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Lilly, the cutest doll!

It's Lilly's birthday. Lilly is just 1:39 meters tall. She has silver blonde hair that is long enough to reach her butt. She has blue eyes and almost white skin. Lilly is a doll maniac! She doesn’t just collect dolls. She cares for them like as if they were her own child’s. She even dresses herself like a doll. Today she wears a black dress. It consists of more frills than dress. She also wears black shoes a white pantyhose and a red bow in her hair. Thanks to her delicate body structure, you could really mistake Lilly as a doll! To celebrate the big day, she wants to buy a new doll. A new store has been opened which is said to be selling incredibly realistic dolls. Of course, this has aroused her attention. The store is a bit offside the inner city. Another advantage! In the city people often looked at her strangely. Many sellers don’t take her seriously. But she is sure that a real puppeteer will understand her!
Lilly enters the store. A little golden bell announces her entrance. The interior of the shop, is decorated in an old fashion. Old Screen lamps illuminate the room. A handful of hand-sewn clothes are standing by the window. In an antique cabinet, various craft supplies are to be seen. On self-made shelves, dolls were placed lovely. Each doll is unique! They all look different and have different sizes. Some are even bigger than Lilly. She is thrilled! They are beautiful… She would love to take them all! It was a good idea to visit this store.

The shopkeeper suddenly stands behind her. “Young maiden did you find a doll that interested you?”
Lilly not startled. She is too busy to choose a doll. She doesn’t even look at him when she answers. "They all are beautiful; how should one be able to decide?" She stands on tiptoe and tries to reach a few of the higher located dolls. She doesn’t even notice as the owner helps her.
The Shopkeeper turns her around. Only now does she notice that he was standing behind her all the time. He is an old man, who’s looks a little bit like Gepetto. “What kind of doll are you looking for?” he asks.
Lilly is no longer certain. "It must be something special! but they all special ... How do find a doll that stands out?"
"Well, a special doll is standing right in front of me!" He says, laughing.
Lilly turns red. Finally, someone notices the effort she put in her dresses. “Thank you. I've been working on the dress for two months.”
“You would surely be a good doll.” He says with respect. Then he seems to have an idea. " I know! I could make a doll for you, a very special one! for you only!"
"But that will certainly be very expensive ... I don’t think I can afford it." Lilly knows from experience, that special made dolls cost often 3 to 4 times the price of a normal doll. She almost fears that she can hardly afford the other dolls in the store. They are masterpieces after all.
He grins. "Don’t worry! I'm sure you can afford it."
Lilly doubts. "But if I can’t afford it?" She loves dolls. But she is clever enough to understand that she doesn’t have enough money. She should save money first. “How expensive would it be?”
It looks as if he himself wouldn’t know how expensive his own service would be. After a long thought, he explains. "Maybe I should first tell you what my plan is ... I'm planning to make a doll that looks just like you! "
This is really something special! A doll that looks like herself. She definitely doesn’t have such a doll! “still…that sounds great...But!"
He now appears to be in his element. "I'll make you a suggestion! First, we craft the doll, then we talk about the price! Even if you can’t afford it. I can sell such a doll for high prices! So, I'll win anyway.”
Lilly gets red again, flattered by the compliment. Even if she can’t afford it, she must see this doll! "Okay, I'll do it, I've always wanted to see how a professional craft!"
The shopkeeper takes her hand gently. "My lady, follow me to my workshop."
His workshop looks like a fairy tale. Precious steel tools hanging on the wall. An antique workbench with hundreds of drawers, stands in front of an oak wood chair. Semi-finished dolls, in various stages of manufacturing. were carefully placed in a glass case. Only a larger device stands out. It seems much too modern, almost futuristic. A large screen is attached to the front. Using a door, you can apparently enter it.
Lilly is excited. "What should I do? How can I help?"
The owner is quiet. Almost too quiet. "First, we must measure your body measurements: size, weight, chest, belly, butt ..." he counts further.
“Wait? Do I need to undress?!!” She is shocked. This goes a little bit too far!
But the owner just grins as if he had been waiting for this reaction. “Don’t worry! For this, we use this machine! You only need to enter it. The device will measure some very intimate data from you. Of course, I understand it, if that is too much for you…”
Lilly looks at the machine shyly. She wouldn’t have expected this. But she absolutely wants this doll! "She only shows numbers?" She asks reluctantly
He nods. "I will see nothing more. promise! You not even need to strip! The device isn’t bothered by your dress." Grinning, he adds. "Thanks to the machine, we can produce a perfect doll! Almost as if yourself become a doll!"
Lilly gains some self-confidence. What should happen? If he wanted to hurt her, he wouldn’t have to make this much effort… It would be easy for him to overwhelm her! Carefully she opens the door and enters the cabin of the device. It's very gloomy, otherwise she can’t see anything special! After a moment, she hears as a switch is switched. Red lasers illuminate her body from all sides. It feels funny and tickles. It circles around from top to bottom. Every corner of her body is illuminated again and again. She feels the laser directly on her skin, through her clothes ... This isn’t normal for light! Lilly gets frightened. She tries to leave the cabin, but she can’t move! Only now did she realize, that she doesn’t have to blink anymore ... She can’t blink! She tried to scream, but even that doesn’t work… Her legs give up! She falls to the ground, but she doesn’t feel pain ... She feels her body, but hasn’t control over it!

