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I´ve found this realy old story.

Naked Balls (by ????)

Nobody can guess by just looking at me what I have in the crotch of my
jeans. I smile as I go about my daily business, imaging the reactions of
the people around me if they could only see what I look like down there.
It all began a couple of years ago when I discovered a sex shop in my
local city. I was very fascinated by all the sex toys on the shelves –
butt plugs, tit clamps, etc.—but most of all by the leather devices for
binding balls.
I bought myself a black leather strap and hurried home. My heart was
pounding as I pulled off my jeans and briefs, exposing my cock and balls.
I lifted my hard dick out of the way with one hand, and wrapped the strap
around my ballsack.
My excitement grew as the skin stretched tight, clearly showing the
outlines of my nuts. I grabbed my cock and started jerking off. It only
took a couple of minutes before my jizz squirted from the tip of my dick.
It was one of the best orgasms I ever had.
For the next few days I continued binding my balls and jerking off. I was
surprised how tight I could tie the strap before I had to stop. My sack
turned purple as my cock swelled harder than ever.
Now I began wearing the strap all the time. It was on when I woke every
morning with a hard-on. It was on when I sat at my desk at work. I wore it
in the shower, the soapy water spilling over my tight ballsack.
Gradually, I became obsessed with seeing what my balls looked like. It was
fun squeezing them and slapping them, but I just had to take a look at
what was inside my sack.
So one day I tied the strap tighter than ever. My sack turned a dark
purple, and my balls squeezed against the side of the scrotum.
I picked up a small, sharp knife and pressed the tip against the outline
of my right ball. My heart pounding, I gently increased the pressure until
the blade penetrated the skin. The sharp sting was bearable, so I began
moving the blade down, creating a red line on the edge of my sack. My cock
was as hard as a rock.
There was less blood than I thought. I took the knife and put it into the
shallow cut I had already made, repeating the procedure. The pain was
there, but my excitement was too great to stop.
Gradually, the layers of tissue peeled away under the knife. I could see a
grayish-white object begin to press against the opening I had made. It was
my right ball!
Excited, I used the knife to length the gash, while squeezing my sack with
my free hand. The testicle strained to emerge from its prison. It was
taking longer than I expected.
Suddenly, my ball popped free! I shouted with joy as the orb emerged. I
gently cradled it in my hand, examining it carefully. It was oval-shaped,
with some blood covering it. A stalk emerged from one end of it,
nourishing it with blood and carrying its sperm back into my body.
I squeezed the naked ball gently, and the sensation made my cock grow
harder. Suddenly, I had an irresistible urge to repeat the procedure with
my other nut. Releasing the exposed testicle, I began cutting the other
side of my sack. Within minutes, both my balls were dangling free.
I found that touching my exposed nuts made my cock jump. They were
extremely sensitive. Squeezing them gently almost made me cum.
That’s when I decided I would never return my balls to the sack. I got a
sewing kit and carefully stitched up the cuts I had made, taking care not
to prick the stalks protruding from the gaps.
In a couple of weeks, the empty sack was completely healed. Now, my two
balls hung outside, ready to be touched whenever I want.
A few days ago, I was lying in my bed playing with my nuts. I suddenly had
an urge to put them in my mouth. I threw my legs over my head and before
long my balls were dangling inches from my face.
My tongue reached out and began licking my left ball. The feeling was
exquisite. I repeated the tongue-bath on my right nut. My cock was
throbbing with excitement.
I craned my neck as far as possible, and kissed my left ball. I opened my
lips and managed to pull the ball into my mouth. I began a gentle sucking.
The feeling was so strong that pre-cum began dribbling from my cock,
hitting my face.
I sucked harder and harder, squeezing the ball against the roof of my
mouth with my tongue. Suddenly, my dick erupted, spewing white cum all
over my face. I released the ball and shouted with pleasure as jizz
dribbled down my cheeks.
During the day, I have to be carefully not to hurt my naked balls. But
except for that, I’m really happy with what I have done to them. Nobody
can guess what lies in my tight white briefs. That’s why I’m smiling all
the time.

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