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lf. Apr. 22, 2359

- No Unauthorized Access or Distribution -
- Be aware this report has been marked distressing by Cpt. Maria Buchann -

Priority Addendum: This is Buchann. I know many of you view it as disrespectful, but we're keeping a log of what happened to Sarah. We have to follow protocol. I'll mark the file as distressing. Don't forget that we're going to wipe these things out when the orbital squad arrives.

REPORT: Fate of Astronaut and Alien Life Researcher, Lt. Sarah Jules
SUB-REPORT: Reproductive Behavior of Hostile Titan Organism (Exact Species Unknown)

SUMMARY: Drop rescue team deployed 50 seconds from distress signal to Lt. Sarah Jules research vessel, marked 145.66hacc from Titan northpoint. Recorded events simulated by site findings.

Vessel hull was breached by native Titan organism, which entered main corridor behind cockpit, trapping Lt. Jules. Cockpit was sealed, and emergency distress signal sent. Magnetized cockpit security doors were torn through moments later. Sidearm of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit, unloaded. High durability personal body armor of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit storage, unworn. Audio-pressure logs (summarized below) indicate Lt. Jules falling to her knees and attempting to reason with the creature, irrationally. Unknown appendage grips Sarah's hair, pulling her up, off of her feet, and finally suspending her, no doubt uncomfortably. Lt. Jules cries, shouting obscenities in a manner our psychological department has described as "panicked." A, organic pop and tear are heard in succession, along with incoherent screaming from Lt. Jules. Pressure logs then indicate the weight of one female arm colliding with the cockpit floor. Each of Sarah's limbs are similarly ripped from her, along with her uniform in its entirety. The Lt. discontinues screaming, now rather howling in pain, but surprisingly (and unfortunately) retaining consciousness. Extended research team believes the creature was removing any potential threats with these actions; suspending and disarming its prey of the arms and legs where it might retain natural weaponry. Following her limbs, by that same logic, the breasts of Lt. Jules were subsequently removed, pulled from her chest individually with great force. It is a testament to the will of Sarah that she was able to beg coherently, after the removal of four limbs and one breast, that the creature not take her second. However, the organism removed her second breast immediately. Several moments pass; the creature holds Sarah by her hair, and Sarah howls deeply, in a tone now described as "defeated." At this point, Lt. Jules apparently notices something, and begins to beg, as recorded below, along with auditory summaries:

LT. SARAH JULES (tone: hysterical): "Oh no. No. No. No. No. No. Please. Please. Please no. Please no." *Harsh screaming, accompanied by sounds of tearing flesh* "Fuck. Kill me. Kill me." *words become incoherent*

The organism attempts reproduction by impaling Sarah (entering by vaginal opening, exiting by mouth) with a hard detachable organic stinger, roughly seven feet in length. Her hair is then released, and she is left upright, suspended on the spike. The walls of the organic spear secrete a mucous dense with exceptionally small eggs, which are no doubt intended to grow within Sarah's bodymass. The entering spear burst through Sarah's womb, dividing it, but missed her heart. Sarah's teeth can be heard biting against the organic spike as she dies.

Sarah's body was recovered. A female drop rescue worker, May Donnet, was pulled to the moon's surface by local creatures during the retrieval. Her fate is unknown.



pretty good, anymore coming?


reminds me of the SCP stories <3


Fun read! Now what's this about SCP guro stories?? Where can I find?


The unique title really catches my attention. Nice, albeit short read. Would like to see more of it!

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