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Hi guys, just a quick little story this time.

Caroline was sitting alone in a sterile, tiled room in the local meat processing plant. She was just minutes from death, the excitement made her pulse rise and her breathing became fast and shallow. She had been expecting this for some time, more than half of her friends had been taken away during the last couple of months and Caroline had figured out that one day they would come for her too. A truck had come to her house early in the morning, and two uniformed men had knocked on the door and informed her parents that their oldest daughter had been selected for processing, and had to come with them immediately. Within a couple of minutes Caroline had been woken up, gotten dressed, and said goodbye to her whole family. At the processing facility she had been stripped, washed and shaved before being placed in a room to await her execution. There were many others there, and they were collected in groups of four at a time. Caroline had watched group after group leave the room, until only five remained. After some time four more names were called, but not hers. The four others left, and after the door closed she was alone.

The room was eerily quiet. Caroline tried to calm herself down and focused on taking long, deep breaths. Her mind drifted off and all kinds of thoughts filled her mind. She wondered what dying would be like. She had heard that it was painful and frightening, but she had also heard rumours of pleasant, even erotic deaths. The young girl had recently discovered the pleasure she could get from her own body, and had lately masturbated almost every night before going to sleep.

Her hands were resting in her lap, but somehow they found their way to her crotch. Her fingers traced the area around her outer labia and she was enjoying the sensation of a completely bare pussy. She had never shaved it before, after all it had only recently started growing, but she liked the feeling. Slowly she moved to her outer lips, moving her hand up and down its length and slipping a finger between her outer and inner lips. She moved even further in, gently massaging her inner lips and the area around her clit. Caroline licked her fingers and coated them with her saliva, before moving her hand to her pussy again, rubbing it in with her spit. After a little while she could feel her own lubrication coming from her vagina. She knew she was ready, and inserted a finger, working it in and out, slowly but firmly. The other hand focused on her clit, occasionally moving up to her chest to caress her small, budding breasts. Her arousal was growing by the second, and not long after the first finger went in she was ready for one more. She put her middle and ring finger together and put them at her opening, inserting them ever so slowly, savouring the feeling of every millimetre being stuffed into her pussy. It felt so good!

Suddenly, just as Caroline had gotten as much of her fingers as she could inside her, the door opened. A man entered, and Caroline pulled out her fingers and straightened herself up as fast as she could. She was sure he had seen what she had been doing, but he didn’t mention it.

“Caroline, right?” he asked, and Caroline nodded. “I’m Christopher, now it’s just you and me. Don’t worry, it will be over quickly and if you do everything right, it won’t hurt. Now come with me.”

He walked out the door, and Caroline followed him. The gravity of the situation suddenly hit her, and she started shaking. Christopher was walking with fast steps, and Caroline was somehow not able to follow him. He noticed, turned around and spoke to her.

“It will be alright, Caroline, just a little more now. Here, take my hand.” Christopher took hold of her hand, her fingers coated with her juices.

“A little excited, are we?” Caroline looked down and blushed. “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly normal,” Christopher said and smiled.

The room they entered was big, and had the same sterile look as the last room. Lots of strange devices were stacked along the walls. In the middle of the room were four nooses attached to wires that would hoist them up into the air.

“Well, here we are,” Christopher said. “I have to tie your arms behind your back, but if you promise to be a good girl, I won’t tie your legs. Is that alright?”

“Okay,” Caroline replied.

Christopher took some rope and quickly tied her hands together; it was evident that he had done that many times before. He placed the noose around Caroline’s neck and made sure the machine was turned on and operational.

“All right, we’re all set then. Any last words, Caroline?”

After a moment of silence, she quietly said, “I hope I taste good.”

Christopher let out a small chuckle as he pressed a button to activate the machine. A whirring noise started coming from it and Caroline felt the noose tighten around her neck. It was pulling her upwards, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes before it lifted her off the ground completely. Her windpipe was crushed from her own body weight and she found it impossible to breathe. Christopher had said it wouldn’t hurt, but it did, from the first second. The rope was digging into her skin, and a burning sensation spread from her neck through her whole body. However, there was another burning sensation spreading, but this one was pleasurable, and it was coming from her crotch. Caroline suddenly felt hornier than ever before, but with her hands behind her back she couldn’t do anything about it. Desperate for relief, she looked Christopher straight in the eyes and tried as best as she could to mouth the words

“Fuck me!” She got no response at first, so she tried once more.

