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Rin was a good child. Loyal, obedient and trusting of and to her guardian. An innocent, if somewhat clumsy soul to whom the many terrors and tribulations of the world were rendered as little more than inconveniences in the face of her beloved mentor, guide, and protector.


He was the opposite kind of creature, murderous, rapacious, elegant... cruel. In both name and nature, cruelty he exemplified, save with the singular exception of his childish companion. He loved her like he loved nothing else in this world. And he knew that even her innocence could never protect her forever from the darkness which was his true dwelling place. But he also knew that whatever she became, whether she recoiled in horror from him or embraced him still ignoring what he truly was, that she would never break. It was the supple durability of her spirit, battered and beaten but never, not even in death, broken which drove him to her.

This was why, when the first time that he had brought home with him a woman to satisfy his demonic hungers, that he had expected a far different reaction to what he was dealt. Realistically he knew that he could have done the deed elsewhere, out of her sight, out of the way to keep her from possibility of turning against him, but Sesshomaru was a proud creature, hiding his nature a thing as foreign to him as flight was to the vast majority of fish in the ocean.

“Sesshomaru?” she asked, innocent eyes gazing with pity upon the naked female form huddled against the wall sobbing, “What are you going to do with her?”

It was not often that the demon dog would speak, much less explain his actions, but Rin was a unique case. She was a special precious thing to him, she worshiped him as the parent, a father, whom she had never known, and a creature closer to him than any other being had ever come.

“This Sesshomaru nears his time. The woman is here to relieve his hungers,” he spoke, the calm clear and heavy tones of his voice echoing about the chamber. The woman curled tightly into a ball, her sobs covering the room. She was a young thing, not much more than 4 or 5 summers greater than his own charge.

To his surprise, Rin did not flinch from his announcement, instead the nine year old girl moved over to embrace her trusted protector.

“Will she suffer?” the little girl whispered, remembering from long in her past the day of her death. The cries of wolves as they tortured and savaged the living about her, before one sharp nose would find her, tearing her throat and leaving her another casualty of the raid.

Knowing despite knowing her history, Sesshomaru could not lie to his most precious creature.

“Yes. She will suffer. She will suffer and she will scream, she will cry, and she will die. For me to live as more than just a thing of spirit, she will donate to me her flesh, pain and soul,” she would be the prize meat sustaining the hunter at the end of the hunt. He ran his pristine clawed fingers though the little one’s hair. Her acceptance calmed him greatly, the hunter’s spirit crying out its hunger to devour the morsel before him. Both of their eye settled focus upon the article in question.

In Rin’s mind the woman was already dead; any sacrifice required for her precious Sesshomaru would be acceptable.

“Let me watch,” Sesshomaru’s normal static expression cracked momentarily from the surprise of her request, “Let me see everything of Sesshomaru-sama,” she pleaded, anything to bring her closer to her, father, protector, beloved.

Sesshomaru considered it briefly, looking down at the quivering mass of flesh which he had brought along. The distasteful task of painfully disassembling the wretched creature would bring him no joy, only the fleeting satisfaction of hungers dispatched. Almost he refused Rin, though not in his nature to hide, the thought of her sitting through what he was about to carry out made him doubt himself for the moment. But in the end, a combination of intimate care, and a certain inscrutable arrogance which was the very definition of his existence would cause him to nod his head in slow agreement. The child had seen him at his best, her shining savior in time of need, a creature never to be doubted. She had also seen him in the murky depths of the battlefield wading his way through blood of countless enemies, rending tearing and searing their flesh and bone with poison, claw, and blade.

But now, she would see the worst most private side of him. This he did not mind so much as before, confident in her flexible strength.

The woman before them quivered in fear, never really listening or grasping the conversation. She had been the daughter of a rich lord, never harmed in anyway, and always treated with the reverence of her high position in life. But in an instant that had been stripped away when the powerful yokai with the crescent marking upon his forehead barged into her father’s estate, slaying all men who dared stray into his path as he cut his way straight into her quarters. His cold eyes brushed away her pleading gaze, when he picked her up from the floor of her room. By the neck he half dragged her, kicking and screaming from the estate into the middle of the property where all could see her misfortune. After the massacre of the others, not a man there dared to move against the creature. Many wishing desperately that they had not sent the wondering priest on his way, those days ago.

“Strip,” he told her in a hushed tone, venom dripping from claws unto the paved stones, eating holes in them easily. Fear dictated her actions from that point on, as she removed all of the trappings of civilization which had adorned her beautiful body. Standing naked as she was before the entire helpless castle, she grew red with shame. But her abuse had only begun.

“Are you a virgin?” the cold creature asked, not a bit of passion or delight in its words. When she nodded to the affirmative it walked away, a movement which brought her some hope of escaping its vile attentions. But no such luck would prevail, as the beast came back a moment later with a large thick branch, as long as a boken and twice as wide as the hilt. Menacingly it approached her once more, staring down at the fearful princess it brought the stick down, striking her buttocks fiercely, then colliding the stick sickly with her stomach. The day’s contents of it emptied. Then as a final indignity, it grabbed her roughly by the ankles, hoisting her into the air exposing completely her neither regions, and then put the stick to its true purpose, deflowering her virgin cunt. In and Out he pumped the implement of her embarrassment, causing her to moan and shriek in pain as it ripped and tore her dry insides.

