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There was a story of a woman who had let her tits cut off in slices by a butcher for dinner with her husband. Does anyone know where to find it or does anyone have it?


Truly_Sarah - A Slice of Life (I saved this story from a website called 'Dolcett Girls Forum')

Genna’s naked breasts bounced lightly as she walked through the door and dropped her purse into the chair beside the phone. She had just gotten home from work at the meat plant and her naked body was glistening from the summer heat outside. Before she went further in the house though, she punched the button on the answering machine. “Hi babe,” she heard as her boyfriends voice sounded from the machine. “It’s almost 4pm and I’m about to leave work with Derrick. I’m going to bring him by to look at the barbeque to see if he can fix it for the cook out next weekend. We should be there about 5:30 or so. If you don’t mind and you get this in time, could you make up some sandwiches for dinner? Thanks babe,” his voice said as the machine clicked off.

“Sandwiches,” Genna asked herself with annoyance. “We don’t have anything for sandwiches. He’d know that if he’d paid attention to what he ate,” she continued as she turned and headed into the kitchen. Sure enough, a close examination into the contents of the refrigerator revealed that there was no meat as she leaned down and rummaged through the drawers and making her b-cup breasts jiggle pleasantly. “Well, it’s 5pm now so I should have time to run to the store and get something before they show up,” she said as she stood back up and shut the door. In just a few steps Genna had her purse and keys in hand and was driving her convertible to the grocery store several blocks away.

After parking her car, Genna strolled across the parking lot from where she had parked near the edge of the lot to keep her car from getting dinged. Her golden brown skin, bare and tanned from countless years of complete nudity, seemed to glow under the sun before she walked through the store doors and headed right to the meat deli. Fortunately there wasn’t a line when she stepped up to the counter and looked over the cuts of meat on display. “Hello Ms. Priss,” the woman behind the counter said with a smile when she saw Genna through the counter’s glass front as she was arranging the different portions of breasts and rumps on display with different flavors of cheeses that were available. Bending over like she was to reach the meats and cheeses in the display case, the woman’s own large breasts were clearly visible behind the narrow uniform apron that tried to conceal them.

“Hi Missy,” Genna responded as she continued to regard the meats on display, bending over slightly to look through the glare on the glass and smiling when she saw the almost naked woman. “What’s the age on the breast meat you have here?” she asked when she finally stood up. “All we have right now is U20 meat,” the apron-clad woman behind the counter said. “We’re fresh out of anything aged longer until after the holiday,” she continued as she wiped her hands on a towel. “All right,” Genna said with a sigh. “I suppose I can have some of mine cut. Is your live slicer working tonight?” she asked. The girl behind the counter nodded her head and gestured over to the end of the counter near the registers. “Sure is and I’ve been trained on it as well so you’ll get good cuts of meat,” the young deli worker said with a smile.

A couple of minutes later Genna was behind the counter straddling the narrow steel platform between her legs. It was designed to hold a woman in place by keeping her seated on a pair of dildos that filled her pussy and ass fully. Quick, efficient movements by Missy soon had Genna strapped into the machine and her b-cup breasts were thrust through the cutting guard as Genna looked down at them through the clear plastic shield. Thick leather straps kept Genna from moving around on the machine as Missy attached a pair of powerful suction cups to Genna’s rosy nipples and stretched her breasts even further into the machine.

“How thick do you want the slices?” Missy asked as she made a couple of adjustments to the machine and checked the dildos to make sure they were fully seated in Genna’s body. “Thin sliced for sandwiches,” Genna said as she felt the dildos slide just a bit further into her. “Thin sliced it is then,” Missy said with a smile as she narrowed the field of the cutting laser so that it would take off smooth, thin slices. “Just remember, the lube and dildos might be cold at first when they start up but they’ll warm to you quickly and then I’ll start cutting. Oh, did you want your nipples saved or should I just toss them into the case with the others when we’re done?” Missy asked as she held her finger over the big red start button.

“Save them please,” Genna said lightly. “Oh, and just slice off about half of my meat. I’ll have the rest cut before next weekend but I want those cuts to be thicker for grilling,” she added. “Sure thing Ms. Priss,” Missy said and then punched the start button. Almost at once Genna felt several large pulses of cool lubricant jet into her pussy and ass, making her moan as the machine's motor turned on and vibrated her whole body pleasantly. Moments later she felt the dildos begin to alternate their thrusting so that one drove into her body as the other pulled out, both of them vibrated from the motor. “I’m saving my nipples when I have my breasts cut off,” Missy said. “They’re going to be mounted on a small plaque along with my clit when I graduate from school and I’m giving them to my dad as a present since he let me choose to be dismembered and cooked up as shish-ka-bobs for my sister’s 18th birthday party,” she said before she heard the juicy sounds of Genna’s cunt and ass being fucked.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Genna said as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes to enjoy the lubricated fucking of her pussy and ass. She also enjoyed sitting upright on the machine because she was able to relax and let the leather straps hold her onto the steel arm that held the dildos. “Ok Ms. Priss, I'm going to start slicing off your breast meat now,” Missy said as Genna felt her nipples pulled even more into the machine. Already they were thick little nubs of tingling pleasure and she opened her eyes to watch as they were sliced from her tits. Genna was moaning almost constantly now as she looked through the clear plastic shield and she began to orgasm as Missy pushed the laser cutter forward and severed her engorged nipples from her breasts which sprang back from where they had been pleasantly stretched just moments ago.