The shopkeeper opens the door. "As I have promise you, a perfect doll!" He says, while laughing. Lilly tries to complain ... Without success. She is more than just helpless! She feels lifeless. “The situation will be somewhat unfamiliar to you. Although ... You already were like a doll before!” He simply lifts her up. She never has weighed much. It is still a big surprise, that he can raise her this easily! What happened to her? Why does she feel this strange? "You're probably not understand it yet! You are a doll! A real doll! Made of the best fabric, plastic, etc. " A doll? How? Lilly loves dolls more as anything else… But she is a human! She doesn’t want to be a real doll. She just wanted to look like a doll, she never planned to become one! He binds a name tag on her foot. “LILLY” it says. How does he know? She never tells him, her name! He carries her into his shop. “A matching name! I like your handwriting.” Oh… right… She has sewn her name on the inside of her dress. “You are something special now! Indestructible! You'll always be a cute doll… For all eternity! You probably will not believe it - Only a few of my dolls were girls before! I only allow special girls to become dolls. Only girls like you, who’s carries the soul of a true doll, become my masterpieces!” He placed her on the shelf, together with the other dolls. Her hands lie on her lap. Her legs hang over the shelf edge. She can’t look around, she only can see what is in front of her. She doesn’t breathe! she can’t move! She sits next to the other dolls… Is she really a lifeless doll? For all eternity?!! She wants to be a girl again! Please! This is just a dream!!!

Hours passed by. It’s boring! She can’t do anything… Finally, someone enters the shop. First, she just hears a man taking. “Select any doll you like, sweetheart.”
Then she hears a happy little girl. “I will!” The shopkeeper went past her. He speaks about prices and features of all kind of dolls. Lilly tries to call for help. But she can’t cause any sound... Suddenly the little girl stands in front of her. It seems to be a nice girl. She doesn’t want to be bought! She wants to be a human again! But... If someone buys her. Then this girl wouldn’t be a bad choice. She seems to love dolls, like Lilly does. Eventually she would recognize that Lilly isn’t a real doll! The girl reaches for a doll beside her. It is a children's doll. With red hair, freckles and a nice smile. Not a bad choice! But the girl had no interest in Lilly...
A day passed by… One day already had felt like an eternity! Lilly doesn’t feel hunger and doesn’t get tired. She had to stare at the opposite wall all night. She feels lonely and afraid. Will this really be my life from now on? Relieved, she hears the shopkeeper open the doors. At least she is not alone now… But this was already one of the highlight of the day! There were 4 customers, none of them even noticed her… Well… how should they perceive her? For them, she looks just like another doll! Lilly give up to call for help. They don’t hear her anyway! If nobody wants to buy me? May I become a Human again? If no one buys me, then I have no value for the owner! A little hope flashed in Lilly.

