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This is unfinished work, unpolished and to be continued, but it should have some perks some of you might like. Feedback welcome :)


Tatjanas fetish had always remained fictional. An exercise of the mind, fueled by written word, artistic depiction, and the occasional gory video footage you could find on-line, which she watched with fascination and forbidden pleasure.

What got her going was the fantasy of inserting things into and through her body. Not the normal way, how other girls would enjoy inserting something into an orifice or another. No, for her it had to be fullon impalement. Stories of Vlad the IIIrd, impaling his enemies on a field of stakes. Medieval depictions of gruesome executions, but also the odd accident where someone fell or got run through with the odd, long and pointy object.

But, although the object of such depictions might have been in encruciating pain or died a horrible death, Tatjana could imagine nothing but bliss at the thought of being in their place, feeling a foreign object invade, and possibly even traverse her body, while she jerked in blissfil orgasm.

This fantasy of course clashed with reality, as she found out the painful way every time she tried to push anything into herself any further than her body would allow. All she could do was stick the odd pole, be it from a broom or a ruler or even the handle of a toilet brush (a brand new one, not a used one) as deep as it would go in, and then masturbate to the pressure and slight pain that accompanied her imagining it going further. All the way...

Usually that was enough to send her over the edge, and most likely that would have been as far as her secret fetish would have ever goten, had she not met Sai.

Sai was just an ordinary student in Tatjanas age. He spoke with slight accent, since his parents came from India. He normally was a bit shy, but when alcohol found its way into a birthday party of a fellow student they were both invited to, Sai had gathered enough encouragement to get closer to Tatjana, and she didn't object, and somehow they ended up leaving the place together, unsure where to go. Sai's parents were strictly asketic when it came to alcohol. Tatjanas parents on the other hand weren't even home, so the logical solution to the problem was to spend the night together at her place.

One thing led to another, and a few hours later, Tatjana lost her virginity, although by then it only existed on paper. Her Hymen had long ago yielded to an ordinary tampon. Sai was inexperienced but enjoyed the deed, while Tatjana couldn't keep images out of her head of him spearing her with something else, something much longer and deeper. It did the trick though, and soon later they laid in each others arms and wanted more.

Being so close built trust. The alcohol made her tongue loose, and so Tatjana told Sai, what she fantasized about.

What she didn't really expect was Sai to nodd and smile. "My grandmother did that..." he told her, and went into a explanation of ritual sel flagellation and the role sharp long objects could play in them.

To Tatjana it sounded a lot less gruesome than Sai made it sound. She felt her own juices flow freely as she imagined herself, pierced with thin metal rods that went through her arms, legs, breasts, tongue, cheeks and belly.

Oddly enough, Sai played along. The next time Tatjana's parents weren't home, he came over with a backpack full of metal needles, hooks and rods, chains, a bottle of desinfectant and, most importantly, a pillbox of painkillers.

Shivering in anticipation, they decided to start with something small. Tatjana was sitting on her bed, dressed in only her undergarments, while Sai had prepared the "tools". The first needle wasn't thicker than a pin, but good five inches long. Tatjana selected a spot on her upper thigh, on the inside not far from her privates, even though she was quite sensitive there. The pain was ... pronounced, despite the painkiller she had taken. Like being pricked with a thick needle. But then Sai pushed it deeper, and Tatjana barely felt it. She only watched it slide in, moving just under her skin, with barely more than a dull aching, until Sai pierced her skin a second time to have it come out again on the back side of her leg. Seeing the tip protrude, coming forth from inside her pushed her over the edge. She arched and clenched, and had to ride out a sudden orgasm with her left hand frantically rubbing her privates through her now soaked undies.

They didn't dare moving to anything larger in diameter yet, and Tatjana didn't care too much for the hooks and chains that were meant to induce pain as their primary purpose. She wasn't a masochist after all. She endured the pain as a necessary evil, welcomed it where it was unavoidable. But what she wanted was to see and feel something go through her. So they took another needle, a much longer one and this time Sai pierced her waist, just above her hipbone.

