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This is my latest work. I've been...inspired after seeing the picture bellow, of Melissa Soria.



There's a brief pause.

*knock* *knock*

"Come in, please!" a man smoking a cigar and browsing through some expenditure reports says in a bored tone.

A pretty and young woman comes in. She's wearing the Snuff Club's uniform designed for the so called Satisfaction Bunny–high heels, a pair of reddish stockings that stop just under her lower thighs. No panties. Her role as a sex doll at the club is to provide the guests with as much pleasure as possible during the snuff show that goes on the stage, so her beautiful and succulent pussy has to be on display. She also has a reddish bra, but the fabric is very thin and molds beautifully around her tear-shaped natural breasts, which are probably D cups. There’s little else that could be considered clothing on her. There’s also a small heart tattoo on one of her butt cheeks. It usually grabs the attention of some customers.

“Hello” she says a bit shy at first;

“Well…Hello. I’m pretty busy now, so state the purpose for this visit.” Replies the club manager.

“My name is Melissa. I’ve worked here for a few months now. The pay is really nice and I’m grateful for that… but I want to move up! I want to serve the club’s more select clientele. All my collegues say I’m doing pretty good and I should move up. There’s been no –“

“Fine. No need to over explain yourself Melissa.” The manager cuts in, seizing her up. She’s a fiery latina with chestnut velvety hair that floats like a curtain around the back of her head, accompanying her hazelnut eyes. She’s clearly aroused judging by her protruding nipples and prominent outer labias.

“Come now…I won’t deny you the change to try and move up the ranks. You seem like an ambitious young woman. I’ll give you a test. You have 10 minutes to make me cum…starting: NOW!” the manager says, as he rises from his chair.

Melissa is clearly surprised, but she obliges right away. She begins her routine by locking eye contact with Carl, the manager. She bites her lips in the most provocative manner that she can, then runs her hands from her mouth to her breasts, which she squeezes while twirling and arching her back. Her body flows like a sine wave, her hands playing with her body and highlighting her various parts as she gradually approaches Carl who is leaning on his desk. Not even two minutes have passed and he is clearly aroused by the latina’s lustful gaze and moves. He undoes his belt. Melissa is now almost rubbing her luscious, full booty against him. She shows incredible dexterity by pulling down his pants with her back towards him. While she’s crouched she looks up behind her, fixing his gaze again with hers as she grabs his hands. She works herself up again, leaning on Carl and rubbing her ass against his crotch, while doing so placing his hands on her delicious and soft, ripe breasts. Carl plays with her tits for a few seconds, squeezing them roughly and then tearing her bra off and throwing it away. Melissa takes this opportunity to turn towards him. She begins kissing him ardently as she feels him being overcome by lust. From her perspective, it seems she’s doing a great job at arousing and seducing him so she proceeds to pulling out his cock and rubbing it to her labias, the gates of her sex temple. After about 6 minutes of prelude he’s fucking her brains out. He enjoys her young body and beautiful face. She’s truly beautiful. Carl has mounted Melissa on his desk and is pounding her pussy quite violently, but it doesn’t seem like he’s about to cum anytime soon. There’s a minute left and Melissa feels her time running out so she tries to get him interested in playing with her other body parts while fucking her so she fondles her breasts frantically, stares at them and then at him and rubs her thighs and belly. Carl suddenly yanks his shaft out of her cunt, gives himself a few more tugs and spurts his load all over young Melissa’s nubile body. He came after about 11 minutes. Melissa looks worried and doesn’t utter a word.

“You did good. Get yourself cleaned. Ivan handles most private and upper echelon business here, so you’ll also have to go through a meeting with him.” Says Carl in a reassuring tone.

He dresses himself back up while Melissa grabs a few tissues and wipes herself then he pushes a button. A few moments pass and a door on the side of the office opens up. A bulky, probably more than 6 feet tall man is standing there, like a giant statue of muscle.

“I am Ivan. Come with me…” he speaks towards the eagerly waiting Melissa, in a low pitch, grave tone. Melissa takes one last look at Carl then follows Ivan.

“Have fun you two…” Carl says to Melissa, slapping her ass as a sign of good bye and making a nodding gesture and a blink towards Ivan. Unbeknownst to Melissa, this is the signal that she’s to be snuffed on tape and made an example of in the process to other would be employees that seek to waste his time. The Club’s policies are harsh on employees that can’t meet deadlines.

