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1 - Training

"Wow." Holly breathed.

"Aha, that was my first reaction too." Natalie said.

The space they had just entered was quite large, warmly lit, and a very comfortable temperature. What had impressed Holly, however, was what room 402 contained: men. There were at least fifty of them, all nude, restrained, and bent over, bound securely to sturdy yet graceful steel frames mounted in rows along the floor.

"It's a pretty impressive sight, isn't it?" Natalie said, smiling back at Holly as she led the way into the room.

"How many are there?" Holly asked, as they moved between the first two rows of males.

"Sixty, if every horse is full, which they usually will be." Natalie replied.

"Horse?" Holly asked, quirking an eyebrow up at the term.

"The frames they're strapped too." Natalie explained. "I think it's short for sawhorse, or something. I guess that's what the original frames looked like, even if they've come a long way since then."

They slowly walked along the rows for a few moments. Natalie watched Holly, with an expression of amusement on her features, as the girl gawked at all the raw maleness on display before them.

"So, I've got to milk each one of them, every day?" Holly asked, as the two women reached the end of the room and turned to look at the bound men from the back side.

"Several times each day, actually." Natalie replied.

"R-really?" Holly stammered in surprise, before gulping and looking around, somewhat stunned.

Natalie laughed, not unkindly, at the overwhelmed expression on her new coworker's face.

"Relax, it isn't nearly as tough a job as you're imagining. It actually goes pretty smoothly and easily once you get the hang of it." Natalie said, reassuringly.

Holly followed Natalie back to the front of the room. Once there, Natalie pulled a tablet from its charging station mounted on the wall next to the door.

"Ideally, you will be able to milk each male every two hours, which means that you have about two minutes per male." Natalie said.

"Now, you will not be expected to perform at that level at first, but once you've gotten a couple of weeks worth of experience, you shouldn't have too much trouble hitting your quotas." she continued.

"Since today is your training day, I'll be helping you along and answering any questions you have that come up. We'll be getting right into it, as our shift has already started and the clock is ticking." Natalie finished.

"Uh, okay. Let's get to it, I guess." Holly replied, still looking a bit overwhelmed.

Natalie patted her on the arm, smiled at her, then led Holly over to a shelf full of equipment. She set down the tablet, then picked up and strapped on a set of cushioned knee pads from the bottom most shelf. After that, Natalie picked up a capped, empty glass container, which was one of many, from the middle shelf.

"This is the primary tool of our trade: the milk jug. It holds four liters, about a gallon, and will fill up surprisingly quickly. The opening is wide and more or less funnel shaped, as you can see, which is handy because some of these fellows can get a little excited and fidgety when you milk them." Natalie instructed, holding up the jug for Holly to inspect.

"Once the jug is full, return it to this unit here." Natalie said, pointing at what appeared to be a large refrigeration unit set into the wall. "It opens up both in here and outside, in the hallway, as well. Someone will be along to collect your jugs several times a shift, but you won't even see them when they do, so you needn't concern yourself about it much."

Natalie handed the jug to Holly, then picked the tablet back up.

"This tablet tracks and charts how much you've collected so far, as well as how much each male expresses each time you milk him. You can compare the days' data with that of previous days, as well as look at production charts over time for yourself and for each man." Natalie explained.

"We don't need it right now, but you will have plenty of time to look at all the data during your breaks, if you're interested." Natalie said.

Natalie grabbed a milk jug for herself, then led Holly back over to the first male in the first row near the entrance, returning the tablet to its charging station as they passed it.

The male was strapped very securely to the curving metal frame of the horse, head down and bent over at the waist, with his feet flat on the floor and his legs spread wide. His exposed manhood was hanging pendulously from his groin, his cock already swollen in moderate tumescence.

"These guys will be freshly clean at the start of your shifts. The cleaning crews see to that during off shifts." Natalie said, patting the captive male on his rump as the two women stood behind him.

"Do I need to feed or water them at all?" Holly asked, peering closely at the tubes running into the mask strapped to the man's mouth and jaw.

"Nope, that's all taken care of automatically during your shift, or by the care and cleaning crews during the off shifts." said Natalie.

"What are off shifts?" Holly asked.

"There are two eight hour milking shifts, separated by two four hour off shifts. The care and cleaning crews clean, feed, and exercise the men during the off shifts, while we milkmaids milk the guys during the milking shifts." explained Natalie.

"This milking shift is B shift, which will be what you work. I'll be working this same room, but on A shift, so we probably won't see much of each other during work hours after today. The room across from us is on a similar schedule, just offset by four hours. That means the cleaning crews work four hours with this room's males, then four hours with room 401's males. Everyone gets a normal eight hour shift this way, and the men are getting steadily and constantly milked, which is good for production." she finished.

As Holly took this information in, Natalie popped the top off her milk jug and knelt down behind the male before them.

"Keep your milk jugs sealed until you're ready to use them. The caps hang from a ring around the neck of the jug, so you shouldn't be able to lose them. Once a jug is full, seal it back up and put it in the refrigeration unit, like I said before."

Holly watched closely as Natalie placed her jug between the man's spread legs, on a little metal bracket, just beneath his manhood.

The male grunted through his feeding mask and jerked a little in his restraints when Natalie took his dangling cock in her hand. The grunt turned to a muffled groan as Natalie began to absently stroke her hand lightly up and down his shaft.

"Now, the name of the game here is efficiency. We've got sixty guys to get to, and only two hours in which to do it, so you're going to want them to ejaculate as swiftly as possible. Of course, getting them to pop off quickly is only half of it, as you're also going to want them to produce as much semen as possible, each time they come as well." Natalie said.

"This might be a dumb question, but why doesn't the company simply hook these guys up to machines? I bet a mechanical milker could suck these guys dry much more quickly than I could." asked Holly.

"They tried that, at first. There are a couple reasons why it doesn't work quite as well as you might imagine." Natalie replied, looking back at Holly as she continued to stroke the man in front of her.

"First, machines like that are expensive to design, build, and buy, and need constant maintenance and occasional repair. Second, it turns out that, for whatever reason, these fellows don't actually respond nearly as well to mechanical stimulation as they do to a natural female hand." she continued.

"Once the bean counters compared the cost and production differences, they realized that milking men the old fashioned way was actually quite a bit more cost efficient than using machines." Natalie finished.

"I see, interesting." replied Holly.

"Related to that, one of the best ways to get as much out of these guys, as quickly as possible, is to give them a little encouragement. Watch me as I demonstrate." said Natalie.

Holly leaned in close, watching and listening as Natalie bent to her task; pumping her male's shaft rhythmically and steadily with one hand, while she reached up to fondle and caress his plump, bobbing testicles with her other. Holly heard Natalie whisper quiet encouragement and appreciative cooing sounds to the man. The woman even went so far as to kiss his quivering rump and cupped testicles a few times, which elicited heightened moaning and breathing from the squirming, bound figure.