Tatjana had to clench her teeth and squeeze her fists. She wouldn't have been able to pierce herself there. She was more than willing to let Sai do it to her though.

"Accross or to the back?" he asked. After a bit of hesitation she opted for across. She wanted to see it.

Sai pushed the needle through, just under her skin. She could feel it more this time, as he carefully aligned it, then pushed by another inch, then another, adjusting his aim to find the least resistance. Every time was a piercing jolt of pain that made her curl her toes and raise her heartbeat, until finally the tip of the needle reached her other side and Sai pushed it through her skin from within.

Tatjana cried out, but forced herself to not jerk too much. When she opened her eyes she could see the needle, go into her belly on the left and come out on the right. It wasn't deep under the skin, it even deformed her skin a bit, forced the ends further out.

She touched each end of the needle with two fingers and slid it, just a tiny bit, felt it all the way through her. But this time she didn't cry, she moaned.

Sai stared at her, his cock almost exploding in his pants. "Can... can you undo your bra? I'd so like to put one through your boobs..." he asked.

Meanwhile the painkiller had kicked in stronger. Tatjana barely felt the dull throbbing of the two needles in her. She freed her chest and discarded the bra, then propped herself up on her pillows. She pushed her breasts out, her nipples had long become hard and pointy. She was a tiny bit worried about scars, but then again those thin needles were hardly going to leave any. And her breasts would only ever be judged by people she trusted anyway.

She noticed that Sai's hands were trembling, as he approached her. His breath went heavy, another long needle in his hand. It was only slightly shorter than the last one. But she held still, their eyes met for a split second, then she watched as he got to work on her breast. A slight shiver went through her as he grasped her right breast and squeezed it, so her nipple stood even further out. Then he pushed the needle against the outside of her boob and pressed, pricked her skin with the needle,

Tatjana moaned. The needle squeezed the skin inwards, made a small funnel on her already deformed breast, added pain to the pleasure, and then...

Previously Sai had pushed the needles across just below the girl's skin. Not this time. This time he pushed it straight in and through. She could feel it, digging deeper, finding its way through what was inside her breast. She gasped, then moaned louder. And then it was through, pushed the skin on the other side of her breast outwards like a tent, then emerged with only the tiniest hint of red.
The needles made such tiny holes, they didn't even make her bleed.

With the needle through let let go and left her right breast skewered as it was. The orb tried to return to its original shape, but the metal skewer fought back. More of it was pulled into her flesh, but her boob did not quite entirelly return to its old shape until Tatjana cupped it once more with her own shivering hands. She could feel the weight of the needle, light as it was.

Sai watched in fascination at the sight. "Another one?" he whispered coarse, his voice failed him.

She nodded, and this time he lifted her breast slightly, to push it through from the bottom to the top. With two metal rods supporting it, Tatjana's right breast now stood up a bit more than the left. The girl was in bliss, probing the metal rods, she could feel how her boob jiggled and all four ends moved slightly.

Sai got more confident now and retrieved two longer skewers. These were slightly thicker, but both long enough to impake both of her breasts, which was exactly what he planned. He started with Tatjana's left, which had so far been neglected. Even though the thickness was less than double of the other needles, the pain was significantly stronger. She didn't think she would have been able to bear it without the drug.

Sai had to push hard to push the metal through her left breast, a bit below the center. Finally, it pushed her skin outwards from the inside, then broke through, leaving a small hole, plucked by metal. Sai pushed it through, which Tatjana felt a lot more than the thinner ones. Eventually the sharp tip touched her right breast, deforming it as well as he now had to push harder and harder.

All that put tentsion on the already present needles that made Tatjana cray and whimper, but she also dug both her hands between her legs and squeezed and massaged her urging privates through the soaked panties.

