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You're probably seeing all those tags and wonder: "How the fuck does he cram all these fetishes into one story?"

Well, I've lurked for several years now, and written down my depraved fantasies (which is the only thing they are! Fantasies!), and as I did, I noticed that they became darker with each instance.

Thus, I decided to try and write a story that combined my many fetishes. Some of the tags will appear later on. Aside from the ones listed on top, I'll include more, but I'll put them on top of the reply which contains them.

The one thing I'll never include is rape, which is kind of funny to me, as there is so much unpleasantness contained here..

Have fun reading, I hope you're enjoying reading my story as much I as I did writing it.


My own town (Chapter 1)

Living in an enclave of the reformed world where I had free reign, I woke up on a particularly sunny day.

Of course, since the installation of holographic weather-cladding, every day was sunny, except when I don't want it to be.

My immense technological and scientific input had been important to establish the status quo, thus I was given a region to use as I see fit.

Banning all other natural doms from my land, I then established the rule that everyone should live their life as if the usual Free-Sex-Rules were not applicable.

Sexual contact was as it used to be during the heteronormative, unliberated world, with one man pairing off with a woman, building up a family.

I had no streets full of desperate people, willing to do literally anything with anyone, unlike every other town on the outside.

However, there was one factor that brought chaos into this seemingly “normal” town.


People were to exactly follow any order I gave them and in doing so, specially crafted brainchips would release endorphines.

People were literally addicted to following my orders.

Of course, while living normal lives, their spines always tingled pleasantly, as they followed their given orders passively.

But, as I had everyone implanted with special orgasm-inhibitors, I condemned the people living in this enclave to a life constantly aroused, but never able to achieve climax except for spare, glorious moments where I, their master used them as I pleased.

I also forbid any form of regeneration, since I like everything done to my slaves to be final.

The population would be held at 2000 people constantly, 1000 females of ages 0 to a few 35-year-old MILFs, and 1000 males, ages ranging from 0 to 100.

Thus, some of the men had no female counterpart of their age and acted more like the nice old grandfather, living with their assigned son or daughter, as well as their assigned children.

Due to this, a number of unattended females lived a sad, single life, while their sexual desperateness grew stronger than the others'.

Still, people were encouraged to form relationships and also have recreational sex in private, a custom that, due to the edge-state I just described, led to massive sexual frustration among the citizens, giving me exactly the kind of stage I needed to live out my cuckolding-fantasies.

I especially loved snuffing and discarding a whole family of fuck-toys in front of their wimpy husbands/grand-/fathers eyes after I had made him help my fucking of every single orifice in the family.

Especially having him cum for the first and last time in his life and directing the sperm on the corpses laid out before him was deviously wonderful.

All the inhabitants had to wear a small tag visibly on their body, displaying their age and other useful information like weight, height and relatives.

If I snuff someone, the densely populated towns around the region would send someone equal in age and gender to replace them.

Since those towns suffered from huge overpopulation and vast amounts of those people were subs, our town never suffered any shortage of human replenishments.

Now to the town: It looked pretty much like one of the old American suburbs with nice, small houses and gardens attached to them.

One large supermarket provided everything people needed.

Unlike on the outside, I still had a money-based economical system in my enclave, although not needed in any way, as fusion generators and transformators could enable free living for everyone.

According to ancient times, consumerism still was established, to surrogate for the sexual repression, just like the ancient times.

This was further material for my cuckolding fantasies, but I'll get to that later on.

There were different stores that looked like they were selling ancient everyday stuff that today of course was not needed in the slightest.

But still it served to uphold the illusion of a normal, small town.

Inside however were perfectly equipped torture-rooms, each one with a unique theme.

There was also one slightly larger office-building where the majority of the adults worked.

Aside from that it had a school for the 1000 pupils where they learned normal stuff like Math, English and of course many different Sports to keep their bodies fit for their master.

All grown-ups had to at least spend two hours a day at the local fitness-club, making it one of the centres of life in town, too.

There also was a swimming pool with a huge outdoor-area that elongated right into the park next to it.

