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Sorry, just reposting this with some tags.

I am new to this forum and love to write horrible stories. Unfortunately, they get yanked from every site I ever post them to!

Her name was Melody Garcia and she was young - only 17 – and had never taken the bus before by herself, let alone to the bad part of town. She tried her hardest not to let people see that she was crying.

When the bus finally came to her stop, she gathered her few things together and waddled off. It would all be over soon. It would all be over soon… she kept telling herself. An hour from now, she’d be back on the bus, headed toward home, and it would be like the whole thing had never happened.

She had scrawled the address on a scrap of paper, stuffed in her pants pocket. She shivered as she walked through the diseased and broken streets. Sirens wailed in the distance. She finally came to the storefront… looked like it had been a convenience store at one time. There were still shelves, with stray cans of tuna and tomato paste here and there. Halogen buzzed and flickered.

In the middle of the store sat a woman with a pale face. “May I help you?”

“Y-yes, I’m here to see Dr. D-Devon,” Melody stuttered.

“Dr. Devon?” The woman smiled. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The password, the password… Melody closed her eyes and recited, “Cherry blossoms.”

The smile vanished from the woman’s face. She pulled out a clipboard. “Sign at the bottom, Ms. Garcia,” she instructed.

Trembling, Melody did as she was told.

“The doctor will see you now.”

The stock room was gray and cold. There was a table in the center of it. An old man wearing leaned against a walk-in freezer, sucking on a cigar. “Hi-ya,” he said, then coughed violently. “You’re Melody Garcia?”



“Ch-cherry Blossoms.”

He nodded. “How old are you?”


He nodded. “Good… that’s good. Hop up on the table, Ms. Garcia.”

Mutley, she nodded, did as she was told.

The doctor took out a walkie-talkie. “Send them in.”

A door opened, and in walked around a dozen men. Many of them were wearing long trench coats, hats pulled down low.

Melody panicked… was she about to be arrested? Was this some elaborate sting operation?

“Gentlemen, please say Hello to Ms. Melody Garcia. Melody is 17 years old and nearly 9 months pregnant.”

There was a murmur of excitement amongst the men.

“Wait… what is this? What’s going on?” said Melody. “Who are these men?!”

“How do you think we’re able to stay in business and offer late-term abortions free of charge? Now sit down and shut up!” the doctor yelled at her. “And take off your fucking pants!"

He pulled out a rusted drawer and pulled out a sharp knife. “Miss Honeywell, the patient is ready for you now!”

There was a pause. No one moved or spoke. Then there was the sound… the clomp, clomp of women’s heels. Then another door opened and in walked the most beautiful woman Melody had ever seen. She was tall, thin and voluptuous. She had long, golden hair, and red lips, and eyes which seemed a bit misty. She wore a white nurse’s cap, and a skin tight nurses’ uniform, which showed plenty of cleavage, and ended almost right beneath her ass. And then there were those heels she wore…. Blood red.

The woman smiled and waved at the men, who were now clearly playing with themselves under their jackets. “Well, hello boys!” she called out in a broad Southern accent. “Thank ya so much for comin’ out tonight! Ah’m so excited!” She bounced up and down to show her excitement, and her boobs jiggled. “Did y’all remembuh to draw a number?”

The men nodded, there were murmurs of assent.

“Goodie!” She bounced up and down again. “Now lessee, who do we have here?” She walked over to where Melody was laying down. “My, you’re a fat cow, aren’t you?” she giggled.

“What..? What is this..?” Melody struggled, but just then the doctor had come over and tightened her straps.

“You musta been raped in the dark, poor dahlin, I can’t imagine any man would want you if he saw how ugly you were! Ha ha ha! Ah’m just jokin around with you!”


But the doctor had already injected her with the syringe, and her speech began to slur.

“All right,“ said Miss Honeywell to the doctor. “Let’s cut this cow and kill the calf!”

“You got it,” he said, pulling out a particularly long and sharp knife.

Miss Honeywell turned to the men in the audience. “That’s right! We’re going to pull the calf right out of this heifer! And then do you know what I’m going to do then?” She smiled and lifted her leg, showing off her bright red heels. She put the heel to the floor and it made a loud reverberating thud. Then she scraped it along the floor slowly.

The men shivered in delight.

Miss Honeywell giggled as she put on her long, latex gloves and snapped them tight.

And so the doctor proceeded to cut Melody open. It was a bloody affair. He used several tools, each more deadly than the last.

Eventually, the baby was pulled out of Melody, screaming and crying and quite alive… It’s cries reverberated throughout the stockroom.

“I’ll take that, thank ya very much!” Miss Honeywell cradled the bloody newborn and brought it around to show to all the men. “Look at that!” she said. “It’s a baby boy! What a handsome young lad, ain’t he, though?”