At that moment, many of the remaining castle guards finally lost it, seeing their princess so abused put flame to their bellies. The ensuing slaughter could never even be called a battle as each man was slain with but the flicker of a single trailing whip-like thread, hanging loosely from the demon’s finger. More than one of the slaughtered men fell into bloody pieces upon the squirming, screaming woman whom they had tried to save, burying her in entrails and splattering her with gore, bits of brain running down into her face from within her hair. But the last of the men were the worst, as the demon drew his sword with the other hand, Bakusaiga she would not know that it was called, and cut them with single simple strokes which were in themselves non-lethal. But the corruption of their flesh would prove that there was nothing ‘non-lethal’ about it. In agony they would scream and twist, their flesh falling away in chunks as the swords corruptive essence penetrated their mortal tissue, ending them in maddening agony. The young woman could no longer even scream at the powerful horror which she could barely any longer feel. Taking this as cue that he had completed the first stage of his feeding ritual, Sesshomaru picked up the now catatonic woman and leapt off to his home.

He had needed to do that, to torture her and scar her psyche in preparation for the ritual. The dichotomy of her powerful status, and her reduction before the eyes of her people would deal powerful shattering blows to her possible resistance, forcing her to become a far more nutritious meal when the time came. This amid her screams; pleased the hunter within him greatly, though the rational part of his mind abhorred the very concept of having to dirty his hands upon the human for his sustenance. Now she sat there upon his floor, the half-dried blood having been washed away by a simple dunking or two in a nearby river. Hungrily he looked upon her and longed to carve as much pain as possible into her flesh.

This naked longing registered to the child, she was not a creature foreign to the lusts of men. It had not been an easy life before she’d met her lord. Being an orphan left her with no outlet by which to stop abuses which had been placed upon her, of any nature. With a sudden motion, her beloved guardian scooped up the woman, beckoning his ward to follow them into his chamber. Once inside, the woman was deposited unceremoniously unto the bed, her reddened skin flushed in a combination of fear, embarrassment and still throbbing pain... she knew what he wished to do with her. With an outstretched palm, the demon lord struck her. The first blows had been light, across the cheeks, ass, breasts, and the outer lips of her vulva, painful stinging blows, but nothing violent in the extreme. But the blows rained on, never stopping even once as she writhed in desperate discomfort. Soon even the lightest blows had the woman begging for reprieve, the light slaps having developed into full handed blows which rocked her sensitive parts black and blue and eventually would bring her to black out completely. Rin watched on carefully, her lord was methodical, and mechanical in his motions, careful never to break skin as he worked his way around the most sensitive surfaces of the woman’s body. As he continued to rain down blow after blow upon the woman, Rin would come to notice a bulge in his front, the significance of which she was well aware.

Eventually the raining blows ended as Sesshomaru grew restless. He wanted to fuck the bitch, his hunger for her emotional responses at war with his sensibilities. To stick himself in the unclean creature would be a distasteful task, but it would go a long way towards easing the hungers which drove him on, to mentally and physically hurt the woman before him. However he did not count upon the understanding of his charge as to what he was about to do.

Reaching down to the woman’s abused cunt, he pulled back the hood to her clitoris, twisting the nerve bundle with a cruel abandon. Harshly she screamed, his mouth descended upon her right breast, sucking then eventually biting, blood being drawn as he lightly sawed his powerful teeth though the nipple in the slowest, most deliberate, and most painful manner in which he could. As he did these things, Sesshomaru felt the small hands of his charge, wrestling with the materials of his hakama. A slight ghost of a frown caressed his face, was she disturbed by his actions and trying to get his attention?

A glance downward assuaged such thoughts. His little one seemed surprisingly to have far different thoughts to stopping him in mind. Her small hands fumbled clumsily with the billowing white pants but instead of, as he had believed, it being a tug to gain attention it was an attempt to gain access. Rin knew how to please a man, a skill which a lone orphaned girl quickly picked up, whether or not she liked it. Almost every night was spent in the company of men, passed about as their favourite plaything. Luckily for her they never went out of their way to else wise bring her harm, preferring that their favoured whore be simply kept in conditions which would aspire her to nothing better or worse than being a willing hole. With one final tug she managed to loose the sash from about his waist, allowing the hakama to droop enough to finally lower it. Beneath that Sesshomaru wore nothing, his bared alabaster skin almost gleaming where the light touched it, illuminating his masculinity to her eager eyes.

Before now, she did not know if her skills would be applicable to her lord. But here she was, his erecting member lifting its somber hooded head before her. Gently peeling back the foreskin with her lips, then she ran her tongue along the underside, searching just beneath its lightly weeping head for the spot which was most sensitive before taking the entire tip into her mouth, bathing it with gentle caresses with her small tongue and suckling its salt flavour. With a gentle persistence Rin worked, warping one hand about his member rubbing it up and down with vigour while the other hand sought out his testicles, playing with the sack in the manner which she had been taught. Sesshomaru grunted in pleasure, one hand straying from his work to caress his charges head as she blew him for all that she was worth.

