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While I am trying to get back into writing, I thought I'd let y'all see some short stories. Let me know what you think c:


Terra 5'10 25 soft pale dirty blonde blue eyes DD breasts
Jani 5'9 28 tanned muscular brown eyed D cups
Alicia 5'7 19 pale platinum blonde blue eyes A cups

In a world where wildlife is gone, the tradition of hunting took a turn for the underground. The prey was human and the hunters had to capture their prey. Rare genetic specimens were seen as prime game.-

Terra woke up to find herself lying in the middle of an open field at dawn. the startled woman looked around herself to find nothing but a circle of trees around this oddly deserted area.

"Who the fuck?!" The startled woman yelled out, quickly noticing that her top was missing and covering her bare chest. All she had on was the pajamas and slippers she wore when she went to sleep. She could feel her heart hammering, choking her breaths as she felt vulnerable and watched. She had no idea how she got there but she knew whoever put her there had a plan. Without any clue where she was she decided to take a direction and walk toward the trees. it all looked the same and there were no mountains or distinct features to be seen beyond the tall redwood trees and dense bushes.

As she approached the trees, she started to walk faster and faster, breaking into a full sprint as she open field felt more and more dangerous.

"Shit, shit, shit. What happened?! I hope this is a joke" she let out in labored breaths, sweat starting to bead down her face and body, making her hair stick to her shoulders. However as son as she entertained the thought it left her mind.

A quick snap made her jump as something hit the tree behind her. She looked around and saw something sticking out of the tree, it wasn't natural... it was unmistakably modern. a thin metal shaft connected to the needle lodged into the bark.. This was a dart... She froze for a split second in utter terror as she realized what it was and a sudden thud hit the leaves by her feet.

Without hesitation, Terra ran deep and aimlessly into the forest to lose whatever was shooting at her. she yelled "STOP, STOP" at the top of her lungs before disappearing among bushes, running fast and hard, pushing herself as hard as her body could muster. As she ran out of breath she lie down curled int he fetal position panting and sweating. Her legs were covered in cuts from the brambles. A river caught her eye a little in the distance but the open and uncovered territory was frightening. She couldn't even begin to know who her captors might be, running before she could see them.

She had to move, she couldn't stay there forever, however. She got up and bolted downstream within the forest alongside the lake, keeping track of it as she went. As dawn turned into daylight she could see something else... hope... There was a tall blue sign further in the forest. Finally a sign of society. Having not seen her captors for a while she felt comfortable enough to sprint lightly toward the sign. exhaustion had gotten the best of her and she could run no more. Wanting to scream for help, she kept her mouth shut as she reached the end of trees to find a road.

"Thank god" she let out before being knocked off balance with what felt like a punch to the side. Down she looked, seeing that same metal shaft sticking out of her. worry set in but as she tried to run her legs failed to lift her. Footsteps approached.

"See, your aim's getting better, missy" a woman's voice spoke as the crunching of leaves got closer. A rather large and forceful hand pushed her immobile body on its back so she could stare up at the muscular darker skinned woman.

"You gonna do the honors?" She asked her companion who walked up beside her. A young and wiry platinum blonde girl with pale skin and glasses. The girl pulled out a buck knife and Terra mustered all the strength she could to crawl back.

"Don't take too much time. that stuff only lasts long enough to gut 'em" the dark skinned gal said as she got up and left the younger girl to her methods.

"Yes ma'am" She replied.

"Y'know, there ain't no people within miles of this place. it's all private property" She said with a bright and excited smile.

"What are you doing?! Don't hurt me!" Terra said in desperation.
The girl seemed to be done talking. Her gentle hands became rough as she placed Terra's right arm in the fold of her knee, sitting on it. Her hand then went to grab Terra's right arm as the other shoved the knife almost carefully beneath her ribcage. As Terra went to scream the older muscular woman covered her mouth. She felt completely helpless as her stomach was split open to the belly button and the knife came back to slice into her diaphragm.

Suddenly the knife rested on her chest, the blade covered in blood as a hand sunk into her chest, suddenly feeling a dull pain and dizziness come over her.

"Wow, that's amazing." She let out as her hand wrapped tightly around Terra's heart. She could feel her own heart struggling to beat within the girl's aggressive grip. She clung on to consciousness when she knew she was dying. the girl seemed amazed, enjoying herself even.

"Alright, let's gut her. Cut her trachea and run the knife along the back of her ribcage." The older woman said, observing what seemed to be her pupil.

Terra felt pulses of pressure throughout her body, her chest in dull agony as she looked down at the girl's arm tensing from squeezing her desperately flailing heart in sheer amusement with her new toy.

"Stop playing with it and let's go okay?"