Melissa follows Ivan through a few dark corridors and then they enter a cubic room, not very large. The walls on the right and left side appear to be mirrors. They’re one way mirrors...made of reinforced, bullet proof glass, so that whatever happens inside, stays inside. In the room, there’s a locker on the far other side, and there’s also a bed in the middle of the room, that looks more like a hospital bed. There’s a black sheet of fabric placed over it that conceals some constraints. The room is also fitted with UHD filming cameras in all four upper corners and there are a few mobile ones behind the one-way mirrors. There’s a certain feeling of panic that Melissa feels, but she tries to calm herself down by thinking this is just the next step towards her promotion. ’Yes, that’s right, I’m moving up the chain.. there’s no need to feel afraid.’ She thinks to herself. Ivan grins at her.

“Take a seat on the bed. It doesn’t bite I promise.” He says, pointing towards the rather scary implement in the middle of the room.

Ivan then goes and opens one of the shelves from the locker and gets out a big bottle of body oil. The locker also has a few of Ivan’s favorite snuff toys: a bat, a pair of steel claws that can be attached to each finger, an assault rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, an iron tipped flail, a set of knives and many other useful tools… plenty to choose from. He looks over them a bit but doesn’t take out anything yet – he wants to enjoy Melissa a bit. As he turns around, he sees her laying on the bed, supporting her head with one hand and masturbating with the other. He approaches her with the bottle of oil, pours some on his hands and puts his hands around her collarbones. He starts massaging and rubbing the oil over her tanned body.

“Look at you... so delicate, so voluptuous, so…vulnerable and… beautiful. No wonder Carl forwarded you to me. You’re going to fit right in with our high end customer’s demands.” He says as he gently takes her head in his hands and gives her a passionate kiss in order to relax her.

“Thank you…Ivan” she replies shyly. It’s hard for her not to be a bit afraid of the giant mountain of muscle that is Ivan.

He moves his hands all over her precious and tender body, oiling her face, neck, shoulders and arms. He takes the bottle and pours a lot of oil right on Melissa’s seductive and toned belly. He spreads it evenly across her abdomen then moves over to her chest, fully encompassing her luscious breasts with his hands. He rubs them for a good few seconds as he notices the enjoyment she gets from him rubbing her nipples. Ivan leans in a bit and gives the crowns of her mounds a few licks and a gentle tug with his teeth.

“I’ve seen plenty of women in my life, but none had nipples as perfect as yours…” he compliments her.

“Oh, really? What do you say about this, then…” replies Melissa, spreading her legs and provocatively thrusting her pelvis upwards, towards him.

Ivan doesn’t say anything, instead grabs some more oil and places his hands on her thighs and works his way around her now wet and cock-hungry pussy. He teases her sex a bit, rubbing gently on her clit then moves up, massaging her uterus with the palm of his hands, feeling her protruding hip bones and rubbing his thumbs on her pussy every now and then. He thinks of all the ways he could destroy Melissa’s cunt. Her frail body could be subjected to so much pain. The thought of running a knife through her womanhood, rending her uterus and piercing her ovaries turns him on so much. She’s clearly an apex natural specimen, ripe for breeding, but Ivan doesn’t want to take into account nature’s intentions. He’s dead set against the mindless will to reproduce. He thinks how he could cut her clit and make her eat it, how he could fuck her with a shotgun’s barrel, blowing her innards all over when she cums, how he could beat her with a bat, gut her alive, snap her neck, strangle her, bash her head against the walls, flay her alive, tear her breasts and stab her heart, make her suck the barrel of a desert eagle until it’s load ends her… there’s so many brutal ways beautiful Melissa’s life could end. The feeling of power over her life is intoxicating. He just has to choose. For a moment he stops fantasizing about killing her and thinks of sparing her…after all, she’s wronged him nothing and he could bestow upon her the position she wants… He moves his gaze too meet hers. Melissa’s eyes are filled with lust. She is in serious heat. She sees the bulge in Ivan’s pants and unties his trousers belt, takes them down a bit and reveals his monster sized cock.

“Eager to begin, aren’t we now…Just let me turn on the cameras.” says Ivan throwing his pants and underwear away and approaching the cabinet again.