She moaned and arched, as the needle finally emerged from her second breast, now throbbing and aching, But Sai still had a second skewer. Where the first needle had gone in below center, this one went above. He also pushed it in right to left, or rather left to right from his perspective, starting with Tatjanas mutilated right boob.

Tatjana missed half of it, as she was busy riding out another orgasm. But when it was over, her breasts were firmly locked in place by the four needles.

Sai couldn't stand it anymore, he needed relief. Tatjana couldn't take her panties off because of the needle in her thigh, instead she just pulled it to the side with one finger, so Sai could enter her with his throbbing cock. Between her legs, the needle in her thigh now poked his, too. Under him he had her impaled breasts to play with, while the girl started to squeal in painful pleasure.

He came literally in seconds, squirting his load deep into her. But she didn't care, she had come twice already, and these wonderful metal rods all through her. Feeling him limp and squishy inside, she realized that he had forgotten to wear protection, but she wasn't too worried. She took the pill after all, and having his oozing come inside her felt so wonderfully naughty.

His hands playing with her skewered breasts was even better though. "More!" she begged. And she didn't mean the fondling.

Sai had two more of the smaller needles, which he plunged through Tatjanas left breast with swift motions now. They were crossedke on her right side, but they formed a diagonal cross instead of a straight one. Any touch anywhere on her breast area made all twelve sharp shiny metal bits twitch as one. Every breath pulled and pushed on the two long rods that held her boobs together. Her nipples were so hard, they could have impaled someone.

Tatjana clasped her sex, wet with both their liquids. Sai followed with his eyes, then their gazes met for a wordless exchange.

The girl's nether lips were wonderfully swollen and poofy. Just the right size to stick something through them. Sai had to search for the right tool, until he found a set of pins that seemed just perfect for the task. These weren't completely straight, but made a slight arch. Just what he needed to push not through one of her outer labia, but both.

Tatjana spread her legs as wide as she could. The needle in her thigh impaled the mattress, locking her leg into place. The other, Sai helped kept spread leaving her wet crotch gaping wide open and exposed.

The girl shivered, from the sudden cool sensation as much as anticipation. Then a pronounced sharp piercing pain as her left lip was pierced, roghly in the middle of her sex from front to back.

On a whim, Sai decided to spice it up. He reached for and pulled out both her thin inner lips, stretched them, then plunged the needle through both of them. Tatjana let out a cry and shuddered.

Sai squeezed her remaining outer lip to make it extra poofy and pushed the needle through with the routine of a seamstress. Tatjana made some ineligible sound and grasped her impaled breasts while another shiver went through her.

Sai pushed two more needles into her. One below and one above the first. Then a fourth, even further back. She didn't have enough inner labia there, right across her vaginal opening. But he still skewered the outer.

The last needle he pushed through across the upper bit. Her clit was tiny, but pronounced, exposed, throbbing. He simply couldn't not pierce it.

This time Tatjana screamed and jerked. Her fingers dug into her breasts, squeezing them, but the needles through themheld them in shape. She arched and clenched, and her legs kicked and trashed, freeing the needle from the matress but not from her leg. A few drops of blood were now emerging on her thigh.

But Sai had completed his work. Tatjana breathed quick and heavily and needed a bit to regain her senses.

"Ouch..." she finally admitted.

"Was it too much?" Sai asked worried.

"No, it was wonderful, I just hurt my leg, I wasn't careful."

She suddenly giggled, running a finger over the grid of metal that now blocked the entrance to her sex. She gasped as she felt the sensation from her stretched inner labia.

"It's so ... intense. But what do we do now?"

Sai blushed. "Well, I have only one more, but I had to leave it out the door, it was too long to fit the backpack."

Tatjana's eyes glowed. "I want to see it!"

The metal rod was thin, compared to its length. But it was also a lot thicker than any of the needles that Tatjana had endured so far, almost a quarter inch in diameter. It was, however, around 4 and a half foot long!

"That's supposed to go in me? Is that ... is that safe?" she asked.