Many of the citizens liked to spend their afternoons and weekends here.

And finally there was a church.

I was raised as a Christian by my ancient, barbaric parents.

Thus, I liked to defile the symbols of their laughable belief, holding black masses with human sacrifices regularly, but more of that later on.

Now, looking around in the large, lush bedroom I was currently in, I spotted the form of a body lying under the sheets.

It was a small, delicate blonde girl, right around the corner of puberty.

Reminiscing about last night, I remembered how her delicate little throat had been tensing just as hard as her small, broken-in pucker that hugged my huge cock so nicely.

Killing her by suffocation, I just used her as a flesh-bodypillow to hug during the night, a plan which I of course had told her beforehand, only to have her encourage me in my endeavour.

I could have let her live, one would argue, since corpses lose their warmth until the morning, which is mildly less pleasant than a snugly, warm body to hug and fuck after waking.

But for me personally, it is less important than the fact that their breathing and occasional snoring don't disturb my sleep.

Not to mention the turning and reaching during sleep.

I inspected the rigid form more closely, admiring how slender and pale her smooth body was.

I uncovered her and turned her on her back.

What a sight!

Her cute toes, attached to small, sexy feet that elongated into two completely smooth legs, reaching up to her pelvis, which just had started to develop womanly curves, but still gave her a rather child-like appearance.

Then the puffy labia, the small, protruding waist-bones, her heart-dropping flat-as-a-board stomach that showed off hints of her ribcage that was topped off with two rose-coloured nubs, crowning just the hint of womanly breasts, her slender shoulders and skinny arms.

And finally her throat, adorned with the still-red mark of the rope I had used, leading to a purple-hued, smiling, angelic face.

It were moments like these when I really admired how my subservient little slaves could become even more beautiful in death.

I had to fight my urge to fuck the little, completely untouched pussy for a first and last time.

In my experience, necrophilic acts with a corpse older than 8 hours feels clearly inferior to sex with a living human.

I slung her body over my shoulder, revelling in its lightness, and tossed it into the discreetly hidden garbage chute.

There was a students club at the local school that dealt with the remains I left around town.

Occasionally I would wait for them and give them a little...surprise.

Walking to the kitchen, I didn't bother to put on clothes.

I had forgone the trouble of wearing them long ago.

Just feels better to me.

After a quick breakfast I left the house.

My large, always-hard dick swung wildly around, as I rushed down the stairs and got into my personal transporter.

I pondered for a bit, deciding on the proper way to start my day.

Coming to a decision, I drove to the school.

I never liked set rhythms and thus tried never to visit a place regularly every day, as I wanted my prey to be always on edge and ever-surprised about my presence.

I quickly reached the campus, watching the empty streets as I drove.

Everyone would be occupied by now, so this was no surprise to me.

Stopping right in front of the large building, I got out and hurried up to the entrance....


Looks promising, and can be really good if you focus more on the victims in the future. :)


Chapter 2 - Morning Piss

Right behind the door, in the middle of the hallway was a large screen, set up specifically for me to inspect each class and student, giving me not only access to every single file about them, but also live-feed from class-, bath-, changing-rooms and the gym.

I could've hidden it somewhere for the sake of the small-town-illusion that turned me on so much, but an even bigger turn-on was the thought of the young children walking by it every day.

Them seeing the symbol of their waiting demise every day, as they entered a place that should actually be giving them shelter made my dick throb with sadistic pleasure.

I used the screen to scroll through the classes.

Lusting after something a little older, I went for classes 11, with the girls being between 16 and 17.

I didn't want to pinpoint an exact victim, as the classes were carefully selected to provide an equal share of diversity for me.

I went to the classroom of 11b, who just were being bored by the comparably ancient Miss Claivent, at 34 one of the oldest female citizens and teacher of history.

I knew her well and grinned fondly at the many memories of her torture as I entered without knocking.

The smoky voice of the scarred, armless woman trailed off as she saw me.

The image of her sticking her arms into a wood-chopper, only because I said that her nails looked horrible flashed through my mind.

