pleasure in the areas that used to twinge and ache. The feeling flooded slowly through her body, taking almost a minute to completely fill her with a vague sense of euphoria. Liselle couldn't tell what the substance was that she'd been injected with, but whatever it was it was amazing!

Aria of course knew what was now coursing through her soon to be ex-daughter's veins. She'd created the serum herself. A mixture of traditional azure spice packets with potent aphrodisiacs and extremely illegal stimulants, the mixture permanently switched all signals from an Asari's nerves to pleasure, as well as giving their meat the unique and addictive kick that made Afterlife's Asari-meat dishes sell out almost immediately after they were added to the menu.

A full minute after pressing the button, a pair of high energy blades constrained by mass effect fields rather like the omni blade rose up on spindly waldos, inching towards Liselle's painfully exposed tits. The waldos were thin, the blades slow, they'd pose absolutely no threat at all against anyone prepared for them. Even an infant could probably avoid them, but strapped down as she was there was no escaping the blades for Liselle.

Liselle's azure spasmed as the blade began to cut into her massive tits, severing them neatly at the base of her chest. There was something wrong, Liselle realized. This should be painful, but instead Liselle was nearly cumming, the sensation intensifying by the second as the blades carved effortlessly through her ample chest, the energy blades cauterizing the flesh as they went, leaving an absolutely tantalizing smell that Liselle would recognize anywhere, the sizzling scent of roasting Asari. If Liselle had any doubt about her fate as meat that tempting aroma completely erased it. She smelled delicious.

Millimeter by millimeter the blades carved, each new cut sending almost impossible waves of nearly endless pleasure through Liselle's body until finally after almost a minute and what felt like dozens of mind-shattering orgasms, the semi solid blades destroying her chest winked out, leaving her newly separated tits to slide greasily down the curve of her rib-cage to rest on her belly. Liselle panted, deep gasping breaths that by some minor miracle failed to dislodge either of her massive former mammaries.

"All fat," Aria complained, looking at Liselle's massive severed mammaries. "Your fat tits are completely useless! They're barely fit to grease a frying pan."

Liselle couldn't muster the strength to respond, but she could feel her cunt clenching at the accusation despite how much it ached from the near continuous flow of climaxes. The thought of her tits being rubbed across a hot pan, their fat melting and greasing it so that the rest of her could fry... it was absolutely sublime.

"Well, what are you waiting for you lazy whore. Press the button again and start the next stage!"

Liselle didn't think she could. She was exhausted, her mind clouded by dozens of orgasms, her limbs felt like lead, and despite feeling them on her stomach where they'd landed, she could also feel them aching in the empty spaces above her chest where they used to sit. Liselle gathered her strength and hit the button once more.

The waldos hummed insistently as they moved to either side of Liselle's body, glowing a menacing orange that Liselle had once associated with the danger of Omni-blades but after the last press of the button now only associated with the intense mind-breaking pleasure they could bring her. Liselle's mind flashed with brain-numbing pleasure as the blades sliced into her upper arms just barely below her shoulders, the sizzling sound as they burned through her limbs sending her appetite into overdrive despite the meat cooking being her own flesh. Aria's jibe about using her tits to grease the pan had only helped to spur her fantasies onward into even more depraved imaginings focused around the idea.

A dozen more orgasms crashed against her mind, slowly shattering it, one after another until the only words Liselle could manage were moaning whimpers of ecstatic pleasure. Just a little more and she'd vanish, she'd disintegrate into nothing more than a mewling kitten begging to be snuffed. Just a little more and-!

It vanished, the pleasure vanished and Liselle realized that the waldos had gone, and so had her arms. They were still there of course, she could see them, but she couldn't feel them. She couldn't move them. The small gap between them and the rest of Liselle's body told the quivering Asari maiden louder than any words what had happened to them. They were gone. And she was now helpless. She'd never get free now. Not that... not that she wanted to, Liselle realized. Not even a little bit. She was helpless now, useless for real. Nothing more than a set of legs and an absolutely soaked azure ready for whatever her mother had planned for it. Some part of Liselle's brain tried to salvage the situation, she still had legs, and a beautiful set of hips and ass attached to them. She could still Dance on a pole like the girls her mom kept close in case she wanted an emergency snack! But Liselle knew that it was hopeless. Without arms, maybe. There were people who were into that sort of thing, but missing her tits as well? Never.

Then, without any notice and before Liselle could blink, the waldos were back, with the same humming orange energy blades as before. Of course, this time the blades were focused just a little lower...

Liselle gasped as yet another wave of misplaced pleasure hit her as the blades carved into her thighs. She bucked and jerked, but the restraints she'd so shortly fastened held her body in place as she was cut apart by the deadly blades. The smell of cooking Asari got stronger, and it was all that Liselle could do to keep herself from drooling, either from hunger or the overdose of pleasure playing across her nerves. She came and came, her azure clenching endlessly against itself as it struggled to milk genetic information from a partner that just didn't exist. Then just as Liselle thought she'd die from the experience, it stopped, her severed and cauterized legs slumping in place supported by their restraints even as they came free of her body.

Dimly, a distant part of her pleasure-addled mind took note of the fact that she'd never walk again. No amount of medigel would be able to restore her cauterized legs to her, and she'd never be able to escape the table without them. As bad as her situation was before, Liselle was now as good as snuffed. Without her arms or legs she really was the useless little whore her mom said she was. She was just a torso, unable to do anything without aid, reliant on the care and pity of others, and Aria T'Loak did not do care or pity. But that part of her mind was dim and distant, the greater part of her, the entire rest of her mind and body from the tips of her lavender head tentacles all the way to her now non-existent toes coursed with pleasure. The rest of Liselle, the Asari snuff-slut who'd been flooded with more pleasure than she could ever imagine during the last few minutes of her life, knew that the only thing that mattered now was that she was carved apart and snuffed as her mother intended. She could be thrown away, even fed to vorcha after that, she didn't care. She needed to be snuffed.

Then, everything stopped. The blades withdrew, the slab quieted down. The only thing left was Liselle, limbless and alone.

"-so jealous!" Liselle realized that Counselor Tevos was talking. Had she zoned out? Liselle wasn't sure. The last thing she remembered was... Oh, Goddess! Her limbs! They were...

Liselle moaned in pleasure at the memory, the scalding heat that burned through her flesh, the mirrored phantom heat gripping her azure... that was... it was incredible! She needed more.

But, how? Without her arms she couldn't press the button anymore! She was a helpless doll! Unable to even snuff herself by herself!

"That was absolutely incredible, Liselle."

Counselor Tevos again? What was her mother talking about?

"Watching you cumming endlessly as the machine cut away your limbs? Seeing your juicy azure revealed as you came? Goddess! I hope Aria snuffs me like that."

*Crack!* "None of that, slave. I won't have you praising this worthless pile of flesh, and you certainly won't be snuffed until I let you be, you naughty little cunt," Aria's voice broke through Liselle's stupor, setting her sex on fire once more. Out of the corners of her eyes, Liselle could see the dancers that Aria employed as an emergency food supply unstrapping her severed limbs before placing them on the bed of a hover-drone. Liselle had enjoyed quite a few of their predecessors, after all what Aria saw as an emergency and what the poor girls she hired for the job thought one might be frequently differed, usually fatally for the Asari maiden in question. She couldn't remember the names of most of the girls, but she did recognize Malia, smiling kindly as she bent to pick Liselle's tits off of her thoroughly greased belly.

"Maybe I should have the rest of her thrown to the Vorcha?" Aria mused. "If they'll eat her. They usually are fine with trash and table scraps, but I've never fed them a spoiled Asari before. It might be too much even for them to eat."

"Can I... that is... mistress..." Tevos murmured.

*crack!* Liselle winced in sympathy as she saw her mother's riding crop smack firmly onto Tevos' bared sex. "Speak up, slave! My time is precious and I won't have you wasting it with useless babbling!"

“Sorry Mistress... I just wanted to know if I could have the azure of my unworthy little slut daughter, as a keepsake,” Tevos pleaded. Liselle shivered. Fed to vorcha, stripped of her azure? What sweet new torture would her mothers think of next for her.? If she had known that this is what would happen when she decided to defy her mother's wishes and meld with someone for the first time... Liselle would have done it sooner. The pleasant flush of her body, the waves of ecstasy coursing through her, she would have traded years of her life, decades even to experience this sooner!

“Please... Please...” Liselle whimpered, the vestiges of pleasure quickly fading from her body until they were no more than a dull ache.

“Please what, You slutty little sex doll? Please mistress, will you carve out my worthless azure for my equally worthless sex slave mother? Please Aria, please snuff me? Please Aria, let me ripped apart by Vorcha like I deserve for defying you? Use your words you horny little cunt.” Aria cruelly replied. “You know, I probably could have made money sealing up those wounds of yours and selling you as a helpless pillow,” Aria drawled, “But no one would ever buy a useless soiled little bitch like you, so I guess I'll just have to take your worthless life in repayment for all the effort you wasted.”

“Please Aria, Mistress, rip out my Azure...” Liselle begged, her whimpering pleas clear despite the noise of the club around her.

“And just what exactly will you give me if I do? Will you obey me? You already had that chance, that's why you're here right now, a useless whimpering torso attached to an absolutely worthless cunt,” Aria berated.

“Anything... I'll give anything...” Liselle begged.

“I've already taken everything from you you worthless little quim. You don't have anything left.”

“My life...” Liselle pleaded. She needed this, needed to be harvested before the end, it was her destiny, it was the one thing her mothers, both of them, had always promised was in store for her.

“That's already mine, you little whore.”

“Please...” Liselle begged, helplessly.

“What about you, my little snuff slut?” Aria asked turning to Tevos. “You're the one that wanted her worthless snatch, what are you willing to give me for it?”

Tevos' eyes widened, uncertainly. Aria already owned her, body and soul, what did she have to give her mistress? Maybe it was a trick? Maybe it was something her mistress could already have if she desired it, but she wanted Tevos to give it to her, freely.

“What about another daughter? One more worthy of your dinner?” Tevos offered.

“That'll do slave, that will do,” Aria agreed. “Malia, carve this filthy slut's cunt out for my pet. I think she needs a collar to show her who she belongs to, and I know exactly what to make it out of.”

Despite Liselle's conviction that she couldn't be any more aroused than she already was, the idea of her mother, the counselor of all Asari space wearing a collar made from her sex was enough to double her arousal. The mere thought was enough to send her panting over the edge into another, probably final climax, which in and of itself was enough to distract her from Malia's approach.