Sai paused. "It's not without risk. But it's thin enough that it shouldn't cause too much damage. It's also deliberately a bit blunt. That way it wriggles around obstacles instead of piercing them, unless there's no way around. But I'd take another painkiller if I were you. Taking up to three is safe."

Tatjana didn't hesitate. She took two more painkillers, then stood up, the metal in her breast wriggling with every movement and inspected the smooth shiny metal. It was now wet, since Sai disinfected it.

"Which way does it go?" she asked.

"Which way do you want it to go?" he asked back.

Tatjana hesitated, blushing, then pointed at her crotch. "In there... and out here!" she pointed at her open mouth, tongue outstretched. Sai thought she'd look awesome if she had a tongue piercing, but that could wait for another time.

"We need to be really careful on that one. It's kinda the most difficult way to do this." He said. "You need to lay down."

Tatjana did so without hesitation. She placed herself on her belly, a finger down on her impaled clit, another playing with the metal in her breast, while she waited for a slight numbness to spread throughout her body. Everything felt a bit as if she was touching the world through a thick felt glove.

Sai watched his clock, his dick throbbing as he was going through in his head what he was about to do.

Finally enough time had passed. Tatjana moaned, bemoaning the lack of sensation in her breasts. The needles were now just there, not even hurting, just wonderfully constraining her normally wriggly flesh.

Then she felt it. Sai inserted the tip between the third and fourth needle across her sex. Right into her birth canal. The metal felt chilly cold and exciting. She wanted to clench down on it, but somehow the needles in her sex kept her stretched wide open.

In it went, until she could feel the sensation in her belly. The tip had stretched the skin next to her cervix as long as is would, until it was uncomfortable, until Sai felt resistance.

"OK, this might sting a bit." he warned her and grasped the spit with both hands. Then he leaned in with his weight.

Tatjana cried out as she felt the stretching sensation inside her peak in a single painful spike, to then suddenly make room for a sliding sensation and relief.

Sai used no force at all now. He even pulled the spit out again, much to Tatjana's delight, then gently pushed it deeper once more. Impossibly deep, one foot, two, almost three.

She barely felt the actual tip inside her. Only a dull probing sensation of something that was in there that didn't belong. But the knowledge of that it was and what it was made her moan and shiver, the fact that Sai pulled it out and pushed it back in made it even better. She was being spit fucked, and all the other needles pulled and pushed her sex and clit, even with the painkillers it was a wonderful little torture.

Then she gasped. Involuntarily, something in there knocked the wind out of her. A pushing sensation that was as if someone hit you deep with a fist in the stomach, except there was no hitting, just the breathlessness. Sai pulled back and it stopped.

"That's your diaphragm" he explained. "We need to get through it somewhere, without damaging it. Most times one goes along the spine, all the way in the back, but then it won't come out of your mouth but on top of your shoulders. We'd have to try and make a little hole in your food pipe. But you need to tell me when I'm in the correct spot."
Sai explained.

Tatjana nodded. She had no idea what it would feel like on her foodpipe. How was she supposed to tell? She tried to concentrate on the sensations in her belly. Something ... something pushed her stomach. It felt like being full, or like something pressed against her belly hard. Then there was the sensation of being unable to breath again. She groaned, wincing. That went on for a while, and Tatjana was about to tell him to call it quits, when she felt something different.

It felt like if she had swallowed something too large or too hot, when it went in her belly. Uncomfortable, a bit burning. "That's it!" she whispered, trying not to move her body too much.

Sai nodded, held the spit steady, then leaned against it a bit. "There?"

"Ugh! yes! That's not exactly comf..UUUUURGH!!!!"

Tatjana was trying to describe what she felt, when Sai once more pushed forward with strength. The sensation became hurtful, piercing, badly. She wanted it to stop, felt her whole self being pushed forward, with the needles in her breast under her digging into the sheets.

