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Alright, I'm trying this again. Maybe I'll be able to get myself to write before the thread falls off the list this time.

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“Top or Bottom?” The registration Officer asked unnecessarily, holding out one hand for my identification while he continued typing with the other, a rather impressive feat I had to admit, if only to myself as I passed him my ID card.

“Top.” I replied simply, looking up at the interior of my new High School. It seemed fairly standard, bland walls, bland ceiling, and a janitor just finishing his waxing of the bland floor. I turned for a moment as I heard the doors open behind me, the first of the other students beginning to trickle in. I had arrived early to complete my registration, a responsible person might have done so earlier but well, that would be a responsible person not me.

I noticed a severe lack of clothing among the students who entered, indicating that almost all of these were Bottoms as only Tops were allowed to wear more than a modicum of clothing so that class could be easily identified by sight. Civilised society had learned long ago that humanity was generally divided into Tops and Bottoms, those who had the potential ability and mindset to do great things as well as a much more assertive personality. These were of course the Tops. Then there were the Bottoms, those people who had either little ability, intelligence, personality or drive.

Over the years scientists and various types of psychologists have learned different methods to amplify one's Top or Bottom type of personality, making the segregation that much easier. One took a test when they were young, between five and ten years old depending on where they live, and it was determined which they would grow up to be. There were of course occasional people who registered as neither, but they were shipped off to small colonies at the edge of civilisation to live in the stagnating culture brought on by such people.

I was hardly surprised by the amount of Bottoms here, they were much more plentiful than Tops and tended too procreate a lot more due to a lack of responsibility and increased libido brought on by the chemicals put in their food. Of course two Bottoms would occasionally have a Top for a child, but that was rare and the child was usually moved to another family due to the fact that the power imbalance brought by law could be prove unhealthy for the child, as their parents and Bottom family members were required to obey their every command.

I absently took my ID and new student Identification card from the registration Officer, moving into the crowd of mostly naked people. Bottoms were allowed to wear one article of clothing while in public, but most of these teenagers decided to wear nothing at all. I allowed my eyes to drift over a few of them, my own simple tight jeans and dark purple jacket standing out in the midst of them, even though I left the front open, displaying my toned stomach and parts of my breasts, though the nipples were hidden behind the clothing.

A small and admittedly prideful smile moved over my lips as I felt many of their eyes on me. Each top would be recognised in a school like this, and a new one was bound to draw some attention. As if on cue I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a small group of three mostly clothed students, a boy, a girl, and one whose gender I couldn't place which I determined fairly quickly to be intentional.

“Hey, we haven't gotten someone new that wasn't an Ass for a while.” The boy said with a smile that I returned easily. He used a rather demeaning slang word for the Bottoms that had grown popular since I was a kid, though the word Bottom was rather demeaning on its own. “I'm Raphael, but people call me Rafe.” He then turned about to gesture at his two friends. “Carly,” Gesturing at the girl. “And that's Locke.” Pointing to the one whose gender I hadn't been able to identify. “Before you ask, they go by It, not ce or ze or whatever.” He said before leaning close for a loud whisper. “It thinks by making Itself seem less human It'll seem more impressive or something.” Locke smirked at that, but didn't refute the statement.

“I'm Abraxas.” I said drawing a few snickers from the surrounding audience of Bottoms, I made a note of two of them to deal with later. “People call me Abby though, less of a mouthful.” I took turns shaking hands, though Locke gave a flourishing kiss to the back of mine rather than simply shaking it. It was dressed rather foppishly as well, so the action was hardly a surprise. Rafe was dressed in a white, almost transparent suit, and Carly wore a fishnet shirt and thigh high boots as well as a skirt so short it didn't do anything except draw the eyes downward.

“How much do you want to bet that we're all in the same first class?” Carly asked in a quiet throaty voice with the subtle, refined southern twang that I wished most country singers had.

Rafe laughed. “Well that's hardly a fair bet Carly, we already know we're in the same class. And I highly doubt that Abby has to take the remedial shit everyone else is going through.” Remedial classes were rarely taken by Tops, which was part of the whole point of putting them at the beginning of the first few days of school, leaving them with plenty of time to get to know each other and play with with the more intelligent and driven Bottoms.

“Regardless, we ought to get out of the entryway. We're drawing a crowd.” Locke spoke up in a high almost musical voice. It led us all away from the small crowd of the Bottoms who had been congregating about us, though It did grab an unusually small boy who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, dragging him by the wrist to where we would be spending the first period of the day.

We chose the school's courtyard for now, sitting on the benches that surrounded a large tree in the centre of it. There were a couple other Tops sitting about the area, but they were on their own, one reading and the other tapping at her phone. There was also a Bottom girl, looking rather nervous and uncomfortable surrounded by Tops. I smiled at her but turned back to Rafe and Carly before she could return it. Locke was pressed up against the tree with the small boy suspended between them.

“So, what brought you here to our illustrious town?” Carly inquired waving her hand melodramatically at the mediocre place as she lay herself across Rafe's lap.

