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Mary-Jane: Snuff Double
Tags: Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism

“Are you sure you want to do this MJ?” Peter asked as his girlfriend as she walked to the filming site with the paperwork that she'd filled out with her aunt Anna's help last night. “I mean, it's sort of... fatal.”

“I think I am, Pete.” Mary-Jane replied. “You know I always wanted to be an actress, to be seen by thousands of people. And... well... I can't deny that the whole idea is really turning me on, a lot.” Mary-Jane explained, her voice slowly dropping to a whisper as she gave her boyfriend Peter Parker a meaningful glance and a nod towards her own privates at the end.

MJ paused as she clutched the papers she had filled out and signed in her hand. Legally, she'd be dead as soon as she delivered it. Mary Jane Watson would be gone, replaced by a company owned snuff-slut. Her heart raced in fear even as her pussy dripped with excitement.

Sighting the director as he walked toward the building that she had been told to go to when she auditioned, MJ approached him.

"Can I help you?" He asked, politely, but still making it clear that he had more important claims on his time.

"I'm Mary Jane Watson, you told me to be here for today's shoot?" She asked, handing over the consent forms.

"Ah, right! The snuff double for Ms. Dunst! I wasn't sure you'd come back." The director smiled broadly. "Everyone loved your audition tape, and I hear your stills are very popular among the crew. Everyone's really looking forward to snuffing you."

Mary Jane blushed, remembering the show she put on at the audition, not to mention the nude stills she had to submit just to get that audition! "Thanks," MJ smiled, slightly nervously.

"And who's this?" The director asked, looking at Peter.

"He's... my boyfriend," Mary Jane admitted, blushing slightly at her statement.

"Oh, you want us to let him watch then?" The director asked knowingly. He'd seen this several times before. "You know there's an option in these forms to send him a copy of the raw footage of your scenes after the premiere," the director offered off-handedly as if he were talking about an every day occurence rather than the end of her life. Maybe, MJ realized, because for him it was an everyday occurence, or at least, not an uncommon one.

"I... I already filled those out," MJ admitted. She'd wanted the recordings to be a surprise, her last gift to Peter, but there was nothing for that now. "But..." Mary Jane paused, blushing slightly at talking about this with a stranger, even if that stranger had seen photos of her naked, and watched her audition tapes...

"But?" The director raised his eyebrow in askance.

"I read the contract, so I know what you're going to do with me... after," MJ blushed heavily. "I'd appreciate it if, I mean, I want you to give Pete my pussy." Mary Jane finally managed to explain at a volume just low enough that Peter couldn't hear it.

"Really?" The director asked. "Well, I was hoping to have that piece for lunch myself," he admitted. "Your audition tape made it look... juicy. But, if that's your last request, I'll make sure your boyfriend gets it."

MJ flushed slightly as she nodded. The redhead was embarassed, especially by the director's frank appraisal of her probably flavor, but she was too turned on by what was about to happen to let that stop her.

"Follow me," the director addressed both Mary Jane and her boyfriend as he began walking down the sunken stairs and into what looked like some sort of burlesque speakeasy, "I'll bring you to the shoot."

Mary Jane didn't have far to walk, since the movie crew was set up just inside the extremely spacious main room.

"You should get into costume," the director ordered. "Did you memorize the script we sent you with the consent forms?"

The script was short, less that five pages including the title page, and no dialogue, just stage directions and descriptions. "Of course," Mary Jane replied.

"And your boy-toy isn't going to try and play hero and save you, is he?" The director asked. "I had that happen a couple years back, the girl was snuffed anyway, but he ruined the shot so none of the footage was usable. Total waste. We ended up having to reshoot the whole scene with a new snuff double."

"Peter knows better than that," Mary Jane reassured him.

"Great!" The director paused. "Now get into costume! We're wasting daylight."

Mary Jane sauntered over to a door marked 'make-up' and disappeared behind it without a single look back.