If there was any reason for her still to be alive, it was her almost inhuman endurance and absolute submissiveness and eagerness to please.

The class, formerly bustling with side-activities, first went dead-quiet but suddenly almost exploded with movement, as the girls tried to pull their clothes in the right order.

In their eyes, I didn't seem like the cruel, sex-crazed maniac that I actually am, but rather a figure of public importance, admired and revered by every female (and the younger boys).

The male students meanwhile straightened their backs and some “menacingly” glanced at me, trying to look imposing.

The classes were specifically set up in a 50-50 male-to-female ratio, which made relationships in classes way more common.

Thus, the boys who seemed the most aggressive were trying to defend their girlfriends.

Their aggressive behaviour would soon vanish, when I acted out my dominance over them.

It would actually be laughable, if it wasn't such a turn-on.

I loved seeing their behaviour literally deflate while their just-pubescent cocks grow from arousal, as I fuck, mistreat, torture or slaughter their friends, girlfriends or loved ones.

“Continue, Miss Claivent” I told the buxom woman, who still ogled me with lust-filled eyes.

Regaining her composure, she continued telling the kids about some revolution that took place somewhere in the past, but not one of the kids listened to her, watching as the muscular man with the huge, throbbing erection walked through their rows.

As if browsing, I checked out the female display of various skin-colours, hair-colours and differently endowed bodies.

Finally settling on my choice, I went up to the table of a chocolate-skinned beauty.

Her modest breasts were contained by her thin, white school-blouse that just went to her upper stomach, leaving the midriff bare.

I spotted a silver-coloured bellybutton-piercing gleaming invitingly at me, before my eyes went down to her positively large butt that was covered by a rather modest skirt.

Her legs were clad in white stockings that posed a nice contrast to her dark skin.

Turned over her shoulder, she looked directly at me and waited for me to say anything.

“Hello Cynthia” I said after looking at her name-tag. “I just got up and felt this really urgent need to piss on a pretty little nigger like you. Just painting her smooth ebony skin yellow, staining her clothes until she reeks like a living urinal and then forcing her to walk around like that as long as I want. What do you think about it?”

I heard a gasp.

Looking over to the noises source, I saw a scrawny Latino boy, sitting next to Cynthia, who was seemingly upset, his hands clutching at the table, knuckles going white.

This seemed to be the boyfriend of my little urinal-to-be, named Carlos as I saw on his tag.

“Well sir,” she replied in a casual tone, “That sounds like quite the flattering proposal. I'd be honoured to be your urinal.”

With a smile so euphoric that it almost seemed cruel, she glanced at her presumed boyfriend, who seemed so tense that I imagined him just snapping in half.

I liked this girl, especially her eagerness to comply with my fetish.

Somehow, most of the sluts here were immediately getting how much I enjoyed humiliating their “significant other” with their utter adoration and submission.

Without any further ado, I pointed my shaft at her and let loose.

The strong, hot beam hit her chest first, painting the pristine, white blouse yellow.

I moved up, aiming at her face and to my delight, she opened her mouth to catch as much as she could.

Swallowing in fast gulps, she tried to smile in-between, serving me as a happy little urinal.

Although I was delighted that she was so eager to please, I couldn't overlook her insubordination towards my strict order to have her body being covered in piss.

I slapped her face as hard as I could, making her sputter and cough in surprise and pain, eliciting gasps from the class, the girls sounding aroused while the boys sounded rather angry, yet I felt like the display started to turn them on.

Glancing at the boyfriend of my cheeky toy, I saw that he was pitching a tent and didn't look at me in anger any more, but stared at his girlfriend, his eyes watery and glassy.

The girl meanwhile spat out all of the piss that was still in her mouth, but, trying to hit anything but me in the process, covered her entire table in my waste.

Weakly muttering apologies, she tried to face me again, with utter submissiveness and regret in her demeanour.

“So you DO know what you did wrong, you lowlife bitch!” I hissed at her.

Her weak nods were amplified by the coughing fit that shook her body.