In Malia's hands she held an immense corer, much bigger than the devices used on fruits... In fact, the long wide metal tube tipped it serrated teeth looked like it was designed specifically to fit around something the size of an Asari azure. Liselle had never seen anything like it before. The corer that Aria usually used, or sometimes, rarely, had her, or one of the other girls use on the azures she intended to harvest looked shiny and new, and used omni-blades and other tricks to keep the girls alive long enough for them to walk, permanently gaping down to the kitchen where the rest of their bodies would become the night's special. This on the other hand looked almost barbaric. It was simple, incredibly so, just a handle, and a metal ring at the end of a partially open tube, and as Malia brought the mouth of the frightening device against her unguarded sex, Liselle truly realized that this device was meant for her.

Liselle could see the arousal dripping from Malia's uncovered azure. Unlike the rest of the dancers in Afterlife, the five girls constantly employed as Aria's emergency larder wore nothing to conceal their sex while they were on the job, and if Aria was in the club, they were on the job. Liselle didn't begrudge the younger Asari her arousal. While all of the girls who served Aria personally were beautiful virgins, there were only two kinds of maidens who signed up for Aria's deal with the devil, Girls who were turned on by the thought of being harvested, and the truly desperate. Given just how turned on the sight of Liselle's helpless sweat drenched torso, locked into the guillotine above her was making Malia, Liselle suspected that Malia was the former of the two types of maidens Aria employed as her Azure larder. Liselle couldn't blame her, after all, if going through the process herself had only left Liselle with an uncountable amount of orgasms, how could she fault Malia for being turned on by the mere sight of it? Besides, Malia had always been kind to her, she was the sweetest of all the girls that her mother had ever hired, and Liselle had even thought about asking Aria to let her harvest her for her birthday. That wouldn't happen now of course, but turnabout was certainly fair play.

Liselle gasped as Malia pressed the savage device against the outer edges of her aching azure. Did she break the skin? Were she not locked, helplessly into the butchering block, Liselle could have craned her neck to look, but now there was no way for her to check. The pleasure intensified as the corer began to dig into Liselle's flesh, ripping and tearing through her body just as much as it cut as Malia deftly pushed and twisted the tube around Liselle's absolutely sopping Azure.

“OOOOHHHHhhhhh!!!” Liselle cried out as the corer bit into her very being, destroying her. It was sublime. Slow, and laborious, the way that the the omni-blades that had removed her limbs and breasts were not. Malia was ruining her by hand, and it took considerable time and effort both to drive the corer all the way through her. Inch after satisfying inch the brutal metal teeth of the device drover into greater heights of ecstasy. She quivered, and squirmed causing Malia to ruin even more of her body than necessary, only the wide opening of the tube keeping her azure itself from harm. Climax after pain-fueled climax crashed into her robing her of words and senses one after another until finally, Liselle felt her body give and the corer broke through, tearing out the flesh around her cervix.

Liselle gasped as the flood of pleasure and arousal suddenly dimmed, making the world around her just a bit blander. It didn't vanish, how could it, when she was as turned on as Asarianly possible, but it was definitely diminished. Through the flood of pleasure, Liselle could make out something smooth moving inside her, pulling out of her and dragging something large enough to slightly stretch the new hole that Malia had torn in her body behind it. Liselle blinked, her senses slowly returning to her from the nirvana they'd been dragged to. What happened, the last thing she remembered was... Malia! And the... Oh, Goddess... was that... did she really? Liselle felt her muscles spasm as her Azure tried to clench without responding. She did!

Malia pulled the corer free, clearly dragging Liselle's ovaries and womb behind it. They dangled softly from the mouth of the corer, limp and lifeless now that they had been torn from her body. Liselle's eyes widened. She'd been harvested! That was her azure, her womb dangling from it like some macabre key-chain from a human antiques dealer. She could almost feel the gaping completely cylindrical hole that had been left behind. Liselle smiled, her mother did want her harvested, and now she'd die just as she was meant to, bleeding out peacefully, secure in the knowledge that her parents would enjoy her final gift to them.

The stinging spritz of medigel spray woke Liselle from her pleasant daydream. She recognized the bottle in Malia's hands, she'd used it as a kid after shinning her knees. It stopped bleeding almost immediate... The reality hit Liselle like a Batarian slaving ship. She wasn't going to bleed out after all, her mother had something else in store for her.

“Is that the worthless little whore's azure?” Aria asked.

“Yes, Aria,” Malia quickly replied.

“Tear off that useless womb and toss it over the side. If someone down there wants it they can have it, otherwise it'll be cleaned up in the morning like the rest of the garbage that gets thrown on the floor here. You can drop what's in the corer on my little snuff slut in the pillory. You can feed her the whore's ovaries as well, they're hardly fit for paying customers even if they might want them, and they'd make far too much of a mess for the cleaning crew bursting under foot. Still, they should be fine for a helpless little cunt like Tevos there.”

Liselle's heart ached as her mother continued to debase her, her eyes turned to her other parent, still locked helplessly in the pillory, her Azure exposed to any and all abuse. She watched enthralled as Malia tore off her womb and snapped her ovaries free from it one after another, feeding them to Tevos and letting the counselor lick her fingers clean after each one. Liselle's hips struggled to buck against their restraints at the depraved incestuous sight before her. The image of the respected counselor Tevos, restrained in Asari-leather, trapped in a pillory, slowly crewing and swallowing her own daughters with a happy smile on her face burned into Liselle's brain. The hole where her azure once sat ached and Liselle knew that if it still existed as a part of her the scene in front of her would have had her cumming like a river.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Tevos spoke, “Thank you for allowing this humble little snuff slut a taste of her worthless daughter's meat.”

Liselle watched as Malia slid her Azure out of the corer with a wet plop, letting it fall into Tevos' makeshift lap staining it with Liselle's blue blood in a way that Tevos wouldn't be able to clean until she was set free long after Liselle herself was (hopefully) gone. Of course, Aria wasn't finished with Liselle either...

“Maybe I should leave you like this, a worthless, broken toy missing its one redeeming part? Would you like that? Living on as a useless husk, a warning to everyone who disobeys me what the punishment for doing so will be? Or would you rather be thrown to the vorcha? That's an option as well,” Aria drolled. “Of course, your begging was almost amusing earlier, if you entertain me enough, I might let Malia there use the guillotine to snuff you. I can see you staring at it. It's what you want isn't it? Convince me, and I might let you have it.”

Liselle's heart soared. Her mom had noticed her plea, she was willing to let Malia snuff her worthless disobedient daughter! “Please! Please Mother... Please Mistress Aria... I know I'm just a useless slut not even fit to feed the Vorcha with my corpse. But please... please, I'm begging you, please let Malia snuff your worthless, disobedient daughter...”

“That's certainly not good enough. Though you're right about one thing, you're not even fit for Vorcha to eat. Still, I'm sure there are plenty of stray Varren around to enjoy you. They'll eat anything that can squirm.” Aria declared. “Malia, Unclamp-”

“Wait! Please!” Aria held up her hand to stay Malia from liberating her limbless, sexless daughter. “Please, please let Malia snuff me, I know I'm useless, I know I disobeyed you, I know I'm not even fit for the Varren to gnaw on! But please, I want to be snuffed in front of my parents, even if my crimes mean I can't be snuffed by them.”

“Drivel and sentiment. I have no use for it you helpless little whore. If that's the way you plead you can plead with the dumpster once Malia throws you out. You can live there from now on, I'm sure there are plenty of scraps to eat.”

Liselle's mouth was dry. Aria's threat was real and Liselle didn't doubt for a second that she'd go through with it, but the sheer degradation involved had completely robbed her of her voice.

“Please, mistress...” Tevos' voice rang out. “Let me watch my incompetent incapable slut of a daughter being snuffed. I promise I'll make it worth your while...” Tevos offered.

“You will, will you?” Aria smiled cruelly, “And just what could you offer me that would do that?”

“My... My nipples,” Tevos admitted, planting. “I know you want them. I said I needed them, that losing them could expose me and cost me my position... And that's still true! But... If you want them you can have them... for this.”

“Very well then, I accept your offer,” Aria proclaimed with a heavy dose of finality. “Malia, I'm tired of listening to this worthless little whore. Snuff her.”

Liselle had only a few moments to smile and gaze up as the heavy blade fell quickly on it's course towards her neck. She didn't even feel it as it hit, slicing through her body without any effort at all. Before she could blink she'd hit the floor. She was tumbling, rolling until she stopped at the base of a pair of long white boots.

She had absolutely no control, less than she did even as an amputated torso! She would die in a few seconds, her brain shutting down, erasing everything she was, ending her vulgar little life, but despite the pointless inevitability of her death, she couldn't bring herself to look away as her mother picked her up.

Aria leaned down, placing a soft kiss on her daughter's lips and whispered the final words she'd ever hear in her ear. “Despite disobeying me, you managed to be a good little snuff-slut after all. I don't think I'll be feeding you to the Varren. Instead, you and one of the girls in my larder will be serving the customers at Afterlife one last time." Aria smirked at her, "As burgers, of course. At a discount.”

And with that, the life left Liselle's eyes and she faded away, and the little snuff-slut couldn't possibly be happier with her fate.


“Malia!” Aria ordered, “Since you did such a good job preparing this little piece of meat for my guests, why don't you bring it down to the kitchen for me? I need someone to make sure she's used for burgers and not whatever else the kitchen thinks would suit her worthless slut meat.”

Malia's eyes widened, the kitchen was completely automated, possessed by either an AI, or an incredibly enhanced and incredibly buggy VI that controlled all the tools and implements inside. Whatever was sent through the kitchen doors came out carved and cooked, and it didn't particularly matter if it was originally meant as meat or not. Going through those doors was a death sentence, and she'd just been ordered to deliver Liselle's lifeless body there, personally. “Yes, Mistress Aria,” Malia replied, her voice trembling as her thoughts flickered between shock, arousal, and fear. In the back of her mind she knew that Aria had some way of controlling the output of the kitchen that didn't require sacrificing her, she had to, the staff turnover at Omega was high, but not that high... But then she realized that that probably wasn't the reason that Aria had sentenced her. No one was allowed to touch her daughter, the daughter she'd been saving for a special occasion, like that and live, even if Aria had ordered her to do it herself.

“I'm sure that you and my former daughter will taste lovely together,” Aria's smile had a cruel lilt to it that didn't match her conversational tone at all. “Now, get to it.”

“Should I take the head?” Malia asked, staring at Liselle's severed head, cradled in Aria's arms.

“No. I've decided to use it for a new snack bowl, and as a warning to those who think about crossing me,” Aria admitted. “Why are you still here? I gave you an order.”

Malia nodded, scooping Liselle's lifeless, sexless, decapitated body up in a bridal carry and carefully making her way down the stairs from Aria's perch at the top of the club to the Kitchen near the bottom, her sex liberally dripping with arousal at what was about to come.

