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'One cannot easily become professional idol.' Thought Nico on her way to somewhere. ‘Unless they would live very long and, while doing a regular job, work on their idol career. It’s a great opportunity! I can be an artist, an accountant, a doctor, a leader, I can do sport… If only I wasn’t so small, but it would still be worth it.’

She was on her way to antioxidant embedding. Apparently, you get an injection and your aging becomes very slow. It is advertised that one can live up to thousand years.

She visited the designated doctor’s office and sat down to talk to him.

“So…” She asked. “There’s this one thing that worries me.”
“Ask whatever you want, young lady.”
“How much does it cost? I’m not a rich person, so I would pay in installments, but I couldn’t find the price anywhere.”
“Oh, it’s free.”
“Uhh…” Nico was confused. “Free? I don’t get it. You’re joking with me, right? What’s the cache?”
“Cache is… The aging cure is in its experimental stage. We normally pay people who are our test subjects, but so far tests have proven pretty impressive, so we consider slow aging to be a sufficient reward to them.”
“Oh! Experimental! Uhh… I did not expect that hehe…”
“As I said, it works pretty well and no one died from it yet. Somewhere in this building is our new model patient.”

The doctor called the patient on the cell phone, and she came. She was young, dyed blonde and beautiful.

“It’s basically her job to stay here 8 hours per day and talk to our potential customers.” He said as he was taking out documents and even newspapers, proving it’s her and that the experiment had been done on her.

Nico and the woman talked for a while. It had only been a year since she was injected with the antioxidants, but she didn’t experience any side effects so, even if the cure wouldn’t work, it would be worth trying.

“What is the procedure?”
“Well, we go in intensive care room for just in case we need it. We inject you and you write us reports on how your day was, if you noticed anything strange and so on. Of course, you need to sign a contract with which you take responsibility for all side effects and become obligated to report to us periodically.”
“It sounds really simple.”
“It is, and we can start whenever you want.”

Nico politely asked to start immediately, and the doctor gladly accepted. Doctor told the model patient to go home for the day.

So they went to the designated room, and the nurse was already there. Nico sat on the bed and the doctor prepared the injection.

“Umm… this won’t hurt, will it?” Nico became scared when she saw the needle.
“Don’t worry. It’s just like a vaccine.”

Nico received the shot in her arm, and was instructed to stay for a few more minutes. Not to be bored, she started the conversation about the aging cure.

“So, does the cure slow aging or does it also do something else?”
“Well, stops body development, speeds up body regeneration, you don’t need to eat, you don’t need to sleep, your skin does not need to breathe…”

Not needing to eat sounded very good, but not needing to sleep kind of worried her.
“Umm… What do you mean? Could I experience insomnia or something like that?”
“No, but you will not have to sleep. If you do a week without sleeping, you might even stop feeling sleepy.”

“Uhhh… I feel a little dizzy…” Nico felt weird.
“I know. That’s the paralyzing agent.”
“What? What- What paralyzing agent?”
“The one we mixed with the cure. It will keep you motionless for the next few hours.”

Nico was shocked.
“Well, you’re going to sacrifice for a better world.”
“No way! I did not sign up for that!”
“I quite believe you did.”

The doctor then scanned the signature of the contract that Nico signed, and took out another, different contract. He put it in something that looked like a copy machine, which faked Nico’s signature on the different contract. The old contract was thrown in the shredder.

“What?! What is this?!” She yelled as she got off the bed and fell down on the floor.
“It’s a contract with which you give up all your constitutional rights, and present yourself to Live Energetics company, which specializes in new form of renewable energy.”
“Let me go! You tricked me! I never signed that!” She yelled on the floor, unable to get up.
“I’m afraid you did. Right now.”

The nurse then picked Nico up as she was screaming.
Nurse put Nico on a transparent plastic seat filled with metal robotic components, and pulled one of her arms up. Nico was sitting on her legs, on the plastic. She pushed a button, and the seat then used its own sides to encase whole Nico. Nico was then fully encased in plastic. Even if she wasn’t paralyzed, she wouldn’t be able to move anymore. Not an inch of her body, except for her right hand that was out above the encasement, and the lungs that had space for breathing. Nico’s screams were no longer heard as the plastic was perfectly sound isolated. You could, however, see her eyes hysterically crying, and her lungs rushing in panic.

Then the plastic container’s robotics pushed a wide tube in Nico’s mouth, deep in her throat.

“Breathing tube has been set up properly. Live Energy device can now proceed.” Said the nurse, with a cold, fully neutral look in her eyes, and a slight polite smile on her face.

Then ultra-thin variants of six-axis robots pierced through Nico’s nipples and started spreading 6 blades right beneath her skin. Nico’s eyes rolled and cried in torment. The robot then started spinning the blades below Nico’s breast skin.

