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They had opted for a night in, Felicity was under the moon’s haunting influence and Mimi just wanted to relax in her pale pink fleecy pyjamas; they put on Dog Soldiers and Mimi sat with her feet up on the coffee table with Felicity curled up in her humanoid wolf form, resting her head and forearms on Mimi’s lap and dozing off as the film played.
As the film grew bloodier, Mimi felt her cheeks grow hot and a stirring of warmth in her groin, causing her to squirm in her seat, even when a soldier on the screen turned on the jeep headlights and startled at what he saw. She bit her lip to stifle a soft little whimper of excitement when it showed the werewolf and their victim, blood all over his mauled face, a clawed hand almost seductively turning his head before tearing into his throat and decapitating him. Her fingers tightened in light, tawny fur as the scene progressed, trembling at the hissing growl of the werewolf’s breathing on screen. She felt her lover stir, lifting her large, canid head from her lap to look up at her, all too aware of how painfully arousing Mimi found bright blood spattering on a windshield, and then pouring from the car as the other soldiers opened the door to a wolf gorging itself on the driver’s guts.
She heard a feral sounding growl and gasped, looking down at Felicity, the tawny lycan was looking up at her with golden eyes, teeth bared as she lifted her body up and started to move over her, “Oh no,” Mimi whispered, touching a hand to her chest lightly in feigned shock, “Felicity? My love, what has come over you?” her acting was bad on purpose, the corners of her lightly painted lips twitching as she tried not to smile. Felicity snarled and pressed a hand-like paw to Mimi’s chest, the span of those long, clawed paws was impressive, pushing between her small breasts and guiding her onto her back, ever so gentle even as they played this familiar, bestial game. “Felicity, please! Control yourself! You’re going to hurt me!” she wasn’t winning the fight against her own smile now, lying back and pressing her hands to Felicity’s chest, pushing at her with no real gusto, cheeks as pink as her hair as Felicity began to nuzzle and nip at her neck, growling all the while. She continued to play scared amid her giggling, soft fur tickling her in all the right spots as Felicity nipped down to the neck of her thick fluffy top, though she was achingly hard, tenting her pastel plaid shorts where Felicity had settled between her legs.
She curled her legs around Felicity’s waist, drawing her closer and rubbing against her, “You’re not going to eat me, are you?” she giggled softly, stroking light brown fur, Felicity just growled, wriggling free of Mimi’s legs and sinking lower down her body, nosing the leg of her shorts up and aside, exposing her proud, hard womanhood. Mimi gasped, feigning embarrassment, “Oh no, not there,” she tried to cover herself but Felicity growled, wicked maw smiling up at her, “Please, you can’t,” her eyes were lit up with eagerness in spite of her words so Felicity licked her thigh, biting and leaving shallow bloody grooves in the pale flesh, making Mimi’s cock twitch eagerly, “anything but that,” her hands were gripping the cushion below her, holding on and watching with unbridled fervour as Felicity dragged her long, rough tongue up her stiff cock.
She thought about Felicity mauling humans, tearing them apart with those huge, dangerous jaws, and how those same jaws were around her cock, tongue rolling and swirling against her burning skin, “Please,” she whispered, “eat me,” there was a lusty roughness to her voice that had golden eyes snapping open and sharp teeth scraping along her length painfully. She bucked her hips, pushing further into her lover’s maw to prolong the feeling, earning a growl of warning that she couldn’t quite heed, pushing up again and letting out a cry of pleasure as Felicity bit down, blood gushing from her flushed organ. Felicity licked and suckled at her bleeding groin, sending Mimi into a world of euphoric bliss, managing to spurt hot slick down Felicity’s throat barely a second before teeth sank through her flesh, severing her cock and allowing blood and come to spurt from the tear in a messy spray. She cried out and dug her hands into the slickening fur of Felicity’s muzzle and jaw, panting and shuddering as Felicity chewed open mouthed, watching her own blood, come, and meat mash and slice into a dark pink mass on her tongue and teeth. She pulled her close by the soft fur but Felicity made no signs of it hurting, simply kept chewing and smirking as Mimi pressed a trembling kiss to her bloody mouth, legs quivering and the bisected nub of her cock twitching and gushing blood and precome through her shorts. She felt Felicity’s jaw open and a push of wet heat touched her lips, she opened up and let her lover push her tongue into her mouth, globs of masticated flesh stuck to the muscle; Mimi sucked it off obediently, savouring her own coppery, meaty taste, the bitter tang of salt lingering on her tongue. She