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(This thread is long overdue.)

Like the Ultra-short story thread, but all stories should be more than 100 words, but no more than 300 words.

Rosa and Miyu were going to die, but that didn't bother them; the fact that they were to die naked in front of the entire school. Their crime was having lesbian sex on school grounds. They were blissfully unaware that cameras were installed in the bathrooms when they had their fun.

The guards made them get on their hands and knees with their legs spread, facing away from the audience so that everyone could have a good look at their holes.

Two male classmates with high marks were given the honor of carrying out the executions. Robert and Drew were the chosen executionors, and both practically leaped from their seats to the stage when their names were called. Both boys were handed shotguns and approached Miyu and Rosa.

Drew, being Rosa's ex boyfriend, decided to be the one to end her.

"Why did it have to be you to kill me?" She whined as he stopped in front of her with the gun.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Not my fault you're a such a slut. It's really fitting that you should die with a pole in your mouth." He chuckled before raising the gun and pressing it against her lips. She moaned, but parted her lips for him to insert the barrel.

She wanted to ask him for a final fuck, but before she could signal for him to wait he pulled the trigger. Her head disintegrated into a spray of brain, blood, and bone that covered the front row.

Seconds after Rosa's body collapsed into a twitching-and-urinating mess, Robert pushed Miyu's head to the floor with his boot and pressed the gun against the back of her throat. BANG! Her neck disappeared into a puddle of gore and her body spasmed as her head rolled on the floor.


"What the hell is this?" Stephanie shouted when she walked into the bedroom to see Cynthia, her girlfriend, naked in bed with a teenager girl eating out her pussy.

The girl raised her head and looked at Stephanie in confusion, with pussy juice dripping from her chin.

"Who is this bitch?" She demanded, pointing at the teen.

"I-I-I-I didn't know you'd be home so soon! I thought you wouldn't care!" Cynthia screamed.

Stephanie did care, and she was pissed. Cynthia screamed and the teen gasped when Stephanie pulled a fully-automatic handgun out of her purse.

"Please... it won't happen again... don't shoot!"

Stephanie ignored her girlfriend's pleas and fired twelve rounds into her spread labia and another eighteen into her chest. Both girls were screaming in sobbing; Cynthia in pain and the teen in fear.

Cynthia's screams became sick gurgling noises as blood filled her lungs and bubbled up from her mouth.

Stephanie reloaded the gun and pointed at the teen.

"Oh my God!! You're going to kill me? I didn't know, I swear!!" She screamed, hoping for mercy.

"I know sweetie. That's why I'm going to shoot you in the face instead of the pussy." She smiled as she said that. "Such a shame considering you have such a gorgeous face."

Stephanie wasn't entirely merciful; she emptied all thirty rounds into the young girl's tear-filled face, turning the beauty into a mesh a brains and gore connected to a rather lovely body.

In truth Stephanie spared her teenage pussy from a barrage of bullets so she could enjoy it herself before it spoiled.


Laura and nine other girls stood completely naked side-by-side in the hall, facing the wall with their hands tied behind their backs. This is the terrible fate girls with the lowest grades meet at the end of the school year; to be executed by a barrage.

Laura closed her eyes, bracing herself for her impending doom. Then, unexpectedly, someone forcefully pushed her against the wall and then she felt something rub against her pelvis and penetrate her asshole. She gasped at first, but then recalled that boys with high marks were allowed to fuck the girls before their executions.

Because she was blindfolded she couldn't turn around to see who it was, but she didn't care; she was just glad to have a little pleasure before the pain. It was over too quickly, in what she was certain had to be less than a minute hot semen filled her anus and her mysterious lover pulled out, leaving cum dripping from her asshole. Laura whimpered as he did so, since SHE didn't get to have an orgasm yet.

The rest of the guys finished fucking their girls and stepped back. Some of the girls started crying as they realized what was next, and Laura could hear a few of them pissing in fear; Laura joined the latter when she felt her bladder releasing its contents down her legs.

Then the room was filled with the sound of machine guns going off, and pain rippled across Laura's body as dozens of bullets ripped through her back. When it ended she was on the floor in a puddle of blood and entrails, and her life very quickly faded.

