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I've been letting this down lately... But i had swear to write a story for every grimm fairy tale! This one was more than just well suited for it! I never read a fairy tale with this many vore and dolcett elements like in "brother and sister" :police: // . Well i also look forward for Rapunzel;)

Like alwals: The prey is a little bit older as in the original!

011 The Sister and the other Sister.
(You really believe you will see boy meat just because in the fairy tale it’s brother and sister? You are naive!)

The big sister takes her younger sisters hand and said. “We have to run away! Our stepmother beats us every day. She feed us with hart bread and water… even the dog get better food! If our mother knows… We can’t stay! There is a whole world open for us.” The two red heads looked lovely even in the poor garb they had to wear. So, they went out into the big world. It’s not easy to find a new home. The had to walk Barefoot and in torn clothes. But they even endured rain and cold. Because they only had each other. After a very long day, they climb a tree and slept immediately. This difficult their journey was!

The next morning… After the long last day, naturally the sisters got hungry and thirsty. The older sister was braver but not as clever as her younger sister. Still, she always looked after her little sister. That’s why she is determined to found a brook. She wanted to protect her sister, on any way possible. But they not had known, her stepmother was an evil witch! (one of the kind, that doesn’t eat girls! The very evil kind!) She cursed every brook in the woods.

The big Sister fast found a nice brook with clean water. But the little sister heard. "Her a snake will be who drinks of me, who drinks of me a snake will be!" (Yes, the water could rhyme.)
She cries anxiously.: “ Big sis please stop! If you drink this, you will become a Snake and strangle me to death.” This doesn’t sound this bad. Sadly, the big sister decides against it…
(These fairy tales have an educational mission! That is why we must, explain to everyone what could have happened!)
The big sister ignored the call and drink the water. It only takes a few seconds. Than in front of the little sister a hungry big snake arises. “Sister!?” The snake wrapped herself around the body of her little helpless sister. “Please Stop! You don’t really want to eat me!” But well… Even the remaining parts of her sister now want to eat her! The embrace of the snake becomes firmer. Desperately, the little sister tries to free herself. But the embrace of death is unstoppable. “Please stop…” Slowly she is strangled. Her resistance only made the snake hurt her even more. After two eternally long minutes she loses consciousness. Only after her poor former sisters dies, the snake decided to eat her whole… But sadly, as said: the big sister decided against this cute and delightful destiny!

The Sisters continued their journey, even if both where very thirsty! As they reach the second brook the little sister heard: "Her a frog will be who drinks of me, who drinks of me a frog will be!"
“Don’t do it Sis! This brook also is cursed! If you drink it, you become a frog and eat me whole!” Well, naturally the big sis drank the water! Before her little sister even can react, a tongue was wrapped around her body. The tongue slammed the poor girl many times against the ground. The frog sister wanted to be sure, that her former sister can’t fight back! Half dazed, she is finally drawn into the mouth of the frog. She hadn’t the strength to fight back. The frog swallowed her whole! The Stomach of the frog is wet and narrow. The little sister hadn’t another choice… She could only wait to get digested. After some hours, the sister left the frog on the nature way!

Well, unfortunately the big sister also misses this chance!
They searched for another brook. They found one with the cleanest water, there is to find. "Who drinks of me a fawn will be, her a fawn will be who drinks of me!” the little sister heard. But it’s too late! Her big sister already tried the water. Because she is this thirsty. Well, she missed the good transformations… But now she become a fawn!

Her little sister cried and the fawn also cried. “I will protect you! Forever!” The young maiden swear. She untied her golden girdle. The last memorial of her mother… she uses rushes and her girdle to made a leash for her former sister. Together they went deep into the forest. After a while, they found a small empty house. The little sister decided to life in this house. She made beds for herself and the fawn. Every morning she collected roots and berries and nuts for herself, and fresh grass for the fawn. (A good diet if you want to have heathy meat!) They lived a poor but peaceful live…

But One day the king of this country held a great hunt. (As we had already learned in past story’s: Hunting is the best method, to find a fairy tale princess.) the former big sis said. “Please let me join the hunt.” (I also don’t know when she learned to speak… She hasn’t spoken before as a fawn…The Grimm brother not really cares about own rules;)) Obvious this wasn’t the best idea, still the little sister allowed it:
“But I have to lock my door, because the wild hunter otherwise rape me or do something worse…” As said, she is a clever and very cautious girl. “when you come back you need to knock and say ‘Little sister, let me in’. Then I know, it’s you and it’s safe to open our door.” Happily, the fawn went to play a deadly game with the hunter. She isn’t a bad player! Even as everyone hunts her, she manages to get away. Well, one day wasn’t a big enough kick, for the brave fawn… The next day, she joins the hunt once more… For a long time, she managed again to play with them but then a hunter wounded her leg and she had to run home. Slowly as she was, thx to the wound, a hunter follows her. He not managed to kill his prey but he saw the small house and how the Fawn entered it!