Their eyes met as Rin gazed upward, seeking his approval as her mouth formed a vacuum around his glands. There was a naked lust which was stoked in his eyes, a fire the likes of which she had never before witnessed in her guardian, a fire which made her shiver and shake with her own reciprocated desire to please. Desperately Sesshomaru was at a loss. His charge whom he loved dearly was attached to his penis performing acts of orally induced pleasure. He loved it. He loved her. He wanted more... but to do so would hurt her. So instead he chose to hurt another.

The woman ached everywhere, the sharp sting of claws embedded beneath the flesh of her right arm, adding further discomforts to the bruises which painted her all over especially in her most intimate regions. A green glow accompanied his invasive touch as he leaked venom into her blood stream. Cruelty was both his name and nature, and in this nature he was well equip, with flesh melting venoms of all forms he could bring the strongest to their knees... and or with venoms like this one which this time would force the prey into wakefulness, intensify the perceptions of pain while the enforced consciousness continued. One a cruelty to the strong, melting away their power, the other a cruelty to the weak giving them an endurance which they would not desire. The woman would find no rest again, until her final desecration. And even death would not end her torments.

With an eager tenderness he caressed the woman’s fingers, rolling about her hand in his own, tracing slow outlines of each one and letting his nail tickle against her palm as his charge continued to please him. Then with a serpentine swiftness, he plucked the nail from her smallest finger. Her startled cry was only the beginning. With this act he began in earnest, taking each finger of her hand and wrenching the nail from the bed root, leaving each finger a tender mess. Then in each of the destroyed nail beds he would trace his claws, squeezing them painfully as he could... then breaking the fingers each and every one. Index finger bent too far back, the middle finger too far forward, the next one ripped all the way out while the pinky hung a useless pulped mess. Slowly he repeated the process upon the other hand, then grabbing her by the wrists, snapped the bones of her forearms so that they would jut out jagged though her skin. With a nod in consideration of his work, Sesshomaru would ball his hand into a fist, and with just enough force to jolt her, land a powerful blow into her gut. Again his fist lashed out, striking not only his victims flesh but this time coming down upon the thick bone of the upper thigh, cracking straight through, the immense pain generated would compound as the beating continued on. The woman’s screaming had yet to stop as she felt every blow tenfold anything which she had felt before, a thanks to the venom.

Rin continued to suckle his throbbing thickness, her working rhythm accompanied by the screams and moans of the tortured woman before her lord. For her the only things which existed were her lord’s moans and the thick meat which he provided between her wet lips. The woman was an inconsequential detail. Rin had lost track of the time but she continued with her service bobbing up and down the shaft eventually to be finally be rewarded with the bitter salt treat of male expulsion, accompanied by a subdued grunt echoing within his throat. From her lord, she savored it.

“Rin, do you wish to help further?” He asked, knowing already the answer. Gently his charge nodded affirmation.

With but a returned nod in acknowledgment the Dai-youkai would move onto the bed, next to his victim, beckoning his child conspirator to do the same. Once there he would guild the little one gently until her breath bathed the victim’s neithers with its warmth. It didn’t take long for Rin to get the idea, putting her mouth to work upon the dry folds of the woman’s depths. Sesshomaru on the other hand had taken up residence at the woman’s back entrance forcing himself with rough precision though her hole. Without care he ripped her bloody, roughly slamming into the now slick hole with ruthless abandon. In a mixture of pleasure and pain the woman would cry out, hot tears slicking her face as the tenderness to the front simply amplified the brutality of what was happening behind. The cracks in her pelvic bones screamed. She burned with pain as both the venom forced her to feel in detail not only how the brutal fucking behind was ruining her further, but every welt cut and splinter in her vaginal lips being worked over with a gentle little tongue.

“Rin,” his voice commanded without sign of strain, “bite her.”

The effect was immediate. Rin did not hesitate to follow her lord’s orders, bringing sharp teeth to bare upon the woman’s tender vulva lips. It added satisfyingly to the screams and whimpers which she produced, as Rin would bite and chew her flesh raw eventually working her way over to the clitoris with deep terrible marks being left in the vulva as she eagerly chewed it up. Once at her target, the little one would begin, first biting it with her incisors then chewing upon its soft surface. The woman writhed in agony. Along with her relentless assault, Rin grew curious. This was the only the second time she had been in such close contact with another woman, and this time with almost unlimited license to act on her curiosities. Thus without asking, Rin began to feel about within the walls of her victim’s well abused vagina as she chewed away at the unlucky woman’s clit, her small slim hand finding it easy enough to slip into the initial slit until her fingers met resistance. The welts and bruises from Sesshomaru’s humiliations had been broken open by her activities, red blood flowing down the walls in what would be a bit more than a trickle. Eagerly she worked at the loosened muscles guarding the womb entrance after she managed to fit more and more of her hand into the filled space in sudden jerks. Sesshomaru’s stick had done much to ensure it would never be comfortably snug for any small objects again. Rin’s arm entered, deeper and deeper as she attempted to get it as far in as possible, the entire exercise having become little more than a game to her. Though never once had she abandoned her chewing of the sensitive lower parts of the woman in earnest. Soon the youth was pumping her arm, in and out, in and out, in a steady rhythm, her hand finally reaching the farther most inner wall. The savage intensity of her filled anal and vaginal cavities caused the woman to shriek and struggle pitifully, restrained of course from doing any harm to Rin with her still intact legs, she had become wet sometime during Rin’s pumping despite the constant pain of her most sensitive parts being used as a chew toy. She cursed her body at its betrayal. The demon’s venom worked well.