Genna squealed loudly as her breasts rebounded and jiggled against her chest while other shoppers walked by with their carts of groceries. She was shocked at what it felt like to have her nipples severed like that and the loss of pleasure that she was experiencing. “We’ll just leave them hanging until I get the rest of your meat cut and put them on top of the package so they don’t get lost,” Missy said as she drew the cutting head back to it’s starting point and reset it. Genna nodded and tried to reach up to feel her breasts, to feel where her nipples had once been but the cutting guard prevented her from doing just that as the large dildos continued to thrust deeply into her pussy and ass. “Don’t worry Ms. Priss,” Missy said. “Some of the ladies that we cut have said that even though their nipples are gone they always feel like they’re just as hard and swollen as when they were cut off,” the girl said.

Genna nodded her head without answering as another orgasm rolled through her body from the cutting machine as it fucked her deeply. “I... It’s just that I always like to play with my breasts when I’m getting fucked,” Genna said as she looked back through the plastic guard. “Me too,” Missy said. “Too bad you won’t be able to do that for much longer though,” the girl said as she lowered a specially designed holding arm onto Genna’s breasts so that they wouldn’t move when being cut. Dozens of small spiked nubs pierced the quivering flesh of Genna’s breasts, squeezing them harshly against the steel as she watched Missy thrust the cutting head forward again and begin to slice off thin pieces of her tits.

Orgasm after orgasm began to shake Genna’s body and her breathing became short as she watched slice after slice of her own tits fall into a neat little pile at the base of a small steel ledge. The dildos continued to pound her body and finally she let her head slump forward against the clear sight guard, giving herself over to the pleasure filling her body. Moments later though Missy pulled the cutting head back and started to switch off the dildos but Genna lifted her head and pleaded with the nearly naked deli girl. “Please no, don’t stop. Keep... keep going,” she managed to say between the orgasmic waves. “Cut them off, all of them. Just keep cutting,” she pleaded. Missy smiled and nodded her head, “Sure thing Ms. Priss” as she started slicing away at Genna’s breasts once more and letting the sliced breast meat fall away to the bottom of the steel ledge.

A short time later, Genna was helped up from the dildos since her legs were still weak from the continual fucking that she had just received. Once standing though, the now breastless woman turned to lean against a clear section of counter while Missy packaged up the slices of breast, laying Genna’s nipples on top of the small meat in the package before putting a price sticker on the meat. Turning to hand the box to Genna Missy couldn’t help but notice how much the woman’s pussy and ass were still stretched open as she leaned against the counter, displaying her fully fucked holes.

“Here you go Ms. Priss,” Missy said with her usual friendly attitude. “Did you need anything else sliced up this evening or will this do?” the girl asked. “No, I think that will do it for now,” Genna answered after forcing herself to stand upright and accept the box. “But I think I’ll need some of the covering patches until I get back to the house. Just so I don’t make a mess in the car,” Genna said. “Sure thing, I’ll be right back,” the girl said as she picked up another towel and turned towards one of the doors leading into the back of the department and displaying her own glistening wet thighs that were hidden behind the front of her apron.

Moments later Missy returned naked without her apron with a pair of skin-toned patches in her hands. Genna stood waiting, legs spread and thighs still glistening from the fucking that she had received. With more efficient gestures Missy carefully applied the adhesive patches over the fresh wounds where Genna’s breasts had been only minutes earlier. “There you are Ms. Priss,” Missy said. “That should keep the wound clean until it heals in a couple of days. The best way to remove them is by soaking the patches in very hot oil until they fall off or you can always just pull them off quickly. It’ll hurt more like that but that might be a good thing if you like it. I know I do but then I won’t need them since my folks are going to use me to make up a couple of platters of shish-ka-bobs. It’d just be a waste of patches.”

“Yeah, I suppose it would,” Genna said with a smile, taking a tentative step forward. “Thanks for slicing my meat Missy. I’ll be back in next week to pick up some more meat for our bar-b-queue. Good night.” Missy nodded and waved before heading to the far end of the deli counter and packaging up a pair of large, ebony-skinned d-cup breasts and wrapping them. After that the naked deli woman followed Genna through the check out line and paid for her breasts as Genna left the store and drove home in the afternoon heat towards her home where her boyfriend and his co-worker were waiting. “They better not fuss about eating my tits tonight,” she said as she reached up and ran one hand over her breastless chest.


Thank you.

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