“My parents thought it would be best if I found my own place to live and “Finish Developing”.” I said, doing an intentionally poor imitation of Papa Shawn's deep and overly annunciated voice. “They think I'm too irresponsible and that leaving me in my own house and finding my own school and whatnot will help me with that. Leaving me to take care of myself.” It wouldn't be difficult, the state provided more than enough money for Tops to take care of themselves even without a job, the reasoning being that we would do what we loved and were good at when we grew up if we didn't have to worry about money. It was mostly right, Tops tended to get bored with just twenty-four-seven screwing pretty quickly after they hit thirty or so. Or so Papa Night Horse told me. I couldn't really picture myself getting bored with it though.

Rafe chuckled, running his fingers absently through Carly's red and black hair. It wasn't an unusual thing for parents of Tops to do. “Well welcome, we're always happy to have a new playmate around here. And playmates who are worth a damn to talk to are way too rare to...” He trailed off, noticing that I was eyeing the lone Bottom girl, who had taken to watching us until I looked up at her. “That's Beatrice.” He said with a smirk. “She's never been to a remedial class in her life as far as I know, her dad is a Top and I think he coaches her when she gets home.”

She was cute. Small and slender, though not overly skinny. She looked to be about sixteen with long brown hair that fell to her waist in waves. She wore a thin slip that covered small breasts and hung just low enough that I couldn't see her cunt. I could practically hear Rafe smile as I eyed her, and I could hear Carly choking as he squeezed her throat, her black painted nails pushing at her own pussy as he strangled her. She was in no real danger, even if Rafe did technically kill her the medical technology available to Tops mean that she could be medically dead until tomorrow and they would still be able to revive her, leaving her only problem being the inconvenience of missing the first day of school. The sounds set my decision and I stood, moving toward Beatrice with a clear purpose.

She looked to either side of her as I approached, seeming to half think I was looking at someone else, though I couldn't tell if she was hoping for that or not. Not that it mattered. I was still considering what to do to her when she stood up and held her hand out to me in greeting, from her fearful and shy demeanour I hadn't expected that. But it was probably the smartest thing she could have done when I thought about it, put me just a little off balance for a moment to allow her to get her bearings, it drew a smile from me when I caught it. “I'm Beatrice.” She said succinctly, I could hear the fear in her voice, most Bottoms didn't have fear of Tops, it had to be taught, and that was difficult due to the way they were generally raised to see us as the epitome of human, almost like benevolent gods that took care of them. It seemed to me that her father probably wanted her to grow up into someone important, at least as important as a Bottom could be.

After a few moments consideration I reached out and took her hand. I shook it, but didn't let go. She only tried to get it out once, to her credit, but it drew another smile from me. “Call me Abby.” I said, the sound of Carly gasping and gagging as Rafe finally let her breathe making both Beatrice and I shudder, though her more in fear I think. I sat on the bench that she had been seated in moments ago, pulling her reluctantly down next to me. I draped my legs over her and lay back against the arm rest, holding her hand in both of mine and playing with her fingers, less because I wanted to and more because it was clearly making her uncomfortable.

“So, I'm new here and am looking to see who's who around here.” I said, again more to make her uncomfortable than anything else. She knew that I'd be able to figure out who everyone important was within the first day or so of classes, meaning that my only reason for saying this was to force her to think of something to say. Or at least she did if she was as smart as I thought she was, that is to say better then the normal Bottom.

“Rafe, Carly and Locke you already met.” She said, her voice barely shaking after taking a deep breath. “They're one of the more important groups here, Rafe and Carly's father is the Mayor, Rafe's mother runs the school and Carly's runs the farms outside of town.” I wasn't overly surprised, important people liked to have kids together in the hopes that they became even more important when they grew up, and those three were probably the most important people in a small-ish town like this. Mayor for obvious reasons, Rafe's mother because how we're shaped in these schools is considered of more importance than how we act once we leave. And Carly's mother ran the farms, meaning that the majority of the food that came into town was from her. Again, obviously important.

“Locke's parents were both Bottoms.” She went on, letting out a quiet squeak when I bent one of her fingers a little too far. “It was grabbed by a retired Doctor and raised by her. There are lots of rumours about the things she's done to It, experiments and stuff. But I think Locke spreads them to add more to It's air of “Mystery.”” She tried to make air quotes when she said that, but I still had a grip on her hand and she gave up. “Other than them there's the Quintuplets. They're Identical Bottom boys who pretty much act like Tops whenever the real thing isn't around.” She was getting more comfortable, simply concentrating on talking rather than me, which I was fine with, these were good things to know and I enjoyed listening to her.

As Beatrice went on to explain the various groups in my new school I looked around the courtyard again. The boy Locke had previously had pinned to a tree was on his hands and knees. Or, well, hand and knees. His right arm was twisted behind him at an awful angle, though he looked up at Locke with a desperate sort of affection that I gathered came from years of experience with the Thing. Carly and Rafe had moved off toward the other two tops trying to get them to play. The girl on the phone had casually shoved Carly away when she had begun to lay kisses around her neck, but now had Rafe pinned happily under her heel, still texting. Carly had moved onto the boy who had been reading, they were now laughing as she moved up and down on top of him. Though I couldn't get a good look at where they were conjoined, it wasn't hard to imagine.

