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I´ve found a good story. It was published in Yahoo/debreast

Part 1. M/S Topless

Jana couldn't believe how excited she was. Just yesterday at her birthday party her friends had revealed her that they had booked a luxorious cruise aboard the M/S Topless for four and they were leaving the very next day. Being the teenagers they were, there was no question about their intentions of heavy partying and general foolishness. Jana was expecting quite the weekend filled with alcohol, sunshine, beautiful women and endless dancing.

This was to be Jana's first time aboard the famous party ships that they had so many times adored at the city harbour while wondering why all the cruises had age restrictions and wouldn't allow anyone under 18 aboard. Afterall this was a very liberal society based on the views of their ancestors one and a half centuries ago. They had shaped the entire world according to their beliefs and preferrences. This is why Risa Nine was one of the most liberal colonies in the Federation. Very few regulations and directives applied here. The entire world was dedicated to fulfilling desires and lust. The terraforming of the land had been planned so that the entire world was basically one huge white sand beach.

Jana's friends were all older than her. Krissy was 19 already and had definetly been to many cruises, but never really revealed anything to Jana about the parties she had had. Erica had also just turned 19 last month and she too must have had her share of off-shore fun. Keeley was just three months older than Jana and this was to be her first cruise too.

To Jana the ship ahead of them looked almost unreal, it was so massive. Hovering forty feet above the ocean waves was the M/S Topless, a full mile long luxury ship, filled with bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gamehalls, swimming pools and spas. The massive craft even had it's own sand beach on the top level, and beneath it one hundred and sixy floors of entertainment still shrouded in mystery, just waiting to be explored by Jana and her friends.

Jana was well aware that this cruise would also be very sexual in nature. She had been very intimate with her three best friends since their childhood and they were openly lesbians, just like almost every other female on this planet they called home. This was the social structure of Risa Nine and had been so since the first founding mothers arrived with their technology that gave them the ability to shape the landscape, control the weather and reproduce through genetic cloning.

Jana's mothers had produced her as a brunette, just like Krissy. Basically they were clones of their mothers, with slight genetic improvements, that their mothers had chosen for them. Extremely feminine bodies were the only way to go in Risa Nine. Jana, just like her friends sported a massive set of natural - well, as natural as genetic manipulation foes - set of perfectly shaped breasts, very slim body with fine muscles and the face of a goddess. Jana had a pair of double gees tipped with pale pinkish nipples. Her friend Erica's mother had been slightly less ambitious and so Erica carried a pair of F cups to go with her golden hair. Krissy had double gees like Jana, but with slightly darker nipples. Krissy also always wore a pair of glasses even though it was merely a fashion statement, since there was no way she could have been born with bad eyes and even if she had, they could have been fixed in just a moment by a simple genetic reconfiguration at the local mall. Keeley was the one of them that was always drawing attention with her looks. She had a striking purple hair and her mothers had chosen her to carry an astonishing set of KK -sized breasts that were tipped with the most inviting puffy pink nipples.

The air taxi would soon be at the enterance of the M/S Topless and it would be time for the teenage friends to join the festivities among the other over nine thousand hot bodies.
Part 2. Boobs

"Passangers, please enter the registration area and follow the blue line on the floor."
The female announcer's voice made Jana feel even more excited. This was it. It felt like she had been waiting for years.
"Now, as you enter M/S Topless, please, remove all clothing above waist line. "
This came as no surprise to the girls, as they had already followed Krissy's example by taking their tops off at the air taxi. Actually toplessness was not at all uncommon on Risa Nine, much the opposite. Afterall there was no real need to wear clothes to keep you warm when summer never ends and even at night the temperature remains rather warm.

"After you have displayed your tickets and gotten your stamps at the registration table, you are free to enter our main entertainment deck. Have fun."

As the announcer had finished her instructions Jana noticed there were only two people before them in the line - a couple in their twenties both strikingly beautiful brunettes wearing only white jean skirts. Jana gave Keeley a friendly slap on the bottom "Lets get this party started, hey!" Keeley responded with laughter and by shaking her ass as if it was continuing to bounce because of the slap. Keeley took her payback by slapping Janas left boob from beneath rather forcefully. "Hey, you'll get your chance to play with those later in privacy!" Jana responded.

"Tickets please." Chirped the petite brunette behind the counter. Krissy showed her their tickets, and then proceeded to bend over the counter, resting her ample bosom on the wooden surface. Then she received a stamp on both of her tits, just above her light brown nipples. The small stamps were the shapes of two pink hearts. For some reason this made Jana giggle and she followed her friends example soon after.

"Alright girls, lets get moving. So much to see. Our luggage will be taken to the suite from here so we might as well get to business. What should we do first?" Krissy was quick to take the lead, as she was clearly the most experienced cruise tourist of the four. "I really wouldn't mind a drink, all the queuing has made me very thirsty. I know a nice place to get you guys to the mood." They all agreed they could use a drink and Krissy led the way.

As they headed towards their destination, Jana became well aware of all the breasts around her. No matter where she looked, there were topless women displaying their heaving chests and most of the stores and restaurants had referrences to breasts in their names. She was in heaven. She had always been very fond of breasts. She loved fondling breasts and having her own breasts fondled. She could even describe herself as a boobfanatic. It was not unusual for her to use one of her friends' breasts as a pillow when they were sleeping at each others places.

Jana had missed the fact that they had arrived at the restaurant that Krissy had in mind for their refreshments. She was looking at the sign above the doorway. "Milkshake Jugs" was what the sign said. Once again Jana was giggling. Krissy yanked her inside. There, before them was the counter, filled with icecream vats and and all sorts of sweets. None of these got the girls attention. Their eyes were locked on the wall behind the counter and the seven pairs of massive breasts sticking out of the wall. All fourteen basketball sized mounds were attached into clear tubes in which flowed a constant stream of white creamy milk. "Wow" was all Jana could say. Keeley gasped and almost screamed "I LOVE this place! Amazing, those are real? There are actual women behind that wall? Being milked? Wow! Never knew it before but this might well be a fetish of mine."

Krissy smiled, as she knew the two were new to all of this. She also knew that the girls on the other side of the wall were very real and very much volunteered to be there. Afterall, she had been milked in this very same restaurant four months ago with Erica. "Yep, very much actual and very much enjoying it, my friend. Just takes one pill to make a girl produce milk for three hours straight. I produced nearly thirteen litres. Erica only managed ten. They say their injection can make it almost permanent." Krissy watched as the two youngest of them stared mouths open and in a loss of words.

"Freakishly hot. I really want to try that." Jana had regained her ability to speak. "Me too! I can easily beat thirteen litres in three hours!" Kelly joined in. "Hold your horses, my lovely little wannabe cowgirls. Lets sample some freshly squeezed girl milk first. We have the entire weekend ahead of us. Besides there will be this cruise opening seremony at the main beach in just two hours. We really don't want to miss that one."

"Alright then, lets have those milkshakes, shall we. Four Lactashakes - the house special flavour, please." Erica made the order as the redhaired beauty behind the counter lined four large mugs below the taps in the milkshake machine. Jana noted that the mugs had a very specific shape, and it was that of a downward pointing breast. Once again there was a faint giggle.

"What is the 'house special flavour' exactly?" asked Keeley. Erica was very quick to reply "Vodka - plentiful". After the first sip, the girls could only produce moans and sighs of approval. The creamy, foamy texture accompanied with just the perfect sweetness had them hooked.

Meanwhile Jana had noticed on the counter half a dozen of what looked like jars full of pills. She was quick to ask the sales girl if these were the ones that made a girl turn on her milk production. Quick nod and the sale was done. She knew these would prove to be a source of fun back home.

The shakes were soon downed and the girls stepped out of the store after one last time admiring the row of boobs being milked slowly bouncing as the machine sucked their nipples and then let the pressure fade only to begin again.

"Now what say we get something solid to eat before heading on the beach. Something fatty and filling, maybe even fried? We know the perfect place, Erica and I, don't we? My treat this time, hahaha." Krissy kept laughing, to what Jana and Keeley did not understand. Erica also giggled and reached around Krissy to squeeze her boobs playfully. Jana's attention had already been diverted as her eyes examined a shop window displaying jewelery, clearly designed to be worn on nipples and a rather peculiar piece of machinery, that she could not understand the purpouse of. The device was being displayed under spotlights with a sign above it "Year 3077 is here". The device looked to her like like a foot long cylinder that had curvy blades extending outwards from its bottom end. Whatever it was, she had already fallen slightly behind from her friends and had to keep moving to catch them. Krissy's promise to treat them to a snack sounded very inviting to Jana. She was starving.


Part 3. epiphany

Jana saw Erica waving for her to hurry up, as they had clearly found the restaurant Krissy had picked for them. Above the door there was a bright neon sign and it said simply BYOM. Interesting name, Jana noted and stepped in after her friends. There was only one other customer, clearly an off world tourist, in this clean looking trendish establishment. Most of the interior seemed be stylishly black and white, while the lighting had a blue tint to it.

It was very easy for the natives to spot the tourists as Risa Nine's natives all had their signature body features. This tourist had pointy ears and a strikingly long black hair that hung to her waist. She was wearing a golden bikini bottom that really made justice to her rather ample bottom. Jana noted that the tall tourist was fondling her modest C cups, while hunching over the counter. She was currently talking to one of the two chefs behind the counter, also an off worlder, a very young looking girl with short hair white as snow, extremely pale skin and greyish eyes. The other chef, either a clone or a twin of the first one was busy talking with Krissy. Both chefs wore white cooking aprons that made no effort of covering their B cupped chests and golden nipple rings.

Jana found herself exploring what seemed like the menu, except she had some difficulty interpreting it as it only seemed to list different styles of preparing food, such as sautéing, deep frying, grilling and the list seemed to go on for ever as it was displayed on a holographic booklet hovering next to the counter.

Suddenly Jana almost dropped to her knees as a shrilling, ear splitting scream almost gave her a heart attack. She soon discovered the source of the scream was the long haired tourist, who was now elicting a high pitched whimpering, as a pool of blood formed on the counter beneath her chest, where her lovely breasts rested on a cutting board next to what looked like a paper cutter. Jana was in complete shock as she watched the now breastless beauty loosen her grip on the handle of the wicked blade and begin applying bandages from the counter to her own blood soaked chest that she had just mutilated without hesitation. Keeley was also clearly shaken by what she had just witnessed, but Krissy and Erica were casually carrying on their business with the other chef. Jana was still trying to comprehend what she had just seen, and had lost her ability to speak. She just kept staring as the amputated breasts were being sliced into cubes by the chef infront of their former owner, and without even noticing it, tightly grasping her own tits. By now Krissy and Erica had already been led to a table near the window and the chef that had been with them approached the shocked girls, Jana and Keeley. Mutely the two girls were led to the table where Krissy was sitting infront of a metal box, with Erica across the table facing Krissy. Jana was seated to Krissy's left and Keeley to Krissy's right. The chef then stepped behind the counter and began working on something.

Finally Jana found the ability to speak again. "What the HELL? What... Did you see what i just saw? What was that? Her breasts! I mean, no way! Krissy! Explain!"

Krissy, grinning ear to ear answered shortly. "You just witnessed the main attraction of the cruise. Pretty neat huh? God i love Mastectomy Supreme, their ships just float my boat like no other and Topless is definetly their flagship. Oh... Seems like shes getting her cubes rolled in batter and deep fried. Never seen that one before."

It was now time for Keeley to open her bag of questions. "You mean, she just had her tits lopped off so she could eat them? Insane! I saw her slam the handle down on her own boobs! Yikes! That was intense."

Krissy was quick to reply, trying hard not to burst in laughter. "Yeah, well they didn't name their restaurant 'Bring Your Own Meat' for nothing. I must add that this cruise does not include any other source of food than what we have brought aboard ourselves. I know you will find this weekend to be full of extraordinary pleasures and you have just gotten the first glance at what is to come. I know for a fact that despite the shock you just found the love of your lives, and don't attempt to hide it. I know how kinky the two of you secretly are."

Jana was indeed still shocked by what was happening in this restaurant, but inside her there was a battle. She tried to tell herself that this was insane, but she could not deny the fact that she was hornier than ever. She did indeed have quite a sorment of sexual fantasies that involved breasts and heavy masochistic elements. She had even masturbated to a few stories that revolved around debreastings. But those were fantasies, she told herself, and this was as real as it gets. She could see the same battle raging inside her purple haired friend, Keeley, and she knew which side was winning, as Keeley kept rubbing her own KK-sized mounds with her eyes closed.

"Alright, i admit, my head is filled with what i just saw and i freaking loved it. Are you really saying that this whole cruise is about This is all just so... overwhelming. Does this mean, we too are going to... oh god i don't know if I... I like my boobs! Krissy, this is insane!" Jana could feel slight panic setting in.

"Oh no no... We are not going to - I am. I said it was my treat this time, remember. You just enjoy the show, as i enjoy the experience." The still grinning Krissy explained.
"But your tits, they... you are seriously going to mutilate yourself aren't you? I see you are serious about this, but are you sure... its your moneymakers for fuck sake!" Jana kept arguing.

"Don't worry about my boobs, love. There is a trick to it. You'll see. Ah, i see the chef is heading this way. Keeley, snap out of it, we can all see you rubbing yourself!" Krissy said waving her hand infront of Keeley's blank eyes. Erica joined in on her friend's statement by squeezing Keeley's right breast and making a 'ding dong' sound, like that of a door bell. "Anyone home?"

The chef pushed a trolley infront of her. "Here are your drinks, ladies." Jana noticed the chef had a strong accent she could not recognize. "Are we ready to start with your dinner?" This question was clearly directed to Krissy, who just nodded with a massive grin. This is when Jana also noticed some other items on the trolley. Laid on the clean surface were a pair of thick rubber rings, bandages, a large syringe filled with orange fluid and a sizeable wooden mallet.

Jana could hear as even Krissy, who seemed so calm just seconds ago, started taking deep breaths.


Part 4. Lily's talent

The chef started by opening a small drawer in the trolley and pulling out a hand held gas burner and picking up one of the rubbery rings, which was about eight inches in diametre. "Alright Krissy, i'm going to need your assistance now. I need you to pull your breast away from your chest as i position this as close to your chest as possible." The chef explained as she positioned the ring around Krissys left tit. It did not fit more than half way over her mound. "You got it, Lily." Krissy complied and pinched her left nipple and started pulling outwards as hard as she could. This made it possible for Lily, whose name Jana had just learned, to push the ring all the way to the very base of the conical breast. The procedure made Krissy wince.

As soon as the ring had reached the point where it met Krissys chest plate, Lily had already fired up the hand held blow torch and was quick to scorch the ring with it. This made the ring contract rapidly and burrow into the soft breast. The sudden pressure and burning around her breast elicted a soft whimpering from Krissy. Her breast soon turned lightly bluish as the blood circulation was cut off. Lily inspected the result and was clearly pleased with the ring's current size. Krissy was biting her lower lip as the aching in her mammary turned into a throbbing pain.

