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Hello there! Mister Eskuir here.

So originally I was just writing this story for myself, but...obviously that's changed, since I'm posting it here and all. This is literally the first story I've ever written in a serious capacity, so comments and criticisms would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

The Demon Hunters

Part 1: Have a Bite Before You Go

"This...this is it?"

Leanne's heart sunk as she laid her eyes upon the building she had searched so long and hard for, her smile of anticipation quickly disappearing off of her fair face. While it was about as large as she had built it up to be in her mind, towering at about 5 floors high, the building had obviously gone a long while without maintenance, if the numerous cracks and broken windows were any indication. The actual structure was fairly impressive, a masterpiece of gothic architecture, but the effect was ruined by the fact that it was practically in ruins.

"Is this place even safe? I feel like it could come crashing down at any second..." The girl mumbled, suddenly dreading the moment she'd have to enter the run-down establishment. "Is it too late to change my mind?"

A quick chuckle came from the one who got her into this mess. "Yep. Your choice was made the moment you saw what you did." Akane's hand deftly dove into her chest pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. She popped open the top and offered one to Leanne, but she made a face and waved it off. "Gross. That stuff'll kill you, you know." Akane gave another short laugh in response, soon after placing a cigarette at her lips and holding a flame to the end of it. The brightness of her lighter temporarily added a more reliable light source to the area than the moon shining in the sky, but it was gone as quick as it came.

Her cigarette nice and lit, Akane slapped a hand onto Leanne's back in a manner that was probably meant to be comforting. "Don't worry, kid. It's a lot more impressive on the inside." A grin spread across the tall woman's pale cheeks as she gave her new cohort's back a couple more pats and strolled up the steps to the grand pair of doors barring entry into the building. Gulping away her anxiety, Leanne quickly followed, smoothing out her light brown hair to make sure she looked presentable.

"Ready?" Akane asked past her cigarette, her red-eyed gaze giving a quick search of the form before her as Leanne nods her approval. Despite her misgivings, the recruit was resigned to her fate. "Good. 'Cause like I said..."

"...there's no turning back." With those words of reassurance, the doors were cast open and Leanne was thrust into a world she had never dreamed possible.

A few days earlier...

A loud bang a few inches away from Leanne's ear caused her to jolt awake, looking around in shock for a moment before she realized that the source of the sound was the pile of textbooks now sitting on the edge of her desk. "Taking a nap in class, Miss Helding?" Leanne's teacher, a fairly young lady by the name of Ms. Allenby who had only started working at the High School fairly recently, stood above her, hands still on the sides of the heavy book stack as she glared down at the sleepy Senior before her.

Said Senior took a moment to stretch, yawn, and wipe her drowsy eyes before muttering out a response. "S-sorry, Ms. Allenby...I had a long night." Her face quickly turned red as she realized most of her peers were watching the display. The teacher shook her head in response to the weak excuse, but let the matter go nonetheless and returned to her position in front of the class.

"As I was saying, to understand exactly how the Shining Finger works, you first have to realize..." Leanne's ears didn't take long to start ignoring her teacher's constant buzzing as her head turned towards the window next to her seat, her eyes drawn to the overcast sky outside. The girl leaned forward onto her desk and leaned the side of her head on her fist as she allowed her mind to wander, making sure not to drift off as she had a moment ago, and before she knew it the dismissal bell had rung. As Leanne rose from her seat, smoothing out the ruffles left on her school uniform from her temporary slumber, she noticed Ms. Allenby suddenly standing at the front of her desk once again.

" had a long night." The older (but only slightly) woman said in an inquiring fashion, arms folded beneath her fair bosom. Leanne gave only a slight nod in response, her green eyes watching Ms. Allenby in a similar fashion to a gazelle watching a nearby cheetah. "Yeah...sorry again. I really didn't mean to fall asleep, but I was so tired, and-" Ms. Allenby cut off Leanne's explanations with a "Shh!" and a finger over her lips. "Just don't let it happen again, Leanne." "R-right. Don't worry, I won't." The girl muttered, relieved that her teacher wasn't going to interrogate her.

Satisfied with her pupil's regret, Ms. Allenby waved her away dismissively, a gesture which Leanne took swift advantage of by gathering her things and leaving the classroom at an impressive speed.

Leanne's journey home was pleasant and uneventful, just the thing the Senior needed after the stressful day she had. While it definitely wasn't the worst she'd experienced, it was certainly high in the rankings. She couldn't help but replay the events of the day in her mind as she drove home...scrambling into her uniform after she slept through her alarm, running out of gas and having to call a tow truck (which was why she was driving her beat-up back up car home instead of her newer, shinier one; she had her mom to thank for dropping that off to the school parking lot), going hungry during lunch since she didn't have time to pack herself food that morning and didn't bring her wallet to school...and finally, accidentally falling asleep during Ms. Allenby's class and getting woken up in such a manner. Her teacher was lucky she didn't die of a heart attack on the spot.

"Well, at least the stressful part of my day is over." Leanne stated to no one in particular, her focus on the road dwindling as she pictured the warmth and comfort of her bed's embrace. "Now I can go home, relax, and-"

Her spoken thoughts were cut off as her car abruptly crashed into something, Leanne's vision of what it could be obscured by the sudden appearance of the car's airbags, which she promptly crashed into herself.

After fumbling about blindly for a moment, her hand finally found the driver side door's handle and gave it a tug, allowing her to spill out onto the rough concrete of the road and escape her soft, air-filled prison. "Ugh...urgh..." sputtered Leanne as she took a moment to regain her bearings, head pounding from the adrenaline surging through her body. After pulling herself together, the student forced herself up into a sitting position and looked towards the front of the car.

She expected to see a large dog or something, maybe some sort of mutant Great Dane, but while what laid at the heavily dented hood of her car appeared to have the head of a wolf covered in white fur, the canine similarities ended there. Most of the creature's body was obscured by Leanne's vehicle, but the heavily-muscled, body builder-esque shoulders of the thing alone gave a very humanoid impression despite being covered in unnatural, nearly coal black skin. Fear took hold of Leanne faster than she could blink as she beheld the monster she struck with her car, the crotch of her panties becoming noticably wet beneath her skirt as her bladder let loose.

As if in response to the acrid smell of urine, the creature's eyes flew open, immediately focusing on the girl just a few feet away from itself as it slowly rose to its feet. Despite all of her instincts screaming at her to run, Leanne found herself unable to move, her body paralyzed by terror. The monster brought itself up to its full height, lips pulling back into a snarl. It took a single step towards her...then was sent skidding away by a kick to the side of its snout, the kicker being what appeared to be a completely naked woman with something pink, full, and floppy hanging between her legs. Said floppy pink thing had some sort of design on it, almost like a tattoo in black ink, but with an unusual aesthetic to it.

The potential soccer star landed on the ground with excellent form, bare feet settling on the pavement as the monster came to a stop and directed its attention towards her. "Thought you could escape from me, eh?" The stranger wagged a finger mockingly at the wolf-like demon as her other hand swiped her bright red bangs out of her eyes. "You might've broken outta my barrier, but I'm not the kinda girl to get cold feet when push comes to shove. In fact, they're pretty warm. Want me to prove it?" The moment she finished speaking, the design on the pink object between her legs suddenly lit up bright red as fire began swirling about her body, quickly focusing around each of her feet until they were both completely engulfed in flames. The creature snarled in response, the muscles on its arms and legs contracting powerfully for a mere moment before it launched itself at its challenger.

The black-skinned monstrosity bent down low to the ground and stretched its arms out to its full wingspan in a double clothesline, likely aiming to cover as much ground as possible to make it more difficult to dodge. Thinking quickly, the woman leapt into the air, aiming to catch the wolf off-guard, but it reacted faster than expected, its head snapping up right when she was nearly over and sinking a mouthful of fangs right into the soft-looking thing between the monster hunter's thighs.

She immediately let out a scream, the noise full of pain (and a strange amount of pleasure as well), yet still managed to seize her opportunity and slam both fiery feet down on either side of the monster's white-furred head, reducing the entire body part to cinders in mere seconds. Lacking anything to hold her in the air any longer, the red-haired, red-eyed lady fell to the ground, landing on her generously plump ass with an "Oomph!" and a wince of pain as she noticed the charred teeth still embedded into her bleeding body part. "Ow ow ow ow...damn, that hurts..." She groaned as the adrenaline started draining from her body and the full weight of the pain hit her like a truck. Her eyes, half-lidded, combed the area around her for a moment before settling on Leanne, who still remained in the same position as earlier, though now more from awe and confusion than fear.

"Oi, kid." The woman called out to the teenager lying a short distance away. "Know any first aid?" Her disappointment was obvious when Leanne shook her head. "Guess that would be too any medical supplies then?" The nude lady pressed further, a weak smile appearing on her visage as the schoolgirl gave a nod and finally managed to stand, her legs still a bit weak as she steadily approached the victorious hunter before her. She moved to help her stand but the woman refused her with a dismissive gesture, managing to deal with the pain long enough to push herself to her now-flameless feet. "A-are you going to be okay?" Leanne asked, voice full of concern as the woman let out a shaky breath. "Depends," The older female responded with slight amusement in her eyes. "How close are those supplies?"

"My house is just over there..." Confidence slowly returned to Leanne's voice now that the strange event appeared to be over. She gestured towards a house at the end of the street, not too far from the pair's current position. "I guess that's not too bad. Gotta take what I can get." The red woman ran her fingers through her hair briefly before suddenly rushing forward and taking hold of the monster's muscular torso with both hands. She flung its entire body high into the air directly above her, her design flashing orange during the display of strength, and kicked upward in a manner that left her doing a standing split as gravity took effect and sent the heavy corpse careening towards her. The moment its coal-colored skin came into contact with its killer's bare sole, the entire body shattered into dust, each particle sparkling for a few seconds before fading away into nothingness. The hunter released a sigh of relief and allowed her leg to lower, doing so carefully to avoid agitating her injury.

"Alrighty, job's done." She said, visibly relaxing as all the tenseness in her muscles evaporated. "Um...excuse me?" Leanne piped up, moving closer to the woman and offering a shoulder for support in case she needed it. "Would you mind telling me your name?" The woman gave a brief chuckle and waved off the girl's offer, pretending to think over her answer while she did so. "My name, huh? Why don't we wait until I'm bandaged up before we get introduced?" Amusement flashed through the hunter's eyes as her tone took a suggestive turn, causing Leanne's cheeks to do their best impression of a tomato. The schoolgirl cleared her throat and gave an awkward nod, turning in the direction of her house and walking towards it at a slow pace to ensure the stranger didn't fall behind.

A short walk later, the two found themselves on the front porch of Leanne's house, a two-story structure with a notably rustic feel to the exterior. Sitting on the porch was a wooden bench, a piece of furniture which the lady immediately took advantage of by sliding onto it and spreading her legs wide to allow her injured area some room; she immediately let out a sigh of relief as the fat pink object was laid out upon the lukewarm wood, some sort of white fluid leaking from a hole at the tip of it and mixing with the still-leaking blood. Once she ensured that her guest was nice and settled, Leanne took off her dress shoes and socks and disappeared into the house, thanking every deity that she could think of that her mom wouldn't be home for a few hours.

Barely a few moments passed before Leanne reemerged from her front door with a pair of tweezers and a roll of gauze in hand, along with a bottle of rubbing alcohol nestled into her armpit. "Took ya long enough." The woman teased while Leanne knelt down next to her waist and set the medical supplies onto whatever free space she could find on the bench. Ignoring the jest, the Senior picked the tweezers back up and gently nudged her patient's bare leg aside, noting with some admiration how smooth it felt as she leaned in to take a closer look at the injury.

"What is this thing, anyway?" Leanne asked as she gave the object a curious prod, wonder appearing on her face as it gave a slight twitch in response. The lady yelped at the sudden stimulation before bursting into laughter at Leanne's lack of understanding. "It's my womb, kid. Simple as that." She let out another round of laughing at the girl's sudden expression of shock. "The name's Akane, by the way. Figure you've got a right to know, since you're about to handle my baby bag and all." Leanne's surprise faded fairly quickly, her eyes now looking at Akane's sack with concern and curiosity as she leaned in closer to examine the wounds. There were about twelve teeth still left embedded in the top and bottom of the womb, seven in the top and five in the bottom; Leanne had to lift it up to find that out, causing Akane to let out a moan of masochistic enjoyment. With that figured out she immediately set to work, laying Akane's womb back down onto the wooden bench and plucking out a burnt tooth from the top. Her actions were rewarded with a spurt of blood, but the red woman managed to bite back any noise she was about to make. The student repeated the process until all the teeth were gone, a bit impressed with Akane's complete lack of painful protest as she set the tweezers aside. Her womb was now tooth-free, though there were large and obvious gashes where the teeth once been. It was unlikely they would ever completely heal, though Leanne was unsure of how a womb would heal anyway.

Setting her thoughts aside for the moment, Leanne grabbed the alcohol, which Akane almost immediately swiped right out of her hands. The look in her eyes playfully said 'I'll handle this' as she unscrewed the top, leaving the girl to spectate what was about to happen. She softly lifted her womb off of the wood, orienting her cervix so that it was facing upwards, and shoved the neck of the bottle right into it. The alcohol immediately began pouring in, her uterus rapidly swelling as the rubbing alcohol filled it up. Once the bottle was empty and Akane's womb had practically turned into an alcoholic water balloon, her gaze turned expectantly towards Leanne, who immediately looked confused. "Well? You gonna do the honors?"

"Honors? What honors?" Leanne's puzzlement only grew at the hunter's words. Akane's only response was to glance from Leanne's face down towards her feet and back again, then down at her swollen sack while she set the bottle aside.

Unsure of what exactly Akane wanted her to do, Leanne tentatively lifted a bare foot and placed it atop her sensitive womb. Akane gave a nod of encouragement, giving Leanne the confidence to gently push down with her sole and spurt alcohol right out of the gashes left by the teeth like a miniature water fountain. Akane's uterus quickly deflated under Leanne's attention, and once it seemed mostly empty, the woman quickly grabbed hold of Leanne's foot before she could pull it away. She pressed her toes against her cervix for a moment before using her free hand to spread it open, allowing her free passage into the baby bag. Akane shoved the entire foot into her womb fairly quickly, Leanne's toes going down the hunter's Fallopian tubes as she closed her cervix over the girl's ankle. "Hey, looks like you're a pretty good fit." Akane said with obvious mirth.

Leanne had no idea how to react to this new development. Her only thought was to free her foot, but from how tightly Akane's cervix was clamped around her ankle, it seemed like that would be rather difficult. 'Perhaps freedom lies deeper within?' The thought occurred to the girl, who immediately put the plan into action by shoving her foot in as far as it would go, her toes curling as she did so. By sheer chance her split-up toes managed to each find the ovary at the end of their respective tubes, something that caused Akane a bit of panic. "Whoa whoa whoa, no need to do anything to those. I'm just messing with ya." The hunter slid her hands past either side of her cervix and stretched the object wide to allow Leanne an escape, an opportunity that Leanne used to pull out her foot and set it back onto the ground where it belonged. The entire thing felt rather slimy, but the Senior tried to ignore that as best she could. What she couldn't ignore, however, was how wide her savior's cervix was now spread. Her womb's only protection was gaping so badly that Akane was able to easily remove both hands without it even gripping at them. Seemed like it would be open to the elements from now on, especially since the temporary presence of the alcohol and Leanne's foot loosened the rest of her womb as well.

"So, err, Miss Akane..." Leanne began, but Akane quickly cut her off with a raised hand. "Drop the 'Miss', kid. Makes me sound old." "...O-okay, Akane, what the hell was that thing?" A smile was her only response, leading Leanne to push her further. "I seriously want to know! I think I deserve an explanation, considering how it almost killed me and all." Akane's smile only grew wider as the brunette girl finished her argument. "If you want me to tell you that bad, then we'll have to come to an agreement." Something about Akane's tone sent a sudden chill down Leanne's spine, but she refused to be dissuaded so easily. "What sort of agreement?"

