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Repost because accidentally posted before proofread - finishing last time.
Also class size would be large, but there are solutions. Maybe they consolidate classes through the year as they lower in size, or maybe there is a waiting list to get into school. There are explanations.

Each week, the lowest performing female student in the class was to be snuffed. To encourage the male students to work almost as hard, the best performing students always got to 'participate' in the event.

This explains why Mindy was nervous when she sat down in her desk for the final period of the day. She knew that she was near the bottom of the list right now. Her and her best friend Shannah had far too often cut class and wasted time trying to get the attention of the few boys in the class.

She sat down, worried. She looked around the room and didn't see Shannah anywhere. It should be easy, given that she was the only black girl in the class, and had a head long frizzy hair (though she usually kept it tied back pretty tightly). There were still 5 minutes before the bell.

At that moment the teacher cleared his voice and addressed the class,

"As you guys know, it's that time of the week again! I know you're all excited to find out who this week's lucky students are!"

Some of the boys were grinning at this point, a few were crossing their fingers hoping that they would make the cut. Cassie glanced her way and gave her a wicked smile.

"But this week we have an interesting situation. It seems that both Shannah and Mindy are tied for the lowest marks in the class! So depending on whether or not Shannah is on time or not, we won't know who didn't make the cut for a couple more minutes."

Shannah sighed. She knew it was close, just not that close. Either way today was going to suck.


Oh shit! The bell rang. That meant she was spared today, but, well. Too bad for Shannah she guessed, she knew what position they were in.

It was another 5 minutes before Shannah came through the door. the teacher simply told her she was late, and that would be another demerit on her record. Shannah sighed and sat down beside Mindy.

"So who's getting it today?" she whispered.

"It's you dumbass, what were you doing anyways? The only reason it's you and not me was because you were late today"

"Ha, it was going to happen sometime. As if either of us were going to make it through the year. Anyways, can I borrow a hair t---"

The teacher interrupted, "Shush Shannah. Just because you've figure out this is your last class doesn't mean you have to ruin it for the other students."

Shannah, rolled her eyes and sat back, putting her hair into a bun. Not seeing a reason not to, she slipped her hand into her tights and began quietly masturbating.

Mindy just tried to keep her mind off things and actually listened for once.


* riiing*

"Alright, Shannah please come to the front of the room. You'll need to remove your clothes, and place them in the garbage." Shannah got up and walked confidently to the front of the room. More than one hand grabbed a squeeze of her ass as she walked between the desks. "And would the boys, Bill, Malcolm, and Thomas come to the front. You have to go fetch the guillotine from outside, the custodian should have dropped it off by now".

Shannah's jaw dropped when she heard the teacher say guillotine. She didn't know about this! Usually the snuffees where just hanged, or strangled by hand. Once or twice a girl had her throat cut, but that was unusual.

"We've gotten some extra funding from the population control board, the school put it to good use! Shannah I can tell you're excited to try it out, it's going to be quite the experience for you, I'm sure." The class laughed as Shannah, shuddered, her hand subconciously going to her neck.

Mindy watched the boys rolling it in. What a machine! It looked brand new, gleaming stainless steel. Not as tall as she expected, but realized that was because it was a pneumatic model. There was no bench or anything, just a neck sized hole, and an impressive blade above it. A single piston was going to force that through her friend's neck soon.

"Hurry up Shannah, the boys want to have their fun and we don't want to be here too late." Shannah sighed and began stripping in front of the class. She looked over at the machine that would kill her and shuddered.

Thomas and Malcolm grabbed old of her and pulled her in front of the machine. "On your knees dumb slut," said Thomas, as he pushed her down. Both of them had already removed their pants, and so she found herself with two dicks in her face. She sighed, then took Thomas's dick down her throat. Malcolm needed attention too, and she was doing her best to jerk him off while sucking Thomas's cock.

Bill was inspecting the guillotine, and had found the control switch. It was on a wire, so it could be given to anyone nearby. He also figured out how to raise the lunette.

Shannah was doing her best to drag things out, and both Malcolm and Thomas were loving it. Thomas began moaning and Shannah backed off his cock, but it was too late. He grunted, and shot several ropes of cum over Shannah's face. Shannah giggled in spite of her situation, "Couldn't last long could you? I would've thought you would have have wanted to fuck me while my head was locked in that thing. Oh well..."

Malcom laughed, "Well then bitch, guess you'd better get ready. I got dibs on your ass, but Bill called your pussy when the blade goes down."