From the corner of my eye, I saw that Carlos had one hand in his pants, slowly masturbating as he looked onto the mess that his young love was made by my casual morning piss.

Throughout the whole time, my stream had not ceased and soaked her body so thoroughly that it had to be pooling in her shoes by now.

Her reaction to my handling had aroused me, so I continued slapping her.

SLAP “I-I-I'm s-s-sorry cough sir”

SLAP “H-h-ave I-I not pleased you?”

SLAP “P-please sir, I'm n-no-”

SLAP “Y-your hand f-feels s-so-”

SLAP “Feels so..”

SLAP “So...”

SLAP “Good!”

SLAP “Ah!”

SLAP “Aaah!”

SLAP “I...”

SLAP “Shit, I-I...”

SLAP “I-I'm c-...”

SLAP “C-cumming!”

SLAP “....”

SLAP “....ah...”

SLAP “hngyisss”

Finally, my piss-reserves had dwindled.

I shook the few droplets that were left into her face and wiped my dick and hands in the hair of a brunette girl sitting next to us, who gave me a ravaging look of awe and thankfulness in return, cooing silently in enjoyment.

I gazed at her for a moment and then turned around to my little nigger urinal, admiring my handiwork.

Her entire front was soaked in my piss, her shirt and skirt yellow and moist, her long socks had wet streaks that almost looked like a fashionable pattern.

My slaps had given her face a red hue that looked marvellous on her dark skin.

Her eyes were squinted and she still squealed through an orgasm that shook her entire body.

Her ability to speak was severely limited by the pleasure she experienced by the hands of her master, but through her incoherent babbling I could hear a “thankyasir”.

Kneeling down to her level, I brought my face next to hers, whispering in her ear: “Do you think your punishment was sufficient?”

During the short silence that followed, I heard the noise of the whole class masturbating to the sight before them, the most furious noises coming from Carlos, whose chair rocked violently as he uselessly jacked his cock.

Cynthias brown eyes fluttered open and she weakly replied: “I-I do not think so. I mean... you could always punish me more, right? After all, I've been a very naughty girl, drinking your piss without permission, just like that.”

I grinned at her.


“So you want me to punish you, right?”

Realizing what she had said, her face became even more flush, this time with shyness.

“Well sir, maybe? I mean, I'm not sure if I can....or want...but, I'd..”

Abruptly, I stood up turned around and started walking away.

Heading towards the door, I passed numerous students, who didn't stop either jerking or jilling off, grunting and moaning in the process, fully knowing that they only could get release if I interacted with them directly or ordered them.

The boys now had lost any sense of anger that they may have felt before upon seeing me, washed away by their need to comply my orders.

I decided to be merciful and patted the head of a petite, blonde girl, whose urgent rubbing intensified as she immediately came to a screaming orgasm.

With my other hand, I patted the back of a muscular, lean boy, whose huge cock immediately sprayed an inhuman amount of jizz all over his body and desk, as well as the ground.

I walked by everyone else, winking at Miss Claivent, who had stopped talking long ago and was busy humping her desk, her only way to stimulate herself due to her lack of arms.

Just as I was reaching for the door handle, I heard the voice of my urinal calling out: “Please sir, punish me more! I deserve it! I don't care what you do to me! Please, hurt me more!”


2 bad this isn't a manga.... ;)


Chapter 3 - Punishment and Rewards

Turning around, I smiled at her, as her hands were roaming her piss-covered flesh, as if to replicate my presence, while her boyfriend had actually reached over and caressed her wet shoulder while stroking his dick.

“Good girl”, I said and proceeded to the closet next to the blackboard.
Every classroom had a room like this, all of them equipped with basic tools for pleasure and pain.

As I was deciding on the girls fate, I could hear the moaning of the entire class behind my back, with sounds of rubbing and squishing and the smell of young pussyjuice and pre-cum filling the air.
Finally, I re-emerged with a large baseball-bat, a sight greeted with loud Ooohs and Uuuuhs.