Akane abruptly stood, her uterus flopping weakly between her legs as she dramatically cleared her throat. "To access the knowledge of the Demon Hunting world, one must first become a Demon Hunter." The lady's voice abruptly took on a much more professional tone, though it slipped back into its usual casualness immediately after. "Honestly, you're already pretty close to becoming one. Just gotta take the oath and boom, you're a Hunter." She sat back down once she had finished speaking, languidly stretching across the bench and allowing her baby bag some room to rest. 'So that wolf thing was a Demon?...' For a moment the image of the monster was pasted all over her mind's eye, causing her to take a while to respond to Akane's statement with one of her own. "What would becoming a Demon Hunter entail, aside from the obvious?" "Well, you'd basically get superpowers. Can't really use them outside of the barriers you place, to prevent random bystanders from being caught in the crossfire. That, and to keep the whole thing a secret." Akane explained with a trace of regret, faced with a reminder that she'd failed to do so. Thanks to the Hunter's words, Leanne suddenly realized something, something that caused a wave of despair to wash over her. "I...I don't really have a choice, do I?"

Akane's expression darkened to match the girl's own as Leanne voiced her epiphany, confirming her suspicion. "So basically...because you failed to do your job right, I'm stuck with a life killing Demons until they kill me?" "Uh...yeah, basically." The woman's red eyes flicked away from Leanne's own green ones as guilt fully engulfed them. Rage quickly filled the normally-calm eighteen-year old, her inexperience with the emotion causing her to utterly fail to control it. She grabbed hold of the empty bottle of alcohol sitting nearby and smashed it down onto Akane's exposed organ with all her might...or she tried to, at least, but the bottle ended up shattering on what appeared to be thin air. The surprise she felt gave Leanne the opportunity to notice that Akane's womb tattoo thing was shining cyan, probably activating some sort of barrier. The schoolgirl's anger quickly faded as she realized how badly she almost screwed up and she looked towards Akane's eyes for some sign that she was going to end her right then and there, but held within her gaze was nothing but sympathy. Tears came unbidden to Leanne despite the grin that shaped her lips as she fell to her knees, unsure of what to say or do. Things had changed so drastically so quickly, and it all just left her feeling...


"...And that's the story of how I found our little lost puppy here." Akane finished with a flourish, giving a twitch when her still-damaged womb rubbed against the fabric of her suit pants as she melodramatically bowed. She had told Leanne a lot about herself over their week-long trip to the Demon Hunter West Division Headquarters (also know by the far simpler DHW), though they were mostly mundane facts like how she preferred to shower at night, how her favorite color was red (shockingly), and how she never wore underwear. She was probably regretting that last one right about now, but it wasn't like she had many options in the first place thanks to her sensitive sack (which had failed to heal and/or tighten up whatsoever, from what Leanne had observed).

Huntmaster Greives's grey eyes slowly opened once the tall woman finished her tale, disapproving understanding written all over his face. "So, Hunter Akane, your story basically amounts to this: you allowed a Demon to escape from a barrier, a construct designed specifically to keep Demons inside, and failed to take it down in a timely manner once it had done so, causing this girl beside you to bear witness. Is that correct?" He finished cooly. His words went in one ear and out the other for Leanne, who was distracted by how the young Huntmaster's black bangs seemed to defy gravity in a way that even hair gel couldn't allow. Fidgeting guiltily from Greives's summation, Akane gave a brief nod. "Pretty much." The Huntmaster sighed heavily, his hand gliding up to his forehead for massaging purposes. "I'm quite amazed, Hunter Akane. In your short career, you've managed to not only destroy several buildings, inhabited ones at that, but also to expose a grand total of three Uninitiated to the Demon Hunting world." "Hey now, Clark doesn't count. I took care of him, didn't I?" Akane's objection only seemed to stir Greives further.

"I'll be frank with you, Akane. I'm extremely tempted to get rid of you." He stated, causing Akane to gulp involuntarily. "However, the West Division is understaffed as is, and losing even a single person would be a devastating blow. In addition, this girl...Leanne, correct?" Greives looked towards the girl in question for confirmation, but she failed to respond thanks to her preoccupation with his hair. "Ahem, well...this girl that you've brought was a good find, so despite your failures, I'm willing to let you off with a warning this time around as thanks for assisting with DHW's staffing problem."

The Hunter visibly relaxed now that she had been let off the hook, but her superior's disapproving glare caused her to immediately stiffen once again. "Right, well, uh, thanks, I'll be going now." Akane said in an impressively speedy manner, grabbing hold of the bewitched Leanne's arm and tugging her out of Greives's office as quickly as she could, the door slamming behind them. The man simply sighed again in response, turning toward one of the many piles of paperwork on his desk. "What a hopeless pair."

To be continued...


Not a bad start. It's always good to see gaping/big insertion/prolapse stories, so I'd definitely like to see what direction you plan on taking this story in. I didn't notice any spelling or grammatical errors, but I do have a small technical point: if what I'm reading is right and her cervix is the end of her prolapse, then the visible part should be referred to as the vagina, and not the womb, since that's still on the inside. Having a prolapsed womb would require pulling it out through her cervix (which shouldn't be hard in its current state; maybe something for a future chapter?).

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.


Not too bad. It's always good to find extreme prolapse/ stretching stories.


Hmm, that's a good point. The way I was mentally picturing it, her uterus was hanging free and clear, but I think it would probably be a good idea to retcon it into the kind of prolapse that you were referring to. Thanks!


Here's Part 2 again. Had to take it down so I could fix some errors that were really bugging me.

Part 2: You Should Really Loosen Up

"As a Hunter, I do swear to guard the Uninitiated with my life, to protect the world from the horrors that hide just out of sight, and to battle the Demons in glorious combat until my blood mingles with theirs. I pledge myself to the cause of the Demon Hunters, and by doing so, relinquish ties to my Uninitiated life." Leanne finished somewhat reluctantly as she looked down at the object in her hands.

The photo she was holding, depicting her and her parents smiling with their respective arms wrapped around one another, was quite precious to her, which was why she had brought it to the ritual in the first place. Akane had informed her that to complete the oath, she would need to use her newfound magic to destroy something significant to her non-Demon Hunter self. She was tempted to simply get rid of one of her numerous shirts and pretend like it was some super-important memento that meant the world to her, but she was also told that the more important the destroyed relic was, the more potential she would be able to awaken.

Whether or not that was true was unknown, but Leanne figured that if she had a choice between burning something major and immediately becoming powerful or burning something minor and potentially getting killed by a Demon straight off, she'd take the more pragmatic choice. She could always find some new mementos later anyway.

Her resolve steeled, the girl stepped forward, holding out the framed photo towards the Huntsman overseeing her pledge, a grim woman who still had yet to actually introduce herself. Despite her tight-lipped manner, the numerous scars decorating her weathered face indicated many past glories and made her rank quite apparent. One particularly serious gash went straight over her right eye, which was tightly shut despite the heavy damage to the lid. Leanne was pondering what sort of Demon could have caused a wound like that when the woman suddenly snapped to bring the initiate's attention to her, snatching the photo out of her grasp a moment later. "Hey. Answer the question." Her voice had a strange, hoarse sound to it that put the newbie off. "O-oh, sorry. Could you repeat it?" Leanne thought the person across from her was about to snap her neck from the look she gave the former student, but the woman's arms merely twitched as her mouth opened once again.

"Your sigil. Where do you want it?"

Leanne swiftly began mulling the question over, her deep concentration displaying quite prominently on her face, but was unable to come up with any noteworthy ideas. "Do you have any suggestions?" The girl asked, hoping to both have the conundrum solved for her and build some rapport with one of her seniors by asking her opinion. "The more dangerously placed your sigil is, the more power you'll be able to glean from it." The Huntsman answered with the kind of disinterest that only comes from saying a line too many times. Apparently gaining favor with this veteran wouldn't be so easy. "If you were to, say, place the sigil upon your forearm, you would only be able to use a small amount of power at a time, far less than you would if you were to place the sigil on your nipple or somewhere similarly sensitive." "...That explains why Akane put her sigil in such a strange place..." The schoolgirl said softly, a statement aimed towards no one in particular. A gleam of amusement flashed in the woman's eyes for a brief moment before she continued. "I must warn you, though. If you put it on your nipple, it'll lengthen. A lot. It has to if you want an entire sigil to be imprinted on it." That was a fate Leanne definitely wanted to avoid. She mulled over the woman's words while said woman practiced a few magical designs on the air, one design in particular abruptly filling her with inspiration. "In that case, I think I know where I want my sigil to be."

The red Hunter smiled smugly to herself as she surveyed the current jobs available from the Bounty Board, which was less of a board and more of a screen, and didn't actually have bounties on it so really its name wasn't accurate at all. 'Heh, and Leanne didn't believe me when I said this place looked better on the inside.' Her claim was quite correct. While the West Division Headquarters may have looked like a crumbling ruin on the outside, the inside was built like a technologically-advanced guild hall, complete with banners and trophies from major kills hanging everywhere. There was even a mead hall. They didn't actually serve mead, but it was called a mead hall on the map, so...

Idly scratching at the shoulder of her suit, Akane swept her gaze over the various contracts listed on the large display in front of her, passing right over a multitude of Minor and Lesser Demons before settling on one contract in particular. She gave it a quick tap to bring up the details of the contract and, satisfied that there weren't any side conditions like "slay in under 30 seconds" or "slay with nothing but a broom" (Huntmaster Greives liked to spice up the easier missions), the woman signed her sigil to establish the contract as hers and gave the screen one last swipe to submit the document to Greives for approval. 'Ugh, I wish I could rank up already...' Akane mused. If she were a Huntsman, she would be able to access far more powerful Demons, and she wouldn't have to slide her contracts by the Huntmaster before actually taking them. Alas, a promotion seemed farther and farther away with each hunt she did, mostly thanks to her luck being terrible.

The last demon she fought, for example, Black Lycan, was supposed to be a fairly easy kill, yet it somehow managed to break free from her barrier with nothing but pure strength, then managed to outrun her in a chase halfway across the city. If Leanne hadn't hit it with a car, it's entirely possible that the monster could've gotten away...but just the thought of that was unacceptable to Akane.

Knowing that her game needed some serious stepping up, the Hunter began going over various tactics and strategies in her head right as the contract came back with partial approval. "...The fuck!?" Akane couldn't keep herself from audibly voicing her disgust as she spotted the condition attached to the end of the virtual sheet. It simply read "Do not hunt alone."

"Greives, you cocksucker..." Indignation boiled within Akane as she read those words over and over. That condition was meant to be attached to a Hunter's first job, not to their fifteenth. Her mind quickly making itself up, Akane poked the screen to confirm the contract and walked away from the Bounty Board, heading straight for the front entrance with grim determination in her eyes without picking up any supplies or finding the partner that Greives had commanded. She was going to prove that she had the ability to handle a simple Lesser Demon on her own, and in the process show the Huntmaster just how far his opinion of her was from the truth.

Luckily the targeted Demon was in the same city as DHW, so Akane wouldn't have to travel for days just to kill a Demon in under an hour. Right as she exited the Headquarters, she slipped into the alleyway at its side, and, after looking around to make sure no one was there with her, began to disrobe. While Akane didn't need to fight naked, the added freedom and flexibility she got from going clothe-less led her to much prefer doing so. It helped that it was really fun walking around with her barrier up so she could fuck with random people without them even knowing she was there.

She first slipped off her suit jacket, calmly folding it and setting it inside a large crack in the side of the Headquarters for safekeeping. The woman repeated the process with her shirt beneath it, baring her appreciable tits to the air and causing her proportionately-large pink nipples to immediately harden from their exposure. Speaking of exposure...Akane excitedly pulled down her pants, her round ass shaking about while she pulled them down and under her dress shoes. A sudden gust of wind blew across her prolapsed vag, causing her entire body to give a shudder as she slipped her suit pants in with the rest of her clothes, soon followed by her shoes and socks. Now fully nude, the Hunter summoned a barrier tight against her form to shield her from view and prevent any noise she made from escaping before stepping out into the street.

It being the early afternoon on a Saturday, the streets were understandably busy. People bustled to and fro, going about their business without knowledge of the threat that lurked so close to them. Akane envied their blissful ignorance, if only slightly. She had been exposed to the Hunter's side of the world long ago, long enough that she couldn't even remember what life was like before it. 'Well,' she mused, 'I guess it's pointless to wish for what I can't get.' Her jealousy subdued so easily, the woman strolled down the sidewalk, occasionally letting out pulses from her barrier in an attempt to draw her target's attention while taking in the sights.

Eventually she passed by a cafe that she frequented in her downtime, Cal's Creamy Coffee (and Tea), and a perverse idea popped into her head. Akane shuffled over to one of the outside tables, one currently occupied by two girls who seemed to be chatting about inconsequential things, and flopped her prolapse right on top of the sun-heated metal table while allowing the barrier around it to fade. She rounded off the end of it to ensure that it didn't look like it was sticking out of another dimension, biting her lower lip in excitement despite how painfully hot the metal was.

The girls both screamed at the sudden invasion of their privacy, though their fear was quickly replaced by confusion as they took in the sight before them. Thanks to the way Akane had slammed her exposed cunt onto the table, the girls seemed to be under the impression that it had fallen from somewhere above them and spent a few moments trying to identify the source of the strange object sitting upon their table before their attention shifted to the object itself. "What is that?" One of the girls asked, her voice full of awe and a bit of disgust as she watched some womb juice dribble from Akane's stretched cervix, the fluid spilling onto the table and giving off a slight sizzle as it touched the heated surface.

"No clue, but it's really...weird-looking." Her friend responded, grabbing hold of her fork and prodding at one of the formerly-tooth-filled gashes in the vaginal wall despite how the utensil was still covered in bits of cake and saliva from the meal she was previously eating. Several of the fork's prongs slid into the hole, directly poking at Akane's sensitive uterus and causing her to shudder uncontrollably for a brief moment. The prolapse's sudden movement startled the girls further and made the second girl drop her fork, their reactions gaining attention from the other patrons who were sitting outside and even some of the passerby. Akane was a tad annoyed that the girl had gotten some cake bits in the wound, but it was hardly even a wound anymore anyway, so it wasn't like it would get infected or anything.

"Hey, touch it, touch it!" The second girl, who's attitude had changed rather quickly, began egging on her friend while a young man who had been walking by pulled out his phone and started recording the situation. Deciding to one-up (or perhaps five-up) her friend's suggestion, the first girl formed her hand into a beak and abruptly shoved her hand right past Akane's cervix and into her womb proper, her fingers pressing up against the entrance to the red Hunter's right Fallopian tube. "Hey, there's still some more space in here..." The first girl stated suggestively, giving her friend a meaningful glance.

"Oh really?" She responded with a grin, forming her hand into a similar shape and sliding it right on in next to her friend's until hers was resting against Akane's left passage. The Hunter herself was ridiculously aroused at this point, struggling to keep control of her muscles as pleasure shot through her sack. The girls exchanged a look before simultaneously attempting to penetrate her tight tubes with their whole fists.

At first it seemed like they wouldn't manage to fit, or even if they did, the passages would simply tear, yet their beaked shapes allowed them to eventually slip through, inch by inch of their fists gradually stretching the woman's Fallopian tubes until they reached the curve towards the middle. Barely slowing down from the obstacle, the friends' fingers rounded the curves quite smoothly, pressing further until their fingertips were pressing against Akane's sensitive ovaries and their hands were swallowed up to the wrist in their respective holes. Even a simple touch of her lady-balls nearly caused Akane to lose it and fall to her knees, but she managed to barely keep herself under control and stay on her feet. Falling now would be a terrible idea, after all.

"Do you feel something at the end of your hole?" The first girl asked, to which her friend nodded. "Yeah...feels kinda slimy." She made a face before realizing just how many people were now watching the display. Realizing that the second girl had finally noticed the pair's viewership, one of the small crowd that had gathered near the table shouted, "Stretch it open! I wanna see what's inside!"

