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My name is Aaron Morr, or at least it used to be. Countless years ago a rip opened in what is now known as the space-time-continuum. I was with my friends Jonas and Lars, and we were pulled into it.

We thought we died because we awoke in a paradise. It was not Earth, but all the common sense rules we knew applied to this new place. We drank fresh water always, all the fruit was completely ripe and always delicious and finally the world was populated by beautiful young women.

So what did we do? What any young men in such a paradise would. We ate everything, drank everything and fucked everyone. The women were absolutely amazing and they seemed to be defenseless and almost infinite. We fucked them whether they wanted to or not.

That was life - fucking the willing and raping the rest. They all ranged from as young as six to as old as twenty. At least, that’s what they seemed like. Life was the best - what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out that world was owned by a trio of powerful witches. The witches came one day, captured us and to punish us for our, what had now been years, of transgressions against their women.

They casted spells on us and turned us into monsters. Helpless monsters. They turned Jonas into a vampire, they turned me into a robot and they turned Lars into a dog. They transformed us into their own personal kinks and for centuries forced us to be their sexual slaves. The witches raped us, and beat us, and treated us like complete tools. We deserved it. But we lost our minds and our will to live,

Centuries later a scientist found their way to the dimension and encountered us. Seeing us something to be pitied he returned our minds and gave us the power to steal the witches powers if we could eat a part of their anatomy.

The next day, the witches ordered us to eat them out. It was our chance. During the sexual session we all, at the same time, ripped into the witches genitals and the moment we tasted their blood the scientist’s power took effect. Jonas got the power to create blades and barbs from any part of his body. Lars got the power to create devouring and stabbing tentacles from his body. And I got the power to create power tools at any point of my robotic body.

We then destroyed the witches with our new powers and went back to the scientist. We felt tired, and worn out. The scientist told us it was because we needed to fuel our power and our fuel type was dictated by which parts of the witches we consumed.

“Interesting! Most interesting!” the scientist exclaimed, “because you bit those bitches in their cunts it seems your fuel is blood, filtered through the reproductive organs of a woman.”
Lars snorted and through his canine mouth came audible words, “so… we have to eat pussy?”

“Yes! Lots of it apparently!” the scientist cried. We then killed the scientist for making us even more of freaks than we were before then proceeded the hunt down every girl and woman in the world. Once we had cleared the world of females, we used the scientist’s vehicle to tear new holes in the Space-Time-Continuum. We could return to multiple realities of Earth, each time its population rejuvenated and in a different state.

We arrived on Earth in the mid 90s where apparently something called ‘magic’ was in effect. We landed ourselves in a european city.
Using the computer we choose our new targets for food.

“An all girl school, sounds quite scrumptious.” Jonas said and bid his leave.

“An academy for… magical girls? I guess I’ll go there.” Lars said and bounded away.

I set my eyes for a sorority and turned on my rocket boosters.

This was going to be a lot of fun.


Eh... Kind of rushed and rather cringe-worthy.


Agreed, but its a part of the story that I expect people to skip on.

I just kind of wanted to get it out of the way so we can get to the parts that matter.

I didn't need this to be good, I just need it to exist.
I'm spending much more time and effort on the upcoming parts. :)


Don't be discouraged, I liked it!


Don't be discouraged, I liked it!


Hahaha no worries - I'm not discouraged at all.
I'm very excited that I've covered material that I don't want to talk about while I'm writing about the more "interesting" stuff.

I'll be writing Part 2 tomorrow as I continue working on my usual 3D stuff ;)

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