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Alyssa was, in simple terms, nothing short of eye candy-- and she knew it. Walking into the doors of Oceanside’s All Girls Preparatory Academy, she walked with a bounce in her step, and her boobs.

During school hours it was open warfare of the sexual appeal type. Her uniform, a white collared shirt with the school’s emblem on the left breast, was left unbuttoned and exposing cleavage, and her blue and black plaid skirt was just passing in terms of dress code. One could usually find her staring off absentmindedly in class, twirling a lock of her blonde hair around her finger and smirking to herself.

In fact, this type of arrogant and conceited behavior was one of the many things that caused an upstart in Sara’s hatred for her-- the final nail in the coffin was when her boyfriend confessed to cheating with the Oceanside Princess herself. Sara bitterly wondered if the same situation would have happened had she dressed less modestly, showed some more cleavage, and dyed her neatly styled black hair and side bangs platinum blonde. But even still, Sara could have moved on with her life and turned the other way, if not for what happened next.

At one point, not long after her boyfriend had split with her, in a fit of uncharacteristic rage (much different from her usual shy and calm demeanor) she approached Alyssa after class. It was just the two of them there. A few back and forth remarks to the blonde and Sara felt as if she was coming out on top in the word war.

"Hopefully this bitch’ll go and shoot her brains out if I say the right things," Sara recalled thinking to herself at that moment. But whether it was from the adrenaline of the situation, or the rice and beans she had eaten for lunch, her stomach began to bubble.

It was nothing major, at least not at first, but as the gurgling became audible and the feeling of discomfort grew, Sara felt herself standing more and more upright as she clenched her ass.

“Without those tits, you wouldn’t be a-anything,” Sara had said, her intestines uncomfortably lurching. Alyssa, who was standing beside a desk with a darkening expression, seemed to have had enough, and in an instant she had swiftly reached out to push the other. Off guard and startled, Sara had released all the built up gases from the day in a series of soft bursts as soon as her ass hit the ground. Pbbbbf, ppppffft, prrbt.

Were it not for the putrid eggy stench that hit Alyssa’s nose and wafted throughout the room, she might not have even noticed. At that moment, it was just two girls in an empty classroom, getting ready to rip at each other’s throats, with a putrid smell lingering between them.

Alyssa involuntarily looked taken aback, her hand reaching up to cover her nose. “You’re such a disgusting little girl,” she remarked, taking another step towards Sara and pinning her against the the neighboring row of desks. “You came here hoping to get the upper hand on me, ruin my reputation, maybe?” She smirked, but pulled out her now recording cellphone. “That won’t be the case, especially not when the whole school sees that Sara Marie is a gassy little pig.”

Sara was mortified, her mind ready to retaliate, but her gut was continuing to bubble, the pressure welling up inside of her. She had to focus 100% of her attention on suppressing her gurgling farts. But with nowhere to run to, and a devious Alyssa crouched in front of her, camera phone in hand, it was hard for her to contain it all. In the end, she couldn’t, and was forced to show the camera her unclenched ass as she horrifyingly let out her stink. Alyssa had even at one point seemed to be enjoying the flustered Sara’s cries of protest.

It seemed almost ironic that the very next day while exiting the school grounds Alyssa was grabbed at a street corner and forced into a car, blindfolded and bound. As for where she was taken, not even Alyssa knew, but when the blindfold was removed she was in a dimly lit room with a group of figures dressed in dark clothing, faces obscured.

Upon spotting the metallic glint of a gun she immediately began to panic, sure that the people meant to kill her. In a sick twist of fate, one of the figures moved towards her, pulling out a camera. Another approached with an already open can of beans. Alyssa began to breathe heavily, squirming against her restraints. The kidnappers pushed a spoonful to her mouth and she was forced to eat against her will, crying and screaming, until her stomach was so full she felt sick.