After just a few moments of this, Holly was surprised to see the man spasm strongly against his bonds, then let out his loudest groan yet, as he began shooting strong spurts of semen into the jug beneath him. The amount of ejaculate he produced was quite astonishing. Rather than the few modest squirts of fluid she had been expecting, he continued to ejaculate for nearly a minute, each spurt just as large as the previous, before his reserves were finally exhausted.

Natalie continued to stroke the man as he came, leaning her head softly against his rump and whispering her approval of his accomplishment to him as the seemingly unending flow finally slowed, then ceased altogether. She waited until the last hanging thread of semen dropped from the tip of his penis into the receptacle below it, then picked the jug up by its ring handle and lifted it high, showing it to Holly.

The bottom of the jug was completely covered by the viscous pool of thick ejaculate Natalie had just coaxed out of the man before them.

"So much!" Holly exclaimed in amazement as she looked into the clear jug.

"Normally, a man would only produce a teaspoon or two. These guys, however, are given an injection when they start here which greatly accelerates the rate at which they generate semen. It isn't at all uncommon to see them produce more than ten times the usual amount, and they'll do it every few hours." Natalie explained. "That's one of the reasons we milk them so often. If we don't, they make so much that semen will literally start leaking out of them after five or six hours. Leakage means waste, and waste is inefficient."

"Is the injection safe?" Holly asked, after a moment of consideration.

"More or less. The semen they produce under the influence of the injection is identical to the semen they would normally produce, there's just a lot more of it. There are other side effects, but they aren't particularly important. We'll talk about them later." Natalie replied.

"For now, why don't you start with this guy here, next to the one I just milked. After you're done with him, do the one behind him. These fellows will usually pop off more quickly if they get to watch the one in front of them be milked first. It saves a little time." Natalie instructed.

"O-okay." said Holly, peering over at her assigned male a little unsurely.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. They're always quick to come at the beginning of a shift, as they've had all off shift to build up a big load." Natalie reassured, then hooked her thumb over her shoulder. "I'll continue down this column."


2 - First Milking

Holly stepped over to the second man in the first row, eyeing his bound form as she did so. He was larger than the man Natalie had just milked, but it seemed that the horses were adjustable, as his bindings were identical. Holly noted that his arms were folded and secured to his sides, his large fists clenched and wrapped up in purpose made sacks of sturdy waterproof cloth. He wasn't going anywhere without help, which was reassuring to Holly.

She knelt down behind him, slightly to one side, and looked at his generous manhood. It was significantly larger than the set she had watched Natalie manipulate, and his hanging cock looked to be completely erect already, as if eagerly expecting her touch.

Holly realized that he surely was, in fact, quite eager for her to milk him, as it had probably been four or five hours since he had last been relieved. She removed the cap from her milk jug and attached the container to the bracket between the man's legs, as she had seen Natalie do. Then she reached out a hand, which she was surprised to see was trembling slightly, towards his thick penis.

Its warmth surprised her, as did its smooth softness. The fact that the penis before her could be so obviously hard and erect, yet still softly supple within her hand, was surprising. She could feel the pulsing throb of the man's heartbeat through his cock as well, almost as if the two organs were directly connected.

Holly began running her hand up and down the man's turgid shaft, also as she had seen Natalie do. After a few moments, she used her other hand to lightly cup the generous bulk of his testicles.

If man's penis had been surprisingly warm, his balls felt downright hot within their thin, protective sack of skin, and Holly uttered a small exclamation of surprise as she fondled them. She then turned when she heard Natalie chuckling lightly behind her.

"Pretty warm, aren't they? It's because they're working overtime to make as much semen as possible." Natalie said. "Many of the guys' balls are even hotter than that. It just means that their testicles are doing their job, that's all."

"So, you've already spent a couple minutes ogling that thing. Are you gonna milk it or what?" She then asked, teasingly.

Holly blushed, muttered a feeble excuse, then returned to her task.

"Haven't you ever seen one before now?" Natalie inquired.

"Well, aside from the one we dissected in human anatomy, I've only ever seen them on paper or in films." Holly admitted, a bit sheepishly.

"Ah, it was the same for me, when I started." Natalie replied, grinning. "Don't worry, you'll be intimately familiar with the things by the day's end."

Holly took Natalie's good natured ribbing with an amused, somewhat rueful smile, then focused on making the man before her ejaculate. She gripped the man's cock firmly and began stroking him in earnest. She rolled his hot testicles around in her other hand as she did so, and was rewarded with deep, rumbling moans of muffled pleasure.

"A lot of the guys like a few kisses on their balls, and if you really want them to come quickly, you can give their testicles a little suckle or two, as well." Natalie instructed.

Holly looked back at Natalie and raised her eyebrows inquiringly at this. Natalie simply nodded her head in encouragement, so Holly cupped the man's testicles, lightly licked her lips, then bent down and kissed each hot orb gently.

She received a drastically increased level of squirming from her male at this, so decided to go for broke. She enveloped the man's testicles, which were themselves squirming slightly within his ball-sack, and rolled them around in her mouth, sucking gently as she did so.

Holly felt it, both through her grip on his penis, as well as through his testicles within her mouth, as her man came. His whole body jerked with each pulsing ejaculation of semen that coursed from his genitals, in time with grunts of pleasure.

Holly was distracted from vicariously experiencing her first male orgasm by an amused snort from Natalie behind her.

"Um, good job, there, Holly. There's only one problem: you're missing."

Holly jerked her head back, letting the man's testicles slide from her mouth with a little popping sound, and looked down at the tip of his cock. It was completely out of alignment with the milk jug's opening, and each ropy pulse of semen was splattering onto the white, laminated floor beneath the container.

Holly let out a little surprised curse, then quickly pointed the cock in her hand straight down at the funnel shaped opening of the jug. In the end, she only wound up capturing a little less than half of the sticky fluid flowing out of the male, much to her chagrined disappointment.

"Don't worry about it, Holly. We all miss once in a while." Natalie said, patting the girl on the shoulder consolingly.

Natalie knelt down next to Holly, bent low, then ran a finger through one of the puddles of cooling, congealing semen on the floor. She brought the tip of her finger, which was thoroughly coated in the milky fluid, to her lips and sucked it clean, brows furrowed in thoughtful consideration as she did so.

Holly felt her eyebrows raise at this behavior.

"Uh, isn't that pretty dirty?" she asked, disbelief coloring her voice.

"Nah. The off shift crew leaves the floor clean enough to eat off of, literally." Natalie said, absently.

"Hmm, he still tastes pretty good, even after all this time." she continued, looking at her now clean finger thoughtfully.