Shannah hesitated, then began crawling towards the machine. She looked through the lunette, at the rest of the class watching her. Most were masturbating, some were just watching with interest. Mindy blew her a kiss. Shannah smiled, and rest her head on the bottom of the lunette. She felt the cold metal against her neck and shivered.

The lunette clicked as Bill pushed it closed. Shannah was locked in. Malcolm came up behind her and pushed into her ass without warning. The class laughed as she squealed with Malcolm roughly fucking her. It wasn't long though before she felt him shoot his load deep into her ass. Too bad she would never do this again, it was actually pretty hot.

She then felt Bill's hand on her back. She shuddered. "Please make me cum at least, before..."

"As long as you can get off before I'm ready to blow my load. You're just a dumb snuff slut, you don't get to make requests."

He then pushed into her pussy and began fucking her hard. She was fucking him back, trying to get off, desperatly trying. She reached back with one hand, trying to rub her clit as well.

"Oh.. ooooh... ooooooooooH --- SS
-- hissssssTHUNK" Just as she began to come Bill had pushed the button. In less than a second the blade had come down and separated her head from her body. Bill groaned as he shot his load into the now headless corpse.

It landed on the floor face-first and rolled once or twice, before landing face-up. "Holy shit, she's still a bit alive I think!" exclaimed Thomas, looking down at her. "Her eyes as still moving!"

Watching from her desk, Mindy had orgasmed when the blade came down. She heard the teacher say, "That's it for today obviosly, see you all next week!"

She walked to the front of the room. The boys had already left, they didn't care about Shannah as anything more than a fuck toy. She knelt down and looked at Shannah's face. It even still had some of Thomas's cum on it. She had looked so sexy in the guillotine, cum on her face, trying desperately to orgasm before she lost her head. She wondered just what would have been going through her head while the blade was going through her neck... Her hand drifted down to her crotch again...

"Getting a good look?" Asked the teacher suddenly as he was packing up. "After all, you probably want to be ready. You know your marks, you're probably next in line. Next week that'll be your head on the floor most like."

Mindy shuddered. "Honestly, you're probably right." She looked back at Shannah. Her eyes were still faintly moving. "Is she still alive?"

"Probably not, but you never know. Well actually, you probably will find out. Anyways, have a good weekend!"

Mindy sighed. She looked at her friend's head, and over at the body slumped over in front of the guillotine. The class had mostly filtered out by now, the janitor would be coming to take Shannah's body away.

"You know, it's not all bad. I'm actually kind of curious..." She said to no one in particular. On impulse, she gave Shannah's dead lips a kiss, and placed her head by her body. She shuddered again when she saw the cum dripping out of her friend's ass and pussy.

She gathered her stuff, and began home. Next week would be... interesting to say the least.


Much better, very nicely done! Can't wait to see what happens to Mindy :)


On Monday morning Mindy came into class early. She had a question to ask the teacher.

"Soooooo... I'm still the bottom of the class pretty much right? Is there anyway I'm going to get out of it this week?"

"Give me a second..... Hm....", replied her teacher, rifling through the notes on his desk. "Looks like the closest female student is about 10% higher than you. Only way to pass Natalie is if you do something like 40% better than her on the test this week.."

"Yeah that figures.... Uh..."

"Something on your Mind Mindy?"

"Will... will you be booking the guillotine for this Friday again...?"

The teacher smirked, "Guess you'll find out then, but I'd say there's a pretty fair chance you'll be getting a head shorter this Friday."

Mindy shuddered and returned to her seat. She glanced over at the empty chair next to her.


On test day Mindy stared at the test. Maybe she'd have had a shot at this if she hadn't spend her study time masturbating to the mental image of her friends cum-covered head. She sighed, and began doodling a guillotine on the page. She didn't expect this to happen, she never figured she'd be exited for Friday to come. She always thought they'd have to drag her up to the front of the room.

Handing in the paper, the teacher raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Thursday after school Mindy ran into Thomas outside class.

"Hey Mindy, how you feeling about tomorrow? Everyone knows it's you after all."

"I'm okay." She switched to a whisper, "Honestly the whole thing kinda turns me on a bit. You're still top of the class right, you going to be fucking me tomorrow?"

"Yeah looks like it. Actually I was talking to some of the other guys and they say we missed out last week We should've used Shannah's mouth after her head popped off. That fine with you? I mean, really we'll do it anyways, but thought I'd give you a heads up", he said, chuckling at his unintentional pun.