The cameras had been rolling all along, but he pretends to push a button inside the cabinet, while he attaches the steel claws to his fingernails. They’re hardly noticeable, but they should allow him to tear her flesh freely. He also quickly puts a knife and a gun inside the pockets of his inner jacket. He plans to surprise her. Ivan turns around and quickly walks towards her, takes her hand and motions her to stand up.

“Now, Melissa, introduce yourself and show us your moves.” He tells her, while taking a seat himself on the bed. She springs playfully around the room a bit and opens:

“My name is Melissa, I’ve been a Satisfaction Bunny for the club for just over four months now. Words aren’t really my keen point, so I’ll show you what I’m best at” she says as she begins to walk provocatively from a corner of the room towards Ivan. She strides with finesse, each step made from the hip, so that her ass looks good from behind and her tits jolt a bit while she plays with her hair. Her hypnotizing gaze is set upon Ivan. She’s now in front of him, her oiled body having the feint smell of spring cherries. She leans over, allowing her tits to swing provocatively in front of Ivan while her hands massage his shaft. He grabs her head and kisses her passionately for a few seconds then grabs her firm ass and turns her around with her back to him. He then slams her down on his cock, penetrating her cunt painfully and fast.

“Aaaah” she moans in pain as Ivan begins to slowly fuck her petite and succulent cunt from behind. He’s careful not to scratch her with his claws right away as he plays with her soft tits. They feel so nice when he squeezes and tugs at them, but her moist vagina feels even better. He slowly escalates this, now rubbing her belly with his left hand and holding her by the neck with his other hand, while he kisses her shoulders and fucks her ever so faster. The initial pain has faded and now Melissa is in pure ecstasy. Her escalating cries of pleasure and moaning signal Ivan that she’s about to cum so he gets ready, putting his clawed hand over her delicate right breast and squeezing it roughly, while his other hand still holds Melissa by the neck, but not too tight. Melissa begins her orgasm. She’s literally trembling from the pleasure while she’s atop Ivan’s cock that’s still relentlessly pounding her sweet cunt. Ivan finally climaxes himself and unloads all that he can inside her, filling her vaginal canal to the brim.

“You’ve been good kid. Damn good.” Ivan says to her after he comes to a rest. Melissa is still orgasming and moaning like a cow. Her girlish voice now seems a bit annoying.

“AAAAAARGHHH. What are you doing??? STOOP” Melissa suddenly screams as Ivan plunges his steel claws at the base of her nubile flesh jewel. He revels in her scream and pain and digs his fingers deeper, ripping her skin and deforming her breast. He squeezes it a last time then, with a quick yank, tears off her beautiful mammary gland. He holds it in front of her while she’s still restrained.

“Whhyyy? I thought….I –“ Ivan stuffs her mouth with her tit before she could finish her protest. He suffocates her for a few seconds with her own bloody teat then throws it away towards one of the cameras.

“Well, it’s quite simple…there aren’t really any upper positions that don’t have the risk of you being snuffed. I’m doing you a favor by ending your career in full glory and on tape.” replies Ivan nonchalantly as he caresses her face with the claws, leaving little trails of blood behind. It soon starts mixing with her tears as she starts sobbing uncontrollably. He strengthens his grip on her throat, almost crushing her larynx, and plants his claws on Melissa’s vulnerable lower abdomen. He feels her tummy for a while, preparing to strike, then viciously slashes horizontally across her lower abdomen. Melissa tries to scream, but nothing but muffled noises of an incredible struggle and pain come out. She’s still flailing around, panicked and desperate. Her beautiful face now dirty from her eyeliner tears mixed with the blood from her superficial new scars. Ivan doesn’t dwell too much in her anguish and moves on to the next part. He feels the tender skin around young Melissa’s yet undamaged cunt and he prepares to strike. Within a second he pinches and rips out the poor girl’s central receiver of pleasure – her clitoris. Unfortunately for her, having so many nerve endings there not only allows for great pleasure, but also unimaginable pain. Her bleeding body arcs in pain and stress, but doesn’t get much respite from the pain, as soon Ivan is at it again. He slides his claws inside her sex canal and abruptly tears upward, ruining her cunt and uniting with the other horizontal cut, to form a slashed T where her inviting temple of pleasure once was. At the rate she’s bleeding from her chest and cunt… Ivan reckons she’s in no immediate danger of bleeding out. He releases her choke hold and allows her some respite so the shock and lack of oxygen doesn’t knock her unconscious. He then flips her around again so that he might asses her.