Powerful orgasms racked her abused body, her cunt twisting about in fluttering knots around Rin’s delicate arm and the demons thickness which lay buried hilt deep in her ass would too feel the benefits of her spasming musculature. Pleasure mixed in with pain to magnify the shame and violation which she felt, the brutal rape forcing her psyche to crack under the pressure of the horrific situation. But she would find no respite in madness, for even then the venom worked to keep her in the proper state of mind, where pain would most keenly be felt and reacted to, she would crack and crack into the finest of pieces, without the retreat of madness to save her breaking psyche. Her ass continued to be fucked for what seemed like ages, until the demon’s warm seed filled her to the brim.

Having had his fill of her asshole for the moment, Sesshomaru would remove himself as painfully as he had entered. A bloody mixture of his copious sperm and her own leavings were left to drip from her. This mixture of inevitable result disgusted the demon, who would grab the woman by a fistful of her lovely black hair. With a sudden violent fist to the face he lightly pounded her in petty vengeance for having sullied him. Then with a grim satisfied grin began to pluck one by one, wrenching them painfully as possible, her teeth, some of which had broken in the impact of his fist. Once done he gently moved his charge away from her job of abusing the whore’s cunt then pulled the now toothless face down to clean the mess which dripped from his genitalia. Shoving himself roughly down into her lips, he would force her to comply and suck the excesses from his member or suffer a chocking spluttering struggle, one she could not win.

Once she was done, he would force her to use the sheets and clean the rest of it from her bottom, her shattered fore arms and broken fingered hands useless in getting the job done without ever greater pains. At one point she gave up refusing to carry on, Sesshomaru quickly disabused her of this notion, pressing one slender claw into the delicate flesh of her armpit, finding one of the sensitive nerve endings there and massaging it painfully. She soon gave in, trading lesser pain for his trained torturer’s touch. His delicate nose wrinkling slightly from the distasteful mess which she attempted to clean up the worst of, work though the debilitating pain. Rin thought little of it, herself having lived in what her guardian would consider abject squalor for most of her life. Humiliation boiled and simmered in the degraded woman, the sharp pains of her body made all too clear by the demon’s bolstering venom.

When she had finished, the woman allowed herself to collapse, the keen pains of her various wounds mounting themselves to become imprinted upon her psyche. But the lord demon was far from done with her. Picking her up by the neck he would nod dispassionately and without so much as a warning, land a blow across her collar bones with enough force to shatter them into bloody spikes sticking out from her body. Screams of protest and pain served to let known her views on this most current harm inflicted upon her. But this would be the least of things to come.

Wanting her to simmer in anticipation of the next acts, he leaned over, his mouth to her ear.

“You will be skinned alive now,” he spoke, his voice breaching all thoughts of pain and igniting a renewal of her struggles. With a nod to himself he reached over and painfully dislocated each limb, arm and leg, leaving her unable to do much more than move her toes with any reliability.

Flipping her over onto her face Sesshomaru would begin the process, one strong arm keeping her struggles to a minimum while the other made a skin deep incision. A lime green venom dripped this time from his claws as he began to work at removing the skin, trying his hardest to do so in one whole sheet. Yellow fat burned away under his touch, freeing skin from muscle with a certain ease, while leaving flayed woman to scream in abject agony. His work was slow and methodical, an absolute of mechanical efficiency as he cut and peeled the skin away, his venom working not only to help loose it from its bonds, but to keep her from bleeding to death as he worked. He still had one more use for the whore after this ordeal was over. Though the entire thing Rin watched fascinated by the pain which played its way across the victim’s face, then once Sesshomaru had made his way through skinning the woman’s lower regions, avoiding for now her vagina and asshole, he would allow his charge free reign to do as she pleased with those areas. The child was delighted to continue her playing with the woman’s lower lips, making out in an obscene parody of adult kisses which she had seen in some of Kagome’s manga. Where her hands bushed against the thighs, now nude of skin and red of muscle, the flesh would bruise and bleed lightly, leaving sticky trails of blood on her hands. When she noticed Rin would simply lick them off, the copper taste of blood not unfamiliar to her either thanks to many a meal eaten raw in her youth.

When he was finished, the woman was but a red shadow of her former self, the bald thin muscles no longer beneath a sheath of skin as she whimpered prettily. Seeing how his charge seemed entranced with the whole cloth leather skin, he would simply give it to her to do with as she pleased. Rin grinned widely at her guardian, thinking of how to cure the skin like she had done before to animal skins in the village of her birth. The sensation of burning pain coursed throughout her broken body. But the woman’s torments were far from over. Five claws dug deeply into her back, allowing the demon purchase as he picked her up one handed like a rag doll, their time in the recreational room over. Carefully he drug her over to a room which seemed a cross between a torture chamber and a personal kitchen. A fire roared in the nearby oven and meat hooks hung about the room, many never cleaned of the old blood which encrusted their metal. On one such hook he impaled her tender shoulder, the weight of her own body making it hard to breathe. But she would not need to breathe much longer.