"Let's do the other one now." Stated Lily as she moved to Krissy's right side and placed the other ring around it's target. Once again Krissy grasped her nipple and started pulling outwards, allowing Lily to position the ring. Next the blow torch was applied to the ring, which started shrinking around Krissy's right breast. Krissy now started making gasping sounds as the pressure in her other breast increased rapidly. Lily quickly inspected the result and gave a quick nod of approval. Jana, Keeley and Erica were totally mesmerized by Krissys ballooning, bluish breasts.

Picking up the syringe with the orange fluid in it Lily fitted it with a menacing looking thick needle and then explained what was going to happend next. "Now we are going to apply the spice oil and provide a way for the excess pressure to be released." Having said this, she placed the thick needle above Krissys left areola, right on top of the pink heart shaped stamp and jabbed it in. Krissy yelped as the sharp pain hit her. The pain was short lived, but then Lily pressed the syringe and the real agony started. "OH FUCK! That burns like freaking LAVA!" Krissy almost yelled with tears welling up in her eyes. "The flavouring we are using is a blend I found on my last trip to Earth. It is quite a strong mixture of different chilis and curry spices. I think it is a gastronomical miracle. Best flavour for breasts, no doubt." Having injected just a small amount of the liquid into the breast, Lily pulled the needle out and quickly jammed it back in an inch closer to Krissy's chest. This was followed by another injection, some more sobbing from Krissy. Lily kept administering the injections until the syringe was half empty. By this point Krissy had endured nine injections to her left breast. Methodically Lily moved to Krissys right and started treating the other breast. By now Krissy's tears were flowing freely, but her sobbing had been replaced by extremely rapid and deep breathing. Nine injections later the syringe was empty and Lily went back to her trolley where she picked up a scalpel like knife. This pause in action gave Jana a chance to notice how she reacted to what she had just witnessed. She was so horny she could not physically keep her hand from slipping between her legs and under her miniskirt. However she did not feel at all ashamed about this, because her friends were also quietly but clearly pleasing theirselves under the table. Even Krissy, whose breasts were in extreme agony by now, had her hand under the table. Jana noticed as Lily flipped a switch on the mysterious metallic box infront of Krissy. "Better turn this on now. It takes some time to get it ready."

Lily returned her attention to Krissy, with the sharp knife in her hand. She placed the blade just below Krissys left nipple. "On three! One..." And she pulled the scalpel quickly upwards, slicing a vertical cut through Krissys nipple. This new form of pain made Krissy scream in agony. A single rivulet of blood flowed down from the cut. Lily did not stop to let Krissy catch her breath. Instead she stabbed the breast three times in rapid succession, opening three small horizontal cuts on top of the breast. She then quickly split the other nipple, adding to Krissys suffering. And once again there were three quick stabs with the short blade across the top of the breast. Finally Krissy ran out of air and her ear splitting screams turned into what sounded like orgasmic breathing to Jana. She did not know this but that is what it actually was. Krissy had reached orgasm just as Lily split her right nipple.

Lily allowed Krissy to catch her breath and picked up the wooden mallet. Now everyone's attention was focused on the box, which was being moved closer to the edge of the table infront of Krissy by Lily. Lily then opened the box by undoing a pair of metal clamps on either side of the box. The box came apart about one third from the top. There were hinges that connected the top to the bottom part. Opening the box revealed that the box had two holes on Krissys side of the box and the box came apart in the middle of them. Jana figured that these would soon accomodate Krissys breasts. The box however was not empty. The inner bottom was about one third from the table, so there was something hidden beneath it. However - that was not the part that really caught their eyes. The most striking feature were the two huge spikes extending upwards from the bottom, about three inches infront of both holes. They must have been as thick as Jana's little finger and they extended from the bottom to the very top of the box. Krissy shuddered at the sight of these spikes. She had seen them before, but it was not her who was sitting infront of the machine that time.

"Okay, would you lean in and position yourself, my dear." Lily instructed, as Krissy was already hefting her breasts with both of her hands. She leaned in and laid her breasts on top of the spikes. Then se quickly made sure the rubber bands around her breasts were inside the box and resting against the bottom half of the openings in the box. She nodded once, placed her hands along the sides of the table, squeezed hard as if holding on for her life, turned her head to her right and closed her eyes. Everyone was holding their breath, even Krissy. Quietly Lily held the hammer high. She did not want to Krissy to know when it was going to come crashing down. There was a very faint swish, slap, a wet ripping sound and finally a thud. Krissys eyes shot wide. The wooden mallet was resting on top of her left breast. With one clean swing it had driven the breast into the spike and only stopped when the spike embedded itself into the mallet. Krissy could not see anything, her eyes were completely blurred. She exhaled till there was no air left in her lungs and fought to breathe in. There was a sharp high pitch gasp as she inhaled. Her brain was finally able to comprehend what was happening to her breast and the screaming began. First it was an ear splitting screech and it turned into a long howl. To her it felt like an eternity, but finally her screaming turned into sobbing and she was able to utter words "Ohhh fuck fuck fuck... keep going for fuck sake!" and returned to sobbing. Lily nudged the mallet a few times and it came loose. The spike had impaled the breast and was protruding half an inch out from the top. Lily switched sides, and this time Krissy elected to watch with tears pouring from her eyes. Again there was the swish, and a slap. This time however the mallet was unable to do it's job in one go, and Lily had to raise it back up. The spike had only been driven half way through the breast. Krissy was once again screaming from the top of her lungs. Lily adjusted the breast with her other hand and went at it again with the mallet. This time the spike came through the breast and into the mallet.

Lily nudged the mallet again and it came off. There was some blood dripping from the newly created holes on top of Krissy's tits. Krissy's howling gradually turned into quiet crying. She inspected her impaled breasts with her teary eyes and managed a shot wet laughter. "Woah... oh... gee... GAD DAMN THAT HURT! Uuuooh... " her hands were still clutching the sides of the table as she tried to catch her breath. Her chest was more than in fire, there was no comparison to the white hot pain she was in. Her breasts were in hellish agony, yet Krissy was on the verge of a heavenly orgasm - she loved it, and wanted more! Lily then took hold of her right breast with her thumbs around the spike and slowly pushed down on the breast to impale it even further down. This made Krissy throw her head back and bite her lip. Lily did this to the other breast too and deemed that they were ready for the next part. Krissy finally let go of the table and quickly slid her hands between her legs, into he soaking wet slit. Her orgasm was instantaneous.

Lily reached over to close the top of the machine. The semi circles came together around Krissys breasts between the rubber rings and her chest. It was a very tight fit. "Perfect. Now i am going to release the steam. The machine will be monitoring the progress through heat sensors in the spikes. It will beep once you are thoroughly cooked. I will be behind the counter preparing the sides. Shout if you need anything." Lily flipped another switch and there was a hissing sound as Krissy's breasts were blasted with hot steam.

"AEEEE! That really freaking burns!" The steam quickly heated the skin on Krissy's mammaries to the point where it started cooking. Some of the steam did escape the steamer and immediately the air was filled with the scent of cooking meat. "Oh my, you smell delicious! I can't wait to taste your tits. Tell us more how it feels, this is so freaking sexy. As strange as it sounds, I really wish it was me trapped in that torture. Maybe I am more of a masochist than I thought." Keeley's statement did not really surprise any of them. Jana and Erica were both imagining themselves in Krissy's position. "Uhhh... aaeh... It doesn't sound strange at all, Keeley. This hurts more than you can imagine, but i would not trade it for anything. I believe my skin has already been cooked completely - I can't feel it any more, but inside my breasts there is a freaking nuclear war going on. It is almost as if they are boiling." Krissy had to stop to catch her breath and whimper for a while before continuing. "I can't explain why this turns me on so much but fuck this feels good and horrible! It feels like my tits are being squeezed in a vice and boiled at the same time." Just then a whizzing sound could be heard from inside the apparatus. "Oh now i must be really cooking! I think that sound came from my tits. The pain keeps moving deeper into my boobs and i can't feel the outer parts at all. Still hurts like hell though!" There was a clear smell of spices in the air now. Jana noticed that she had become extremely hungry and did not feel at all hesitation about the fact that she was about to eat a part of her friend soon. She was looking forward to it and it felt like one of the sexiest things she had ever even fantasized about.


Lily had emerged from behind the counter, carrying four plates with french fries and salad on them. "I believe your titties should be done momentarily. Based on how they whistle, they are propably cooked very close to perfection. Oh and there is the beep! Perfect timing!" After setting the plates down she proceeded to the trolley and produced a long knife from the drawer. Then se flipped another switch on the side of the steamer. The steamer had a ventilation system that collected the hot steam so it would not burn the person opening the top. "Now, time to carve up the meat. Could the two of you help me with these?" She handed both Jana and Keeley a pile of bandages. "They are almost magical. They can stop almost any wound from bleeding by making the veins contract. Now Krissy, i want you to put your hands behind your back." She then positioned the sharp blade between the metal and Krissy and started cutting with a sawing motion. Krissy's throat had become sore from all the screaming, but this new pain made her howl as hard as she could. The pain was blinding, yet she cherished it. The first breast came free in just a couple of cuts and Lily simply kept sawing through the second one. In just seconds Krissy was finally debreasted and leaned back from the steamer, still crying openly. Jana and Keeley moved in with the bandages and started covering the two circular wounds that now occupied the space where there used to be pair of beautiful breasts. The mutilated chest was bleeding heavily, but as soon as the bandages were applied, no more blood flowed down Krissys belly. The crying had already turned into quiet sobbing and Krissy was wiping her eyes with her hands. Erica was quick to complement her friend. "Oh boy, that was something. Quite the show indeed. And i must say, you took it like a proper painslut. How are you feeling now?" Jana joined in too. "You were amazing. I can't believe how hot that was."

"Oh it was hot alright. God damn, so intense... ohh... and i feel quite good already. My chest hurts but it is merely a dull pain now. These bandages are phenomenal." Krissy was still wiping her face from tears and ruined makeup. "I think it is time to start enjoying the meal then." Lily was already busy opening the clamps holding on the steamer. Soon the top was opened and all eyes were on the pair of breasts now separated from their former owner and thoroughly cooked.
"Wow they are massive. They must have grown a size or two. Maybe even three!"
"Indeed, they have really gained volume. They almost fill the whole steamer. "
"Yeah, and what a lovely colour, almost like a ripe apples. I bet they are juicy as they can ever be. Lucky us."
"I can't wait to taste you!"
"I cant wait to taste myself!"
Lily picked up both breasts individually with a pair of barbecue tongs and placed them on a cutting board on the trolley nipples up. They seemed to have firmed up during the steaming as they did not give in much to the squeeze from the tongs. She then picked up the long knife and easily split both of them in half. Steam rose from them both as the slightly orange insides were exposed to their hungry audience. "Very beautiful. Perfectly cooked. Lets serve the donator first." Soon Krissy had a plateful of her own breastmeat infront of her. She looked at her friends who, almost in unison, told her to dig in. She cut the first bite as the others were still receiving their portions. Lily had not been lying when she said the spice mix was the perfect choice for steamed breast. The succulant meat melted in her mouth and the creamy glands made the meat almost fluffy. The girls were totally blown away by how amazing Krissy tasted. None of them could stop eating long enough to say even one word. For the next fifteen minutes only voices heard in the restaurant were those of approving moans and tinkle of cutlery.

Jana was the first one to finish her meal. Staring blankly to the distance she laid down her fork and knife. "Best. Meal. Ever. What an amazing experience. Thank you Krissy." Soon the rest of them finished too and joined in on to praise the meal. They had a few more rounds of drinks and decided they would have to get going, as the event on the beach would begin in about forty minutes. As they stood up, Krissy stumbled abit. "Whoa, it is a weird feeling when you lose so much weight. Almost lost my balance there. Haha!" They thanked their chef for the best meal of their lives and promised to come back soon, while at the same time giving hungry looks at each other's chests.

"Erica, do you remember where the closest GenRegen station is?"
"I believe i saw a sign pointing that direction."
"What's a GenRegen?"
"You'll see Jana. I told you there was a trick you would find out later. You and Keeley are going to discover why people keep coming back to these cruises over and over again."

Part 5. Risk and reward.

To Jana and Keeley it was weird and erotic watching their formerly busty friend now walking completely flat chested infront of them, looking for this GenRegen station, which they assumed was a device to regenerate her mutilated chest.
"I see one right there" Erica pointed them towards what looked like a changing room booth. There was a simple blue GenRegen" text written on the door. "You two should go with her. You should learn how it works." Keeley and Jana eagerly followed Krissy into the booth. Inside there were two devices. One of them they immediately recognized as a sonic shower. The other machine was something they had never seen before. The machine looked like a solarium bed that was standing upright instead of being horizontal. The door was see-through. To it's left there was a small computer screen.

"Okay, step closer. I want to show the controls first. First you need to enter your genetic information into the machine. This happends by pressing your finger on this little circle here on the top. Then you wait a few seconds. That green 'OK' means the regenerator has analyzed my DNA. It has accepted me to be regenerated and basically knows everything about my body. This means it can give you the right set of boobs. Now you get to choose your settings. The default setting labeled "Regen" is the regeneration of your natural breasts.

The second one is marked as "Heal" simply heals your open wounds and you end up with new skin over your wounds, and no boobs at all. If you choose that one and later wish to get your bust back, you need to visit a genetic manipulation center, as this actually rewrites your DNA. And the last option called "Modify" allows you to reshape your new breasts. I think i will show you how that is done. Kind of a makeover game. Lets see... First it asks about the size of the new set. I think i am going for a bit more modest puppies this time. D sounds good to you? And then the shape. I like the traditional water drop, so I'm going with that one. Next the nipples. I want to try inverted nipples with large pale areola pointing slightly up and to the sides. Alright, we are good to go now."

Krissy quickly ripped off her bandages. This made her exhale sharply. She then stepped into the machine facing her friends, who were keenly watching her now bare wounds. The machine stepped into action as Krissy had closed the door behind her. First a set of blue lasers quickly swept across her wounds. Then something resembling fog flooded around Krissy. The fog gathered around her chest and began forming two mounds on top of her circular wounds. Suddenly bright red lights appeared on both sides of her chest. The lights pulsated and there was a sizzling noise. Kelly and Jana couldn't see throug the brightly lit fog what was happening. The lights went out as suddenly as they had appeared. Before them now stood Krissy with a perfectly healthy chest. Krissy stepped out of the regenerator and began inspecting her new bust. "Awesome, just as i wanted it. Feels so fluffy and slightly tingly. Come, test them. What do you say? Feels fine, don't they?" Jana and Keeley gave Krissy's new tits a thorough hands-on inspection and they passed with flying colours.

As they stepped outside, Jana posed a question. "So, you are always quaranteed to get a new set when you get debreasted?" Krissys answer was slightly enigmatic. "Yeah, you get a new set, as long as you don't fuck up. Anyways, where the hell did Erica disappear." Jana was left wondering what kind of an error would leave you debreasted. "Hey there she is. Seems like she wants us to follow her. I wonder what she has found this time. She knows we need to be at beach in twenty minutes or we miss the fun there."

"Oooh, I see! She found our favourite game from our last visit here." Krissy hurried her two friends towards where Erica was waiting for them infront of a table and two chairs. The table was set in the corridor, just outside what seemed like a door to a casino called "Best Bits"

"Oh wow, what a lovely pair you've got this time. Can't wait to get my hands and lips around those new nipples. I bet you don't regret providing us with the meal. I didn't lie about the steamer, did I."