And then she felt the spit slide through. Easily. It was through, and more so, it was coming up her throat the way food did when she puked. She gagged for a second, feeling the tip now, where her foodpipe clenched down on it, pushing up between her collarbone and up her neck. In an instinctual decision she flexed her head back and opened her mouth...

"Urglhhhhhh" Tatjana explained and felt the spit being shoved out over her tongue and between her lips. The metal tasted... metallic. A bit bloody, but she could also taste her own cum on it. And likely Sai's, too.

Tatjana shuddered, realizing that her dream had come true. She was imapled now, all the way through! And she was alive to enjoy it.

Sai pushed the spit another foot further, until it protruded her mouth as far as was left beneath her pussy, then let go. Tatjana immediately took over and grasped one hand between her legs and one in front of her mouth.

It really went all the way straight through. She could breathe quite easily once she managed to overcome her gag reflex, but she couldn't bend her head, or her body. Twist sideways, yes, but bending was not permitted by the solid object through her. Any attempt to flex her midsection was met with a rather uncomfortable tugging on her stomach and diaphragm. She could however flex and twitch her hip, that part felt awesome.

Tatjana moaned, while her hands tried to reach for the pole she had been impaled on.

Sai watched her squirm, blissfully helpless, on her bed. The other needles and skewers she was resting on weren't making it easier, but with the painkillers she hardly noticed the discomfort. Eventually she pushed herself up a bit, just enough to turn around, but with her head forced backwards, she couldn't meet Sai's gaze, he stood behind her.

The girl tried to crawl backwards on hands and knees until she reached the end of the bed. There she slid off until she was kneeling on the floor, upright. Lowering herself, the spit made contact with the floor and was pushed further through, which sent a pleasant shiver through her. She reached once more for it's ends and masturbated on the spit.

A few drops of blood oozed out of her cunt where the spit went in, but the amount was nothing to worry about.

Sai thought what to do next. As much fun as Tatjana seemed to have, she couldn't stay like that for long. Could he take it further though? There weren't many tools left, only the thin silver chains. How long were they?

To his delight, the boy discovered one was at least as long as the pole. Fitting the pole through her the way it did blindly was a gamble, something he didn't want to try again and hurt her. If there was only a way to guide it through on the path it had previously taken. And the silver chain was just the way to do that. It could run all the way through the girl, and noone would even notice if she hid the ends. His thoughts returned to the tongue piercing he had thought about earlier. That was just the way.

The pole actually had a little hole near each end, where a string could be inserted. For now, he hooked the ends of the chain through each, much to the squirming girl's delight. The chain connected the ends on the outside, while the pole went through her. It was now chained in place and couldn't slide out either way.

Tatjana fondled her skewered breasts again. A few drops of blood rinsed down her belly. Laying on her breasts hadn't been comfortable, but she didn't care, didn't feel it yet.

"I need to head back home and get something special for you. Will you be OK on your own?" he asked.

Tatjana nodded. Sai supperted her shoulders and helped her up until she was standing. Then he pulled on the pole between her legs, until it's tip slid back in between her lips, pulling the chain over her tongue.

Gulping, Tatjana focused on the sensations, as the spit went back down her throat, replaced with the flexible chain. It didn't go much further, the pole protruded from her crotch now beyond her knees, and the chain was pulled taught. But with the tip somewhere below her neck, she now could move her head again.

Sai pulled her closer and gave her a kiss. Then he got dressed and left her alone to play with herself.

========================== be continued.
I had a few foreshadowings, and Sai has a plan. But don't underestimate the girl, it won't be long until she'll master running herself through in all angles and places like a pincushion. And those pins might also become larger ;)


Although the tags weren't immediately compelling to me, the title caught my attention and after reading it I must say this story has a good deal of potential, partially depending on how far you're planning on taking it.

Any clues on how big across the 'pins' are going to get? An inch? Two? Four? Or even more? After all, bigger is better, as they say :)

In any case, the story so far is well written and I'm looking forward to its continuation.



To be honest, I'm not sure yet where to take this story in the end. I have so many ideas, and some of them are incompatible to each other.