The members of Aria's emergency larder didn't become members by accident, each one knew what they were getting into, and while Aria went through the truly desperate, beautiful girls who sometimes applied in order to save their families rather quickly (the sadistic boss clearly enjoying every moment of snuffing the incredibly reluctant Asari), the girls who applied, like Malia, in the hopes of being snuffed and eaten Aria tended to keep around a bit longer. Malia hadn't kept track of how long it had been since she was recruited to Aria's larder, but the lengthy wait had certainly helped to build up her anticipation.

A part of Malia wondered if Aria had picked her because she knew about Malia's crush on her beautiful, and incredibly rebellious, daughter. Was that why she gave Malia the job of tearing out her Azure with that corer? Had Aria seen the sly glances that Malia would give Liselle when no one was looking and decided to give Malia the remains of the girl once she was done with her? Malia wasn't sure what to think about that, she couldn't have the erotic relationship with Liselle that she'd constantly fantasized about, but maybe, being snuffed together, their meat intertwining with no divide between them as burgers on the lips of the diners at Afterlife, maybe that was the next best thing.

She was in front of the fearsome mechanical door to the Kitchen now, the small sign saying “Off-Limits: Employees Only,” hanging from it in an unobtrusive way that Malia knew didn't deter every curious patron from trying to sneak a peek at what was behind it. This was her last chance. She lifted Liselle's body upwards. Even without a head, a pair of breasts, or her Azure, Liselle was still somehow attractive to Malia. Malia ducked her head to kiss Liselle's belly button. “I love you, Liselle, and I'm glad we got to be together, this one final time.”

With that, Malia opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. Robotic arms were everywhere, and gleaming blades both Omni and not. In the middle of everything, was a giant grinder, able to accommodate Aria's full emergency Larder at one time! The whole place was remarkably clean, gleaming in white and chrome, in fact, Malia realized, this was probably the cleanest place on Omega!

“Two for burgers,” Malia spoke, marveling at her surroundings, “Aria mentioned that specifically.”

“Understood,” came the robotic, almost Salarian voice from the VI. A strange choice, Malia thought, but it wasn't like they'd get many complaints from people who heard it. “Your sex has been earmarked by Counselor Tevos as an appetizer. Her notes say that it is to be prepared traditionally to aid her in replacing her Daughter tonight. Your breasts will be used to provide the fat needed to grease the cooking surface for your meat.”

Malia's eyes widened as she froze in shock. Hers? Sure, every member of Aria's emergency larder was a Virgin, at least so far as it mattered for the that particular delicacy, but after being sent to become burgers, Malia hadn't thought-!

The VI's mechanical arms took Liselle from her grasp before taking hold of Malia and thoroughly (and slightly roughly) washing them both like ingredients in a meal. Something that Malia realized wasn't as much an analogy as it was plain fact.

Malia was now suspended in the air by a tight collar around her neck and two braces beneath her armpits, Liselle, only by the latter devices. She could see mechanical arms approaching her, one newly slotted with an Azure spice packet, the other, a buzz saw.

The arms supporting her moved Malia over the griddle, bringing her impending fate into frightening immediacy, but Malia's fear only served to fan the flames in her sex over what was about to happen to her. She was meat, about to be harvested! She was going to join the girl she loved in the bellies of patrons who had never met her, her azure used to fuel the lovemaking of her mistress in replacing her own love! Malia's cunt clenched involuntarily at the thought, and despite her prior fantasies, she knew that the machine behind her wouldn't have to do much at all to get her wet enough to dissolve the threatening spice sachet.

The Asari-made replica cock slammed into her nethers at the same time the saw began to bite into her breasts, the sudden shock sending her already dripping wet cunt spasming into a dangerous and soon to be fatal orgasm. Malia knew that her only hope to stay alive just the slightest bit longer had been to hold back, to try and struggle desperately not to cum, but she just couldn't manage it, her head lolled as her climax overtook her, the flaming lines of pain searing through her tits as the Buzz saw took them from her, allowing them to drop lifelessly onto the griddle below.

Sh could feel the packet dissolving inside her, heightening her senses, boosting every tiny sensation! She could feel the packet melting against her inner walls, feel the spices start to hit them as she hung helplessly in the air above the grill that would be cooking her ground up body momentarily. She'd lost. There was nothing she could do to save herself now, and Malia was more than okay with that fact.

Malia stared at her breasts below her, nipples standing lewdly at attention as they rolled slightly on their sides. Were those really her? She'd never seen them from this angle, never seen them like this...

Before Malia's mind could come to grips with what had happened to her, she heard the mechanical arm that had been holding the spice packet start to buzz menacingly.

PAIN! That was the next thought on her mind as the edges of the previously almost harmless arm began to rotate like an Azure corer, cutting out the most sensitive part of her anatomy. It took only seconds, but the pain, the intense pain unlike anything that Malia had ever experienced, lengthened time obscenely, allowing her to burn each agonizing moment into her brain as a final elegy to her life. Then with something almost like a slurping sound, the inside of the arm, previously concealed by the base of the phallic-shaped spice packet, sucked her raw and thoroughly spiced Azure inside the hose of the Arm itself, presumably using some sort of pneumatic tube to deposit the delicacy that had once been Malia's sex in front of her former mistress and the whore-counselor that she chose to bear her daughters. Malia managed a week smile at the thought, hoping they enjoyed it despite the pain they caused her merely to harvest it.

The arms controlling her didn't care for Malia's feelings in the least, and without even letting her come to terms with her loss, they brought her roughly into position over the menacingly large grinder, hanging in place next to the body of her former crush.

Malia barely had time to smile, before a sharp pain took her in the neck and she could see her own former body, titless and sexless just like her love's tumbling down into the whirring teeth of the grinder beneath her.

“Afterlife is currently hosting over over 200 guests. Meat will be divided into portions appropriately.” Those were the last words Malia heard, before the arms swiveled away, and dropped her head into trash chute for incineration. 'Now, we'll be together forever.' Malia thought, as the world faded to black before her glassy, unseeing eyes.


Counselor Tevos sat alone at the party, surrounded on all sides by sycophants. She could feel the new child, Liselle's replacement, already growing inside her a month after Aria took her that incredible, memorable night. It wasn't the first time she'd partaken of fresh azure, but somehow, her mistress taking her nipples, ordering to watch her daughter harvested, feeding her her daughter's ovaries, it all made it possible for her to imagine that the azure she was devouring was really Liselle's; an entirely new wrinkle to their play that was mind-shatteringly erotic.

Her newly smooth tits rubbed entrancingly against the soft fabric of her dress, her nipples taken from her by the whim of her Mistress. She'd never be able to bathe in company again, never be able to let anyone else see her naked except for those Aria allowed. She truly was owned now, even more by this than by the collar she now also wore.

“Counselor Tevos!” Tevos looked up to see her fellow counselor, Valern. “I wasn't expecting to see you here tonight.” She hadn't been planning upon attending, not until Aria ordered her to go, wearing her new collar. Tevos struggled not to touch it, the smooth, seamless leather of her Daughter's cunt lips grasped around her neck, a nameplate hanging from it marking her as “Aria's Snuff Slut” hidden, just beneath the high collar of her dress, but creating a visible and well defined bulge beneath the cloth.

“What's that beneath your dress? Is that a collar?”

Tevos' eyes widened, what could she say? “Yes.” That wasn't the right answer at all! Her sex flushed with the possibility to getting caught, of getting revealed as the lowly worthless snuff-slut she really was. “I have a... Medical condition. This monitors it. I'll be wearing it for the foreseeable future.” That was even sort of true, She did have a condition, she was an incurable snuff-slut, and it was likely terminal.

“Ah, I'm sorry I asked then,” Valern apologized. “I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the party.”

Tevos nodded somewhat absentmindedly as the Salarian Counselor left, her hand moving to touch her almost but not quite visibly bulging belly. Absently, Tevos wondered if Aria was serious about actually forcing her to name their new child 'Liselle's Replacement.' It would certainly help to keep the girl in her place, Tevos admitted to herself. That alone might keep her pure for the purpose Aria wanted her for, even without the new safeguards that Aria had planned for the poor girl. Tevos nodded to herself, this time she'd raise her latest daughter to be a properly obedient snuff-slut for her mistress. If she survives long enough, of course...

The End


wait was that the end of the end of the tali story or the end of the Liselle story, because the tali story was just starting to "heat up" and was looking forward to more


Looking as great as ever, but I hope that you also finish Tali's story, soon.

BTW, your Asstr page is missing Katara's last defiance...


It's the end of Liselle. I have half a chapter and an epilogue to go in Tali before it's finished.

Thanks for pointing that out. ASSTR is actually missing a lot of stuff since my posting method there is "occasionally look at what I have up and add the next batch in alphabetical order." It's a reliable archive, but the lack of ability to get feedback from it means I don't feel particularly rushed to post stuff there.

Still, I might as well add some new stuff there since I've been reminded.


Miranda and Jack's Cat-Fight
Tags: F/F, Exhib, Gutting, Knifeplay, Snuff, unwilling, more violent than my other stories.

“It really is much nicer on this ship now that those alien sluts got the treatment they deserve,” Jack gritted her teeth as she walked past the mess hall. Miranda was spouting more of Cerberus' anti-human racist shit. God! She just wish she could shut that fat-assed whore's face!

“They really were a model for aliens everywhere. That's the only thing aliens are good for, bringing humans pleasure! Things are much better now that Shepard is dating a human instead.”

Jack had enough! “Shut your damn mouth you fucking racist Cerberus scum! Ever since Liara gave herself to Shepard it's been Aliens this, and Aliens that! You're just too much of a fucking coward to have said it to their faces when they were still around to tell you off!” Jack was furious, she'd had to deal with this Cerberus toady for far too long already, and was willing to punch her in the face if that's what it would take to shut her up.

“Oh? And who is going to make me? You?” Miranda asked incredulously. “You know I'm right.”

“Not more of this again!” Someone yelled from the mess hall. “You do this fucking posturing every time you see each other! Why don't you two just fight and get it over with!”

“This Cerberus whore's too much of a coward to fight!” Jack yelled back. “She knows if she did I'd mess up her genetically engineered ass.”

“On the contrary, Jack, I'd be glad to beat your tattooed whore body and put you in your place. Just name a time and I'll be there to shut you up.” Miranda replied, giving Jack an angry smoldering glare.

“Why not right here and now then? Winner takes all.” Jack declared.

“Takes all of what, you stupid bitch?” Miranda asked, “We haven't set any penalties. Did you forget that? Or has your brain completely withered from lack of use? Honestly I'm surprised you remember how to talk, I thought the only thing you used your mouth for was blowjobs.”

“Are you gonna take that?” Jack could hear a crew-member shout. No, she wasn't about to take that insult lying down! Not from a racist slut with an ass created in a test tube!