The girls smiled at each other from their audience's demands, quickly moving to fulfill their desires by each pulling their arms as far from the opposite arm as they could. Akane's cervix was quickly spread even wider as the pair pulled at it with their arms, the first girl grabbing the top with her free hand and the second girl grabbing the bottom with hers a moment later and tugging it open to allow the cameras to capture the depths within.

Her cervix, womb, and Fallopian tubes all stretched to their limits, Akane finally came, orgasming so hard that some of her eggs shot straight out of her ovaries and onto the the hands nearly touching them, some of them managing to flow around the girls' fists thanks to the fluid that contained them before squirting onto the scorching table. The Hunter fell backwards as she started coming down from her high, the hands wedged inside her prolapse sliping out without much opposition as the thing suddenly slid off the table and fell onto the ground. Akane immediately spread her barrier around the sensitive flesh once again, cloaking it so that when the girls looked to see where it fell, they would see naught but the ground below. Now that she had some time to slow her breath, the tall woman realized something that made it speed right up again.

While she had been playing around, the Demon she had been searching for had noticed her presence and was now heading straight towards her at an alarming speed.

"Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit." Akane cursed to herself as she bolted to her feet, thankful that her voice was masked by her barrier while she ran in the direction of the place she had predetermined to be the best fighting location. The sheer looseness of her prolapsed cunt distracted her, feeling akin to an empty plastic bag billowing in the wind and forcing Akane to wonder if air resistance on her vaginal prolapse would slow her down enough for the Demon to attack her in the streets. Her fears proved unfounded, however, as she arrived at her destination with time to spare.

The Hunter sprinted into the abandoned construction site as quickly as her legs would carry her, stopping around what she estimated to be the middle and spreading her barrier towards all four walls (if they could be called that) of the unfinished building.

Akane hardly had any time to prepare further before a hulking monster of a Demon came tumbling through the side of the red woman's barrier, losing its own in the process but barreling towards her nonetheless. The creature's eagle-like head screeched as all six of its arms made a grabbing motion towards Akane at the same time, but the Hunter nimbly ducked beneath them and sheathed one of her legs in blazing flames before hitting one of the bird's bull-like legs with a fiery leg sweep that sliced it right off from the knee down. The Demon fell forward, arms outstretched to shield its fall, the sheer size of the thing causing a small crater to form around each of its hands as it caught itself. It was given nary a second to rest, however, as Akane smoothly transitioned from her sweep into a leap and brought her leg down in an axe kick aimed towards the back of the beast's head, failing to realize until she had already initiated the move that the monster had neglected to use two of its arms.

It snatched her out of midair with impressive speed and flung her towards a standing beam, emitting an ear-piercing scream as it pitched the woman with earth-shattering force. Time seemed to slow as Akane twisted in midair, orienting herself so that she would strike the beam feet-first while her stretched sigil shone bright green to signify the woman's use of enhancement magic on her entire body. Her actions paid off as she struck the object with a resounding clang, yet suffered no damage other than a painful throbbing in her legs.

In the span of a second Akane looked over at the Demon, satisfaction filling her at the shocked look on its eagle-ish face (well, it seemed like a shocked look, was hard to tell since she didn't have much experience with animal expressions). She stuck her middle finger up at the creature as she launched herself off the support beam, using the rest of her remaining mana to engulf her body in a fiery inferno as she flew towards the monster with the hand she was still using to flick off her enemy outstretched. It made an attempt to defend itself, bringing four of its arms up in a guard while using its bottom two to continue supporting its weight, but the scorching heat of Akane's form allowed her to burn a hole straight through the Demon's arms and the torso behind them.

The Hunter casually stuck the landing as the fire coating her body dispersed and let out a sigh while the corpse behind her slumped to the ground. Knowing that her job wasn't quite finished yet, she spun about on her heel and walked over to the fallen Demon, giving it a gentle nudge with her toes and causing the entire body to explode into crystaline sand. "No one can withstand the F-Bomb." Confidence filled Akane's voice as she spoke, but her expression soured the moment she said the name of her maneuver. "...You know, now that I've actually said that out loud, it sounds pretty stupid. The attack itself was pretty stupid too. Why did I even think 'the F-Bomb' would be a cool move in the first place? Ugh." A noise of disdain escaped her throat as she shrunk her barrier back into its original position and left the battlefield with nothing left of her opponent but a fine dust on the floor.

Greives's office door slammed open as Akane strolled through, a shamelessly self-gratified expression on her face. He subconsciously emitted a groan at the mere sight of her so full of herself. "Guess what, Huntmaster?" Despite asking a question, the red-haired woman didn't even give her superior a chance to respond before speaking again. "I just took down that Lesser Demon all on my own. Whaddya think of that?" This time it seemed like she was actually giving him a chance to say his piece, so he did. "So you failed the conditions of the contract?" "Well, yeah, but-" "No buts." Huntmaster Greives cut her off before she could argue her case, his trap already sprung.

"Since you've neglected to adhere to the conditions set by myself, you have waived any possible reward you may have acquired by completing this mission." "W-what!? But I took down a Lesser Demon on my own!" Akane shouted her objection, yet Greives appeared unfazed. He simply stared her down, unflinching resolve pouring from his gray-eyed gaze.

"...Dammit." The word was little more than a growl when Akane said it as she barged out of the room, slamming the door behind her as she went. A part of the Huntmaster's psyche told him that he really shouldn't taunt her as he just had, but he mostly ignored it as he returned to the new contract he was typing up. "Rogal the Flame Lord." He input, fingers flying across the digital keys of his desk screen. "Major Demon."

Leanne was lying in bed, clad in only her underwear as she recovered from the trying ritual she had just finished, when a knock sounded upon her door. "The door's open!" She called out to whoever was on the other side of the door, figuring it was probably Akane. Her guess turned out to be correct as the door opened to reveal the red-eyed gal standing there, dejection coloring her features. "What's wrong?" Leanne asked, moving to sit up but stopping as Akane motioned for her to stay down.

"Just...keep lying down for now. I need to relax." The girl's expression was one of concern as she watched the woman step through the frame, the door automatically closing behind her, but lightened up a bit once she started removing her clothes. Her immediately getting naked meant her problems couldn't be that bad...or did it mean the opposite? The former schoolgirl wasn't quite sure, but she figured she'd find out soon enough.

Find out she did as Akane sat on the edge of her bed (which was the only real piece of furniture in the room), legs spread wide as she grabbed hold of her Leanne's ankles and pressed her feet together into a spear of sorts. Grabbing hold of the sides of her ruined prolapse, the woman spread her cervix wide enough to allow easy entry as Leanne compliantly shoved her foot-spear into her womb. Akane immediately released a sigh of relief as she let go of her mockery of a cervix, which draped weakly across the girl's ankles. "Hah, that's much better. Wish I could stay like this all the time." Akane's face took on a more blissful appearance to it as she spoke, her rapid change in mood causing Leanne to giggle.

"I don't really understand why you like my feet so much, but if it helps to have them inside you..." The new recruit gave an accepting shrug of her shoulders. Her senior couldn't help but smile at that. "Thanks, Leanne. That means a lot to me."

And so the two sat there, bonding in silence as the sun set over the city.

End of Part 2


Awesome Story. ^^ I can't wait to see the next. :)

I wonder now what more Womb abuse you prepare..... I have a lot of idea if you need. :)


Glad that you enjoyed it!

I'm always open to more ideas. I can't guarantee that I'll use them, but if you're alright with that, feel free to share.


Loving this story, man! Dedicated prolapse stories are few and far between and this one is excellent.


Heh, I'm really happy that people are enjoying my work. ^_^

The lack of prolapse stories is actually what inspired me to write this in the first place. Figured since I couldn't find any, I'd just make one myself.


I appreciate you will lisen some of my idea and I understand you wouldn't accept. But this is so rare to have story like this, I really want to see the story continue. :)

Akane is a character amazing.... she love play with her womb in nasty game.... dangerous game..... I wonder if this is possible to see her playing with her womb with little animals and be block because of a misstake of her and having the little animals coming inside the womb and having fun. ^^ You can do with insect too. ^^

Other idea, Akane tease an other time human with her womb but this time, the human try to pull out the ovaries. Again, with Akane block.

I have other idea.... a lot of idea......... even with character for helping you. :)


Idea 1: Something similar is already planned, but I think I actually like that idea more. Maybe I'll just do both.

Idea 2: Already planned. ^_--*

I'm also willing to hear your character ideas, albeit with the same stipulation as before.



Exactly right-be the change you want to see in the world.


For now I Have two ideas of character for you. ^^

The first is simple and may be you already plan something similaire: A demon who want play with Akane womb or other bodt part with the sigil. A demon who know a lot of way to have fun with the womb.

The second: I like the way of Akane put the feet of Leane inside her womb.... but I wonder, what about a character who can separate body part and still feel them and move them? Or may be have leanne like this? Like that, that would be fun to have some body part separate inside the wombe of Akane.

I have other idea but I need to fix them before to propose you, tell me what you think. :)


I think those are both pretty good ideas! It'll take a bit before we get to Major Demon territory, which is around the point where they'll start having actual intelligence, so it'll probably be a while before we see a demon that actually shows interest in Akane past bloodlust.

The second idea can be implemented a lot sooner, though.


I am happy you like the ideas. :) I will continue to find other for you. ^^ Womb abuse, womb torture, character, demon. Just ask and I will help you. :)


Great story so far. You are doing really well, thank for those two chapter. I really love how crazy Akane is. It could be fun to confront her with a prudish, kind of demon (a bit like Scanty and Kneesocks if you know the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt). Plus the demon could to force a little of decency and proper behavior in the head of all those peoples, or at least die trying.
I also really want to know where Leanne placed her sigil. And the stretching of Akane's one, does it have any effects on her powers? If it have any kind of positive effects, I fear the reaction of Akane when discovering it. Does she really need more encouragement to brutalize this poor organ?(Yes)


Loving this story. Like everyone else has already said, it's so rare to find a story like this, so you can bet I'll be following this story faithfully.

As for some ideas, anything involving ovary/fallopian play is good in my book.

Also, you could have Akane run into some sort of vacuum type demon or machine and have her prolapse get caught. You could then have the vaccuum pull her ovaries out through her tubes. You might also have it suck the eggs from her ovaries this also.

Another idea, if you're interested, is maybe having Leanne(or someone/something else) get shrunk down and invade Akane's ovaries and eggs.

As a slight spinoff from LNV's idea, you could have someone gain the power to open wormholes(or something) and use to torture Akane's womb from a distance. This could also be used to detatch her womb from her body while still keeping connected to it through a wormhole(maybe to rob Akane of her power).

You could have a scene where some kind of creature invades Akane's womb and ovaries before latching onto them and trying to drain them of their eggs.

As a question, do you intend to branch out from just womb play to maybe urethra play, nipple fuck, etc? I'm good either way; just curious.



I really like that Demon concept, so I'll definitely be using that once the Major Demon stage arrives (provided I get to that point).

As for all those questions,'ll be a while before they get answers, heh.


Those are all really interesting ideas. The first and third are ones that I'm probably going to try and fit in somewhere. I like the second idea too, but I'm not really sure if I'll be able to use it. Also the fourth idea is something that I've already got planned as part of a larger event, although that'll be part of the Greater Demon stage, so it'll be even longer before it gets used than the Major Demon stuff. -_-;

As for branching out, I'm debating whether or not to. I don't want to overextend myself too much, for the sake of keeping my creative processes from exhausting themselves, so I might relegate most of those things to side stories if I ever do them.

I do want to do them, though. ^_^


Nice, good luck with the next chapter then.(I happened to get lucky and check back a minute after you replied)=)


The title made it sound like non-consensual, but I'm glad I checked it out, love the story so far, looking forward to more of it.



Always convenient when that happens!

@Aoi Hikari

Heh...I probably could've gone a bit more in depth on the tagging. Glad you're enjoying it though!


Nice story ! Loving it so far. :)


Welcome to Part 3 of The Demon Hunters! I'm your host, Mister Eskuir.

This part was originally going to be much longer than it is, but I figured that its current stopping point was a good place to cut it off before it got too long, so I just split off the rest into Part 4. I doubt I'll be doing this with any other chapters, though. That being said, I hope you enjoy!

Part 3: Money Makes the World Go Round

"Shit...I'm flat broke." Akane's bank account displayed a grand total of 3 cents as she checked it on her phone. While she didn't seem particularly surprised, her frustration was quite apparent as she tossed the device at the wall, realizing too late that she could probably sell it for more money as it cracked against the wall. "No need to worry." The girl sitting behind her attempted to soothe her with comforting words while her hands danced across the red Hunter's tense muscles.

It seemed like her words had done their job well as Leanne noticed her partner's muscles loosen up slightly on their own, but they immediately tightened once again the moment both of their stomachs growled in near unison. "...I really wish we could get paid for Hunting." Leanne's hands fell from Akane's back as she voiced her complaint and fell backwards, sprawling across the bed the two were currently sharing. "Well, it makes sense that they don't. Not like DHW gets funding from anywhere other than the mead hall." Akane turned her body around as she spoke, shifting from a sitting position onto her hands and knees and crawling over Leanne until their faces were only a few inches apart.

The girl blushed and stammered at Akane's sudden assertiveness despite the fact that the two had been dating for a few days now. "W-why don't we just borrow some money from Eris?" Leanne had finally learned the name of the scarred woman who had handled her initiation around the time she and Akane had started going out, but she still knew next to nothing about the tight-lipped Huntsman. Despite her best effort to get the conversation back on track, the thing that actually stopped Akane from making out with the girl lying below her was the angry noise her stomach seemed to make in response to being ignored.

"Ah, dammit..." Her pale form rolled off to the side, clutching desperately at her stomach. "No way Eris would ever lend me money, not after last time." "What about me?" Leanne offered, but Akane simply shook her head. "Guilt by association."

"T-then...what are we going to do? I don't think I could get a job on this short of a notice..." Panic began to flood Leanne's system as she pictured herself slowly starving away, growing thinner and thinner between each pointless job interview until she was eventually nothing but a husk. Akane seemed to pick up on the girl's distress and stroked her light brown hair comfortingly, the woman sitting back up and planting a kiss on her girlfriend's forehead before fully standing.

"Akane? Where are you going?" Leanne couldn't stop worry from seeping into her voice, but the reassuring smile that the red Hunter flashed in her direction did wonders to soothe her nerves. "I'm gonna solve our money problem."

The early morning sun heated the streets as Akane skulked about near the middle of one, her bare feet only protected from the hot pavement by the barrier surrounding her naked body. Crossing the streets was unsurprisingly dangerous while one was invisible, but the red Hunter eventually managed to do so without being struck by a speeding car, stepping out onto the sidewalk on the opposite side from the one she had started on and locking her eyes onto her objective: Hardly Heated Hot Dogs.

The man that manned the stand was an abrasive fellow with a generous belly that seemed to laugh derisively every time a customer said anything. Frankly, Akane was a bit amazed that he still got business. Perhaps it was the fact that he had his hot dogs pre-prepared and set out on display, each dog covered in different toppings from the last and the next. A perfect set-up for one with the advantages Akane possessed.

She slithered over to the decently-sized stand in an impressively stealthy manner (not that it mattered, since she was invisible anyway), scooping up a piece of pavement that had broken off from the rest along the way. Positioning herself behind the stand owner, she allowed a small portion of the barrier around her mouth to fade and shouted "Hey!" while throwing the rock at the man's back just hard enough to make it seem like it had been thrown from a distance away.

He recoiled in surprise at the sudden impact, but recovered fairly quickly and whirled around with a face bathed in fury. "Who the fuck did that!? Huh!? Fucking coward!" The man shouted as Akane slipped around him, spreading her cervix like a hungry mouth and shoving in as many hot dogs as she could manage. To the average person walking by, it appeared that the hot dogs were teleporting to another dimension as they floated into the air for a moment before suddenly disappearing.

