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My name used to be Aaron Morr, but now, I go by the name ‘Cutter’. My body, that was once human, has been completely replaced by a witches curse. I am now all metal, electronics and just the hint of organics that keeps my mind intact. Yet within this mangled mess of wires, screws, bolts and washers is the heart of a real monster. To feed a human heart you eat food, you take in nutrition, you pump blood. To feed a monster’s heart… well, a different kind of sustenance is required altogether. Tonight - I was very hungry.

Three floors up, around sixteen rooms including two living spaces, six bathrooms and eight bedrooms - the Alpha Sigma Phi’s sorority house stood at the edge of a university campus. The sorority was famous for taking in freshmen to bolster their ranks, and it was still true this year. Two first year college students, at the age of seventeen, took up residence at the house. Two upperclassmen at the ages of eighteen and nineteen watched over them. Most of the campus was - what it seemed - on vacation.

Everyone was enjoying some holiday, as surveillance by any sort of law enforcement was low. It was the perfect time to cause a little power outage.

I willed it. Inside me, I felt the gears turn, the soldering flare and the parts come together. After only a minute my right hand had transformed itself into a small array dish. Using my left hand I took my right by the wrist and gave it a quick turn. The device that used to be my right-hand unlatched and I gently put it down on near my feet.

I pointed a finger at the device and a deafening low frequency burst erupted from the EMP device and all the lights went off in the house. Their nearest neighbor was half a mile away, so even if they looked out the windows they couldn’t see if the rest of the area was lit up. Only their house and the lights outside flickered into darkness.

Quietly, I walked to the back door and my right stub of a hand turned into a small antenna. I inserted it through the keyhole and a high pitched beep erupted into the house. Instantly a map of the whole house was made for me, along with its occupants. Three males, and the four girls.

They were all in one of the living areas, all naked, probably having one of their damn orgies. Everyone was trying to get dressed as exclamations of the lights turning off and the beep alerted everyone. Further analytics caught some voices.

“Fucking hell I can’t see anything!” a male’s voice yelled after a sharp thump of a stubbed toe.
“Jermey! God get off of me, please! I know your cock wants me but--,”
“It wants virgin pussy.” an older girl’s voice sounded.
“I’m not a virgin!” the first voice defended.

My antenna turned into a lockpick and I quickly gained entrance to the house, slipping into a kitchen area. I scanned the floors constantly making sure I did not step on any of the chip bags or cans lying around. The occupants started to disperse into the house, the males saying things like “It’s just a fuse. We’ll get it - calm the fuck down. Jesus.”

The fuse box? I scanned - yes, it was directly behind me. Their path to the fuse box would take them into the kitchen. Silently slid into a walk-in-pantry and waited.

Sure enough two young men came by, flashlights shining down the hall and into the kitchen. I was just out of sight. As they entered the kitchen slowly, they kicked around some cans, making themselves jump and they walked straight into my vision.

I scanned them - they were both the age of eighteen. A skinny blonde haired boy standing about six foot, six inches, and a much broader and muscled dark haired boy standing about seven foot even. The dark haired boy was the largest, if any, threat.

“For fuck’s sake Jermey - you scared the shit out of me. Watch where you’re stepping.”

“Hurry up Paul - god, we were about to bang the shit out of Amy, her pussy was so ready for me man.”

“Naw man, she was just trying to show off. She was as dry as--”

Paul’s words were cut short as inserted a metal knife that extended from the right hand into the base of the back of his skull. I lifted up and there was a vicious sounding ‘crack’ as his skull separated from his spine and the body went loose. Only a gurgling from his throat relaxing, and blood filling it could be heard.

“What did you say Pau-- WHAT THE FUCK!” Jermey yelled as he turned his light to see his friend lifted up, his eyes rolled back and a huge hunting knife extruding from the middle of his face.

“Ah- AH- AHHH!” he yelled and before he could get more out - I blasted a low deafening drone at him. The shockwave was so forceful that he flew into the kitchen sink knocking dishes and utensils everywhere. I twisted my hand and whipped Paul’s body into a table island in the middle of the room. His neck made contact first with the table corner, snapped and his head bounced - flying into Jermey’s chest. Jermey shrieked trying to grab anything he could find as my eight-foot tall steel body lumbered towards him - my horizontal single red eye filled the room with a red hue.

He grabbed a cast iron skillet from next to him and struck at me across the face. I heard a snap as his wrist cracked under the reckless force he used and the tightness of his grip. My head didn’t move a fraction of an inch. The huge hunting knife, that was my right hand, turned into an oversized pair of pliers that I drove it into his abdomen.

