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First time actually posting something... Enjoy!

Sirens' Last Song=

Chapter 1: The Last Dazzle

After a month of that song being on top, I'm sick of listening to this no-good hack and her cronies stealing my crowds.... but it would be a crime to just waste her gorgeous body. And since she's the leader, she can go first. Getting her alone was first part, and luckily, it wasn’t the least bit difficult. I found her trying to “sing” alone in an alley close by.

With the element of surprise on my side, I quickly was able to chloroform her without a struggle. I picked her up and brought her to my empty warehouse to enact my revenge. Once there, I strip her carefully, sit her in a chair by a bed, bind her arms and legs with heavy duty rope, duct tape her mouth, and wait for her to wake just out of sight.

I watched her wake and panic. I let her fret for a bit before revealing myself. Her eyes first narrow as she recognizes me, when widen as she sees the knife in my hand. I walk towards her slowly and as intimidating as possible. When I reach her, I give her my ultimatum.

“Your mouth opens, You die. Understand, Adagio.” It wasn’t a question.

I ripped the tape off her mouth quickly. She doesn't make a sound. Good, I thought. Don't want this to be over too quickly. I shallowly cut her along each thigh once, twice, finally a third time. She whimpers, but her mouth doesn't open, so I move to her midriff. A single cut there and she screams.


Before she can realize her mistake, I hilt her face hard. I pounded her face until I hear her choke on my cock, then I pull out. I grab the back of her head and pull it so I can look her in the eyes.

“Now, I take your pride and joy.” I said.

I slit her lovely little throat and watch the light leave her eyes. After I’m sure she’s dead, I untie her and move her to the bed so can enjoy her more thoroughly. I insert my dick into her virgin pussy and start thrusting slowly. As I fuck her corpse, a thought comes to me.

This is a nice fuck. I wonder if the boys at the Mirror Pool can make me a subservient clone of this bitch and her goons. But first, I finish inside and finish cutting her head off.

I gotta finish the set.


Don't know if anyone liked Ch. 1 but, Gotta finish the set

Chapter 2: Blaze of Glory

I didn’t have to look for the second one on my list, as she literally came to me a week later. She knocked on my warehouse’s door with a single flyer in one hand and concern on her face. I was sitting in my surveillance room at the time, having just rewatched my performance from before yet again. I pushed the button for the intercom at the door.

“Hello, my name is Aria Blaze. I’m looking for my friend, Adagio Dazzle. She sometimes hides around here. She’s been missing for a week and we’re worried.”

“We?” I faked concern. I knew who she was talking about, but I did have one question myself.

“My other friend Sonata and I.”

“And you haven’t gone to the police?”

“We have no legal papers, so they can’t help.”

I open the automatic door. “Come in and maybe I can help you see her again.” I said before turning off the intercom. I watch her walk in before grabbing a couple tools for my meeting: a pistol, fishing wire, rope, and brass knuckles. Adagio may have been the leader, but Aria was the first one I thought of killing. Before ending her, I needed to release all of my stress. I went to "greet” her.

She had her back to me as I entered the front area, seemingly looking for me. I quickly and quietly approached her, taking care not to reveal myself. When I got right behind her, I struck her in the head with the pistol. She fell out cold. Knowing she’d be out for awhile, I got to work stripping her, binding her hands to her with the fishing line and tying the rope into a noose especially for her neck.

I finished securing the noose as she came to. As she couldn’t break the line, I picked her up and placed her on the stool so that she was standing.

“What do you want? I have money.” The purple-haired cunt asked.

“Your life,” I placed the noose around her neck. “Ended brutally.” I pulled out my pistol and blew off both her kneecaps. As she started to hang, I put on the brass knuckles. For a full minute, I treated her body as a punching bag. I didn’t strike her face, but every other part of her body was fair game.

With my fury sated, I removed my pants and fucked her until the only movements were twitches. Then, I cut her body down and finished in her throat. With the second part of my project done, I gently removed a couple hairs for the Mirror Pool and removed her head for later fun times.


Chapter 3: The Last Siren Song

Three weeks had passed since I relieved myself of the second siren. Now, it was time for the last one: Sonata. I had an anonymous note delivered to her earlier and now I was sitting in the front area waiting for her to arrive. I had both previous recordings on televisions on either side of me.

I watched her knock on the door so timidly, no sound came from it. I opened the door anyway and beckoned her to approach.

“Y-y-you know where my sisters are? Adagio and Aria?”

I nodded and she came in. I closed the door and locked every lock in the building. She would not leave this place still breathing.

I pointed to a second chair, this one facing the TVs. “Sit.”

As she did as instructed, I turned both TVs on and played the first video on one TV. After that one finished, I played the other one on the second TV. Sonata saw everything. Not a single detail did I allow her to miss. After the second video finished, she was in tears.

“You’re going to kill me as well.” She cried.

“Not if you follow my directions to the letter.” I said. Unfortunately, I planned my directions so the last one wouldn’t be doable. “Now, Strip, and do it slowly.”

I watched what would be her last show with excitement, my member jumping to full mast when she got to her undergarments. After she finished, she looked to me and paled and the sight of my now ten-inch dick.

“Come hear.” I said. Reluctantly, she listened. “Suck me off and swallow. No teeth.”

She put her mouth at the tip and eagerly began sucking as if a quick finish would save her. Each bob took her a little farther down my shaft. When she got halfway down my shaft, I grabbed her head and hilted her face and came. She tried to swallow, but there was just so much that it spilled out her nose. I didn’t comment on her early failure, but Instead said, “Now it’s time for your pussy. Go to the bed.”

She swallowed what was still on her lips and laid on the bed face up. When she was in position, I came over to her and stuck my middle finger in her cunt. I fingered her until she came.

“Time for the main event.” I said as I tasted her honey-sweet juices. “Flip over.”

I gently poked my dick on her pussy before roughly shoving it in and fucking her doggy-style. Her virgin moans were like music to my ears. However, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. I felt myself on the verge, so I sat Sonata up and, as I came, snapped her neck a full 180, so I was the last thing she’d ever see. Her lifeless body fell back onto the bed as I emptied my balls in her cunt.

“For what is worth, I enjoyed you most.” I said as I gathered the hair for the Mirror Pool. “And don’t worry, you’ll want this next time.”

I hope you enjoyed my story
If you wish to read more (as in a sequel), just Say so


Remarkable. But I'd love to see more depth. Why is this person doing it..who are they..

The mirror pool idea isn't too bad. I may borrow that..though i..don't know how to explain where I found the idea ;)

Either way I'd love to see more. Clones unaware they are clones can be so satisfying when they realize it.


I was preparing to write something new, and forgot I wrote this little bit. Here's the epilogue...


I had just come home from another stressful day. Another song-writing deadline passed in the nick of time. As I enter my home, I smell something lovely coming from the kitchen. Four sets of cloned eyes lock onto me as I slam the door.

“Another rough day, Honey?” One of the Aria clones asked as she took my coat.

“Nothing a ‘Night Session’ can’t fix.”

As I say that, two more figures come from the kitchen. “Night Session?” One Adagio clone asked.

“Yes, and this time I’ll be taking three of you.”

All six clones in the room do some sort of different happy dance as I go to prepare the tools for tonight. Rope, knives, brass knuckles, and more sit in the back room specifically for these night snuff sessions. For tonight, I grab a silenced pistol, a garrote wire, and a knife.

I have to thank those Mirror Pool guys later, I thought as I remembered the fun I’ve had with the thirty or so clones I’ve ‘playtested.’ But now, I have Bitches to kill.

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