“Winner takes all of you, you genetically engineered cunt! If I win, I'm taking you as my slave for a week. I know that I can put that perfect mouth of yours to better use useful than being a racist ass, and I'd definitely enjoy beating your racist ass any time I wanted to. So, how 'bout it? You confident enough in your skills to take on this biotic bitch?”

A slave for a week? That was barely anything! Miranda thought to herself. Miranda had ideas about what she wanted to do to that low-class whore across from her, and a week wouldn't be anywhere near enough to force the recalcitrant slut to try all of them!

“I'm not just confident enough to know I'll win against useless tattooed trash like you, I'm confident enough to raise the stakes. You're so stupid that a week will be too short to teach you proper respect. I can't let you go free if you're stiull the dumb cunt you started as. Let's make it a month! I'll teach you to behave like a respectable servant even if I have to whip you every night until you scream my name in your sleep. How's that sound, Jack?”

Jack couldn't back down, not with Miranda raising the stakes. She knew she wouldn't lose if it came to a fight, any fight; and she damn well wasn't going to be embarrassed by that cat-suited bitch across from her!

“Make her pay!” the voice shouted over the rumble of the gathered crowd, and each of the angry biotics assumed that it was meant for them.

“Upping the stakes? Your cunt's just sopping at the thought of being owned by me, isn't it? Well, I'll indulge you. Why not a year? After being my slave for a year you'll be begging to be my bitch for the rest of your life. Doing nothing but pleasing me with that build-a-block body of yours, day in and day out like the horny little submissive slut we all know you are!” Jack taunted, her slit starting to drip a little at the dual prospects of humbling the arrogant brunette and having her own living sex toy for a year.

“If you're so confident that you'll have me for the rest of my life, why not make that the stakes then? I'd love to have you as a live in maid, dressed in a fancy frilly french uniform and licking my clit whenever I order you to! Not so confident now, are you?” Miranda shot back, enjoying the idea of the tattooed biotic perpetually trapped in a french maid uniform, maybe even a chastity belt too to keep her plebian lusts in check. Her pulse raced as a part of her worried about what she was doing. A life was extremely high stakes, but she couldn't let Jack up the stakes more than her. And besides, there was no way she could lose! Right?

“Life? I'd get sick of your ugly face after a matter of months, and then what would I do? I wouldn't be able to just drop you out of an airlock once I got tired of you. I'd have to keep your worthless ass!” Jack shot back, unsure whether she was trying to deescalate or up the stakes even more, and unsure which way she wanted Miranda to take it. The idea of snuffing the bane of her existence once she was done with her certainly had appeal...

Miranda raged. That lazy, arrogant, painted whore wanted to kill her off once she was tired of her? Well Miranda would show her! “Why not make that the bet then? Winner can snuff the loser any way she likes? I'd love to rid the ship, no the galaxy of the useless waste of space in front of me!” Miranda shouted, realizing that she meant every single word. There was no way she could tolerate Jack's continuing stay on the ship, or even her life! No, Jack had to go, and Miranda would love watching the life draining from her eyes when she did.

“Deal!” Jack shouted back. “One fight, Winner takes everything!” Jack glared, enraged at the stuck up, sculpted tart in front of her. “I want to hurt you so badly right now, you can't even imagine it.”

“Believe me,” Miranda shot back, “the feeling is entirely mutual. We have the stakes, but what's the contest. I hope it's something painful for you.”

The crew watching took the brief respite as their cue to chime in. “Biotic Punching match!” “No! An actual punching match!” “No way! 69! Whoever cums first dies!” “Yeah!” “Knife Fight!” “Oooh!” “Biotic Punching match!” The crowd was shouting loud enough that it was hard to make out the suggestions.

“Sexual Knife Fight!” Someone shouted near the back. “Stab each other in the cunt until someone gives in!”

“That one!” Jack shouted immediately, loving the visceral nature of it. “I wanna stab you in that sloppy cunt of yours until you decide to let me kill you just to let the pain stop!” Jack declared. It took a second for her to realize what she'd agreed to. Getting stabbed in the cunt? Even if she'd get to do the same to that perfect Cerberus bitch, Why did she agree to that? Jack wasn't sure whether she really wanted to go through with it, but she had an image to maintain, and there was no way that Miranda would agree to something like that, right?

“You're on!” Miranda agreed immediately, not wanting to back down at all in the face of Jack's exuberance. She was stuck now, this was happening.

“Yeah!” “Fight!” “Fight!” “Fight!” “Fight!” The crowd went completely wild. “Fight!”

“Lets go find a room we can do this in,” Miranda declared, just a hint of an undertone of nervousness coloring her speech. Her heart was racing, her pulse pounding in her ears. Was she really going to do this? She wanted to get rid of Jack, but this seemed...

“Do it right here!” the same voice in the back called out. “Show everyone who's the best!”

Jack grimaced, hiding it as quickly as possible. Fighting like that here in front of the whole crew? Still, there was no way she could seem weak in front of that damned racist ass across from her. “Here's as good as anywhere else. Besides, you'll be dead soon, what do you have to worry about? Your humiliation may last forever, but you won't be around to suffer it!”

“Here it is then! Miranda agreed, her catsuit clinging to her curves as she sashayed to the kitchen in what she desperately hoped was a confident manner to grab the biggest pair steak knives she could manage. “Do these meet your satisfaction, Jack? I'd hate to cut your cunt into ground beef with a knife you didn't like.” Miranda taunted, hoping to shake the tattooed biotic so that she could regain the upper hand.

Jack stared at the wickedly serrated knives. They were slightly dill, a product of being used communally for nearly every meal. They'd hurt like hell carving up a girl's pussy. Was that what Miranda was trying to do? Intimidate her into giving up? No way! “Those are fine!” Jack shouted. “They're just dull enough to make it really hurt when I carve your cunt apart!”

Miranda just barely managed to suppress a shudder as she realized just what sort of knives she'd suggested. She hadn't even thought about how sharp they were! This was really going to hurt, wasn't it! But there was nothing she could do about it now. Giving in now would rob her of any authority on the ship! It might even be seen as a forfeit, giving Jack the right to snuff her without her ever even giving her a fight. No. She wasn't giving up. Especially when the stakes were so high. Once this was over she'd be snuffing jack in the most painful and humiliating way possible to get her back for putting her through this terrible nonsense. That would show the whore! She'd be sure to savor the memories. Maybe she'd even get them recorded so that she could relive her moment of triumph over the foul-mouthed slut again and again? And then, she'd never have to see Jack's face ever again! It would be wonderful!

Jack, unwilling to back down, began to strip in front of the crowd. She bent down, her taut ass thrusting out beneath the lose fabric of her unfastened coveralls, and then unhurriedly unbuckled each of her boots before sloppily kicking them off. Miranda and the crowd both watched as Jack peeled herself out of the lower half of her perpetually half worn suit. The bald biotic girl wasn't wearing anything underneath. She'd gone commando, and was completely shaved, clad only in her full body tattoo that clung to her like a second skin. The tattoos covered everything except the punk girl's bald cunt, even the two nasty scars across her legs, perfect circles tilting down as if her legs had been cut into with loops of razor wire.

Jack's sex was wet, glistening in the harsh fluorescent light of the galley, her lewd inner lips stretching beyond the confines of what would otherwise have been a cameltoe. The portion of the crew that was standing behind her cheered as they stared at the flushed lips of her slit, gaping just slightly in unwanted anticipation at what was about to come. “Jack!” “Jack!” “Jack!” they cheered as she unbent her body and stared at Miranda, raising an accusing eyebrow and snorting at the still cat-suited biotic's apparent cowardice.

Miranda gritted her teeth, angry at the implication, and unzipped the front of her suit, letting it fall open to reveal her lacy black bra as Jack unhooked her own collar and snapped the theather strapps holding her breasts in place with a small flare of biotic power, letting her last remaining item of clothing (if the collection of leather straps even deserves the term, drop carelessly to the ground, leaving the bad-ass biotic in all her natural glory.

Miranda tried not to stare at Jack's tattooed nipples, inwardly wincing at just how much getting tattooed on them must have hurt as she rolled her own white and black Cerberus issue catsuit down over her hips; revealing her ample and glorious ass in the process. She was nearly naked in her matching black lingerie, standing in front of a cheering crowd in just her bra and panties, trying as hard as she could not to blush. She carefully, nervously unfastened her bra, dropping it to the ground in a show of false bravado as she unveiled her ample tits. Then, in a pseudo striptease move she learned from watching an Asari dancer on an undercover mission for the Illusive Man when she first joined Cerberus, Miranda shimmied out of her panties, revealing her neatly shaved raven pubes in the shape of the Cerberus logo.

“Damn,” Jack leered openly. “You're even thinking about Cerberus when you fingerfuck that slutty little cunt of yours aren't you? Snuffing your genetically engineered ass will be doing to a favor!”

“I'm not the one who will be losing, you painted whore,” Miranda shot back, anger making her blood rush hot and filling in for the courage she'd actually hoped would appear instead. Carelessly, she tossed one of the serrated knives to Jack. “Top or bottom?” Miranda asked. “I'd take top if I were you, It'll be your last chance to enjoy it once I win.”

“”Top's fine,” Jack grinned, not willing to let Miranda's Cerberus reverse-psychology work on her. If the prissy bitch was willing to let her take top without a fight she'd take it, and work out her aggression by stabbing the racist slut in the cunt over and over. “You!” Jack pointed out a random crew member. Call out when to start when we're in position. Match only ends when one of us is dead or gives in, so don't so anything else, got it?”

The man nodded, stepping up as Miranda looked at the hard metal floor of the galley nervously before laying down in what she hoped would be a favorable position. She was already regretting this and she hadn't even started yet. In the background she could hear the crew calling everyone in to watch. The crowd was much larger than when they'd started, and Miranda could see the faces of practically every member of her hand picked Cerberus staff come to watch their boss bring down the biotic upstart. At least, she hoped that was true, she knew she wasn't well liked among the staff, she'd heard the words Ice Queen often enough, but they couldn't be here to root for that reprobate, could they?

Jack cleared her mind as she crouched on her hands and knees atop her enemy. Everyone was watching her, but she had no problems showing off a bit of skin, after all, why get tattoos or wear a top like hers if you didn't want them shown off? No, her mind was completely focused on showing the bitch in front of her what for, and trying to brace herself the impending pain of being repeatedly stabbed in the cunt, just like she was about to do with the racist piece of ass in front of her.

“You both ready?” The crew-member asked. And the girls nodded, mumbling noises of assent in reply. “Then Go!”

Miranda gasped as Jack immediately plunged her knife underhand through Miranda's clit and into her cunt before Miranda could even get started. The pain was nearly unbearable! Jack was sloppily sawing through the most densely packed bundle of nerves in her body! He whole sex felty like it was on fire! Like it had been dipped in boiling acid! But with everything on the line, Miranda couldn't just give in. She had to make up for lost time.

