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Amy's quest for Sonic heart.

Sometimes Amy doubts, if Sonic really loves her… A stupid question! Sonic loves her! He is just a little bit shy with girls. But this doesn’t mean he is uncool! Sonic is the coolest person you can find on this planet, if not even in the universe! But still… Sometimes Amy doubts... After all, Amy tries everything to seduce Sonic. But every time he runs away. She trained to become stronger, cooler and more stylish. Sonic doesn’t care. She wears shorter and more sexy dresses. Sonic not registers. She even tries bondage. Sonic safe her, and this is cool… But, well… Sometimes Amy wish to get a little bit more intimate with her boyfriend and future groom. It looks a little bit like, as if Sonic not even is interested in her. But this can’t be true! Amy doesn’t give up. She will confront him! He will tell her, what he wants!

“Sonic!!!” Amy shouts as lovely, as she can.

“Oh Shit… Amy.” Sonic hasn’t see her coming. He tries to run, but it’s too late.

“Sonic! Don’t run away!” Pooh, he really is a shy hedgehog...

Pooh, she really is an annoying brat… “Hi Amy… I'm busy. Eggman, world saving. The usual.”

Cool as ever! A true hero. This is the biggest reason, Amy loves him. “I know… I just want to ask you some think…”

“Can’t it wait? I have no time.” He tries to find an opening.

Not this time! Amy will ask him… Now! “Stop!!! You have enough time! It’s very important for me!”

She never understands… “Okay. I am the faster hedgehog after all.” He tries to sound cool. “Just ask!”

Amy get a bit shy herself but she needs to ask. “What can I give you, to make you happy? I mean, what do you like about me?”

“I want, that’s you leave me alone! I hate you!” he just thinks… Well, he can’t tell her the truth. “ähm… I like your cooking… I guess.”

“Cooking!?” Okay this is easy! More info she doesn’t need! Amy needy to find a good recipe! She runs back home as fast as she can.

“Yes!” Sonic should with relieve… He hopes this wasn’t a failure. You never know, what this crazy girl is planning.

Sonic likes her cooking! She need to cook him something. But what? She has been thinking for two days… She can’t just cook a meal, it must be something special! She wants to make Sonic proud. She need to think about what he has said. “Amy rose. I love it, when you cook.” (this is how Amy remembers) … “When you cook.” … Wait! Does he mean “when you cook yourself.”? He must mean this! This really is something special! Well, if he wants this, Amy will make sure to fulfil his wish.

Amy asked Eggman friendly. (Or more likely beat him up.) After this he has built her everything she needs. A big oven, which can prepare a girl without someone to operate the device. Eggman is a nice guy, if you ask him friendly. She had invited Sonic for this afternoon with a fake name. She wants to surprise him after all. Everything is prepared, except herself!

Okay time to strip! She starts with her boots, no reason to be shy about it, she is alone. She giggles if she thinks about how Sonic will see her naked. She drops her dress. He never sees her naked. Fast she removes her panty. Will he like her filet? Sadly, she never will know… If everything works the way, she plans it! Next step, cutting vegetables. Easy! Okay now she needs to fill the honey and the vegetable into Eggman machine. She hopes this machine works the way it should! She had wished do prepare herself but there is no way she can do this, without a little help. There is no one she can ask. Therefore, she used Eggman machine! To cook herself slowly, she just needs to activate mode 2. Now, the dial of the machine shows “ready”. Well, last step… Enter the machine! If she does this, there is no way back. Amy needs a moment, to prepare a last love letter. It’s not like, as if she fears to cook herself… But she fears, that’s Sonic doesn’t like her taste! “He had wish it!” she says to herself. “There is no chance he doesn’t like me!”. With this courage, she finally enters the oven. The door closed by itself. There really is no turning back!

Amy is very excited but she still need to concentrate. Eggman is an expert in building useless fighting robots but not in building kitchen devices. She will still need to help a little bit. At least this far it works as planned. The oven starts to get hotter and the arms with the seasoning enter the small space. The device tries its best to reach any corner of her body. Amy help the device as good as she can. This is a lot of fun, mostly because its tickles. It’s also way more erotic as everything, Sonic ever done with her. Will Sonic be sorry to miss this opportunity? “Well he gets something much better.” Amy giggles. The device can’t reach some of her more private areas. She uses this pleasant new task to dream about Sonic. This makes the situation even better…

Admittedly, it gets a bit hot for her. It must be around this time. There is a small hose in the machine. The machine should now stuff her. The hose try to find her, without success. Well, another fun part Amy can do by herself! She takes the hose and penetrate her own cunt as deep as possible. Its hurt a little bit ... Sonic would have felt better. This thought arouses her. The device needs a moment to realize, that it has reached its target. It is a strange feeling when the vegetables are pressed into her. The device just need 1 minute. Amy has no real time to get used to the weight. The hose is replaced by a carrot. Apparently, the machine has completed the analysis of her body and no longer needs any help. That's why the hand now ties her up. Amy is placed in a kneeling position. Her legs are tied around her ankles and knees. Her arms get tied on her back. Another rope combine them into a hogtie. As the last touch, an apple is stuck into her mouth. She takes him gratefully. Amy feel more and more like meat…

It's almost unbearably hot now. The oven is finally hot enough to roast a girl. The hands start to brush her with the honey basting. In the end, Amy just can wait. She really feels like meat… But she enjoyed it! With every new basting, with every minute that’s past, she feels Sonic love more strongly. She can smell the sweet smell of her own body. She already gets hungry herself. But above all she is tired…

When Sonic comes, the machine has already served Amy on a silver tablet. He is shocked first… But then he tries the cute meat. After all its smell, divine. Amy did a good job. Her meat tasted perfect. She has achieved her goal! Sonic never loved her as much, as in this moment.

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