I likely won't have her impaled on a 1 foot or even wider pole. That'd be quite grotesque, and almost certainly fatal unless she spent half a life time practicing and stretching, and most of all, it would break the realism. Tatjana is one of those slender tall Russian girls, she could likely *hide* behind a one foot pole. She wouldn't be impaled, she'd be pulled over it like a sleeve.

I am trending towards a size that still lets her breathe and won't break any bones. Although, as a compromise, she could likely ride a spike type pole, which is thin at the top, but gets a lot wider at the bottom. That way anyone could always slide down as far as she can take it. Might be a fun party toy :)

Some of the ideas bring in other fetishes to the game. After all if you keep sticking things in, you might as well take other things out. I recently have a fable for uterus prolapses, but didn't get to incorporate them in any story yet. You could so nicely run a few skewers through the womb while it's dangling between ones legs...

Also, the many metal bits through her breasts just beg for someone to pull on them hard enough to make the entire thing rip off. That'd be permanent damage though which would severely affect any practices further towards the end...

And then we have the end. Should she live or should she die? If she dies, it's all on. She could turn into a living breathing bloody heap, turned inside out and leftside right, gurgling and twitching before being guided into a meat grinder.
But if she's to live, I'm tempted to keep her somewhat whole. You can't really enjoy your secret fetish if you are completely unable to live a normal life during the day. This isn't a scifi world were everyone tends to runs around with their brains in a jar (Allthough Poguemahoney would probably like that)

@Pogue: Yes, piercing her head and maybe even the brain is definitely among the "maybe" list, too. A thin rod shouldn't do too much damage there, should it?

Btw, I just had to think about this old Chinese torture and execution method, letting a bamboo sprout grow through the victim.
That's certainly something Tatjana would likely want to try out. Gardening is fun if your plant grows straight up and over 3 feet a day (though she'd still have to sit still for an awful long time, someone would have to keep her company and entertained with some other spikes)
I think that's something that definitely should be in!


Just a few additional ideas to toss onto the pile:

- Insert a spike into her belly button, carefully guiding it between her intestines without puncturing anything, past one side of her spine and out her back. Over the course of several days, keep taking out the spike and replacing it with a slightly larger one. Finally, replace it with a hollow metal tube just a little longer than the thickness of her torso so you can stick your arm all the way through.
- There's a medical procedure called an eye biopsy in which they stick a thin hollow needle into your eye to retrieve a small sample. Of course they normally paralyze your eye beforehand, but looking around with an acupuncture needle sticking out of your eyeball should be interesting.
- Very carefully pop both eyes out of their sockets, making sure not to break the optic nerve, and skewer both eyes with a single needle from side to side.
- Stick gradually bigger needles into her nipples from the front, i.e. straight into the breast meat, until she can fit a ball point pen (or even a finger) in there
- Insert thin straws into her fallopian tubes so Sai can blow directly on her ovaries.
- Not a needle, but still in keeping with the 'all the way through' idea: tie a couple dozen cords of anal beads in a row. Swallow. Wait until it comes out the other end. Pull cord back and forth.
- As you already mentioned: brain acupuncture. Drill tiny holes into her skull (which can be hidden by her hair to prevent anyone finding out) and stick needles into them. Prolapse skewering would be nice too.

Personally I would argue for keeping her alive, trying as hard as possible to keep her ever-expanding punctures hidden: long sleeves, baggy clothes, hats to hide the holes in her head, etc.


How did a metal rod get shoved up her vagina and out her mouth without causing major damage?
I mean, I really liked this story and would love to see a continuation (preferably one where her breasts don't survive the ordeal) but you have to explain this one for me. :p


Great to see you back on Gurochan BR2. I'm a big fan of all the way through stuff, it's one of those kinks that is hard to get good material for. Most of the time, if it's in a story at all, it's relegated to a single paragraph right at the end or something.