“Skin torturers are now set up beneath the skin of her small breasts. They seem to be working correctly. The breast meat mixer is inside her breasts and, although we cannot see it, it seems to be working just fine. Lets proceed.”

Then same thin robots pierced on various locations of her body, 2 of them were in each side of her groin and outer pussy lips. They all spread their blades and started spinning, and poor Nico’s tormented face was unrecognizable.

“All skin torturers have been set up correctly and seem to be working fine. We will proceed.”

The skin torturers then stopped spinning, but she was still in pain. Then tiny thin drills started drilling through her left hand fingers, all of her toes and her heels. They drilled deep inside and kept spinning.

“Finger, toe and heel bone torturers have been set up. They seem to be working properly.”

The drills then shut down. Then 2 more thin 6 axis robots pierced through lower part of Nico’s tummy and she seemed to experience pain she hasn’t experienced before.

“Ovary vibrators have been set up and are working correctly.” Nico was having her ‘female balls’ horribly tortured.

Then big chain started going up the breathing tube. It went into her mouth and proceeded further, deep inside Nico.

“The subject seems to be able to breathe, which means the chain successfully avoided her lungs and entered her gullet.”

In 3 minutes, as Nico was in more and more pain, it exited through her ass. The designated component then connected the end of the chain with its beginning. The chain then kept circularly moving through Nico’s body, through all of her intestines, which you could see as rumbling inside her intestines.

“Inner organ torturer has been set up. It seems to be working fine.”

The device then put 3 needles in Nico’s left arm veins.

“Water and just-in-case life support has been added. Her sweat, urine and water vaporizing from her skin will be automatically distilled and fed to her vein, so she doesn’t thirst to death. The device had been successfully set up, the subject is producing plenty of energy.”

The nurse then unplugged the device, but the chain kept moving.

“The device has successfully applied the self-sustaining cycle. The subject is producing much more than enough energy to keep it running. It will switch torture methods randomly so that the subject gives maximum amount of energy every day through 24-hour period. The device needs no more interference with the operators.”

“Great!” Said doctor. “We are getting plenty of patients, so soon the whole country will be based on renewable and endless pain energy! People will be able to live their luxury electric lives even after fossil fuels will be depleted!”

The device containing Nico was then taken away, to the next stage in the process, whatever it is. Nico was feeling extreme pain in her stomach as the device was currently torturing her insides. Her face was a face of despair, torment, and begging for help.


2 years later an old engineer was going into a Live Power Plant for a maintenance checkup. He brought a young engineer with him, who was supposed to replace him after he retired. It was a filed containing hundreds of black metal boxes. Each and every one of them had a right female hand sticking out from the top. Some hands were moving ragingly, signalizing and begging for help, some squeezing and stretching from pain, and some only shivered from pain.

“Do you never shut them down for maintenance?” Young man asked.
“No. We just look at them to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. It’s not like we supply them with energy ourselves. I mean, we would shut one down if it malfunctioned, but it never happened and it shouldn’t happen any time soon. We clean their hands periodically, so doctors can check their blood and see if everything is OK. That’s why hands are sticking out.”
“Why are they all female?”
“Uhh…” Old engineer was caught off guard. “I don’t know. I guess there are plants with men only too.”

Then the young one saw a box with initials NY.

“Is flat-chested idol Nico in this one?”
“Yes. It is marvelous how courageous some people are to save their own nation.”

Nico’s hand was shivering and her fingers were stretching and squeezing from pain. And it was the only thing visible of her. The rest of her body, and all of its sounds, were hidden by the device and the black thick metal box that encased it.

Young one put his hand in hers. She squeezed it immediately, moving his hand left and right, as if she was begging for help.

“It’s best not to try to comfort them.” The old guy said.
“I’m not trying to comfort her. This feels so cool!”
“I mean, I’m wondering what’s going on in there. How exactly the device is torturing her at the moment.”
“Uhh… Hahah. Yea, I do that too. You got me.”
“Yea, I knew you weren’t such an innocent old man! You’re a sicko son of a bitch like myself.”
“Yes, that’s why they hired me. It’s fascinating how you give them just a small piece of hope and they follow it like it’s their whole world. And then they realize you were joking. You get them every single time, no matter how many times you do it.”

The guy then let go of her hand. Nico was shaking her hand around, hysterically signalizing him to save her.

“You know, when I asked why they were all female, it was a rhetorical question.”
“I figured out just now. But I was serious when I said there are male only Live Power Plants.”
“We’re all such perverts. How cruel.”

From then further, Nico was just a part of a self-sustaining torture device, which converts spiritual energy into electrical energy and even supplies itself. Her screams could not be heard, and she couldn’t even twitch anything but her lungs and right hand. She was basically a black box with a small human hand. Unfortunately, her will to live longer had turned into a horror. All she wanted was more opportunities in life, and trying multiple careers through time. Poor little Nico will now remain in extreme, nonstop, varying torment for the rest of her extended lifetime.


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