Miranda stabbed back at Jack's own clit, hidden beneath her clitoral hood, only to get deflected with a 'tinking' sound, like metal hitting metal. Tears welled in her eyes and Jack continued to stab, hatefully, at her most tender of spots, but Miranda squeezed her eyes closed to clear them and get a better view. A Piercing! That low class bitch had a stud through her clit! There was no way that Miranda could inflict as much damage there as Jack had to her. She could feel the angry biotic's knife slicing way at her tender inner walls, her own efforts to divert her making things worse as her cunt clenched against the edge of the blade. Hot blood ran from between her legs, spilling in little rivulets of crimson down her thighs.

Steeling her will Miranda stabbed upwards into Jack's own soft spot, slicing open her lips as she carved deeply into her opponent's sex. Jack gasped, her ass wriggling as she tried to dislodge the knife, but Miranda held fast, sawing in and out of Jack's cunt. Blood dripped down. Spilling onto Miranda's neck and chin, splattering her cheeks as she grimaced, hoping that the slut on top of her wasn't carrying any diseases from the terminus scum she loved to bed.

Jack almost laughed as Miranda's first attempt at an attack glanced off her stud, barely nicking her clit in the process, but she didn't let it distract her, she had a plan; shje was going to utterly destroy little miss perfect's cunt so that even the slightest brush against the flat of her blade would bring her untold agony. She'd been in street fights before, and despite her own inclinations, she'd fucked women in prison. She knew just where to hit to get the biggest reaction, and she was holding absolutely nothing back against this bitch, not with her own life on the line.

Jack winced, almost dropping her knife despite knowing it was coming when the pain of Miranda stabbing her own dull blade into Jack's cunt hit her. She'd hoped that her first attack would be enough to cow the bitch below her into giving in, but that clearly wasn't on the table. If this fight went on too long she might bleed out during it and she wasn't about to win just to let Miranda fucking Lawson managed to kill her anyway. She needed to work fast, and that meant he needed to cheat, not that there were any real rules to this contest, as quickly ad it had been slapped together. With one hand still stabbing and the other hand holding her body up there was nothing that jack could do. She grimaced, this was going to hurt, a lot. She let go of the floor and dropped her body onto Miranda's.

The sudden shift in weight threw Miranda off guard, ripping the knife from her hand even as Jack landed on her, driving the wind from her lungs. Suddenly her face was covered in blood as Jack's cunt dropped against her nose, nearly breaking it. She barely had time to search for the knife before Jack sent a wave of fresh agony through Miranda's body. She screamed, nearly whiting pout as Jack pried at her destroyed clit with her newly freed hand, trying to rip it out of her. “Ah! AAAAAAUGGGHHHH!!” She cried out as the pain overwhelmed her. “No!” She panted... “NOOO!”

“Want me to stop?” Jack asked, tempting her. All you need to do is give in you stuck up bitch.” Each word accompanied by another tug or stab to emphasize Jack's point. With the pain flashing in front of her eyes, and Jack's body blocking her view, Miranda couldn't find the knife. She couldn't find the knife! She was defenseless! Tehre was no way she could make Jack Stop! Desperately she clawed for Jack's slit, trying to do damage with her fingers, to dig in with her perfectly manicured nails, but she couldn't it was too slippery, too wet from Jack's own blood, and with every second she lost jack was destroying her sex!

“Please!” she begged Jack to stop, “Please!” have mercy, Miranda thought to herself, knowing that if she were in Jack's place she'd have none.

“Are you giving in?” Jack asked, withdrawing the knife for another stab, slicing excruciatingly through Miranda's sex as she pulled it free.

“Yes!” Miranda agreed, desperately. “Yes, I give in! Yes, you win...”

“Perfect,” Jack grinned, through Miranda couldn't see it, and managed, a bit shakily to pull herself up, taking her knife with her, blood streaming from her badly damaged cunt. “Get me and my new pet some medigel. I want her to really feel it when I snuff her.”

Miranda whimpered in pain as one of the crew members stuck a medigel dispenser nozzle into her cunt and activated it, coating her entire lacerated sex in warm stinging gel. She could feel her slit starting to heal between her legs, and she stared to cry as she realized what her loss really meant for her. Jack had been so incredibly gung-ho about snuffing and degrading her that there was absolutely no doubt in Miranda's mind what her fate would be. She was Jack's toy now, and Jack enjoyed breaking her toys.

"You know," Jack stated as soon as they both were healed, Jack fully, and Miranda just to the point where she wouldn't bleed out, "since you're such an enthusiastic little Cerberus Cheerleader, why don't we put those skills to better use? Give us a cheer for all the aliens that are better than your soon-to-be snuffed ass, and be sure to make it lewd."

Miranda's eyes widened in shock. She had to cheer for aliens? Like this? Her sex ached painfully in trepidation of what she was about to do, but Miranda couldn't resist an order from her new... owner. Getting up, and still completely naked, Miranda began to cheer. "Asari are the best! Better than the rest. I love to go right up to them and fondle both her breasts! Turians are cool! Their lizard cocks just rule! I love to lick their scaly dicks while they take me to school! A Quarian's sublime, but really hard to rhyme... I want to take their rubber suits and fuck them all the time!" Miranda shouted jumping up and down, waving her arms and legs so that her breasts bounced happily and her cunt could be seen in fleeting flashes.

"Salarians are smart! They screw like works of art! If I were in a spawning pool I know I'd fall apart! Krogan cocks are large! They're bigger than a barge! I'd love for them to take my ass and show me who's in charge!"

Jack smiled as Miranda's routine came to an end, fingering her slick, newly healed folds at the sight of her rival and new toy degrading and exposing herself. "Very good. I'm sure we're all convinced it was the same quick mind you showed earlier in agreeing to fight me that let you think that cheer up on the spot instead of that being something you've practiced before, right, guys?" Jack asked, eliciting a rumble of disbelief from the rest of the crew that humiliated Miranda and crushed her hopes of making it through to her death with her dignity in tact.

"Since your slutty little show caused me to make a mess, it's your job to clean it up," Jack declared firmly, gesturing towards her soaked crotch. "Get to it."

Miranda winced at Jack's order, but she had little choice but to comply, she had made her bed, she knew the risks, and now she belonged to Jack.

Jack's crotch was sopping wet, and it glistened almost menacingly to Miranda's eyes; but the Cerberus cheerleader didn't have much of a choice in the matter, so she knelt down and leaned forward, licking tentatively at Jack's cunt.

"None of that half-assed shit, you broken little slut! This is your last meal, make me believe you're fucking enjoying it!" Jack roared out before shoving Miranda's face deep into her pussy and grinding her pierced clit against the defeated girl's nose.

Jack's sex tasted like copper, like blood. It was positively dripping with the musky scent of the tattooed reprobate's arousal and buzzed with the faint hum of almost-but-not-quite-active biotics. With Jack pulling hard on Miranda's hair as if it were the reins of a particularly stubborn or stupid horse, Miranda couldn't help but start licking.

“Mmmm... That's the Spot you horny little whore,” Jack complimented her toy. “Lick harder, you don't want to leave me unsatisfied as the last thing you do, do you?” She added, tugging on Miranda's luxurious locks.

Miranda licked harder, what else could she do? She was Jack's property now; the tattooed biotic had beaten her fair and square, and the only thing resisting would do for her now is make her death even more painful. So her tongue dove in and out of Jack's soaked snatch, feeling like she might suffocate or maybe even drown in Jack's sex as her mistress rubbed her face in her defeat as hard as she could.

Jack tasted like static electricity and sweat, with an undertone of blood that Miranda was almost sorry she'd inflicted. It certainly hadn't won her anything, and the coppery taste wasn't making her current task any easier.

“That's it, right there...” Jack grinned sadistically. This was the greatest feeling ever, having that Cerberus cheerleader bitch meely eating her out like an abused puppy! Even though she was almost completely useless at it, the fact that it was her, the woman Jack hated the most on this damn ship going down on her more than made up for her useless ineptitude. And of course the thought of how she'd be ending Miranda's life at any moment was just the deliciously shiny cherry on top of it all.

In fact... “That's enough of that, slut,” Jack commanded, pushing Miranda away from her and knocking her to the ground, her limbs sprawled helplessly about her. “I know just how much you enjoy eating out your betters, but it's time for you to finally make yourself useful on this ship for the first time in your worthless whore life,” Jack commanded, moving over to the cafeteria counter to grab the Knife she'd used on Miranda less than an hour before.

“Remember this?” Jack asked, drawing a terrified shiver from Miranda as she brandished the still bloody blade. “I fucking hate the idea of leaving a complete bitch like you only half gutted, so we're gonna finish you off the same way I started on you, with this.” Jack grinned. “Now get up on your knees on the counter over there, I don't wanna have to bend over to finish snuffing your ass, you really aren't worth the effort.”

“Please!” Miranda pleaded for her life, humiliated and afraid but unable to do anything to help herself beyond throwing herself on Jack's mercy. “Please, you're the greatest, everyone knows it... Please... Don't kill me.”

“You set the terms, slut, don't tell me you'd do any different if I had lost. Heh, not like that could have happened.” Jack declared.

“Please! I'll be your slave! Your toy! Anything!” Miranda begged.

“You're already my toy, but I don't think I'll be keeping you. I'd hate to have to look at your ugly fucking face every time I went to my bunk. In fact, I know exactly what I'll be using your soon-to-be-snuffed ass for! You're getting a promotion! Isn't that great you stupid little Cerberus bitch?”

For a second Miranda let herself feel a glimmer of hope. “A Promotion? T-to what?” she asked, whimpering.

“To morale officer! Once I finished snuffing you, I'm going to have that genetically 'perfect' ass of yours stuffed so that you can serve the whole crew as a communal sex doll that anyone and everyone can use whenever they want, even Grunt! And best of all, with you snuffed, they get your body without your stupid slut personality or fucking racist ass thoughts, isn't that nice of me?” Jack asked, her eyes cruel as she smiled at Miranda in fake magnanimity.

Jack had made up her mind, Miranda realized, and there was nothing that she could do now to stop her mistress from pursuing her newly declared course. After spending her whole life thinking she was perfect, this was how she was going to end up, a lifeless sex doll for a lab-grown Krogan teenager, not to mention the rest of the crew! There was nothing she could do...

“Thank you, Mistress,” Miranda spoke, tears leaking from her eyes as she accepted her fate.

“That's right, Slut. Now, lets get to turning you into something that's worthwhile to have on this ship!” Jack declared, brandishing her knife, before gently sliding the tip of the blade, cutting edge towards her, into Miranda's moist cunt.

“One... Two... Three!” jack Declared, before ripping the knife upwards through Miranda's body, tearing her sex apart, ruined clit first, as she sliced her open in one long pull.