Cynthia was practically screaming with delight as she saw it and rubbed her piss-covered body even more roughly, while her boyfriend's mouth hung open, eyes wide with terror.

Throwing it toward the class, I shouted: “Whoever gets to the bat first can punish that useless cunt over there as much as he or she wants, and if that girl dies in the process, her killer is given the special opportunity to visit my dog kennel. And my boys are just starving for some meat right now!”

Everyone jumped to their feet, running to the bat as fast as they could.
Some tripped over their pulled-down panties/trousers, but quickly tried to get back on their feet, hungry for the offered reward. The fastest one was a thin, pale goth-chick with jet-black hair and miniscule breasts.
She wasted no time as she took hold of the handle, rushing over to the panting, masturbating Cynthia and her boyfriend, who both watched the spectacle with awe.

Carlos still seemed terrified, but his never-ceasing masturbation told tales of his lust and willingness to experience this ultimate humiliation.

The goth stood there for a moment, holding the bat in her hand steadily, even moving it in small circles, as if to entrance her victim.

“Cynthia....” Carlos said weakly, his voice trailing off.

“I like you.” she said, with a polite smile, “but there is no way you could make me any happier than I was the last few minutes.”

His eyes were basically screaming in shame and anguish, but he quickly gained his composure, nodded once and kissed her piss-covered lips.
With her obviously concentrating less on her lover than the fate she had actively brought onto herself, the kiss seemed pretty stiff and dishonest.

Carlos broke off, gave her a last look of both love and pain and walked off, not wanting to stand between the love of his life and her decision to die for a stranger, who was not satisfied with her services as a urinal, the death sentence carried out by his classmate.

It took me every ounce of self-restraint not to grab him and pound his virgin asshole bloody, so aroused was I by this sight.
Cynthia meanwhile was openly embracing her fate and moved her chair back, spreading her arms to give her executioner as much target-space as possible.
The goth appreciated that and rewarded the girl with a quick, hard hit to the chest.

A loud OOMPF could be heard, accompanied with a muffled cry.

She then went to town on the heaving, spasming girl, hitting her upper body repeatedly but sometimes aimed for the limbs, with the sound of breaking bones accompanying her hardest hits.
She never once hit the head, as she wanted to draw out her victims agony as long as possible, for my viewing pleasure.

Suddenly, the bat was wrestled from her by a fierce, large-breasted redhead.
With an evil grin towards me, the busty newcomer raised the bat high over her head, pausing for a bit, only for the bloody, beaten girl to weakly say:

“D-do it-”

POP! The bat hit her head, knocking her out.

I saw Carlos crying, clutching a piece of cloth in his left, while his right was a blur, jerking his dick so hard that he might have actually hurt himself.








The bat only hit uncovered brain-mass now, splattering grey matter and bone-pieces all over the place, a sight that intensified the continuous moaning of the feverishly masturbating boys and girls even more.

“Now, now,” I hollerred, “insubordination everywhere I look! I explicitly said that I wanted the quickest one to choose our dead friend's demise.”
Suddenly struck with guilt, the redhead turned around.
Her entire front was covered in blood, making her look like a medieval fighter just after glorious battle.
Her eyes tried to avert mine in shame, realizing her mistake.

“Well, as the promised reward was being torn to bits by wild dogs, I'll have to make up another reward for you. How about being on toilet duty for the entire school?”

Blushing furiously and subconsciously rubbing her thighs together, she said: “Are you sure sir? That sounds wonderful! I'd love to!”

“Good,” I replied, “Then undress yourself immediately and go to the toilet. You're on duty!”

She promptly did so, stripping down as fast as possible, baring her large, firm tits and red, trimmed bush for everyone to see.
It didn't seem like her boyfriend was in this classroom, as no one motioned to say good-bye.
Just as she went out the door, I said over my shoulder: “And remember, you're a bowl. So everything goes inside you. And never leave your designated place. Your parents will be notified and be assigned to a new daughter. You're no longer human, you're a toilet bowl now.”

Her silence was reward enough.
She already had accepted her fate and was a toilet bowl in mind, and soon enough in body.
I'd have to pay her a visit some time, before she was too heavy-duty from all the students' and teachers' waste.