Silently he moved to the oven, ensuring that it had been heated correctly, and that the spike studded straps with which he would secure her to the waiting platter of thin metal, continued to be themselves secure. It would not do for her to roll directly into the fire and cook unevenly. Painfully he ripped her down from the metal hook, then in a single motion dropped her unceremoniously onto the prepared platter, fastening the wickedly studded straps across her throat, torso and legs. All that was left to the young woman were bitter sobs of pain and frustration mingling with the last of her hoarse screams. Inside the evil heat of the oven she would feel nothing but endless agony, the venom within her not only keeping her aware of every nuance of her pain, but keeping it fresh and new in her mind so that she could not at all grow accustomed to her torment.

But in between the pain, there lay a final hope. A vague notion unshaped by word, a hope that this would be the end. But this was not to be. For even as she cooked, sizzling prettily upon the metal platter, even as her very lungs burned with the hell hot air of the oven... she was not fading... she was not dying. The venom was much more than simply a physical thing. It bound her soul to the ruminants of her flesh, forcing the two to be bound until final destruction should come. Thus she suffered. And suffered, and suffered and suffered. What pains should have long struck her dead, she was forced to weather anew, over and over and over again.

After several hours, well-cooked within the flames, she would be removed for the final service. Rin insisted to be there, to share this meal with him. She was a good daughter to him. The scent of cooked meat wafted through the air, as Sesshomaru removed the tortured remnants of the woman’s body from the fierce heat. For Rin he would carve out the woman’s loins, genitals and puckered asshole all as a single strip of delicate meat. Then reaching over to her head, would remove the dead eyes from their sockets, adding them to his little one’s feast. With little fuss he would break open the dead woman’s jaw, her tongue swollen tight, and rip said organ from its resting place, adding the delicate meat of the muscle to Rin’s plate of goodies. The bound pain racked spirit of the young woman tried its hardest to scream out, but the morbid feast carried on without such noise, the death of her flesh having sealed away her ability to manipulate her body... leaving her only able to feel without reaction.

Finally he watched lovingly as his little one ate, a slightly messy meal it was, but she cleared every piece, starting with the severed cunt lips and asshole which she licked and sucked thoroughly before ripping pieces from them. The severed tongue was eaten next, as she chewed upon its textured surface vigorously enjoying the elastic quality of the meat. She fiddled with the eyes for a while, else wise full from the other meaty snacks with which she had been gifted, then finally gulped them both down, pleased to have finished the course which her guardian had set before her. Sesshomaru felt the trill of satisfaction, what would usually be a joyless exercise in torturous submission had been given an added flavor to an else wise joyless exercise. One which it was time that he finished.

Stretching his jaws wide, he would begin, cooked flesh separating easily from bone as he ravaged the rest of his victim, and growing more bestial as he ate his way into her chest cavity. With and easy gulp he removed her heart, its stillness a compliment to the silence of the room. As he ate her, his own blood sang out, downing the memories of his cruelty carved into her flesh and offering the bound helpless spirit a new residence. The vile brutality of her death should have created a wondering spirit, a creature of spite and violence, eternally willing to share its torments with all other things that live. It should have, but it did not. What would happen instead would be that her wounded soul would become trapped, its essence devoured as it would be forced forever to relive every horror inflicted upon it in freshness for ever more, as its spirit melted and nourished the demon for some time to come.

With the finished corpse reduced to little more than skeletal remains, Sesshomaru would call over his young charge to sit in his naked lap. Joyfully she skipped over to take her place atop him, her small behind grinding itself against his hardness. A few left over scoops of well cooked brain still steamed within the cracked skull. He fed her these scraps by his own hand, ever so often stopping to make out with her for extended periods of time. His hands roamed her, her ass, her pussy, her full belly, all satisfying to the touch. For now there would be little more than touching until she had grown enough to handle other activities. Today his little one had proven how deeply bound she was to him... and for such a bond, he could wait. The short years of human maturity would come. Looking down in to her eyes, he then caressed her cheek with his tongue as she giggled innocently away. A deep kiss allowing them to share the last pieces of tender brain meat.

“Sesshomaru-sama?” she asked with innocent eager eyes alight, “When are we going to do this again? It was fun!”

The Lord among demons merely smiled.


Found my old story again on the wayback machine, decided to post it.


Lunar Eclipse (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff)

It was his secret, dark and terrible, a burden which he could not share. On the nights new moon he became a man, on the nights of the fully moon he grew closer to a beast... but in the time of an eclipse, Inuyasha could not be anything but a Monster.

Eclipses of the sun were fine, they gave him a boundless hunting spirit which he expressed in gleefully chopping down any youkai which he could find nearby, never a hard proposition and with the rarity of the Sun dark times, he could excuse the urge as merely coincidence while his friends were near.

But there were other times, time far more often when the earth darkened the moon from the sun... when the eclipses of the moon shook from within the opposite end of his bestial self. Where the Darkness of sun would force him to hunt those of his youkai half, on occasion within the darkness of the Moon, Inuyasha would find instead of the vaulted transformation to his fully human form... he would find a hunger, deep and wild for the human form. It had been a long, long time since last he had felt the beginnings of his horrifying predatory urge, but he knew it could not last. And thus when finally it came upon him like a great storm, he would absent himself from the company of his friends least he begin to see them for the tender morsels that they were.