“Well, you still have your other breast intact…Something must be done about that.” He says, grabbing her left tit with his un-clawed hand.
He tugs at it and begins licking it. A tiny amount of satisfaction seems to seep on her face as his tongue fiddles with her erect nipple. But that is short lived as he suddenly clamps down his teeth, guillotining her precious milk dispenser. Ivan chews it while Melissa looks at him with disgust. She suddenly gets a second wind and overcomes her cowardice, striking Ivan’s face with all the strength her little body has left. His head is turned by the blow, yet he doesn’t feel much pain. He spits her nipple in her face then grabs her by the neck again with his safe hand, lifting her into the air. He’s done playing. Ivan’s strong enough to hold her nubile little body with only his left hand and he rushes with her towards one of the mirror walls, slamming her and crushing her throat. She quickly begins suffocating and gurgling so Ivan knows he must finish her fast. He punches through her abdomen with the claws and pulls out a handful of her viscera and intestines and throws them away. He gets an idea… He turns Melissa facing the one way mirror, pitting her face on the glass. She’s on her knees, her head locked in a vice grip between Ivan’s hands.

“Say your prayers, cunt.” Are Ivan’s last words to Melissa.
She tries to say something, but only manages to produce a few gurgling sounds of desperation. In her mind, she’s still denying what’s happening, still thinking she’ll get her promotion and live a lofty life. She’s clinging on to any stray thought that could bring her hope as she watches herself in the mirror and the cameras record her last few seconds…the expression of a beautiful woman that’s soon to be no more.

Ivan suddenly bashes her head from behind with his knee, making the reinforced glass crack a little from the force of the impact, but it’s clear that it fared far better than Melissa. Her face is now riddled with cuts and cracks that bleed out, rendering her once pristine and perhaps even innocent looking face into a bloody rag-like looking mask. He bashes her again, disfiguring her further. She’s now probably unconscious or dead…her dreams will never become true. Her body will probably be cleaned up like a pile of trash and be sent to processing to be recycled as pet food. Ivan bashes again, her skull cracking with a loud noise, vaguely distinguishable from the cracking of the glass. He bashes her head two more times, completely opening her cranium and splattering her brains over the glass and unto his hands. There’s parts of Melissa all over the room now. Bits of bone…brain…blood and a lonely ruined breast over in a corner.

“Boy, oh boy. I’ve sure made a mess of her. I’ll definitely get myself a copy of her execution to watch on rainy days.” He says as he unclenches his hands from around the remains of Melissa’s once attractive pretty little head. Her body slumps to the ground and blood begins slowly pooling around her carcass. Ivan puts back his clothes and walks out of the execution room.

Outside he’s greeted by two other very attractive girls that seem to be making out while they’re waiting to go inside. They’re Snuff Bunnies – girls that want to be snuffed for the club and become famous post-mortem.

“Oh. Sasha and Laura… I almost forgot about you two being scheduled for execution today. I’m sorry to tell you, but there will be some delay while the room is being cleaned after an unplanned execution. Why don’t you join me in my office while the cleaning staff does its job. Have a few drinks on me.” Says Ivan towards one of the girls while he slaps her ass. His day as head snuff meister has just begun it seems.


I think this is my best one to date, but I also feel I've described some aspects in too much or too little detail. Any opinion on my writing style?


Love it! Such a great read. Good setup, very sexy, and the combo of precise and deliberate snuff along with brutal messy destruction, is just, DAMN, 47! And nice pic, great inspiration for the mood of the story.

You asked about your writing style, and while I didn't have my "critiquer's hat" on while reading- I can assure you that nothing stuck out as "this aspect doesn't contribute to the awesomeness", in fact I might go check out your Emperor story now even though the tags didn't catch my eye.

Fucking awesome fresh material, thanks 47!


Thank you for your reply. It made my day. Really.

I don't think I'll be writing more anytime soon though... :( I've discovered NoFap on reddit and I have made a commitment. It was rather difficult writing this story w/o orgasming but I've made it... I won't take the chance again, I almost failed my streak.


Not sure where to post this, so because I don't want to start another thread...

I found this movie... Piranha 2010 and it had quite a few hotties that got slaughtered, so I made this compilation of the main two sluts and a side scene.
Took me about 5 hours to edit, but this is my first time in Sony Vegas


Loved the vids

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