"Thanks, Erica. And no, you did not. It was amazing. I decided to test out a new look. I have always wanted inverted nipples."

"So, whos up for a quick game before we head to the beach?"

"So what exactly is this game of yours?"

"Simple. The two contestants sit down and here, inside this jar there are eight paper rolls. The game also needs a third person who first shakes the jar to shuffle the rolls. Then she picks up two rolls from the jar and places them on the table. The contestants then both choose one of the rolls. They must not touch them, mind you, because one out of the eight rolls has a nail inside it. Then they both place one breast on the table. At this point, either one of them may decide they want to end the game. If one player leaves the game, the roll she chose is loaded into this nailgun and the nailgun is fired into the table. If there was a nail inside that roll, she wins. If it wasn't inside that roll, the player who did not quit, wins. Understood so far?"

"Okay. In case neither one of them quit at this point, the nailgun is loaded with the paper rolls they both chose and the gun is fired into their breasts. The loser can be spotted by the nail sticking through her breast. If neither of them had the nail in their rolls, then the dealer deals two new rolls on the table and the game starts again, however this time it is more likely that the roll with the nail in it is on the table."

"Wow. Freeeaking hot. But what kind of a prize does the winner get?" Jana was more than intrigued. She was seduced by the game.

"The winner gets the loser's tits and the right to choose the method by which they are removed from their previous owner." Erica was grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh wow. Extreme! A bit too extreme for me actually. I know i would have to put my puppies into some sort of a meat grinder if i lost. And I am not sure if I could handle even the nail. Count me out."

"I'm game" Jana was quite surprised by what she heard Keeley say, but not nearly as surprised as Keeley was by what she had said.

"Girls, please be seated. I will be your game host today." Krissy said this with fake formality. Erica was properly amused, but Keeley was still a bit shocked by what she had just gotten herself into. Despite her shock she found herself sitting down and setting her massive KK-sized left breast on the table. The purple haired beauty looked anxiously as Krissy picked up the jar and shook it a few times. Soon two white rolls were placed between the two contestants on the wooden table.

"You go ahead and choose, Keeley."

"Uh... Oh... Ok. I think I choose... Wait. No. I choose this one."

"Alright. The other one is then Erica's. Does either one of you wish to quit the game at this point?"


"Ehh... no i guess... no."

"Then we proceed. Keeley first." Krissy loaded the nailgun with Keeley's roll and positioned the gun above the waiting boob. A moment of silence ensued. That moment felt like a lifetime to Keeley, who was trembling. Sweat was clearly visible on her forehead as she held her hands together between her back clutching her own hands so hard it hurt. Her eyes clasped tight she gritted her teeth as she expected the nail to smash it's way through her breast at any moment.


Part 6. Sunshine

Krissy noticed how Jana had moved behind Keeley, and now bent over the purple haired beauty allowing her breasts to gently press against Keeley's neck and pillow on top of the trembling girl's shoulders. Jana's right hand gently cupped Keeley's righr breast and massaged the massive mound softly. Her left hand reached down where it slid between the terrified girl's legs and into the wet folds of ther excited pussy. Keeley sighed faintly as her friend's fingers found their way between her smooth labia and gently circled her throbbing clitoris. Jana's eyes were locked on the nailgun as Krissy squeezed the trigger.

The gun fired with a deafening bang, as compressed air rushed out of the barrel. Keeley screamed a high pitched scream as she felt the gun emptying it's barrel right into her waiting left breast. And she kept screaming. Tears had formed into Keeley's eyes. The scream took almost ten seconds to quiet down, and then it turned into moaning. Keeley shuddered and finally opened her eyes. She saw the crumbled piece of paper resting on top of her unharmed breast. Quickly she wiped the tears from her eyes and managed to speak. "Oh wow... what an orgasm. Jana, thank you so much. That was one hell of a thrill."

"My pleasure, now let's see if Erica is as lucky as you were." Jana withdrew her hand from between Keeley's legs. Her hand was covered with juices so she simply slid her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. Krissy was already busy loading the next roll of paper into the nailgun. As soon as she was ready, she moved next to Erica and pressed the gun against the waiting breast. "Ready?"

"Be my guest." Erica replied without hesitation. Erica's eyes stayed open as the watched her friend squeeze the trigger. Once again the gun fired with a loud bang. Erica showed no reaction. She too had picked an empty roll. The crumbled paper rolled on the table. Keeley was clearly displeased with Erica's luck.

"No luck there. Let's move on to the next round." Krissy picked up the jar of paper rolls and shook it briefly. She then picked up two new rolls and placed them infront of the contestants. "This time it is one out of six chance that you get the nail. Erica chooses first this round." Even before Krissy had finished talking, Erica was already pointint at one of the rolls. "Good, then the other roll is reserved for Keeley. At this point either one of you can quit and she will win if the nail would have been in her roll. If the nail is not in that roll, she loses and the victory goes to whoever did not back out. The gun will be fired at the table to find out if the nail was inside the rolls. Erica, Keeley, any quitters?"

"No." Erica was still calm as a cucumber and it was apparent she would not be quitting no matter what. The same could not be said about Keeley. She was shaking uncontrollably, breathing heavily and muttering to herself and shaking her head.

"Oh for fuck sake. I can't do it. Not again. It IS only one in six, but I don't want to do it. I know I will get the fucking nail this time. No way. I just can't. If I'm right, I win! I must quit here. Holy fuck this game is a torture." She took deep breaths and announced. "I want to quit here. I know the nail is in my roll." Jana, Krissy and Erica were deeply disappointed by their friend's decision to quit, but they did not want to show it.

"I understand. I am going to load your roll into the gun now and we will find if you made the right decision." Soon the gun was loaded and pressed against the table. Krissy once again fired the gun as everyone's eyes were fixed on the point where the barrel met the wooden table. Krissy slowly lifted the gun. "Oh, bad luck, no nail. That means Erica is our winner this time."

Keeley was shocked. Her instincts had been wrong. Now she knew she would have to endure whatever Erica had in mind for her massive mammaries. Her head was filled with horrific possibilities as to what could be done to her precious tits. How sadistic could her friend be? Obviously she had alot of experience with different ways of destroying boobs. Ways Keeley could not even begin to imagine. Keeley was trying to comprehend the fact that her breasts would now inevitably be subjected to any debreasting method Erica decided on.

Meanwhile Krissy had loaded the gun with the remaining roll which she now fired at the table. The loud bang suddenly ended Keeley's daydreaming. "Oh wow... that is just mean." Indeed, there infront of them was the feared nail embedded into the wooden table with only half an inch of the total six inches of steel left visible. "Haha, my lucky day I guess. Keeley, that really seals it. Your tits are mine. You hold onto them while I come up with a fitting way of collecting my winnings. But now we should really get moving, the beach party is about to start. Maybe we find something suitable there?" Ericas remarks did not make the shocked Keeley feel any better. She massaged her huge yet perky breasts and she just couldn't accept that her friend now had the right to tell her to get them savagely removed from her chest.

"Follow me girls, we have to take a transporter to the top level. This way!" Krissy led the gang towards a transporter pad. It took Keeley a few seconds to get her legs to respond. She followed her friends to the transporter, still speechless. "Alright, everyone ready. Computer, top level, beach."

A bright flash of blue light almost blinded Jana who was not accustomed to transporters. Sure, she had used them sometimes, but they were not as common as regular turbo lifts – usually you only found transporters at the massive sky scrapers downtown. Suddenly the four girls were all standing outside in bright daylight and infront of them was a sight that really showed how massive the Topless was. A white sand beach surrounding almost a mile long oval shaped lake. In the middle of the lake was a small island with a stage built on it. It was hard to see what was happening on the stage because of the distance. On the beach there were thousands of people, some sunbathing, some swimming and more people were coming to the beach through multiple transporter pads around the beach. Also visible on the beach were many small booths and stands, some of them clearly selling food and drinks, others offering entertainment and games just like what you would find in many festivals.

"Perfect, they haven't started yet. Come on girls, let's get off the transporter." They all followed Krissy as she hopped off the transporter pad and started making her way towards the crowd gathering on the beach. They had barely moved ten feet when suddenly holographic fireworks filled the sky above them. The girls stopped on their tracks. While impressive visually, the fireworks were completely silent, instead the air was filled with cheers. As the fireworks faded away and the crowd quieted down, a new holographic projection appeared.

This one was a huge live broadcast, directly above the island in the middle of the lake and clearly what they saw was the stage magnified into mammoth proportions. Then a woman stepped on the stage. Her holographic image above her was clearly visible to everyone on the deck. The woman was a tall blonde with long hair, impressive athletic body and perky B cup breasts with small pink nipples. The only piece of clothing she was wearing was a white captain's hat. In other words she was completely nude. Between her legs she had a stylish patch of blonde hair.

"Welcome everyone! My name is Jodie Lez and I am the capitain of the M/S flagship Topless. It is an absolute pleasure to see that our ship has once again attracted so many passangers, and what a beautiful crowd you are! The number of passangers on the ship right now is 9 340! That is 18 680 individual breasts!

What started as a fantasy of a small group of adventurous gamblers over a hundred years ago has grown into this massive institution which really proves the greatness of our world! Together we shall strive to fulfill our fantasies. Together we shall embrace our individality. For some, it is the aspect of gamble that really gets them going, and some of us just enjoy the pleasures of pain, for some the feeling of freedom is the reason they are here. There is no need for anyone to explain their own kinks, they are a beautiful part of who you are. Whatever the reason it is that has brought here with us, one thing is certain and that is that we shall enjoy the excitements of debreasting together!

Close minded people might find us abnormal! How abnormal can a crowd of 9 340 people be? I say we enjoy what we find pleasurable and let others worry about the problems in their own heads. Let us enjoy the possibilities provided to us by the ingenuity of human mind and the technological marvels of GenRegen, our partner in lust. Remember, explore the ship, explore yourselves and find new pleasures. Have fun and enjoy.

Risa Nine has always proud of it's liberal laws and free society. I am however going to remind you that in exactly twelve hours no heart stamps are allowed aboard the Topless! When the clock strikes four tomorrow morning anyone caught with a pink heart will face severe and painful consequences."

Jana glanced down. What had she meant by heart stamps not being allowed? Obvious aswer would be that they expected her to get debreasted too? But she didn't know any of that when she came aboard! What kind of consequences was she talking about? No way were they going to put her into a fucking meat grinder tits first! She was indeed very intrigued, afterall she had fantasized about such things for years, but no way would she be able to take the pain. "Krissy, what the hell did she mean by that? Am i sup..."

"SHH! I'll explain later. Just watch!"

The slim beauty's speech continued. "I believe we are all anxious to move on to the traditional lottery. As explained in the brochures and by your travel agent when you bought your tickets the traditional lottery involves every passanger and crew member aboard the ship. We are going to randomly select the winner now and she will be transported here, right next to me in a shot moment. Let's see if i can get the name of our lucky winner."

The entire deck held it's breath.

"And the lucky winner of our traditional cruise lottery is... Yulia Cassioda!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as the winner materialized next to the captain on the stage. The winner was a short woman, with a slim body, short green hair and slightly tanned skin. Her breasts were nice D cups, with extremely puffy and pale areolas. Her small body made her breasts lreally stand out. It could clearly be seen in the holographic projection that she did not have the heart shaped stamps on her breasts.

"Congratulations, miss Cassioda! You are our lucky winner! How does it feel now?"

"Oh wow... I did not expect this... this is just too much..."

"They never do, haha! I see you have already found a way to get rid of your old titties."

"Yeah... twice."

"Nice! I have been informed that you are not from Risa Nine, is this correct?"

"Yes, I am from Norhann colony. I have been coming to Risa nine for four years now and this is my ninth time aboard the Topless."

"That must mean you know well what the grand prize is... Miss Cassioda, you are now the owner of your very own apartment at the Grand Lux Royale sky scraper, the most amazing building on Risa Nine. Our staff will take care of all your needs related to moving in."

"Thank you." the beautiful tourist responded sligthly less enthusiacly than you would expect from someone who had just won an apartment worth more than most people earn in a lifetime.

"You also know what we need to do next."

Yulia nodded silently.

"Could we have the table and the chair on the stage now."


Immediately a black table and a black chair were transported onto the stage, next to the two women. On the table were an assortment of items, but Jana was not familiar with any of them. On the side of the chair there was some sort of a device connected to the table. It too was painted black.

"Would you please take a seat."

Yulia complied without saying a word her face showing clear signs of anxiety.

"Alright, I am going to inject your tits now. Please stay still now."

The captain picked up a syringe from the table. She then took careful aim at Yulia's left breast. Tears ran down Yulia's cheeks as the needle was plunged into her tender flesh, but she made no sound. The needle was almost immediately withdrawn and swiftly relocated above it's next victim. Yulia kept crying silently as her right breast recieved it's injection.

"Alright, we should be ready now. Just take a deep breath and calm down. It will be over soon. I will hold the blade up and I want you to position yourself under it, into the two cavities beneath it."

Yulia simply nodded, her eyes still flowing with tears. Captain Jodie, now standing behind the chair Yulia was sitting on, reached over the crying, terrified, woman with her right hand and took hold of a handle that was connected to the device on the table. She lifted the handle and the menacing blade, slightly curved and attached to the table from it's right end with a hinge, rose upright. Yulias teary eyes followed it's ascend and once the blade was out of the way, she leaned in and used her hands to lay her D cup breasts on the table where there were two slots for her breasts each about an inch deep. Beneath the blade there was a slot in the table for it to slide into so that it would cut the breasts completely off.

"It will be quick. We will bandage you up very soon afterwards. Just try to keep as calm as you can. Now lean your head back just a little bit." Jodie whispered to Yulia, trying to calm her down as she was now almost panicing,

Yulia simply looked blankly into the distance, and the blade came down swiftly. The extremely sharp blade sliced neatly through Yulias breasts and she looked down. Weirdly she could not feel the blade at first, but then the pain came in one huge wave. Her chest felt like it was run over by a train. She couldn't hold back the screams. The pain made her shake uncontrollably as she screamed and howled till she could not get any more air out of her lungs. Her shaking parted her from the blade and her severed breasts slowly toppled over, revealing the bloody, fatty tissue inside them.

Yulia couldn't make any more noise, she struggled to breath in as her instincts told her to keep screaming. Her mouth still open and face stained with tears, she looked down and saw her severed breasts lying there. The sight was gruesome and bloody. Then, bright lights blinded her, as holographic fireworks shot up from all around the stage and she, along with the stage was transported off the island, while the spectators could not see them through the wall of sparks and flames.

"Holy fuck. They sure know how to put up a show." Jana stated as they admired the lightshow. "Krissy, I have some questions that I really want you to answer now."

"Alright, I'm listening."

"First of all... are they really expecting me to get my tits chopped off?"

"Yeah. You'll love it."

"I'm not so sure I would. Now what the hell did she mean by the severe consequences for not getting debreasted?"

"You just saw it. You'll end up getting the same treatment as the lottery winner."

"So... you mean it is get debreasted or get debreasted. That is stupid. I don't see the difference and I sure as hell am not going to do that willingly. It looks just too painful. I mean... I love the fantasy, now even more than before. But maybe I could just be a spectator."

