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Posting random short stories here.

I haven't written in awhile, and I wasn't that great the last time I tried either. So any feedback to help me improve is welcomed.

Sarah emerged from Larissa's cunt with a face dripping with pussy juice "Okay! It's my turn to get eaten out!" She repositioned herself so that she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open, and her right hand holding up her black miniskirt to display her nicely shaved cunt.

Katie, currently sitting on Larissa's face having her own cunt munched on, responded, "As soon as Larissa... oh... is finished with me I'll do you." Katie was close to cuming, but Sarah was impatient.

"Oh come on baby! Eat me now!" Sarah pouted, parting her pussy lips as a tease.

"Horny are we... ugh" Katie's response was cut short when a man entered the room with a gun drawn and fired a bullet into her head. Katie collapsed onto the bed with blood steadily pouring from the small hole, soaking her hair and the fabric of the mattress; piss sprayed from her pussy onto Larissa's face, who didn't respond to the situation fast enough. As soon as she tasted the warm urine emptying from her dead friend's bladder she scrambled off of the bed, but barely made it an inch towards the door before the gunman put three bullets into her lower back. She hit the floor in agony, but before she could scream the man pressed the gun against the back of her head and put her out of her misery.

Sarah could only observe in horror, too scared to move herself, as her friends were snuffed out one by one at the hands of a strange man. He finished putting a bullet in the back of Larissa's head and turned towards her; she could only watch through tear-filled eyes and sob in despair.

"Are you Sarah Chang?"

The shock hadn't worn off yet and Sarah hadn't the will to show defiance at that point. Her only response was to shake her head in confirmation and hope it would be over quick.

It wasn't; the hitman took the opportunity presented by her still-spread cunt to fire seven rounds into her spread womanhood. Sarah's body shuttered and waves of pure agony washed over as each bullet tore through the tender flesh. He only let her scream for a few seconds before emptying the the remaining into her chest, ripping holes into her perfect DD tits and puncturing her lungs and hear. The killer intentionally takes his time reloading his gun, watching Sarah cough up blood with each painful attempt to draw in air with her collapsed, blood-filled lungs. It was a whole 55 seconds before the man pointed the reloaded gun at the center of Sarah's forehead and pulled the trigger, putting a end to her suffering. Her body twitched and shuttered for several ten seconds, with urine running out of her ruined pussy, before she went limp.

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