As I looked out over the courtyard, Beatrice had stopped talking. I let it go for a almost a full minute, waiting for her to continue. She had been talking about the jock Tops, her voice sounding relieved when she said they didn't pay much attention to the smarter girls. I turned back to her when it was plain that she wasn't going to keep going and caught her staring at me with an almost dazed expression. Her mouth was slightly open as she looked over my face, eyes scanning my straight back hair long enough to reach the small of my back. The way the aphrodisiacs put into the Bottom's food worked was contextual, not fully kicking in until someone made sexual advances, though it encouraged these as well. What was happening in the rest of the courtyard was obviously triggering hers, and she was obviously trying not to act on them. I considered kissing her, knowing that would more than likely make her self-control crumble. I broke her finger instead.

Beatrice screamed as the shocking pain tore through her hand, looking down at it for a moment with tears staining her bright green eyes before they moved back up to my face. I felt the small smile on my lips and eyes as I watched her thick lashes flutter in pain when I twisted the broken finger, her lips parting and letting out a quiet gasping sob, fighting her instincts so as not to struggle against me. I leaned forward, lifting the mangled middle finger to my mouth and biting softly down on it, drawing another pitiful sound from her. I felt the bones grinding between my teeth and I could see the reaction in her face with each one.

The bell rang. I stood slowly, my teeth still holding her finger for a few moments. I dropped her hand into mine and lay it in her lap, leaning down and planting a soft kiss on her lips, activating her still roiling sexual tension as I left. She curled up around her hand sobbing as I walked over to Locke who was being gathered up by a very happy looking Rafe. Carly had passed out while blowing the other Top boy who was now using her throat as a toilet. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off of him, hearing a quiet gurgling sound as she breathed through his cum and piss. I didn't think that she would be moving any time soon, so I dragged her along behind me by the hair. More for the aesthetics than because it was easier than just carrying her to class our first class which we did in fact share. I made a mental note to give Carly something for being right about that, even if it had been meant as a joke initially.

I offered her to Rafe when we got to class, but he told me to just keep her until she woke up and to take her to the nurse's office if she died. I found myself concentrating more on class than I had expected to with an attractive, almost drowning girl draped on her back across my lap, but it was history which had always interested me more than most subjects. It was just stories after all, some of which happened to be true. That's not to say that I let her presence there go to waste. My fingers dipped into her cunt every few minutes for the first half of class, pulling some of the seed that had been left there out and taking it to my mouth. I had never appreciated the male body, the shape in particular just failed to appeal to me, but I did enjoy some things about them, and the texture of their cum was one of those things though the taste less so.

Carly woke up with about ten minutes left to class and started moving, but I put my hand over her mouth to keep her from making a sound and plunged my fingers into her pussy, causing her barely conscious body to arch. Within the minute I had my full hand inside of her, still watching the Professor as he explained what had initially started the war between Northern China and Sweden which had sparked the last large scale conflict in the past hundred years. At this point I admit that my concentration was wavering considerably, but it's hard to focus on facts that you know when you have a beautiful girl squirming and cumming around your left hand while she's moaning and screaming into your right.

The bell rang finally and I shoved her into the aisle on my right, my hand leaving her cunt with a wet slurp. She worked her way to her hands and knees, panting and gasping as people moved around her. I gathered my things and was about to leave when Locke's boot came out of nowhere and slammed into the side of Carly's head, bouncing it off of the leg of a desk ad leaving her dazed on the floor, quiet moans coming from her as she tried to lift her cheek from the floor. Rafe's foot was on the back of her neck then, holding his sister's face to the floor as he looked at me.

“That you were playing with, Beatrice. She's probably still in the nurse's office for that thing with her finger.” He said nonchalantly. He was right, there were likely many more serious injuries on the first day than a broken finger, she would probably be there waiting for it to be set until lunch.

“Everyone else got to finish their entertainment during first period, but it looked to me as though you were just getting started.” Locke continued Rafe's thought, kicking away It's friend's foot from Carly's neck so that It could roll her onto her back, still moaning on the floor. “It looks like some clumsy person gave Carly a concussion. You should probably take her to the nurse's office.” It stood and held out It's hand to me, a long slender dueling knife offered out to me. “You should probably stay as long as it takes her to recover.”

Carly was almost on her feet by the time I took the knife. She was looking at me with a punch-drunk smile, slurred and indecipherable words flowing from her mouth as she practically climbed up me to get on her feet. Her lips pressed to my mouth in probably the sloppiest and most adorable kiss I'd ever been given, happy little giggles coming from her as well as a less than subtly lewd moan as she tried to rub her still open pussy along my thigh.

I smiled at her, pulling her away from me just enough so that I could slide the blade of the knife vertically into her neck, the point visible in the back of her throat when her mouth gaped and her eyes widened. Carly's hands clutched at her throat and she let out adorable little gargling noises as I lowered her to the ground. The fear was in her eyes, even though you knew there was no reason to be afraid it was always there at the moment you died. It was the main reason I ever allowed anyone to kill me.