Seemed like the name of the stand was a major misnomer, since those hot dogs were scorching hot. Akane bit at her lower lip as she placed burning hot dog after burning hot dog into her loose womb, the organ containing more than enough room to fit all of the food. The last hot dog joined its ketchup-covered brethren right as the owner turned around, obviously still angry at his failure to find the culprit behind the attack. His rage only grew at the sight of all the missing hot dogs. "What...the...fuck!?" He yelled at the top of his lungs while Akane prepared the zip tie she had brought, wrapping it just above her cervix and tying it shut to prevent her loot from simply falling out.

The man's eyes locked on a boy who was walking away from the stand, hands in his suspiciously bulging pockets, and sprinted towards him with surprising speed for one so large, quickly tackling the innocent kid to the ground.

This was her chance to escape, and Akane knew it, yet...she couldn't just let that admittedly suspicious child get beaten up because of her. She had standards, after all.

And so the stand-owner was thrown off the boy with excessive force by an invisible dropkick, his body crashing through the window of the salon his cart was positioned in front of and shattering it completely. The kid sat up, a look of sheer confusion upon his face, one that only deepened as some sort of basketball-sized lumpy pink thing appeared in the air and seemed to wink at him before vanishing again. Having done her good deed for the day, Akane pulled her hands away from her loose cervix and started walking back in the general direction of the Headquarters while trying to ignore the feeling of condiments smearing against the walls of her baby bag.

Before she could arrive at her destination, however, she ran into someone unexpected. A certain blue-haired Huntsman was walking down the sidewalk at a fairly quick pace, her single good eye staring ahead towards nothing in particular. Her outfit was a bit out of character; rather than the nondescript track clothes the veteran tended to wear around DHW, her body was clad in a dark mini-dress with a skirt that just barely went low enough to be considered legal. Her muscular hands were covered in silk gloves that effectively hid the scarred extremities, although they ended just below the elbow and left her chiseled and similarly scarred shoulders quite apparent to anyone that glanced in her direction. Eris was even wearing high heels, something that she was obviously struggling with as she seemed to nearly trip with every step. "Heh...perfect prey." A wolfish grin spread across the Hunter's face as she started to follow her coworker, completely forgetting about the food she was smuggling in her womb in the face of this new development.

If Eris at all noticed her junior stalking her, she didn't show it, although she seemed to be rather distracted anyway. 'Does she have a boy/girlfriend?' Akane mused as she watched a slight blush creep onto the even taller woman's face. 'Heh, looks like it. Either that or a dog.' She didn't have to wonder for long as, despite her every step being so wobbly, the Huntsman arrived at her destination in good time.

'...The Lunar Lily?' The red Hunter's gaze quickly flicked from the restaurant's sign to what little of its interior she could see from the outside. Both windows had purple flower designs that covered most of their available space and the parts that weren't covered were blurred so that it was impossible to see through. 'This is...really suspicious.' Akane looked over towards her now completely red-faced target, who was fidgeting in front of the swiveling double doors that led inside, and found herself grinning again as she tiptoed closer.

The blue-haired woman suddenly found herself getting shoved through the doorway, stumbling forward and flailing her slim-yet-muscular arms as she struggled to struggled to maintain her balance against the heels that seemed so desperate to make her fall.

Eventually she managed to simply hop out of them, her movement too conveniently smooth to not be aided by magic, while Akane took the chance to slip in behind her. Right as she passed through the doorway, though, she suddenly felt a vice-like tightness on the base of her prolapse. It appeared that she hadn't taken her chance quickly enough and the double doors had now closed around the base of the female's exposed vagina. The pair of physical objects now between Akane and her organ forced the barrier hiding it from view to disperse, muscling the sack out of its hidden world and into plain sight.

'Well, shit.' Now Akane had no choice but to observe Eris from afar, as it would look quite suspicious to the seasoned Huntsman if the doors opened and closed for seemingly no reason. Eris still seemed to be entirely ignorant of Akane's presence as she bent over to shove her shoes off into a corner of the waiting area and unintentionally exposed her lack of panties, her long labia hanging unrestrained. The Peeping Tom stuck in the door couldn't help but lick her lips at the delicious sight.

Meanwhile, outside, a small group had gathered around the mysterious pink growth on the double doors."Hey, doesn't this look like that unknown object that showed up at Cal's Creamy Coffee (and Tea) a few days ago?" Someone commented, getting a general noise of approval from the rest of the gathering. "This looks too big for it to be the same one..." Another voice observed. "...They are fairly similar, though. They even have the same pattern, albeit this one's is on the bottom rather than the top. Perhaps they're of the same species."

"What, you think this thing is alive?" A wave of laughter ran through the crowd, though there were quite a few people that didn't partake in it. The owner of the second voice suddenly stepped forward, walking closer to the alien being and stopping right beside it. "The signs of life are obvious if you simply look for them." She adjusted her rimless glasses the moment she finished and leaned in closer, giving the side of the thing a soft stroke with her bare hand. "You idiot!" shouted a bystander. "What if it's poisonous?" "Then I shall report the effects of its toxins." The scientist responded coolly as she gave it another stroke which caused the creature to quiver.

Mildly worried by its reaction, the lady pulled back and rubbed her wet fingers together a bit. "It's dermis appears to be quite warm and moist." Her comments caused a general murmur to run through the group as she sniffed her fingers and mentally noted that the being's wetness didn't seem to have any particular smell to it, although there did seem to be the scent of hot dogs hanging in the air. 'Has this growth mimicked the odor of nearby food as an attempt to draw in nourishment? Perhaps it could be predatory...' She thought to herself as she wiped her hand off on her lab coat.

Akane had no idea what was going on outside or why she was feeling so aroused by it (well, she had some idea about that), but she had bigger concerns. Eris had already sat down and been joined by a young man, yet something else drew the Hunter's attention. Everyone in the restaurant aside from the two Demon Hunters was a male. Normally such a fact wouldn't be particularly concerning, yet there was something that felt particularly off about this whole situation...

Escaping from her thoughts just in time to realize that the young man had begun talking to her senior, Akane tried as hard as she could to tune her ears into the conversation. "...and trust me, babe, you'll be happy I didn't use a condom by the time we're done." His words practically oozed lecherous arousal, yet Eris's face betrayed no negative reaction. "Is that so." Despite being worded as a question, Eris definitely wasn't asking.

Her companion was obviously a bit put off by her manner. "You know, muscle lady...I can't help but wonder why you're here. It's pretty apparent that you aren't here to fuck, and that's the only reason anyone comes here." Eris's closed eye gave a major twitch before she responded. "But I am." "Oh, really?" The young man sneered at the Huntsman across the table. "Prove it. Take off that dress of yours."

Everyone in the establishment let out hoots and yells of encouragement as the woman's good eye closed. "Very well."

Her hand flew to the chest of her dress and grasped it tightly before flinging the entire outfit off in a single motion, inspiring another round of catcalls from the restaurant's inhabitants. "Good, good. Now stand." Eris followed the man's orders without a moment of hesitation, exposing her pert breasts and drooping lower lips to the males all around her. The young man stood as well, pulling down his pants as he moved closer and revealing his already erect penis. The woman was even taller than he was, making it quite easy for him to do what he did next: With one swift move, he shoved his cock straight into her pussy...but not truly into her cunt. His dick had actually penetrated her urethra, an event that even Eris couldn't keep a straight face during as she let out low moan and closed her good eye again.

The Huntsman had barely had a chance to adjust to the sudden thick length buried in her peehole when the young man began thrusting it in and out, the head of his cock battering against Eris's bladder with every thrust. "How's...that...huh!?" If his words were any indication, the display seemed to be the man's way of relieving his frustration with the 'muscle lady'. "Can't...stay...quiet...during...this!" A slight smile tugged at the corners of the scarred woman's mouth the moment he finished speaking. "You're right about that."

Eris's damaged eyelid abruptly opened, the sigil on the pale ball beneath shining bright enough to blind anyone who looked directly at it. Akane directed her eyes away from the brilliant light, her gaze instead moving towards the blade of energy that the veteran had formed around her gloved left hand.

Hardly a second passed before the limb lashed out, her sword slicing so cleanly through the man's neck that there wasn't even a spray of blood from either part of the sever. In the same instant the woman launched her barrier outwards, the men in the restaurant transforming from well-dressed gentleman into purple-skinned incubi as the construct came into contact with them.

The following battle was so one-sided that it could hardly even be called such. Demon after Demon rushed at Eris, who cut them into pieces one after another until she was surrounded by severed limbs and bisected foes. Once it was all over, which didn't take particularly long, the woman allowed her energy blade to disperse and knelt down to pick up the still-twitching initial Incubus's head by the hair. "Was it worth it?" She questioned, not giving the Demon a chance to respond before coursing so much energy through the detached skull that it exploded rather than simply disintegrating.

The main part of the conflict now complete, Eris took a moment to survey the battlefield, her face as grim as ever. Akane flinched when her senior's gaze swept over her, figuring that Eris's barrier had taken out her own, but the woman didn't appear to notice her presence. 'My barrier...held out against a Huntsman's?' Awe filled the red Hunter, although it was diminished somewhat by the fact that she was still stuck in the door.

At the same time, on the other side of the entrance, the scientist posed for her final picture with her discovery, setting her hand atop the thing in a somewhat possessive manner as the shot was snapped. Her thoughts idly wandered to how famous she would become for discovering such a major find...she could already see the paychecks flowing in like water through a broken dam. She was about to become rich, and it was all thanks to this creature beside her. A sudden rush of happiness filled the woman, inspiring her to lean over and kiss the growth beside her right atop one of its lumps. She noted with some satisfaction as she drew away that her lipstick had left a distinct impression on the creature's skin and turned back towards the ever-growing crowd that had gathered around the entrance to The Lunar Lily.

"Ms. Redwood, may I ask you some questions about your discovery?" One of the news correspondents that had arrived to document the occasion stepped out of the throng, tentatively holding her microphone out towards the heeled scientist. "Yes, of course." The now-named Ms. Redwood replied as a grin spread her unnaturally red lips.

"In that case...first of all, have you already decided on a name for this creature?" "As a matter of fact, I have. I dub it the Pink Uworaller." "Pink...Uworaller?" "Yes, that's correct." "Uh, alright then." The correspondent waved off the strange name and moved on to the next question.

"Do you think this animal will be a threat to humans?" "While I have yet to study it in quite so in-depth a capacity, the strong scent of hot dogs that it emits leads me to believe that the Pink Uworaller is an ambush predator that mimics scents of food around itself, meaning that large specimens that live in cities such as the one we have here might cause casualties." "Is the zip tie around its mouth there for that reason?" "Why, yes, I placed that there to ensure it didn't attack anyone. It seems quite docile towards me, but I have no desire to risk the lives of others." Luckily the rest of the original crowd had already returned to their own lives by this point, so no one was around to dispute her overly-virtuous claim. Newfound admiration sparkled in the interviewer's eyes while she continued.

"Does the Pink...Uworaller...have any ability to move on it's own?" "No, similar to other ambush predators such as the Venus Flytrap, the Pink Uworaller possesses no limbs that allow movement." "How do you think it got to where it is now?" The lady scientist scoffed at the follow-up and pushed up her glasses with a finger in the coolest manner she could manage.

"I teleported."

"T-tele...teleported!?" The female's mouth gaped in surprise at the unexpected response, only growing wider as the lady gave a confident nod. "Correct. It is the only explanation for how such a creature would appear where it has." The admiration in the woman's eyes had completely faded in a little over two sentences, but Ms. Redwood refused to be discouraged by the reaction of a single person.

"I-I see...well, I think that's all the time we have for..." The news correspondent abruptly trailed off as the doors to The Lunar Lily flew inwards, the creature zooming through the opening and disappearing out of sight when the swiveling frames forced the doors back into place. One of the people witnessing the interview who had been standing near the door rushed forward, holding the door open and allowing the camera to film what was inside, which was...nothing. The restaurant was totally empty and, if all the dust on the flooring and furniture was any indication, hadn't been in use for a long time.

"The's gone!" A collective gasp came from the gathered audience, although Ms. Redwood appeared utterly unsurprised. "As I said, it teleported."

Leanne sat upright as her room's door opened, turning towards the entryway with a greeting prepared only to realize that no one was there. Any thoughts about the autodoor being broken were quickly dispelled, however, as Akane suddenly manifested inside the fairly spacious quarters with a uterus that didn't look nearly as floppy as usual. "'Sup?" The woman casually greeted Leanne while the door shut behind her, moving closer and holding up her swollen sack with both hands. Leanne couldn't help but notice that the area of the Hunter's hanging meat closest to her labia looked unhealthily squashed, yet her hunger prevailed over her concern.

"Is that food? Please tell me it's food." Her enthusiasm for nourishment caused Akane to chuckle. "Yep. Welcome to Akane Express, may I take your order?" The former schoolgirl gave a giggle at Akane's words as the woman reached down to remove the zip tie...only to realize she had no idea how to get it off. " I just..." She picked at the head of the zip tie with her neatly clipped nails, only succeeding at nearly injuring herself. Leanne watched the display with ever-growing impatience, eventually just scooting to the edge of the bed and batting Akane's hand away. "Let me do it, just focus on holding it up."

Without even waiting for the red Hunter's approval, Leanne used one hand to fold Akane's cervix into as small a shape as she could manage while the other tugged hard on the zip tie. Her plan took a rather anticlimactically short time to succeed as the zip tie came sliding right off without too much effort, leaving behind a noticeable line just above the woman's cervix but allowing Leanne access to the bounty hidden within.

She unfolded the womb-shield as quickly as she could manage, shoving her hand into the organ the moment it was accessible and pulling out a particularly soggy hot dog with excitement that completely disappeared the moment she actually laid eyes on it. The lukewarm foodstuff she was holding her hand was covered in a fine coat of ketchup and mustard and dripping with womb juice, looking less like a hot dog and more like something you'd happen across if you tried digging through a dumpster.

' is food, I guess...' Trying as hard as she could to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen, the girl slowly brought the former hot dog closer and closer to her waiting mouth. It felt like an eternity had passed by the time the food finally crept through her lips, at which point Leanne took an extremely reluctant bite of the stuff...which turned out to taste pretty okay. It probably would've been gross had it not been for the sweet flavor of the womb juice coating that managed to drown out everything else. Meanwhile, Akane had already wolfed down one of the drenched sausage sandwiches and was fishing around inside her uterus for another.

The pair spent the next half an hour eating all the dogs Akane had blatantly stolen, their bellies stuffed by the time all twelve of them were gone. "Ah, that sure hit the spot!" Akane declared quite happily, merry laughter erupting from her throat as Leanne struggled to keep all the food down. "U-ugh...s-so full..." Her line was punctuated with an ominous burp, the girl lurching over as the noise escaped her mouth. If Akane was at all concerned by Leanne's current state, she didn't show it. Her mind had already drifted towards her still-empty bank account. "Oh, right." The red Hunter slammed her fist into her open palm as she remembered her words from that morning, already formulating a plan to get rich quick while Leanne was trying as hard as she could not to vomit.

End of Part 3


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Not bad. Not too much happening in this chapter as far sex, but definitely a lot of build up for the next chapter. Can't wait for the next part.


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Eheh, yeah, I suppose not. Sorry about that. ^_^;


I think giving Akane (or anyone else) regeneration powers probably wouldn't be a good plan, as someone who enjoys long term effects of things, but all the other ideas are excellent fuel for my creativity. Thanks for your assistance!


My pleasure. ^^

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>> 9169 All I'm willing to say at this point is that after Part 4, electrocuting Akane's ovary is going to be pretty easy

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I used up nearly all of my inspiration by writing chapters 2 and 3 so quickly, so I gotta give myself some time to gather it up again.

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As tempted as I am to say yes, I have to decline. I'd need to ask for a very specific variety of ideas, and that would give away what the next chapter will be about.


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Hey hey, here's Part 4! Apologies for the relative shortness of this chapter and the abrupt ending, but that's what happens when a writer really wants to write but doesn't feel like doing so.

Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Part 4: Akane Is Unbreakable

Akane stumbled back from the force of the punch across her jaw. It felt like it had been dislocated, perhaps even broken, but the woman couldn't help but grin as her fighting spirit soared. Gripping her jaw with both hands, the woman smoothly cracked it back into place and dodged her opponent's follow-up strike.

"Heh, man...haven't felt like this in a long time." The tall female slipped away from punch after punch as she stated her thoughts out loud, her enemy growing rather frustrated by her inability to hit the toned Hunter again.

From how easily Akane was avoiding the strikes being thrown at her, it almost looked like she had some sort of ESP to the spectators...though that image quickly faded as the girl she was fighting finally landed a solid kick straight on Akane's prolapse, sending the exposed organ careening backwards and causing the red Hunter's legs to tremble badly enough for her to fall backwards onto her round ass. She was obviously in a bad position now that her opponent knew her weak point, especially so since she was still struggling to stand while her prolapsed vagina lay spread like a mat on the floor before her.

"Ha, I was worried for a moment there, but it looks like this'll be easy after all!" Akane's opponent taunted her as she bent over and reached down, grabbing the top lip of her gaping cervix before standing back up to her full height (which wasn't particularly high). The girl then sent her bare foot flying into Akane's uterus as hard as she could, the power of the punt allowing the entire body part to force its way into one of Akane's Fallopian tubes despite its relative tightness. Her assault not yet finished, the girl pinched the walls of the tube between her toes, ensuring she had a good grip on them before tearing her foot away and letting the juice-covered lower limb fall back to the padded floor.

The sheer ecstasy the red Hunter was feeling was apparent upon her face as Akane tried to bring her mind back out of the gutter, though she seemed to be failing rather miserably since she showed no sign of resistance. Figuring that the quivering mess on the floor below her wasn't really in any position to fight back, the other fighter took her time and surveyed the damage she had dealt with some admiration.

Her sadistic attack had left the Hunter's tube forcefully turned inside-out, Akane's egg-filled ovary now lying on the floor of her uterus. It looked tiny in comparison to the roomy organ it was currently inhabiting and, to a smaller extent, the grasping tube it was still attached to. Since it seemed like something special, considering what she had to do to bring it out into the open, the girl idly rubbed the tip of her big toe against the strange object while sneering threateningly down at Akane.

"Well? Do you surrender yet?" The fighter's words managed to break Akane out of her stupor long enough for the woman to lash out with her right leg, the powerful move shattering the girl's femur while the sigil imprinted atop Akane's vaginal wall flashed a bright orange for just an instant.

A loud scream of pure suffering filled the arena as the combatant fell backwards, releasing the cervix she had been gripping in favor of clawing at her injured thigh. Akane sat up, not yet possessing the energy to fully stand yet, and grinned mockingly at her fallen opponent. "Nah. Do you?" The only response she got was an unintelligable scream, although that quickly ceased as a dart pierced her opponent's neck and drugged her into unconsciousness. "Winner: Akane of the Hanging Garden." An announcer called rather robotically into the microphone, triggering a general applause throughout the audience.

As soon as she was able to, Akane took her leave of the octagon, shuffling over to where her manager for the night was located and sitting carefully on the bench so as not to agitate her newly accessible ovary. "What a disappointing display!" Akane cringed as her manager chastised her, though from her overly-cheerful tone and mannerisms it seemed more like she was praising her. "I never knew it was possible for you to have such a sloppy fight!" "Yeah, well...seems like I've been having nothing but sloppy fights since a certain gal joined our ranks." The red-haired woman gave a shrug of resignation.

"Oh, there there..." Her manager nuzzled her cheek against the woman's own in a surprisingly comforting manner. Milleford, or Milly, as she prefered to be known, was the in-house doctor of DHW in addition to being an accomplished Huntsman. She was wearing what she typically wore around the clinic, which was literally just an oversized doctor's vest and nothing else. The outfit showed off the jagged scars that looped around several areas of the Huntsman's arms and legs, marks that Akane usually found her eyes drawn towards in Milly's presence. The woman couldn't help but wonder what sort of Demon could cause wounds like that. Akane allowed the overly-familiar rubbing to go on until Milly abruptly groped one of her unprotected breasts, at which point she figured she should probably put a stop to it. "Buzzkill." Milly huffed as she scooted away from the red Hunter.

"Anyway, after that first fight, you really need to put on a good show! People are gonna be watching you closely now that the other contestants know your weakness, so you've got a good chance to score some major cash. Oh, and you probably shouldn't use any more magic." The doctor passively swiped her white bangs out of her face before continuing. "NFC fans are pretty vigilant people, and if you use magic willy-nilly-" She waved her arms spastically for emphasis. "-someone's gonna notice!"

"Got it." Milly's advice struck some familiar chords in Akane's brain, but she didn't have the heart to stifle the girl's cheerfulness by telling her so.

The NFC, or Naked Fighters Club, was an underground fighting organization that regularly held bouts in numerous cities around the world. It had a reputation among the law for being notoriously durable, always managing to remain running no matter how many venues were raided or officials were captured. The rich of the world simply funded the organization back out of the ashes each time it fell. Akane had once been a fighter in the club, and a pretty good one, too, but she eventually left to allow herself to focus on Demon Hunting. Now, she was ready to make her grand return.

That was the plan, anyway, but fighting with such an easily exploited handicap proved to be about as troublesome as Milly had said it was going to be beforehand. While the preliminary round had ended in Akane's favor, there were still two more rounds to worry about, and the huntress doubted that the rest of her opponents would be as willing to sit back and let their guards down as the first. Thoroughly disheartened, Akane let out a heavy sigh.

Ten minutes of back-to-back fights occured before the prelims were finished, the eight contestants having been reduced to four. Figuring that she'd been sitting on her ass moping for long enough, the red Hunter stood up and stretched briefly, her gaping cervix drooling a line of fluid out of one corner. "Looks like this fella is excited for the next fight!" Akane suddenly felt Milly's tongue drag over the bottom of her prolapse and shivered as the girl shoved it into one of the tooth holes to lick at her sensitive uterus directly. She very nearly allowed herself to drop out of the tournament then and there so she could spend the rest of the night with the doctor, but her self-control won out in the end, allowing her to sprint away from the horny Huntsman at full speed before she could do anything to make her completely lose it.

It didn't take long to get to the opposite side of the octagon at the pace Akane was going at, so when she arrived the announcer was still writing the names of those who won their preliminary matches into their semifinal spots upon a large whiteboard. 'Looks like my next opponent is...Lightning Lindsey? Sounds like an agility-based fighter. Wonder what kind of style she uses...' Akane mused as the name was written next to her own. Her gaze held on that name for a moment, idly thinking over the possibilities of her next match, before drifting up towards the words prominently recorded at the top of the board:

"GRAND PRIZE $50,000!"

"Hot damn, that number never stops being impressive." Akane found herself smiling at the mere prospect of having all that money at once. It wasn't like it would be her first time getting that much from a single tournament (she was a NFC veteran, after all), but getting so much cash just for beating people up never stopped being awesome to her. "Isn't it?" A fairly short blonde girl standing next to Akane voiced her agreement, her blue eyes fixated on the grand prize. "It's too bad only one of us can get any of it. Imagine if everyone who participated got at least a little money. Wouldn't that be great?"

While it would be pretty nice, that sort of system would definitely have some sort of trade-off. "No use thinking about what-ifs. All we can do is beat the crap out of the person that's put in front of us and hope we can do it enough for it to be worth it." "I suppose so." She ran a hand through her shaggy yellow hair and sighed, offering her other hand to Akane a second later. "Have fun beating the crap out of me then, Miss 'Akane of the Hanging Garden'." Her deep blue gaze briefly flicked down to the tall woman's dangling privates. "Fitting name, by the way." Akane held her soon-to-be opponent's stare with one of her own as she took the waiting hand and firmly shook it. "Same to you, 'Lightning Lindsey'. Guess we'll see how fitting yours is soon enough." Lindsey gave a cheeky smile at that as she turned away, already walking off towards her own bench while the Hunter returned her red-enclosed pupils to the brackets.

So many dreams had already been crushed that night, and the amount would only increase as the sunrise approached...yet Akane wasn't worried. Her desire would not be denied, no matter the cost she had to go through to achieve it.

After all, Leanne was depending on her.

Apparently, Lindsey's nickname was as accurate (if not more) than Akane's. The girl managed to dash around the arena quickly enough that the red Hunter had trouble tracking her with her eyes, let alone reacting to her attacks. Blow upon blow landed cleanly on the prolapse between her thighs, the organ flopping back and forth like a beached fish from the constantly alternating blows on either side of it.

Akane was quickly being whittled down by the assault, but she was starting to notice a pattern to the enemy contestant's movements. They were extremely fast, but she seemed to have trouble making any sort of sharp turn. Right as Akane was planning how to utilize this weakness, a solid strike landed straight on her dangling ovary through the fleshy walls obscuring it, forcing the swollen orb to vacate some of the woman's precious eggs and squirt them onto the floor. The whirlwind of pain and pleasure from the ovary punch and all the uterus punches that preceded it filled the fighter, nearly knocking her unconscious on the spot, the only thing stopping her from doing so being sheer determination.

That same determination to achieve victory kicked the Hunter's senses into overdrive, seeming to slow time down to a crawl as her body pushed itself to its limits. 'Heh, strange timing ya got there, body.' Her brain, sped up along with the rest of her processes, took in all the information it could about Akane and her surroundings. The audience, watching with obvious interest (a lot of it sexual, if the numerous boners were any indication). Lindsey, her mouth set and her eyes glittering as the tides of battle flowed in her favor. Milly, observing with boundless worry in her eyes despite the overall mirth of her expression. Akane's mind even noticed that her egg-filled egg was now lopsided from a fairly major dent it had in one side.

The woman stuck her arm out to the side, her body still seeming to move in slow motion in comparison to the swiftness of her thoughts, orienting the limb to be just the right height to match Lindsey's forehead. Not nearly possessing the ability to dodge the obstacle in time, Lindsey collided with the arm with all the momentum she had built up from zooming about.

Needless to say, the girl wasn't conscious after that.

She fell to the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut, her body sliding along the white floor of the octagon for a distance before finally coming to a stop as Akane's mental faculties returned to their normal speed. With the match over, the announcer's voice enthusiastically rang out the obvious results. "Winner: Akane of the Hanging Garden!" The resulting clapping this time around was far more uproarious, a few cheers and catcalls joining in with the rest of the applause.

"Damn, kid...really had me on the ropes for a while there." A weak chuckle came from the victorious fighter as she left the caged arena, seating herself next to Milly, who squealed from excitement and wrapped her arms around the naked woman beside her. "Great work, Akane! It really looked like you were going to lose, but that finish...mmm!" The girl made an appreciative noise, unable to properly formulate her feelings into words. Akane simply looked towards the doctor with a confused expression. "Uh...I don't really get why you're praising me this time around. Seemed pretty similar to my first match to me..."

"That's not important." A few words and a casual wave of her hand was all that was required for Milly to completely avoid the subject. "What is important is that you're prepared for the championship bout!" Milly firmly placed her hands on either side of Akane's face and forcefully turned it back towards the octagon, where the other semifinal match was about to begin.

The participants in this match were quite a stark contrast. One fighter was tall and ridiculously muscular, with flowing locks of bronze. A confident look was upon her face as her eyes ran over her black-haired opponent's body. The other was short, rail-thin, and perpetually quivering. She looked like she was about to vomit.

In the same instant as the ringing of the bell, the ripped woman rushed forward, immediately slamming a ham-sized fist into the smaller female's petite chest. The massive strength behind the attack sent the girl flying backwards at the speed of a bullet, but her opponent wasn't finished yet. Before she could hit the cage the woman was behind her, locking her fingers together and swinging her mace-like fists right into the short girl's back, which knocked her back towards the direction she had come from. Assuming it was already over, the bronze-haired battler watched her enemy skid against the ground until the thin form slammed head-first into the opposite side of the cage.

"Ha, oops. Looks like I've killed this girl too!" Boisterous laughter came from the muscular woman as she struck a victory pose, oblivious to the still-twitching body of the smaller contestant. Milly hugged Akane tightly and pressed her lips against her ear. "That bronze bitch is Ballistic Brenda. Her opponent from the first round died against her!" She paused for a moment, turning her head away from the side of Akane's to look back towards the stage before again kissing at the red Hunter's ear. "It seems this one won't be meeting the same fate, though."

True to Milly's words, the other girl shakily rose to her feet, blood spilling from a gash on her head as she coughed up more of the thick red fluid. The sound of her coughing drew Brenda's attention back to her. "What, need a little help moving on? Don't worry, I'm a merciful soul." The powerful fighter gave another laugh as she confidently strode towards the battered girl whose legs were shaking so badly that it appeared she would collapse at any moment. A tiny noise escaped from the girl's mouth, so quiet that even Brenda was unable to make it out. "What'd you say? Speak up." "...urts..." "Louder."

"It hurts." An ear-to-ear grin spread the girl's lips as Brenda abruptly found herself trapped by a pair of arms now wrapped around her own arms and torso. No matter how she squirmed or flexed, nothing was able to break the bear hug entrapping her. At first Brenda considered her stuck state to be naught but a minor inconvenience, but her opinion of the matter quickly changed as the pressure being applied increased by fifty times its previous strength, her arms quickly breaking under the new weight and forcing the strong woman to screech her suffering.

"I surrender! IsurrenderIsurrenderIsurrender! Just get her off meeee!" Brenda screamed as the hug's strength began increasing again. Before anyone could even react, another snap was heard, Brenda's body slumping backwards in her opponent's grip before falling unceremoniously to the ground as the girl let her go. "And that..." Milly whispered to Akane. " Janice the Jackal."

Brenda was carted off shortly after the results were announced. From what Akane had gathered from the various conversations she had eavesdropped on while she waited, the woman would survive the damage, but her arms would take a long time to mend and it was unlikely her back would ever heal completely.

Her eyes casually glanced in the direction of Janice, who was seated a few benches over, sporting a new bandage wrapped around her head and another around her meager chest (though the wrappings went around her hard pink nipples rather than over them and left the lengths completely exposed). "Worried about your next fight?" Milly asked from her position behind the red Hunter as she massaged her shoulders.

"Just a bit." While the fight that Akane had just witnessed was quite a frightening display of power, she wasn't too worried about things. They'd worked out up to this point, after all. Why would that change? Maybe Janice would get hit by a bus or something before their battle began. That would certainly be convenient.

Despite her optimistic musings, Akane knew that such a thing was impossible. If she wanted to win this fight, she'd have to do it through her own merits. But how could she defeat an opponent with such ridiculous endurance? Obviously just beating her down wasn't an option, since doing so would inevitably trigger her retaliation, yet crossing that off the list didn't leave many other choices...

"You know, that girl must've gone through so much pain to become what she is today..." Milly idly commented as her hands ceased their massaging and came to rest upon Akane's shoulders. "It makes me wonder what would happen if someone were to show her a bit of love." Those words were enough to light the flame of imagination within the veteran Hunter's mind.

The tape suddenly cut out at that point, the screen shifting to static amidst groans from its viewership. "Dammit, the recording must've screwed up somehow..." No matter how Akane pushed and prodded at the video player, it refused to cooperate. "Shit. I think it might've broke."

"Let me see." Pushing Akane out of the way, Leanne tried her hand at fixing the rebelling piece of technology.

"Didn't really matter anyway." Eris was the only one of the group that didn't seem particularly miffed. "It was pretty much over."

Meanwhile, Milly's expression was already brightening. "Well, at least the part where I gave Akane some crucial insight got left in."

After pressing a few key buttons, the image finally found its way back onto the display. "Ha! I got it!" Leanne turned towards Akane, desperate for approval, but the Hunter was obviously rather preoccupied with her failure to fix the machine herself. "These hands...what are they for?"

"Well, anyway, it seems like quite a bit got cut out. Where are we at now?" Milly asked, prompting everyone to turn their attention back to the TV.

End of Part 4


Superbe part, fight, a new character who looks cool and finally... womb abuse!!