“Aaaaaugh!” Miranda cried, agonized as her sex parted beneath the blade, her womb cut open and exposed to the canned air of the ship as the knife traveled upwards carving her open like a hot iron through silk. Miranda could feel her body emptying, she could hear a wet plop as her internal organs began to fall out the hole that Jack had carved for them from her clit to her rib cage. Her intestines and stomach tumbled free onto the floor beneath her. She was dead now, Miranda thought to herself, it was just that the rest of her body just hadn't realized it yet.

“You won't need your limbs as a sex-toy, you know,” Jack spoke almost conversationally as she wiped the bloody knife that had ended Miranda's life clean on her hair. “And since there's a weight limit to how much you can carry onto this ship, I figure I'll have them get rid of em when they stuff you. I'll give em to some hungry Vorcha on Omega as a treat.”

Miranda's vision was starting to fade, darkness creeping in around the edges. “Fuck dolls don't need arms or legs to be fun to fuck. I figure you'll last at least a month or two before the crew breaks you too hard to be worth fixing. Then I'll dump your naked cum-soaked ass out the airlock. You'll drift out there, alone and covered in cum in the vast abyss of space. Just another useless piece of trash that I've thrown away.”

Miranda struggled to speak. Her mouth formed the words, but she couldn't voice them. 'Mistress...' She almost managed to get out before her strength failed her.

“No, don't say a word, you've never had anything smart to say before now, this won't be any different,” Jack ordered. “Just shut up, so that I can enjoy watching you die,” she added, before gently pushing on Miranda's forehead, sending the Cerberus biotic falling backwards to the table, swiftly bleeding out, life fading from her eyes.


Two weeks after Miranda's death, the entire crew was looking more cheerful than ever. True to her word, Jack had had Miranda stuffed, and now the limbless naked sex-toy that the former Cerberus XO had been reduced to sat in a corner of the crew cabin, waiting for anyone who wanted to 'relieve a little stress' to use it. Having snuffed the uppity little pitch herself, Jack had no real interest in abusing what remained of her, though the tattooed biotic did end up taking Miranda's luxurious cabin as the spoils of war.

In the week since Jack had gotten the new sex-toy in, Miranda's lifeless, limbless, torso had been used heavily, not to mention roughly. Her once lovely raven hair was now perpetually coated in dried cum, and her barely-used cunt was now permanently gaping; Jack was mildly surprised, she'd thought she'd just been being cruel when she told Miranda the crew would wear her out in a month or two, but now she sort of wondered if Miranda's remains would even make it to the end of the month intact.

Of course, just because the main part of Miranda was well on its way to being irreparably broken, didn't mean all of her was... Jack Smiled as she looked down at her newest acquisition. She'd had the leather of her new thigh-high boots dyed a jet black, but she, and everyone else on the ship knew where it came from. While Jack had dumped Miranda's arms to the Vorcha as promised, the biotic's legs had become Jack's new boots instead, so that Jack could savor walking all over Miranda, every time she took a step. She'd never felt as sexy as she did while wearing her new boots, they were proof that everything she bragged about was true, she was one badass dominant biotic bitch, and she had the boots to prove it.

The End


holy shit i love that Miranda and jack story. Hope you continue with that level of roughness.


Most likely I won't. That particular story was a trade, and I wrote it at that level to satisfy the person I traded with. That level of violence isn't my personal preference or comfort zone. There have been one-offs with this level of violence in the past (Katara's Last Defiance, my Megaman Battle Network Dissection/Cooking class story) and there will probably be more in the future, but this won't be a common theme.


Tali Part 6 (Complete, pending Epilogue)

Rannoch! Tali could hardly believe that they had actually done it! She was actually standing on Rannoch, she was finally home. Tali smiled at Shepard as the first human Spectre talked to the Quarian admirals. Tali's heart skipped a beat as she looked at her friend's new outfit. The redhead was wearing an Asari-skin catsuit which hugged her body perfectly in all the right places. Dimly, Tali remembered Shepard's lover, Samantha Traynor giving it to her a few days back. She didn't remember exactly what had happened, since Garrus had turned up her nervstim to the max and left her panting fruitlessly in ecstasy during the exchane, but she recognized the source of the outfit now, and realized why she hadn't seen Samara since the Asari Justicar had finished cooking her daughter several weeks back. Idly, she wondered what Traynor had said and done to Samara to get her to agree to the communication specialist's plan.

In an effort to keep from playing with herself in public and thus disobeying her master's orders to stay still, Tali's attention turned towards the Quarian's surrounding Shepard, the Admiralty Board. Tali had always wanted to join them, to sit on the Admiralty board serving her people; but her deal with Garrus had killed that dream. Any possible chance she might have had of joining them before Garrus finally finished her off had died when Garrus had ordered her to activate the vidcom when Admiral Daro'Xen called her before their final attempt to liberate the Quarian home world and the rabidly anti-Geth admiral had seen her in her new transparent suit, her prized breasts missing, and Garrus' Turian semen leaking from between her legs.

It had been hard enough to act composed even over voice-only communications; and having Daro'Xen see her in such a debased state ruined any attempt that Tali could have made. The purple stain of her skin from the marinade and the clear signs of arousal in her body language just slammed the coffin shut on any hopes Tali had of an admiralty position; her missing breasts raining questions whose answers showed her true calling.

Still, mortified as she was by Garrus' order, Tali didn't regret obeying it at all. She'd found her true calling. She wasn't meant to be an Admiral, she was meant to be meat. If nothing else, watching Glyph's footage of Falere's last show drove that point home. Seeing herself writhing in pleasure chest down on the table, her eyes wide and vacant as Garrus slowly sliced apart her severed breasts, using her back as a makeshift plate? Her own juices running down the controus of her suit as Garrus visibly savored each and every bite? It was indescribably erotic. Remembering the way that Garrus had crunched down on her crispy well-baked nipples almost gave her another orgasm right then and there!

It was strange, watching Garrus use her as a living cocksleeve as he ate, knowing she was there but only remembering the incredible foggy mix of pain and pleasure that had possessed her senses. She watched as Garrus lent her body out to the crew to enjoy; encouraging men and women both to fondle and finger her, watching them spank her and slap her as she lay there basking in the warm afterglow of the destruction of her tits. It was like a weight had been lifted from her chest, a figurative one even heavier than the actual tits that had been taken from her. She was meat now, this if anything proved that, and not only was she meat, but Garrus fully intended to use her as meat. She'd been, not worried... but at least uncertain when two weeks after she had given herself to the scarred Turian she was still alive. She'd been beginning to wonder if Garrus was really intending to eat her after all. As unsettling as it might have been to someone else, Garrus' decision to take her breasts for his dinner reassured Tali that the Turian intended to keep his word.

That's why she was standing here on Rannoch, titless, hands clasped behind her back in the same transparent cooking suit that Garrus had left for her in the Normandy's airlock just over a week and a half ago. This was history being made, Shepard and Garrus were huddled with the Admiralty board and a representative from the Geth, hashing out the peace to come. Tali could see drones with cameras poised to capture every moment of the groundbreaking accord, and there she was, off to the side, nearly naked. And in terms of modesty? She was even worse off than that. It was mortifying, knowing that she was being caught on film like this; knowing that even if they censored these videos this is how history would remember her, as an exhibitionist at best, and at worst? As she really was, as a mutilated piece of Grade-A Quarian meat. Even if they censored these videos later, they certainly weren't doing so now, literally everyone she knew from both the Normandy and the Quarian armada was watching this stream of her race's greatest triumph with occasional shots of her naked body added for spice. Tali's stomach roiled with terror as she realized the implications; but although she blushed, heavily, she didn't move, she didn't try to cover herself up. She was meat, and Garrus had ordered her to stand still, on display exactly as she was while he and Shepard helped negotiate the peace.

So Tali stood there, legs spread apart wide enough for the cameras to catch the flushed lower lips of her arousal. Even the barest of ceremonial garments that she'd been allowed on the Normandy were now gone, leaving her more exposed than she'd ever been in her life before. Every time a new camera swung to face her, Tali tried to imagine what the Quarians in orbit above her were thinking. Were they aroused? Excited? Outraged? Were they hungry? Did they know what she really was? Or did they pity her? Tali wasn't sure, which option she liked best.

Then, suddenly, Garrus motioned towards her and the entire collection of huddled Admirals, teammates, and Geth turned to look at her. She could see the pity in her Auntie, Admiral Shala'Raan's eyes, and Tali thought she could even make out a hint of horror in the soft glow behind her visor. It was strange, before seeing what had happened to Liara, Tali might have reacted the same way, but now? Tali certainly felt embarrassed, and debased being on display like this, but not horror, never horror. Tali was meat, and it just made sense that she should be treated that way.

The others turned back into their huddle and the conversation grew faster, more heated maybe? Tali was too far away to make out any words, so she couldn't actually tell what was happening in the huddle. All she could do was stare at them as they gestured excitedly, sometimes at each other, sometimes towards her. Were they talking about her? Tali wasn't sure, and the uncertainty was fueling both her embarrassment, and her arousal.

She watched as admirals tilted their heads and nodded to Garrus after what looked like a brief disagreement, panels on the Geth unit showing surprise, but not anger or disappointment, if Geth could even feel the former. Even Admiral Shala'Raan looked like she was in resigned agreement, and then, almost as if in sync, the people in the huddle looked at her.

Tali's heart leapt at the sudden shift in attention. Being the focus of so many eyes, not just behind viewscreens where she couldn't see them, but here in person? It was still exhilarating even after almost a month of openly being Garrus' plaything. One by one they started making their way to her, the whole crowd lead by Garrus, instead of by Commander Shepard as was usual. They wanted something from her. What could they possibly want from her? Tali's pulse raced as the Admiralty board possibly want with an already maimed Quarian meat-girl like her now that the war with the Geth was over? Tali wasn't sure, but her body shivered in the anticipation of finding out.

“Tali,” Garrus called out, and Tali flushed crimson because he had just told all the Quarians watching her standing there her name. With just a simple extranet search they could all find out exactly what sort of xenophilic meat-slut she really was. There weren't any other Tali's associated with Commander Shepard, and Garrus had all but promised her that once he finished snuffing her he'd be sharing all the footage Glyph had filmed of her debasement to a number of sites dealing in Quarian porn. “We finally managed to hash out the peace treaty,” Garrus stated.

“Yes,” Admiral Zaal'Koris agreed reservedly. “We just need your approval to finalize the terms.”

“You don't have to agree if you don't want to!” Admiral Raan was quick to interject. “I'm sure we can hash out something else if you aren't comfortable with this.”

“Why do you need my approval?” Tali asked, confused.

“We don't,” Garrus replied. “I told them you'd already agreed to it, but they wouldn't listen to me, or Shepard.”

