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An excerpt from Lami Pi Productions
by Regis

Jackson was careful in serving only select clients who had their
hands clean, with no criminal records or having any known
connection to organized crime. On the other hand, having had
many meetings with them and having served their human
transportation needs for years, he was certain some of his
clients were Mafia Dons.

After all, the slave trade, whether it be white or international
cunts, would be a fundamental moneymaker for the Mafia, and
Jackson was certain the mob controlled all of the areas where
the quiet movement of humans would be valuable, such as
prostitution and the production of violent and possibly deadly
child pornography.

Two of his special customized containers bearing restrained
and anaesthetized human cargo were due to arrive in San
Francisco from the Philippines. They contained a fresh
shipment of 48 beautiful young females of various ages, about
half of the shipment consisting of delightful pre-teens, age 12
and younger.

His packers had informed him 6 of the girls were American, 18
were Europeans, all taken captive in either Manila or Jakarta.
The remainder or the girls were classic young Pilipino
beauties, several of them children as young as 6 years old.
Jackson knew the consignment would end up at a private
country club, one that with good reason privately referred to
itself as the Cuntry Club.

Their destination would be at the Club’s private resort in the
hills of Southern California, just over 100 miles northwest of
Los Angeles. Jackson had been a guest there at an event a
couple of years ago, an experience in which he got to practice
his horsemanship.

It was incredibly rare that anyone was ever invited to attend
an event at the Cuntry Club, as it was necessarily very private,
but because of the services he provided, Jackson had earned
special standing with a couple of key members, including the
Club’s president.

The invitation surprised him, but he was happy to accept. The
man who had invited him arranged for Jackson to be picked up
and taken to the Club’s estate by his personal chauffeur. He
was given a riding outfit, and joined a group of a dozen Cuntry
Club members on what they called a Doe Hunt. Only members
got to carry rifles.

A tall, lanky 14-year-old girl, naked except for a deer tail stuck
to a post inserted into her rectum, light antlers clipped to her
head and a pair of slender black boots that ended in dainty
hooves, was sent running, and given a 5 minute lead. On signal,
the hunters and Jackson set off, galloping in the direction she
had run.

She was good, and it took them almost 10 minutes to spot her.
The terrain was uneven, but there were only small pine trees
growing in the area, with no ground cover of shrubs to hide
her. Once they spotted her they let their horses walk, as there
was no way she was going to escape their view.

These were experienced horsemen, and were in no hurry.
They were enjoying her panic, and had all afternoon to affect a
kill. At one point they surrounded her, and one of the hunters
dismounted, leaving his rifle in its sling. He pulled out his
penis, pressed the distraught girl, who was screaming at the
top of her lungs, back against a tree.

He then entertained his fellow-members when he thrust his
large erect shaft into her unprepared clean-shaven vagina and
gave the pretty young bitch a powerful doe fucking. This was
the kind of action that made the long trip to the estate worth
the time and effort.

Jackson was impressed at how young and beautiful she was.
She had been in a shipment made up entirely of girls taken
from a private school in Denver. This lovely young American
cunt was receiving a powerfully injected load of semen from a
very powerful businessman, and the naked teen girl was
completely aware she would be shot by several of the riders
before the afternoon’s sport hunt was completed.

She ran as fast as she could in the amazing little boots when he
released her, and as she rapidly moved off he tucked in his
penis and leisurely remounted his horse. This was a time of
enjoyment, not a time to rush. The naked girl had nowhere to
go, and she knew it.

The grounds were extensive, and the square mile of land was
fully surrounded by a 12-foot high stone wall, topped by an
electrified razor wire fence. A dozen sharpshooters were
stationed atop the wall, with a mandate to shoot to wound, not
to kill. The killing of human game was a pleasure reserved for
the hunters.

It was nearly three hours later when, after she had again been
surrounded and treated to two more power-fucks, the lovely
young human doe heard the first shot when she was at some
distance from the hunters, and in a fraction of a second felt the
sting of the first bullet.

The first had nicked her upper arm, the second her buttock,
and another pierced her side, going cleanly through her.
Jackson was thrilled at the brutality and heartless nature of the
action, and was pleased to see that the fly on his riding pants
opened easily so that his penis lay on the saddle, ready to spout
when that became desirable.

The walking action of his mount gave pleasant stimulation to
his cock as the horses walked continually toward the injured
doe, who was still bravely running. One by one the gentlemen
took aim and fired another round into her, each one drawing
blood and further weakening her.