"Oh believe me, it is a rush and you will love it. And it is not a choise between a debreasting and a debreasting. What the lottery winner gets is a whole different thing. You see, that injection she was given has nanobots in it. It is called a NanoBlock and the nanobots will make sure she never gets a new set of boobs. The GenRegen devices won't allow her to get any other treatment than skin regeneration and the nano bots can detect if she tries to get a new set in some other fashion. Those guys really know how to make their tech."

"Oh my god. No way. Poor girl! We really saw her lose them for good? Oh fuck... wait... that means... any of us could have been there! EVEN ME!"

"Yep. That is true. But it's only like one in ten thousand chance. We should really visit the Hall of Boobs later. All of the lottery winning boobs are on display there."

"You never told me my tits could end up hanging on a wall!"

The show had finally come to an end and Erica interrupted the conversation.
"Hey guys, let's go! I saw something really interesting this way."

"Oh here we go again."

"indeed we do. Erica is our little painslut. Ever since she had her tits cut off for the first time she has been on a search for the most painful way of becoming flat chested."

"Haha, yeah I admit it. I am a painjunkie and it isn't just my titties that I like having tortured. Ah yes, this is going to be awesome, do you remember this one Krissy?"

"Ah yes, I do. Isn't this the one with those fun science experiments? I wonder what they have in store this time."

"Looks like we are about to find out. I bet under that blanket there is something rather interesting."

Jana examined the stage infront of them. A small crowd had already gathered around the stand. There was a woman standing on the small stage, chatting with someone in the audience. The woman was clearly a native as there was no way to achieve such beauty without heavy genetic modification. She had a bright red hair and very pointy cone shaped D cups with pale nipples. She was also rather tall atleast alot taller than any of the four girls. On the stage there was also a wooden table, a chair and something covered with a red blanket. The woman on the stage then looked around and started speaking in a clear and loud voice.

"Good afternoon everyone! To those of you who just joined us, my name is Katheryn. I believe you are waiting to see the our next scientific experiment! Let's get started then. First I need a volunteer from the audience."


Jana looked behind her to see who was the eager volunteer. To her surprise the voice had come from Erica. But Erica was not the volunteer. She was volunteering Keeley, who was absolutely shocked.

"No way! Erica, you cant! Quit pointing at me!"

"Oh yes I can. Remember the gamble you lost?"

"For fuck sake don't do this! I can't take it!"

"Already did and you'll be just fine. Now go go go, people are waiting!"

"Oh, god... I guess then..."

"Bring me a souvenir if you can"

Keeley was visibly shaking as she walked towards the stage. She knew this was it. Her tits were doomed. Her heart was racing and she was sure she would pass out soon. It was almost like her legs were trying to save her tits by refusing to cooperate. She did reach the stage finally and the woman greeted her.

"Great! Thank you for volunteering. And what a nice bust you've got. What is your name, my big boob angel?"

"Eh.. Keeley... But... I don't..."

"Keeley, let's get straight to business. We have a very cool experiment under this cover, and you are going to LOVE it. Climb up here and we will get started."

"Uh... i guess I have no other choice... fuck."

"Okay, now I want you to stand here, behind the machine. And calm down, you are shaking like a vibrator. Breath deeply." Katheryn then spoke to the audience. "We are set here. Keeley, would you please uncover the device."

Keeley removed the red blanket with shaky hands. Under the blanket there was a clear plastic box, with two holes on top. Around the holes were rubber paddings. Beneath the box was a black stand, and Keeley could not see what was inside it. On both sides of the box there were two armrests, both equipped with a set of leather straps.

The demonstration girld unlocked a set of small clamps on the far side of the box and slid open the top, splitting it open in the middle of the two holes. "Now, Keeley, would you please put your tits between the two semi circles."

Keeley couldn't do anything but comply. The leaned in and her breasts went into the box. Katheryn then closed the top, slightly squishing Keeley's breasts from the sides so they were neatly trapped in the holes. Keeleys breasts hung two inches from the bottom of the box. Katheryn then produced a pair of oven mittens and put them in Keeley's hands and began strapping her arms to the armrests. Once that was done, she reached down and pulled one more leather belt over Keeley's upper back. Keeley was now completely secured to the device. Keeley then felt a hand probing between her legs, parting her undies and sliding a small vibrator between her smooth lips. The vibrator began slowly humming and it felt good as Keeley became aware of just how amazingly horny she was right now.

Katheryn then picked up a remote controller and pressed a button on it. Immediately Keeley knew what was happening. The rubber paddings around her breasts began inflating, trapping her breasts painfully in the device. Within seconds her breasts were turning purple, as the blood flow in them was cut off. This really hurt and Keeley couldn't hold back a whimper. What came next, really made Keeley scream. A pair of long thin needles shot up from the bottom of the box, one piercing each of her puffy nipples. The long needles kept raising until they had completely skerered Keeleys breasts and had reached the top of the box. On their way through Keeleys soft breasts, they had pierced milk ducts, glands and nerve bundles. A little bit of blood flowed out of each nipple as Keeley screamed as hard as she could. Soon the pain transformed into a severe aching, and Keeley was able to catch her breath and was surprised to find out that she was experiencing a strong orgasm. The pleasure helped her cope with the burning pain in her breasts.

"Now, our next experiment will demonstrate some aspects of thermodynamics with the help of Keeley's incredible bust." She then used the remote controller again and white steam rushed into the box from holes in the bottom of the box. Soon the breasts could not be seen at all, but Keeley was not screaming, only breathing heavily and slightly whimpering. She could see the white steam around her breasts too, but it did not feel hot at all. At first she was shocked and thought that her breasts would be steamed just like Krissy's, but now she had no clue what was happening to her.

Soon, a clear liquid could be seen filling the tank. The air inside the box became chillingly cold. It soon became clear to Keeley what was happening and she did not like it. Her breasts were going to be submerged into liquid nitrogen and frozen. The liquid kept rising and her nipples were freezing. She couldn't tell if they were already dipped in the freezing nitrogen. She felt slight tingling in her nipples and then the pain hit her. The very tips of her puffy nipples were just submerged in the liquid and her world erupted. Violently shaking her head, she screamed and howled as more and more of her breasts were dipped into the liquid that was actually boiling as it sucked in all the heat from her tender mammaries. Keeley could not see it yet, but the audience could. As the liquid rose upwards, it was bubbling away around the doomed breasts.

Keeley's head trashed from side to side and her face was locked in a pain filled scream. Her cheeks were drenched with tears. She strained against her bonds as she tried to free her breasts from the freezing hell that was destroying them. The straps held her tightly in their grip, there would be no escape. As the liquid rose higher, it had less room around the breasts to fill and soon the entire container was filled with liquid and small vents had opened up on the top of the box to let out the expanding gas.

The pain moved deeper and deeper into Keeley's breasts. Her nipples were now completely frozen solid and she could no longer feel them. Still the pain in her breasts was immense, as the milk glands inside them were being frozen. To her surprise Keeley started coping with the pain and was able to subdue her screams. The whimpering girl was able to see through her tears and into the tank. There, slowly bubbling, were her bright blue breasts, now a whole cupsize bigger than before.

Suddenly Keeley's entire body was blown away by a massive orgasm. The sight of her frozen breasts, the pain deep inside them and the vibrator in her soaking pussy had thrown her over the edge. She let out a howling sigh and her head slumped down. The bubbling around her breasts had almost completely seized and the pain had turned into an aching sensation of pressure right in the very core of her breasts. One more minute passed and the remote controller started beeping. This meant that the temperature sensors in the needles deemed her breasts completely frozen.

The needles retracted from the frozen mammaries and the nitrogen was sucked out of the tank. What little liquid remained quickly evaporated, leaving only white fog floating around Keeley's breasts. Katheryn quickly undid Keeley's straps and once again opened the top of the box. "Now, I want you to be very careful. Get up slowly and support your breasts with your hands. Then slowly follow me to the table over there. Avoid any sudden movements."

The mist slowly dissipated and allowed Keeley a clear view of her breasts. Covered in white frost, the now completely solid and blue breasts were a fascinating sight. Below the constricting rubbers everything had solidified and remained in the shape of a strawberry. The sight was highly erotic in a strange way. These were her breasts, her flesh, yet she could not feel anything but dull aching at the very bases of her boobs. Keeley reached under her breasts with the oven mittens in her hands and carefully lifted them out of the box. The crowd erupted in cheers. This was the first time Keeley became aware of the crowd watching her since she first stepped on the stage. Keeley managed to flash a smile to her audience and she noticed her friends waving and cheering in the front row.

She then proceeded to carry her frost covered chest to the table where Katheryn was waiting for her. She then carefully sat down on the chair and lowered her breasts on the table. They made a clank as she placed them on the table. This weirdness accompanied by the sudden awareness of her surroundings and the increased pressure on the vibrator on top of which she was now sitting began driving her towards yet another orgasm.

"Alright, we must be quick now. Here we go, Keeley." Katheryn had a big hammer in her hand and she held it high above Keeley's frozen right breast. The hammer came down, hitting it's target. There was a loud cracking noise and pieces of shattered breast flew in every direction. Keeley had to close her eyes to avoid getting pieces of her own breast in them. When she opened her eyes she saw what had happened to her once gorgeous and soft right boob. On the table there were some big chunks of breast, scattered amongst smaller shrapnel. The fatty tissue inside her breast was almost white with small bits of red here and there. The sight sent her over the edge and once again she was lost in orgasm.

"Ooooh.... Wow! Damn that was intense!"

"Wanna do the other one yourself?"

"Like you even have to ask? Any tips?"

"Simply stand up a little bit and smash your breast against the table. That usually does the trick. Worked nicely with my boobs."


"Can't wait!"

Keeley stood up and assumed a sligthly crouching position above the table.

"Here we GO!"

Upon impact the familiar shattering noise filled the air. This time Keeley did not close her eyes. She watched as her breast ripped itself apart and sent bits and pieces across the table.

"Oh wow... That was nice. Totally worth it. Can't believe I just did that! THANK YOU!"

"Alright ladies, that concludes our experiment for now. I hope you enjoyed it. Keeley sure did, as it would seem. Be back later for a completely new and adventurous presentation!"

Keeley scanned through the mess of frozen titmeat on the table and found what she was looking for. A big piece of her breast with a blue puffy nipple attached to it. She picked it up, thanked Katheryn once more and headed back to the audience where her friends were waiting.

"Erica! I've got your souvenir here! God that was amazing. Painful as hell, but what a thrill. I sure hope those regeneration things work. Can't wait to explore more of the wonderful world of painful erotica. Jana I tell you that was the most amazing thing I have ever done! You have got to get yourself some of that!"

"One converted, one to go." Erica whispered to Krissy as she admired the slowly melting piece of Keeley in her hand.

"hahaha.... yeah. What do you say, we get Keeley to a regenerator. Those wounds are going to start bleeding soon. Wouldn't want to mess up a perfectly good miniskirt."

Part 7. Jewellery.

"Good as new!" Keeley cheered as she emerged from the regeneration booth. "Tingly business that regeneration. As you see, I decided not to change anything. I guess I must be a bit masochistic, because I really want to get these new tits chopped off as soon as possible!"

"Well that has to wait for now. I have just spotted something we just have to check out! See that sign, saying 'Piercings and mods'? Let's go already!" Erica led the group towards their next destination on the beach. Jana admitted to herself that she had been thinking about getting a piercing for a while now. Maybe something cute like a navel piercing or even a nipple piercing.

Jana's attention was suddenly drawn towards a high pitched screaming that seemed to come from her left. It was easy to spot the source of the scream. It had come from one of the barbeque pitts, where a busty blonde in her twenties had been strapped down to a long bench, capable of seating half a dozen people. Her breasts were trapped between two steel plates in an apparatus on the table. Smoke rose from between the plates as the hot steel cooked the fatty breasts. Between the screams could be heard sizzling and cracking noises. The girls stopped for a moment to admire the sight.

"Wow, nice one. Sure makes me want to have some barbeque right now."

"Yeah, that looks so hot. Pun intended."

"It would seem there are seats for atleast six. We could do it together. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Oh yes it would indeed. We couldn't eat it all by ourselves tho... but I guess it won't be hard to find helpers here."

"No way... tooo freaking painful. I won't do that!"

"Jana, you are such a pussy! I can tell you it is freaking amazing! I just had my titties frozen solid and I really want to try cooking them next. Believe when I tell you, it is the best thing ever!"

"Keeley is right, once you do it you will be hooked for life. Sure it hurts but god damn it hurts good. I bet that girl is orgasming as we speak."

"She does seem to be, indeed. Listen to her sighs. It is good that they secured her with her hands between her legs."

"Alright, let's get moving. It seems there is no line in the piercing booth right now. I know that is about to change. It must be popular."

Jana had made up her mind. She was going to steel her nerves and get a nipple piercing. The fact that she had been called a pussy had sealed the deal. She would show her friends she was no pussy.

At the piercing stand they were greeted by a green haired and very slim girl. She was slightly taller than average and had moderate b-cup breasts. For a piecing professional she had very little piercings in her facial area but below that there was metal hanging from every imaginable place. She stood before the girls fully nude, her body gleaming in the bright sunshine. Her skin was extremely pale despite the sunshine. Genetical modification must have been unsed to achive such paleness.

Her breasts had metal spikes sticking out of them. Her left nipple had been pierced in the shape of a star by multiple piercings. Her right nipple had no piercings because she had no right nipple. Her right breast was completely smooth where her nipple should have been. Her pussy was coated in piercings.

"Hi, my name is Gisele. Welcome to my slice of heaven where you can have absolute control over your body. How may I help you ladies?"

"Hi Gisele, I'm Jana and these are Keeley, Krissy and Erica. I guess we are here to get our bodies decorated. I would like to have a ring in my right nipple."

"Sure, that can be taken care of right away. Let me get my gun."

Before Jana could ask anything, Gisele was already standing infront of her with a piercing gun in her hand. "Size? Small, medium, large or huge?"

"Umm... what the hell! Make it a big one."

Gisele set a dial on the gun, and took aim at Jana's quivering right nipple. She then pressed the gun's barrel against the nipple. Actually it was just a suction tube, which soon sucked in Jana's nipple. Jana was properly scared at this point. What had she gotten herself into? Without a warning the gun fired. A sharp hollow tube pierced Jana's nipple and the suction let go of the damaged breast.

Jana hadn't even had a chance to stop howling before Gisele was already fitting the gaping wound with a large silver ring. As sbe finally wiped the tears off her eyes, she could see the large ring hanging from her heavily bleeding nipple. The pain was intense, but to her amazement nothing she couldn't handle. She actually felt very aroused.

"Come Jana, place your breasts in here. This is our very own regenerator. Kind of a cheaper model that only regenerates skin over wounded areas. Since you have a piercing in the wound, it will regenerate skin around the metal and you will have a perfectly healed hole in your nip."

Jana did as she was told and after a very quick moment inside the machine her breast emerged fully healed. The pain was gone. She admired her new ring.

"Thats nice, Jana! Very beautiful!" Krissy's compliment made Jana very proud. She had done it!