"Who, him?" Holly asked, motioning towards the restrained man before them questioningly. "And does that stuff taste good raw?"

"Yeah, him. He's the one who has been here the longest, at this point. He was our top producer once, not that long ago." Natalie replied. "Here, try some."

Natalie swept her finger through the spilled semen again, then held the resulting gooey mess up to Holly's mouth, who shook her head and leaned away.

Natalie rolled her eyes, amused.

"Oh, go on. Try it. You may as well get a little taste of what you're going to be spending the next eight hours making." Natalie said.

Holly looked at Natalie, then back to Natalie's semen covered finger, one eyebrow raised questioningly. Then she sighed, shrugged, and slipped the finger between her lips.

It didn't taste quite like anything Holly had ever tasted before. It was a little salty, but not unpleasantly so. Still, as she licked Natalie's finger slowly clean, she wasn't sure if she liked the taste or not.

Holly's eyes met Natalie's as she ran her tongue over the woman's finger one last time. The eye contact lingered for a moment, then two. At once, both women blushed and looked away from each other, as Holly slid Natalie's finger from her mouth.

"I, uh.. I don't know if I like how he tastes, N-Natalie." Holly said, after a moment of awkwardness.

"Well, it's something of an acquired taste, in its unprocessed form." Natalie admitted, looking back at Holly as her blush started to fade.

"I actually enjoy it quite a bit, though." she continued.

"Sometimes, instead of using the milk jug, I'll milk one of these guys directly into my mouth. We're not supposed to, really, but it makes for a pretty good quick snack, if I missed breakfast or something." Natalie finished, with a shrug. "Anyway, enough dawdling. We need to get back to work. There's wipes on the shelf you can use to clean up the spill. Once you're done with that, start in on your next guy."

Holly did so, quickly wiping up the mess she had inadvertently made. After she discarded the sticky wipes in the small trash bin by the door, collected her milk jug, and had taken up position by her next male, she discovered, to her dismay, that Natalie had already milked her second guy and was somehow also nearly finished with her third.

Determined to catch up, or at least fall no further behind, Holly bent to her task with a will. Her second man's genitals were smaller, by a significant margin, than those of her first. Despite this apparent disadvantage, however, she soon discovered that he produced far more ejaculate, even taking in to account the amount she'd spilled, than had the huge fellow at the head of the column.

Holly's second man took much less time to milk than her first had, and her third took even less than that. Her pace really sped up when she remembered Natalie's advise to praise and encourage her men as she milked them. Holly found it surprising just how effective a tool her voice was in getting her guys to ejaculate quickly and efficiently. Even just humming quietly as she manipulated each man to orgasm improved her times by a fair margin.

Much more quickly than she had expected, Holly filled up her milk jug. She filled it to nearly overflowing, in fact, as it seemed like the male she finished off the jug with just wouldn't stop spurting. He did eventually stop though, and just in time. Holly carefully capped off her jug, then carried the surprisingly heavy container up to the refrigerator at the front of the room.

Natalie came up behind her, carrying a full jug of her own, just as Holly opened up the door to the fridge. Holly's satisfaction, at being able to fill her own jug up just as fast as Natalie had been able to fill up hers, evaporated when she spied two additional full jugs already within the refrigeration unit.

"What? Three jugs already?" Holly asked, in disbelief.

"Hah! Practice makes perfect, girl." Natalie replied with a laugh.

She grinned cheekily at her new coworker as she placed her full jug in the fridge next to Holly's. As she did, Holly noticed that her trainer was wearing less clothes than when they had started, about an hour before. Significantly less clothes, in fact.

"Umm.. Why're you topless?" Holly asked.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you: the less you wear, the quicker the guys are to come." Natalie replied easily.

"You're kidding me." said Holly, as she folded her arms across her chest and stared levelly at her topless coworker.

"I swear, it really does work. Men seem to like looking at and feeling our bare skin. Go figure, right?" said Natalie, holding her hands up and shrugging.

Holly gulped and blushed at the interesting oscillations Natalie's shrug produced within her bared flesh.

"Uh, do I need to go topless too, then?" Holly asked, trying very hard not to stare at Natalie's chest.

"You can if you want. I'd recommend it." Natalie replied. "But you don't have to if you don't want to."

"O-okay. Maybe later, then." Holly said, blushing even harder.

"That's fine. Lets get back to work, shall we?" said Natalie, motioning towards the room full of men before them.



3 - Break Time

Holly had filled another jug nearly full when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She stopped planting soft kisses on the hanging scrotum of the man she was milking and looked up to see Natalie standing over her, another full jug slung casually over one shoulder.

"Finish that one up, then we'll take a break, okay?" Natalie said.

Holly nodded her agreement to Natalie's suggestion, then resumed her ministrations on the male in front of her. It took only a few more moments for her efforts to bear fruit; the man moaned and jerked gently against his bonds as Holly directed his streams of semen into her milk jug. She then capped her second jug off and followed Natalie to the front of the room.

Holly's second jug went into the refrigerator alongside Natalie's sixth, then they both sat down on a small sitting bench to one side of the door.

"I don't know how you're doing it." Holly said, with a sigh. "How can you be getting three times the amount I'm getting? Even if you only spend a minute or two on each man, you still can't have serviced three times as many of them as I have, can you?"

"I didn't actually do three times the number of guys you did." replied Natalie, smiling. "I probably only did twice the amount you got to. I just made sure that my guys came harder, that's all."

"How did you do that?" Holly asked, plaintively.

Natalie just chuckled, then cupped her own bare breasts and bobbled them up and down at Holly, winking as she did so.

"You can't be serious. It really makes that much of a difference?" Holly said.

"Yep. I usually do all of my milking completely nude. Well, nude except for the knee pads, anyway." Natalie confirmed. "The guys really seem to appreciate it, for some reason. That's why I work them back to front, along each column, instead of sideways, down each row."

"So.. What, you give them a little show as you do the male in front of them, and that makes them come more when it's their turn?" Holly asked.

"They ejaculate more and more quickly, too. Sometimes they pop off so quick that I barely have to touch them at all." Natalie said, with a satisfied smile.

"Huh." replied Holly, looking thoughtful.

Holly glanced down at her clothed body for a few moments, clearly pondering. She shook her head, as if to clear it of stray thoughts, then reached into one of the pockets of her pants and produced a small package of snack crackers, on which she proceeded to hungrily munch.

"Didn't you bring something? Aren't you hungry?" Holly asked, between mouthfuls of crumbly cracker.

"I had a little something earlier. I'm fine." replied Natalie, who turned her head and smiled at Holly.

Holly smiled back, obviously a little unsure on what Natalie meant for a moment, then her eyes twinkled brightly and her smile grew much wider.

"So I see." Holly said, clearly amused by something.

"What?" asked Natalie, frowning a little.