was sodden now, the pastel pink of her shorts was stained and wet through as Felicity moved to draw them slowly down, smearing blood down Mimi’s pale thighs, bright fading to a washed out pink as Mimi lifted her legs to ease them out of her shorts and wrap them once more around Felicity’s waist. As she swallowed more of her own meat and Felicity’s sickly sweet drool, she ground herself up against the thickly furred sheath that hung between them, letting her sensitive, blood slick nub slide across the length of it, feeling her solid cock and the slight swell of her knot within her sheath. Felicity drew her head back, grinning and licking at her bloody mouth, trailing her tongue over teeth and fur, a swipe over the nose making it shine, Mimi kissed her nose lightly and Felicity began to lick her way down Mimi’s neck,
“You taste wonderful,” Felicity gave a wolfish rumble before wrapping her jaws around her soft, slender throat. Mimi lifted her chin and her breath quickened in excitement, letting her fingers slip free from Felicity’s fur and moving to push under her own fleecy top, to squeeze the small mound of her breast and twist her nipple sharply as Felicity sank her teeth into her neck. She let out a burbled gasp as blood flooded her throat and leaked from her mouth, choking her for a split moment before her unnatural regeneration allowed her to breathe through the overflow. Every breath had crimson painting her chin, hot and tacky as the air dried it, as Felicity lapped at the deep gashes in her neck, teasing Mimi with mouth and claw as her hands tore through her fleece top and curled around her breasts, ushering Mimi’s hand away. She continued to rock against Felicity, loving the way the fur felt against her raw, exposed nerve endings as they both grew slicker and slicker with her blood, though she could feel herself trying to heal and dipped her fingers down to break the healing skin before it got too far. She ran her finger around the flat, searing hot flesh, gasping when her nail caught on a slit there and something spurted free of her with a twitch. She let out a sinful moan, resting her head back and letting Felicity maul her as she circled that minute hole over and over, teasing and toying as Felicity’s claws bit into the soft skin of her breasts, piercing and near crushing them against her as she rocked down into Mimi.
“Please,” Mimi began to plead over and over, praising Felicity, her voice hitching through a “go-od g-girl!” as the drastically shortened urethra stretched around her dainty fingertip, slick with blood and oozing come, “Bite me, tear me apart,” she barely even whispered it but Felicity’s ears twitched in acknowledgement before she pulled back, narrowing her eyes to dangerous slits as she looked down between them to Mimi’s hand, noting the way her finger had slid in to the first narrow knuckle. “Yes…” Mimi hissed through her teeth, pumping the tip of her finger into herself in a lewd, bloody form of masturbation, barely even realising that Felicity had stopped assaulting her throat,
“Mimi,” Felicity growled, a low, dark rumble of warning that had Mimi blinking at her in confusion, “Did I say you could do that?” she asked and Mimi’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment, but her finger continued to push in and out of her stretching hole, lubricated by blood and semen. She shook her head and shuddered as her nail caught something inside her, rocking her hips and pushing her head back into the arm of the chair, moaning softly. Felicity growled at her again, dragging her claws down pale sides, leaving crimson streaks in their wake, Mimi just moaned and persisted in her needy fingering, fucking against her own hand as Felicity clamped her jaws around the underside of Mimi’s petite breast, rending through the soft flesh in further warning.
Mimi was writhing beneath her, moving her free hand to her bleeding chest, squeezing the soft flesh and letting blood weep out between her fingers, fingering herself quicker and managing to push her finger even deeper this time, relishing in the sharp pain her finger caused. “Mimi,” she warned again, but Mimi continued, moaning wantonly with every push of finger and snap of Felicity’s teeth against the soft flesh of her belly. With a final snarl, she wrapped her jaw around Mimi’s delicate wrist and pulled her hand away from her groin, digging her teeth in when Mimi tried to resume touching herself. There was a crunch of bone and Mimi let out a surprised cry, suddenly looking down at her bloody form, at where Felicity was grinding her teeth through the bones of her arm, snarling and slavering bloody drool. She managed a lusty smile and pushed at her arm, tensing up as the bones snapped like brittle wood, hissing her delight as skin and sinew stretched and tore as Felicity lifted her head, severed hand seeming to twitch where it dangled from her grinning mouth. Mimi watched her, transfixed as she gave her hand a similar treatment to her cockmeat, tongue curling around slender fingers, dragging them deeper into her maw and crunching her teeth down on it.