But I wrestled my brain away from that thought and looked at the goth-girl, named Carly, who impatiently was waiting for her reward.
With her miniscule tits and skinny frame, she seemed to be less of a hearty meal than the other, more endowed girl.
But well, too late to change my mind.

Maybe I'd find some other fresh food for my boys today.
After all, they were also sexually starved and one toy most of the time ended up having too few orifices for their numerous, large canine cocks.
I could assign Carlos, just to make things worse for him.

Going to the closet, I brought out a spiked collar with a leash, as well as a small, but incredibly sharp knife.
I handed the collar and leash to a random girl, snarling “Hold!” at her.

I then went up to Carly and ogled her tight frame, covered by a very modest jacket-skirt-combo, as well as fishnet stockings and combat boots.
The clothes were cut to make them look like they were from the Victorian era, complete with ruffles and unnecessary buttons.
Getting close to her, I observed how her cute face was completely rapt in desire.
She looked through me, lust clouding her eyes and her body shivering with need.

Inching even closer, I could feel her breath on my chest (as I was much taller than her), shallow, fast pants, closer to a dog's huffing than a humans breathing.

“Undress”” I commanded her, adding a “Slowly!” as I wanted us both to enjoy this.
After all, I was rewarding her.

First, she removed the jacket, baring her tight-fitting, emerald-green blouse.
I watched her trembling, delicate fingers work its buttons one at a time, pausing in-between, as she coyly looked up at me.

I watched as her pale body was uncovered inch by inch.
First, her delicate collarbones were bared, then the upper halves of her flat breasts.
The frilly, green and black bra she was wearing covered most of them, still leaving much to my imagination.
Then her upper stomach, stretched taut over her ribcage.
Now her bellybutton was on my mind, as I was a huge sucker for those, both literally and figuratively.
It was a cute innie, but not deep enough to build a dark cave like some of them were built, which was common with girls that thin.
Simply delicious.

Now her blouse was completely removed and just as she started to fumble with the bra, I stopped her, pointing to the knife.
I'd handle this part!
She understood and unzipped the side of her modest, frilly skirt.
Pulling the large piece of cloth down, she revealed her panties, whose colour and style matched the bra.
As she looked up at me questioningly, I nodded approvingly and said “Boots and stockings, too. My dogs' bitches don't have hands feet. They just use their paws.”

She shuddered so hard that I suspected her experiencing a mini-orgasm from my words, and with some effort, she composed herself.
Sitting down on a chair, she made a show of removing the boots, taking her time to pull each zipper down completely.
She dextrously lifted her foot from the first one , only her toes holding it up and tossed it aside with a languid motion.
The other one she brought to her face and let her tongue flick over its dirty bottom for a bit.
She surely went out of her way to show me how much she adored me and my plans for her.
Then, the stockings were unpeeled in a comparably slow and erotic fashion.

Now it was my turn.
Playing with the knife and with a cold stare in my eyes, I ordered her to stand, which she did happily.
With a quick and exact motion, I sliced up the bra right between her breasts.
Then I cut the straps off her shoulders to free it completely.
Cloth fell to the ground and she could only gasp in arousal, while realizing that I cut the skin.

Small droplets of blood trickled from the cut on her chest and the ones on her shoulders.
I admired her cute, strangely dark nipples, which stood out proudly, despite their small size.

As I let my knife graze over one of them, she moaned cutely in desire and gasped “H-harder..”

Looking at her questioningly, she added “Please, cut me harder, sir!”
I cut right on the side of her breast, just as deep as the previous wounds on her impeccable skin, only drawing a little blood.
Then on the other side, asymmetrically, then right below the nipple, then a little deeper, almost down to her stomach.

“Please sir, cut me deeper!”

“You wish, bitch!” was my loud reply.
After all, I was allowed to do whatever I damn well pleased.
And right now, I didn't want to damage her too much before the boys got her.