This is a much more restrained and "realistic" take on it than what I usually see, for lack of a better word, but the element of peril and danger really works for me, as does the slow build up to the main event.

As for suggestions? Well, I'd like to see-

>>@Pogue: Yes, piercing her head and maybe even the brain is definitely among the "maybe" list, too. A thin rod shouldn't do too much damage there, should it?

Ah, got me covered then. Carry on! :p Only question is, how? There's JIP's suggestion, but what about through the ears? Or, if she was feeling bold, right through the middle of her forehead, between the brain's two hemisphere's? Covering it up would be harder, but as you said, it doesn't have to be a BIG hole...


I liked your story but I think it is a bit wrong to say that this relatively thin skewer is preventing her from bending her body.
It should be relatively flexible

Womb skewering is nice idea too, but maybe dont stop there and do play piercing with her internal organs too.

she could make small incisions in her skin to get access to her ovaries pull them out and then pierce them

also instead of going to the bathroom she can piece her balder and let pee out like a man.

If you think about more moderate version then probably you could continue story on how she removes those skewers while Sai is away
and experiments with them herself.


I wasn't entirely aware of it but I've been waiting for someone to write a story about this!

As a thought - this one would require some forbidden surgery: She could get a hole drilled in the top and bottom of her skull via a trepanning drill (perhaps the bottom done laparoscopically from inside her mouth) and, with the help of a live x-ray feed, insert a pole that goes through her head so she doesn't have to hold her head back and her mouth open constantly. With any luck skin would gradually grow along the inside of the opening until she effectively has a vagina running the length of her body.



That's likely the one most unlikely part of the story... Not in theory, in theory it could be done, but getting the rod inserted just the right way with no visual help to guide it would take either a lot of luck or a lot of skill, or both.

At the bottom it's easy. If you push something into the vagina that's too long to fit and sharp enough, it will pierce the skin at the end. (Much more likely than entering the uterus, which would require very careful aim to enter the cervix. It's opening is actually at a slight angle, not straight in.)
That's just a hole in the skin. Subsequently, it would also pierce the Peritoneum (belly skin, it wraps around most of the inner organs). Now that would hurt a lot because it's heavily innervated, but again, that's just a (type of) skin.

Beyond that you have a lot of intestines, but you don't need to pierce them. With enough wriggling, the tip of the pole would find its way past any major organ by just pushing it out of the way. Stuff is not pinned in place in there after all, just look at how much organs move around if someone becomes pregnant. The fact that everything is wrapped in peritoneum skin actually helps, because that makes the pole slide around it and make things move out of the way almost naturally.

So the next real obstacle is again the perineum (belly skin) at its upper end, and then the diaphragm.

You really would want to avoid piercing the diaphragm, since it's kinda important for breathing, and you don't want your pole piercing either heart or lungs anyway.

Historically, when people who got impaled were supposed to survive and suffer for a few days, the spit was usually driven through along the spine, in the far back. That way likely avoiding harm to any internal organ or blood vessel. But, as mentioned in the story, you will miss the neck that way and exit through the skin.

The diaphragm has a few natural "holes" where blood vessels pass through, as well as the esophagus (food pipe) which leads to the stomach. (The hole is called esophagual hiatus)

So the best way to lead this pole is to pierce through the perineum above the stomach and also into the food pipe, then pass through the chest cavity safely within the food pipe, the same way food does, without even touching any of the sensitive things there.

And that's the tricky part. Getting that pole to poke through into the food pipe, without damaging either diaphragm, not the stomach (which is kinda in the way, but can be pushed to the side to a degree) would be really hard, unless you had an endoscope in there and a monitor to see what you are doing.

Having her tell him what she feels sorta makes it kinda half way plausible, but still, I would highly discourage anyone from trying that in real life.

Another issue is, now there's a hole in her foodpipe and her perineum. If she eats or drinks there's a chance, food would escape into and contaminate her stomach cavity and perineal cavity and cause infections and inflammation. Untreated that could very well be fatal over the course of a few days. (Not necessarily, but again, certainly a good reason not to try that for real!)