"I mean... That's all I'm good for now right? Just the class fuck toy arn't I? Tell you what. I'll even put in pigtails tomorrow so you have handles to hold when you pick up my head"

"OOoh that's hot. Sleep well Mindy, I'll see you tomorrow!"


Mindy came into class the next day, Pigtails in as promised (When Thomas saw them he gave her a thumbs up). Class seemed to fly by that day as if in a haze. It was only when the final period bell rang that she actually snapped out of it.

Things really got real for her when the guillotine was rolled in.

"Well class, I think you know who got chosen today. Mindy didn't even bother writing the test. The only thing I got back was a crude drawing of a slut getting her head chopped off in a guillotine," the class laughed at that. "Anyways, Mindy you should get up here and strip, Thomas, Bill and Luke are the ones this week, sorry Bill. At least you got to drop the blade last week."

As Mindy walked up to the front of the room she passed Bill's desk. She whispered, "Too bad, you gave Shannah a good time before her head popped off, guess I'll have to deal with Luke instead."

"Bitch hurry up and get chopped already, I want to go home"

As she got to the front of the room she had already torn off her shirt and bra. She wasn't wearing any underwear today, so figured she could just leave her skirt on though. Might as well help the boys she figured. She held the door as they rolled the heavy machine in again.

"Eager arn't you slut?" Asked Thomas grinning.

She blushed, then pouted, "I just want a good fuck. If my head has to come off for that to happen then hurry up with the guillotine."

The boys wasted no time after that. After getting the machine set up in the center of the room, Mindy had pulled down their jeans and had begun eagerly sucking one dick while keeping the other two in each hand.

As she switched between dicks she said to the guys, "Don't blow yet either you guys. I know Shannah liked it, but I want you to either cum in my dying pussy or out my severed neck stump"

Just when she felt they were close she stopped and ran to the guillotine. She actually took a closer look for once. then slid down onto her knees and looked thought the lunette. Malcolm came over and raised it for her.

"Such a gentleman", she said, giggling.

"Oh I'm not going to be gentle," he replied, slamming the lunette shut.

Mindy had very little time to contemplate the fact that she was now locked in, and would only get out once the blade came down as Luke's dick thrust into her ass as Malcolm began roughly facefucking her. She yelled unintelligibly onto Malcolm's cock.

Thomas stood nearby, stroking his cock. He switched with Luke behind her a couple times, also taking her ass. Mindy thought "great, that's going to taste like ass now"

It wasn't long before Luke came. He sprayed cum all over her back. Mindy thought it was strange that he didn't cum inside, but whatever, that was still hot. Malcolm stopped fucking her throat, and switched to her pussy. Thomas came up and grabbed one of her pigtails.

"Time's up slut, I want to see how good you suck dick when you're just a head"

"Waiiit I haven't

Her view sung wildly as she dangled from one pigtail in Thomas's hand. Fuck that hurt, but she quickly stopped feeling the pain. She.. remembered something and opened her mouth as Thomas's cock came into view. She tried weakly to move her tongue.

As things grew darker she though she felt the cock in her mouth pulse. "Good," she though, "I did get him off."

The last thing she thought before the darkness cam was that his dick did taste like ass.

"What the fuck man I wasn't ready," said Malcolm, annoyed. He wasn't ready to cum when the blade fell. He tried to fuck the dead pussy a couple more times, but it wasn't as good as he though. It was a lot better when that bitch was actually moving with him, and begging to die.

"Let me have the head then,"

Malcolm shrugged, then tossed the head over. He jerked himself off, and sprayed it over her dead face.

Dropping the head on the floor, he went to pack up his things.


Again very fun! I do love the school stuff :)
Curious to see if you try other methods or go with expanding on this one, could you try a bit more detail of the girls, physically and emotionally? I'm sure even in a society where it's normal, some must be scared or even elated. Obviously just suggestions, but this is looking to shape up to be my favorite series since School Selections!


holding out hope for another chapter. maybe another method? :)




that was fun <3


Kris exhaled a thick cloud of some back at Sarah and giggled.

"Yeah so I've got the lowest mark in my homeroom class for sure. Pretty sure I'ma get it next week"

Sarah took the blunt back from her and laughed, "Well duh, if you skip every other class to come out and smoke with us stoners. The only reason I'm still here is because Matt lets me cheat of him every test. How is your class doing these days anyways."