"Well, it seems that whatever you had, not quite all of it made it into your mouth, that's all." Holly answered, with a little giggle.

"Wait, have I got..?" Natalie asked, her eyes widening in realization.

"A nice big splotch on your left cheek." Holly confirmed, laughing. "And a bit on your chin, too."

Natalie sighed, then wiped the half dried blobs of semen from her skin with the tips of her fingers.

"You'd think I'd be able to tell, by now." Natalie complained, as she licked her fingers clean again.

"Is it really that good?" Holly asked.

"I think so. I usually have a few guys as snacks while I'm working." Natalie replied, shrugging. "Like I said earlier, we're not supposed to, but I really can't seem to help myself once my tummy starts grumbling."

"Well, I won't tell on you." Holly promised, still smiling.

"Thanks." Natalie said. "Oh, if you do decide to try it out, make sure you don't touch their cock with your mouth while you do it."

"Oh, how come?" Holly asked, a slight questioning frown furrowing her brows.

"It has something to do with the bacteria in our mouths. I guess it can spoil a whole batch of semen if you're not careful about it. It's company policy." Natalie replied.

"Oh, I see." Holly said. "But, what about when we kiss or suck their balls? Does that matter?"

"Nope, you can put your lips and mouth anywhere else on the guys, just not on their cocks." Natalie said. "They can always tell, too, because the women up in processing run tests on most of the batches as they go through."

"If you're done with your snack, it's about time to get back to it." Natalie said, after watching Holly chew up her last cracker.

"One more question, please." Holly said. "What are those things in the guys' butts? I noticed them when I was milking my second man."

"Oh, those are their plugs." Natalie said. "They're what monitors each male's production when you make him ejaculate. There's little sensors at the inner end of each plug that can tell how much semen comes out, as well as how fast he fills back up, and more than that besides."

"The plugs also make sure that us milkmaids don't have to deal with any messes while we're working. The cleaning crews pull them out and wash out each man during the off shifts, then pop them back in afterwards. They help make our job nice and easy." Natalie finished.

"What if our guys have to, you know, pee.. er, urinate during our shift?" Holly asked.

"They can't. Aside from getting their injections when they start here, the guys also get a little remotely controlled valve installed on their urethrae, just below their bladders. If you look just above their penises, you can see a little scar where the valve went in. Until one of the cleaning crew women okays it, they're literally sealed up tight." Natalie said. "And thank goodness, too. I certainly wouldn't want to have to deal with that messiness during my milking shifts."

"Anyway, we really do need to get back to work now. We can talk more next break." Natalie said.


4 - Progress

Holly paused for a moment as Natalie went to collect another milk jug, looking down at her top, thinking. Coming to a decision, she pulled the garment completely off in one smooth motion, folded it up, then set it down on the bench. A few seconds later, she sat her bra down beside it.

She inhaled, fortifying herself with a deep breath, then followed Natalie to the equipment shelf, bare skin slightly flushed. Natalie caught sight of Holly as she turned to return to the males, eyes widening slightly and lips curving up into an approving smile.

"Nice." Natalie said, looking Holly's chest up and down. "The guys will like that, for sure."

"Uh, thanks." Holly replied, her flush deepening at Natalie's frank appraisal.

As Holly quickly discovered, Natalie had not been exaggerating at all about the effect her bared breasts would have on the males she milked. The average amount of time she had to spend with each man was nearly halved, which boosted her efficiency by a great deal. By the time their second break came around, Holly was filling two milk jugs for every three of Natalie's, rather than just one.

"You're doing great, Holly." Natalie said, approvingly.

"Thanks. You were right, the guys really do like seeing us naked." Holly replied.

"Yeah. It's a bit odd, isn't it?" Natalie said. "Still, if it makes our job easier, I'm sure not going to complain about it."

"You said earlier that I'm going to have quotas to meet." Holly said. "Just how large will they be?"

"They're not too onerous." Natalie replied. "If you can keep up with, and improve a little on, the pace you set over the last two hours, you'll be pretty close to fulfilling them."

"I'm sure that with a few more days of practice, you won't have any trouble meeting them." Natalie finished.

"Well, that's good." Holly said, looking a little relieved.

"Hey, change of topic." she said, a few moments later. "How come these guys aren't hairy? I think I remember learning that most males are supposed to be pretty big fur balls, or something."

"Oh, the cleaning crews keep them hair free for us, so we don't have to deal with a face full of fuzz every time we need to kiss or suck a testicle or two." Natalie replied, grinning and sticking out her tongue in mock disgust. "They also do it to keep hair from getting into the milk jugs. The gals up in processing really hate having to filter it out, apparently."

"Do they wax them, or just shave them?" Holly asked.

"Wax 'em, or something similar, from head to toe." Natalie replied. "That's why they're bald and hairless everywhere."

"Ouch, I see." said Holly, wincing at the thought.

"What's the story with their restraints? Do they ever get loose?" Holly asked, switching topics again.

"The restraints are pretty good, so the men almost never manage to free themselves. I've certainly never had an unrestrained male during any of my shifts." Natalie said.

"Almost never?" Holly inquired.

"Well, I did hear about one incident that happened before I started working here. Apparently someone new to the cleaning crews didn't latch a man's cuffs properly, or something, and he managed to work himself free when his milk maid wasn't looking." Natalie said.

"Oh, wow. What happened? Was she alright?" Holly asked, looking frightened at the idea of an unbound male.

"Nope, she was fucked. Literally." Natalie replied, grimly. "So, never touch the restraints on these guys. Most of them are large enough and strong enough to completely overwhelm a lone woman like us. You want to avoid anything that could lead to a U.R.E."

"U.R.E.? What's that?" Holly asked, frowning.

"Uncontrolled Reproductive Encounter." Natalie explained.

"If you have a U.R.E. with one of these guys," she continued, motioning outwards towards the bound males in the room with them. "You've got pretty good odds of getting knocked up. They make so much semen that your poor ovaries would be drowning in the stuff."

"And that would be such a shame." Natalie finished with a wink, reaching over to pat Holly on her smooth, taught tummy.

"Uh, yeah." Holly agreed, a blush creeping up her features in response to Natalie's touch.

Natalie looked around for a moment, as if searching for eavesdroppers, then leaned in close Holly.

"Apparently, there are certain places, private clubs and such, where a girl can go and pay to get fucked by unrestrained males." Natalie confided, her voice edged conspiratorially low. "Can you imagine? Just think of one of these brutes pinning you to the ground and having his way with you."

"Ugh, how horrible!" Holly exclaimed, shuddering at the images Natalie's words had conjured in her mind.

"I know, right?" Natalie agreed, grinning at Holly's reaction.