Hunting at such a time was always far too easy for him, the ability to close massive amounts of distance in leaps and bounds, as well as his inhumanly sensitive nose would allow him to find and take prey. His raids quiet, precise and practiced, and he was like a deadly breeze, there in one moment, the gone the next. This night he had struck it lucky. A woman, traveling lightly with a girl child not more than twelve years old, hurried along old forested trails smelling of hope and desperation. The woman was quite lovely, not more than 28 years of age her black hair hid amoung the shadows of the night, but the sunburned complexion spoke of her work in the outdoors. Her child was a cute black haired, doe eyed affair, the blackness of her eyes swallowing the night. It wasn’t far from the Mother’s target of a nearby village that Inuyasha found his way through to make his ambush. Snatching her and the child up in a single movement, she never even had the chance to scream before the Hanyou smacked her, a solid blow across the head removing her from consciousness. The child on the other hand was simply picked up with his hand about its mouth, not wanting to risk killing it while trying to knock it out... he always preferred his meat alive and kicking while he ate.

It didn’t take long for him to reach the nights temporary campsite, an enclosed place chosen for its seclusion a while back before in case of the dark hungers he knew, then toss the limp body of the woman and the squirming one of her child on the floor. Ripping their clothes off he fashioned crude bindings which would restrain the mother from any great motion, using the rest of their rags as fuel for the fire which he quickly began. Her daughter on the other hand had only had her shirt temporarily tied around her feet while Inuyasha worked on those of the mother, an opportunity which she had taken to attempt escape. But in her bindings she could not get far, and when Inuyasha caught her again, he decided that he would begin with her.

Starting first by tasting the goods, Inuyasha’s tongue brushed lightly across her neck as his dangerously clawed fingers trailed their way lightly against her skin. Deciding it was time he begun the Hanyou took one of her delicate hands in his own, and then with a violent wrench, broke off the upper portion of her arm.

A soul wrenching scream filled the area, as the torn off limb leaked viscously from its source, flesh ripped and bleeding fresh, bone jutting out with a jagged angry edge. Holding his end in one hand by its wrist, he held it up to his head and began to chew. In the meantime the horrified pain wracked screams of child, caused the till now concussed mother to stir, her first sight to be greeted by the horrible mess of gore, bone and blood which had replaced her daughters arm. As groggily the woman sank back into unconsciousness, the half-demon would take the girl and push her broken stump arm into the fire. Violently she screamed as the left over flesh cooked and crackled in the fire, stopping the bleeding at the cost of great pain, causing the child to lose consciousness. For the moment he allowed her respite, preferring instead to lightly char the meat in his hand, and eating it warmed.

With a bloody grin, the now almost completely deranged Inuyasha, finished the last of the meat on the ripped off arm, and was now almost as aroused as he was hungry. Growling lightly as he removed his hakama, the half demon would grab roughly the small girl’s still intact arm, shaking her back to wakefulness then pulling her over to his lap.

“Suck.” He ordered gruffly, his thick member swaying stiffly forward. The poor youths face smacking almost directly into it. “Suck, if you want to keep the other arm.”

Eyes widening in fright, the child would relent in her struggles and begin to place the large member in her mouth. Kissing it lightly then almost taking the tip of it in her mouth, the child began to suck upon it in a slow clumsy manner befitting her inexperience, and state of pain. She would almost choke as Inuyasha decided that she needed to take him deeper in, taking her head and controlling the pace of the act, pushing her head and thrusting it down so that his member roughly entered her lips down into her small throat. The first few thrusts bring the little one to tears as mucous and bile emerged in the wake of its removal, the twin miseries of choking and the wrongness of the act causing her to begin sobbing almost uncontrollably. The deranged hanyou, decided to take advantage of this, delighting in the pain he was causing, and once more roughly shoved his penis down into her small oral cavity down into her throat, enjoying ruthlessly the sensation of her sobs around him within her. He would continue this for several minutes, giving her chances to gasp for breath before she passed out, then starting it all over again until he came right down her petite gullet.

He left her in a corner of the enclave, still sobbing and coughing up some of the overly abundant semen which had entered her lungs and stomach. This respite would not be long lasting, as he decided that if all she would be doing is crying, she would be better off without eyes to shed her tears. Almost lovingly he picked her up, placing her into his lap then began to tongue his way across her neck. She could feel the press of his member against her, the lack of cloth between it and her bald neithers a disturbing sensation... but one no worse than what had so far been done to her. But she did not realize just how far from over he was with her. As slowly his lips and tongue ravaged their way across her neck up to her face, he would pause briefly to lick the sweet salt of her still wet tears, then slowly work up to her eyeball. With tongue and lips he licked and sucked at the organ, one more weird sensation amoung many, one less worrying than most as no pain had been involved. Quickly after she learned the folly of that thought.