"Ugggh, next week teach promised the class a spitting....", she grimaced. "I mean I've had plenty of stuff on my ass but that shit's going to hurt"

Kris sighed, then laid back on the grass. Looking around at the grungy lot where the rest of the potheads hung out, she thought about whether this was really how she should have been spending her high school time. As she was lying there a train rumbled past the empty lot, behind the torn fence.

Kris though to herself. The last two weeks had it easy. All Shannah and Mindy had to deal with was a moment of pain and then poof. She couldn't imagine they lasted that long as just heads.

"Whatcha thinkin bout?" Asked Sarah, lying down next to her. As Kris began to answer her hand started to find it's way between Kris's legs.

"Ooh... Just thinking about how quick it would've been if I got the guillotine, like the last two weeks... It's not fair if I have to deal with the spit..."

"I mean, I bet it's not that quick," Sarah grinned, "I bet you'd have enough time to eat me out..."

Sarah trust her fingers into Kris's pussy, which was now sopping wet. "Ah fuuuuuckk.... What are you implying you bitch..."

Sarah said something, but Kris was too busy having her orgasm and it was drowned out by the horn of an approaching train anyways.

After it passed Kris sat up. Sarah gave her a look.


"You owe me an orgasm. And you don't want to get spitted. So why not put your neck on the track, and I can have fun with your head afterwards! It's a win win!"

"Uuuuh you're really not supposed to do things yourself... right?"

Sarah pouted.... "C'cmoooon..... I want to see how long you can lick my pussy before you die... and you're not going to last anyways...."

Kris shrugged, "Fine... I guess that works. Expected to last till tomorrow at least but it's better than the Jessica"

Sarah clapped her hands excitedly, "Wooooo you go girl! Hurry up and get over there, I think it's co
" She was interrupted by a train horn.

Grabbing Kris's hand she pulled her over to the hole torn in the chain link fence separating the tracks from the vacant lot. She pulled Kris onto tracks and looked to her left and right. "I see the lights! It'll be here in a couple minutes! Get on your back you slut!"

Kris, taken aback by how sudden this was thinking about protesting, but something in her was really enjoying this. She quickly got onto the ground, and then shimmied herself so she was lying on her back between the the rails, with her head hanging off one side. The rail was cold on the back of her neck, and sh shuddered as she though about how the steel wheels of the train wouldn't even slow as they sliced through her think pale neck.

She didn't have much time to ponder though as Sarah quickly positioned over her, and squatted on her face. Kris began eating her out, and was shocked at the amount to pussy juices we flowing over her face.

She couldn't see anything under Sarah's skirt, but she heard a horn, and the rails was beginning to vibrate. The roar of the approaching train was getting louder Then Sarah suddenly stepped back, and blew her a kiss.

Kris was confused for a second, wondering why Sarah wanted her to stop, then realised what must be about to happen and winked at her. Sudden sharp pain and then her vision was spinning. After what felt like an eternity she found herself staring at the gravel, and couldn't move.

Sarah gasped as Kris's head was severed, but was flung a dozen feet down the track, rolling and bouncing. She quickly ran down to grab it. She picked it up, and looked at the bloody, bruised face. A couple of her piercings had been torn out, she was a mess. but her eyes still focused on her.

"Hardcore my friend, you owe me, now lick my pussy one last time!" She said to her dying friend, and held her head to her crotch. She shuddered as she came, and then collapsed onto her knees.

Walking back to the lot, holding her friend's head by her short black hair, she inspected the track. Kris's body had been mangled and dragged. It looked like her torso had been dragged under for a bit. She'd kept her arms, but both legs had become stumps. She saw one foot, but the other was just missing.

"Wild... Maybe I should suggest we come down here for our classes's next snuffing"

Back in Kris's class, the next day


Jenny screamed as she was strapped onto the portable Jessica.

Sorry Jenny, looks like you're the lowest now. You probably would've only lasted another week anyways.


Very interesting.

Hopefully we can get a hanging next time. :)


Bump, I think the premise is very cute and would love to see another chapter. Ideally in the classroom, the official bit makes it exciting!


Bump, I think the premise is very cute and would love to see another chapter. Ideally in the classroom, the official bit makes it exciting!


Bump for super cute school snuffing <3


bump, love it when the teacher tells her to be ready for next week, super hot!






bump in the hope of this thread coming back to life with the new site!


Hot story, especially liked the first 2 parts


Bump on the off chance of more?

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