“My hand,” Mimi gasped, curling her arm to her chest, cradling her bleeding wrist, awed and amazed as Felicity crushed bone and sinew like it was nothing, “You’re… you’re amazing…” she whispered, voice pitching and wavering as she practically vibrated where she sat.
“And you’re disobedient,” she growled around the mangled bones of Mimi’s hand,
“I’m sorry,” she meant it too, guiltily cradling her bleeding wrist, “I got carried away…” she admitted meekly, cheeks flushing as she averted her gaze, closing her eyes and listening to the crunch of bone. Her eyes widened when she felt a tongue rasp over her cock, roughened by shards of bone and slick with gore, the tip of that canine tongue slipped inside, coating her fingered hole and fucking into it, gently at first but growing rough as Felicity began to thoroughly enjoy herself. Felicity snuffled and snorted into her bloody sex, licking at the insides of her cock whilst pawing at her inner thighs, kneading almost cat like and tearing her skin and muscle to ribbons. Mimi felt hot tears streaming down her cheeks, sobbing and writhing beneath the hulking werewolf, “Please,” she whimpered, “Oh please,” she moved her hand down to blood slick tawny fur, curling her fingers into it whilst rubbing the bloody stump of her wrist against Felicity’s muzzle, encouraging her as much as she was allowed. That tongue slid free of her and Felicity lifted her head, Mimi looked down at her, blinking away tears and smiling warmly, her gaze travelling lower, drawn to the red tipped cock that hung drooling onto the couch. She could never forget how large her lover was, she was huge, crimson at the tip and pale of body, fine crimson veins lining her meat, her knot was still in her sheath or at least out of Mimi’s line of sight for now, but she licked her lips anyway, wanting to wet it for her, to prepare it so Felicity could sink it deep into her pretty little cock-hole. When she looked to Felicity’s face again, she had that wolfish grin, knowing Mimi’s thoughts and set to deny them, at least in part; she gave Mimi’s cock-hole one last dip of her tongue, coating her insides in drool once more before climbing up her body, nudging her with the tip of that swollen doggy cock. Mimi slung her bleeding arm around Felicity’s neck, holding her close and kissing and licking at her bloody muzzle, whimpering when that hot tongue snaked out against her own, teasing her with salt and copper.
Felicity was slow at first, rubbing the pointed tip so it caught on Mimi’s stretched hole, letting her copious precum aid in slicking the way, pushing the narrow tip just inside and rocking slowly against her as they kissed. Mimi held her closer, pressing her feet flat to the couch and pushing up to meet Felicity, to coax the tip of her cock deeper, breaking their kiss to pull her ear down to bite it, hoping to drive her into a rut instead of this methodical torture. Felicity growled with pleasure and Mimi felt a harder push of boned cock against her cock-hole, she let out a thrilled giggle as pain lanced through her groin and Felicity pushed into her with sharp, shallow thrusts. Each stutter of hips had Mimi devolving into a sobbing mess, balls tight, tender, and soaked in the blood and semen that wept out around Felicity’s cock every time she withdrew. She clung uselessly to Felicity, fingers of her lone hand knotted in thick fur, tugging hard as Felicity’s cock worked back and forth, easing further and further into her cock-hole and spurting hot precum deeper into her.
“Mimi,” Felicity growled into her neck, voice strained and gasping, like she was struggling to hold onto her control, but Mimi didn’t want her to,
“I’m ready,” she hiccupped, sniffling and rubbing her face in Felicity’s fur to dry her eyes, “it’s okay,” she assured after and Felicity let out a rumble that Mimi felt in her core. That deep, vibrating feeling was literally speared out of her a moment later as Felicity braced her hind paws on the couch and began her erratic, sordid humping, lancing her cock deep into Mimi’s hole, brutalizing something deep inside her. God it felt amazing when Felicity began to jackhammer into her, the point of her doggy dick piercing her bladder, her knot battering her bruised cockmeat every couple of thrusts and she knew she’d sport the bruise even after her dick grew back.