"As you can see, it is very quick to regenerate new skin. This handy device is specially designed for body mod shops. Since the government supports them financially, they aren't really too expensive. This one here can fix almost any place you might want to modify. It can be even be lowered so that you can sit on it with your legs spread. You might guess why that would be handy."

"Also once the skin has been regenerated, it is in your dna, so that if you happend to somehow lose that particular bodypart, you can still have that mod regenerated as long as you use the regenerator to restore your former appearance and don't make any changes in which case the mods will be overwritten. Simply take out your piercings before getting those boobies obliterated to avoid losing the jewelery and later slip them back into their holes."

"Anyways, do you guys have anything special in mind?"

The three girls shook their heads, Jana was still busy admiring her own bust.

"In that case, you could go through these brochures while I take care of an appointment. A friend of mine called me earlier and shes coming to get a mod she always gets whenever shes on the cruise. I could swear I saw her at that barbeque stand earlier."

Jana picked up one of the brochures. On the first page she found the title "Pussy mods" and under it a list of before and after pictures. The first pair of pictures were titled "The Snip" and depicted a beautiful pink pussy that in the after picture was lacking it's inner lips and clit. Jana was amazed to find herself getting extremely horny from the idea of havin one's clit snipped. She wondered what it would feel like to have such a sensitive piece of her womanhood cut off. She knew there was no hope of getting any painkillers on this ship. Also how would it feel like afterwards, with her clit gone. Would she even be able to get off?

The next few pictures showed different variations of the 'Snip'. Some pussies still had clits, while lacking inner lips, while others had been declitted but still had their lips. There was even a picture of a pussy that had its hood trimmed away. That must make the clit very exposed, she thought. One pair of pictures was labeled "Twice The Fun" and in them was a pussy with a clitoris that had been split vertically in two. That must hurt like hell, but could really be very stimulating since the halves would rub against eachother all the time. Jana found herself actually wondering if she should have something like that done. Would she be able to manage the procedure? Holy hell, she really loved the idea.

Gisele's friend had arrived and she was already being prepared for her modification. The girl introduced herself as Candi. Candi was a busty but short brunette with D-cups capped off with a pair of pinkish nipples. She invited the girls to watch. Jana reluctantly put down the brochure and proceeded to watch the operation.

Candi's breasts had been bound tightly. She was sitting on a sturdy metal chair and had been secured with leather straps. Gisele placed a ball gag in Candi's mouth and began working on Candi's boobs while explaining to her audience what was going to happend to the bound mammaries.

"Alright, as you can see, the boobies have been bound very tightly with these rubber rings. It is essential to cut off the blood circulation. As you know breasts have alot of fatty tissue in them and they are basically fine leather bags just hanging there, mostly unused. So we figured why not put them into use."

"I am now going to inject the breasts with a special solution. This stuff is like the mother of all weight loss medicines. What it does is it turns human fat tissue into liquid, leaving only some connective tissues intact. An extremely painful process I'm afraid since it is like solving the tissue with acid and most customers prefer to be gagged during it. But it is a very unique experience and the end result never fails to amaze people and a vibrator both in the ass and pussy really help managing the pain. Candi, brace yourself now, you know the drill."

The bound girl nodded and closed her eyes. In an instance, Gisele jabbed a syringe into her left ballooning breast and quickly emptied the clear liquid into the doomed mammary. Candi jolted in her restains and elicted a high pitched whimper. Even before her whiper had a chance to die out her right mammary received a similar treatment. Candi immediately started shaking and pulling against the leather straps. Her whipering turned into short and rapid gasps mixed with attempted screams.

Jana felt sympathy for the suffering girl at first, but then she realized that this was exactly what Candi had wanted to be done to her and on top of that she had already experienced this before. Just a day earlier Jana would have called her a complete lunatic, but here, on this ship it was Jana who was the abnormal one. This girl was simply living her fantasies. Jana had those fantasies too, but how on earth could she ever subject herself to something so brutal. Should she really just go with it? She had seen her friends walking out of the regeneration booth with healthy chests and had just had her own nipples healed.

Jana was brought back to present as Gisele began explaining more about what was happening. "As you can see, the breasts have turned slightly red in addition to the dark purple colour caused by the bands. Inside the boobies the fat is melting and the chemicals are reacting very violently. This generates heat and... as you can hear, quite a lot of agony. Go ahead, place your hands on the breasts and see if you can feel the heat."

Jana, without even noticing it herself was caressing Candi's bound breasts. They did indeed feel very hot and also extremely tight as if under pressure. She couldn't help but to give them a slight squeeze. She got an immediate response. Candi's tear soaked eyes shot open, her eyes staring blankly into the distance. The screams behind the gag found a whole new level in intensity and drool dripped around the gag onto Jana's hands and the tormented breasts.

"Oh... sorry, i didn't mean to..." Jana was shocked by how she had just caused extreme agony to this poor girl's chest.

"No, no, don't worry dearie! Actually I was just about to ask for your help with that. You see, the breasts need to be massaged to make sure that the chemical dissolves as much of the tissue as it possibly can." There was clear amusement in Gisele's voice. "Say what, why don't you girls go ahead and give her a good massage. Don't be shy, she won't bite."

Candi heard this through her agony fueled moans and groans and protested by shaking her head causing drool, tears and sweat to spray on the four pairs of eagerly approaching hands.

The girls went to work on the dissolving teats, roughly massaging them from every angle, squeezing them and occasionally slapping them gently. Candi banged her head back and forth and pulled against the bonds that wouldn't budge. The pain in her breasts was beyond any description. To her the massage felt like it took a lifetime, but to her tormentors Gisele's next announcement came way too early.

"Alright babes, I think the five minutes is up. By now the chemical should have done it's job. We should move on to the next part of Candi's treatment. Let me introduce you to an extremely cool multi purpouse tool I have here."

The girls reluctantly let go of the dark red breasts and started inspecting a pair of metallic rings presented to them.

"These are actually just a pair of standard denippling rings with laser scalpels."

To Jana the expression 'standard denippling rings' sounded slightly abnormal, but she didn't feel like pointing it out in this context.

"But what makes these very interesting is that they once they are around the targeted nipples, they can be attached to this device here. These tubes go over the rings and once the nipples have been cut off, this machine actually cleans out the insides of the breasts with yet another chemical wash leaving Candi here with two exremely fine leather bags. Then it injects a foam into the breasts and once the foam has been injected I will cut off the bands around her breasts and place the regenerator around the teats. This way the regenerator will actually heal the insides of her breasts with new skin and the machine can suck the foam clean out. Then we just add a few finishing touches and we're all done."

Gisele positioned the rings on top of Candi's nipples and they attached themselves onto the skin like magnets. In fact the rings had tiny suction cups in them. Gisele then attached the strange looking machine on the rings by two clear tubes. Next she inputted a series of settings on the machine and a green light appeared inside the rings.

Candi knew this meant that her nipples were about to be cut off by rotating laser beams and she began anticipating the imminent agony associated with it. And then it happened. The light arounf her nipples turned red and began rotating very fast around the nipples. Candi's reaction to having her nipples seared off her chest was to simply close her eyes and whimper quietly. This was not the worst pain she had experienced today. It was certainly an intense one, but at the same time it meant that the most painful part was over and she would soon have her beautiful ornaments ready to be shown off at the beach. Until now she hadn't been really able to enjoy the pleasantly humming vibrators in her soaking wet holes.

The girls watched keenly as the lasers completed their work and the machine started sucking the detached nipples into the tubes. The nipples were followed by a flood of orange fluid. By now the pain in Candi's breasts had reduced significantly as the pressure inside the delicate mammaries was sucked away. The machine continued to suck the fluid until Candi's once proud breasts were nearly empty. Candi was no longer shaking from pain, but from a massive orgasm ripping through her spent body.

The machine then switched from sucking to pumping and it began to refill the breasts with a clear liquid. This was the chemical wash. Soon the breasts were once again full and hurting. The chemical did it's work very quickly and once again the breasts were deflated removing any . Next came the white foam that filled the breasts to their original size. Gisele was already fitting the regenerator around her customer's chest.

The tingling in her breasts told Candi that the regenerator had been engaged. She took a few deep breaths and the machine sucked the foam out of her. Gisele detached the rings and the tubes. The girls finally got a chance to inspect the deflated breasts as they flopped around while Gisele removed the rubber bands at their bases.

Gisele's chest now had a pair of floppy sacks with perfectly round holes where her nipples used to be. Their colour was still dark from being bound, and it only added to the erotic contrast between the butchered breasts and the row of healthy big breasts around her. Jana had noticed that her friends and herself had been rubbing their during the show while trying to imagine themselves in Candi's position, having their own breasts eaten from inside by acid.

"So, now we move on to the last part of Candi's transformation. She will need one more treatment with the regenerator. I am going to use these scissors to cut the skin from the opening to the top of her breasts allowing me to insert a breast shaped rubber shell inside. This rubber will give her the appearance of having full breasts. Also they have zippers and fake nipples which will be healed into her skin once the regenerator does it's trick. The material in the zipper actually fools the machine into thinking that it is skin and it will be healed into the wound and the fake nipple will protrude though the hole below the zipper." Gisele had already positioned the scissors on her first target. Candi jumped against her restains as the scissors were closed. Gisele quickly repeated the cut on the other breast and put down the scissors.

The fresh cuts were bleeding heavily as Gisele spread the cut on Candi's right breast with her left hand and quided the rubber inside. She then proceeded to repeat this with the left breast and once more made sure that the zippers and the nipples were lined properly and started the regenerator.

"Wow.... i'm speechless!" Jana stared as the cuts on Candi's chest healed.

"Wow indeed! That is way hot. You wouldn't believe those are empty if you didn't know it!"

"I am totally getting myself a pair of breast purses just before the end of the cruise. That is going to be the next big fashion thing."

"Yeah, and the process to make them seems to be right up your alley, Erica."

"Hahaha, yeah. I'm not ashamed by who I am. And I am a total painslut."

"Can we ungag her now? I wanna hear how she liked it!"

"Totally, i'll unstrap her and you girls can have a chat. Maybe she'll get me four new customers." Gisele winked as she started undoing Candi's bonds. As soon as her hands were free, she got to inspecting her breasts.

"Ohh... got to catch my breath after that. And as usual, Gisele has made a masterpiece out of my breasts. Thank you. And you girls sure know how to give a thorough massage to a pair of boobs."

"Eh... sorry about that..."

"No, no. Loved it. I guess I am a bit of a painslut too."

"Tell us more about it! How does it feel to get your tits emptied through your nipples?"

"Oh no, girls, you really have to find out for yourselves. All I am going to say is that it is totally worth it. Your purple haired friend there could fit a shopping mall inside her massive knockers. And judging by the way shes been rubbing her tits and pussy she will find herself sitting in this very chair in the near future." Candi gave a wink to the blushing Keeley who felt slightly embarrased by her friends' giggles.

They helped Candi up from the chair and assisted with removing the vibrators from her ass and pussy. After one more quick inspection of the empty breasts, Candi told then she was going to head to a bar to meet up with her sister.

"See you around, girls. And do have fun with Gisele!"

As Candi left, the girls went back to their business of finding their own favourite modifications they would like to have. Keeley and Krissy were both browsing a piercing catalog and had soon found something they both liked.

"Ehm... Gisele, I think we'd both like to have the long piercings. Both breasts, vertical and horizontal. I hope you have big enough for Keeleys massive knockers. Hahaha..."

"Certainly! Those won't take more than a few seconds."

"Actually, I would like to try the denippling rings first." Keeley had fallen in love with the rings the second she saw them in the brochures and once she saw them used on Candi, she knew she had to test them out.

"That is absolutely lovely. Step over to the regenerator and I'll put them on you."

It wasn't long before Gisele was already tweaking Keeleys puffy nipples through the laser equipped rings and a green light could be seen around the nipples. Gisele had the remote controller for the rings in her hand.

"Hey, I know what would be cool. Keeley, would you like to do it yourself? This button here will cut off your nipples. Simple enough. Take the controller, count to three and push the button. I'll help you catch them with this tray."

"Oh... wow.... I don't know if I could. It is going to be painful. My heart is racing already."

"Go on! Do it Keeley!" Her friends cheered.

"Oh... Ok. I'll do it." Keeley was terrified and at the same time excited to the point where she could almost feel an orgasm building up. She took the controller from gisele and carefully placed a thumb over the button. She looked up to her friends who were staring at her nipples. Gisele gave her an approving nod. Her left hand found it's way between her legs. She glanced down at her nipples and soon decided that she will try to keep her eyes open as it happens.

She could clearly see most of her nipples and areolas because they were exceptionally puffy and protruded well past the rings. Wondering if her puffiness will make it more painful, she decided it was time to proceed.

"Three... umm.. two.... one"

A few deep breaths and she pushed the button.

The colour of the light turned bright red and Keeley let out a shriek as a white hot pain engulfed her nipples. The lasers began rotating around her nipples all the while separating her flesh with searing heat. Keeley couldn't see it through her tears, but there were tiny swirls of smoke rising from around her nipples. Her attempts to hold back the screams were not successful as the lasers reached the nerve rich centers of her nipples.

Keeley watched in slow motion as her nipples toppled from her chest and fell through the air and landed on the tray that Gisele was holding beneath her breasts. The wounds were completely bloodless, as the lasers had cauterized the wounds as they cut. Keeley was trembling and sweaty but managed to utter some words.

"My god... Fuck... They are gone! And OUCH that hurt. Let me see them! Let me see! Oh wow... that is hot."

"Okay, brave girl. Let's get you healed. Lean into the regenerator."

In no time, Keeley's wounds had been healed by the seemingly magical machine. Now there was only smooth skin where her nipples used to be. The rings were still attached to her not nippleless breasts. Gisele took them, revealing only perfectly seamless skin. It was almost as if Keeley had never had nipples.

"Oh my, THAT is hot!"

They were all instantly fonlding Keeley's chest.

"How does it feel?"

"Weird. Weirdly hot. Kinky kind of hot."

"They look absolutely lovely."

"Yeah, and if you ever decide you want them back, just debreast yourself and choose to have them reshaped. It will reset any modifications. Anyways, I have some extra rings, if you girls want to take some with you. They come with a manual and make for nice entertainment in parties."

"Oh HELL YEAH! We do want some of those!"

"I'll give you a pair before you leave. Also I have a bigger set if you want ones that aew designed to go around the entire breast. They are just perfect for those late night gambles or just to spice up your sex life."

"My god, you are like the holy saint of breast freaks! Do you even have to ask if we want those?"

Making deals in this era was a rather simple process. On Risa Nine, every citizen had a credit account managed by the government. Basically a person's account would get added credits when the she went to work or otherwise contributed to the society. Basic needs such as medical care, food, education, a basic apartment and so on would always be free for the citizens but when purchasing other items, they would charge credits directly from the account.

This was mostly implemented to make sure nobody hoarded more resources than they needed and to prevent people from transporting goods from the planet to be sold somewhere else. Actually the price of producing items was so low that very few items could be considered expensive. Mostly such things as housing were expensive, since the population density was rather high. Only a few shops that dealt with tourists, also dealt with actual currency. Most of the time, the shop keepers would just give away small items, since it was not really worth it to go through the steps of actually selling anything as they were paid credits by the number of hours they served their customers.