"Alright, alright!" She said as she grabbed the knife and sank her hand in. Terra could only lie back and close her eyes while feeling the girl cutting roughly, seemingly annoyed. Suddenly the girl smiled lightheartedly at her partner. Terra couldn't see what was happening, only the tense jerking of the knife cutting into her body. Her eyes grew dim quickly as the girl pulled out this frantically squirming mass. Her heart.

"Souvenir" she laughed before Terra's eyes went black and she felt more jerking and her body failing to draw breath into detached lungs.


4'11 white haired red winged stocky and toned demon clad in leather. Long thick slick back horns and a crest of a skull with another set of smaller horns. Leather clad. Red eyes
21'3 winged and clawed Kitsune with mossy green hair and a toned body. Her upper chest covered in feathers leaving exposed the bottom half of her chest and the bulbous form of her breasts. red eyes.

In a small world overrun by monsters of all feminine shapes, a peaceful town was awaken. A fair skinned human woman came running into town.

"Everyone, a demon in the woods! There is a demon in the woods, she has awakened! We must stop her!" She yelled into the streets as people and their companions all gathered around her in the village.

"Please, relax, Lillian - We shall send our Guardian, Nauma to find and trap this demon away." The metal clad sword-mistress looked up at a massive yet rather gentle looking 21 foot giant.

"Nauma, please put an end to this. Go into the woods and trap that demon. put her back into the ground!"

The kitsune's wings fluttered happily as she sprang up from sitting and shook the ground as she sprinted dutifully toward the woods from where Lillian has come.

The demon, Furia, had awoken from an unusually long sleep. thousands of years had passed since she had awakened. Unlike the hundred years or so they typically awakened, she had been suppressed, banished from the world successfully by generations of locals who wielded a strong spell to keep her from summoning. However, it could not last forever and she broke through finally. She took a moment to walk around the forest. Nothing, not a peep of life was there to be seen as if even nature had learned to avoid the area where she had been banished.

"Ugh..." Her claw lowered to her stomach. She had an intense hunger. Existing was torture. Looking at the ground again, she wanted to go back and sleep, but she knew she would just come back hungrier. She knew she had to hunt for life. She needed a soul, she needed fear, she needed blood and meat. Her powers and her body was begging for sustenance.

Furia started to walk away from her center of the forest, knowing that something must be alive somewhere. However nothing seemed to move or chirp. The trees themselves were the only things vibrant and full of life. She leaned on one to think, turning her head to rest on it she suddenly heard something... a rhythm.

As she pressed her ear against the tree she could hear what was a faint but increasingly prominent gallop causing the ground to vibrate. Seconds went by, it got louder, she could feel it beneath her. Her ears pointed up and her body sprang into action. she ran around the forest, closing in on the trampling, feeling the earth shake more and more. this was no ordinary monster, this was much bigger than those she preys on. Nothing was within sight but it felt as if the beast was right behind her. Her heart pounded, her stomach ached. She only wondered if what she met might be too much for her.

Eventually the sound became thunderous. Against caution she followed it, wondering what she had been hearing until suddenly behind a giant oak tree she set her eyes on a large feminine visage which moved around nimbly among the trees as if hunting for something.

"Well, well, well. I guess those pathetic humans were able to feed them after all. I'd have thought they died out by now." She said to herself as the kitsune stopped, looking toward the air in her direction.

"You look pretty healthy. It's my guess someone is feeding you, right? Where are they?"

As the giant kitsune's eyes locked on, those bog red pupils widened and her body crouched, her short wings spread ominously. Furia now knew what this overgrown cat woman was after... it was her.

"Big, yes, dumb, probably" Furia said as she made the revelation. She knew not to run, those feline instincts go deep and nothing is more fun than a fleeing prey. Instead she walked toward the towering beast which seemed to back up as she approached, claws raised but still.

"Come on, I know you wanna play" she looked rather anguished as she knew she was going to have a claw coming at her bigger than her whole just-below-five-foot-tall body. Sure enough, as she got within swatting distance it felt like a brick wall had collided with her shoulder. however, she didn't recoil. She just played dead.

The kitsune had predictably come over, shoving her limp body around before wrapping her mouth around Furia's head and piercing her neck. Luckily for her, her demonic body would heal in minutes. However, whoever had sent her would probably banish her. She knew she couldn't go back with this thing. The situation became much more dire.
her own razor-sharp claws sprang forth and jabbed into the kitsune's fleshy jaw, causing her to drop Furia and growl. As soon as she turned around she was pounced on; it felt like a thousand pound hammer fell on her body yet, instead of bending to the larger creature's will she quickly crawled down her body. Her claws dug into flesh as she moved down the giant kitsune's shoulder and was stopped by the feathers draped over her chest.