Pushing his dexterous tongue down into her eye socket, Inuyasha began to steadily increase the suction of his lips, sealing them against the eyelids of the unfortunate youth’s face. Then a sudden increase in the suction and with the help of his tongue, he would guild the eye far enough out that he could grab it with his sharpened teeth, taking it and ripping it bloody from the wounded child’s socket. Another, scream prevailed as the pain of the act came to be measured. With a quick motion, and amid now struggling flailing limbs, the hanyou would seal his lips to the next eyeball, wasting no time in sucking it from its opening and tearing it out like the last. A general wail settled into the area as the child, confused and in pain, cried out as her ragged orbits were now streaming blood instead of tears. This would be taken care of by the half demon quite easily, as he found two stones of the right size then pitched them into the fire. After waiting for a short while, he would reach right in to the flames, seizing each of the now glowing hot then stuffing the into her ragged sockets, searing shut the bleeding flesh, evoking a now broken screaming from the child, who passed out once more from the intensity of the pain.

As the now blind girl curled up anew, her groggy, concussed mother awoke to her screams. Almost at once the woman came awake, and struggled hard against her tight bonds.

“Monster! Monster!” She screamed, over and over again. The stench of fear gripped her tightly. The abused sigh of her child causing her to attempt ever futility to escape her bonds. Inuyasha grinned, her frightened shouts giving him an idea. Grabbing her by the throat, the hanyou pulled her in towards him.

“How much do you want to live?” He asked the scared woman, licking the frightened tears from her eyes. “Would you do ANYTHING, to leave my presence with your life intact?” His finger trailing down her side, demonstrating their inhuman sharpness upon her flank, pushing her thoughts to just how easy it would be for him to skin her alive. Inuyasha grinned, while continuing to lick her face, tongue tracing dangerous circles about her eyes. The terrified woman nodded her head in indication that, yes, she would do absolutely anything he wanted that would leave her amoung the living. His free hand curled its way around her own.

Demonically he grinned, “Good,” he spoke then savagely crushed her hand, grinding all the bones within to shards and pulping the flesh of her fingers.

Her screams decorated the enclosure prettily.

When the pain had finally subsided, her pleading eyes caught themselves on his merciless ones, the question of why evident in their wake.

“That was a reminder, fuck with me, disobey, and I do this to the rest of your bones, before I toss you in the fire to cook... alive.” Oh how he savored the heady fear scent extracted upon that statement.

Grabbing the little girl, still unconscious, and a large rock, the hanyou settled down, next to both, indicating to the mother that she should come and sit there next to him. Cheerfully he dragged the girl’s remaining arm over the rock, and then turned to the girl’s mother.

“I want you to break it,” he said indicating the child’s arm draped over the rock. Revulsion swept through the Mother, when she had said everything; this was not what she had meant. But her pulped hand throbbed still, a constant reminder of his great and inescapable power, and fear kept her mind stilled. Slowly she rose from her seat before the fire, a blank expression on her face as she studied the outstretched arm of the child of her womb. The narrowing gaze of the white haired beast quickened her decision as she leapt into the air, landing feet first on the arm, splintering it across the rock. The broken arm was splintered across the forearm, at the wrong angle at the elbow, and crush below the bicep.

Sobs of remorse wrecked the woman, as she surveyed the damage which she had done to her young, a sense of desolation emptying her soul. But the ordeal was far from over. There her child lay whimpering from the shock of her latest injuries, injuries which compounded the torturous treatment which her other arm and eye had before undergone, when the white haired devil picked her up and dragged her once more over to the fire. No longer able to spare the energy of putting up a fight, the girl child simply keened in pain as he roasted her still attached arm in the flames. The mother found herself once more at the mercy of the beast, this time it invited her over to sit next to it once more as it finished cooking the arm.

Easing the now unresponsive girl from the fire, Inuyasha lined up her virgin asshole with his member, then jammed her onto himself, rocking her up and down in a steady rhythm, the rough treatment causing rupturing in the anus. In the meantime the woman watched with fascinated horror, as her child was deflowered and defiled. Further horror would come when he asked her to take hold of the child’s waist and keep it moving to the rhythm which he had set, all so that he could enjoy the fuck, while having the next part of his meal, her cooked and broken arm. Dry thud of his flesh against the girl child’s, and the wet slurping of his blood slicked cock was all that could be heard be heard for a time, as he devoured the flesh of her arm, and her mother made the mechanical motions necessary for the half-demon’s enjoyment of her bloody, tight hole. Eventually he spent his load within the girl, then paused deciding upon the next indignity which he would visit.

“I want some tongue. Woman, give me her tongue. Now,” knowing perfectly well the ease with which he could rip it out if he willed. The woman’s eyes lit with worry as his gaze settled upon her, saying what he did not, get me her tongue or I will have Yours. Frantically the woman scrambled, at first trying to rip the tongue out with her good hand, a method which left her frustrated, scared and undermined her will.

“Your teeth should be strong enough,” Inuyasha suggested, his grinning blood stained teeth shining white in the fire light.

Desperately the woman followed his morbid advice, crushing her little one’s lips to her own then desperately groping about to align the child’s tongue with her teeth, knowing she needed to get as much of the tongue out as possible least her own become the next meal. Her clumsy attempts at gathering the tongue were going nowhere as she simply could not get her teeth deep enough to grab at the base of the tongue. In desperate frustration she found an answer. It was a simple rock, heavy enough to be wielded for the breaking of bone. Briefly she considered using it on her captor, a notion quickly dismissed by her desire to survive. Taking a deep breath she then continued by driving it forward into the mouth of the little girl, who was by now catatonic with pain and sorrow. That had done the trick as the girls mouth hung limply open, lower jaw broken and one cheek torn giving the mother easy access to the tongue. It was a morbid kiss with which the mother wrenched her little one’s tongue from its oral cavity then spat the still wriggling muscle down into her bloody hands as an offering to the sadistic creature before her.