The little sister heals the Fawn, it wasn’t a bad wound. The next day her leg seams as good as new! As the hunt start once more, she wanted to join again but this time her little sister had enough: “No! You will die out there! I don’t want to be alone… Please stay!” But her former sister can’t give up. Its 1 to 1 she wanted to win 2 to 1! Even if it hurts, the little sister let her go…

This time it was very easy to outrun the hunter. She not had known, that is all was a plan of the King. As the hunters distracted her, the King sneaked to the small house. He knocked at the door and say in a surprisingly feminine way. “Little sister, let me in!” The unaware girl opened the door. She was shocked and in fear, as she saw a man. This innocent maiden was the most beautiful girl he ever saw. He wanted to have her!
“I want to marry you! Please follow me to my castle!”
The maiden was just happy, he not raped her so she said. “Yes, I will… But only if you take the Fawn with you too and give it everything it needs!” The King was okay with this agreement.

A few days later he married the little sister. The both sisters finally have a good and peaceful live.

But there still was the Stepmother! The witch had believed, that both girls dies a gruesome death. As she heard, that they lived happily together with the King, she became envious! She wanted to destroy everything! Even her own daughter, a poor girl with only one eye complained to her. “I want to be a queen too.” The old women had to made a plan.

After a while, the little sister give birth to a small boy. On this day, the king was at the hunt. The Witch used the chance to take the place of her bedchamber women. It was difficult for her to take birth. So, the little sister was helpless and an easy target. She not saw the danger coming. “Come, I have prepared a bath for you. It will give you refreshment and new strength!” The cunning witch explained. Together with her daughter they carried her to the bath. They had prepared a nice fire under the bath to cook the helpless girl slowly. The queen hadn’t the strength to fight back. The witch season her and put vegetable into the pot. Weak as the young queen was, she only hoped, that her meat will taste good … But the pure evil witch not even planned to eat her, she just ignores the very slow cooking girl and left the room.

She transformed her daughter to give her the shape of the little sister. But her magic wasn’t strong enough to hide the missing eye! The daughter had to lie on her missing eye to trick the King. Everything works as planned! As the King came back home, the witch just told him, that the queen needed rest. The King really loved his wife and follows the order without asking. After everyone was tricked and the queen was cooked golden brown. The witch Just throw the good meat into the garbage! (PURE EVIL!)

Well, but at midnight the nurse of the false queen saw the ghostly former queen. The queen fed the baby boy and cuddle the Fawn. Then she left the room without saying everything. The nurse asked the guards, if a woman enters the castle… But no one had seen one except herself. The Ghost returned every night. The nurse not dare to spoke with her.

After many more days at one night the Ghost studently spoke! "My child my fawn twice more I come to see, twice more I come, and then the end must be." The Nurse had enough, she went to the King and told him all about this creepy woman. The King was curios. He takes the place of the nurse to see the ghost!

As every night, the queen returned and said: "My child my fawn once more I come to see,
Once more I come, and then the end must be." The King not dare to spoke but he watched next night too!
In this last night, before the queen left, she said sadly. "My child my fawn this once I come to see, this once I come, and now the end must be." In this moment, the King recognized her:
“You are my dear wife!”
She answered. “Yes, I’m your wife!” But there was no way to restore the live of a meat girl, except with another meat girl… Now the Fawn also remembers her little sister. She always was braver as her little sister. She had to take her place! If she is honest as a Fawn, she already was meat! She prayed to the heavens to accept the fate of her sister!

With the next light her sister was back alive… The Fawn also transformed back into a girl. Than they heard a heavily voice: “Next night, a tasty roast she had to be, she had to be a tasty roast, next night!”
Both sisters had tears in their eye’s but the older sister said: “this I will be! And no one will stop me!”
The little sister had known, that there was no other way… She tried to give her bigger sister even more courage. “To be roasted is not too bad. It was a lot of fun!” she told truthfully. The three enjoy their last moment together before starting preparations…
But, before they roast the bigger sister, they had to punish the evil daughter and the Witch! They undress the daughter and brush her with honey. She had to walk into the woods without washing the honey away… It takes not long and wild animals attack her! They raped her and tore her into small pieces. Because of the divine punishment, she had to survive for a long time. The evil witch was a little bit luckier! As a witch, they had to burn her. She had to be nude and all guard could use her… But as every good meat girl knows: To be seasoned and burned alive is a very nice way to die! Well, the evil witch not had known, and misses the chance to enjoy the punishment!

As soon as there only remains ashes, it was the turn of the big sister! They dim the fire and prepared a grill. The big sister was ready, she hasn’t wear a dress anyway. (as a Fawn, she never had needed a dress) There was no reason to wait any longer! The big sister shares the same beauty like her little sister. Respectfully the king himself takes the brush in his hand. None of his guards should lay hands on her. He brushed her body with the remaining honey. In the light of the fire her body shone even more beautifully. With tears the little sisters seasoned her with the best herbs she found. Brave the big sister lay down on the hot iron. She not even flinched under the pain.
“Don’t cry little sister! Remember to basted me!””
The queen tried… But even if she does a good job brushing her sister, she couldn’t stop whining.
“This really feels great!” her big sister tried to comfort her. The pain only was bad for some seconds, then it just was hot. The brushing of her sister felt wonderful! She never had felt this good!

It was a great feast. The King never had eaten this good. Even the queen had to agree. “I wonder if I would had taste this great? … One day you had to roast me too!”

The little sister was roasted many years later. But before that, she raised several children and lived a happy life.

The Lesson: “Even if you miss your first chance to have an erotic death… There always will be another chance! And please, I begging you… never throw good meat into the garbage!!!”

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