Within a split second Furia felt nearly every bone in her body crack as the kitsune smashed her chest against a tree in an attempt to turn her tiny body into pulp since her claws were painful but difficult to pull off sunken into her skin. This demon, however was stronger than she looked. She had a hunger for life that fueled her like a candle burning brightest before starving. As her body cracked and started to cave, she also experienced the most beautiful and intense sound she had ever heard. As her ear was forcibly mashed against the kitsune's chest she could hear and feel the huge and powerful heart within the giant's form frantically pounding against her ribcage.

Nothing in the world ever felt quite like it, unique and indescribably intoxicating. She only held down more with her claws until the kitsune tried to pull her off. As that large claw gripped her body she dug herself in, clinging tightly to the chest where the source of her desires was contained.

She had a new objective, no longer to get away... she wanted in. The kitsune's giant claw then carefully reached under Furia's body and gingerly pulled her own claws up one by one. However, as she did, furia would continue to dig in more with the others. She was determined not to be removed however this thing's ribcage was far too strong to be broken into with such interference.

"Dammit. Gotta try another way." The kitsune gave up on prying her off and tried again to crush her.

"OOf!" Furia was not ready for that. She knew this thing could eventually break her beyond healing. she had thought about giving up... surely this thing didn't want anything to do with her now, what a pain she was. She slipped down and suddenly a thought popped into her head as she felt her hind claws digging into the softer, delicate flesh beneath the ribcage.
Her claws let loose again, moving down, she looked tired as if giving up. Maybe a bit more and she'd let go, right? She had hoped the logic would follow. Sure enough, the kitsune dragged her chest and belly up the tree in the hopes of dragging the little body off of her own. Furia clung on and extended her middle claws as it raked down the Kitsune's chest.
Her claw left a gaping hole as big as her body and suddenly the kitsune backed up and attempted to pull her off but it was too late. Furia had latched onto something that would make her mouth water, her eyes widen and her body shiver in anticipation. She could feel the aorta throbbing within her grip as she used it to anchor herself and reach around the pumping mass. The desperate heart flailed within her grip as she reached into the wound and wrapped her arms around it and squeezed against its beating. Her claws pierced into the pumping muscle, blood leaking from the engorged meat while her claws sank in. At last she had the beast by the heart. She clung on as the kitsune placed a claw over her body, clenching as her heart struggled within Furia's grasp squeezing it with her body pressed tightly against the delicate arteries pulsing down her form trying to feed the organ.

Furia had teased herself too long though and her claws began to puncture the organ from behind which made torrents of blood spew from beneath her claws in each powerful contraction. As the kitsune lie on her back in exhaustion, Furia pulled her claws from behind the organ, one resting atop while the other sliced the delicate artery that fed the kitsune's heart so she could drink the rich warm blood meant for the fluttering muscle as it gushed out from every beat.

Finally the poor kitsune's heart squirmed weakly, drowning itself in a pool of its own blood as the last glimmer of life left her eyes. The demon filled her belly with the substance for as long as it carried life, growing stronger by the gulp.

"Now for more."


Kayla was working at the end of her shift at a small cardiology clinic when her boss came in and asked her to stay late because a patient needed her care for a few extra hours after closing. The request was strange, as the patient in question seemed to be a healthy and athletic woman in her mid twenties who complained of chest pains, she hadn't spoken except to stay since she was admitted and all of her blood work was fine thus far.

"Yeah, sure. I'll do it"

He smiled and walked off "Thanks, she is really adamant about having you take care of her, she a friend of yours?"

"No, I don't recognize her."

He made a bewildered smirk and carried on. Kayla was just as confused but thought it was time to check in on her unusually healthy patient. She waled into the doorway and smiled.

"Can I get you anything?"

The woman just weakly shook her head to say no.

As she walked out her phone buzzed in her coat. She pulled ot out and saw text in all caps from her roommate. "KAY COME HOME NOW!" "EMERGENCY!"

Her heart sank as her suspicions were affirmed



She knew it then. Her roommate was with her in witness protection after they called out a massive drug scandal between a few crime organizations and the last hospital she worked at. She then remembered the knife in the woman's belongings.
Kayla was watching people leave and was walking out the door when her boss called her back.

"What do you think you're doing? Forget your patient?" He said, laughing it off as he was getting ready to leave.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that" she said in a soft, noticeably distraught tone.

She didn't want to raise alarms but she couldn't be int he hospital by herself. She also couldn't be sure the woman was the person after her, or that her leaving wouldn't be just as dangerous. Right now, before the shift was finally gone she had the best chance. She walked in again and had to think quick.

'I touch the knife and she'll know...' she muttered to herself. She had to act like a cardiologist again. She looked at the pillow... but she was barely 100lbs and the woman on the bed could easily overpower her in a struggle. She went bedside, the woman's eyes opened slightly and looked toward the glass door where two nurses were still there waiting for the last minute to head out; the woman just shook her head to say no.

Kay wanted to get the upper hand but didn't want to harm an innocent woman. She looked around at anything she could use to defend herself. Suddenly her eyes caught onto the defibrillator. At least if she could shock the woman it'd give her an arm up. She quickly opened the door and spoke to the nurses.