Locke and Rafe had left when I pushed the metal into Carly, I spent several minutes there, touching and kissing her until I was sure that she couldn't feel it any more. I pushed the knife into her temple then, using how it lodged into her skull as a handle to pull her easily along behind me through the hills, blood trailing behind us.

The Nurse's office wasn't too far away, just up the nearby flight of stairs and across that hall. It was a well made room, sterile white even in the waiting room, with the janitor there to clean up anything that tarnished the purity of the room. Carly's blood that I trailed in for instance. He was a middle aged man, a Top, surprisingly, based on the fact that he was fully dressed. He gave me one of the sweetest smiles I've ever received when I came in and got to work. There were already almost a dozen children in here, all of them Bottoms. The boy that Locke had been playing with was leaving when I came in, his arm in a sling and a bandage hiding the cut that had taken his right eye.

I caught sight of Beatrice almost as soon as I started looking for her, and found that her eyes were already on me, though they occasionally flickered down to Carly's staring face. I smiled to her, but moved to the front desk, already occupied by what seemed to be the head nurse, likely warned by the Janitor that I was bringing in a dead Top. She sighed when she Carly, clearly more amused than upset but putting up appearances none-the less. “I'm going to have her in here a lot, aren't I?” She asked, her voice was filtered through an American accent built over years, but I could hear some sort of Slavic stuck in there. I just smiled and dropped Carly's corpse.

“I'll wait over there, let me know when she's waking up.” I moved over and sat next to Beatrice, I could smell the remaining heat from her, lingering still even after class. She was holding her broken finger in the other hand, huddled almost protectively over it. But when I sat beside her, draping my legs over hers just like I had in the courtyard she looked up fearfully. I smiled. “Hi.” Was all I said, prompting her to look away as I stared. We sat like that for quite a while, me watching her and she glancing at me only to quickly look away. After a little while though she lifted her broken hand and, still not looking at me, held it out as though offering it to me. My smile widened and I took it, placing the broken finger between my teeth again.


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Damnit, already attached to Beatrice, and hoping she doesn't end up perma-dead.



Thank you. You just made it so that I literally HAVE to keep writing.


Well, this is one of the best, hottest stories I've read on here recently. Characters are pretty good, surprisingly fleshed out.

Please write more, quickly.


This is really well done. I hope you write more!


This story is very well written with nicely fleshed out characters, without even mentioning how... electrifying it is. The point is, I need more~


Alright, here's part two. Pardon the surely numerous mistakes in spelling and grammar (And missing words my lazy proofreading may have missed.)


The rest of the day was hard to concentrate on for a couple reasons, the foremost being that my mind was occupied trying to decide what I wanted from Beatrice. My first instinct was to simply take her home for one night and send her father a polite apology the next morning along with some piece of her. But I could do that with any of the Bottoms in the school and they'd be happy to do so, also I wouldn't have to send most of their parents an apology, or even any sort of notice. No, this one was too interesting for that, her fear of me sparked against something I only got when killing, and I wasn't going to throw that away for a single night, or even a week. If the fear faded then I might have to do something to bring it back, but until then I'd find a way to enjoy the mix of feelings she obviously had.

The second reason was that Carly was all over me for most of the day. About three minutes before lunch was called, I was pulled into the nurse's main office as she woke up. I was surprised that she remembered how I killed her, I had thought her brain to be too damaged by Locke's kick at that point, but she was happy to explain to me how it felt to be stabbed like that so abruptly. And evidently she enjoyed it so much that she had to drag me everywhere for the rest of the school day, which I was not in all honesty upset about.

Rafe and Locke winked at me almost in tandem when we found out way to their table in the cafeteria. Rafe seemed most amused when Carly took a seat in my lap instead of finding her own. It wasn't that much of an issue, she was small and I was the tallest of the four of us. One thing that Tops and Bottoms aren't segregated in is food, we all choose what to eat from the same menu. Tops get first choice of course, but there isn't exactly any worry of running out, so only the very last Bottoms in line have limitations on what to eat, and that only because there are so many of them.

Rafe and Locke teased me through most of the meal about killing Carly just so I could see some Bottom girl, and not doing anything more to her than talking and breaking the same finger I already had, so I really just killed her for nothing. I responded by telling them if they killed Carly they'd know that was motive enough in itself. This quickly got her on my side, leaving me to eat quietly while she took each jab they made at me personally, though in a joking manner.

I'd gotten a read on her personality pretty quickly, and she was actually a rather rare kind of Top. Most of us see ourselves as higher than everyone else, and put that into our attitudes, even those who enjoy being put down every once in a while like Rafe clearly had with the girl in the courtyard. Then there were those like Carly who pretty much ignored the Bottoms as unimportant and focused entirely on Tops because only we had the attitude to give her what she wanted. She acted mostly like the rest of us, privileged and more than a little haughty. But she threw herself at people she thought would abuse her, which is why I suspected she switched her attention to me after I killed her, if I had to guess I'd say that was the first time she'd been seriously hurt in a while and she was hoping that I'd give her more.