I can't wait to see the next part for a new fight... what will happen to Akane womb now ^^ and.... what will happen to her now vulnerable ovaries? ^^

I wonder... and if her opponent was a hidding demon? Who just wanted fight Akane for tourment this nastey womb? Akane is on peril now... her womb will suffer before a victory ^^

Great job, I can't wait for part 5 :)


I really enjoyed this chapter. But you know, if I show enthusiasm for you story and push you to write more, I do it as a to demonstrate my appreciation of your work. I can actually wait as long as needed for the next issue. Writing should remain a pleasure for you, there is no reason to put yourself under pressure. I notice that even if it remain an excellent read, your story tend to become a bit less focused on porn, just like what happen to Poguemahone when he is loosing his motivation. I think that there is a limit at how much an ordinary person can stay focused on describing perverted situations. You have produced four excellent chapters in ten days. From my experience with other authors, this is some orders of magnitude above what the average porn writer can stand. I assume that your are writing as a hobby. Then in my opinion, if you don't feel like writing or specifically don't feel like writting porn, then there is absolutely no reason for you to write (or specifically write porn). Just take a break with this story until you feel again the need to do it.
I like your story, I don't want you to ruin your inspiration.


I really enjoyed this chapter. But you know, if I show enthusiasm for you story and push you to write more, I do it as a to demonstrate my appreciation of your work. I can actually wait as long as needed for the next issue. Writing should remain a pleasure for you, there is no reason to put yourself under pressure. I notice that even if it remain an excellent read, your story tend to become a bit less focused on porn, just like what happen to Poguemahone when he is loosing his motivation. I think that there is a limit at how much an ordinary person can stay focused on describing perverted situations. You have produced four excellent chapters in ten days. From my experience with other authors, this is some orders of magnitude above what the average porn writer can stand. I assume that your are writing as a hobby. Then in my opinion, if you don't feel like writing or specifically don't feel like writting porn, then there is absolutely no reason for you to write (or specifically write porn). Just take a break with this story until you feel again the need to do it.
I like your story, I don't want you to ruin your inspiration.


Loved the chapter, and as the last reviewer said, take your time. I cant wait for the next chapter, but I definitely don't want you to burn yourself out, so take your time. =)



Ufufu, only time will tell. ^_--*

@Anonymous + astro

Honestly, I'm a tad surprised I got so far before burning out. I usually don't even stick with stories this long, so the fact that I still want to continue writing it is a good sign. Just need to give my creativity some time and space.

Thanks for your responses, guys!


So I decided to write a little side chapter between Parts 4 and 5. It's pretty short and rather lacking in sexual content, but I don't think it's without merit. *wink wink*

Side Story: Burn, Baby, Burn

"This is Helena, reporting in. I'm requesting backup." Words echoed throughout the desolate realm, temporarily filling the air with a sound that wasn't the crackling of flames. The blonde female that had uttered them was no stranger to Demon lairs, having been recently promoted to Huntsman after 2 years of above-average service, but something about this one in particular felt off to her.

The outside of the former laboratory looked like the average abandoned building, covered with graffiti and littered with garbage left by delinquents, but the moment Helena had climbed through a sizable hole in the side of the building it was as if she had been transported to another dimension. There was no trace of the seedy complex she had seen on the outside, the ruin instead replaced by a cave that seemed to go on as far as the eye could see in either direction. Flames perpetually scorched the walls and the ceiling of the place, providing the only natural light and painting the entire realm dark orange.

Normally a Major Demon's lair wouldn't involve a reconstruction of this magnitude, more of a remodeling, so the drastic change sent alarm bells ringing all over the blonde Huntsman's mind, yet she could find no way to escape and her communications seemed to be cut off. "Damn...I should've brought something to tether me to the real world..." Helena looked around briefly and reinforced her barrier to ensure she wouldn't be discovered as she set her Basic Hunter Supply Pack on the ground and began rifling through it.

"Field rations, healing salves, mana salves...ah!" A triumphant noise escaped her mouth as she pulled out some cooling spray and, figuring it would be useful against the Demon she would be fighting, began shaking it. Her free hand tugged open the collar of her kevlar bodysuit to allow the coolant access to her body and sprayed it inside, shivering involuntarily as the cold material began spreading over her body.

About a minute passed before her form was sufficiently coated in the stuff, at which point she cast away the mostly spent can and took another look around. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but it seemed like the fire encircling her had grown more fierce...yes, on further inspection, it definitely had. The woman's hand quickly fell to the gun on her hip while her eyes carefully scanned the surrounding environment. At the same time she let out a cautious pulse from her barrier, aiming to triangulate the position of the prey she had traveled to this forsaken place for in the first place. It was definitely nearby...

In fact, it was right behind her.

Overcoming her naturally shocked reaction to the revelation, Helena leaped forward and drew her pistol from its holster, athletically corkscrewing in midair to orient her body towards the enemy entity before landing in a crouch and training her sights on her target.

The Demon before her was tall, lanky, suited, and quite confidently poised. One white-gloved hand rested upon a generic black cane while the other rested upon the creature's well-dressed hip. Dress shoes kept his feet from coming in contact with the ground (presuming it had feet...or hands, for that matter), and it even had a monocle...although that monocle was floating about inside the fiery ball that made up the Demon's head.

Helena clenched her teeth as she expanded her barrier...or tried to, anyway, only to realize that it was already gone. "My apologies for neglecting you until now, dearest guest...I was a tad preoccupied with meaningless trifles." Rather than any sort of actual sound, Helena's bounty seemed to project his voice directly into the woman's mind. The feeling was distinctly unsettling to her, but she had more pressing concerns than her comfort.

"Rogal the Flame Lord, I've come to end you!" Despite how determinedly she shouted her words, they didn't sound particularly convincing even to her.

"Rogal? Is that what your organization has deigned to dub me?" Something similar to a chuckle came from the fiery sphere perched atop the suit jacket's collar. "Perhaps 'tis for the best that you have some moniker to refer to me by, even if it lies far from the truth...and I must say, being called 'the Flame Lord' is quite-"

A sudden bullet to the abdomen cut off the Demon's statement, fiery light glinting off the icy shot embedded in his stomach a moment before the magical construct exploded outward in a watery torrent. At first the wet explosion seemed to be affecting Rogal quite negatively, smoke and steam flowing freely from any open areas that they could, but it quickly became apparent from the utter lack of an actual reaction that the move hadn't injured the Demon.

The blonde cursed loudly and moved to reload her weapon, only to have it shot out of her hands by a particularly forceful fire bolt. "You know, mortal, 'tis generally considered quite rude to interrupt a being while they are speaking." Before she could even look up her instincts had brought her arms up to defend her uncovered head, just in time to prevent her unprotected face from being scorched right off. A wave of blazing heat washed over the Huntsman's entire form, lasting a mere instant yet burning away her heat-resistant bodysuit (and quite a bit of her hair) and leaving her clad in naught but the makeshift coolant armor, which crumbled away a moment later thanks to the lack of clothing to hold it together. Helena was suddenly struck by how hot the air around her had grown, the inferno coating the walls having reached new heights from the presence of their overlord.

Realizing that Rogal had begun moving towards her, Helena fired off a magical ball out of sheer desperation...only to have the monster before her swat it away nonchalantly. Her attack's sheer ineffectiveness caused the last vestige of hope to flee the woman's nude form, her knees buckling as Rogal grew closer and closer. Eventually, he stopped about a foot in front of her. "An admirable effort, mortal, but not nearly enough." A gloved hand groped at Helena's left breast, the heat coursing through the fabric searing her mammary within seconds with a loud sizzle and burning it black a few seconds later.

She tried to scream out in pain from the nigh-instant cooking of her sizable tit, but her mouth was quickly covered by the Demon's other hand. "Please do not make such unpleasant noises, mortal. The shrillness you humans tend to acquire upon feeling notable pain is quite off-putting to the...ah." Rogal pulled his hand away from Helena's face far too late to prevent its transformation into a burnt husk. Giving off what amounted to a sigh, the creature hoisted up the slain Hunter's body and tossed it onto one of the fiery walls nearby, allowing the roaring flames to engulf her.

"How disappointing. Why must all my guests be so unwilling to engage in conversation?" Another 'sigh' escaped Rogal as he shook his ball of a head and turned away, heading back towards the main portion of his lair where his steadily-expanding collection was.

End of Side Story: Burn, Baby, Burn


Not my cup of tea per day, but it was definitely well written. Keep up the great work.=)


Not really mine either, honestly...but setting up characters who are going to appear in later chapters is. ^_--*


A new enemy.... and not a weak one. Intresting wmall chapter. ^^ Of course I would love see Akane Womb be abuse and torture but..... may be next chapter. ^^


A new enemy.... and not a weak one. Intresting small chapter. ^^ Of course I would love see Akane Womb be abuse and torture but..... may be next chapter. ^^


I can agree with this. Now the question is is Rogal a cruel pervert that like to play the gentleman or is he actually just seeking company and is victim of prejudices some people have against persons that have a glob of fire in place of their head.


Do you know when the next part will come?


No clue!

Been pretty preoccupied with my other hobbies, but I'm starting to get my writing spirit back, so hopefully I'll be able to dive back in sometime soon.


Take all the time you need. My favorite authors, JIP and Poquphone can usually only update every few weeks when they actively do a story, so you're still doing great.


I think the same. Just let the pervy stuff buildup in in your mind until it's ready to become a new excellent chapter.




Don't give up this story please. :(


Don't worry, I don't plan on it! I'm just taking really long to write Part 5. Way longer than I should be. (-_-;)

I'm about 1/3 or 1/2 (not really sure yet) way done, but I've written basically all of that amount in the past two days, so it shouldn't be too much longer before it arrives. Hopefully.


Just take your time. If it takes another month to get a good chapter, then it takes a month. No big deal.


>> Yes, think the same. If you need more time to do your stuff, I'll just go bother Poguemahone and JIP instead.


I'll bump this


I hope the next chapter will come soon


Honestly, I haven't been working on it much. Been waiting to get my inspiration back.

Part 1 actually took me three months to finish since I ran out of inspiration about two-thirds of the way through, so...who knows how long it'll take. :I


That's fine. If it takes a few months to get your inspiration back, then it'll take a few months; no big deal. I only bumped it keep it relevant and let you know people hadn't forgotten your story.


If you ever manage to complete this story, would you be against either myself or someone else creating a PDF of this story for archiving purposes? It'd be horrible if this story fell off the board and no one had a copy stored offline.

Also, did you ever manage to finish up the last part of chapter 5. I remember a few months ago, you said something about being one third to half way done with the next chapter. This is just me asking as a curious reader and not as someone trying to hurry you along, so please don't take it that way. I just like to keep up to date.


I don't know if all the chapters are there, but he posted his story on HF. Same name iirc.





Yep, I already put everything thus far up on HF (save for the side story, since HF's chapter system won't allow me to put it in without throwing things off), so no need to worry about the story getting wiped from the Internet. I've also got all the chapters still saved on my hard drive, so even if something happens to the HF version, I could always put it elsewhere.

That being said, I don't really mind if anyone else wants to make a PDF of the story (I don't even mind if someone else writes a chapter, really), so feel free to if you'd like.

As for progress on Chapter 5, I haven't worked on it much over the past few months, but I've actually been thinking about shifting what I have planned for 5 back to 6 so I can make the chapters flow into each other better.


That's cool. Just wanted tp know how things had gone.


So, out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in writing a guest chapter? I feel like I've been leaving my readers high and dry for far too long, yet at the rate I'm going, it'll still be a while before I finish the next chapter.

I'm not too hopeful about anyone actually being interested, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?


So, uh, I have a need for some suggestions.

Does anyone have any interesting ideas for a Lesser Demon involving a mirror? Been trying to come up with a cool concept for a Demon like that, but my mind has mostly been focusing on the Demon I'm planning to feature in Part 6.


I might have a few ideas, especially if it helps you with your story.=)

You could have a demon that lives in a cursed mirror, and who ever looks into the mirror, the demon could step out of the mirror, taking the form and memories of the person who looked into it.

With this idea, Akane could look into the mirror; the demon could take her form and step out of the mirror. Being caught off guard, the demon could overwhealm her by using her weaknesses against her(as it copied her memories). However, instead of finishing her off, the demon could play with her instead as it copied her personality alongside her memories.

If you want a different idea, Akane could gain knowledge of a demon that lives in a mirror and go to destroy it. She could do this by breaking the mirror, thinking it would be enough. However, instead of destroying the demon, dozens of miniature copies(inch or two in height) of the demon could spring out from the shattered mirror and attack Akane who could be overwhealmed when one of the demons crawls into a rather sensitive portion of her body(*hint hint*). I'm fairly certain you can see where the idea goes from there.

Another idea is having Akane find a mysterious mirror(full size mirror) in an abandoned house, or something, that she is unaware hosts a voodoo demon of some sort. Akane could look into the mirror at some point and see her reflection before it smiles back at her. By looking into the mirror, Akane could accidently create a voodoo connection between her and the mirror demon. This could cause anything Akane's reflection does(a.k.a the voodoo demon) to be reflected back onto Akane herself. It should also be noted the voodoo demon has a dirty imagination.

For the next idea, Akane could run across a cursed mirror that acts sort of like a trick mirror in a fun house, except that those changes are reflected back onto the person that looked in to it. Example; Akane looks into the mirror and sees herself with bigger breasts, and thus her breasts grow to look like what she sees in the mirror. You can do this idea in numerous ways as the principle of a "body modification mirror" can be applied in a bunch of scenarios. I know there isn't an actual demon in this idea, but I figured it was worth putting down. This idea could actually be used to remove parts of Akane's body without it actually being seperate from her.

For my final idea, Akane could find a mirror somewhere that houses a demon(preferably a succubus for this idea) while doing some sort of mission. At first, the demon could appear to be kind and benevolent, saying that it likes to play games and gamble and that if Akane will play a game with it, then it will help her on her mission by telling her where she needs to go. Akane could agree to play a game, but could say that she doesn't have anything but the clothes on her back to bet with. The demon could, of course, agree to that. Akane would then proceed to lose all her clothes slowly but surley until she's completely naked and says she doesn't have anything left but her body. This is where Akane starts to bet away pieces of her body. An example would be Akane betting her breasts recklessly and losing the ensuring game. Akane's breasts would then simply disappearr, leaving her flat chested(you could decide whether she keeps her nipples or not).

While doing this, when ever Akane loses something, it could appear in the mirror with the demon. In the case of her breasts(or any body part), they could appear on the demon who would then play with them. The demon's plan in doing all these games could be to escape the mirror it's trapped in, but in order to do that, it needs a body. Which is why it's slowly winning Akane's, one piece at a time.

If you do this idea, you could also have any body parts Akane loses remain connected to her as far as feeling goes. Meaning that, if Akane loses her womb and the demon gains it, any stimulation the demon does to Akane's womb would be transmitted back to Akane.

Hopefully at least on of these ideas is good. You can, of course, change and bend these ideas any how you want since I didn't give you much structure as far as how you would actually use these ideas. =)


Thanks for the suggestions, astro! It's a shame I can't fit all of these mirror Demons into the story without getting redundant, because these're all pretty interesting ideas, and I'll definitely be using one of them in the next chapter.

(I'm not really sure which one yet, we'll have to wait and see until I actually get to that point in the chapter before my mind gets made up. :p)


That's fine. As for the ideas, for most of them, I just through the mirror part in because that's what you asked for. The one with the voodoo demon, for instance, was just me taking the idea of a voodoo doll and mixing it in with a mirror and a demon. The general theme or 'idea' for a bunch of the idea can be applied elsewhere if you wanted to use them without being repetitive. The first idea could be supplemented with a shapeshifter; the final idea could be changed to have a disembodied spirit instead of a mirror, and even the body changing mirror was just a mirror mixed with body modification.

Good luck with the next chapter.


