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My name is Jonas Eva Von Hearth, and I am a happy man right now. In front of me, at the end of a long hallway cowered a young teenage girl in a beautiful blue dress, with white trim. It flow nicely along her nice maybe… fifteen? Sixteen year old figure? Delicious C cups, smooth white skin, dark long hair draped along her back. But her eyes, yes - her eyes were wide, dark and large with fear as I approached her. It was a big disappointing that as I looked down her dress. I noticed it was spoiled by her own urine. It had traveled out of her, through her now stained panties and all over her dress and legs, to what was now a running puddle on the floor.

“NO! NO! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” the girl shrieked seeming to try to move into the wall she was pressed against. I just smiled and bent over down at her.

“Now, why would you think I’d do that?” I asked. Her eyes flickered back and forth between confusion and panic.

“You… you raped my friends and killed them.” she stuttered. I stood straight slowly, growing to my full seven foot height. My own dark brown trench-coat swayed back and forth as I pondered her statement. Tipping my Fedora hat up I smiled down at her.

“Well, not exactly. I killed them by raping them. Though you do have a point, history does predict that I will do the same to you.” I said softly gently putting one of my hands against the back of her head as she whimpered and started to shake.

Without any warning I clutched her hair and yanked her to her tip toes where she screamed out, tears running down her face. “NO! NO! NO! HELP ME! SOMEONE! OH GOD! OH GOD!”

“God won’t help you.” I whispered into her ear and slowly led my other hand to her thigh, along her silky smooth skin, savoring each moment, and tracing the path of her urine to the point between her legs. My fingers slowly nudged aside the cotton white panties and I stroked her soft pussy. Her shrieks increased as she felt my fingers at her most sensitive region.

“Now… scream for me.” I said and felt the extension of several sharp barbs extend along my fingers. I put my pointer finger and middle finger together and forced them between the lips of her vagina. The barbs ripped into her vaginal canal as my fingers invaded her. Her screams erupted in full force as I slammed her into the wall, her legs and arms flailing as I ripped and finger raped her. Blood gushed out from between her legs staining her cute dress and splatting on the floor. I felt my fingertips hit her uterus wall and sharply yanked my fingers out of her - the retracting barbs ripping internal vaginal flesh out.

I looked at my fingers covered in blood and even some of her sex juices. I retracted the barbs back into my fingers and licked her blood off of them. Turning back to her I saw she was already going into shock from the sudden blood loss.

“Not yet!” I yelled and slammed her into the wall again which seemed to knock her back into her senses and she gasped out for air. “I said - scream!” I yelled and pulled a knife from my belt - slashing at one of her beautiful tits. The blade flew through her dress, bra and into her right milky white orb, right across her nipple. She screamed again, and in a fluid motion I flipped the knife in my hand, lowered it, and thrusted it into her destroyed vagina. I pulled the knife out and plunged it back into her cunt several times before I threw her to the ground. She was just crying at this point, her body convulsing from the attack.

I pried her legs apart and lowered my head to her mutilated cunt. I slowly lapped up the blood that was gushing forth and then slowly started to eat her butchered pussy. She tried to scream more as she felt her vagina being ripped out of her but her raw throat could take no more and she just emitted strangled guttural sounds as I feasted on her genitals.

After tearing her pussy to pieces I found that my knife had nicely also ripped up her uterus leaving it easy to pull out of the young girl’s body. I took my time savoring the taste of her ovaries as I picked them from her reproductive organ and finished the job by devouring the uterus itself. The girl had since gone into full shock and was simply bleeding to death in front of me.

I wiped her blood and viscera from my face with a handkerchief and stood up. My job here was done. I had best return to the others.

I slowly walked back down the hallway and admired my work. Strewn across the hallway were several other girls that were dead or dying, their vaginas mutilated, uterus gone, and sometimes their breasts ripped from them as well. Ah... the greatness of all girl schools.

Do I have your attention now reader? My name is Jonas Eva Von Hearth - but now they simply call me Fedora. I am one of the three Pussy Killers and I’m here to show you what we have become and why. For we are not something that just happens - we were made.



reminds me of this scene a bit:


reminds me of this scene a bit:



Man, I'm glad they tried to put that scene in the anime as far as they could.

Please look forward to more of this sort of writing :)

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