"Anyway, we're halfway done with today's shift." Natalie said, leaning away from Holly and changing the subject. "Let's get back to work. Next break is our last, so when we take it, I want you to spend some time with that tablet I showed you earlier. You'll need to be familiar with its functions."



5 - The Red Line

When she went to drop off her next full milk jug, Holly discovered that the jugs that she and Natalie had filled earlier in the day had been removed from the refrigerator.

"Our jugs were gone." Holly commented to Natalie, as they started their third and final break.

"Yep, they usually get collected once or twice a shift." Natalie replied.

"What do they do with all the stuff?" Holly asked.

"Oh, all sorts of things." Natalie replied, waving her hand vaguely. "Food additives, cosmetics, stuff like that."

"I think there are even a few kinds of medications that are based on it, at least in part." she said. "But the big one is food additives. That's where most of it ends up."

"What kinds of foods?" Holly asked. "I don't think I've ever noticed it in anything I've bought."

"Well, I guess that it's kind of like sugar. That is, they stick a little bit of it in practically everything." Natalie explained. "If you look down far enough in the ingredient list, you'll see it eventually."

"Anyway, you need to take a look at this tablet." Natalie said, handing the device to her coworker. "Here."

"It defaults to a graph of the day's production." she continued. "That line there is the volume per minute of semen that we've been milking out of the guys. See how it trends upward as the day went by? That's because you've been getting better and better at efficiently milking them."

"If you hit the menu button, you'll see icons for a bunch of other graphs." Natalie said. "They track pretty much everything. The important ones, for now, anyway, are the individual charts of each man's daily production totals."

"This is pretty neat." Holly said, flipping through the charts. "So much information!"

"Yeah, they're a great way to keep track of each guy's performance, as well as our own." Natalie replied.

"Hmm. They all kind of look the same. At least, the general shape of the line curve, anyway." Holly mused, peering at the tablet's screen.

"That's one of the side effects of the acceleration injection I told you about earlier." Natalie said. "It really boosts their production, for a while, at least, but then their totals slowly start to decline."

"Why's that?" Holly asked, looking back up at Natalie.

"Have you ever heard that expression about candles? You know, the one about how the candle flame that burns brightest also burns shortest? It's the same basic principle." Natalie explained. "For a week or two after the injection, a new male's production skyrockets. It then levels out for a month or so, perhaps two if he's particularly virile, which is when he's most profitable to the company. After that, the amount he produces will slowly drop. After four to six months, he hits a wall, and his production crashes rapidly down to pretty much nothing, permanently."

"Hmm, it doesn't look like any of these guys have crashed yet." Holly said, flipping through the charts once again. "It appears that the longest chart is a bit over six months old, but he's still just declining steadily."

"You'll never see one of the charts crash, because the guys get replaced before that happens." Natalie informed Holly. "Do you see that flat red line on each chart?"

"Yeah. What is it?" Holly asked.

"That's the profit line. If their daily total is above the red line, the company is making money off them. When a man slips below it, he begins to cost the company money instead." Natalie replied. "So, he gets replaced."

"Does the off shift cleaning crew do that, or do we?" Holly asked.

"They do, but we mark out the ones that need replacing for them." Natalie answered. "I'll be showing you how to do that just before we knock off for the day."

"Which man is going to get replaced? I don't see any that are below the red line." Holly asked. "Some of them are close, though."

"Find the one with the lowest totals, we'll do him." Natalie replied.

"Umm.. It looks like it's the one that's been here for just over six months." Holly said, as she scanned the charts.

"I think it's him." she concluded, pointing to the second male in the first row.

It was the large one, the male who had been Holly's first milking experience.

"Yeah, I thought it might be." Natalie said, nodding slightly. "Let's see if we can't get a few more jugs filled before our shift ends, then we'll trim him right before we leave for the day."

"Trim him?" Holly asked, perplexed.

"You'll see." Natalie replied, with a wink.


6 - Package for You

It was nearly the end of Holly's first day as a milk maid. Both she and Natalie had filled, capped, and stored their last jugs of semen, and there was only about ten minutes left before their shift ended.

Holly followed Natalie as the woman grabbed an odd device from the top of the equipment shelf, then they moved to stand behind the large fellow that apparently needed to be replaced.

"This is a trimmer." Natalie said, showing the hand-held machine to Holly.

It was made mostly of white plastic, with a thick, round handle; a set of sturdy, slotted jaws that formed a moderately large circle when closed; and an unlit, dark green LED button at the top of the outer edge of the handle.

"It has a replaceable clip, which you can access at the bottom of the handle." Natalie instructed.

She released a catch with her free hand, and a cylindrical object slid smoothly out of the handle.

"The clip holds the bands that the trimmer needs to keep the process tidy." Natalie continued.

Holly took the cylinder from Natalie and peered at it closely. While it was mostly empty, there were a few sets of bands still ready at the bottom of the clip. The bands looked like some sort of strange cross between a heavy duty rubber band and a zip-tie.

"This clip is nearly empty, but there are plenty of replacements on the top equipment shelf." Natalie said, as she slid the clip back into the trimmer.

"First, you'll want to make sure the guy you're going to be trimming is nice and erect, and that his testicles are loose and relaxed." Natalie said. "You might need to use your mouth on them, because they often seem to know when they're about to be trimmed, which usually makes them a little tense."

Natalie bent down and sucked the man's balls, which were riding high and tight, into her mouth. As she suckled gently on his testicles, she also caressed his mostly flaccid member with her free hand. After a few moments of this treatment, his manhood responded instinctively, with his cock swelling mightily and his ball-sack relaxing into soft pendulousness.

"There we go, good boy." Natalie murmured to the man as she pulled back and ceased her efforts.

"Now, just take hold of him, like this." Natalie said. "Then slip the trimmer around the base of his genitals."

She demonstrated by taking a firm grip all the way around the male's cock and balls, pulling them away from his body slightly. She then placed the open jaws of the trimmer around the root of his manhood, flush with the skin of his groin.

"Push the green button once, to close the handles and set the bands. Once everything is in place and ready, the light will turn on, which means you can then press the button again to finish trimming the man. Easy."

Natalie let go of the man, removed the trimmer, which she hadn't activated as she had described its functions, then handed the device to Holly.

"Okay, go ahead and do it." Natalie instructed.

"Uh, me?" Holly asked, a little flustered.

"Yeah, we're only doing the one guy today, and you need to know how to do this, so you're gonna be the one to do it." Natalie responded. "Don't worry, it's as easy as pie. You can't hardly mess up."

"Alright, I guess." Holly said.

She took the man's penis and testicles in hand, then pulled them out from his body, just as she had seen Natalie do. She raised the trimmer, set it against the base of his manhood, and aligned it so his vulnerable flesh would be perfectly centered within the circle of the trimmer's jaws when they closed.

