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Becky’s Private Grad Party

By Regis

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her panties off. The little cunt was actually eager! Greg, Rick and I had picked her up leaving the girl’s junior high school graduation party. Because their lives had been so protected, two thirds of the 14-year-old beauties didn’t have a date to their own grad!

They left early, bored to tears at a dance with so few guys. They came out of the school gym in pairs, but parted as they headed home, making each of them vulnerable. We talked Becky, our absolute favorite, into our pickup by promising to take her to the bar. She’d never been to a bar.

We’d paid Hank the bartender fifty bucks to look the other way, knowing he was going to watch everything. It was a slow night, and we were in the nearly private area beside the bar, which was high enough to block the view of the foursome on the far side. Hank had given us fake ID’s a year ago, on the condition that we bring some young pussy in on Friday nights before it got busy at midnight. More than a dozen young girls had horror stories they’d never tell.

Our talk over beers was about sex, and the differences between guys and girls. I got a laugh from her when I told her I was jealous, because I couldn’t hide anything in mine, while girls could hide all sorts of things. We suggested a comparison, and to get things going, I slipped my dick out of my jeans. It was rigid, and her eyes said it all – Becky had never seen a guy’s erection before.

I stroked it, bringing a drop of moisture to the end, and to keep things going forward, Greg and Rick pulled out their dongs as well. I tapped a finger into the moisture on the end of my dick, and then licked the finger, to show her how good the product of my balls tasted. We were on our third beer, and Becky was feeling frisky from being with three guys who were not shy about talking about or openly displaying their sexuality.

When she slipped out of her panties I could see Hank behind the bar pull his dick out too. It was long and firm, and he stroked it evenly as he watched the three of us in a show and tell party. I invited Becky to sit on my lap for a sexy little dance. Without hesitation she slipped onto me, sliding her moist pussy down onto my stiff cock until her rectum pressed against the bottom of my tummy.

The little bitch, two years younger than us, had taken my whole shaft into her. She surprised me by contracting her vagina in a rhythmic pumping action, and bouncing only slightly on my pole, had it shooting my semen deep into her, spurting it against her cervix, which in turn would draw it into her inner gonads.

I told her she felt so tight she probably couldn’t take a beer bottle inside. She was game, and my cum lubricated the bottle she pushed in deep, neck first. A couple of weeks earlier we’d brought a grade four 10-year-old in here, and done the same beer bottle trick with her. She was a hell of a lot tighter than Becky, and it made quite a mess of her. I knew better than to ask questions, but we’d put her into a rubber trash pail, and as far as I know Hank got rid of her.

We gave Becky a hand, and pushed it until she completely engulfed it, until her pussy lips closed over the end of it to conceal the shiny brown glass. At that point I stuffed her mouth with a cloth napkin, and then used another to tie it tightly in place. There was no way we wanted to disturb the other folks on the other side of the bar when she stared screaming.

Hank was now pumping his stiff dick like crazy, and looked like he was just about ready to shoot his load. I was feeling the same way, and started pumping my dick faster and harder. Rick took over, spreading her cuntlips with his fingers, and taking a ball peen hammer from his jacket, got the little bitch good with just three blows that smashed the glass bottle she gripped in her pretty cunt, just like he’d done to that cute 10-year-old.

The result was the same. Blood gushed from the kid’s pussy, and we had to be careful not to get any on us. Greg was our cleanup guy, and after we let him shoot his goo first. After he’d ejaculated all over her face, he brought out of his bag the sledge hammer he’d brought, and with half a dozen deliberate blows, crushed Becky’s pretty face, driving it back into her brain. We got our dicks back into our pants, left fifty bucks more because of the kill, and waved goodbye to Hank, who was bringing out the rubber trash barrel for another quite cunt disposal.

As with any good graduation, sweet Becky had moved on.


She's not voting age, but the guys found a semi-private place to rape, torture and snuff the cute little cunt.


Nice. The face crush really seals this one for me.


These teen boys have a good thing going!


They've definitely got a good thing going, and they've got the right attitude about it. Certainly would be hot to read more of their bar adventures! I wonder how many pussies and cunnies these boys will use up and dispose of by the time they're 20? I wonder if they play with any of them longer, and I wonder how they are with girls who aren't just bar toys, but are part of their group socially in the outside world. I wonder what else Hank gets up to. Very hot story.

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