She was talking to Rafe and Locke on other subjects by now, leaving me to listen and watch. Apparently the school's swim team was doing really well this year, particularly the Bottom faction, to everyone's surprise. This sort of thing didn't interest me as much as Papa Night Horse would have liked, but it was important so I listened, though I had taken the still bloody knife Locke had given me from my backpack, holding it where none of the other's could see it. “I haven't seen this much determination in our swim team since... Ever.” Locke said flamboyantly, waving It's dark hand with an amused smile on It's lips.

“Well they can hardly be outdone by our Bottom Team, can they?” Rafe asked, loudly, turning his head and earning several scowls from those Tops that I assumed to be the Swim Team.

“Apparently they can.” I said quietly, earning a laugh from almost everyone in ear shot. Only Carly didn't, and that was because she had felt the cold of my blade pressed lightly between her shoulder blades, eliciting a soft gasp that was covered by everyone else's laughter. I had chosen a seat near the cafeteria's wall, meaning that Carly and I were the only one's who knew I had her murder weapon pressed against her again.

Locke and Rafe continued talking, Carly leaning back against me, trying to get the knife to pierce her skin but I just pulled it back every time she moved. “I'm not going to hurt you,” I said so only she could hear, drawing a whimper. “Unless you don't talk for rest of the school day.” It was a test more than anything, seeing if I could get her to do what I wanted with promises of pain and loss of control. If I could, then I had a much more easily preserved toy than Beatrice, though not quite as cute or interesting. It wouldn't be hard to make sure that she didn't talk throughout the day, she certainly seemed determined enough to drag me about the place, and I had little reason to stop her. And now reason not to.

I slid the point of the knife down her back, light enough that it didn't make a mark on the many threads of her fishnet top, but with enough weight that she could feel it travelling down her spine causing her back to arch, shoulder blades pushing back, stomach forward and breasts out as she inhaled sharply. I brought the blade wielding arm to wrap around her waist with the point of the knife pressed to bare crook of her hip bellow the table, the other arm coming up her chest to wrap my hand lightly about her throat, pulling her back against me as well as tilting her head back so that I could feel it resting back on my shoulder. Movement to my right caught my eye and I saw Beatrice sitting down at a table just along the wall to Carly and myself, her eyes on me before travelling down and seeing the blood-stained knife I had pressed to my panting friend. Her mouth opened slightly in a mix of concern and lust.

I smiled and turned my head to face Carly's neck, my lips and teeth playing along it as I brought the knife teasingly across her stomach prompting a harsh shiver and quiet moan, her hands grasping tightly at the sides of our seat as the point of the blade moved over the vulnerable skin. This drew the gazes of Locke and Rafe for a few moments, but they couldn't see the knife so they soon turned back to each other, continuing to speak on other things as I shifted positions slightly, pushing Carly's legs apart to allow access to her cunt. She gasped and moaned again when she felt the point of the knife against her wet folds, the harsh metal touching her only gently and causing no harm and just the slightest semblance of pain before I flipped it over and began to push the polished wooden handle into her body, drawing another moan and arch of her body.

I looked over at Beatrice then, seeing her determinedly facing her food, pushing it into her mouth with one hand while the other had a rather tight grip on the plastic knife beside her tray. I could have sworn that I saw her thighs pressing together as well, but it was a long distance to accurately mark such an easily subtle movement. I pushed the knife's hilt fully into the girl in my lap, my grip on her neck tightening, though not enough to actually restrict her air or blood flow bringing a satisfyingly frustrated moan from her lips, though her hips were moving happily enough against the knife inside of her.

By the time lunch was over Carly was at the edge of her release, but the bell rang so I pulled the knife from her sex and shoved her to the floor in order to stand, doing my best to wipe what of her juices had gotten on me off of my pant leg. “Where to next?” I asked as Carly shakily stood to her feet and opened her mouth. I swiftly brought my finger to my lips, and raised my eyebrows at her. She nodded, eyes widening as she realised how close she had come to speaking before she simply grabbed my arm and pulled me eagerly along hardly giving me time to gather up my backpack.

The rest of the day was spent with Carly in my lap. Most of her classes I spent taking notes for her or myself, depending on whether I was meant to be in the class or not. We received a few disapproving looks from the Enhanced Chemistry Professor, but I was not breaking any rules by joining Carly for class, and I was clearly attempting to learn during it so he said nothing. Two of the classes however were spent bringing Carly to the brink of an orgasm again and again before stopping, and on more than one occasion needing to hold her wrists in my hands and my own leg between hers to keep her from achieving it herself when she became extremely frustrated.

I noticed that Beatrice was in most of the more advanced classes that we attended, studiously taking notes and looking through things in books or web-pages on the subject when the classes respective teachers were not saying or doing anything important. She clearly worked hard to be where she was. Whether that was because her father encouraged her or because she wanted this herself was not something that I could say for certain. Though I suspected it to be something in between. I had the power to either make this much easier on her, or make her need to work on it even harder. I hadn't decided which yet, though I considered a possibility that would be somewhere in the middle.