"This is right?" Holly asked, looking back to Natalie and doing her best to ignore the increasing amount of squirming and struggling coming from the male before her.

"Yep." Natalie answered.

"Push the button?" Holly asked.

"Push the button." Natalie confirmed.

Holly pressed down firmly on the dark green button, and immediately felt the machine in her hands come to life. The jaws closed around the man's genitals, firmly but not ungently, trapping them within the circle they created. Holly then felt a few small vibrations emanate from the trimmer, as, one after another, two bands were pulled from the clip, run along the slots on the inside of the jaws, thereby encircling the trapped flesh completely, then cinched tight and secure. The man jerked once, quite furiously, against his bonds when this happened, then moaned in apparent agony.

The flesh beneath the bands was squeezed hard by the crushing pressure of the thick rubber, and Holly winced as she heard the muffled cries of the man designated for replacement.

"How bad is this hurting him?" Holly asked, concern coloring her voice.

"Some." Natalie allowed. "Don't let it worry you too much; it's only temporary. Your light's turned green, by the way."

The light had indeed come on in the trimmer's button, turning the dark green a bright, cheery lime color.

"So, I just push the button again?" Holly asked, grimacing at the continued wriggling protests of the bound man in front of her.

"Yeah, one more press of the button, and it's done." Natalie said, nodding her head encouragingly. "Keep a hand on his cock as you do it, too."

"Okay, here goes." Holly said.

She turned her head slightly, closing one eye and squinching up her face, as if she expected a small explosion, then pressed the button for the second and final time.

There was a small snicking sound, as if someone had opened a folding pocket knife quickly, then the man's penis and testicles simply fell from his body, completely severed.

Despite Natalie's warning, Holly nearly dropped the man's cock and balls when it happened, so surprised was she by the simplicity of the event. She managed to hold on to them though, and brought them up close to her face, to see what she had wrought.

One of the bands the trimmer had applied constricted the severed, raw end of the manhood within her hands. Holly noticed that the other band had stayed tightly in place on the male, at the root of his penis.

"There's a little blade which passes perfectly between the two bands." Natalie explained. "The outer band keeps the detached cock nice and plump, while the inner band keeps us from getting covered in spurting blood."

"That was pretty easy, actually, but it seems like he's still in a lot of pain." Holly commented, looking down at the wailing, quivering male.

"It passes." Natalie said, dismissively. "Those things are made to come off, anyway. Why do you think they stick out so far?"

"Why do we trim them off, anyway? Is there a reason?" Holly asked, lifting the man's severed organs up and bouncing them lightly in Natalie's direction to emphasize her question.

"Well, it's company policy to trim outgoing males when they're replaced." Natalie said. "They do it mostly to try and wring one last little bit of profit out of them, I think."

"What, are these valuable?" Holly asked, waggling the objects in question.

"To the right people, yeah. They're sort of a delicacy." Natalie replied. "Haven't you ever seen them in the market?"

"Hmm, yeah, I guess you're right. I never paid them much attention, though." Holly responded, thoughtfully. "I guess I always just sort of filed them into the same category as other weird foods, like pig's feet, or chicken gizzards, or fish sphincters, or whatever. Those things are technically edible, I suppose, but who in their right minds would actually want to eat them?"

"Oh, no. Holly, dear, that is doing man-meat a grave disservice, I'm afraid." Natalie said, shaking her head.

"Wait, you've eaten these before?" Holly asked, skeptically.

"Oh, yes. As often as I can manage." Natalie answered, smiling. "They're quite good, if prepared right."

"Oh. I see." Holly said, doubtfully.

"Well, if you don't want them, you can just put them in the refrigerator next to the milk jugs." Natalie said. "But I really want to encourage you to try it, at least once."

"Hmm, I don't know.." Holly said, looking down at the meat in her hand with a frown.

"Hey, why don't you come over to my place after work. We can cook those up right, just for you." Natalie said. "You won't be disappointed, I promise you."

Holly brightened visibly at the offer. She had realized, as the day had passed, that she really liked Natalie. Her new coworker was a few years older than her, which, to Holly, made her seem cool, mature, and worldly. She was also very friendly, and quite pretty as well. Holly felt her heart leap into her throat as she looked at Natalie, who was smiling warmly at her.

"My girlfriend's a great cook." Natalie finished.

Holly's heart dropped back out of her throat and straight to the bottom of her stomach.

"Oh, well, I don't want to impose.." she said, weakly.

"Nonsense. Emily is going to love you." Natalie said, firmly. "I insist."

"Well, okay. You've convinced me." Holly allowed, despite her own reservations, smiling a little at Natalie's enthusiasm. "Uh, how much do these things cost? I don't actually have much money with me today."

"Oh, don't worry about that." Natalie replied, easily. "The company only charges us employees half price, which is quite nice of them. That usually means thirty or forty dollars for a nice, full package like that set."

"However, since it's your first set, the company will give them to you for free. Think of it as a nice little signing bonus." Natalie continued. "I think they do it just to get us employees hooked on the things. We're definitely the company's best customers when it comes to man-meat."

Both women left the man they had just trimmed, who was still sobbing in quiet agony, and returned to the front of the room. Holly dropped the trimmer off at the equipment shelf, then joined Natalie at the door.

"So, our shift's over?" Holly asked.

"Yeah, in another minute or so." Natalie confirmed. "Pretty easy job, huh?"

"It isn't too bad, is it." Holly said, smiling. "Although, my forearms and hands are pretty tired."

"Mmm, yeah. It will take you a couple of weeks for your grip to strengthen up. You'll probably be pretty sore in your arms, especially your hands, by Friday." Natalie said, nodding.

"Will that guy be okay?" Holly asked, motioning back towards the large male who was now marked for replacement.

"Oh, yeah. He'll be fine." Natalie said. "The cleaning crew will take care of him."

"What happens to the men after they get replaced?" Holly asked, curious.

"They get put out to pasture, apparently." Natalie said, absently.

Holly thought about that for a moment, then asked another question.

"What does that mean?"

Natalie paused for a second, blinking, then shrugged.

"You know, I never really thought to ask." she answered. "I guess I just always assumed they simply went back to whatever farm they were raised at."

"Does it matter, really?" Natalie asked.

"I guess not. I was just a little curious." Holly said. "Well, I'm ready to leave if you are. I'm looking forward to meeting your girlfriend."

"Heh, are you gonna leave just like that?" Natalie asked, clearly amused.

"Uh, like what?" Holly asked, confused.

"With your boobs hanging out?" Natalie said, covering her laughter with one hand.

"With my.. Oh!" Holly gasped, looking down at herself.