Keeley pocketed her detached nipples and the girls were ready to proceed with their quest to find their fantasy mods. It was now time for Keeley's and Krissy's piercings and Gisele had already prepared for this. She held in her hands a previously unseen device.

"This little box here is actually my own design. A friend of mine helped with building it. I have alot of people asking for a deep piercings, but making them by hand often results in bad positioning and we often have to do things twice. This device is so great because it is so simple. You put your breasts in here, then select horizontal, vertical or both and on one breast or both and then you press the start button and the machine will do it's job in mere seconds. Whos first?"

Krissy went first sliding her breasts into the machine. They had already agreed on the options so Gisele had programmed them into the machine.

"Go ahead, pierce me!"


There was a whirring noice as Gisele pressed the button. A few seconds later a louder snap could be heard followed by Krissy's yelp and some very heavy gasps. She pulled her breasts out of the machine revealing four golden stars on both of her breasts. They were connected through her breasts by rather thick metal spikes, that the machine thrusted through the thickest part of her breasts. Blood flowed from underneath each star. The pain in Krissys breasts had still not completely found it's way to her brain.

Her body had a hard time realizing that something had just stuck metal rods through her breasts. Her hands went to grasp the damaged mammaries, but just as soon as they reached the tits, another wave of pain pushed them back. Krissy was already very familiar with the pain associated with getting foreign objects struck into her tits, but she still found this method to be one of the most agonizing ones. To her relief Gisele was already guiding her to the regenerator and in a few moments, her piercings had been healed completely.

Krissy patted Keeley on the back as her nippleless friend slid her massive mounds into the piercing machine. Gisele did not even wait for Keeley to say anything as she pressed the button. Keeleys head shot straight up and her tear filled eyes bulged. Unlike Krissy, Keeley made no attempt to hide her pain. From the initial yelp, she carried on with a long and pain filled howl that was only broken off when she shouted a few curses at the roof. Her breasts had also been decorated with bleeding golden stars.

After her time with the regenerator, Keeley was smiling as she inspected her new piercings. She found that when you squeeze the breast around the star, the metal bar between the stars protrudes from it's tunnel in the soft tissue. And oh boy, was the spike massive. No wonder why it hurt like hell. This one made the nail in their earlier gamble seem like a needle. And she had taken it willingly and ended up enjoying it despite the pain. She really didn't understand it, but somehow she was hornier than ever, even though she had already managed to catch quite a few orgasms today.

"Feeling okay?"

"Better than ok! Damn that was nice. Bloody painful, but nice."

"Watch out girls! We might have created a monster. Erica 2.0 maybe! The next generation of painsluts."

"Haha, you wish. I am and will always be the queen of the painsluts. You just wait. Gisele, I think I know what I want." Erica was showing Gisele something she had found in the catalogs. She made sure not to show it to the other girls. "What do you think? Suitable for a painslut?"

"Definetly. You want 'em both done with doubles? Well... I guess there isn't really much preparation needed. Take a seat there and you girls can start fastening the belts. Make sure she can't move, because she will try. I'll go fetch some instruments."

Gisele went to find something from behind the counter and returned in a moment. Meanwhile the girls had bound their friend tightly to the chair where Candi received her treatment earlier. She too had been gagged.

"Oookay... let's get started then, shall we. First we position these metal rings around her breasts and make sure they are as close to her chest as possible. Also these openings in the rings have to be so that one of them points exactly upwards, one straight down and two to the sides. You girls do the right one, I'll do the leftie."

Copying Gisele's work the girls pushed the ring over Erica's right breast and made sure it was in perfect position.

"The next part I will do by myself. It needs some practice to get this right."

She then held up two blades, that had no handles. They looked like someone had broken a sword in half. Erica's eyes followed the blade as Gisele positioned the first one against the slot above her left breast and began pushing it into the fleshy mound.

Blood seeped from the wound as the blade was pushed in. Erica felt every bit of the blade's progress as it parted her breast tissue in it's path. For a painslut, being stabbed in the breast was a treat. The blade began cutting through lactal glands and the pain increased exponentially. Even Erica had to admit that this was intense, and she was straining against the leather belts holding her down. Without them, she propably would have shot through the roof when the blade began cutting into the very core of her breast.

With closed eyes and a constant screaming behind the gag, Erica was enjoying and suffering. At last the blade had made it's journey through and slowly came out from the bottom of her breast and exited through the slot in the steel ring.

"You are doing great, dear. Only three more left."

Gisele wasted no time positioning the next blade. This one was going through the same breast as the earlier one but only vertically. By this time, Erica's belly had already been covered with blood. Gisele pushed the next blade through slightly faster than the first one. By the end of it, Erica was literally trashing in her restains, throwing her head from side to side.

Erica's left breast skewered with two crossing blades, Gisele directed her attention to the right one. Again, she started with a blade from the top and picked up the pace as blood was now pouring form the already wounded tit.

Instead of pushing the blade Gisele thrusted it through. The breast exploded with pain. Erica didn't have time to even fully register the assault on her breast before Gisele had already readied the next gleaming blade. She thrusted the blade mercilessly through the breast, crossing the blades at the very base of the soft and tender mound.

"Girls, I need you to pay attention now. I want you to repeat the next step on the left one once I am done with the right side. First you take a strong grip of the ring. Like this, from both sides. And then you pull! Don't yank, pull!"

Gisele started pulling on the ring around Erica's right breast forcing the crossed blades to cut their way through the fatty tissue splitting glands and severing nerve bundles on their path. At the very center of the orbs, the crossed blades did their most devilish work as they parted milk ducts and the biggest nerves. Erica knew what to expect, but had no way of knowing how intense it was.

Her breast was being cut in quarters and she could feel everything happening. Her mind was in a civil war. One part of her shouted at her that this was the worst thing that could ever be imagined. The other part shouted back 'MORE, WE WANT MORE' and as the pain only intensified, the painslut side became more and more dominant.

As only little more than the nipple was left to cut the screams behind the gag had gasps of laughter mixed in with them. Erica managed to stare with her teary eyes as the blades made the final cut and split her nipple. Something in her brain mixed up the feelings of pain with the extreme erotic tension and she collapsed with a mind blowing orgasm as the quartered breast flopped against her chest splitting the wounds and revealing the bloody yellowish tissue.

"Now! Do the other one, while I spray this one with the foam." Gisele parted the split breast and sprayed foam from a spray can onto the wounds. This was the same foam that had earlier been used to fill Candi's boobs and it prevented bleeding.

Keeley was the fastest and got the honour of doing the left one. Without hesitation she began pulling the ring just as Erica regained her senses after her wicked orgasm. The mad woman behind Erica's eyes kept laughing as her tender flesh was ripped open and blood gushed from her chest. The rational Erica was completely gone and the torture seeking painjunkie was in control. She watched intently as the blades steadily sliced her breast. Keeley soon reached the nipple and slowed down to look her victim in the eyes. Those eyes were fixated on the doomed nipple. She pulled the blades through the last inch of flesh and the stretched breast sprung back, splitting the wounds.

As soon as Keeley was out of the way, Gisele began spraying the foam between the sections of mutilated breast. "Wow.... your friend seems to be really the painslut she claims to be. I am now spraying the foam to prevent her from bleeding too badly and to make sure the segments do not heal back together."

As soon as she had completed spraying the foam, she slid the regenerator infront of Erica and placed the gory shredded boobs in. The regenerator began working it's magic and Erica's breating became instantly more human. Meanwhile the girls undid their friend's straps and Gisele ungagged her.

"Quite the show, Erica, quite the show indeed. You really are nuts."

"Thanks. Loved it. Might have had the orgasm of the century there. Oh! Can't wait to see them!"

"Won't take more than a few seconds now, dearie."

Sure enough, the machine turned itself off right then.

"I'll just wipe you clean and you are good to go." Gisele quickly wrapped a towel around Erica's chest and rubbed away the remaining foam. The sight that was revealed was like nothing they had ever seen before. Erica's boobs were cleanly split into four parts with smooth skin covering the areas where they were cut all the way to their bases. Erica soon found her tits being caressed from every angle, even Gisele joined their excited group of breast fondlers.

"Wow. Holy cow. You've got four boobs!"

"Amazing! Erica, you have the sexiest set of tentacles I have ever seen!"

"Hahahah! Tentacles! They do indeed look a bit like tentacles with tiny nipples at their tips."

Erica jumped up and down to test how her new titties would feel when bouncing freely. The resulting flopping made them all giggle. Erica noticed that the tits slapping against each other felt actually very nice.

"You know, I still have those lactation pills. Wonder if we could turn you into our little milk machine. You could be our little milk dispenser!"

"Oh that is kinky! Jana, you little sicko. I'd love to be the milk cow of our little group! Gisele, would they work normally?"

"Sure., there are plenty of healthy lactal glands and milk tubes left in each separate quarter. I see no problem with it."

"Cool! Let me find the pills!"

"You know, when you put a rubber band around their base they stand out a little better. Let me get you some from behind the counter."


"Found the pills! It says here that you should start lactating about ten minutes after taking one and that you should drink alot of fluids. Here you go. One human cow pill as ordered."

Erica swallowed the pill without hesitation. This was going to be one of the best cruises ever.

"Here go. Those rubber bands should work splendidly. Now, did you girls have any other things in mind that you might want to test out?" Gisele ispected the results of her various piercings and cuttings so far. "How about you? You only got a nipple piercing. I saw you inspecting the pussy mods that we offer. Maybe you would like to try one while you wait for the milk to start flowing? I quarantee, they are fun."

Jana froze. Everyone was looking at her. She had indeed been the one who got the tamest mod. It couldn't hurt that much if she had a small one. She remembered only one mod she saw on the catalog by name. Some sort of a tiny cut and a quick heal. "Fun? You mean like Twice The Fun?"

"Yeah! Follow me, we need to get you into stirrups." Gisele led them towards the back of her little shop.

Staring at the canvas roof of Gisele's modshop Jana felt her heart pounding in her chest as straps were fastened around her waist, thighs, ankles and arms. She felt fingers inspecting her moist pussy and a pair of hands reaching from behind to roughly fondle her breasts, her mind floating in a state of fright, anticipation and arousal. What had she gotten herself into? "Ready?" she heard Gisele asking. No, she wasn't ready. She wasn't even fully aware what she was supposed to be ready for. Yet she felt her own head nodding.

Her mind even deeper in a coctail of feelings she was unaware of her surroundings. Voices were muffled as she felt her own body tense involuntarily against the restaints. A knot tightened in her stomach as a lightning struck through her being. A powerful throbbing, a combination of white hot pain and the most powerful of orgasms engulfed her sex. A distant scream drowned everything else under it as her mind danced on the brink of darkness.

Her body shook as she pulled away from the darkness. Her vision blurred by tears and body glistening with sweat. Only now could she fully understand the pain between her legs. Blinking away the tears she began to register her friends around her and Gisele wheeling the healing device between her spread legs. "I think she is coming around. Just a moment dear and we get your little pearl fixed up."

Still in a foggy state Jana felt the white pain subside and being replaced with a tingling sensation. Her throat felt sore but she finally managed to produce words "Ouch, Wow..." Nothing more came out of her mind, instead she concentrated on steadying her breathing as Gisele moved away the healing device and wipe away a trickle of blood and pussy juice mixed up with the white foam used to prevent healing from her clitty.

"Back amongst the living, eh? For a moment there we thought you might  pass out but turns out you can scream for two full minutes without drawing breath." Looking down at her dazed friend Keeley got a simple nod as an aswer.

"Okay, time to introduce yourself to your new two best friends, Jana. Everything seems to be as planned downstairs so feel free to inspect the results." Gisele guided Jana's attention and hands down to her crotch as soon as one of her friends had released her arm restaints.

Carefully parting her lips Jana began to inspect her sex going by feeling alone with her vision still blurred by tears. Meanwhile her friends and Gisele were busy undoing the straps binding her to the stirrups. Jana's fingers felt nothing strange at first but when her exploration reached under her hood a strong tingle signalled of the changes done to her sex. The sensation was strong. Stronger than anything Jana had felt between her legs before. 

With both arms free, she wiped away the remaining tears and finally regained her eyesight. Spreading her pussy with her fingers she finally saw her new clit, now split vertically in half and perfectly healed to form two separate nubs.

"Believe me darling, you are going to love the results. I can tell you I did when I tried it. I have since moved on to a different type of mod for my pussy but I still remember just the sensation of walking with my two clits rubbing together." 

"Yeah, we saw the metal rings on your pussy the moment we stepped in. How many have you got down there?" Jana climbed out of the stirrups, carefully making sure she could stand on her own.

"Haha, yeah, I have eight rings on both sides, sixteen in total. But that was not really the mod I was referring to." Gisele lifted her left leg on a stirrup and hooking a finger into one of her piercings spread her lips apart. "You see, I have opted for a mod called 'The Snip'. Go ahead, have a closer look and I do not mind touching. As you can see I have had the full snip, including the inner lips."

"Woah, that looks smooth. But how are you able to get off?"

"Well, not the normal way. Atleast not unless I go to a fully equipped medical station and have it restored. I haven't done that in almost a year though. I only do it for special occasions. My girlfriend's sister was visiting us and as a celebration we had an orgy in which I allowed myself a full orgasm before we cut it off again." Gisele had started rubbing her empty slit with her fingers. "My girlfriend got her's regenerated aswell and we cut them all off as a part of our little celebration. It was her sister's first time. She was very excited about the idea. Very much into submissiveness that girl, you see. We roleplayed an entire week with her as a sex slave before we allowed her to regenerate. A week is a long time for a first timer. Even a few days can be an extreme experience without release when constantly stimulated."

Jana had taken the opportunity to experience her new clitoral mod dancing on the verge of orgasm. It was weird that the thought of not being able to reach an orgasm brought her so quickly to the verge of one. And apparently she was not the only one captivated by the clitless girl's explanation of 'The Snip'. Erica's eyes gleamed as her mind raced into possibilities.

"A few days you say? And you also say you need to be at a fully equipped medical center, such as one at the mall in the city to be regenerated. It is not possible to have it regenerated here on the ship? And you can do the snip here?" A confirmation from Gisele and glances exchanged between the friends followed. "I feel a gamble is in order."

"You mean gamble our clits?"

"Against what?"

"Screw that. We know one of us has to go clitless. Don't try argue against me here I can see everyone has fingers deep between their legs. Now get those fingers out of your pussies. One of us has had their last orgasm. Atleast for a few days."

With a slight trace of hesitation in their voices both Keeley and Krissy complied.

"Sorry, mine is staying where it is, I have yet to even fully test out my new double clit."

"Fine, Jana can sit this one out, but we three are going to play a game."

"Any suggestions how we do it? As in, how do we decide who loses their clit?"

"Well, I have a dice on the counter over there. Smallest number loses a clitoris. Simple, effective."

"I like your style Gisele. Is that fine with the two of you?"

"Sure, why not."

"Ah heck, works for me."

So the dice was placed before Erica, Keeley and Krissy.

"Your idea, you go first."

"Okay. To be quite honest, I don't think I would mind losing this one."

Erica picked up the dice and rolled.

"A five. Still anyone's game. Keeley, you go next."