His shrieks turned to an all out scream as the pliers punctured his stomach, and I opened them - stretching out the skin and spilling his intestines on the floor as he coughed and dry heaved. He fell to the floor blood spilling from him as he wriggled like a gutted fish.

“JERMEY!” a voice screamed from the doorway as one of the youngest girls came to investigate the horrifying scene. She was a very petite blonde girl in pigtails, only dressed in a pink tank top and light blue panties. Target number one - confirmed. I scanned her.

Seventeen years old, B-cup breasts, only five-foot-one, blue eyes. My eye scanned her crotch, still a virgin - never even split open. Perfect. I shot my left hand out and a giant spike shot out from it and it ripped into her hand, pinning it to the wall. She wailed and tried to pull the stake from her hand only to find that it had anchored itself into the drywall. Every time she tried to remove her hand she screamed as it opened the wound further, until she fell to the floor from the pain. I walked towards her and she whimpered trying to back away, only spreading her legs and showing me her act of wetting herself. A pool of urine spread underneath her.

I turned to the left and put up my right hand, which emitted a noise cancelling noise that masked the loud noise of a gunshot. The bullet sped from the revolver held by the last remaining male and the projectile hit my head and ricocheted into the ceiling silently.

All the screaming and shouting were deafened by my noise cancelling emitter and I jogged up to the last remaining male. His mouth opened in what seemed to be a scream as he bent back and his right leg came flying at me in a roundhouse kick. Martial arts? Cute.

I grabbed his leg by the ankle and yanked him off his feet, turning him upside down. I turned to see the remaining three girls running down the hallway. Targets two, three and four - confirmed.

Still holding the male, I walked down the hallway as he fought. The emitter stopped and I could hear the screaming of the remaining three girls running up to the second floor. I listened to their movements and heard them running directly above me. I threw the boy’s body into the ceiling as hard as I could and his body cracked as it flew through the ceiling and the girls yelped as his body popped through the floor directly in front of them.

I extended my left hand as it turned into a series of grabbing claws and it shot out capturing the last three girls and throwing them down through the ceiling onto the floor in front of me. They yelped and groaned as they hit the floor. I turned to the male who was moaning in pain, his back clearly broken.

I ruthlessly picked him up by the leg again with my left hand and grabbed his other leg with my right. With slow excruciating precision I slowly pulled his legs apart. He yelled, and screamed and the girls wailed as they watched. The boy split right at his scrotum as his testicles detached, his penis flying to the right, the testes flying to the left before they snapped - his bladder springing out, and his colon and intestines spilling out the back and front in a small shower of blood.

I continued pulling until the vivisection drew down to his rib cage, where I halted to listen. The girl's whimpering, the boy just squeaking with what was left of his capacity and I gave a violent jerk as the rest of his body split in two and flew against either side of the hallway.

Stopping to admire my work, I scanned the hallway and adjacent rooms. Three girls directly in front of me, in shock. Behind me I could still hear the screaming of the girl pinned to the wall with the stake.

I stuck out the claws again, and shot them around the three girls on the floor clamping them to the floor as they shrieked in fear. Satisfied that no one was getting up soon, I turned back around and came around the corner to see the pigtailed girl in the pink top and blue painties sobbing.

“P-Please, we haven’t done anything. We’re sorry - we won’t have sex here anymore. We’re sorry, I’m sorry.” she sobbed, “Just let me go. I want to go home.”

I stood before her, silently as she pleaded. I waited until she was quiet - her doe-like eyes staring up at me pleading. It was this moment I loved - the moment of begging for their lives. With no more words I reached down and tore off her panties exposing her virgin pussy, a trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair above it. Adorable. It glistened with urine as she shivered in fear and shock.

“Hell.” my mechanical voice sounded. Her eyes shot up at me.
“Hell is all that is left for me. Now it is all that is left for you.”

Her eyes went wide and she started screaming for help, “MAMA! DADDY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” she screamed for anyone to help her as she realized my intent to end her life.

Both my hands turned into regular hands as I bent down amid her cries, and violently lifted her tanktop to expose her soft b-cup breasts. I grabbed her left breast, admiring its perfect roundness and natural feeling, her nipple fully erect. I gently fondled it with my thumb.

“Please just rape me! Please take my body! Just let me go afterwards. I’m a virgin! Take my virginity! Just spare me!” she shrieked her pussy actually getting a little wet hearing her own words. Perfect, sexual juice mixed with blood was what I needed. I turned on my ‘feeding’ mode and another low tone erupted from my body and stopped her screaming for a second. For a second it was completely quiet - a gentle calm.