“You know I can’t do that, Caroline,” he replied calmly.

“Please!” she mouthed at him again with pleading eyes. A moment passed until he spoke,

“Okay then. To be honest, I planned on doing that to you anyway, but I guess it might be better to let you enjoy it too.”

Christopher removed his pants, revealing his big, erect penis, and moved in front of Caroline. The rope had hoisted her up so that their hips were perfectly aligned, and Caroline spread her legs wide open to allow the man full access to her private parts. Christopher could clearly see that Caroline was very excited, her vulva was slightly swollen and moisture was seeping from her virgin hole. There was no time for foreplay, so Christopher lined up his member with the girls pussy, and while he leant forward and gave her a passionate kiss, he thrust into her. She was well lubricated, but still very tight. Caroline felt her pussy being stretched way more than she had ever accomplished with her fingers, and although it was weird and slightly uncomfortable, it felt amazing at the same time. It wasn’t long before Christopher could increase his pace, and it seemed like the little girl could accommodate more and more of him with each thrust. She folded her legs around his back and rocked her hips at him to the rhythm of their intense lovemaking. Chris did as much as he could to pleasure her, massaging her clit with his fingers, and sucking on Caroline’s small, pert breasts. He would really like to see this girl have an orgasm before she died. It was always a lovely sight, and this little nymphomaniac absolutely deserved it.

Caroline’s state of mind slowly developed into a haze as they were fucking, fuelled by pain, intense pleasure and an increasingly severe lack of oxygen. Her sight went grey and she found herself unable to focus on any particular point, and the sounds around her were becoming dull and unrecognisable. Her pulse was high and she could clearly feel her heart, seeming to be struggling with delivering enough blood to her body, desperate for more oxygen. She knew she was dying but it was not exclusively painful. Her fear lost its hold on her, and she could focus on her last wish; getting one last orgasm. Waves of pleasure were flowing through her, and she felt the familiar feeling of a euphoric release approaching her from a distance. She was losing her strength, and Christopher had to hold her with one of his muscular arms because she was no longer able to cling to him with her legs. Caroline relaxed as much as she could and let Christopher do the work. He could feel his own orgasm coming, unusually fast. This little girl turned him on more than anyone had in a long time, and he had to withhold his release as much as he could. This was no longer just about his pleasure; it was just as much about her. She had no way of communicating with him, so all he could do was to hope that she was close.

It was not long before his wish turned into reality when he felt the first orgasmic spasms making their way through Caroline’s body. She was in ecstasy, having the far most powerful orgasm of her life, which would also be her last. She was twitching uncontrollably, and as a result her pulsating pussy was massaging Christopher’s penis. He couldn’t hold himself any longer, and let go inside of her. Caroline’s body felt prickly and numb, but her crotch was burning, sending sparks of orgasmic pleasure to her oxygen-deprived brain. She felt like uttering a scream of joy, but because of the rope around her neck she only managed a rough gargle. Just at the height of her orgasm she felt Christopher cum deep inside of her, and a sense of happiness and fulfilment filled her mind. The orgasm had taken up the last of her remaining strength, exhausting her, but now she felt ready to die. She suddenly felt very sleepy, and just as the last wave of pleasure rolled through her she blacked out, and her body went limp.

Christopher withdrew from her, shaking from the intense rush of testosterone that had flowed through him. He sat down on a bench next to Caroline’s beautiful, still, body and admired her. He knew there was a chance he could revive her if he were to take her down, and he really wanted to do it. That would be a clear violation of the rules, though and would most likely cost him his job, which he of course really depended on. He was stretching the rules more than enough already, and he praised himself lucky his boss overlooked it, as long as it wasn’t too serious.

Christopher looked up at Caroline again, rocking slowly from side to side. Occasionally her body would twitch slightly, but they were getting fewer and more far between as time passed. Her organs were shutting down one after the other, and he could see the life leaving her body. A mixture of cum and pussy juice was dripping slowly from her pussy, and she appeared to be smiling slightly. As her heart stopped and the last of her brain shut down, a small trickle of pee ran down her legs. Christopher walked up to her and gave her a kiss. Although their time together had been very short, she had been an excellent lover.


I think my favorite part is knowing that she could have been revived and snuffed again. Maybe some lucky girl will earn that assignment.

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