At last the horses were reigned in, and the leader of the group
stood in his stirrups. He raised his rifle, leveled it at her, took
careful aim, and squeezed the trigger. His well-placed bullet
went into her right leg just below her buttock and smashed her
femur, the largest bone in the human body. She went down
screaming for the last time, severely injured but fully alive, as
they intended.

The horsemen rode up to her, the leader dropped a rope over
her raised head and pulled her up, fixing the rope to a ring on
the front of his saddle so that she hung, her feet not touching
the ground, and on the ride back to the stable the kicking and
wriggling young beauty was slowly hanged to death. It was a
fitting conclusion to an enjoyable afternoon’s cunt hunt.

“The butcher will be drawing and cleaning her,” the group
leader said, “if anyone would like to re-familiarize yourselves
with the inner workings of the female body. Otherwise we’ll be
retiring to the drawing room, to enjoy some sherry and the
spectacle of some 7-year-old girls performing in a pigeon egg
laying competition.”

Jackson would have stayed for the disemboweling had the girl
been alive, but chose instead to join most of the group to enjoy
the sight of naked little girls competing in laying eggs. The
sherry sounded good, too. He loved the exhibition by the
naked children trying to see who could give birth to her dozen
little eggs first, without breaking any.

When all of their little eggs had been lain, several of them
broken in the attempt, the lovely little girls were then required
to produce three sausages from their colons, and most of them
managed to squeeze out four, the last consisting of their own
offal that had pushed the first three out.

Although all of these lovely little girls had been properly
housebroken, the delightful naked children were deeply
embarrassed at having shit in front of these strangers, in their
minds having excessively exceeded their instructions. This
was not good.

The entertainment after a sumptuous meal of beautifully
prepared venison, involved a woman in her ‘30s and a pretty
little 7-year-old French girl. The girl’s small head had been
shaved clean. The large dining room table had been cleared,
and the two female entertainers, both naked, climbed onto the

The woman was introduced as Lacie, who had given birth to 10
children in her productive career. Lynette was part of a
consignment of a dozen of the most beautiful grade 2 girls
obtained in a smooth abduction from a private girl’s school.
Lacie was a regular performer at the Club.

Her physician, a member of the Cuntry Club, had identified the
remarkable woman, who had an extensively prolapsed vagina
that she could stretch over a melon, and for the amusement of
the members, give birth to it. The Entertainment Director had
come up with a far more interesting use for her expansive sex

Lacie carried a short length of rope, and she used it to bind the
French child’s wrists tightly together behind her back. She
then sat down in the table, spread her legs and pulled the girl
down with her. What followed was as bizarre as anything
Jackson could imagine.

Thanks to the attention of her physician, and with a great deal
of effort she stretched her vagina wide open and gradually
pulled it over the head of the desperately struggling Lynette.
The cute and petite French child was desperate to escape, but
her co-performer was equally determined to succeed.

The woman demonstrated her strength and endurance as she
gradually worked the besieged little girl’s head right into her
womb, the same cunt from which all of Lacie’s children had
emerged. It had given life and now was taking one, just for the
members of the Cuntry Club. Now deprived of air, the child
desperately increased her struggles, but not with the intended

With the stimulation of the child’s head wriggling desperately
in her womb, Lacie’s enormously stretched cunt began to
contract, trapping the child’s head in place. Jackson had no
idea how the Club had coerced this woman to murder children
in this grossly barbaric way, but he learned it was not the first,
and would definitely not be the last time she did so.

From where he sat Jackson could see Lacie was not enjoying
her work, but her determination indicated she also did not find
it as repulsive as it should be. This was a mystery to him, and
one he might never resolve. He was respected for his service
to this Club, but had no close friends here.

Lacie was a beautiful young woman who’s soul had been
systematically removed, and had no sense of revulsion at
whatever kind of gross debauchery she was required to
perform. She was simply a flesh tool for the incredible
depravity the members of the Cuntry Club, her owners, found
to be entertaining.

One day, not too far off, her final performance would be to
provide momentary amusement for them by killing herself in
the most degenerate way they could imagine. After all, they
better than most understood the true value of the females of
our species; to reproduce and to entertain us with their
suffering and deaths. That is the nature of life, and we
shouldn’t mess with nature.


Great piece thanks. I would like to be a member of that Cuntry Club. Glad to see you back here.


@Anonymous - The Country Club has a couple of openings, and here's how to join:

Put $500,000 cash in a briefcase and have it with you;

Obtain a feisty 8-year-old girl you can safely travel with;

Contact 3 members of the Cuntry Club willing to sponsor you;

On a public park bench put the child on your lap and anally rape her; and

At the Club facility, during your introductory banquet, strip her naked and impale her.

That's how easy it is to join!

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