My right hand tore into her left breast and she shrieked as I tore her beautiful orb from her body. Muscle and soft fat splattered to the floor as her breast, nipple and all, came loose. Her other hand grabbed at her lost anatomy and I threw her breast to the side leaving her shrieking and crying, blood pouring from her chest. My right hand closed into a fist and I struck her exposed vagina. She yelped in the middle of her screaming - her hand flew into the way of my next strike and a laser flew from my single eye cutting of her arm from the elbow down. She screamed further as her free appendage hit the ground, but was silenced again as I punched her cunt repeatedly.

Soon I heard a crack as her pelvis gave way. Her pussy was bleeding from the inside and the blood started to pool out of her virgin opening. I grabbed her by the middle and stood ripping her from the stake as her remaining hand was torn in half. A third mechanical hand extended from my back, and together with my left hand, viciously spread eagled the girl above me with a snap as her hips popped from the forceful splits. Her voice was just a long screech as I held her above me, and a mechanical mouth opened below her vagina. I held her there for minutes as the blood just flowed from her broken vagina into me.

Finally her voice just turned to wracked sobs as she quickly lost blood. Her vagina was punctured, her uterus ruptured, and all the blood of her body rushed to the new openings as she turned pale. When the flow has slowed I lowered her vagina towards my mouth which turned itself into a high grade shredder. Her screams renewed as I slowly, and painfully lowered her sex into the blades, they ripped into her sensitive lips, then into the soft internal walls of her vaginal canal, and finally engulfed her bleeding uterus - ovaries and all.

The girl was in complete shock due to blood loss when I was done. I threw her to the floor where she proceeded to simply breathe and bleed from between her legs from where her genitals had once been.

Knowing she would be dead soon I left her to die in peace. Rounding the corner were the three girls crying and whimpering after hearing the pleas, screams and shrieks of their friend.

“What did you do to Amy you fuck! Go die in a fire! Go fucking kill yourself you insane murderer!” one of the girls yelled. She was a long haired brunette with D cup breasts. Dressed in a black tee shirt and short jeans, her dark hair cascaded down to her midsection beautifully framing her face and body. She looked about the age of nineteen, one of the oldest and had a very sexy hourglass figure.

One of the other girls curled up and simply sobbing was a short haired redhead with nice light freckles and she even still had braces! Her figure was petite and small, she was about the size of the girl I had just torn apart. She seemed to be only an A-cup and was dressed in a silky night gown, probably about to have sex with one of the males I had killed.

The final girl was a brunette C-cup but had her hair tied back in a ponytail with fierce green eyes. She was not sobbing and not shaking. She stared at me with hatred. She was dressed in just dark blue panties and a matching bra. Her beautiful neck was thin and exposed due to her hair style. This was going to be quite fun.

My body erupted the low frequency again as it entered its feeding mode, but this time I lowered my arms to the ground and metal tentacles flew in all directions, grabbing materials from the surrounding environment. Quickly, wood, bolts, screws and rope came together to make one of the strangest contraptions.

Three seats, and right in front of each seat, angled up, was a very large hunting knife, with huge serrated edges. All the seats and knives were connected to each other by what seemed to be simple leverage mechanisms and a few intricate pulley systems near the blades.

The girls were quiet. It was simple to show them how it worked. I pushed down one seat, and in-front of another seat the blade traveled into the place where another girl’s crotch would be, and then tilted upwards and sawed back and forth further upwards as the seat was pressed further down. I proceeded to push each seat down and they all made a blade move on a different seat.

If I could smile, I would of. This was one of my favorites. My mechanical tentacles stretched out and grabbed the girls who screamed in terror as they were clamped into place above each seat.

“STOP! NO! YOU FUCKING SICKO! NO WE’RE NOT DOING THIS! NO!” the pony-tailed girl protested to my apathetic hearing. Soon they were all in a position like they were trying to urinate on the floor, just above every seat. Two pairs of metal pads were held right above each girl’s shoulders stopping them from standing up any further. Squatting like that was very uncomfortable and there were only two options. To stay squatting, or to sit down. My metal tentacles held steady with blades ready, threatening against any chance to escape otherwise.

“No.. Jenna! I’m so scared, please! Your seat is attached to the blade in front of me.” the redhead cried.


“I hate this. I HATE THIS! PLEASE!” the blonde yelled and her pants darkened with urine.

Well then, clothing like that shouldn’t get in the way. My tentacle’s knives gently cut away the girl’s clothing leaving them naked above the seats. The blonde’s urine slowly pooled on the seat below her, sweat starting to form on her face.

