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Crawling forward eagerly on all fours His obedient cuntnun wriggles whorishly to His boot, brainlessly prostrating as she simpers in sluttish slavery beneath Him, her adoring eyes gazing up at the glorious Lord as she lewdly rubs her tongue along side his boot. "Praise Him, worship Him, obey Him, forever." His fanatically fawning fuckpuppet coo's as her drooling, painted lips press an adoring kiss against His shoe, her reverent gaze turned up towards the almighty Lord above her. Astride His dread throne above her, the dominant Lord pays the pathetic cunt little mind, one of many crowding at the feet of His dread avatar, the abhorrent throne crafted of the cuntmeat of many young sluts, each sexualized remnant squirming to serve the supreme Lord. The chapel resounds with the slavishly chanted prayers unto the Lord of Doom, His power absolute, granting both the mercy of continued life in service to Him, and death in blessed sacrifice unto Him, at His mere whim.*


Mmmm, Yes, Master, Your doll wants only to offer worship and praise unto You. Your obedient nunslut knows that it was by Your will she was taken, taught, and still learns to obey and worship You. *Your sexdoll lewdly licks Your shoe as she coos,* You continue to train Your fucktoy in in the divine precepts of Your religion.


: *In adoring and abject obedience Your fawning fucktoy mewls at Your boots, her tiny, feeble female brain quivering in time with her seething sexslit, mewling and praising mouth and hungry, vacant cunt drooling in tandem to obey and serve Male Cock, Your huge shaft pulsing demandingly above her dumb, dominated head.* Lord of Murder, Death Divine, i am Yours until the end of time. *Your simpering, maleable nunpuppet moans, her rubbercoated cuntflesh jiggling in unabashed adoration of the almighty Master.*


I preffer lighter climate. If murder is not required check out this band:


Sorry, but this is simply terrible.


*His quivering and stunned, stupid cunt shaking her vapid head, knowing that sacrifice and subjugation unto Him is _always_ required, the wicked tread of His bloody boots absorbing all of her feeble, female attention as she eagerly and wantonly debases her rubberclad fuckflesh on all fours below Him. "All glory and praise unto You, Master." His cooing cumdoll purrs as she rubs her pretty, painted face alongside His malefic shoe, her empty head just another over-sized and empty melon to be crushed beneath His boot. The lewdly jiggling sexdoll squirms in supplication to the Lord, her voluptuous body writhing filthily upon the floor of His immaculate temple.*


I've learned a few more words, you have a pretty great vocabulary. I guess I can thank you for that :D
I like the detail of your descriptions, but the scene seems a bit too static...nothing really happens other than the sluts moaning or squirming at the feet of this...Lord of Doom. Of course...if that's what gets you off, there's no problem with you writing about it.
Also,your phrases are way too drawn out and it's hard to tell much about what's going on. You could try lessening your adjective count. <- just friendly advice


I think this is nice, just the way it is. It sets out to do one thing, and it does it well.

Although once I get a few sentences in, I start to imagine Will Ferrell narrating this, and it gets weird.

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