Keeley drew a long breath as she shook the dice in her hand and rolled.

"A four. Not bad, but seems like I am keeping my clit. It is now between you and Krissy. Krissy, if you roll a four, you two will roll again."

Krissy nervously rolled the dice onto the table. Both girls with their clits at risk held their breaths as the dice bounced and finally came to a rest.

"A five again!"

Krissy sighed a relief as Keeley stared at the dice that doomed her clit.

"Well fuck."

"Follow me over to the stirrups, dear."

Mutely Keeley complied and was soon secured to the stirrups. Jana found herself still dancing on the edge of orgasm as she watched her friend being prepared for what was to come.

"Now, we have a special tool for this mod." Gisele showed the girls a curved device the size of her hand. "This little thing will attach itself to Keeley's pussy with suction. I will then input the settings and put the portable GenRegen device in place. The two machines work together and the wound is sealed perfectly and the result will be absolutely smooth."

The device was placed onto Keeley's pussy and it latched onto her automatically. "Uuh, it sucked me in... ohh... that is kinda nice."

"Now, we need to decide on the settings. How does medium speed sound like? And the full snip, ofcourse. How about a final cum? Or a tease?"

Erica interrupted. "We decided that one of us had had their last cum until the cruise is over. I think Keeley agrees with me that a bit of teasing will be an appropriate sendoff to her clit."

Gisele input the settings without waiting for Keeley's response. "Well, so be it. We are ready to go." And she pressed a button on the device to activate it.

"Okay, now we just wait. The clever machine will give you a bit of a tease and at a random time the laser will activate and... well you get the idea."

Keeley's tummy shuddered and she almost cried out as a sudden jolt of electricity pricked her inner lips. "Oooh, wow.  It gave a shock. Gheehe, that... ooh, now... what is this? Mmm... Feels good..."

"The device has a variety of different pleasuring methods. Let's see how many of them you get to experience. What I can quarantee is it will not let you cum."

Krissy, Jana and Erica all had slipped fingers between their legs and Erica used her free hand to grope Keeley's nipleless breasts as they watched their friend sigh with eyes closed. Keeley's breaths were short between her sighs and periodic whimpers.

Suddenly Keeley's eyes shot wide open and she screamed with all her might. "NOOOooo!!" A previously green light on the device had turned red and a small wiff of smoke rose from between the device and Keeley's skin. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as Keeley screamed for another twenty seconds with her screams intensifying towards the end. And then head slumped backwards and slammed against the headrest. 

The regeneration device went straight to work on healing the wound and Keeley's screams died down and were replaced by whimpers. "It was so close... Just a few seconds more"

The device got detached from Keeley's sex as she was unstrapped.
"Woah, that looks so smooth. It is like you were born that way. Damn that is beautiful."

"How are you feeling Keeley, other than damn sexy an beautiful that is?"

"Horny, unsatisfied." Keeley answered wiping her eyes and catching her breath. "Is it really gone?" She started inspecting her pussy with her fingers. "Damn, it really is gone. Tingles when I touch where it was, but not the same way it used to. Damn. This is going to be hard. You sure I wont be able to get off?"

"Well, there is a possibility, but it is unlikely. Depends entirely on you. Some who have had the snip say they learn to come from games involving their breasts. Nipples especially. And fisting. And anal. But it takes time. A girl I know had the snip and learned to come from having her tits nailed to a board. Said it was better than having her pussy licked."

"Damn. Well... This is going to be a new experience."

"Don't worry, I got two clits to compensate for the one you lost. And don't take me wrong, I do not intend to rub salt in the wound but when you lost yours your scream sent me to an orgasm twice the size a single clit could handle." Jana smiled as she licked her moist fingers.

"Babes, I do not want to interrupt, but I think I am about to flow over." Erica, the girl with breasts split into quarters, drew the attention to her visibly enlarged tentacle like tits. Droplets of milk had formed at the tips of her breasts.

"Wow, Erica, you really are full of milk, aren't you. And luckily I am really thirsty - as I believe we all are." Everyone, including Gisele, eagerly nodded their agreement with Krissy.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Drinks are on me." Grabbing one of her own tits she bent her head and bit down on the quarter of a nipple at the end of the tit. A rush of thirsty mouths decended upon Erica's chest.

End (???)


MS Topless returns to GC! How we missed you so...
Thanks random anon for retrieving it for us ;)


No, I´m not MS Topless!
I was member in Yahoo debreast an collected al lot of debreaststories.
I think, I will give you all these stories????


What other stories have you collected?


for example:

aron opened the doors of the Cut Club and stepped into a whole new world. The lights were dim but the room was visible and the music was fast with a thumping bass, but it wasn’t a dance club and the music wasn’t intrusive or overbearing. It was the very first expansion of Club Scene, the famous or possibly infamous cannibal club that introduced the wall to the world. Cut Club couldn’t top the wall, but they did add in something new, in the East Side there had been a movement for men to be included in the fray and Aaron was here to see it in action.

The first thing, after getting past the bouncer, was the dance floor that had three or four people moving to the beat. Behind the floor were several tables in front of an open second floor that ran along the back wall and up part of the left side of the cavernous building. The door to the kitchen opened up on the ground floor of the left side and visible directly ahead; behind the glass lining the ground floor were the great grinders that ended the lucky or unlucky chosen. The grinders and glass were washed automatically during and after each run guaranteeing an unobstructed view, both for the diners and the victim.

Noting the grinders as the lighted central attraction Aaron next drew his eyes upwards, to the deck that made up the open floor above. The wall stood here, open above but enclosed on each side with six feet from the pristine white surface to the guard rail. Aaron took his first steps, noting the buzz of activity flowing in and out of the kitchen door. He side stepped the dance floor and was rewarded for it with the sight of a body dropping into grinders, from this distance he didn’t see much, but he felt the need to see it again and closer.

Aaron sat far enough from the plate glass to see the grinders behind and the wall above in the same view, since it was early in the night there weren’t many people around but a couple of great tits were hanging out for inspection by the giggling threesome having trouble choosing between them. He watched as they slowly massaged the trapped tits and brought audible moans from the other side, in the end one of the trio went inside pressing her own large firm breasts through the twins holes as they opened and after much playful teasing the pair condemned their friend with both hands pressing the button. Her chosen sentence was slow and intense, the blades seemed to move at the slowest possible setting as the pair sucked and kneaded their friend’s breasts eliciting a constant howling moan echoing from the open roof behind the wall. There was no fear in that scream, only joy.

A few moments passed after the hefty breasts were freed from their owner, the two women that were playing with them had clamped onto each nipple with their teeth and when the breasts went slack they carried their quarry without hands to the concierge beside the kitchen door. It was somewhat of a touching tribute, deference to the extraordinary and a last huzzah for what seemed to be a touching friendship at a distance, and probably the third angle of a ménage a trois.

Aaron didn’t have much time to consider the metaphysical, here was the show he was after. The grinders started to whir to life as the pair walked away, by the time they reached the concierge the blades were moving at their fastest. The trap door above opened up and Aaron watched the woman fall feet first between the spinning drums, one hand deep in her pussy and the other clutching her chest where her left breast once was. She still had the beaming smile right up until she finally disappeared in a smattering of gore. Aaron was deeply aroused, he felt his erection growing hard as a rock and barely contained in his pants; his admirer noticed it too.

She had been sitting close to the wall, a fair faced big breasted woman with sparse freckles and fierce red hair down to her mid back, staring at the grinders since they began turning with one hand under the table working out her ‘anxiety’, she was still playing when she turned her attention back to Aaron and her perfect view of his own anxiety. Aaron felt her gaze, her green eyes like oxidized copper brought the strength of her hair and candy apple red dress to him like a shot to the brain. She took her hand from her clit and stood up, smoothing out her dress and moving over to the chair next to him.

“You liked the show, I can tell. My name’s Jessica”

“I did, very much Jessica, I’m Aaron. My friend Joel said this was the place to be and I think he was right.”

“It’s the only place to be on any good night.”


“Have you ever thought of doing it? Going up there with no guarantees of coming back down in one piece?”

“I have, and I’ve done it twice. It’s a thrill every time and I just can’t get enough. To be honest, I came here tonight with no intention of leaving. Tonight I want you to press that button.”

Business had been picking up steadily and there were no more slots available at the wall, four had tits popping out and three had men behind. Since the holes in the wall only opened when someone of a particular anatomy stepped behind there would be no unoccupied holes allowing for voyeurism, only the subject of culinary desires. Open sex wasn’t just allowed, it was encouraged as part of the atmosphere; Aaron unzipped his fly and let his boner pop out as Jessica climbed on top of him, hiked up her dress, and shifted her panties to one side. She pushed him into her and started working with his thrusts, but Aaron was far more interested in the show on the second floor.

One of the dicks poking out from the wall was very well endowed and it was getting its fair share of attention. A brunette was stroking it while a blond lined herself up and leaned back into it, letting hit fill and stretch her pussy. She worked herself on the helpless shaft while Jessica worked herself on his, he smoothed out his pace to match the timing of the blond and felt his heartbeat quicken and the blood rush even harder to his dick. The blond cried out in a quick yelp, “He’s cumming!” and the brunette slapped the button; the blond then leaned as far back as she could, shoving as much of her willing victim into her as possible presumably while he was still pouring his seed into her, and the quick blade chosen by the victim sliced off his manhood and exposed balls in one quick stroke.

The blond nearly lost the hot cock from her cunt as the brunette took hold of it from the root and kept it in place, fucking her with it like a dildo, Aaron also nearly lost it, but Jessica slowed the pace to savor as much of his stamina as possible. Aaron watched like a hawk as the barrels of the grinder reached their full speed and a living Adonis fell between the drums, one finger shoved into the raw hole that use to be his urethra. The sight was too much for Aaron and grasping his luscious partner he slammed her hard against his member and came deep inside of her. Jessica had already been well on the edge but this forcefulness put her over the top, she was soaking Aaron’s pants and her own panties with her juices and continued to writhe with ecstasy for several minutes before coming back to earth.

“I want that to be me.” Aaron said still panting and partly under his breath.

“So you came here to go too, well, I can’t help you. You’re going to end me tonight, but with some luck you’ll find someone who wants to end you as well. Anyone would be lucky to dine on your fine cock.”

Jessica sat on Aarons lap after they both took a moment to make themselves presentable. Their spur of the moment fuck wasn’t uncommon as a general rule but nobody else had indulged and they both felt slightly exposed by the fact. As Jessica settled next to Aaron they watched two steaming hot meals exit the kitchen, the slow roasted tit meat sandwiches to the pair of women and the roasted cock and fried testes to the blond and brunette. Cocks were always quicker on the grill and testes quicker still leading many hungry patrons to a preference for the less common meat. As this though spun in Aaron’s head he realized the was no reason to worry about finding a patron or matron ahead of time, he would be chosen almost as soon as he walked behind the wall.

The night was flowing well now, every table had at least two or three people at it with a tit steak, tit sandwich, or some form of cock roast half eaten. He didn’t want to be here anymore, the grinder show had lost its appeal after the first dozen times.

“Jessica, lets go up to the upper deck.”

“Sure! I’d love to sample some meat.”

Aaron sat up with Jessica just behind and ascended the shallow steps to the second floor two at a time. The blood was rushing again and his dick was stirring as the only patron stepped away with his prize cock. Two cocks and four sets of tits ran along the wall now, with one slot empty. Jessica ran ahead and stopped at the second pair, a truly gigantic set with nipples so light pink they were barely visible from the marble white skin; Jessica teased the tense left nipple with her teeth, pulling and grinding lightly while giving similar attention with her fingers on the right.

Aaron bent down next to her and took her place on the right nipple, but he spent more time with his tongue. He made a point to feel every part of her hard nub, every little goosebump. He started suckling and moved to more aggressive play with his teeth, Jessica had been giving proper worship on her side as well and their eyes met. Aaron broke away and replaced his teeth with his fingers, deftly twisting and pulling on the rock hard nipple almost hard enough to bruise. Jessica pulled away as well and they both abused their poor pair with unrelenting teases while joining lip to lip, tongue to tongue, in a kiss of exploration; a kiss to discover every part of each other. There were deep moans emanating from the other side now, but the poor girl must have been on the other side for too long. The boobs withdrew leaving just the two of them.

Jessica leant over the rail, hiked up her dress, and slipped off her panties.

“One more time, please, one more time before I take her place.”

“As you command.”

He unzipped his pants and pressed himself deep inside of her, but that wasn’t enough. This was the last shot for her, and possibly for him. He slowed down and drew her hair into a ponytail with his right hand, grasping it hard at the base he pulled her head up as he forced his prick deeper. With his left hand he felt from her chest and moved up slowly, finding purchase around her neck. Jessica looked down on the tables and saw she was the center of attention, she knew where that hand was and where it was going, she slightly preferred the pull on her scalp but relented to extending her neck for nothing less than the thrill of exhibition. He brought his fingers just below her jaw with his palm across her trachea and slowly applied pressure; she felt her neck go tight, and then the world slow and swirl. This must be what the end will feel like she thought, everything moves slower and perspective tapers off.

She was cumming hard, screaming in that half dream as the oxygen grew short. She was nearly unaware of just how loud she was screaming, so loud that the whole club took notice and the clapping overtook the music. He came as she did with the convulsions of her sex putting him over the top; it was then he remembered an old French adage, in French the word for orgasm translated roughly to “the little death”. The irony was not lost on him but the thought nearly cost Jessica’s life a moment too early, Aaron released her from his grip and allowed her a few moments to catch her breath while his cock stayed in her half flaccid.

“It has to be now.” She said, pulling away from him. She stripped off her dress and kicked off her shoes, she wouldn’t need them anymore. Just before the door she turned to Aaron as he ghosted behind her and begged him not to make her wait, now was the time, right away.

He obliged and watched as her plump ass disappear behind the door, he stepped back and watched until, a few seconds later, a magnificent pair of tits lightly freckled poked through the wall. He didn’t hesitate, he pressed the button with a firm hand and the tables below began another round of applause. Jessica had wanted to end it after a rocking orgasm but she clearly wanted to enjoy the ride itself as well, she had chosen the medium speed and he didn’t give her beautiful tits a moment alone. She moaned with pleasure from the other side and Aaron felt a tear come to his eye as he held a breast in each hand and he heard the pure joy in her death scream.


“Now that was one hell of a woman.”

The voice came from right next to him and he recognized it even if he didn’t realize it. He had heard her moaning from the other side of the wall only a few minutes before.

“She was.”

He turned to look at her. She was five foot even with breasts that would fill out a woman five foot ten. She hadn’t bothered to put her clothes back on and she was clearly still glistening from the treatment she had gotten.

“I went back to my friends and they pointed you out while you were fucking. I really enjoyed it by the way, I’ve never had a better time on the wall even if I hadn’t been picked.”

As she spoke both cocks had been claimed along with another pair of tits, the empty spaces were filling up again.

“I,” he mumbled, “I think I should get these taken care of. It’s much too much for me, but if your friends are interested I’m offering.”