After thirty agonizing seconds Laura's body convulsed and another torrent of piss was released from what remained of her bladder, then she went limp.


Claire heard another round of ear-popping shots just outside the closet door. She shook uncontrollably, her heart like a battering ram against her rib cage. Shrieks of the terrified and dying seemed to last forever before silence hung in the air, colder and more horrible than the chaos of before.

Heavy footsteps shuffled toward the closet. Claire's mania reached a fever pitch as she heard the door creak open, a bright sliver of light cast across her huddled form.

In a flash, Claire sprung to her knees, aimed her pistol at the doorway, and fired a single shot. Melanie screamed in shock and agony as the bullet tore through her right kneecap. She collapsed, dropping her semi-automatic rifle, which slid across the tile floor right to Claire's feet. Claire set her gun down and picked up the heavier weapon, smiling softly at his weight in her hands as Melanie continued to wail.

Melanie's teary, mascara-smeared eyes widened as Claire stood. "Wh... why?" she whimpered, a pathetic line of drool dripping down her chin. Claire smirked and cocked the rifle. "Sorry, Mel. You know I love you, but you're just so unstable and easily manipulated..." She looked around the classroom of murdered girls, their faces frozen in horror, laying in pools of blood and brains. "They all trusted you. So now, how can I?"

Melanie convulsed, going into shock, it seemed, before Claire even razed her with a spray of bullets. Claire remedied the situation and watched as Mel's hole-riddled body flailed on the floor, her dying screams giving way to wet gurgles before silence filled the room once more. Claire hummed in contentment at the sight of her friend's dead body. She wished she could've stayed to fool around some more, but the rest of the school was waiting...


"Any last words, infidel whores?" the village monarch asked. The line of naked elven girls erupted into terrified pleading, but the one at the first noose remained silent. Though the crowd cheered, the monarch saw this unfitting. He brought his riding crop down on the black-haired girl's bare ass, drawing a grunt of pain. "What say you, slut?" he demanded.

The girl looked at him, a tear running down her cheek. "Please," she implored, "don't do this. I beg of you." The monarch grinned nastily and spat on her. "Soldier!" He called the young man by the lever. "Send these witches to Hell!"

The despaired screams of the girls became choked and strangled as the nooses closed around their necks. The crowd roared as they watched the accused foreign sorceresses thrash and kick for their lives. Still, the girl at the front remained composed, though her tied hands shook. Then, she disappeared.

The crowd went quiet. Even a few girls ceased their struggling, eyes bulging at the wisp of smoke that had been their elven sister. A shriek of pain broke the silence. The village monarch stared at the massive, cracking claw of mana run through his chest, the black-haired girl behind him, her face dark with both resignation and anger. She tossed his gored body into the crowd, then threw a dagger of light through the air, cleanly cutting the ropes of her periled sisters, who fell crying and gasping for air.

The villagers screamed and ran, but none escaped the sorceress and her sisters. Casting aside their crippling compassion, they razed the crowd, slashing their heads off, engulfing them in flame, making their hearts burst inside their chests. They left the town a burning husk, littered with bodies so brutalized they could hardly be called human.


Hannah, like so many other girls, entered Mr. Dorris and stripped to her birthday suit. The busty ebony closed her eyes and bent over the teacher's desk, expecting to feel a cock in one of her holes. Then she felt a bullet going up her ass; she collapsed to the floor in agony, with blood seeping out of her asshole. Before she could scream or yell for help, Dorris pressed the gun against the back of her skull and ended her misery.

He grabbed his camera and started taking pictures when suddenly the door opens and latina girl walked in, clutching a bunch of books in her arms.

The girl was already making her way to the nearest desk before realizing she got the wrong room. "Sorry... I..." She started to say before she noticed the black girl's naked corpse.

She started to screen, but before the sound could escape her mouth Mr. Dorris shot her three times in the throat. She collapsed to the floor clutching at her bleeding neck and in agony; attempts to scream turned into gurgling sounds as she regurgitated blood.

"Guess Hannah forgot to lock the damned door, the stupid whore." He groaned as he walked over to shut and lock the door.

