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Alice was walking down the street, she had been at school working late and it was 6:30pm by the time she left.

The neighborhood was safe no crimes were committed in years so Alice wasn’t worried about walking home by herself.

As she was walking down the street she felt like she was being followed, so she stopped walking and looked around. She didn’t see anything and dismissed it as her imagination. As she continued to walk she saw a shadow in the corner of her eye but before she could turn to see what it was a cloth covered her mouth and nose, her eyelids became heavy and she closed her eyes.


The first thing that hit her senses was the distinct smell of a hospital, like the sterilized air. Then the cold hit her, she was completely naked on a metal operating table. She tried to sit up only to realize that her arms and legs were strapped down to the table.

She looked around her heart rate was increasing as signaled by the EKG machine. She saw medical supplies and chemicals around the room, but strangely in the corner of the room was some mechanical parts and a computer. She was broken from her thoughts as a the door opened with a silhouette in the door. The figure reached next to the door turning on the rest of the lights in the room.

As the lights turned on she saw the figure, it was clearly a man but his face was covered by full face mirrored safety mask. He reached to a cart picking up a apron and putting it on. As he continued into the room she found her voice and asked who he was, she received no answer. He walked up to a sink and started to wash his gloves, and again she asked what he was doing and he stayed silent.

She was getting even more scared now, she started to pull at her restraints with no effect. As she kept pulling the man turned towards her and began to walk. In her panic she did not notice the man walking towards her, as he approached he picked up one of the scalpels on a cart.

She stopped squirming when the man’s hand touched her stomach, she looked into the blank facemask of the man in fear. Then she felt a cold prick on her stomach, she looked down and saw the scalpel cutting the skin and fat from the base of her sternum to the pelvis. She did not scream, most likely out of disbelief than being brave. He continued the procedure, he moved back up to the top of the incision and cut horizontally and repeated this on base of the incision. He peeled the flesh apart, opening up her abdominal cavity, he glanced up momentarily and saw the girl’s face and what he saw could only be described as absolute terror. He looked back down at the now visible internal organs and and grabbed the large intestines and started to remove them when they became taut he cut them at the base removing them at the anus. Now the girl is unconscious, she passed out from the shock.

Going on, found her stomach and and tied of the small intestine, not wanting to spill stomach acid everywhere. He then tied of the bottom of the esophagus and cut removing the stomach and small intestines from her body. Glancing at the EKG machine and they still showed heart rate, good her body is strong.

Now switching to a different project he moved to behind her and proceeded to cut her head open to remove her brain. Taking the brain over to the computer, he placed it into a pod and closed it and ran a program on the computer and a chip popped out of the port and grabbing another chip that was already prepared. He picked up a disk that had a spike on the bottom and returned to the now brainless girl and installed the disk onto her spinal column. Then producing the the microchips, plugged them into slots on the disk, the EKG machine started to beep again.

Now the hard part was over he could begin work on the easy things. He proceeded to remove the rest of the organs in her body save for the esophagus. He took a artificial organ package that was made for him on the black market connecting it to the anus, the esophagus and the pipes from the previous heart and activated it, and once again the EKG machine started.

The last piece was the artificial womb and it clicked into the organ package and he connected it to the vagina. He then put the skin back over the abdominal cavity and sewed the skin back. He the repeated the same process to her head. His work was done and now he had to wait he walked to a chair sat down and pulled a can of soda and waited.


Alice’s eyes began to open and she woke up in light blue room with light shining through white curtains. She was relieved when she woke thinking it had been a nightmare, but she still didn’t know where she was. She pushed the blanket off her body and did a double take as she saw the sutures on her stomach, and she began to panic and fell of the bed. While she was hyper ventilating the door revealing a man in the same clothes as the one who cut her open, then she lost control and started to cry. But the man still did not show emotion until he spoke,

“Stop moving around so much, you'll reopen the cut.”

She managed to croak out “Wh-Who are you.”

“I am Alex, and you are?”

Not knowing what to do she replied “My name is…” with a pause.

“Well spit it out.”

“My name is Alice…”

“Well Alice, how does it feel to be a cyborg”


“Did it stutter? Let me repeat myself, how does it feel to be a cyborg.”

“Surely you must be joking?”

“Fine I will show you.”

He proceeded to pull out a tablet with a readout of her body, showing all the modifications he did to her. He pressed a button and then Alice fell back to the floor.

“Ahhhnn my pussy, it feels so good!”

“Good,” said Alex “Now cum.”

“yes, yes, YES, AHHHHH!”

“I have control of your body, I could make you do whatever I want.”

“Please, fuck me.” whispered Alice.

“What was that?”

“Please, fuck me, please.” Alice said a little louder.

“Speak up.”

“PLEASE, FUCK MY PUSSY!” she practically screamed.

Without saying anything he walked up to her and grabbed her throat with his right hand, and with his left, he inserted two fingers into her pussy, and he whispered into her ear “you are a little slut aren't you.”. All Alice could do was nod.

Alex dropped her and unzipped his pants. He pushed her head all the way to the floor and inserted into her, and with a hard thrust went balls deep into her hitting her uterus. She moaned in pleasure and grinded on his dick. He then grabbed her hair with his right hand and pulled back, arching her back. Then he started to pound as hard as possible. The sounds she was making turned him on so much he proceeded to grab her throat with his left hand and started to squeeze. She started to cough or at least try to as nothing could get out.

Without any warning he slammed all the way in and released his seed, And as he pulled out it started to drip out.

Alice gasped “what if I get pregnant?”

“You won't, you don't have a real womb,” replied Alex “I told you already, you're a cyborg.”

A brief moment of silence hovered over them.

Alice asked “and I am yours?”

“Do you want to be?”

“Yes…, Master…”

With that final comment Alex knew that his operation was a success, he managed to make a living sex doll. And all Alex did was grin.

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