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Your dragon and you couldn’t have been happier. It’s been months together, and in that time he’s been nothing but sweet, and gentle, and loving in every way a dragon can. He brings you treasures from other hoardes, dresses you in fine cloaks from old kings, and tells you stories about the centuries he’s lived. He’s been a lonely one all his life, but with you he lights up and scampers like a pup, always excited to do everything he can for you. He doesn’t even mind his hoarde anymore, opting to sleep with and around you instead because he tells you you’re his only and greatest treasure. But dragons have to eat and he doesn’t want to spend a moment away from you to hunt, so when he finds out about your ability to grow back from any injury and your eagerness to be his meal he jumps at the opportunity. He’s always nervous about it, because he fears for your safety, but as the sessions become more common, he starts to be more and more aggressive.
The latest time, he started by thrusting his tongue into your hole, using the tip of his nose to rub gently at your hooded cock between pumping his thick, slick tongue deep into you. Then you feel a warmth at your entrance followed by a searing sensation as liquid fire pours into you, instantly cooking your cock and innards with a smell of smoke and cooking meat. It doesn’t hurt, not much, but it feels so *damn good*; you can barely manage a grin at him because your body is quivering from the pleasure and warmth burning through your hips. He returns the smile, his reptilian, slitted eyes and grinning bony skull showing nothing but affection and adoration for you, then withdraws his tongue from your smoking, cooked hole. He opens his mouth again and a tremendous wave of fire engulfs you like a gentle, passionate hug, and you coo and moan and though he can barely hear it above the sound of the flame pouring from his throat, the sound of your arousal and happiness encourages him to share in those sensations.

When the great wave of flame is finally done, you can see his cock protruding from his sheath, glistening at the tip. You want to go over there and help him, to suck it and feel it pound into you, but you’ve become just a charbroiled human boy - a delicious snack for your monstrous lover. Fortunately, he knows what you want, and as he begins his feast by biting down on your now supple and giving belly and tearing out a loop of your intestines, you can feel his monstrous cock resting on your pelvis, grinding up against your own dick and throbbing. He thrusts it deep into your chest, so deep that you can hear your ribs crack on the first pass, and your sternum shattering as he starts his familiar, rhythmic pattern of thrusts. You manage a few low moans and whines of affection through your charred throat and ruined lungs, and he responds to each by kissing you on the nose, his tongue gently caressing your chin and throat as he forces his way deeper into you - you can actually see, if you look down, the bottom of your neck distending as the head of his cock presses into it. It feel so good, to be spitted like this on your wonderful boy, and when he picks up the pace enough that you can sense he’s about to cum you can feel your own body crescendo together with him.

All at once, he slams his talons deep into the thick muscle of your thighs and braces himself with them, then clamps his teeth hard on your neck and thrusts as deep as he can, spattering your guts and filling your throat with gobs of dragon cum from the bottom. You cry out around the crushing pressure on your neck as your own cum joins his, though there’s not a lot of liquid left for you to spurt, and as your body spasms with it he jerks his head swiftly, snapping your spine and beheading you in a single quick motion. He kisses you one more time, this time deeply on the mouth, and as you respond to his tongue you know he can taste the blood and cum dripping from the stump of your neck, his tongue traveling all the way out of the bottom of it to lick up the drops of red and white. Then, still impaled on his tongue, he drags you into his mouth and crunches your skull between his huge teeth, splattering your brains and eyes all over the inside of his mouth.

Had you a body left to cum with you would have, but you settle instead for the explosion of pleasure and contentment that blooms in your thoughts before you drift off into a comfortable sleep. He finishes the last of your body until your corpse is nothing but bones and skin, then he curls around your remains protectively, watching over you until you return to him. Eyes drooping with fullness and contentment, he looks at your remains as they begin to stitch themselves together, new muscle growing and attaching your bones to each other and tendons holding them in place as a human shape slowly begins to form again. He smiles, and encourages you with another kiss on the stump where your head would be in an hour or two, then settles down to sleep, eyes still fixed on you. His treasure.


I know it's an outlandish request, but any chance of a followup where the man eats the dragon instead, maybe through magic enhancement to their stomach and teeth (but not size)?

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