(The hole in her vaginal wall could also cause infections later on, like any wound, but to a much lesser degree)

But that's really it. The only "damage" so to speak, is to skin. 4 layers to be exact. Vaginal skin, peritoneum at the bottom, peritoneum at the top and the esophagus wall (that's actually a bit more than skin, lots of muscles, too, but those get mostly pushed out of the way) No internal organs, nor blood vessels would be harmed, so almost no bleeding.

You could of course do a lot more damage if you wanted to. A spit taking a very similar path from vagina to mouth could potentially pierce every single organ on the way. Starting with Bladder and/or Uterus, Colon, Liver, Stomach, Heart and Lungs, then pierce her Larynx for good measure. She'd likely be dead in seconds, but who wants that, that's no fun ;)

(Womb, Liver, Heart and Lungs would all cause death from heavy internal bleeding, Stomach and Colon would have her die from spillage and infections, and destroying her lungs or throat would make her asphyxiate)



Depends on material and thickness. A steel rod, (or even a lighter hollow pipe) with a quarter inch diameter (6.35 mm) as I described it would be pretty sturdy. A weight lifter could likely bend it, but if you need to apply the bending force with the injured part of your food pipe, just where it passes your diaphragm, I think the steel rod would have a tendency to remain pretty straight.
If it's solid steel you'd need way over 100 kg (~200 pounds) of force to bend it, that's more than Tatjanas weight.

Actually she could probably be lifted up by someone lifting the rod from the ends, like a pig on a spit and carried around helplessly ;) I bet she'd like that!



Hmm, there's a few options. A thin but strong steel needle maybe could be hammered through her skull like a nail without the need for drilling.

It could go in from her nose cavity, from the back of her eye sockets (squeezed past the eyeball, not through) or from the very back of her mouth, going upwards.

Out is a different question. Going through the back of the skull, although it could easily be hidden by hair, is going to need much more force than going in through any of the described places. You could drill a hole from the outside, but then there's the issue of aligning the penetrating pole with the exit hole. You don't want to wriggle it around in your head until you found it, juicifying your brain in the process (that would certainly cause heavy bleeding, brain hemorrhage however is permanently debilitating and deadly)

It would likely be better to just hammer it through from the inside like a nail. But that only works with sufficiently narrow nails.

That would hurt though. A lot. Hammering anything through a bone, especially the skull is going to give a severe and lasting headache. Good torture method, but I don't think Tatjana would go that far.


Oh. Yes, I made a mistake this is pretty thick rod. But it probably woud cause serious damage and if you replace it with chain it will be even worse because chain will leak everywhere.

Also I got an idea that instead of pushing it through internal organs it could be safely navigates under her skin with prety much same effect.
you start somewhere above her clit and then avoiding any internal organs reach her belly skin then continue under her chest skin into the neck and then it will exit below her tongue.

Or alternatively to make it more straight start
in front of pubic bone in which case all rod will be visible under the skin


I'm in favor of letting her live a long and happily perverted life


I was a bit scared when I started to read the story because of the tag combined with realistic set-up, but at the end I happy to have read it. I would prefer if you could let her live so I can read the rest of the story. The idea of ripping of her breasts could be fun, that could happen by accident and the two could use the pins they have to try to fix them. They would attache the piece of her breasts together and then back to her body and hop it heal well.
It could be also practical if Tatjana discovered by luck on her an acupuncture point that suppress the pain. So she could use a needle for this instead of a drug.
Maybe in addition of only needle the couple could also use some string to do recreational suturing. It may even have practical purpose :
I have a last idea but its in my opinion the most random, after stretching enough a perforation (in breasts or belly for example), Sai could put an onahole inside it so he can fuck it “safely”.


Bump, I'm hoping for another chapter soon, I love all your other stories Black Raven and hoping you'll continue this one


Good story. Bump.



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