Another painful long night later. After the owner enters the shop, he speaks to her. “Don’t worry. We’ll find someone, who wants to buy you! “
“I don’t want to be bought! Maniac! Made me Human again!” She wants to shout. She'd like to do a lot with him! And it would not be friendly! suddenly he starts to brush her hair. What is he doing... It feels good? Really good! She feels like in ecstasy!
"You like that! do you?" he asks her. Then he starts to explain. " As you have already noticed: A doll doesn’t feel much. But there is no nicer feeling for a doll, as someone nurturing her!" He smiles: “You see? The life as a doll is beautiful!” Unfortunately, he stops. It was a great feeling… But that doesn’t replace to be a Human! Although, she secretly wished, he would have continued! The bell rings. "Maybe we'll find a home for you this time." He tried to encourage her… But she doesn’t want a new home ... She wants to return to her own home!
“Good morning!” she hears a women’s voice. "Am I right here? I'm looking for a life-like doll!" The owner and the woman meet exactly in Lilly's field of vision. It is a woman mid-40th. She looks like a business woman. This woman has no idea of dolls. Lilly recognizes this immediately!
"I sell dolls! May I know for whom?" It's a catch-up question. The owner apparently has standards. Not everyone gets his dolls. Great! Lilly was transformed by a maniac with standards ...
“Oh. Not for me! naturally!” She speaks highly. "My son really loves dolls. If you understand what I mean. He has his 21st birthday in 1 month. I thought that it would be a good opportunity, that he pushes off the horns.” A doll lover? Lilly is too innocent to understand what the woman means!
The shopkeeper suddenly looks in Lilly direction and smiles Evil. "I think I have just the right doll for him!" He lifts Lilly up and puts her in the arms of the woman. It always feels so strange. When he lift her up... "Little Lilly here, is a doll with soul!"
The woman on the other site, doesn’t know how to hold a doll. She holds Lilly by the legs so that her dress falls over her head. Her grip is too firm. Luckily, Lilly doesn’t feel any pain! Don’t treat a doll like this!!! She doesn’t like this woman! The woman examines her body. She feels Lilly's skin. She reaches into Lilly’s mouth. This is humiliating… "It feels very realistic!" the women say.
"All openings are available. As with a real girl!" The owner explains. Lilly is confused. Why is that important?
The woman shakes her like a toy. "Are these kinds of dolls stable?" Fortunately, a doll can’t feel nauseous.
“I'm sure Lilly will not break. Even if your son let off steam, she will not take any scratch!” The owner explains. Finally, the woman returns Lilly to the arms of the owner. She never would have guessed, that she would be happy to be in his arms. He will put me back! she hopes...
But then the fatal words… “I want to buy it."
The owner carries her to his cash register. “Shall I wrap it up?” No! Lilly isn’t a doll! She wants to go home! The owner carefully lays her on the back. Deliberately, he shows Lilly a big red box. Otherwise, Lilly can only see the ceiling. He places her into the box. he attached her to the cardboard, with black cable ties. So, that nothing happens with her while transporting. Very sarcastic. if you consider that she is indestructible. He fills the box with Styrofoam. Normally she would get a headache. But well, she's a doll. As the last touch, he ties a red ribbon to her neck. Then Lilly sees him smile, for the last time. Because he closes the box and it gets dark!
"That makes $ 249!" she hears. Shortly afterwards, she feels the box leaving the store. The women bought her, like a normal doll…