The next few minutes were something of a blur to MJ as a whirlwind of makeup artists and costumers stripped her naked and artfully applied foundation, blush, and other sorts of product, not just to her face, but to her young pussy as well, before dressing her up in a black leather corset that laced in the front and obscured only the bottom third of her perky young breasts and absolutely none of her cunt.

The make-up artists had poked and prodded her, blushing her nipples and fluffing her clit. They'd even pulled her pussy open, spreading it wide to look inside only to be surprised by the existence of her hymen. Mary Jane didn't know why. She'd said she was still a virgin in her audition video, and it was the truth. She and Peter hadn't gotten past heavy petting yet. They never would, MJ realized with a mix of regret and eager anticipation for what was to come.

Whether it was their intent or not, all these pretty girls and boys fondling her was certainly getting her ready for the main event, and Mary Jane had never felt more eager in her life than she did once they were done with her.

The job itself was simple, Mary Jane was going to be the Snuff Double for the climactic scene where Kirsten Dunst's heroine, knowing that the man her twin sister loved was marrying another girl in the morning, snuck into the club where he was having his bachelor party at and switched places with the snuff-bunny his friends had hired with the intention of giving her twin sister one last chance to woo him away from his fiance the next day while the memories of snuffing her at his bachelor party were still fresh.

MJ had read the script and the scene was absolutely amazing. All throughout the film, Dunst's character was slowly discovering snuff and realizing how much she enjoyed it, before finally putting her fetish to work to help her sister in the sexiest way possible; by letting herself be spitted and roasted for the male lead's bachelor party. Mary Jane hadn't been able to keep her hands off herself while she read it.

Of course, the movie would end happily with Dunst (playing the twin) running off with the man she loved, but MJ didn't really care about that bit. No, the scene that interested Mary Jane, the scene she was focused on, was the scene she'd be starring in; the climactic snuff scene!

As MJ walked out of the make-up room, her heart started to race. While she'd been getting into costume, the stagehands finished setting up the spitting rig. The rig itself was pretty simple, a thick table made of some dort of non-distorting bulletproof glass, but there were cameras set up all around it. There were cameras hanking from the ceiling above the table, a ring of cameras around the table, and at least 6 cameras beneath the table, in addition to the 2 camera men with their own portable cameras in harnesses meant to steady the devices despite sudden movements. There was even a boom mic there to record her voice, which Mary Jane thought sort of odd since she didn't actually have any lines. Normally, MJ would have thought that the amount of cameras was excessive, but since they couldn't exactly snuff her twice, the director would only have one shot at this which made the amount of cameras a lot more reasonable.

After the rig, MJ's eyes were drawn to her co-star for the scene. An attractive hispanic actress whose name she didn't know, but who was playing an employee of the club, the one that would snuff Ms. Dunst's character on screen, and Mary-Jane in reality.

The woman was dressed in the same kind of crotchless leather corset as MJ, and was holding a large gleaming steel spit whose butt was propped against the floor in one hand. She looked incredibly hot, and MJ could see the same traces of moisture gracing the lips of the actress' pussy as she knew graced her own.

"Don't worry," the actress smiled, reassuring Mary-Jane, "I made sure to get lots of practice spitting girls for this scene in the local clubs, I won't mess up."

MJ relaxed, normally a woman promising to kill her properly wouldn't have that effect on her, but MJ wanted to be spitted, she was looking forward to it, the only thing that she was worried about is if they messed up and made the footage unusable. Knowing that her co-star would do it right was a big relief.

In fact, knowing that the other woman had practiced snuffing other girls just like her all to prepare for MJ? Well, that was actually pretty hot.

"How many?" MJ asked eagerly, doing her best to keep from touching herself so as not to disturb the makeup covring her pussy.

"A girl a night for the past two weeks," MJ's Hispanic executioner smiled. "I needed the practice," she added wryly.