When the end of the day came Carly was practically dripping uncontrollably, the constant teasing as well as promises of abuse if she behaved and kept her mouth shut pushing her to a nearly perpetual state of apprehensive arousal, particularly as we neared the point where she might be free. The final bell rang and she was the first to stand, having learned that if she did not she would quickly end up on the floor. She looked at me expectantly as I took my dear time gathering my things.

Once everything was properly packed within my backpack I spoke. “Go say goodbye to Locke and Rafe for me, tell them that you'll see them in the morning here.” She nodded and rushed out the door. I followed at a rather more easy pace. I grabbed Beatrice's shoulder as she was about to head out the door. She turned her head to look at me, finding my mouth on hers for an instant before I pushed past her and out the door, leaving her standing on her own and almost seeming in shock until I was out of sight.

Carly caught up with me outside of the main building, making my way toward the street. She looked at me with wide eyes, apparently unsure if she were allowed to talk to me or not. I waited until the automatic vehicle Papa Shawn had given me when he and Papa Night Horse had told me that I would be sent away to fend for myself. It wasn't particularly flashy, but it was more than serviceable. I got in, leaving the door open for Carly as well while I set the destination for my home. I had considered taking her some alternative places first, but the first day had involved a lot more time than others would, meaning that it was mid-evening. And Carly seemed far too hyper for me to take her anywhere calm, and certainly too horny for me to trust her anywhere wild. “So, how did you find the first day?” I asked her as the vehicle began to move.

The ride was spent in conversation, though we could have done more as manual vehicles were rarely seen anywhere other than the “Between” colonies. But I wanted to draw it out a little more, toying with the knife the entire time, reminding her what awaited when we arrived.

I was pleased that my test had worked out as well as it had, Carly had not tried to speak after the first slip up, and had only tried to do anything I clearly wanted her not to that one point where she lost control and tried to bring herself to release prematurely due to my, admittedly cruel teasing. When we arrived and got out of the vehicle I rummaged through my backpack and tossed a small plastic wrapped pill to her. “Take that.” She didn't seem to recognise it, but immediately tossed it into her mouth.

The medication was a fairly new discovery, it allowed people to be severely damaged or killed and heal over night. I was told when I bought a particularly large amount of them (For a particularly large amount of my personal account) that they put a dead body in a bit of forced stasis and then encouraged growth with the lingering energy in the person, directing that toward their wounds over nearly ten hours before jump-starting them again once the process was complete. Essentially meaning that I would be able to kill Carly tonight, and wake up in the morning with her breathing next to me. Or wherever I decided to put her when I was done. Though evidently it was mostly used for Tops or high ranking Bottoms who held particularly dangerous jobs. Her readiness to take it meant I could probably get her to drug herself fairly easily in the future should I wish it.

The home that I was living in was simple and small. I didn't need much compared to most Tops, I had a small entertainment centre with a generous projecting television and audio setup installed throughout most of the house allowing me to play music anywhere. The kitchen was particularly small, but I made good use of the space I was given, a small refrigerator and oven on opposite sides with an admittedly pathetic island counter in the middle. The rest of the house consisted of a bathroom on one end, and a small bedroom with a sliding wall that allowed it to become part of the main living room.

Carly looked about the place curiously with a surprised expression, she had probably been expecting me to have a home that was much... more, as most Tops in my situation had either a large apartment or a house with space they had no need of. The bed was the only thing large about my house, filling most of the small sleeping section though I kept the wall fully open most of the time.

“Make yourself at home.” I said, waving the knife toward the dark red love-seat that rested in front of the entertainment centre, moving into the kitchen myself. I removed my jacket, leaving my breasts in the air as I slid the knife into my belt. I moved to the fridge and was about to get a drink for myself, though not one for Carly, when I felt her arms wrap around my midriff and her lips on my neck.

I turned quickly around, my hand wrapped about her throat. I shoved her back over the counter in the centre of my round kitchen earning a surprised squeal, only her shoulder blades to her rear fit on the top of my small counter, leaving her legs and head to be supported by her. “I said 'make yourself at home' not 'accost me'. I said, though even I could feel the corners of my lips twitching upwards slightly.

“S-sorry.” She stuttered quickly, though I could see a smile on her face as well as I turned away. I could hear her sitting up on the counter while I turned back to get myself a drink. It was simple water, but I added some flavouring to it in the form of ice that had been made with lime juice distilled into the water. When I turned back, sipping from my glass Carly was looking at me with a wide smile, her hands on the edge of the counter, legs kicking slightly in an excited way.

“What?” I asked, catching her eyes flickering between the knife in my belt, my breasts, my face, and the block of knives sat behind he on top of the small refrigerator. I managed to contain my smirk when she didn't say anything, just spread her thighs to show me how wet she still was. I just sipped from my glass again, not looking at her cunt, only her face. This drew a satisfying whimper but still no words.