I moved my knife down, right into her panties and sliced them from her crotch, again damaging some skin in the process.
Her cunt was shaved bare with a paw-print tattooed right on the pelvic bone.

“So that's why you were so desperate to win this,” I said, grinning evilly.
The flush of shame and humiliation that went from her face down to her upper body gave her paleness a pretty pink tone.

The masturbation-noises again were about to hit a crescendo, as a boy gasped “Carly, you're so pretty! I love you, Carly!”

Carly, seemingly upset, replied “Don't call me that anymore! I'm a useless dog-bitch now!”
I discarded the knife and stroked her cheek lovingly.

“Don't listen to him. They can't understand how good you feel right now. And I appreciate your honest way of dealing with your desires. My boys will love making you their subservient little toy. Do you look forward to that?”

“Y-yes sir. More than anything. I want to be completely at their mercy.” she breathed.

“Good.” And with that, I took the collar from the girl who was holding it.
The girl had actually licked the parts where my skin had touched the leather.

Appreciating her eagerness, I gave her a hard, tongue-biting French kiss that sent her into orgasmic heaven as she slumped down to the floor, legs spasming wildly.

I tasted the blood and saliva that she left in my mouth, savouring it as I went back to the bitch-to-be, who held her head up proudly now, showing her body that soon would be ravished by a horde of dogs to her jealous classmates.

From the corner of my eyes, I glanced at the black girls corpse.
It was surrounded by a few of her former classmates, who admired what each and every one of them eventually was going to be experiencing: Dying by my hand or my command.
A tanned, platinum-blonde vixen with huge boobs stood right in front of the corpse, back turned to me, seemingly rubbing her cunt while her other hand caressed the wrecked skull of her dead friend, exploring the ruined brain-mass.
Another girl, who looked almost exactly like the dead girl was using one of its hands to frig herself, while she made out with the blonde one.
A third, Asian one stood on the other side of the corpse, humping its leg, embracing the body intimately, like a lover.
And lastly, a brunette was kneeling on the floor, lapping up all the fluids that were spilled on the spot, paying extra attention to the pools of my piss that had escaped the dead girls thirst.
Her crotch was turned towards me and her mini-skirt did nothing to conceal the large wet spot on her white panties.

The black girl noticed me watching, stopped kissing and thus, the blonde girl turned around.
I gave her an approving nod, as the lengths the girls went to just to feel close to my presence was deeply arousing.
She grinned at me playfully and removed her hand from the bashed-in skull, filled with bloody gore, and fed Cynthias presumed twin (at least in my fantasy she was) its contents.
Her partner eagerly devoured the mess, even chewing the large parts and finally pulled the blonde one into a frenzied tongue-kiss, swapping spit, brain-mass and blood back and forth between them.

I saw Carlos stumbling closer to the pair, trying to get into the kiss, but they pushed him back, forcing him to just watch their defilement of his love.
I took a mental note to reward the eager sluts sometime in the future, but for the time being, I had to deal with my new bitch.

Walking over to her, I gave her the leash, which she took with trembling, delicate hands.
She took a deep breath, smiled sweetly at her classmates, said “Good bye.” and wrapped it around her throat.
Closing it a bit too tight, she was having a little trouble breathing, exactly what I would've done if she didn't.

“Well done!” I said, “But bitches don't walk on two legs.”
Immediately she slumped down on all fours, lifting her glistening crotch into the air invitingly.

Grabbing the leash, I lead her to the back of the classroom, where I tied it to a secure ring in the wall.
She sat down, knees bent, waiting eagerly for my orders...


Well, I expected something different from the tags and description since I like consensual stuff, but it is not exactly what I expected.

First it was pretty boring to read description of that utopia and it woud be much better to reveal this along with the action than dedicate entire chapter to bureaucratic nuances.
Also if you implant chips and control people or they follow orders it is not consensual anymore this is mostly rape if you claim to be one in control.

Of course it is your fantasy, but your description is not very acurate.
I woud say that you main fetish is politic and ruling LOL because you spend most of the time on that stuff.


So wonderfully perverse. I hope you continue.

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