“Oh, oh god, oh please,” she wept, stuffed to the brim, swelling and bleeding, all the while her balls ached for release as they slapped against her own skin with the force of Felicity’s breeding, “Please Felicity, please,” her pleas rapidly grew unintelligible but Felicity understood, biting at her neck and shoulder, tearing freshly healed skin until all Mimi could do was gurgle happily beneath her, feverish and desperate,
“I need to tie you,” Felicity growled and Mimi bucked against her in response, laughing throatily as Felicity’s large knot began to ram against her cock-hole, forcing it to gape even as it grew puffier from the abuse. She felt her hole giving, felt her skin stretching impossibly, flaring in pain then numbing as the nerves fried themselves, the pain bursting again soon after when the healing started; Felicity ground her hips in small circular motions that stirred her cock within Mimi’s urethra, which continued to give under the immense pressure until it was too much.
Mimi screamed when the knot finally pushed into her bloody, swollen cock-hole, arching off of the couch and clawing feebly at the fabric, slick with sweat and blood as the huge knot prevented the release of come and blood. Felicity let out a howl, her entire body tensing, paws on the couch and head upturned as her cock was rooted deep inside Mimi, flooding her to an uncomfortable fullness with her seed. After the first few waves of hot jism bloated Mimi’s tender innards, she settled back on top of her smaller lover, crushing her bloody, battered form and yet so tender as she licked at Mimi’s bloodstained neck, clearing the smears away as her cock twitched and shot load after load within her.
Felicity lapped at the tears tracking down Mimi’s cheeks, the rough rasp of tongue and small apologetic whimpers had Mimi laughing softly, a warmth blossoming in her chest as she stroked her hand along Felicity’s jaw. “It’s okay,” she assured, smiling up at Felicity when those golden eyes peered down at her in concern, “I love it, love you,” she whispered and Felicity let out an embarrassed grumble, shoving her nose into the crook of Mimi’s neck and burying her face. She curled her body on top of Mimi’s, shifting every so often and making her huge knotted cock jostle within the tight hole of Mimi’s stretched urethra, the only part of her unable to heal now as thick globs of come continue to flood her swelling bladder. Mimi moaned each time, pure bliss edging her voice, rocking her hips again, so sensitive and overstuffed, her butchered, now stubby cock throbbing in arousal and a pleasurable pain around the knot that locked them together. She couldn’t help but giggle under Felicity’s tender ministrations as she tried to escape that soothing tongue to look between them, past the press of their breasts and at her butchered cock, it was puffy and a blackening purple, swollen and stretched around her lover’s knot. The sight of that dark, intimate bruising thrilled her, she rocked her hips ever so slightly and trembled with pleasure as the bulge of her flesh shifted with the movement and the pleasure-pain raced down her spine. Her balls were drawn up, ready for a release she couldn’t quite reach and knew she wouldn’t until Felicity’s baseball sized knot withered down and her cock finally slid free, and until then Felicity was content to cuddle and groom her, sated as Mimi’s orgasm hung in the balance.
The thought of her little cock-hole gushing both their come and her blood across her lap had Mimi’s bucking her hips once more, shifting the knot back and forth in her stretched hole, bruising and overstimulating until all she could do was let out pleasured sobs as she twitched underneath Felicity’s large, warm body, unable to still herself until it slid free of her and their mixed fluids puddled beneath them.
Without missing a beat, Felicity gave Mimi’s cheek one last affectionate lick before easing her furred, sex-slick body down Mimi’s, lapping at dried blood, intent on cleaning every inch of her sluggishly healing body with tender, tickling licks. Mimi was in a new state of bliss, spent and still leaking Felicity’s watery come onto the couch, loving the way Felicity’s hot tongue cleaned and soothed her aches and bruises, the way her paws stroked and caressed where they had once torn and clawed, such a stark, tender contrast to her earlier actions, though both were performed with love and adoration. “Felicity,” she cooed softly, disrupting the werewolf’s attentions and drawing her awe filled gaze upward, “leave it, just hold me,” she suggested with a smile, opening her arms and squirming in delight when Felicity gave her stomach one final lick before crawling back up her body and snuggling up against her.






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