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April's Soup Selfie

“Thank you very much for volunteering to help Miss O'Neil.” Chef Murakami said as he and April entered the kitchen of his restaurant.

“It's no problem at all Murakami-san.”April admitted with guilty pleasure. Her intentions in helping weren't exactly pure-hearted after all. “So, what do you want me to do?” She asked, as she closed the door to the dining area behind her.

“First, I have regular customer coming in, he loves Sushi! So go to refrigerator and get fish!” Murakami asked making his way to the counter to prepare a cutting board and suitable knife.

As soon as Murakami's back was turned, April shucked off her t-shirt, revealing the fact that despite a sizable set of breasts for her age, the redhead wasn't wearing a bra. April dropped the shirt to the floor and kicked it under another counter, a guilty thrill passing through her at the action. This was why she had volunteered to help Mr. Murakami.

“So what's next?” April asked Chef Murakami as she snapped another selfie on her phone of herself leaning against the kitchen counter, completely naked. April grinned as another illicit exhibitionistic thrill hit her as she looked at it. The sheer excitement if being naked right beneath Chef Murakami's nose was building in her and April wanted more.

“Next dish is Turtle Soup!” Murakami announced to his helper as he placed the large soup tureen on the burner. April blinked as she saw it, the pot was huge! Big enough to fit her entire body inside if she squeezed a bit. April had a hard time pulling her gaze away from it as chef Murakami filled it with broth and turned on the flames beneath it.

“April, can you grab turtles from the fridge and place them in the pot?” Chef Murakami asked the naked girl, unable to see the excitement visibly dripping down her inner thighs.

Turtle Soup? She wasn't going to help cook turtles. The image of her friends being boiled in that pot raced through April's brain before a slight shiver from the cold air caused the whisk to shift inside her pussy, abruptly changing her train of thought from outrage at the turtles being cooked, to oddly erotic thoughts of herself being cooked in their place.

April shook her head but she couldn't get the image of herself being boiled for soup out of her mind. There was only one thing to do.

“Sure Murakami-san...” April answered nervously. “but after I do that I have to leave, because...” She paused, struggling to think up an excuse. “I forgot that I need to meet up with some friends soon!” April responded finally.

The redhead carefully walked over to the commercial refrigerator and opened it, shivering a bit as the cold air suddenly hit her exposed nipples.

April didn't grab the turtles. Instead she turned around just inside the door and posed with her naked body framed by all the ingredients behind her, before snapping yet another selfie. April smirked as she realized she hadn't actually pulled the whisk from earlier out of her pussy. With one hand, she lowered her phone between her legs, with the other, she grabbed the handle of the whisk, snapping another selfie as she pulled the whisk out of her young pussy, giving the phone an incredible view of her inner passage pulled wide open around the metal frame of the whisk.

“You find turtles?” the chef asked, wondering what was taking April so long.

“Just a... urgh, second!” She responded, pulling the whisk out with a subdued wet thwack. “I see them!” she called out hoping to cover the obscene noise.

Chef Murakami didn't seem to hear April's fun over the sound of his knife chopping up the vegetables for the soup. With a mixed sigh of relief and slight disappointment, April closed the closing the refrigerator door and walked back over to the soup tureen, her nipples sticking out completely stiff on the tips of her breasts. As she passed the utensil hooks, she hunk up the whisk, still dripping slightly with her juices.

“You have turtles?”

“Yep!” April answered grinning cheekily, enjoying the fact that Murakami was right there, and all it would take was one accidental touch to reveal the fact that April was completely naked to him. The risk she was about to take set her heart to pounding, as April climbed up onto the unlit portion of the stove.

“Drop turtles in and then you may go.” the chef stated kindly, hoping April enjoyed her meeting with her friends.

“Right,” April spoke up as she pushed down on the surface of the stove swinging her slender freckled legs up after her. Carefully, so as not to fall, April stood up, her cellphone dangling from a strap around her wrist. She took special pleasure in realizing that If chef Murakami weren't blind, there would be absolutely no way for him to avoid noticing her nudity. Gingerly April stepped into the soup pot causing a small splash as her foot sank below the surface. The water was warm, but not uncomfortable. April grabbed the rim of the pot to steady herself and stepped completely inside with another soft kerplunk as her foot breached the surface. April looked over at Chef Murakami. He was looking directly in her direction, though, of course he couldn't see her.

“That all the turtle you get? Just two?” Chef Murakami asked incredulously.

“No! Of course not!” April responded nervously. “let me dump in the rest now!” She said, sitting down in the broth filled pot with a loud splash. The warm broth engulfed her body to just below shoulder level; completely covering her nipples, but leaving her shoulders and the tops of her freckled tits dry.

“That sounds like enough!” Murakami replied. “You may go now!”