"Over a dozen?" MJ asked, shocked, but even more eager than before.

"Yeah, all redheads like you, we only have one chance at this, so I didn't want to mess up," MJ's co-star admitted slyly.

Mary Jane swallowed softly at the thought of this incredibly sexy women snuffing redheads night after night all just to prepare for her. Her cunt blazed with warmth at the thoyght, and she hoped her newfound dampness didn't ruin her makeup.

"Are you ready to go?" MJ's co-star asked cheerfully.

"Incredibly..." MJ replied, her voice sultry with lust.

"No one you want to say goodbye to?" The woman asked, arching an eyebrow in the direction of Peter.

MJ's stomach lurched a bit as she realized that she'd forgotten about him in her excitement. Did she want to kiss him? To wish him goodbye? She hadn't before make up but, searching her feelings MJ found that she didn't want to wait. She didn't want any tearful goodbyes or tender kisses. She wanted to be snuffed! And she was ready for her close up. Peter would just have to be satisfied with her roasted pussy once she'd been snuffed and roasted.

"I'm too hot for goodbyes," MJ declared. "I just want to be snuffed."

Her co-star laughed, her cupped breasts jiggling mirthfully as she looked at Mary Jane. "Well, you definitely know what you want, I'll enjoy snuffing you!" The hispanic actress surned around and with her incredibly toned ass swaying whind her beckoned Mary Jane to follow her. "Lets get you set up so that I can make that dream of yours a reality, okay?"

MJ grinned eagerly. "Definitely!"


Mary Jane shivered as she sat on the clear glass table that had been set up especially for her. The table wasn't cold, in fact, the bulletproof glass was actually somewhat warm from being under all the stage lights as it waited for her. No, MJ was shivering because she knew that now that she had climbed onto the table, she wouldn't be leaving it alive.

Trembling with anticipation, MJ leaned back until she was laying completely on her back, her legs dangling off the edge of the table, looking down the length of her naked body.

She looked over at her co-star. The incredibly hot Hispanic woman was picking up the spit she would be using to snuff her. The spit gleamed beautifully in the light of the club and MJ could barely wait to feel it entering her for both the first and last time.

MJ's metal lover had sat beneath the hot stage lights for over an hour, and now felt warm as it entered her sensitive folds. The heat made it feel alive, almost like a real lover, though the virgin girl would never know for sure.

Looking down Mary Jane could see her body heaving as the spit moved within her. It was large, she could see it beneath her skin stretching her out, only her co-star's careful handling keeping it from tearing her apart before it was time to finally snuff her.

MJ flinched as she felt the tip of the spit press against her hymen. So far the spit had been almost harmless, merely filling her to the point where she thought she might pull or tear something inside her sex. This was different. Where before the spit had been straining, now MJ knew it would hurt her. Though Mary Jane knew her maidenhead was meant to be broken, this was the first time the spit would draw her blood, beginning its fatal journey through her body.

"Ah!" MJ cried out as her Latina co-star thrust the spit forward, destroying the last vestige of MJ's virginity. She could see a strange mix of kindness and cruelty in the older woman's smile, but her executioner remained silent; this take wasn't about her, this take was about snuffing Mary Jane.

The directional microphones hanging from the ceiling captured MJ's cry, the multitude of cameras recording her every move as they stared at her through giant lenses.

She could feel the warm tip of the spit poking at her cervix, knocking on the doorway to her womb as if requesting a way in. MJ squirmed and her co-star thrusted; the point tearing it's way through her cervix and sliding past into her womb, the blood of the wound lubricating it.

Technically, it was too late to back out of her contract once it was signed, but Mary Jane's wound drove that home. The latina actress pulled on the spit, withdrawing it until only the very tip was left sheathed inside her, the rest of the metal shaft coated in her blood to prove the reality of the show. From what MJ could see it was certainly a money shot, the spit was almost soaked with her vital essence, dripping her blood onto the clear glass between her legs as the actress held the instrument of MJ's demise poised steadily at the entrance to her cunt.