Tali blinked. “I'm still not sure what I have to do with peace with the Geth,” Tali admitted.

“The Geth agreed to cease hostilities and return Rannoch to us as is, but they want a show of good faith first, or perhaps contrition?” Admiral Daro'Xen explained. “Your... boyfriend, offered you for the role.”

“Me? What do you want me to do?” Tali asked, still a bit baffled.

“Cook,” Garrus stated. “Shepard told us about a Human holiday, Thanksgiving, which in some human cultures represents the peaceful contact between two opposing forces.” Shepard seemed annoyed at something in Garrus' statement, but Tali didn't know enough about Human subcultures to understand why. “The two sides sat down to a dinner together and shared a meal to show each other their peaceful intentions.”

“But... Geth don't eat?” Tali asked still a bit confused.

“Eating is irrelevant to the symbolism, Creator Tali'Zorah,” One of the Geth units explained. “What is important, is that the creators offer a meaningful sacrifice as a show of contrition for their part in the Morning War,” the Geth paused. “You would be a sufficient sacrifice.”

Tali's heart pounded as she remembered how it felt to be cooked in the mess hall of the Normandy, all of the crew around her, knowing that they were staring at Falere's show but feeling their eyes upon her anyway as Garrus fucked and cooked her into submission. She remembered the incredible arousal she felt at the time, thinking that this would be the end, not knowing that Garrus was only cooking her now devoured breasts. Doing that again, her final moments being filmed for the benefit of posterity, her depraved fetish intrinsically linked with peace with the Geth throughout history? Keelah'Selai! “Yes!” Tali breathed out before she realized just what she was doing.

“I mean, yes. You... You can cook me, to bring peace to Rannoch. I... I don't mind.” Tali stuttered, blushing.

“I told you she'd agree,” Shepard muttered. “Tali already gave herself top Garrus to eat on a whim, I can't imagine she wouldn't let you cook her for this...” Shepard trailed off annoyed.

“Then it's settled,” Admiral Zaal'Koris stated. “Lets get the sacrifice in place to start cooking so that we can finalize this peace.”

Tali blushed as the camera drones all focused upon her, panning up and down her body, circling around to film her ample ass, and one drone even hovering just in front of her knees so that it could get a shot of her well-flushed sex from between her legs. This was it, there was no turning back now, Tali realized, even if she wanted to, backing out would mean war between her people and the Geth. It was dinner time, and after almost a month of planning and waiting, she was finally on the menu!

Tali didn't know what to do. She was really going to be cooked! Actually going to be eaten! And not just by Garrus, but by people she knew, people she respected like her Auntie Raan and Admiral Daro'Xen! Keelah'Selai! She'd never been more aroused in her life. She was meat now. Truly, and finally meat now. And not just meat, but a historically important meal! She'd thought they might censor the vids of her once the peace was achieved, that she might vanish from the knowledge of everyone in a few years save for dedicated historians, but they couldn't do this now. Not when she was the peace offering that ended the Morning War!

Goddess! She'd be in history books now, everyone would know about her, and how she was nothing more than meat, important meat, but meat nevertheless. Children would read about her story in schools on the planet she'd secured for them. They'd see pictures of her in their lessons (and thanks to Traynor allowing Glyph to shadow her every moment since she offered herself to Garrus there were certainly many, many pictures of her to use); the footage Traynor was recording of her might even end up in a documentary vid! Keelah'Selai, her knees were weak, and not from any lack of strength on her part! There was no turning back now, Tali'zorah vas Normandy would be the most famous meal in Quarian history. All of her achievements, her accomplishments, her fights against the Reapers with Shepard, it would all be a mere footnote compared to what would happen next. Tali could feel herself on the edge of cumming just from the mere thought of it!

Tali struggled a bit against her bonds. She didn't want to break free of course, but it was almost instinctive to test them after Garrus had tied her up after ordering her to lay on the large banquet table face down. Her ankles and wrists were tied together with some sort of cord, or cable; each ankle tied to the wrist on the opposite side of her body. It was painfully straining, especially once Garrus had pulled her knees open and told her to stay that way. Tali couldn't see much like this, but she could tell from the sorts of comments she was hearing behind her that the admirals, the Geth, and even the news drones had an incredibly clear view of her absolutely sopping sex thanks to her position. Garrus had proceeded to make that view even more intimate by activating a function of her suit that she had forgotten it had, stiffening and stretching the sleeve inside her cunt so that anyone looking could see all the way inside to her pulsing cervix.

All the guests were seated now, watching her. Some trying not to look, embarrassed at her plight, some staring openly drinking in the sight of her bound breastless form. Tali could see her auntie Raan making a speech in front of her, gesturing to her, and to the Geth seated at the table with them, but between the strain from her position and the sheer excitement of her situation, Tali couldn't concentrate enough to listen.

Garrus had triggered her suit once he'd finished tying her up, and now she was slowly roasting, helpless to stop it. Not that she would even if she could. Cooking like this, immobilized and on display with every single Quarian in the galaxy watching her? Unable to escape, and with no way out? Knowing that in less than an hour she'd cease to exist and instead of Tali there would only be dinner? It was the most erotic thing she'd ever imagined; only now? It was real. Garrus was making her wildest most forbidden dream come true, and Tali loved him for it. She basked in the attention as the heat built, for real this time, around her entire body, roasting her under the warm light of Rannoch's sun.

Tali squirmed as she began to cook. She'd been marinating for weeks and the Konote and Aspa berry juice had sunk into her very being, becoming part of her as it permanently changed the flavor of her meat. Meat. That's what she was now. Meat. Dinner. She was food, and in an hour she'd ceace to exist entirely, just a full feeling in the bellies of Garrus and the Admiralty board that would fade once they digested her.

“I'm glad you decided to cook, Quarian.” Tali shivered as she head Javik speak up. “It is good you know your place. Though a shame you let the Turian cook you. I've cooked dozens of your people, I would do a much better job.”

Tali remembered how Javik's offhand comment that started all of this. The entire chain of events leading to this moment. She wanted to thank him, but Garrus had muted her helmet. 'Meat doesn't talk,' he'd explained. If not for her asking Javik how he cooked Quarians in the past she never would have realized her true purpose, she never would've ended up here, as the main course of the banquet that would bring peace and their home planet back to her people.

The heat was starting to get to her. Tali was sweating in earnest now, simmering in her own suit as she cooked in front of the entire galaxy. Keelah Se'lai, she wanted this! Tali struggled against her bonds, desperately wanting to dip her fingers into her sweltering cunt. She needed it. Goddess! She needed it!

Tali couldn't free her hands, they were trapped, just like she was, unable to do anything about her blossoming arousal. She was just as powerless there as she was to stop herself from cooking, not that she wanted to do anything about that...

Just as Tali thought she was going to go crazy from the siren call of her own libido, there was Garrus.

“You know, you really should make a short speech before you can't any more... something to leave for meat-sluts of future generations,” Garrus commanded. “I've opened up your helmet mic to the entire fleet, so make sure you say something interesting, okay?”

Tali froze. A speech? She wasn't ready to make a speech. What would she say? “Hello, I'm Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy, and... In honor of the peace treaty, I wanted to give something back to the Geth, in thanks. I thought, we should recognize the Quarians that gave their lives for this day, but also celebrate as well, and of course, we should thank the Geth as well... So... Since a meat-slut like me only really has one thing she can give out, I'm being cooked. I'm the main course for the victory feast. I hope you all enjoy me, and that those watching who don't get a bite at least enjoy watching me as I cook for you all. Thank you for cooking me!”

She heard the final click of her microphone being muted. “That was a very nice speech you little meat slut,” Garrus' voice carried into her helmet, “but it's almost time for dinner, and we're all getting hungry.”

A shiver ran down Tali's spine as Garrus condemned her to her fate. She really was meat now! Everyone could see her writhing in her restraints as she slowly roasted for their culinary pleasure. Keelah Se'lai! She'd never been this turned on before in her life! Tali could feel the heat blossoming in her crotch as Garrus activated the cooking function of the already-spread sleeve occupying her pussy. Goddess! Was this how Liara felt when Shepard and Traynor carved out her Azure? It was incredible!

Tali's suit clung to her like the warmest, tightest hug she'd ever had, straddling the fine line as it inched over the edge into discomfort. Of course, Tali didn't mind. This was what she was made for. She was just a submissive fucktoy, a meat-slut in need of cooking to reach her full potential. A little discomfort wouldn't stop her from savoring her final transformation into this incredibly historic feast.

Tali moaned as squirmed as the heat increased, but with her helmet silenced, the only one who could hear her cries of ecstasy was Garrus. Her newly flattened chest ached where her Turian lover had taken her tits from her; a poignant reminder of just how incredible it had felt to really cook.

The heat was starting to get at her, the long dried marinade becoming viscous and slippery as it mixed with her sweat. It was humid, and getting harder to breathe, but Tali was loving every second of it. She could see her now purple-stained skin slowly darkening under the growing onslaught of nearly unbearable warmth. She was cooking! She was really cooking!

Nothing could wipe the ecstatic smile from Tali's face as he deepest darkest fetish was finally realized for her. She could feel the gazes of a billion quarians, bot present and in future generations, resting on her tit-less body as she bucked and writhed, cooking and cumming in her custom suit in equal measure. The outside world faded away; the sensations building in her own body as Tali cooked pushing everything else from her mind. Her suit was silent save for the sizzling sound of her own body roasting, Garrus had cut off the external pickups, and while she could still see out her visor, her eyes were so tightly shut as she savored the exquisite blend of pain and ecstasy that it was almost as if her own sizzling flesh was the only thing that existed on the entire world of Rannoch. It was just her, and her fantasy...

Garrus stared enraptured as his toy finally got what she wanted. Her skin had turned a lurid purple, the marinade sloshed in her suit with every movement, he watched enraptured as her splayed cunt squeezed and clenched against the clear tube holding it open for everyone to see. She was really cooking. Tali was really going through with it!

A part of Garrus had thought this all some sort of frantic fever dream. It had taken time for him to adjust, to see the depth of Tali's passion for degradation, her need to be meat. It wasn't until her had roasted her tits that her true debasement had really shown through. Tali was delicious, and she had savored every last second of him eating her, even though her thoroughly roasted breasts were no longer connected to her chest by that point, she had oohed and aahed and even cum! All just from the sight of him tearing into her once supple bosom. And she was no less enthusiastic now than she had been all those nights ago when he had taken her tits from her. Garrus had muted Tali's auditory sensors, but it might be fun for everyone to hear just how big of a slut his precious little meat girl really was.

“Tali,” he whispered, “I'm turning on your mic. Be sure to let everyone know just how much you love to cook, okay?”

