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Sorry for bad English.

Sakura looked at her right shoulder, and down her arm which ended at a little below her elbow. She had removed the bandages first time by herself mere minutes ago so she was occupied with inspecting her fresh stump. It was well shaped thanks to the doctor's care and had a kind of soft relatively rounded tip rather than a long thin one and the stitch marks run across it. It didn't hurt much when she moved it though it did a little when she stroked it with her remaining hand and pressed maybe a bit too hard, but all in all her stump was almost completely healed. Maybe she could even start using it practically, like holding objects with it, but for now Sakura was content in moving her elbow joint to wear off the feeling of stiffness. Well, it is a good thing the hospital had provided her with self adhesive eye patches for her lost eye, or she would be having quite a lot of trouble putting on a strapped one with one hand. After a while of massaging her residual limb she finally stood up from her bed and threw away all the used bandages that were lying on it, and she put her shirt back on with a little more effort than usual.

What to do now... she wondered silently. Well, now that I got out of the hospital for good I do have a lot of free time on my uh, hand. Before she contemplated her problem any further she remembered that she needed to pick up some lunch for her and check on how Shizune was going with her own injuries. She put on her apron skirt over her black shorts and headed for the mirror on her bed's side. She carefully put on one of her black sticky patches on the empty socket of her left eye, almost trying to help the process with her arm stump unconsciously a bit to her annoyance. The socket itself had healed up really good without scarring and after she finally put on the small black eye patch she concluded that it did not look as bad on her as she thought it would. She put some cash in her pocket and headed for the door, she was already wearing her black leg warmers since she came in the morning but instead of her usual boot-heeled black shoes she slipped on a pair of light thong sandals just for the ease of putting them on without much effort.


ooh, this definitely has potential! hoping to learn more about Sakura, I picture her as a young teen, I don't really have an amputee fetish, but disabled young women, that bit of helplessness is just cute <3


Great so far, looking forward to more!


Which "Sakura" is this? The one from 'Cardcaptor Sakura'? From 'Fate/stay night'? From 'Naruto'? From another anime?


Yes, and also Shizune (a la Katawa Shoujo) - are the names coincidental or are these characters based on existing characters?


OP here.
For starters, the character is Sakura from Naruto. Now, this is just a test run of mine so to speak, one that I have written a long time ago and posted in the old gurochan. I am not sure if I will continue it, I will probably post other works in the same vein as this. Thanks for the replies.

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