Holly had, after removing her top, soon grown accustomed to the fact of her own, and Natalie's, partial nudity, and, with all the excitement of learning new things at a new job, that fact had slipped from her mind completely. Flushing bright red in embarrassment, she rushed over to her bra and top, donning them quickly. Natalie, she realized, must have put her top back on while Holly was returning the trimmer to its proper place. Holly had been so distracted thinking about the meat she was carrying in her hands that she hadn't even noticed.

"Okay, now I'm really ready." Holly said, face still flushed in acute self consciousness. "Where does your girlfriend work, anyway?"

"Right here." Natalie replied, simply, as they exited the room together.

"Oh, she works here, too? Where at?" Holly asked.

"Like I said, right here." Natalie stated, pointing down the hallway and grinning. "Room 404, right next door."

As if on cue, another woman walked up the hallway towards them, smiling and waving lightly.

"Hey babe, who's your friend?" she called.

"Emily, this is the new girl, Holly. I just spent this last shift training her." Natalie replied. "Holly, this is my girlfriend, Emily."

"Hi, Holly. Is that some man-meat in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?" Emily asked, smiling prettily.

Natalie groaned, obviously having heard Emily's bad joke many times before.

"Holly and I just got finished trimming a guy." Natalie said. "He wasn't below the red line yet, but she needed to learn how to do it, so we went ahead and did him anyway."

"Mmm, I see." Emily said, nodding her head in approval at the plump manhood in Holly's hands. "May I?"

"Uh, sure." Holly said, handing over the meat.

"My, my. This certainly is a nice set." Emily murmured appreciatively, after squeezing and hefting the severed penis and testicles, appraising them with what was obviously an experienced eye. "You're a lucky girl, getting this much meat for free on your first day."

"Holly and I were hoping that you might cook it up for her." Natalie said, draping her arms around Emily's shoulders from behind, giving her a light hug. "I've been telling her just how fantastic a cook you are. She's never had any man-meat before, and I can't think of a better way to introduce her to it than by serving her some cooked by you."

"Mmm, shameless flattery. How can I refuse?" Emily responded, turning her head and kissing Natalie lightly on her lips.

"Of course," Natalie began, a wicked smile crossing her features. "there is another way we could introduce this meat to her, and we wouldn't even need to cook it first."

"Oh, how delightfully perverse of you, Natalie." Emily replied, with an amused smile of her own.

Holly, realizing just what they were talking about, looked from Natalie, still flashing her wicked smile, to Emily, who simply quirked a knowing eyebrow up questioningly at her, to the ample amount of meat in Emily's hands, imagining what they might do to her with it. Then she gulped and flushed so deeply crimson that it looked like she might be in danger of catching fire.

"My goodness, she's simply adorable." Emily proclaimed, upon seeing Holly's reaction to their innuendo. "Natalie, may we keep her?"

"Well, that depends, dearest." Natalie replied, looking straight at Holly with a hungry, licentious glint in her eyes. "Does she want to be kept?"

Holly, whose mouth had gone nearly dry, took a few moments to respond. Natalie, she knew, was extremely nice and very pretty, while Emily was, quite simply, gorgeous. The fact that these two visions of beauty were expressing such direct and unreserved interest in her was doing funny things to her brain, making it hard to speak or even think.

"That, uh.. That might be fun, to try." she finally managed, somewhat lamely.

"That, Holly, was the correct answer." Natalie said, taking one of Holly's arms in her own.

"Indeed it was." Emily concurred, tucking the meat she held into the crook of one arm and taking Holly's free arm in her other. "Shall we?"

Holly, her heart thumping high in her throat, allowed her two new coworkers to lead her to their home.

Being a milkmaid, she felt, was going to be a pretty rewarding experience.



7 - Dichotomy

Perhaps the worst part about getting his manhood cut off was the fact that he had known it was coming.

He had known for months, in fact. It wasn't hard to connect the dots when you had literally nothing else to think about all day. He had watched, with mounting dread, as all the men who had arrived before him had been dragged off, cockless and ball-free, by ones and twos, every few days.

Finally, he was the oldest one in his room, and he knew his time would come soon.

What he hadn't anticipated, however, was getting to hear his usual milkmaid describe his impending nullification to the new milkmaid. It was a special kind of horror, listening to them chat about cutting off a rather important piece of him in completely casual terms, as if they were just about to trim his hair, and being able to do nothing at all about it.

The fact that the girl who was about to remove his manhood had been, just a few hours earlier, eagerly stroking him to orgasm, only added salt and vinegar to the wound.

The bands that cinched around the base of his cock and balls, vise tight, inflicted upon him the worst pain he had ever felt in his entire life. He thought his agony could grow no worse, until, a few moments later, the girl had activated the blade that severed his sexual organs from him completely.

There were no words that could describe his pain after that, and the gut wrenching tide of it simply refused to abate in the slightest. It drove virtually all thought from his mind, and the last thing he remembered seeing, before he passed out, was the new girl, smiling and happy, walking out of the milking room with his manhood held casually in her small, soft hands.

He was aware of very little over the next hour or so, and only really regained some semblance of his senses when he felt himself be half carried and half dragged down a ramp and dropped, unceremoniously and with no regard for his injury, on rough, tufted grass.

He felt his plug get pulled, and his bladder valve released. A few moments later, he heard several loud clangs, as the loading ramp was raised, a heavy gate was closed, and two vehicle doors slammed shut. A large truck rumbled to life, then drove away, leaving him, wherever he was, completely alone.

Alone, except for the two dozen or so other men scattered around him, all of who were on the ground, like him, hunched over and clutching their mutilated groins.

As he took in his predicament, his mind flashed back to his last memory of the girl who had taken his manhood from him. He wondered, briefly, just what she had done with it, as another wave of agony roiled up his abdomen from his damaged crotch.


Holly had never before, in her entire life, felt so good as she did now.

Natalie and Emily had practically dragged her to their home, which was in easy walking distance to their shared workplace. Once there, they had wasted little time in shedding their own clothes and convincing Holly to do the same with hers.

She was currently laying on her new friends' very large, very soft bed, with her head and torso in Emily's lap, as the ridiculously pretty woman kissed and caressed Holly's lips, face, and breasts. Natalie, meanwhile, was enthusiastically pumping the head and shaft of the cock that Holly had cut off, only a short time before, into her new friend's quivering pussy.

When Natalie lowered her mouth to Holly's clit, and began licking it in time with each thrust of meat into her cleft, Holly came hard enough that she thought she might lose her mind.


Despite the pain which threatened his very sanity, he managed to, slowly and carefully, stand himself up.

Every step he took made his lower body feel like someone was gleefully and sadistically tugging on his innards, but he persisted. He made his way to the gate, which was the only portal in a seemingly endless high fence, which he had heard clang shut earlier.

It was, of course, locked fast.

Even if he could climb it, which he knew in his throbbing gut to be an impossibility at the moment, he would never be able to negotiate the tangle of barbed wire that topped both it and the endless fence.

