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The first story I write without translator. I hope it works! I am not an expert but I think it sound a little bit more solid this way… ;)

The Live of Number 562.

Today is her day! She knows not much but you never forget your own big day! After all, 562 have fulfill her training last month. 562 is small and hasn’t much meat but she helps herself with her naturally cuteness. With her smooth skin and nature red hair, she gets through all big test. This makes her happy, because she wants to be a “full body”. After all, all want to be “full body”. Girls that’s are not cute enough become just parts. For the first time in her live, she allowed to wear the maid uniform, every meat girl wears if her day comes. The day, when customers can order you.
Her first customer want a girl with a little bit more meat. The second one search for a blonde girl… But with the new pair, at table 3, she has a good feeling.
“I am 562. I will be happy to be your main dish!” She speaks her text. She never forgets this, because the teachers hit you, if you make a failure.
“She looks to young and unexperienced. I think we better take another girl” The Woman of the pair say.
562 explain friendly. “I’m trained for 7 years. I have learned everything, you need to know as a meat girl.”
“Look at her, I am sure, she makes a great spit roast.” The men say.
“You sure? I not see much meat at her body…” the women say skeptical.
The men already sound confident. “look how cute she is, I’m absolutely sure!”
562 don’t want to lose this chance. “I can promise you, that’s my meat will be delicious. My parents earn much money as the sell me. I also get great grades in every meat test!”
“Well, it’s your present.” The women answer. “If you like her.” She takes out a coupon and push it into 562 hands. “We order 562. Live spit roast!”
Overzealous, 562 run to the cook. “We have a new order.”
The cook looks shortly on the coupon and say. “You know, what to too right?”
She nods. “Yes! I got a A at preparation.”
Like in her training, she picks her own Spit. She knows that it is important, that the Spit thickness fit to herself. It’s her last ride after all, she will not get another try. She finds just the right one. It’s the same spit, that she has used for her training. This one fit just right. With her old friend, she returns to the table. The cook already prepared the grill set. Next part in the preparation striping! It’s a little bit sad, because she likes the uniform but she never has fail a striping Test! For the enjoyment of her owners, she decides to strip shyly. She wants to look cute! What is cuter as a shy girl? She has learned many ways to strip but cuteness always was her biggest weapon! So, she plays as innocent as possible. As a shy girl, she not undresses fast! Hesitantly she drops her uniform. As a shy girl, she tries to hide her underwear. It must look difficult, to undress her panty and her bra. After she drops her panty she looks away and try to be at another place. After a long break, she finally drops her bra.
“See! She has good meat.” The men praise her nude body.
“You can touch and test me, if you want.” 562 knows, that’s most people want to play with their meat girl. Luckily, she not thinks, she must use her sex training. She is not good in this profession. To be touched and be played with, on the other site, it’s a lot of fun. The Men don’t know, how to play with a meat girl. His touches are unexperienced and way to soft. But the women know, how she should play with her clit. It looks like she doesn’t do it for the first time.
“hi hi hi, this tickles.” 562 tries to sound cute.
“Was this too much?” the Women ask disappointed.
“Not at all! Its help your meat girl, to season herself.” 652 explain.
Now the women play even more with her. This is way better as in training!
It is the cook who stops the fun game. “sorry to interrupt you. If you want to play a little bit more with her, we can do the spitting later.”
Sadly, the pair has played enough. 562 must bend over the table. She knows this part very well… But this is the first time, she really will be spitted! For this moment, she was born and trained. Even if other girls have other reasons to live, for her there never was! Her Teachers was clear about it. Girls who not understand this simple fact, get punished. 562 forget a long time ago, how it is, to live for other reasons, as to be meat… She not thinks, she misses something. Only sometimes she is a bit curious about her real name. The spit enters her cunt… Well, its begins! 562 not understand, why she now gets sentimental about her past? Is this normal? She not knows… The part that’s follows its completely new. After all, you can’t train roasting and dying. The only think, she knows about it is: It should be the best moment of her live! The Spit penetrate her womb. It hurt as much, as they say. Maybe even a bit more. The pain is good, they explained her. She not feels good… She just need to concentrate more! The cook is skilled and know how to spit a girl alive. The iron enters her throat. It’s more difficult as she has expected. Because of the pain, she nearly forgets to open her mouth. The stabilizer enters her ass. She never has expected, that it will go this fast. 562 must use her mind, what she has to do now? Ohhhh…. She knows! She feels a little bit weak but she manages to place her hands, at the dots. The next spit can fix her hands in position. “I hope the pain not kill me early…” she hopes. She not manages to get her feet in position. Surprisingly, no one is angry. Normally you get punished if you mess up, in important steps… The cook just does it on his own and painfully fix them at the spit. 562 hope the customers like the show. Even for her, it’s a complete new feeling, to be absolutely helpless. The cook place her above the hot fire. “This not feels to bad.” 562 feels relieved. Finally, she has fun too. Now her world starts to spin around. The brush feels lovely. In live spit roast, the customer basted they meat girl alone. 562 feels tired but she still has a mission! Its hart to remember her training in this kind of situation… But she remembers! People like to see her meat girl wiggle! So, she wiggles with all her remaining power. Because to make the customer happy, it’s the only reason she has lived for!


It's pretty good, despite the grammar issues.
What's important is that the story is enjoyable.

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