Astro's links ideas also inspired me something that could be fun. A demon might notice Akane special tastes and try to find a way to use them for his fun. Then the demon would then try to link Akane body to some other woman. For example he could make a deal with this other woman and offer her powers or something else if in exchange see accept to be linked to Akane. The demon would describe the link in a way that would make the woman think that the effect of the link would be to feel in her pussy what Akane feel in her own. As the demon would offer her something really interesting in exchange, she would accept the deal. And then would discover the real nature of the link: not only the feeling but everything that happened to Akane sexual/reproductive system would also happen to her own. Like if Akane take out her womb to play with it, the linked woman would feel a spectral hand grab her womb and see it extracted from her and stroked. The demon would probably gave her just enough information so that she can run after Akane to prevent her to make a bigger mess with themselves.
I'm also imagining how it could be fitted in the current plot…
Scientist from chapter 3 (alone): “I must find an other of those pink fleshy things or my colleague will call me a fraud! I ready to do anything to save my reputation”.
Demon (materializing in a burst of dark smoke):”Anything? Did I heard anything? Because I can get you one of those if you help me in a little experience.”
The demon give her an exact but confusing explanation about the link he want to create.
S:”To summarize you would give me one of those thing if in exchange I accept to be linked with this Akane, which would result in feeling it each time she masturbate or get fucked.”
D:”Yes, that a quite short summary but a good one. I put this link, you get your fleshy thing.”
S:”Ok, deal.”
D:”Deal!” The demon start disappearing in the ground.
S:”Hey, aren't forgetting something?”
D:”Well I don't know what Akane is doing but don't worry you should get your pink sock really soon. If I were you I would check between my legs to see if it's not appearing here. MWAHAHAHAHA!”



Hmm, true. Re-purposing them shouldn't be too hard, so we'll just wait and see on whether or not they pop up in the next few chapters.


Another good idea! The scientist'll actually be showing up again in the next part, and with what I have planned for her, that won't really fit in (you're actually not that far off though), but who knows? -uo


Since it's taking me such a long time to finish Part 5, would you guys like for me to post what I've already got and then just post the rest whenever I finish it?
I've only finished two out of the four/five sections the chapter will be made of, but there's still a decent amount of content there, I think.


"All good things to those who wait."
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If it's at least 3k worth of words and those two parts are completed, then I say you should post it.


Well, I just went and checked how long it is, and it turns out it's actually longer than I expected at around 3200 words.
Guess I'll be posting it later today.


Well, here it is. About half of Part 5. Was it worth the wait? I certainly hope so.

===Part 5: Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming (0.5 Edition!)===

Eric's day really wasn't going his way.

It was past midday by now, yet he hadn't even found a single customer since his shift started a few hours ago. The driver knew deep in his heart that taxis were a relic of the past in cities like this, something that existed purely for the few that still used it, but he refused to acknowledge it. His passion wouldn't be snuffed out so easily. He was made of sterner stuff than that.

Still, it was hard to maintain a positive outlook with the stream of recent events ever present in his mind. The fire that had burned down his two-room apartment (which also killed his dog), the ongoing debt his divorce had brought upon him, even the way his kids looked at him whenever he had custody of them...the only thing keeping him going was his duty to the few taxi users that still existed. As one of the few taxi services still in business, he had more responsibility than ever to the commuters of the world, and he wouldn't allow his personal life to get in the way of that.

Suddenly, he noticed movement in the corner of his eye. A manicured hand, waving for his attention! Mustering all the driving prowess he possessed, Eric swerved past the wall of vehicles barring of the sidewalk, just barely managing to squeeze through and coming to a stop next to the group of teenage girls that had caught his attention. They were a rather seedy-looking bunch, with their overly made-up faces and their spray-on tans, but the taxi driver rolled down the passenger window nonetheless. Customers were customers, regardless of how suspicious they were. "So, where are you ladies hea-"

His question morphed into shocked sputtering as the closest girl suddenly whipped out a can of Super Silly String and sprayed it into the taxi, the neon-green stuff getting all over his face and uniform as she shouted "Get a real job, dumbass!" Eric rolled up the window as quickly as he could, but the damage was done; the man's outfit was coated with green goop, and the only reason he could even see was because of the now-ruined sunglasses that shielded his eyes.

The high-pitched laughter audible even through the windows of his vehicle did nothing to soothe Eric's distress, the man struggling to hold back a sob while pulling the glasses off of his visage and setting them gingerly on the passenger seat. He started attempting to pull the sticky strings strewn across his uniform (with little success), but froze as he heard one of the backseat doors open. "What, was spraying me not enough for..." The driver trailed off as he turned around in his seat and realized that the woman sitting in the backseat wasn't part of the posse outside.

For one, her skin and face were obviously natural. Not a speck of make-up to be seen, and certainly no spray tan. The bright red hue of her hair and irises stood out against the paleness of her skin quite nicely, and the masculine black suit she was wearing, despite covering most of her body, did little to hide the striking form beneath. In addition to all that, there was a strange moist-looking accessory stuck to the front of her crotch. Eric felt like he had seen something like it before, but he couldn't quite place where...

"Whoa there, buddy! I get that you're mad, and really, you've got the right to be, but don't get mad at me, yeah? I ain't done nothin'." The woman turned her gaze away from the man in the front seat for a moment before continuing. "Well, not to you, anyway." It was at that point that Eric realized that the laughing had stopped.

Gulping involuntarily, he turned away from his new passenger and tried as hard as he could to divert his focus away from the violent psychopath sitting in his backseat and back onto the road. "Erm, so, Miss...where are you headed?" "Just Akane's fine. No need for the 'Miss' stuff." She reclined in her chair as she spoke, the large mass hanging between her thighs shaking about dangerously while she adjusted her position. "But anyway, I'm headed for the Channel 17 News Station. Know where that is?" Eric nodded his affirmation and cleared his throat. "That's not too far away from here, Mi-...Akane. You sure you don't want to save yourself the money and just walk there?"

"Y'know, that's exactly what I'd do under normal circumstances, but today I'm really just not feeling it. Must be the Mocha Mix I had this morning." The driver instinctively slammed his foot on the brakes, despite the fact that the car wasn't even in motion yet. "...Surely you're not talking about the Mega Mocha Mix from Cal's Creamy Coffee (and Tea)?" His tone had shifted drastically from the statement before. Gone was his shock at being covered in sticky goo. Gone was his worry about Akane knifing him if he didn't arrive at the destination quickly enough. All that was left were thoughts of how loaded his passenger must be if she's able to talk about drinking such an expensive item so casually.

Akane gave a grin at Eric's question. If she noticed the sudden change in his attitude, she didn't show it. "Yep, that's the one. Never had it before today, but damn, was it awesome! Maybe I'll get another one later..." 'By God, it looks like I've finally hit the jackpot!' Eric mouthed a silent Thank You to the sky before finally placing his foot upon the gas pedal and setting the vehicle into motion.

He wasn't kidding when he mentioned how close the station was; it took them barely a few minutes to arrive there, even with the relatively crowded traffic conditions. As Eric pulled up to the curb and brought the taxi to a gradual halt, he couldn't help but stare at the wet object Akane's zipper seemed to be sporting. Something about it (other than its obviously suspicious positioning) felt off to the taxi driver. "Thanks for the ride. You got a card or something so I can call you up if I ever need another taxi?" Akane's words pulled Eric's mind away from his thoughts and into the real world. "Huh? Oh, uh...yeah." Eric reached into one of the pockets sewn into the inside of his uniform and pulled out a business card. "Here you go."

As he tossed the card into the backseat, his passenger reciprocated with a wad of cash. "Dunno how much this ride cost, but that should probably cover it." Even at a glance, Eric could tell that every slip contained within the stack of money was a $100 bill. It took him a moment to realize that he should probably thank the woman for her generosity, but by the time he turned around to do so, she was already gone.

A gust of air flew from his lungs as he shifted back into a forward-facing position. His eyes flicked down towards the pile of bills on his lap, then towards the pet store down the street. "...Guess I've got to start somewhere."

A sigh escaped Ms. Redwood as she fell ass-first onto her recliner, the bag of chips in her hand nearly sending its contents flying everywhere but somehow managing to keep everything contained.

The doctor had recently fallen upon some hard times. Initially, her discovery of the Pink Uworaller had lent her a massive burst of fame, her name becoming known nationwide in almost a day...and yet, that fame quickly turned for the worse. Rumors surfaced that she'd faked her findings (from where, she still had no idea), and, perhaps due to her overall smarmy attitude in the several interviews she'd appeared in, people seemed quite inclined to believe them. Thus, while the popularity of the Pink Uworaller soared to the heavens, hers plummeted to the depths of oblivion.

Perhaps that was a melodramatic comparison, but it was an apt one nonetheless.

Ms. Redwood couldn't help but sigh again as she stashed the open bag at her side, making sure it was in a position where it wouldn't move around before cracking open a can of beer that had been sitting on her side table long enough to become lukewarm.'Room-temperature beer? Is this what I've been reduced to?' She wondered idly as her free hand grasped for the remote, the instrument buried somewhere beneath the pile of papers that made up her once-tidy floor. 'Room-temperature beer and searching on the floor for a remote? How far I've fallen.'

Finding the remote took far longer than it should have (as it tends to do), but the lady eventually managed to feel out its shape, at which point she immediately pulled it out of its paper coffin and tapped the power button situated at its tip.

The TV turned on with a flash, picture gradually fading onto the aged screen. It was an old model, but Ms. Redwood had it for as long as she could remember...and it wasn't like she could afford a new one at the moment anyway. The image on screen showed an attractive newscaster, her mouth moving rapidly as she delivered some likely-irrelevant news story. Her television's audio had an even slower startup than its video, so the doctor would have to wait a bit before she could find out just how unimportant it was, but she wasn't exactly planning on losing any sleep over that. Once the sound did finally start up, however, Ms. Redwood heard something that she'd been hoping to hear for a long time now...

"Our guest today is Dr. Mary Redwood, an expert on Pink Uworallers!"

She nearly choked on the handful of chips she'd just barely shoved into her mouth, her eyes flying to the screen. The woman who'd just been referred to by Ms. Redwood's own name had a confident look on her face, though she was also sweating a fair bit. She was fairly tall and slender, dressed in a fairly masculine suit, and...wearing a Pink Uworaller at her crotch? Eyes widening in a mix of shock and intrigue, Ms. Redwood couldn't help but stare at the sight before her. Someone was masquerading as her on the local news, and that person had a Pink Uworaller in their possession; either would've been enough to get her attention, but both together? That was enough to gain her desperation.

The imposter's lips moved as she said something to her companion, her discomfort obviously increasing from the way her features scrunched slightly, but all Dr. Redwood heard was silence; her mind was preoccupied with the considering the possibilities that could result from this situation. If she could manage to track down this fake Redwood, she would not only have immediate leverage over the girl, but she'd also finally have a subject to do experiments on, and really, that alone was worth the lengths she'd likely have to go to track down a woman like this.

Several minutes of meaningless talking (at least, that was what Dr. Redwood assumed it to be) occurred before they finally arrived at the moment Mary had been waiting for since her fake had first appeared on the screen: the Uworaller examination. Since she brought an Uworaller with her in the first place, it was quite obvious that she had been planning to show it off, but she still seemed fairly reluctant to place her Pink Uworaller upon the newscaster's table. 'Could that be her conscience getting to her? She doesn't seem particularly guilty...perhaps she's simply shy about presenting someone else's discovery as her own. MY discovery.' Redwood found herself smirking as she realized that, while people are likely to recognize the imposter as not being the true Dr. Redwood, going on TV and allowing them to examine her Pink Uworaller goes leaps and bounds towards proving that the creatures aren't a fiction.

Ms. Redwood's hearing faded back right on time, allowing her to hear the audible smack that emitted from her television as her imposter finally worked up the courage required to put her personal Uworaller on display and slammed it onto the table. The Pink Uworaller seemed to be a fairly delicate creature, if the fragile skin on the one Mary had the chance to study was any indication, so such rough treatment was rather worrying, but it wasn't like the good Doctor had the ability to tell the suited woman on her screen to be more gentle with it. She seemed quite guilty about her treatment of the Uworaller anyways, if her pained expression was any indication.

The newscaster looked offscreen for a brief moment, likely giving some stagehands waiting nearby an unspoken signal, before returning her gaze to the camera, smiling wide to show off her pearly whites as she spoke up yet again. Unlike every statement she'd made after her initial one, however, Ms. Redwood was actually listening this time. "As a reminder, this is the first documented live study of a Pink Uworaller, so make sure to stay tuned!" As soon as she finished speaking, the channel went to commercial. Of course.

By the time Mary exited the bathroom, she could hear the starting jingle Channel 17 News always played whenever it was back from commercials. 'Take that, corporate shills.' The doctor thought to herself with a victorious smirk as she reseated herself onto her comfortable chair, turning up the volume a bit so that she could be sure she wasn't missing a thing. The scene that greeted her was quite a bit different from the one she'd left after: the Pink Uworaller's mouth had been spread wide by some manner of metallic cube, the studio lights bright enough to leave the pink insides of the animal quite easily visible. The walls of its insides had an almost ridged pattern to them, something Dr. Redwood hadn't expected from the relatively smooth outside of the creature. A pool had also formed on the tabletop directly in front of the Uworaller, the fluid appearing to have come from within it, though it was difficult to say exactly where.

Something else surprising about the test subject was the off-white, egg-shaped orb sitting around it's middle, some manner of loose pink tube attached to it. Could that be how the Uworallers reproduced? Ms. Redwood couldn't help but compare the overall appearance of the thing to female ovaries. Perhaps their reproductive systems were similar to those of a human, despite their body structure being so different. There was also a hole, gaping fairly wide, towards the back of the creature, likely leading to some manner of digestive tract. So many questions were being answered in such a short span of time...Mary had truly hit the jackpot today.

"So, Dr. Redwood, before we begin, we here at Channel 17 News would like to thank you for volunteering your personal test subject for educational purposes; these Pink Uworallers seem to be incredibly rare, so your willingness to come on our show and put yours on display is simply amazing. You even supplied us with the items you would need to give a proper examination! Thank you again." The compliments flowed from the newscaster like a river, the speech quite obviously rehearsed from her slightly robotic intonation. That didn't stop Redwood's imposter from blushing heavily, though. Seems the girl is quite weak to getting praised so thoroughly...though her face was already quite red before she was hailed as an angel from above. "Ah, problem. Glad to get the chance to show all the good people out there something they've never seen before." Her statement is punctuated by a confident smile, yet her blush remains just as heavy. The average viewer would likely assume it to be simple stage fright, but Mary knew better. The fake's guilt must've finally been getting to her.

The newscaster wasted no further time before pulling the large black pack that had been sitting just far enough to be in frame closer to herself, starting to rustle through the bag with eyes as curious as a child's. Her uncomprehending gaze meant that she likely had no idea what most of the things contained within the sack were, but that didn't stop her from pulling out one in particular. "Dr. Redwood, would you mind explaining what this is?" A vial of thick, sticky-looking fluid was delicately clutched between the newscaster's fingers as she asked her question. It looked vaguely like...old sperm? 'Then again, it could also be a stale egg beaten into a liquid...why does it have to be sperm?' Mary knew quite well how far she was stretching, but a vial of sperm wasn't exactly the best device for showing off a Pink Uworaller.

Unless...could it be from a male Uworaller? Could it even be possible that the red-haired, red-eyed girl upon the screen was in possession of multiple Pink Uworallers? Ms. Redwood could scarcely stop herself from screaming her victory out loud, so powerful was the rush of positive emotions that filled her. Still, her satisfaction over the turn her night had taken could wait until later; the imposter seemed to be preparing to say her piece. "...Seems pretty obvious to me." She remarked, reaching up and brushing a bead of sweat off of her forehead as the newscaster looked temporarily lost for words. "You mean...?" "Yep." "...Oh. Well, what are we supposed to do with it?"

The redhead didn't respond to that question, instead electing to stare off into the distance and sigh. The armchair doctor almost wished she could jump through the screen and slap that clueless newscaster silly. "She obviously intends to demonstrate Uworaller reproduction, you imbecile!" Mary found herself shouting out loud, her voice far louder than she'd intended it to be (which was silent). It almost seemed as if the woman heard her, however, as a lightbulb visibly went off in her head, her face suddenly shining with understanding.