It's dark ... Lilly feels constricted and lonely. There is not much she can use for orientation. except from the sound of the engine. The woman probably loaded her into her car. It is a long ride. Lilly is happy about any bunk on the street. Because it is the only variety she has, in the darkness of the box.
Eventually the car comes to a stop. Lilly hears how the car door opens and the woman picks up her box. "Send it to my son in 30 days." She orders.
"Yes ma'am!" Answers an older male voice. It feels like Lilly box changes the owner. she is carried on for a few more seconds. Then she hears like a wooden door is opened. Her box stops moving… the door is slammed shut ... Then silence!
Where is she? They really plan to store her? For 30 days?!! She doesn’t want to stay! Not in this darkness ... not all alone… She tries to use her whole willpower. She tries to move. She wants to move at least a little bit... But it remains hopeless! She can only wait and hope that somebody rescues her. They must already miss Lilly! She knows it! They probably already searching her…
But how are they supposed to find Lilly in this box? Is there no hope for her?
Time goes by… It is impossible to say how much time passed. She can’t sleep or cry. She can’t even try to free herself. Only darkness and silence. She can’t stand it. She wants to get out of here! It's not fair! She never wanted ... Please somebody! No matter how much she wishes. There is no one who can save her.
More time goes by. Lilly will lose her mind! Why he didn’t kill her? That would have been mercy. How should she endure that? It is impossible! She doesn’t want to stay like this forever… This must be a bad nightmare! Please somebody say “it’s just a nightmare…”
… How long? Sometimes she hears voices. She hopes, that’s finally someone comes to safe her. The reality is: The residents of the house have no interest in her. But her mind refuses ... She wants someone to come. It doesn’t matter who’s…
Even more time… Lilly tried everything. She might get used to the darkness… But the helplessness is unbearable! She tried to count. (At 1000000 seconds, she stops counting.) She even tried to talk to herself. (The other Lilly is mean!) A doll can’t do much else. Except to hope that someone plays with her and cares for her. She wants someone to protect her! Just as she always does, with her own dolls…
!!! It is the sound of the door! Someone picks up her box! Will they finally free her? Unfortunately, she has to wait a little bit longer. It seems as if they transport her to another place. Compared to the last 30 days, the trip is short and pleasant. She hears a doorbell. Heavy steps… then a young male voice. "Hey! Gregor! how is my mother doing?"
“happy birthday, Master James." Answers the older voice.
“Let me guess…Again, a pillow? Or a flower vase?” He sounds sarcastic.
"Between us. I think you'll be happy with the gift. I gave her tips this time. “The older one speaks somewhat less formally this time. It doesn’t matter for Lilly. Please hurry! She wants to get out of here!
"You gave her tips? Okay, I'm curious." The voice now sounds happier.
For a long time, they talk about irrelevant topics before Gregor finally says goodbye. "Have fun with it!" He emphasizes the "It".
Her box gets transported, for one last time. Then she hears James say. "I wonder what Gregor would give me ..." First, she sees a small beam of light... Then he opens her box! Actually, the light should dazzle. But it doesn’t disturb her doll eyes! Lilly is just happy to see something again!
She looks, into the face of a nice-looking young man. He has blue eyes, brown hair and a three-day beard. First, he seems shocked. Then he smiles. "How did he know?" Carefully he removed the cable ties around her joints. Hopefully, he realizes She isn’t a doll… Lovingly he takes her out of the box. "You're a really cute girl! what's your name?" Apparently, he talks to her. Lilly also often talked to her dolls. It makes a lot of fun… But Lilly isn’t a doll, she is a girl! “Lilly? This is a beautiful name!” It seems as if he sees her name tag... “Come with me Lilly! I'll show you my room.” The man really seems to like dolls. She feels secured in his arms. Does it feel like that, if someone loved a doll? It feels nice ...
"This is your new home! do you like it?" She hasn’t seen much of the house, except that it is big. After all, she can only see thinks, if it is in front of her! Unfortunately, he carries her so, that she has only seen his breast most of the time… The room he shows her now, seams even bigger as the rest. But although it looks noble and expensive. This room has something cozy. It may be because it contains a lot of dolls! He really seems to be a collector. But she doesn’t see any other dolls with her quality! she seems to be something special, at least ... Why he hasn’t yet realized that Lilly is a human being? A collector should recognize it! Who else can recognize it? Please recognize it!
"I'm quite excited, too. I'll show you where you sleep!" He doesn’t notice anything. Even in his eyes, she seems to be just another doll ... He shows her a glass box. "Hehe. Don’t worry! I'm just kidding! You can sleep in my bed!” That's kind of cute! Even Lilly hasn’t cuddled with a doll for a long time. He puts her on his bed. "You look a little bit like a real girl... And you're so cute! I wonder if..." Suddenly he reached under her skirt. That is embarrassing! Why does he touch her at this place? This is improper! He looks at her with interest. "I know this will be your first time, but it will be a lot of fun. I promise!” Lilly doesn’t like this. He not really plans…? Or does he!!! Lilly gets her answer as he takes off her pantyhose. He has a little trouble, undressing her. "Not so shy little Lilly." He jokes with himself.
"No! Are you serious? You can’t have sex with a doll!" Lilly tries to scream. To defend herself somehow! She doesn’t want to! “Please stop this madness!” He takes off her white panties…
“The one who built you really thought of everything!” He looks very happy. Lilly can’t resist. He brings out his already erect penis. Lilly wanted to experience her first time as a human being. But she can’t prevent it! He uses her like a toy. Without hesitation, he puts her on his lap. She feels his manhood deeply in herself. To Lilly's surprise, it doesn’t trigger any emotions in her! She didn’t expect sexual arousal… But she would have expected pain! In fact, it doesn’t feel much different, like any other touch as a doll. Except that it's happens inside her body. He uses her wildly and without reckoning. But Lilly doesn’t feel anything, except her inner fear and embarrassment. After 30 seconds, he comes. She felt his sperm inside herself… Carefully he puts her back on the bed. He takes a short break before he says. "Would you like a second round?"
“No!” Lilly wants to cry!
He responds. "I knew that you liked it!" He pulls Lilly back to himself. This time she gets an up-close view of his penis. Before he puts it in her mouth. Not even that feels different as any other contact! As a doll, she doesn’t taste anything. Nevertheless, it is humiliating! It goes up and down. he holds her rudely at her hairs. Without fear, he also cums in her mouth… He puts her back on the bed. "You are really good! Are you sure you have no training? … Oh, I understand! Lilly is a bad girl! You want more! “To Lilly's bad luck, he seems to have fun. He uses her three more times. Before giving her a break… For this day! Lilly feels so used. Now she no longer feels like a human being…
"Okay, it's time to make you clean. You filthy little girl." He takes her to his bath and takes off her whole dress. He lovingly washes her body. Lilly doesn’t understand… That feels so incredibly good! As if you were masturbating, only 100 times more intense! (Yes! Even Lilly wasn’t always innocent!) Why this feels like this? He takes a lot of time and Lilli enjoys it. No! I am a human being and not a doll… But it feels great! Please continue! Unfortunately, he has cleaned her, way to quickly… But the fun is not over! Of course, he must also brush her hair! Lilly may enjoy further. When he finishes this, there is even more to enjoy! He dresses her tenderly into a pajama. Also, dressing seems to pleases a doll…
Lilly is pissed at herself! Why does she enjoy it? He carries her back to his bed. He falls asleep, cuddling her... Even that is somehow nice ... But Lilly doesn’t want to be a doll! She wants to be a human again. She wants to be the cute doll lover Lilly!
At this moment, she becomes aware of it:” I'll never be a girl again ... I'll be a doll forever! This excitement is all that remains for me! I am no longer a human being! I am the cute doll Lilly… My only purpose is to please my owner!”