I sighed and opened the fridge, pulling a large ball of ice from the flavouring bowl, this one was filled with lemon juice primarily, and had a bit more in it than most, meant to flavour the water more quickly on hot days. Stepped up to her and drew my knife, drawing another wordless whimper from the other Top. I moved the blade slowly nearer and nearer her cunt, causing her to look away and close her eyes in anticipation. I only barely nicked her however, drawing a stifled cry of pain as blood began to lean form the shallow cut. “I asked you why you were staring at me.” I said, now nearly pressed up against her, my non-knife wielding hand bringing the ball of ice up against her pussy, holding it there.

Carly just kept whimpering, forcing herself to remain wordless so I put the ice back into my glass and grasped her by the her red and black hair. I took her near the roots and pulled her head sharply back, baring her throat and bringing the knife up to it. “Perhaps I'll just kill you now and use your corpse if you're going to have as much to say.” This drew a full cry of pleasure from her, the thought of her Self being discarded for the simple use of her body clearly arousing her.

I rolled my eyes and instead dragged her out of the kitchen and into the living area. Tossing her onto the bed, I quickly climbed over her, grabbing her left wrist. She surprised me then, grinning and trying shove me away. She was clearly trying to provoke me, and I saw not reason not to humour her. So, in response she found my knee jammed harshly up against her cunt. She screamed, trying to double over and hold the pained area. But I kept my grip on her wrist, pressing it against the headboard.

She was still occupied with the pain in her nether region when I jammed the knife through her palm and into my headboard. Carly didn't even scream, just opened her mouth and gasped, staring at her pinned hand as I slowly pushed the blade in to the hilt. I pulled myself off of the bed as she began to shake, her eyes wide and tear filled, but her bruised cunt still dripping. “Don't move.” I ordered unnecessarily, turning and moving back to the kitchen, fetching my water and two more knifes. One was thin, long and curved, made for gutting fish and the like. The other was a bread knife, long and straight with wicked serration across its single edge.

Carly was still staring at her hand when I came back, though she now had the other in herself, fingering her cunt as blood ran down her arm, hardly even noticing me until I took the hand that wasn't impaled. My glass of water and the bread knife had been placed on the bedside table, the only other piece of furniture in the sleeping area. She saw the other knife however, discerning what I meant to do for a second time and screaming prematurely, though if one had been listening closely they would easily be able to tell when she was screaming in anticipation of pain, and when I actually stabbed her hand in order to hold it against my headboard as well.

I sighed quietly, now sat with one leg on either side of her, my rear resting on Carly's stomach as I pushed my hair back out of my face looking down at her while I caught my breath. “Still nothing to say?” I asked, taking up my glass once more, now tinted with the taste of both lemon and lime. She just smiled at me through tears streaking down her face. It smeared her excessively dark make-up, but I found that it was actually attractive effect.

“Fine.” I said, taking the lemon ice from my glass and the knife from my table. I didn't move from my position on top of her as I drew the blade slowly across the lips of her sex, drawing another scream. They were once again only small, superficial cuts in the sensitive flesh and I put the knife back on the bedside table. There were a few small stains of blood on some of the teeth. Then I moved down her body, sitting between her legs. I pushed the ball of ice into her body, the lemon juice soon seeping with the water into her cuts. The ball wasn't small for a block of ice, but was hardly too large to fit inside of her cunt, so I held it there, listening to her whimper and cry out at the increasingly painful cold as well as the occasional intense sting.

We were hardly sitting like that for a minute before she was screaming, and soon screaming words. “What do you want me to say!?” She cried, eyes wide and staring down at me, clearly wanting me to take the slowly melting ball of frozen water out of her rather than holding it in as I was. “Please, please stop!” It was my turn to remain silent now, drawing frustrated and pained sobs from her as she was reduced to crying and writhing, her legs kicking at me weakly, easily pinned beneath my own.

I held her there until the ice had fully melted, heedless of her pleas and begging, indeed these simply making me more aroused at the situation. In the end however she had stopped struggling and screaming and simply lay there on my bed, twitching and crying as the cold water dripped inexorably between my fingers. I could feel her reach climax, but I was uncertain whether she could or not, through the frozen area and desperation she was in. A bit of a waste if she did not, I had been building that orgasm in her most of the day. When the ice was gone I crawled up her body and easily slid two of my cum and lemon-water stained fingers into her mouth, lifting the rest of my hand to let the fluids drip into her mouth.

Carly looked up at me with hazed over eyes. “Maybe you'll do what I tell you now, hmm?” I asked. She responded by nodding and closing her mouth around my fingers, sucking the liquids away. I pulled my hand out of her mouth quickly and repeated my question.

“Yes, Abby.” She said weakly in that adorable southern accent she held. I smiled down at her and rewarded her with a quick peck on her mouth.

“Good girl, Carly.” I said, leaning back to sit on her stomach once more, moving my hips subtly back and forth over her. I was rather aroused myself now, and it was getting toward night time. I would need to make dinner for myself soon. Carly would need some food too, but only in the morning, she would be dead before dinner though the drug I had given her would eat up most of her energy and leave her starving for food when she woke up.