As if by command, her intestines felt full and something churned within her. If her hands weren’t tied behind her back, she would have grabbed her stomach. Instead, she just looked at her kidnappers with wet eyes and stuttering breaths.
One of the people yelled, “Now stop holding it in and fart on camera, you bitch.”

Alyssa snivelled and sobbed loudly as her pants were taken off and her legs were forced above her shoulders. She shook her head, clenching herself tightly. She didn’t want to do this. A finger gently touched her anus, a finger pushing her open so that she was unable to hold back. With a final cry of denial, a sudden burst of air was expelled in a low rumble and the same familiar smells from the classroom the day prior had returned. It stunk. Sara’s assault was a power show, this was just straight up humiliation.

Alyssa’s stomach hurt, she had digested food that would induce the grossest and most smelliest farts, and Sara, she had endured no such thing. Alyssa felt humiliated, turning her face away from the camera. At one point she gave up trying to hold back and her farts were shamelessly recorded, the sulfuric smells spreading. A hand reached out to spread her cheeks again and the camera recorded her slightest twitches and sputters. She was completely exposed.

At the end of the assault, she was forcefully lifted onto a table and something small was forced deep into her ear canal. Soon after, she was dumped off on the side of a road in the middle of the night virtually unharmed, albeit a bit shaken up.

A few days passed, and despite everything Alyssa felt well enough to be back at school. She walked through the tiled hallways once more, the swing in her step still as voluptuous as ever, after all, she had cheated death, hadn’t she? She entered the classroom and sat behind her desk, placing her bag next to her, haphazardly listening to the professor’s lecture.

Minutes ticked by on the clock and Alyssa felt herself begin to sweat, why was it so hot? Her fingers brushed against her forehead, a dull ache pulsating in between her eyes. Her first thought was that she was coming down with a cold, she had been through a lot of stress lately… it was nothing. Another few minutes, more odd symptoms. She was having to breathe hard in order to stop herself from nearly passing out. Why was it so hot? What was this weird pain? Begrudgingly, she stood up. She had to go to the nurse, this was too much for her to handle. She raised her hand, opening her mouth to speak, all eyes shifted to her. “Professor, may I go to the nu--” she began, halting mid sentence.

The ticking of the “classroom clock” was so loud she could barely hear herself speak, and in that instance, the heat permeated her brain, her skull, and an entire 5 feet radius around her as her head was reduced to a red mush that splattered in chunks upon the floors. The inserted object was none other than a mini bomb, and in the span of a few short moments the Oceanside Princess’ head was reduced to a bloody stump.

The students were quiet until the the muffled thud of Alyssa’s decapitated body hit the floor and firm yet squishy shit spread from beneath her skirt, smearing onto the floor. Then, they screamed shrilly, some cried and ran for the doors, and others were frozen in place with eyes wide in horror, hands clamped tightly over their mouths to stop the flood of vomit at the pungent stench of human excrement.

Even days after, no matter how many janitors cleaned the floors, the tragedy that had happened could not be swept under the rug. The girls who had witnessed Alyssa’s death were so shaken that even trained grief counselors had difficulty soothing them.

But the question of what, or rather who was behind Alyssa’s death remained. The one who had hired the kidnappers and ultimately paid them to murder Alyssa was sat in the bathroom stall of the school, hands shaking.

Someone’s death was on Sara’s hands, and it was far too late to go back. Her chest hurt so much she was dry heaving. She could no longer live with herself, and she unzipped her pink bag to reveal a gun which she then raised to her head.

The images of Alyssa’s death, the mourning that took place after, the crying parents, the screaming kids, it pushed her off the edge. In an instant, she pushed the barrel to her forehead and pulled the trigger. The bullet tore through her insides and splattered the pink and red brain mass throughout the stall, covering the wall behind her in a thick and gooey mist. It was over.


this was actually very good... cant believe a girl wrote it... she must be chill...


Love it


needs more farts :3




do write more!!!


loved it

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