Mr. Dorris turned his attention to the girl. A combination of whimpering and gurgling sound, along with blood, came out of her mouth when the teacher started ripping off her uniform.

"It's going to be alright. I will stop your suffering once you're in your birthday suit."

The latina was in too much pain to struggle, and she was growing weaker as she choked on her blood. After he ripped off her shirt and bra, he pressed the gun to the side of her temple and ended her suffering as promised.


Very good stories, I seem to share most of your kinks.
Here's something that was floating around in my head:

'Care free. Affordable. Fun.' a sign over a door read.
Max closed the door behind him and was now staring at a screen: 'Insert $100 into the slot to your right in order to select your Target Bunny. Each additional Bunny costs $25.'

Max complied, pressed a few buttons and the door to his left opened to a shooting range.

3 very attractive and skimpily clad women were behind a counter, behind them a wall riddled with bullets.

"You there, redhead in pink lingerie, come over and suck me. The other two, make out."

The Bunnies complied without a word. The feisty redhead came, kneeled and began sucking Max's massive shaft, while the other two started kissing eachother and fondling their big and soft tits. Max held an assault rifle in his hands and was looking at them, with anticipation. In less than five minutes, the two Bunnies in the front were on the floor, one eating the other's pussy.

Three short bursts of weaponfire were heard and the one on the floor had her head completely disfigured. The other one was now masturbating herself with her pussy towards Max.

He unloaded the rest of the clip into her exposed cunt, hot lead piercing her womanhood and causing blood to ooze out of her many, many holes in her holes.
Max took a pistol from the counter and double tapped the masturbating Target Bunny's forehead, ending her suffering. He then came on the redheads face. She had a cute and cum covered face and was smiling with her white teeth at Max.
A double barrel shotgun was now pointed at her green eyes.
Her hands were still on his cock when he pressed the trigger, blasting away her beautiful pale face. Her head was now no more than a deformed globe of gore.

"The break is over. All workers resume your tasks." a loud voice was heard from outside the shooting range.


The fearful girl's arms stretched out, tied to columns, and her long blond braids stretched out, nailed to the wall. Her simple dress bared her shoulders, as well as generous cleavage. She closed her eyes as a drunken raider threw a small axe at her, lodging it in the wall and severing a braid, and let out a scream. They cheered.

An even more drunk raider pushed him aside and threw another axe, which hit the wall with its blunt side and landed at the girl's feet. While being laughed at, he stumbled forward and picked it up. He slowly stood up with his face kept close to the girl, then sniffed at her shoulder. She pulled herself as far away from him as she could, which wasn't much.

"LATER! We said later!"

As another raider took aim from far across the hall, he quickly moved aside. He threw the axe, but missed completely, sending it through the door just as the chieftain entered, bouncing it off his armor. He furiously drew his sword and came towards the man, who fell to the ground in submission.

"You are now my slave! Unless you want to fight for it?!"

"No master, I am your slave."

He looked around.

"What is this? I told you we need to be fresh tomorrow morning. This isn't resting!"

He snatched an axe, and without a pause threw it at the girl horizontally. She could just widen her eyes when it severed her neck, sending her head dangling from one braid. Blood poured and soaked her dress, causing it to cling to her otherwise uncovered body.

He left. They were still silent when one hesitantly glanced at the others.

"Me first!"


12 year old Stacy was very excited to see the meat factory on her school field trip. After all, that's where her sister Zoe was taken. And on her sweet 16th birthday as well.

While the other girls in her class were sick at what they saw, Stacy just grinned. She watched as Zoe had her arms tied behind her back. hung upside down with hooks in her feet.

She giggled as Zoe screamed behind the gag that had been stuffed in her mouth. She laughed as the knife was plunged into her sister, gutting her, the blood pouring out, and the organs ripped out quite easily. Stacy hummed happy birthday as she watched her sister's eyes roll to the back of her head as she bled to death.

"Normally, we wouldn't do something like this." the tour guide said. "We usually give the ladies a more gentle death. However, this one sent in an application telling us how she wanted to be processed on her birthday, and in the most painful way possible."

Or, at least, that's what Stacy wrote out FOR her sister on that application.

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