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this is the ultimate D/S. Stories were bad people are tortured by good revengeful ones" are boring.

More poor, weak, innocent the victim is, the better
morre rich, strong, perverse the dom is, the better.


You mean real life?




IMO, even more ultimate is a combination of
evil - wealthy - muscular - beautiful - arrogant
kind - poor - skinny - ugly - shy


I think this is most common BDSM story type and main fantasy of many women. like story "57 shades of grey" and many other clones.

It is extremely rare to encounter story where strong is dominated by weak.
except maybe in manga.


You may say that, but, personnaly, I had NEVER find a story were the dominant use explicitly her wealth as a weapon of humiliation. Nor than a mix between money and muscles (strong in wealth, strong in health).

Except one time, in "a quickie for suzy", an ASSTR story, and on some of stories of dark real of Polaris.

But I desperatly seek for other like that.


I wonder how you are even supposed to use wealth as weapon?
most stories are just about rich assholes who can do whatever they like and get unpunished or sadists who get along with masochistic women.

If you see story which focuses on how sadist is using his resources to ruin life for some poor homeless girl (as if her life can be ruined any more) by hiring some thugs to rape her then yes this is not common story.

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