“BRENDA! DON’T PANIC. We need to remain in control. He’ll get tired of this sick game if we don’t give in!” the pony-tailed girl yelled.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to break their spirits by telling them I don’t get tired, or that I don’t sleep. I wanted to watch them slowly wear out, slowly wear down.

The blonde girl nodded to the girl who I now knew was named Jenna. Hmm. Jenna, Ellie and Brenda. What a beautiful trio, each with their own satisfying traits.

Brenda was quite a sight with the largest breasts between the three - that extra weight can’t be making this easier for her. Her figure was beautiful but the hour glass figure does not balance well further weakening her resolve.

Ellie, the redhead was very plain as far as her body went, but her small breasts, young face, freckles and braces made her seem even younger than seventeen, just a babe out of high school. Her almost hairless pussy showed that she wanted to be an adult and shaved. Very precious, and it will be absolutely fantastic to see her meet her blade.

Jenna - oh Jenna, quite the little firecracker. Anger and rage in her eyes as she just kept eye contact with my red slit of an eye. She had a toned athletic body and looked like nothing would be able to take her down.

To my joy - I had chosen the girl’s positioning well, if Brenda fell, a blade would saw into Jenna. If Jenna fell, she would send a knife into Ellie. Finally, if Ellie fell, she would rip into Brenda.

And who was straining the most? Yes. Brenda. Almost an hour had passed and Brenda’s breath had become labored, she had pissed herself twice more and was beginning to whimper.

“B-Brenda. This is nothing. Just keep going. We just have to hold out until someone comes. Then they’ll rescue us and we can go home. They’ll kill this motherfucker. They’ll kill him!” Jenna said with a hoarse voice and spat at me.

This was taking just as much of a toll on her as well. Poor Ellie had bursted into tears a few more times, only to be met with Jenna’s threats of giving in would end them. To not give me what I wanted.

Two hours. Ellie started sobbing.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I-I-I-I-I can’t!” Ellie squealed as her legs started to buckle.


No, it wasn’t.

“YOU CAN DO THIS ELLIE! YOU CAN--” before Jenna could finish little Ellie lost her foot’s grip and fell. The blade flew up into Brenda’s vagina ripping into her smoothly and spilling her blood all over her seat. She emitted a horrifying scream.

“BRENDA! BRENDA! NOOOOO!” Ellie shrieked,

“NO! NO! NO!” Jenna screamed as Brenda felt the blade tear through her love canal and saw up to her uterus, tearing her open. Her legs buckled as blood splattered and she fell on her seat sending a blade towards Jenna.

Jenna’s beautiful pussy lips ripped open at the blade’s sawing motion, she could feel her pussy walls split, the tip of the blade sawing back and forth and stabbing into the back of her vagina’s wall as it traveled upwards. Her tone muscles flexed apart, tearing her uterus in half as she shrieked.


Jenna’s blood just poured out from her but she stayed standing. She sobbed, and trembled but her shaking legs continued to hold her up.

“JENNA! JENNA!” Ellie screamed and screamed watching Jenna’s tortured body unwavering.

“Ellie… I love you.” Jenna called out under her wracked sobs.

“I LOVE YOU TOO! I love you. Please stop. You can stop now. I love you.” Ellie whispered defeatedly. Jenna mouthed the words again and passed out, falling on the seat and sending the knife into Ellie’s virgin pussy, ripping the smooth slit open. The young girl’s throat opened up to horrible sounds as she felt her little pussy split in half as the smooth blades mutilated the girl’s reproductive organs.

Soon all that was left was sobbing, or silence. I picked up each girl and held them overhead once more, pouring their blood filtered through their sex organs into my mouth. Then devouring what was left of their pussies and uterus. Ellie was the only one who really awoke screaming as I was tearing her uterus from her body. She was even awake after that, so I gave her a reward - tearing off Jenna’s breasts and stuffing them where Ellie’s pussy had been. I threw Jenna’s body over Ellie to warm her as cold death took them both.

The quiet was beautiful. The only sound was the trickling of blood from girl’s decimated parts between their legs. I turned back around and out towards the kitchen, and was met with surprise. The young pigtailed girl was still alive, bleeding out on the floor. I knelt down and gently caressed her remaining beautiful virgin breast as the shining light in her eyes finally faded.

The local authorities would probably find them within the next twenty-four hours. But I had time. I slowly made my way back outside, took my EMP emitter from the ground, and took in the fresh air. Smells like wonderful death.

Best, I get back to the others.

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