Meanwhile, the doctor had produced some smelling salts, and Melody woke up. “What? My baby?!” she gasped. “He’s alive? I thought you were going to give me an abortion!”

Miss Honeywell smiled. “Would you like to hold your baby, Ms. Garcia?”

Tears stained her face. “I… I guess… I….”


Miss Honeywell let go of the baby and let it fall to the dirty floor.

Several of the men had now unashamedly pulled out their cocks and were stroking them.

“This is it,” one of them murmured to the others. “This is where it gets good.”

“My! I am such a buttah fingers sometimes!” said Miss Honeywell. “Let me just… Oopsie!” Her heel had come down right on the baby and pierced its pink, squirming hand.

The baby screamed out in holy terror. Blood splurted over the floor. Miss Smith just laughed. “Listen to it scream!” she cooed. “My My!” I just love the sound of crying babies!” With one hand she caressed her large breasts. ”Mmm-mmm…” she closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes, and it seemed now that there was a red tint in those eyes which hadn’t been there before. She lifted her leg and SPLAT! She crushed the skull of the baby boy, which had now stopped screaming.

The stockroom was silent, except for the sounds of beating cocks, Melody’s tears, and Miss Honeywell’s heels.

She slowly scraped the body across the floor, leaving a blood streak. Some of the blood had even splattered on her dress and on her white flesh. She caressed the blood over her body, over the heaps of her massive bosom. Then she stomped.. again and again and again.

The tiny eyeballs were crushed. The legs were crushed. The back was crushed.

Again and again and again…. She scraped the body, and stomped on it again. She moaned out sounds, as though she were coming to a sexual climax herself.

The men were now all beating themselves enthusiastically. One by one they came, their cum spilling out on the floor before them.

“Oh my god!” one of them called out.

“Holy Jesus!” called out another, thick gobs of cum spraying out before him.

Miss Honeywell just laughed and blew them each a kiss.

“And who’s the lucky winner, doc?” she asked.

The doctor had by this time lit another cigar. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a number. “Number 7,” he said. “Lucky number 7.”

“That’s me!” one of the men called out, holding up his number. “That’s me!”
Miss Honeywell approached the man, biting her lip. “I see you’ve already come all over the front of your trousers, but do you think you can come again for little old me?”

“Oh, fuck yes!”

“Should I get cleaned up first?” she asked innocently.

“No! God no, I want you just the way you are!”

She giggled, spread some more of the baby blood on her body, then led the man by the hand into another room.

“Better luck next time boys,” said the doctor. “Still, I think you got your money’s worth. Now come on, clear out, gotta get this place ready for the next one.”

“Thanks very much for sharing your abortion with us, Miss Garcia!” called out one of the men as they left.

After the doc had closed the door, he turned on Melody. “Now put your fucking pants on and get the fuck out of here, you fat cow.”

“Yes… yes doctor.’ She said meekly, doing just that.

She was in a daze. She hardly knew what had happened. It was like a nightmare… But at least she wasn’t pregnant anymore…

She was just about to leave the store, when the pale receptionist stopped her. “Hang on a minute! This is for you.”

She handed Melody an envelope.

“What’s this?” Jen opened the envelope. It was full of twenties and fifties.

“1,500 bucks. It’s your cut of the profits. You get a thirty per cent share.”

“1500 bucks?” Melody’s eyes grew wide. She’d never seen that much money in her life. “Is there any limit to the number if times I can come back?”

The receptionist shook her head. “We got girls come here every nine months, on the dot. Will we see you again?”

Melody looked at the money again. From the next room, she could hear Miss Honeywell call out in ecstatic orgasm.

“You can bet on it!”


Jay, this story is great. I took the liberty of reposting it on the Pregnant Snuff group on Google Groups. Of course I gave you full credit.

You can find many videos of caesarean section on YouTube, if you want to add more details of the procedure. You may also be interested in breech birth videos. If the baby comes feet first, imagine the fun you could have. Or just use your imagination, because real videos are not for everybody.

I would also very much like to see Melody undergo several abortions, before her final pregnancy allowing Miss Honeywell to perform her procedure directly on her belly.



I'd like to know more about this group. Where is it?



I'd like to know more about this group. Where is it?



I'd like to know more about this group. Where is it?


On my opinion baby goes a Little Bit to far. But its just my opinion...


Go to and search "pregnant snuff". It's the only group that appears, probably because "a Little Bit too far" is not far off.


wonderful story. Definitely caught my interest


D dudet, is that google group still active?


Pretty nice! My only suggestions are that if you do any more, it would be nice for a little more detail to the actual violence. Also, a surprise with it being a boy, nothing was seemingly done about their underdeveloped boy parts, although that kind of ties in with the first point I guess.

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