MJ gasped! Her co-star slammed the spit back inside her in one fluid motion, tearing through the remains of her bloody cervix and jamming the point into the beck wall of her womb. MJ spasmed, unable to control her reaction to the brutal thrust. Her own blood aided the motion, coating the spit and making it slippery enough to slide all the way inside her with just the barest amount of resistance; a problem easily compensated for by her co-star's strength.

MJ whimpered as the Latina actress began to slowly push the tip of the spit into the back wall of her womb. She could feel the point, pressing, stretching her from the inside out as she gradually neared the breaking point.

'Pop!' Mary Jane could feel it, her entire body shook as the skewer punctured the back of her womb. She was dead now, or as good as. This wasn't like her cervix, she could feel the pain, the blood leaking into her sex from the wound as the spit traveled beyond it. She gasped, moaning at the pain. Blood smeared her lower lips as the pointed metal pole pushed aside her organs, it dribbled down her taint, staining both her ass cheeks and the glass beneath. It was absolutely excruciating, and Mary Jane was loving any moment.

The cameras caught her every mewling whimper as her co-star skillfully avoided her heart and lungs, wiggling the spit inside her like the most over-sized joystick in the world as she tried not to let the game end early, an attempt not at all helped by Mary Jane shivering and moaning in agonized pleasure on the other end of the spit.

You could see the faintest outlines of the spit against MJ's belly as it traveled through her body inching ever closer to its exit point.

Mary Jane let out an agonized gurgle as the spit penetrated her windpipe, robbing her of words. As the red-haired girl threw her head back in shock, her co-star thrust the fatal skewer up her throat, slowing only once she felt the tip begin to slide into MJ's gaping mouth.

Staring almost straight back, Mary Jane could see a camera-man approaching, closing in to film a close up of the spit emerging from the depths of her throat.

The skewer slid out of her, the tip crimson with her vital essence, covering the roof of her mouth in her own blood as the dripping steel caressed her tongue. Mary Jane wanted to gag, but she couldn't, the sheer girth of the pole stopping her. Soon she could see the tip as it slipped from behind her lips out into the world beyond, bloody and fatal.

She was spitted. Nothing more than meat for the grill now, but her final scene wasn't over yet.

MJ could feel the pole shifting inside her as the extras crowded in to carry her to her next scene. The camera in front of her had zoomed out and MJ remembered that this part, the transition from the spitting table to the rotiscerrie, was planned to hapen all in one continuous take.

It was hard to look around with her head locked into place by the metal pole jutting out from between her lips, but MJ managed to see a camera girl strapped into some sort of odd, wheeled contraption following her, filming her last moments. MJ's stuffed cunt dripped with arousal at the thought.

The extras grabbed the spit from both ends, picking her up and sending the metal invader inside her pressing into places that had never been touched before. MJ practically bounced on the pole as they carried her off to her fate.

The redhead's eyes widened as she saw the machine that would cook her. It was like the rotiscerrie machines she'd see in the windows of restaurants down in Chinatown. They were always full of poultry; chickens and turkeys and other birds. She'd always wondered what it would be like for a bird to ride one of those machines. It looked relaxing, slowly turning around and around as you evenly roasted to a golden-brown perfection. Mary-Jane would have smiled, if not for the spit occupying her mouth. How appropriate that she'd be placed in one, the redhead's brain decided, now that she was as naked as a plucked hen.

The cameras continued to roll after MJ was placed in the machine, but Mary-Jane paid them no attention. Her part as an actress was over now. Here, in the warm embrace of the rotiscerrie oven there was just one thing left for her to do, close her eyes and go to sleep.

Mary-Jane began to roast in earnest, her life fading away with the merest ghost of a smile gracing her lips.


Always exciting to see another of your stories! This was a fun one.

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