Garrus' words shot through her like a lightning bolt, but all that Tali could muster was an loud and pleasured groan in return. The suit worked fast, and between the heat and her own frantic arousal she was nearing exhaustion, and more than half cooked.

It took a moment for her to build up the strength to speak, but soon her words flowed, haltingly and dreamlike, from her mouth.

“Thank you all... for roasting me. This is.... Ungh! The best! The best feeling... Ah! Ever! I hope... I hope you all.... Unnngh! Enjoy eating me, uh! Uh! As much... Ah! As... Ungh! I enjoyed... Ah! Cooking … for you!”

Her words spent, the noise from Tali's suit devolved to grunts and moans, punctuated with half uttered cries of “yes!” and “more!” as she writhed, cooking, on the table before them. There was no doubt at all now that Tali was enjoying this, that the quarian was fulfilling some perverse and primal urge to be eaten, that she was meant for exactly this purpose, for exactly this moment. More than a few female Quarians in the fleet above Rannoch surreptitiously fingered on their own nervestim programs as they watched a former heroine of the fleet cum again and again as she was roasted alive; more than a few of them wondering just what it would feel like if they were to take her place.

Soon enough, Tali lost strength in her limbs, her body failing her as her muscles cooked to the point where no amount of effort would let her move them. Her head was safe, sealed into her helmet as it was, but the rest of her was well and truly cooked now, or it would be, in a few minutes. Tali sank into the sensations, feeling her body finish roasting around her as she drifted, helpless, watching the hungry, leering expressions of Garrus and the admiralty council as they waited for their meal to be served. Tali smiled. This was what she wanted. She was meat now, dinner, only a matter of minutes separated her from her fate. Tali felt... content.

In the heat of her suit, time soon lost meaning as her mind dazed its way in and out of focus, but even Tali noticed the loud nap as Garrus activated the internal amputation function of her suit, slicing off her left arm. It didn't hurt; Tali's nerves had long cooked into insensibility, but it was noticeable nonetheless. One moment her arm was there, and then with a sudden snap and a sense of pressure, it was gone.

Tali watched enthralled as her lover pulled off her limb with no more effort than a child picking up a toy. Garrus passed the arm to one of the Geth, who had at some point gathered an array of knives and other carving devices. Another snap, and Tali's remaining arm was gone, followed by each leg. She lay there, limbless, her former appendages still laying against her smooth clear suit, as she watched the Geth slice open the material covering her arm and begin carving off the tender meat inside; like slices of a sausage, or a steak... Keelah Se'lai! She'd never noticed just how wonderful she smelled now that she was meat!

One by one Garrus took her limbs from her, handing them to the Geth until she was nothing more than a titless, limbless torso with her cunt splayed open obscenely as she lay, helpless on her back. She was a useless, quivering, pile of meat, just as she'd imagined every night since her talk with Jaavik. Out of the corners of her gaze, she could see the admiralty board eating her, her auntie Raan smiling as she bit into a meaty section of Tali's former thigh. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but they seemed to be happy, enjoying themselves as they devoured her piece by piece.

Soon, every person at the table had a bit of her on her plate, every person save for Garrus, that is.

Garrus leaved forward and unfastened Tali's helmet, exposing her to an avalanche of praise and good cheer from the diners she was feeding, but in that moment, her only focus was on Garrus and his beautiful blue eyes.

“Why.... why aren't you eating?” Tali asked, her throat dry, as she breathed in the fresh air of Rannoch for the first time ever, the first Quarian to do so in thousands of years.

“I had my eye on a very special cut of meat,” Garrus replied smirking, “would you like to share it with me?”

Tali tried to nod, but her neck lacked the strength. Instead, she smiled widely as she could. “Of.... of course,” she added, wondering just what cut of meat Garrus wanted, and imagining just how she might taste.

“I'm glad to hear that, my tasty little morsel. You don't mind if I harvest it myself, do you?” he asked, showing off an omni-blade shaped like a paring knife.

Tali's eyes widened, but she was meat, this was her purpose, to be carved and eaten. If that's what Garrus wanted to do to her, than how could she refuse him? “Anything... you want... Garrus,” Tali replied and her lover smiled in recognition as he gently kissed her lips, before twisting her around so that instead of her head facing him, her hips did.

The phantom sensation of Tali's first, and probably last kiss lingered on her lips. With her imminent and impending demise on the tongues of Garrus and the admiralty board secured, she could savor it wholeheartedly, not having to worry if she'll become ill from it, or if the gentlest touch of her lover's mandibles might kill her. Her fate was set, and nothing, not even her first kiss, could change it now.

Garrus roused his lover from her daydream by the simple expedient of ramming his omni-blade right into the edge of her pussy, where it met the junction of her thigh. He could feel a ghost of Tali's clenching muscles around the still active cyllinder splaying her treasure open for his view, but with her muscles cooked nearly completely, and without any limbs to brace with, there was no way Tali's almost infantile movements could disrupt him as he carved out the most sensitive spot in Tali's entire body.

Tali wanted to cum. She was on the edge just from the thought of what was happening to her! Garrus was carving out her cunt! How many times had she touched herself at night, fantasizing about this very moment, about Garrus ruining her as a woman in order to enjoy her as meat? Keelah Se'lai! This was everything she'd ever dreamed of! But.... there was something missing. She couldn't feel it. Her cunt was too far cooked. She couldn't feel the simmering agony as Garrus carved his way around her cunt. She couldn't even feel the wrenching loss of her womanhood as Garrus wrenched it free from her, trailing her womb and all four of her fully basted ovaries behind it. Tali wanted to cum, but she couldn't she was too far gone.

Still, Tali didn't regret it at all as Garrus approached with his prize, holding it by the see-through shell of her suit, so as not to get his fingers dirty. Tali had had plenty of chances to admire her own pussy over the last couple of weeks, her new suit allowing her to see it whenever she wanted, and the spreader letting her see deeper than she'd ever seen before; but Tali had never seen anyone's pussy this close before, much less her own.

She was bleeding out now, she couldn't feel it, but she knew it. She had maybe a minute to go? Maybe two? Maybe less? But Tali didn't mind at all. This was her purpose. She'd made so many other people happy in giving up her life for Garrus that she couldn't bring herself to regret it. She was content.

“Well, my little morsel? Do you want an ovary? Or a lip?” Garrus asked, stroking each part of his newly harvested prize in turn to emphasize his meaning.

Tali's mind flashed back to the airlock, laying naked on the floor as Garrus mentioned that her ovaries were the best part. She didn't want to deprive him of that, but... she had four, and he was offering her a choice.

“An... an ovary, please,” Tali begged her master to give her back one of parts he'd taken from her. Garrus smiled, placing her cunt on the flattened ruins of her bosom, and carving off an ovary with a flick of his omni-blade. The small globe rolled down her neck until it touched her chin. It was moist, and a lurid purple from the sauce that had infused it over the weeks she'd been on display. Garrus bent to pick it up and popped it into her mouth, leaving Tali stunned as her tongue explored the new addition to its space.

It was soft, and pliant, like a gel filled sack almost. It was moist too, and tasty. Like nothing she'd ever eaten before, and... since this would be her last meal, she'd never eat anything like it again either. Tali smiled, it seemed right that she herself was the tastiest thing she'd ever eat; it made her confident in her choices, happy she'd taken the path she had. Without any more time wasted, Tali bit down.

Flavor unparalleled exploded in her mouth. It was gooey, with almost bubble-like jellies within. Each one ready to burst forth more flavor at the slightest touch of her tongue. She was sweet, and savory at the same time, perfectly blended together to the point where Tali couldn't tell whether her ovaries would make a better appetizer or a dessert! Tali moaned with arousal. Doing this, eating her own ovaries as her lover watched her savor every bite? It was the most erotic thing she'd ever done.

Tali closed her eyes as Garrus leaned in to kiss her, licking softly at her lips for a hint of the equisite taste.

Tali smiled.

“Thank you Tali,” Garrus whispered, pulling away. “I'll never forget you as long as I live.”

Tali never opened her eyes again.


great story, happy to see it complete!


And here's the Epilogue! This series is now COMPLETED!

Tali'Nel nar Rannoch stared at her girlfriend Tara'Vara nar Rannoch's body as it turned slowly on the spit in front of her. Tara looked incredible as she roasted, completely naked, for their village's Rannoch day celebration, giving her life in honor of the great struggle their people endured before they returned to Rannoch, just like her own namesake, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy did over a hundred years ago; back when Quarians still wore suits.

Tali'Nel was looking forward to the feast. As her girlfriend, she'd be the one on the stage carving out Tara's pussy, and sharing it with her, just like Garrus had for Tali in those ancient vid-recordings they watched in school just before last year's Rannoch Day celebration. If it weren't for those vids, Tara wouldn't be on that spit. It would have been one of the girls standing next to her and watching, Yana'Zethos, maybe? Or maybe Lolu'Nari?

Of course, they had seen those vids in class, and Tali had caught Tara surreptitiously masturbating as they watched her own namesake cum in endless waves as she was roasted and carved.

The sight of it had been so hot.

They'd started dating that week, after Tali had called her out in private. For over a year they'd dated, getting closer, kissing and... and more. Not too much though, Tara was incredibly shy, and while she'd allowed Tali to talk her into being the centerpiece at the Rannoch Day celebration, Tali had never managed to quite talk her way into her girlfriend's pants.

It was sort of fitting, wasn't it that her first taste of her girlfriend's pussy would also be her last? For both of them? Sort of romantic really.

Tali wondered if her namesake realized just what she'd set in motion over a century ago when she'd decided to roast. Once on Rannoch, the Quarian birthrate had boomed, and it didn't take much for people to start celebrating Rannoch Day more 'authentically'. Had Tali known that over a hundred years later her people would still be remembering her as a hero? Still naming their daughters after her? Still emulating her selfless last sacrifice? Tali'nel nar Rannoch didn't know for sure, but she hoped that her namesake would be happy with the outcome.



a great surprise before the holidays - tnx for finishing it! :)


a glorious end cap on a fantastic series. great work as always TVB.

cant wait to read what story and setting you come up with next


Glad you enjoyed it!I wanted to get it out before the end of the year, so I'm glad that worked out well.

A new Setting? Well, it's not a new setting, but I am working on another Amy Pond Snuff-O-Gram story now that I don't have Tali looming over me. It should be enjoyable, especially if you enjoyed the last two.


Definatly loved the snuf-o-grams. and very much looking forward to another now that you say its on the way!


So sad to see that this universe is done for now; was looking forward to seeing FemShep and maybe Ashley doing their own eager dances on a spit.

Oh well, this was fun while it lasted!


Glad you enjoyed it. I may come back to it in the future, but It'll probably be side stories with Asari girls.

I suppose I have a male Shepard version set in ME1 that I should continue at some point (which involves Ashley), but I'm not great at writing males for whatever reason.

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