She took him by the arm and led him down the steps to the kitchen door, without a word the concierge took hold of his prize and carried it back. She led him to her table with two others at it introducing them as Mark and Sandra, and herself as Candice. Over several drinks the trio brought a smile to Aaron’s face just in time for their meals to be delivered. Jennifer’s last gift ended up being a bombshell sandwich making Candice remark that her only reservation about being chosen was not getting to taste her own roasted tits. Aaron reflected on the same thoughts for a moment before catching a nice looking guy stare at him for a moment behind the plate glass, he wondered if that man had thought the same thing.

Two hours a pleasant talk, witty humour, and casual sexuality. Candice and Sandra wouldn’t leave Mark’s cock alone and he almost always had at least one hand on a tit. Candice made sure that Aaron was looked after as well, she cleaned up his cock with her mouth and stroked him gently until he could rise to the occasion again, but when she moved in for the kill he forced her to slow down.

“I’ve already cum twice tonight and I don’t want to go flaccid before I get behind the wall.”

“Oh, so you’re here for the wall? That’s exciting. Not many men do it and the meat cooks faster so the chances of being chosen even with a tiny dick is pretty good.”

“I always thought it would be best to try everything at least once, this is something I’ve been dreaming about for a very long time.”

“Well then, since you gave your dear Jessica everything she wanted I’ll be sure to take care of you just as well, after all I owe her for the meat.”

“If that’s the case,” Aaron said as he started to stand, “My compliments to the gentleman and lady, I think it’s time I was on my way.”

Aaron didn’t bother to stuff himself back in his pants, with every other step he lost another piece of clothing that Candice grabbed from behind him. Aaron stared at the door for a moment before casting a quick look at Candice’s beaming face and crossing the threshold. Six slots had been taken and one of them was by a man, as he approached the empty slot on the very end he took a moment to watch as red light lit up above a plump Asian. He face alive with excitement and her hands working overtime she felt the kiss of the quick blade as it passed through her tits. “My god!” she cried as her tits came loose, she took a step back, looked Aaron in the face with pure contentment, and fell as the trap door opened. It closed just as quickly, but as Aaron found out the trap door was plate glass as well; she looked up with a smile as she dissolved in the grinder and never made so much as a peep.

Aaron stepped beyond her vacant station and stood before the only other open one on the end. The panel to the immediate right of it had a simple layout: male or female, male; cock or cock and balls, cock and balls; five minutes or ten minutes, he didn’t care which but chose ten minutes anyway; then the hardest question of all, fast medium or slow, slow.

The options selected a hole opened up just in line of his turgid erection, he placed his member through balls and all and the hole tightened around snug enough to keep him from pulling away. He considered for a moment, that must be how the wall kept people there without any other restraints. He felt a small air current around his exposed head, the tightness of the wall was acting as a cockring and his whole dick felt sensitive to every little motion. Suddenly a touch, gentle and smooth gliding up and down his shaft followed by the moisture of a gentle kiss on his engorged head.

The kiss went deep as who he assumed to be Candice took him into her mouth, back and forth, he was afraid that he wouldn’t last and if he hadn’t already cum in Jessica twice that night he wouldn’t have. The deep kiss ended and was replaced by the shallow grinding of Candice’s ass against his shaft, after a few strokes she took him into her hand and guided him into her cunt. Candice was one of those special women with a shallow pussy, he was two thirds in before he felt the gentle bud of her cervix, but she was also aware of this and her own capabilities. Aaron had never felt a pussy stretch to his own member, but with a heroic effort she fit him in all the way to the root without as much as a twitch, it was the greatest pleasure he had ever know, even Jessica’s near death convulsions could not compare.

The warm pussy moved around him, stroking him gently but with a firm grip and practiced movements. Aaron felt the sweat cover him as Candice fucked him faster and faster, building him up, until she slowed down and allowed him a moment to collect himself from the edge of orgasm. She sped up again and didn’t stop this time, when Aaron finally took the leap the shot his seed deep inside of her she kept him inside and shifted her muscles, massaging his dick as he felt the little death once again. Her pussy moved off of him, a second later the red light above his head blinked and the cold air was replaced by the warmth of an obliging hand that kept a warm and inviting stroke on him member.

The blade whirred to life and he felt the first slice at the base of his balls shoot through him. It was painful but exciting and the excitement was winning out, he moaned for the pure masochistic joy slowly working its way through the skin and the meat of his precious shaft. He had dreams of this moment, of losing his manhood just before his life, and even those dreams couldn’t come close to the night he had had. The blade was nearly through now, and he had already lost all feeling in his cock, never to return again; when the blade bit through the top it retracted suddenly, releasing him and allowing him to take a step back. A face appeared in the hole, it was Candice’s.

“If we’re lucky I’ll be having your baby, I want something to remember you by and that only seems fair.”

Aaron wanted the chance to respond but the grinder had reached its full speed and time waits for no man. The trap door opened and all things went into slow motion before him. He saw the seductive wink from Candice as his eyes came level to hers, followed by the shear electric agony in his feet, quickly moving up his legs. In his slow motion he looked out the plate glass at Mark and Sandra as he was fucking her right in front of his view, he watched her tits slide up and down the glass as he pounded into her, he felt her lustful gaze as she stared him straight in the eye and Mark’s eyes too from close behind her. As Aaron’s guts spilled out of his quickly disappearing abdomen Mark’s cock slipped out of Sandra’s cunt and shot its load on the glass before him. Aaron’s very last vision before the world grew dark and his head succumbed to the blades was that of Sandra on her knees taking Mark’s still hard member into her mouth. The last words that ran through Aaron’s mind, “The little death.”
Mark stared fixated at the display behind the glass which was splattered by Aarons blood and intestines. He was so aroused that he came heavily again into Sandras mouth. Both were utterly fascinated by the eagerness with which Aaron and Jessica had sought their fate, but didn't feel ready yet to submit to the wall and the utter beauty of the grinding process.



A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, talking about the exciting night that day. It was a winter evening and they talked about that other night they spent at the Cut Club. Remembering the wall and the grinder, Candice suddenly felt hot shivers coming up her spine and wrapped her cardigan more tightly around her belly. She felt an inner urge rising ..... She looked at the others with dreamy eyes: " I want to go back there again ...". 


Tony had never been to the Cut Club before and didn't quite know what to expect. With some reluctance he opened the heavy door to the club and gasped at the view of the large glass wall with the grinders and the intense action at the wall above. Aaron and the two heavily pregnant girls followed him, eager in anticipation for the things to come. 

They watched a very athletic guy and two adorable female companions approaching one of the holes in the wall where a stiff cock was sticking out and eagerly waiting for some action. one of the blonde beauties was massaging the cock while the other took care of the beautifully built man. massaging his balls and penis. While the action became more and more intense, our four friends, watching the scene, started massaging each other. Tony and Mark took care of the swollen and milk-filled breasts of their girlfriends while they were  staring fascinated to the wall, anticipating what was to come. 

While the action became more and more intense and you could hear the joyful moans and cries, one of the girls suddenly pressed the button. 
Mark stared fixated at the display behind the glass which was splattered by Aarons blood and intestines. He was so aroused that he came heavily again into Sandras mouth. Both were utterly fascinated by the eagerness with which Aaron and Jessica had sought their fate, but didn't feel ready yet to submit to the wall and the utter beauty of the grinding process.


A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, talking about the exciting night that day. It was a winter evening and they talked about that other night they spent at the Cut Club. Remembering the wall and the grinder, Candice suddenly felt hot shivers coming up her spine and wrapped her cardigan more tightly around her belly. She felt an inner urge rising ..... She looked at the others with dreamy eyes: " I want to go back there again ...". 


Tony had never been to the Cut Club before and didn't quite know what to expect. With some reluctance he opened the heavy door to the club and gasped at the view of the large glass wall with the grinders and the intense action at the wall above. Aaron and the two heavily pregnant girls followed him, eager in anticipation for the things to come. They noticed that the club hadn't changed much since their last visit. They entered the dance floor, where today only two couples danced, with soft sensual music in the background.  

They watched a very athletic guy and two adorable female companions approaching one of the holes in the wall where a stiff cock was sticking out and eagerly waiting for some action. one of the blonde beauties was massaging the cock while the other took care of the beautifully built man. massaging his balls and penis. While the action became more and more intense, our four friends, watching the scene, started massaging each other. Tony and Mark took care of the swollen and milk-filled breasts of their girlfriends while they were  staring fascinated to the wall, anticipating what was to come. 

While the action became more and more intense and you could hear the joyful moans and cries, one of the girls suddenly pressed the button. 

Apparently the guy behind the wall had chosen the slow option, because our friends could hear him moaning from their position below. While the girls in front of the wall were waiting to harvest his cock and balls they continued to stroke their companion until he was rock-hard. A glimpse later the cock and balls fell into their hands and one could hear the trap doors open and a male, beautifully built body plunging towards the grinders, which were going into full motion. One  could see his hand heavily rubbing the gaping hole at the place where his cock and balls had been. He was quickly devoured by the merciless grinders, his blood and pieces of flesh splattering against the glass.

Tony masturbated heavily at this exciting sight, he suddenly felt the strong urge to submit to the grinder himself and get devoured by it. 


As he was new to the club, Tony watched with awe the action above and behind the glass wall. Candice resumed to massage his cock, while Sandra and Mark massaged her pregnant belly and her milk-filled udders. Sandra whispered to her: "Have you seen the new special section for preggies up at the wall? I wonder what exciting things they offer for us ...". Candice nodded and said: "yes, I heard they have special selection options behind the wall for preggies." Both got very wet at that perspective and even more keen to walk up to the second level. The open question was however whether they would go first behind the wall or their male companions. It turned out that Tony apparently was very eager to be done himself whereas Mark wanted to watch the girls being done as an additional stimulant for himself to ease him into the wall. 

However, at the moment the slots were quite busy five were filled with female tits, whereas one had a cock hanging out and one was empty. Apparently one of the two girls had gone behind the wall whereas the other girl was apparently discussing with her male companion who should go first. Obviously she had convinced her friend, because he disappeared behind the door, carrying with pride his stiff cock. Seconds later, the beautiful manhood came out of one of the previously empty holes. The lady remaining started massaging the cock and noticed that our four friends were watching her with considerable interest. She twinkled invitingly towards them while continuing to stroke the stiff cock.

The four did not hesitate. The girls stripped off their soft maternity cardigans and their skirts whereas Tony and Mark got rid of their trousers and t-shirts. They put the clothing in one of the bins at the side of the room, suddenly realizing that there was no way back now. Jewelry and watches were collected in a separate box. They slowly walked up the stairs to the upper floor, arriving there they were welcomed by the lady who introduced herself as Jane. 

They immediately found out that there was an intense chemistry between them. Jane looked with awe at the swollen bellies of the two girls and asked about when they were due. It turned out that both were due for delivery soon, which aroused Jane tremendously, especially the fact that they were instead eagerly pursuing their own grinding. Candice was more of a brunette with brown eyes, a round and cute silhouette, whereas Sandra was the classical Blonde, sleek and slim with blue eyes. However, both had enormous milk-filled udders due to their advanced stage of pregnancy. 

The two men, Tony and Mark, both had attractive and athletic bodies, with well trained nice looking bellies. Tony sported brown hair and dark, attractive eyes, whereas Mark was blond, blue-eyed, Teutonic looking. Jane found all four of them very sexy and looked forward to what was to come. 

They suddenly realized the best way to get free slots at the wall was to ease the holders of the tits and cocks behind the wall into eager submission by gently massaging those priceless trophies. They agreed to fill the empty slots then one by one. They wouldnt miss the action because the floor beneath the wall was also transparent plexiglass with full view of the grinders.

The three girls started to massage the cock, while Mark and Tony started to stimulate a pair of gorgeous big breasts. The cock became very big and stiff, whereas the nipples of the udders became hard and upright. Jane suddenly felt the urge of riding that cock, she gently slid it into her dripping cunt, and started heavy movements. You could hear heavy moaning of a male voice behind the wall, then suddenly Jane yelled because a big load had been spurted into her vagina. She quickly pointed at the red button, gesturing to Candice to press it. Candice quickly pressed the button, the result was a loud "thump", the guy had chosen the quick option and the cock and balls fell into Candices hands.

Everybody looked down through the glass floor, where the grinders started whirring up. The girls started masturbating themselves at the sight, and also caressed their breasts and bellies. Suddenly you heard a sharp noise, the trapdoors had opened and a body fell down between the rotating drums. The glass floor was immediately sputtered with blood and gore, after a few minutes automatic water hoses washed the remnants of the man away, and everything looked nice and clean again. 

A spot behind the wall had become vacant and Sandra and Mark decided to fill it. Whereas Sandra wanted to test the special options for preggies, Mark wanted to support her and be later done together with her. 

They both disappeared behind the wall and suddenly three holes opened, two smaller ones where Sandras swollen breasts appeared and a larger one, where her stretched belly showed after some seconds. You could hear heavy moaning behind the wall, apparently Mark had taken Sandra from behind.  


Tony immediately started to fuck Candice from behind as well, whereas Jane started working on the tits and belly of Sandra, which she gently caressed. Besides the red button alongside the tits a second button appeared above the belly, apparently to trigger action there. After a brief exchange with Tony and Candice Jane decided to press that button first.

After a few seconds a loud ripping noise could be heard. Two knives had entered the belly from below. An assistant brought a flat bowl and a knife and handed it to Jane. Suddenly Candice had an idea, she laid down besides the bowl, directly under Sandras belly about to be cut open. 

Sandras belly popped half open and Jane began to scoop out the contents with her bare hands. Candice began vigorously smearing herself with the gory innards and blood. When Jane opened the uterus with her knife, Candice began rubbing her belly vigorously with the bloody mass, until something big and slimy popped out and fell on her belly. Candice almost orgasmed and pointed at Jane's blood-smeared knife with a pleading look in her beautiful face.

Jane began slowly to cut open Candices belly, the innards wobbled out and mixed with the bloody gore coming out of Sandys belly. In the meantime Tony took care of Sandys breasts, until the nipples were rock hard. Then he pressed also the button besides the tits. For the uterus content the assistant brought a special silver bowl where the parts were carefully collected by Jane. Tony received the breasts slowly when they popped out of the wall and a minute later the grinders started whirring again. When the trapdoors opened one could see two bodies falling into the grinder, apparently Mark was anally fucking Sandra while falling to his death with her. The amount of gore and blood spurting against the botton of the plexiglass floor was astounding. Jane and Tony carefully disemboweled Candice completely, since she was not able to get up any more, they asked the assistant for an alternative method to have her submit to the grinder. With a smile the assistant pointed to an extra trapdoor in front of the wall which allowed direct descent to the grinder if desired. She also brought a battery driven hand blender for the content of the silver bowl which was put into immediate action by Jane. Tony laid down besides Candice and asked Jane to manually cut off his balls and cock.  Jane carefully castrated Tony with her knife and put the cock and balls into the bowl where it was pureed as well with the gory mess already in there. Meanwhile the assistant poured the liquid content of the silver bowl over them and they smeared each other with it and also swallowed some of it.  Then Jane gently pushed the button connected to the trap door Candice and Tony were laying on, and one could hear the grinder beneath whirring up. Seconds later the trap door opened and Candice and Tony plunged into eternity .... 


Glad to hear you liked it. I am the author. Is this yahoo still active btw?


I love this story, nice to see it reposted here again

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