Ms. Redwood's imposter's eyes closed, her mouth opening just long enough to emit a sigh, right as the newscaster popped the cork off the top of the vial and carefully poured its contents directly onto the egg-shaped organ lying on the Uworaller's inner floor. The camera zoomed in on the display, showing the sperm-like fluid submerging the egg for a few moments before said egg vanished from the frame entirely, alongside the rest of the Pink Uworaller it belonged to; as the camera zoomed out to show more of the newscaster's area, it became quite apparent that even the fake that had brought it was gone, the only trace of her and her pet's existence being the pool of liquid it had left on the table.

Mary immediately found herself struggling to rationalize what she'd just witnessed. Perhaps Pink Uworallers could teleport things other than themselves as well? There didn't really seem to be any other viable explanation, aside from that redheaded imposter being connected to the Uworaller somehow; although, for some reason, that sounded even less likely to the doctor.

Then again, did it really matter? Now that the program was over, Ms. Redwood could begin her search for the person she'd just witnessed flaunting her own personal Uworaller like it was a limited collector's edition DVD set that she'd just bought the last existing copy of. Having almost no leads meant she had quite a tough start ahead of her, but all she needed was a single string to grasp at...

To be continued!


Loved it. I'm looking forward to where you take it. =)


Glad to hear it, astro. I'm hoping to get the rest out sometime soon, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. ^_^;


Superb new chapter, I can't wait to see the next :)


I was not disappointed§ As I was starting to read this new half chapter, I was getting more and more confused, nothing was making sens to me. Until the moment Akane pretended to be the doctor ????. Seriously, this girl probably cause more worry to Demon Hunter West Division than your average demon. They shouldn't let her have so much free time…


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So, I've got a question for you guys about TDH. Well, a pair of questions I guess.

Who is your favorite character, and why?

Also, who's your least favorite character and why?


Well.... the favorite character for me is Akane, because I love her style and her way to think. ^^ But of course I love how she like to put her womb expose and vulnerable, I am sure that will put her in really bad situation.... so so cool to watch for us ;)

For one character I hate..... well.... not really for now, I hate no one ^^


...I'm just waiting until we find out where Leanne's sigil is. Unless that already happened and I skimmed too hard.

(Personally, I'm thinking either clit, labia or rectum...)



Thanks for giving your opinion! So far it seems like Akane is the fan favorite. ^_^


...*starts sweating bullets at those guesses*
But yeah, no, I haven't really had the chance to reveal that yet. I probably won't until at least Part 6.


Awasome and well written. Such fellas keeping it together are rare




This hentai depicts your story basically. Did you copy it?
[ONEONE1 (Ahemaru, Pepo)] Slave the Blood (Strike the Blood


Not copy it but inspired by it?


Actually, my story came out just over a month before Slave the Blood was released. So if anything, Oneone1 is copying me!

...Not that the stories really have any similarities beyond womb prolapse.


This is awasome!


I think this deserves some pathreon reward!


I mean, I’ve considered opening a Patreon, and I’d certainly enjoy not being dirt poor, but...I dunno, I’m not a big fan of monthly paying schemes. I prefer one-off payments myself.

I do have a PayPal that you can drop a tip for at the email linked with this post (feel free to send messages saying hi, by the way, I don’t bite), but...should I open a Patreon? It does seem kinda convenient. I dunno, either way, money would definitely be a nice motivator to actually do stuff (much as I enjoy writing this, I can only get so far on willpower before I burn out temporarily, although I’m actually coming to the end of my current burnout right now, which is nice)

Money stuff aside, I wanna extend my thanks for your patience to those still sticking with me. As I said, I enjoy writing this, but...y’know, hobbies are hobbies, and I have a lot of those to split my time between. ^_^;

Nonetheless, thank you all! I should hopefully have the rest of Chapter 5 up soon!

(Also I hope I’m not breaking any rules with this post)


Well, if you ever get around to finishing this story, I can assure you, I'll wait as long as necessary to reach that point.


You’re a bro, astro. I’ll do my best to give you a good reason to!


pathreon give option of paing per job done. its that most arthist decide to go monthly.


whats the email linked ?




There is two pounds fee uk to usa... is that normal?


Honestly, I’ve got no idea! Overseas stuff does have a tendency to incur additional costs, though.




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Hey guys! Been a while, eh?

These are dark times for Gurochan, but hopefully I can brighten them just a little bit for those of you who enjoy TDH by letting you know that the rest of Chapter 5 is up on Hentai Foundry!

I’d post it here, too, but...I can’t access Gurochan through my computer at the moment, so that’s not really an option.

Nonetheless, feel free to let me know what you guys think!


Loved it, though, now I'm anxious to see what happened to Akane. I'd ask for an ETA on the next chapter, but I'm pretty sure it'll be several months at least.


I wish you guys wouldn’t have to wait that long, but to be frank, that’s a pretty fair assumption...^_^;

But hey, ain’t nothing like a year-long cliffhanger, amirite?

Glad you enjoyed it regardless, and thanks for the feedback!


Well, I can finally access Gurochan on my computer again,'s the rest of Part 5, now conveniently accessible!

Part 5: Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming, cont.

Akane's mission had started out perfectly.

Of the three entrances (well, four, but the sewer was essentially off the table) that were available to her, the redhead had chosen the most straightforward: the front door. Of course, such an approach carried heavy risks, but...well, no pain, no gain!

She'd expected to be stopped upon her attempted entry, and she was, yet from that point forward, things took a rather confusing turn. The guard on duty apparently mistook her for some random scientist lady that was supposed to show up around an hour ago, and, after giving her a verbal thrashing about the values of punctuality, scheduling meetings yourself, and advised her to hire an aide that sounded less like an edgy teenager. Apparently the station had almost written the whole thing off as a prank call by someone with nothing better to do, but they ended up scheduling it anyway on the off-chance that it was legit. Despite her grievances, the guard provided her with some identification, entry, and directions to the studio this "Dr. Redwood's" interview was supposed to take place. Akane had no idea who this Red-whatever was supposed to be or what she could possibly be here for, but if it got her in so smoothly, hey, she wasn't going to argue!

Thus, our dashing protagonist found her way into the location in which her target was located. The layout of the news station proved fairly simple, yet every turn seemed to yield another security guard pointing her in the direction she was supposedly supposed to be going in; in the end, rather than her initial objective, the demon hunter instead stumbled into what appeared to be a news room, looking rather exasperated. Initially, the staff reacted to the sight of her and her dangling sack with confusion, but the sight of the tag attached to her lapel changed their gears in a heartbeat. They became a whirlwind of activity, brushing the dust off Akane's suit, making sure it was all nice and neat, even giving her womb something of a pampering with soft cleaning pads and perfume bottles. By the end, Akane was understandably out of it, fluid dripping from her auspicious when the staff corralled her over to the newscasters, she had no choice but to stumble along to their encouragement.

From there, she underwent an "interview" (something she really just bluffed her way through) which ended abruptly when the newscaster conducting it got caught up in the moment and poured gross white gunk all over her poor, defenseless ovary, something that felt so skin-crawlingly disgusting that she instinctively put up her barrier. After a few moments of recovery, the red-haired huntress took her chance to skedaddle, the cube lodged in her uterus giving her a bit of trouble in the process but not enough to stop her from making her grand escape. In their search for the escaped interviewee, the guards found little more than a trail of white fluid (upon a taste test, said fluid was revealed to be a stale egg beaten into liquid form) and the discarded remnants of the spreader cube.

And so we arrive at Akane's current situation, finally back on track after that annoyingly extended sidequest. She'd already discarded her suit by now; after all, it wouldn't be much help against the upcoming demon, as is generally the case with their kind. It also made it a lot more convenient to take her abused ovary in hand, gently drawing it out of its fleshy shroud and holding it in her palm with one hand while she danced the fingers of her other over its sensitive surface. "Haaaah...that sucked." She grumbled, venting the last of her dwindling frustration as the bliss shooting through her ovary took care of the rest. "That newscaster was a real cutie, though..."

After a few minutes of the relaxing exercise, the veteran allowed her ovary to fall from her grip, the egg-like organ (which actually seemed to have swollen a bit after that gross stuff poured all over it...felt more full, too) swinging about for a bit before it lost its momentum and withdrew into the relative safety of her floppy breeding sack. With her skin entirely uncovered and her path no longer fettered by her supposed obligations, Akane padded off to her true objective: the bathrooms!

The station had a plethora of bathrooms to choose from, but Akane only had eyes for one of them in particular. After all, the only bathroom in this building suffering from a supposed haunting was the women's restroom on the second floor. Crying with no visible source, shadows shifting about in bright light, mysterious scratches appearing on the necks and stomachs of women who visited this cursed place...apparently, a few of the staff who chose this restroom to do their business even vanished. That's probably what tipped Greives off that it warranted an investigation, resulting in him putting a bounty on it, which led to Akane taking that bounty, and...well, the rest was history. As much history as you can make in the span of an hour or so, anyways.

But regardless, with her objective clear in her mind, the hunter didn't have much trouble finding the supposed haunting grounds. Corporate buildings such as these have a tendency to clearly outline where all the major facilities are, after all, so it was simply a process of following arrows! Yet, upon her arrival, Akane found herself suddenly freezing in her tracks. Was it the dark, oppressive aura emanating from the tiled room before her? The cackling noise that sounded from within just in time for her arrival? Could it even have been the shadow that dashed further in upon her approach, showing off a lithe shape with wicked claws to match?...Actually, Akane was just a bit squicked out at the thought of entering a public bathroom barefoot. Well, it was a private public bathroom, so it was certainly not the worst, but...wouldn't hurt to prepare a little extra for it. With a shrug, Akane reinforced the barrier beneath her feet, solidifying it and parting her soles from the ceramic floor they'd been settled on. It's not the most comfortable sensation ever, but at least it's somewhat sanitary!

Nothing else held Akane back from entering her hunting ground, so she did just that, extending the majority of her barrier to keep the place surrounded as she did so. Wouldn't want this ghoul getting out and vanishing to somewhere more accessible to civilians, after all. A few strides took her into the middle of the bathroom, and a quick glance around confirmed that the place was currently abandoned. Excellent.

Since the stage was properly set, Akane proceeded with her investigation. Considering the type of demon likely at play here, there're quite a few methods it could potentially be using to devour its victims; best to test them all until it's discovered! She first started off with something fairly simple, yet incredibly dangerous depending on the specter in question: with a flick of her wrist, she flipped the light switch, bathing the space in darkness. Once that was done, she spun around three times, clapping her hands together the moment her third rotation was completed and calling out to her target. "I summon thee, Dark Dumbass!" 'I summon thee' is the important part of her statement, as it handles the actual binding of the spirit to the physical dimension, so Akane obviously took advantage of the naming leniency. Not that it mattered much, since it didn't have much of an effect anyways. "Figures."

She quickly turned the lights back on and shifted her investigation to other possible avenues, but a quick inspection of the floor and wall tiles revealed that there weren't any secret compartments containing cursed artifacts within them. With that method eliminated, the red-haired woman stood back upright, her gaze sweeping over the mirror as she turned to look at the rest of the room...before quickly snapping back. Her lips were definitely forming a line right now, she could feel it...yet her reflection showed a smile, the sort of languid smile she'd never wear in her life. It's actually a pretty insulting sight to have her face altered into such a vapid state, so, with a shrug and a wry grin of her own, Akane casually sent her fist into the reflective surface, shattering it into innumerable pieces and sending a wave of dark energy crashing over her. Bullseye!

"Heh heh, gotcha, ya sneaky bastard!" Akane showed off her agility as she smoothly shifted back into a combat stance, simultaneously spinning herself around to face the pooling puddle of darkness in the corner opposite her. More and more of the shadowy stuff coagulated over there, eventually amassing into a more defined shape; once that happened, the creature stood up on its spindly legs, gaining more and more definition with each passing second as further spores gather on its growing form. This would be the perfect opportunity to attack, but...well, it would be pretty boring to cut this thing down before it even got the chance to fight back. Besides, in its current state, her attacks would probably just go right through it. Better to wait until it's solidified, at the very least.

Solidify it did; by the time half a minute had passed, the demon had already completed its physical formation, and while it matched the shadow Akane had spotted before she'd entered the restroom proper almost exactly, there were a few notable differences: one, its face was less of a jagged mess. In fact, it was actually quite beautiful, in a spooky sort of way. Feminine, too, which complemented the second difference: this demon's sporting some serious endowments! They almost looked ridiculous on her stick-thin frame, but a pair of G-cup knockers sat on her chest, obviously soft at a glance and covered in the same lilac skin as the rest of her body. Even between her legs, her labia were quite meaty...almost made Akane lick her lips, but a single glance at those wicked knives that served as her fingers reminded her of what's really important here. "Right, then...let's do this!"

Before Akane had even finished expelling her breath, the feminine demon leapt towards her, using its legs like a pair of springs to launch itself at impressive speed. A quick blink of suprise was the only reaction Akane had the time to express before she powered up her own speed, her steadily-expanding womb tattoo glowing a bright green and allowing her to Matrix dodge just in time to avoid her opponent's ravenous claws. There was no sound of it impacting against the wall behind her, though; instead, a quick glance in its direction as she regained her balance showed that it was simply standing on the wall, entirely ignoring the effects of gravity. Something about this situation seemed familiar, but Akane couldn't help but mutter "Show-off..." before it made another dash towards her. This time, with her boosted speed, the redhead was more than ready to properly react to the enemy's advance, and after a moment of every muscle in her body tensing at once, she met her opponent mid-leap, slipping past its grasping claws in the process (and suffering a few scratches on her torso and legs to show for it) and stretching her womb wide open to capture its unsuspecting face within.

Her plan worked perfectly, and the monster's whole head found itself abruptly surrounded by warm, wet flesh, Akane's ovary lost somewhere in its tangle of blue hair. The sensation of so many hair strands poking and prodding at it made her shiver, but if she wanted that bonus, Akane needed to focus! So she quickly reached down, wrapping her hands tightly around her ruined cervix and squeezing it into a mockery of its former self. This gave her the grip needed to start flinging the spindly monster around with her enhanced strength, slamming it against every surface imaginable, until, eventually, probability payed off; one particular swing hit the wall of a stall just right, sending momentum coursing through the creature's body that its neck simply couldn't handle...

A crack gave Akane the indication needed to know that her target had been defeated, earning a sigh of relief. With that, she'd managed to fulfill the bonus condition of 'kill the monster using nothing but whatever your tattoo is located on'. Seriously, Greives must've been a sadist to come up with some of the conditions he did...but regardless, it seemed her work here was done! Luckily enough, considering the twinge of pain that shot through her uterus now that her adrenaline was dying down...seemed her opponent managed to get some bites in there during its attempts to escape. Looks like she'd have to pay Milly a visit on her return...

Just as Akane released her grip on Dark Dumbass, utilizing her newfound freedom to stretch, a new sensation revealed that things weren't quite as neatly tied up as she'd initially thought! Something small and sharp had embedded in the side of her womb's sensitive insides, and it's a sensation that's quickly matched by a few more in her opposite wall. Every second that passed brings with it a multitude more of those painful prickings, and a look downwards revealed their cause: Upon its death, the demon's body dissolved...but rather than the dust particles it would normally shift into, a pile of miniature versions of her opponent crawled about like a mound of ants, launching off of each other to attack her source of power directly. No matter how Akane tried to struggle, more and more of them leapt onto or into her baby bag, some even crawling through the holes left by Black Lycan, occupying that space between her inverted vagina and the womb held within them before wreaking their havoc.

The pain, pleasure, and hopelessness of the situation momentarily stunned the woman, her mind struggling to think of a way to handle this unexpected assault...but before she could scheme up a proper plan, her womb contracted, that bulging sack visibly shifting about as the tiny demons filling it fought as powerfully as they could...and with a flash of her sigil and a powerful explosion of force at her crotch, the world went white to Akane's eyes.

End of Part 5

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