The days go by. Every day her hopes fades more. Lilly tries to accept that she is a doll now. It is difficult! It is an indescribably frightened thought! She never will be able to move again, no dreams, no delicate food and no real love... Is it even possible to come to terms with it? He uses her almost every day… Okay, this isn’t too bad. It rather hurts Lilly's pride than anything else. He doesn’t rape her. He just has sex with his toy… It also has something good! When he uses her, he cleans her! He also buys some new dresses for her. Today she wears a colorful summer dress! Strangely, Lilly is very proud to wear new dresses. Well…naturally, most time there isn’t much action. Most of the day he works. During this time, he usually takes her to bed. He covers her and gives her a good night kiss. It would be nice if Lilly could sleep ... But so, her time in bed is just a boring torture. It is way better, when he places her at the window! She than can look out the window! Lilly understands why cats like to do that. If you can’t do anything else, the wind in the leaves is very exciting. Also, cars are a highlight! Once even a squirrel ran past. Lilly still thinks back to her life as a girl. But she tries to make the best of her situation!

A year passed. Lilly has experienced a whole summer and winter as a doll. She still wants to be a girl! It isn’t easy to forget that you were a human being, it seems. But not everything was bad! He didn’t have as often sex with her, as before. Nevertheless, he spoils her every day. She is his favorite doll! In winter, he dressed her in a jacket and shows her the snow. In summer, he dresses her in a swimsuit and takes her to the beach. Lilly is very proud to have such an owner. If she became a human being, she would probably forgive him. He is not much older than herself. Maybe they could start a relationship! For him, she would even play a doll from time to time. If she were a girl again… But it is just a distant dream... It happened over a year ago, that she was transformed into a doll. She will not turn back ... Lilly knows this better than anyone else!

Several years passed. Lilly should have guessed! Her master is getting older and of course he can’t be together with a doll forever. In the past, Lilly was a Human. She can understand that he longs for real love. Nevertheless, she is jealous! He is her master! The woman should disappear! First, he has had less sex with Lilly. Then he even stopped! Now she no longer lay in his bed. Instead, he put her into a glass box. She must watch, when they have sex. It’s unfair! He still brushes her hair and clothes her in new clothes. But he does it less often than usual. One day they got a child. "Look Lilly, I've named her after you, she's also called Lilly!" It was one of the last moments he spoke to her ...

Many more years passed. Today is a very happy day for Lilly! After a half eternity, her master takes her out of her glass box. "Poor little Lilly, I've ignored you for too long! A doll like you shouldn’t be hidden behind glass, someone needs to play with you! I think Lilly is old enough, so she doesn’t hurt you." He takes her to the room of his little daughter. At first Lilly was angry. But she quickly learned that the other Lilly is super cute! She invites Lilly to coffee. She even brushes her more intensively. When she falls asleep, Lilly is allowed, to cuddle with her. Lilly used to play with dolls herself. But that happen so long in the past, that her memory is blurred…

More years go by. The other Lilly has grown up! The wedding dress suits her! It seems to her like yesterday, that she has played with her. The doll Lilly is very proud! Humans only live this shortly ... She wasn’t sad when her old master died. Lilly has no idea how it feels, when you grow older. After all, she is just a doll! Her only wish is that the other Lilly birth a daughter too which will play with her! This is the only true joy a doll can have… Well, even when not! Lilly will never die! She just needs to wait long enough. There will always be someone who loves her! She hopes…

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