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by Regis

"C'mon, silly!" Kerrie said, pulling me up the last few of over a hundred steps, well above the structure where the audience eagerly awaited at the bottom of the water slide. I don't know why I was nervous, although being buck naked except for the spike heels provided by the Park was not usual for me. That’s the kind of park it was; everyone parked his or her clothes at the entrance. We all got a crazy upper as we entered, and the guys also got a blue pill to bring on a sustained woodie. It made it easier for everybody to play wild.

Kerrie was a recruiter for the Park, known as LAAP, which was short for Libido Amusement & Amazement Park. I’d met her just an hour ago at the bar where I worked as a topless waitress. Several taverns and bars in town had a back room where 13-year-old girls wearing only open-crotch panties and heels served drinks. We weren’t allowed to date clients, but they could tuck folded tips into our cunnies. That was instead of pay. The customers liked that, and I did real well.

She met me as I was going off an early shift, when I’d got into my blouse, jeans and sneakers. She said I was very pretty, and I’d love this amazing new park, where sexy girls like me were allowed in free. Kerrie was older than me, probably in grade 10 or 11. She promised whatever happened in the Park was kept secret, so it was okay to be nude. All the girls went nude, and when we got in I saw the guys did too. Staff members got a short t-shirt to identify them. Kerrie wore only heels, and a tight t-shirt with “The Park” across her impressive natural breasts, and “Staff” on the back. Otherwise she too was nude. She even pulled the neck of the low-cut t-shirt down below her tits, making them stick up, so I’d feel less self-conscious.

The Park was in the open air, inside a 16 foot wall, with several specific purpose buildings throughout, for different amusements, and had a midway where girls earned points by enduring sexually punishing games that always drew crowds. The sound of the midway was the screams of girls being hit by whips or darts or worse. That was not my style, and Kerrie knew it. Only high school girls were taken there. She said the rides were best, and assured me I’d love the water slide. The building into which it dropped through a dark Plexiglas roof seated a hundred onlookers, who could see me preparing at the top of the tower, but the tinted glass prevented me seeing in.

“You’ve got nothing to lose, Marie,” she shouted as she pushed me onto the slide. I accelerated quickly, twisting through a single 360 loop, and noticed the slide began to narrow. The feeling was exhilarating as I rushed downward. The sides of the slide were soon pressed against my hips, and then they were shorter, and then disappeared.

As I went through the entrance in the roof, my legs wide-spread, the slide was replaced, and I was sliding along the sharp edge of a huge blade! Too late I looked below, and saw on either side the dismembered halves of young women who had preceded me! This was the infamous Bitch Splitter! The excited crowd was screaming in excitement, louder than the girls in the midway, hysterical as the bloodied blade sliced up through my tummy. That’s the last I remembered, except knowing for sure I was a hit!


Great stuff! Nothing like a sharp surprise. Is this a new one? Arch


I sure do hope there's more to come. This park seems like the kind of place of which sis and I couldn't get enough.


Please, continue! It seems there is plenty that can be done with this setting.


(grin) The whole point of this park is that for one of you, enough is guaranteed! No second chance.


Yes, this is a new work. I'm thinking of writing more of these very short stories. They don't take me long, and can be satisfying.

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