Once more Inuyasha had prepared a smooth stone, heating it in the fire. Once again he used it to cauterize the bleeding flesh of the child, both the ripped cheek and the severed stump of her tongue, injuries which matched the cooked flesh of the insides of her missing eyes. The tongue he took from the woman, popping while it still wriggled about, into his mouth whole all the while chewing obscenely to show off his enjoyment. The woman struggled to control her stomach, sensing that if she did even the slightest thing to displease the creature before her, that she would suffer horribly then die, just as she had been doing to her own daughter at the beast’s request. Inuyasha grinned, now that he was absolutely sure of the extent to which the mother was willing to go in order that he might spare her, he would visit one final fatal infliction upon the girl child.

Making sure that the mother was watching, the hanyou took one supernaturally sharpened claw, then began to trace a line about the child’s head, digging deep beneath the skin and into the skull cap, easily lifting the entire top portion of the little ones skull off to show off the formations of grey matter inside. His eyes drifted over to the mother, who had begun to sway in place slightly, the gravity of her deeds beginning to set in. Perfect.

“You. Eat,” his harsh voice all but croaked in excitement, as he directed the mother to being feasting upon the exposed flesh of her daughter’s mind. Stricken with conflicting grief and the will to survive, the woman would eventually settle into position, at first going to scoop out the gelatinous flesh with her hand, an option quickly removed as the half demon grabbed the offending limb, and again did the same to it as he had done to the other.

“You eat with your mouth,” his stern warning compounded with the intense pain of having had her entire hand once more splintered, now dangling useless from the arm. With tears in eyes she complied, pressing herself face first into the exposed brain of her young one and begun biting in, tearing off chunks, chewing and swallowing it down. Fear driving her onward, she broke from the task only for breaths of air, as slowly but surely, she had devoured a major portion of the little girl’s gray matter.

Once she had eaten enough to please him, Inuyasha would hungrily mash her lips against her own, and begin to sensually touch and caress her, tasting deeply of the woman’s last meal. With one hand to the woman’s lower back, with the other he slit open the little girl’s remains, cracking open the ribs one handed and removing both heart and lungs for the fire, then reaching further down, removed her abused anus, virgin pussy, and the uterus to which it was connected. All these things were placed one by one, into the fire to be cooked. All while he explored the mother’s body, eventually placing himself into her entrance and pumping her for all he was worth. The bitter sound of sexual congress filled the air as the next hour was filled with the sizzling of organ flesh, and the wet sounds of intimate coitus. The bitches moans falling in time to the crackling hiss of her daughter’s cooking meat, almost as if the girl was crying out from beyond the grave at the horror and injustice with pleas for attention from the one who should have given everything for her.

The meat sizzled on until the wet, hot, violation of intimacy was done.

Once cooked to his satisfaction, each morsel was shared between himself and the slut as he set himself back to the task of fucking her silly. The fool mother who would sacrifice her child for her own safety.

The dark mirror to his own who’d given everything for him.

It was at the end of the session with the time of the Lunar eclipse coming soon to a close that he decided what he would do with her. Pricking his thumb, he would force her to suck down a bit of his blood, then feeling that it was about to reach inside of the throat he whispered.

“Blades of Blood.” He spoke, almost a whisper as immediately her ruined hands flew to her throat; it felt as though she had swallowed a bundle of thorns. She tried immediately to scream out her discomfort, only to find that barely a whimper could any longer be formed. His blood blades had shredded her tongue and larynx. Immediately he grabbed a burning stone, then made her swallow it, stopping it forcefully at her throat then letting her regurgitate it up... along with a fair portion of what she had eaten for the evening.

“You will not tell, you will not see, but you will live,” he spoke as lovingly he caressed her eyes. Fear filled her as his fingers would pluck each one from its socket, again dropping the burning stones in to cauterize the wounds. She could take no more, passing out much like her daughter, from the pain. Looking down at the stilled form of the ruined woman, Inuyasha would put back on his attire. What was left of the little girl’s body would be left for other wild creatures to enjoy.

Almost lovingly he would caress her stomach, during this lunar event his usually infertile seed would become activated to a massive extent, ensuring that almost any woman who would survive a coupling with him during the lunar eclipse would be guaranteed to have his children, though their natures altered toward the wild demonic spectrum of his blood. He would drop her off at the nearest village, in hopes that they might shelter her long enough for his brood to be born. Indeed she would live, until his pups were born and had their first meal coming from the womb, she’d die for her progeny.

One way or another.

Inuyasha himself would remember none of this, leaving only the vague notion of what he had done from awaking in a hot-spring, having cleansed himself of the stink of sex and violence which permeated his being. Fearful of the possibilities which awoke in him to the faint scents, Inuyasha would scrub and scrub and scrub away within the boiling heat of the waters.

The stink never fully faded away.


Annnnndddd found the other one.


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