He turned around, leaning heavily on the gate, and surveyed the ground before him. He and his similarly damaged compatriots had been unloaded and abandoned in a large, grassy clearing, which was peppered intermittently with oddly shaped white stones. Surrounding the clearing was dense, dark forest, which loomed forebodingly in the waning light of the setting sun.

Letting himself slide down the gate into a curled sitting position, he wondered just what he was going to do.


What you had to do, according to Emily, was to completely hollow out the penis.

Once that was done, you could mince the resulting cock meat, mix in some herbs, spices, and other tasty ingredients, then stuff the whole mess back into the emptied out cock skin.

The result was basically a penis sausage, which Emily had cheekily dubbed "The Cockwurst", that cooked up very well on a grill. Lain in a toasted bun, with Holly's preferred condiments adorning it, it had been quite delicious indeed.

Holly had given Natalie and Emily a bite each, and all three girls had happily chewed and swallowed their mouthfuls of manhood, then breathed out a sigh of pleased satisfaction.


His breath left him in ragged, terrified gasps.

The odd stones had, of course, turned out to be bones. He had just made this grim discovery, and was about to point it out to all the men around him, or those few not incapacitated by pain, at least, when he heard the first howls.

The wolves had come as dusk fell.

He had managed, somehow, to stumblingly evade being brought down by the savage canids, fleeing from the deadly clearing and into the dark of the forest. He could hear, still, the screams of the men who hadn't been so fortunate as him.

Somewhere along his frantic flight, the band holding his wound closed had slipped off. He clutched at his ruined crotch, desperately trying to stem the flow of blood that spurted from him with every step and every breath.

He didn't want to die out here. He didn't want to be eaten.


Eating the two testicles that Emily had prepared for her turned out to be, by a fair margin, the high point so far of Holly's lifetime worth of culinary experiences.

While the cockwurst had been merely good, the testicles were absolutely superb.

Emily had popped them from their sack of thin skin, peeled them out of their tough outer layer, then sunk a syringe filled with some sort of marinade deep into each, filling them near to bursting. After that, the smiling, beautiful, and very nude cook had wrapped the meaty orbs in smoked bacon, run a skewer through them, then set them on the hot grill to cook.

They had been served to Holly while they were still sizzling, so she'd had to wait, quite impatiently, for them to cool, all the while being teased by their unfamiliar, yet mouthwateringly tantalizing aroma. When they'd finally cooled, instead of allowing Holly to eat them immediately, her new friends had each slowly fed one of the succulent balls of meat to her themselves, their unwavering eye contact and knowing smiles heightening the sensuality of the experience.

The taste was divine. Juicy, meaty, and oh so very rich, with an odd, but pleasant, musky aftertaste that seemed to light a fire in her abdomen, blowing fresh air and fuel on the simmering embers of her lust.


His groin felt like it was on fire, but that actually seemed to be the least of his worries at the moment.

Something had followed his bloody trail through the now nearly pitch black forest.

Something big.

His frantic, scrambling flight had slowly come to a halt, as mounting blood loss and pain had forced him to first his knees, then his stomach. He scrabbled feebly at the rough ground, trying to drag himself away from the loud crunching noises of the thing approaching him in the darkness.

He flopped over on his back, trying to see just what it was that pursued him.

He caught a brief glimpse of long, shaggy fur; large, humped shoulders; and clawed paws the size of dinner plates, before the huge brown bear was upon him.

His last sight was of dozens of inches long teeth descending toward him, lips flared and jaws opened wide, as the grizzly caught up with its meal.


Holly writhed under the combined assault of both Natalie and Emily's lips and tongues. The two women seemed to want to kiss, lick, and nibble every last inch of the girl, as if she was a particularly tasty morsel that they were determined to enjoy to the fullest.

The fact that Holly was bound hand and foot to the bed stand, by soft and colorful silken scarves, only made matters worse.

Holly squirmed futilely during a short pause, as Emily and Natalie had a brief but intense debate as to which of them more deserved to have Holly's clitoris in their mouth. The debate was resolved when they agreed to have a tongue wrestling match for the honor, with Holly's sensitive nubbin acting as referee.

The girl bucked in ecstasy as both of her new friends sucked and licked on her sexual center at the same time.

Holly, with the taste of a man's perfectly cooked balls still lingering in her mouth, and as two gorgeous women fought over her clitoris with their tongues, had the orgasm of her life.


8 - Epilogue

If it hadn't been for Emily, Holly would have been late for her second day of work as a milkmaid, which would probably not have impressed her employers much.

Natalie, who's next shift was not scheduled to start for another twelve hours, got to sleep in, which made Holly very jealous. Both Emily and Holly had awakened late, and had time for only a brief, cleansing splash of a shower together before they had to dash, quite literally, to work.

Panting, Holly had arrived at her room, 402, with just moments to spare.

The large male she and Natalie had trimmed the day before had been replaced; a new man was bound in his former position at the second horse in the first row.

Holly looked around the room for a few moments, taking in the view of all the men, securely bound, awaiting her touch.

Her men.

Holly shucked off her clothes, stripping completely nude. After the previous night, she thought that she would probably never have any hang-ups about nudity ever again.

She stepped over to the tablet by the door, removing it from its charger and waking it up. Quickly, she flipped through each man's chart, scanning them closely for what she wanted.

Holly found it near the middle of the stack: the man who now had the lowest daily total production numbers. She traced the line of his chart with her finger, estimating when he might fall below the red line.

Next week. Perhaps as early as the end of this week, but more probably next week, Holly thought. She looked up from the tablet, finding his location within the room.

A moment later, she stood behind him, eyeing his dangling manhood critically. It was smaller, much smaller, than the set she had so enjoyed the previous evening.

But still, the cock and balls before her looked tasty, and her empty stomach rumbled at the sight of them. Recalling Natalie's advice the previous day, Holly knelt down behind the man, ducked her head low, and took his member in her hand. She angled the stiffening penis back towards her open mouth, and began to vigorously stroke it.

She might not be able to have his meat on her plate until next week, but that didn't mean Holly couldn't get a preview on how he might taste right now. Her tummy rumbled again, in approval of the idea, it seemed, and her mouth began to water in anticipation.

"Come on, boy. Give me everything you've got." she whispered, as the man began to moan and writhe. "I'm hungry, and I've got a lot of guys to get to and a lot of jugs to fill today. Don't keep me waiting."

As the first splash of semen hit her waiting tongue, Holly realized something.

She was going to simply love her new job.



I'm a bit confused as to why someone felt the need to repost this, as I had already posted this story here on gurochan.

Is there anywhere else it was reposted? I'm not particularly angry or irritated that it was, I'm just curious. I'm also a little flattered that someone thought it was worth reposting at all, ha ha.

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