I gave her a few minutes to recover before standing beside the bed and removing my jeans and panties. I could feel her lustful gaze on me as I did so, and hear her panting as I lifted the bread knife once more. I sat between her legs on the bed and looked over at her with a wry smile. I pressed the handle of the knife into her now sore but feeling cunt as I had with the knife Locke had given me earlier in the day. She arched her back and let out a grown as I pushed the wooden handle in and out of her body several times before removing it completely, the tool now dripping with her juices.

Carly was panting quietly as I positioned myself around her, my left leg between hers and pulling her left between mine, the smooth pale flesh resting between my breasts as I brought the handle of the knife down to my own damp sex. Lubricated well enough already by Carly, I managed to slip the thing into myself fairly easily, letting out only a few quiet moans that Carly noticed. She leaned her head upward, looking down and seeing my cunt positioned just away from her own with a wicked knife sticking from it.

Her eyes widened and I grinned at her, moving too quickly for her to protest, the two pronged tip piercing one of her labia as I moved in, the seven inch long toothed blade slicing into Carly's body until I pressed my sex to her own blood slicked cunt. She screamed of course, the high sound pealing throughout my house, and likely the neighbour's as well. Her back arched and her body bucked again and again, I simply held myself still, feeling the smooth handle moving inside of me with her agonized struggles.

It took several minutes for her energy to wear down again and for her to fall still and silent, panting and sobbing as blood dripped down between us. Her hand had torn considerably during her struggles, blood flowing more freely there as well as the holes had torn long and wide, stained bone visible in them. I looked over at her and Carly's eyes slowly turned to look at me, her face a bit pale from lack of blood. She surprised me again, this time by opening her mouth and whispering “Please. More.”

I had of course not been stopping, but the encouragement was nice regardless. I smile and began to gyrate my hips, pressing out lower lips together over and over as well as pushing the handle of the knife about inside of me, and the blade about inside of her. After a few moments I found the proper angle that our clitorises were pressed together with each movement, drawing more intense moans from me and harsher whimpers and cries from Carly.

In all honesty I'm not certain when she finally died, I'd been staring at her face as we moaned and came several times, together once even. At some point however, her eyes were no longer staring at me, simply staring. Her face was too pale and her hips no longer moved against mine. Soon after, her body became noticeably colder, I kept moving until I was finished, my fluids splashing softly against the corpse. I pulled the knife from my cunt then, moving over her body and laying my head on her cold chest. I would make dinner soon, then pull the knives from her body so that she could properly heal over night. But for now, I simply caught my breath, licking and biting at her cool flesh.


This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. Really looking forward to more.


<3333 such a good story


Thanks. But reading it over again I'm considering rewriting the last scene. If people have a preference that would help as well.


The last scene was great! I myself would prefer that the story be simply continued~


Thank you for saying so. A friend agrees with you, so I'll probably just move on with the story.


So is familial affection contingent on performance on this test during childhood? Obviously parents of bottoms can't love them very much if their death matters so little, especially if they're Tops themselves. Then how do parents view their children before their class is determined? Does any instinctual bond exist during this time that needs to be severed? Beatrice's case could just be a result of her parents' ambition rather than hope for her well-being.


I can see both sides, on one hand I do like the final scene as it is and I think it stands pretty well as it is. But I can also see how it isn't "special" as it could be, especially if they are going to end up together more often then the first time should have something extra between them.

I do want to clarify though, while I can see why you might not be completely satisfied with it I still think it is fantastic and look forward to the next part.




Please come back!


I need more.


I'll do what I can, but my laptop is on its way out so updates are hardly going to start being regular.


I'm almost finished with the next section. I will hopefully have that up in the next few days. (Fat chance) At least that's my goal.

Also, I wanted to address the question posed here >>8945 (Not certain how tagging posts works on this format)

I would argue that familial attachment, just like in our society, is entirely dependent on the people involved. Society encourages children before the tests to be treated as though they are Bottoms, and while Bottom children are loved, society does not hold anywhere near the same value toward life as our society at least likes to think it encourages. Death of a bottom isn't generally seen as a bad thing, simply necessary to appease the Tops. This would certainly breed a bit of resentment in the more aware bottoms, but they are generally silenced quickly.

In reference to Beatrice's father, it is likely that his attention to her is personal ambition rather than wanting to her succeed for her own sake. It could also be pride, a sort of insistence that no child of his could really be a bottom, so she's forced to keep up with the Tops to prove this. Or perhaps he's simply proud of his daughter's intelligence and wants her to live to her fullest potential.


Oh my, I'm sooooo happy this is back :)


I am also happy to know that this will continue. Can't wait for the next part.


So, computer broke about a week after I mentioned writing for this again. Lost everything except what's written here.

As I'm certain many can imagine this is very demoralizing and has put me off this story yet again.

I have another story possibility in mind that I'm actually excited about, but don't want to leave this one where it is for another while if that will annoy the people who enjoy this story.

Essentially I'm asking whether people want me to write for this sooner or start on a story I'm excited about(And will post on GuroChan) to gain some distance before coming back to it.


I'd love to see your new story, but I'm anticipating a scene with Beatrice so much that I simply must demand another chapter~!


Bump to not lose :D


Just making sure not to lose my stories due to that dgerqwad.


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Man, this story is great.

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