"Just a second before you go, okay?" She knew she couldn't keep them long.

They muttered among themselves and nodded. Kay went back and talked as if nothing was up.

"You're ready for therapy; it'll only be a few minutes"

Kay's heart was pounding as she bluffed but the woman stayed still. She ripped open the packaging for the disposable adhesive pads and started to place them on the woman's chest. Never before had she been so careful. These pads could save her life. One on top and one to the left side, checking out the woman's rather toned and powerful physique and wondering how she'd handle a confrontation. She then hooked up the defibrillator. The old defibrillator that she had pestered the clinic to replace had just become her new friend.

With maliciousness she never thought she would have, Kay turned the dial on the old machine to 140 and stood by it. The nurses were gone now and she finally had to fend for herself.

"So tell me, what's going on? You're fine" she said nervously.

The woman motioned for her to come closer as if to tell her a secret. She carefully leaned over with her hand on the charge button, seeing that the woman had pulled out her IV.

"Thank you" the woman said softly. Suddenly Kayla felt both hands wrap around her throat with incredible strength. She couldn't breathe or even choke. She couldn't make a sound as the hands squeezed around her neck. Her own hand slammed against the charge button on the defibrillator and knocked the machine over. Suddenly a strong buzz coursed through her neck as the woman's arms were peeled away by her own body tensing outward from her chest. Kay dropped and started coughing with a considerable wheeze, her stethoscope dropping from around her neck. She jumped up and saw the woman crawling away from the bed. the woman tugged on her leads but Kay shocked her again, causing her whole body to tense. the woman's body dropped as she fell and and the beeping in the room turned into a long high pitched ring at around the time the leads pulled off from her body.

"Oh my god!" She frantically pulled out her phone but the woman got up on her arms and knees. Kay's hand went for the charge button on the defibrillator but the woman's body fell flat on the floor below her, taking a single breath before lying completely still.

Kay's mind was racing but she didn't think she could just leave her there... She grabbed her stethoscope from the ground and nervously pushed the woman over. She kept the defibrillator by her side and straddled the woman, then placed the earpiece in her ears and the bell on the woman's chest. Sure enough the woman's chest was all but silent; A heart quivering, struggling to beat among soft attempted breathing.

Suddenly Kayla was mixed. She could save the woman or leave her to die. Something felt strange to her. She couldn't explain why but she wanted to send a message to the assassin rather than just end her encounter like this. Her fingers idly grazing the woman's chest and belly before she removed her stethoscope and her hands locked into position.
She felt as if her body was acting on its own as she pushed hard and deep against the woman's sternum, then lifted her legs and shocked her. Unable to resist a smile as she watched the beautifully toned and powerful figure under her twitch at her command, sending a shock into her heart; it was almost cathartic. She continued compressions, working herself into a sweat. She struggled to lift the woman's body back up on the bed and reattached the leads. The line turned into a small vibration of waves. This time when she sent a shock through the woman's heart she could see the bar turn flat on the monitor. Again, compressing deeply, sweat dripping on the woman's body. She shocked her again. This time after the flat wave a pulse.... and a productive breath
Kayla stopped in her tracks and watched. At her amazement a heartbeat started trailing across the screen. But now she had her chance to send her message safely. She got up on the bed and again straddled her would-be assassin, wearing her stethoscope and placing the bell to the woman's chest. She made small smacks to the woman's cheek and she began to move her head. The woman looked up at her in a daze while Kayla sat on her, watching her heartbeat average out at 72 BPM. Kayla's own heart was pounding and shaking her body as she watched in both excitement and fear. Her rational mind was trying to break free from her uncontrolled actions. She searched for her phone to do the right thing and call the police, but when she grabbed it she felt the shattered screen having broken in her fall.

'I can't just leave her here, not even to open the door' she said to herself. Suddenly the woman started breathing harder. Kayla was lost in thought but suddenly she noticed the beeps getting faster, much faster. She looked at the screen and saw 101 BPM, looking down to see the eyes of a killer looking at her.

"You know what, it's your turn this time" Kayla's hand reached for the charge button and assassin waved no to her. Kay smiled and nodded. She instead pressed her stethoscope's bell against the woman's chest and scooted up to sit on it, then wrapped her hands around her neck and squeezed with all of her might. the woman pulled with her weakened arms but to no avail. Kayla only stared down and made a soft grunt as the woman's legs went to kick her back but she didn't budge. The rapid beeping in the room got faster and less rhythmic as the woman's struggling become weaker. Kay bit her lip as her ears filled with the sound of the struggling heart dying beneath her as the woman's arms and legs fell to her sides. As the stethoscope came loose from her ears from the struggling, she leaned in to continue listening to every last beat of the failing heart before getting up.


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