It was a bit of a squeeze fitting into the pot, but with her legs bent at the knees to that the soles of her feet touched the base of the soup tureen there was just enough room to shift around a bit and move her hands beneath the surface. Of course, there was one thing left to do before she could sink her hands hands below the water level. As quietly as she could April pulled up her address book on her phone and selected Donnie and Casey's phone numbers, then she checked all the selfies she had taken so far and hit send, sending all of the nude and even more explicitly exhibitionistic shots to both of them. Then before they could respond, April accessed the camera function and took one more selfie, Making sure to get her entire body and the pot in the shot.

Just before taking the picture, April spoke up to mask the sound of the digital shutter. “Thanks for letting me help Murakami-san, I hope everyone enjoys tonight's turtle soup! I've gotta go now! Bye!” Perfect, with the sound of the shutter masked by her speech, April was able to take three pictures of herself in the soup. Selecting the best of the bunch April sent it to Donnie and Casey with a note, “Guess who's on tonight's menu? Order the Turtle soup.”

“Goodbye April-san, I hope to meet again you soon!” Murakami-san answered as April gently placed her phone on the counter where she could see the screen as she cooked, and gingerly slipped her hands beneath the water.

Gently, so as not to disturb the water, April placed her hand over her virgin pussy and slid two fingers into her snatch. The soup was warm and pleasant, not even uncomfortable yet. Slowly, April began to stroke her lower lips, taking care not to make any noise as the soup base began to heat up.

April's pussy got more and more sensitive as the water heated up making her ministrations almost painful, but April didn't care. The thought of being cooked, of Murakami-san cooking her unknowingly had filled her thoughts and in the face of her fantasy, the pain barely bothered April at all.

The redhead could see her skin begin to flush from the heat, her freckles standing out amidst patches of pink. Bubbles were beginning to form against the bottom of the pot and April could feel her pert butt, pressed directly against the bottom of the pot, begin to cook in earnest.

As the heat of the restaurant grade burners transferred directly into April's butt as well as the soles of her feet, April realized it was actually happening, she was actually becoming soup! The water below her began to darken as the excess fat in April's butt began to leak out of it, becoming a delicious smelling broth. April knew that if she wanted to get out of this alive, she needed to leave now, before the water started boiling in earnest, but there was still a large part of April that didn't mind what was happening. When coupled with the knowledge that if she climbed out of the pot Murakami-san would realize what had happened and April would be caught quite literally red-handed, April was almost evenly balanced between climbing out to safety, and letting herself be cooked. April's careful stroking of her own sex decided it for her, her arousal at the thought of Murakami-san standing over her, adding ingredients to her soup while completely unaware of what he was really making was too alluring for April to let go. So April stayed in the pot as the bubbles at the bottom began to detach from the pot and float to the top.

April had to struggle to keep silent as the bubbles from the simmering April-broth brushed past her pussy and hit her puffy young nipples on the way up. The bubbles tickled and teased her most sensitive areas, and it was all April could do to keep still and silent so as not to alert Murakami-san to either her continued presence or her excitement.

“Ah! Soup is simmering. Time to add vegetables!” Chef Murakami exclaimed to himself as he picked up the chopping board and walked carefully over to the pot with it.

April's eyes widened as Murakami approached. Her was less than a foot away from her now, she could literally reach out and touch him if she wanted to, or worse, he could accidentally touch her and discover what was happening! April's fingers pushed past her opening and into her pussy as the excitement overwhelmed her. She could feel the simmering broth rush in to follow them, scorching her tender inner walls.

April bit down hard on her lip to keep her squeak of shock from escaping, watching carefully for any sign that Murakami had heard her over the roar of the burner and the simmering soup. As Murakami lifted his cutting board with one hand and scraped the chopped vegetables into the soup with his knife in the other, April noted in relief that Murakami-san showed no signs of recognizing what was happening.

With the vegetables bobbing around her and the water turning murky as she started to boil in earnest, April was really starting to feel like soup. Her ass felt like it was out in the sun at high noon on the hottest day in summer. It hurt, but it wasn't unbearable, even as the water temperature climbed higher by the second. She was cooking, April realized. The heavenly smell from the broth below her was her, her meat simmering into a stew. She was losing feeling in her legs, the Soles of her feet were scalded badly enough that April wasn't sure she'd be able to walk on them. If she wanted to escape, she had to leave the pot now. It was already April soup, indelibly marked with her flavor, both from the excess fat that had leaked out of her, and from the copious amount of arousal flooding from her cunt. That wouldn't change if she left now, the only thing different would be her. If she left, It would still be April soup, but she herself wouldn't be soup. Murakami had left to get more vegetables, now was the perfect time to leave, the last time to leave.

April smiled as she let the opportunity slip away. She was soup now.

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