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Right. I sort of backed myself into a corner on naming these things. Technically this is part of my "Offers" universe, but it's a side story with absolutely zero connection to any of the other stories in the series.

Also, technically this is incomplete because I'm planning on adding two or three epilogues. But as far as the story itself goes it's self contained and concluded. So read away, but expect more to be posted later.

Liselle offers Aria her Life

"Do you know why you are here?" Aria asked her daughter, Liselle, from atop her throne from the top of Afterlife. Next to her, restrained at the base of her couch was another Asari, covered in an Asari-leather set of bondage restraints that emphasized her bright blue tits, each one pierced with a set of silver studs through the nipples. The restraints came complete with a full face mask to hide the Asari's identity, with tiny holes for Ara's prized lover to see through, and a ball gag to keep her quiet. Liselle knew it was Councilor Tevos beneath the mask, her other mother; the bright blue skin and piercings gave the game away to those who knew her. But despite Tevos being the Asari counselor, it was hard to fear the powerful politician when her arms were strapped behind her and she was unable to speak the slightest word through the gag stretching her jaw. Liselle herself was naked, her soft purple almost lavender skin shining in the wild lights of the club.

Liselle was nervous. This wasn't the first time that her mother had called her to her seat of power, the older matriarch was incredibly controlling and had taken every opportunity to enforce Liselle's purpose upon her. To Aria, Liselle wasn't just a daughter, or her most effective employee, she was also Aria's prized possession; an absolutely pristine Azure filet that had been aging for nearly three centuries. A filet that as of yesterday was no longer untouched.

“No, mother,” Liselle responded, hesitantly. Her mother was obsessed with the proper care of her Azure, telling her since she was young that her sole purpose in life was to one day have her sex harvested to fuel one of her mother's orgies. The diets her mother put her on since a young age were never designed with her health in mind (though they were hardly unhealthy), but aimed instead at giving her azure extra flavor for Aria to enjoy once she took it from Liselle, killing her in the process. The friends her mother had found for her had been focused on teasing her and keeping her in a constant state of arousal without any relief, to add spice to the cut. And now, Liselle had ruined almost three hundred years of hard work her mother had put into her.

It wasn't that Liselle objected to being snuffed for her meat, quite the opposite actually, it had been a constant fantasy for years, and Liselle had grown to almost need it. She couldn't get off without thinking about it, masturbating in her bed at night, thinking about her mother carving her apart, sinking her teeth into her daughter's most sensitive of spots... The thought never failed to bring her to orgasm. But Liselle had wanted more. After almost three centuries, she had had enough of being her mother's pristine virgin for harvest. She was done ripening, she was ready to be culled now.

“You filthy little liar,” Aria replied. “I know exactly what you did yesterday. Did you think I wouldn't notice? On Omega!?”

Liselle hadn't been sure, a part of her had hoped that what she'd done; her little spout of maidenly rebellion, would pass unnoticed. But another part had hoped her mother would find out, that she'd punish her for her act. Liselle wasn't sure what would happen after that, whether her mother would see her use as more than just an expensive edible aphrodisiac, or whether the punishment would be fatal, her mother completely incensed over all the hard work that Liselle had completely destroyed with one act of sexual liberation.

“You ruined my prize, you slutty. Little. Whore!” Aria roared, incensed. “You're completely useless to me now!”

Liselle was afraid, she'd seen her mother like this before, but never directed at her. It typically didn't end well for the target of her rage. Tevos was wearing the remnants of the last example her mother made of an uppity young maiden, a girl who'd tried to cut Aria out of weapons trafficking across the station. Despite knowing it would be her end, Liselle's own sex was drenched at the thought of her mother doing that to her.

With Liselle naked, Aria could easily tell what her daughter was feeling, the trail of liquid sliding down her thigh, her rock hard nipples, the way the lavender-skinned maiden was rubbing her thighs together, it was clear that Liselle was enjoying her punishment. Aria didn't care. This wasn't about making her daughter regret what she'd done, Liselle wouldn't be living long enough to make whether she regretted anything or not matter. No, this punishment was about enforcing Aria's will, and about satisfying the older Asari's sadistic urges to punish her girl for this, possibly intentional slight.

“You're spoiled! I can't eat your azure not that you've ruined it. It's useless to me now!” Aria berated, making Liselle's Azure clench with arousal. “I guess I'll just have to salvage what I can from your worthless hide.”

“What... What do you mean, Mother?” Liselle asked nervously. Did Aria intend for her to work off the effort Aria had invested in her? Turn her into a servile gimp like counselor Tevos? Liselle could do that, but somehow, she didn't think that was what her mom intended to do with her.

“I mean, I'm having your tawdry ass snuffed and harvested before you destroy any more of my precious investments. If you can't be trusted to keep the sole reason I raised you safe, then you obviously can't be trusted with the rest of your meat, as debased and worthless as it now is.”

A thrill went through Liselle at Aria's declaration. She'd always loved the way her mother insulted othrrs with such passion. Tearing them down and ruthlessly dominating them with just her words. Having that turned on herfor the first time in her life was... indescribable. Of course, the substance of her mom's declaration was just as important. Aria was havinh her snuffed! Snuffed and harvested, it was just like some of her darker fantasies and the mere thought of it was making her wetter and wetter by the second.

"This is turning you on, isn't it you cheap little whore?" Aria asked, staring at her daughter's dripping Azure.

"Yes, Mother," Liselle replied quickly. There was no use hiding it, not when Aria could tell what was going on as plain as day.

"I'm almost glad you spoiled my prize. Who knows how debased you'd have tasted if you're practically cumming at the idea of being snuffed and harvested for the rest of your nearly worthless body," Aria replied. "I how you enjoy this you dirty little snuff-slut, because you aren't going to live through the hour."

Liselle almost came right there from her mother's words alone, but she didn't she held herself back. This was her last chance to cum, and she wanted to make the most of it. She wanted to cum just as she lost everything. The risk, the mere idea that she could be interrupted, that she could gamble and lose, she let herself go too late and never cum again... it held her in thrall.

"Jinae, have an automated butcher's block brought up to the lounge. As well as all the tools needed to harvest a disobedient daughter for her meat. Bring a guillotine and a pillory as well," Aria ordered the Asari comando guarding one of the stairs to her platform in Afterlife. Her daughtr had ruined centuries of effort, she wanted her snuffed as soon as possible. Nobody fucks with Aria.

Her lust alone was almost enough to bring Liselle to her knees. She was going to be snuffed here? At the top of Afterlife? In front of half of Omega? In front of both of her parents? Her azure was on fire. Liselle could see several of her childhood friends scattered about the room. There was Lia standing guard, and Taylie dancing on a pole below, one eye always fixed on what was going on above her. Jara, another dancer was giving one customer a private lap dance in a booth. They would all see her snuffed like the worthless hunk of meat she really was. The thought was almost painfully arousing.

Aria let her daughter stew in her own juices for the two minutes it took to bring up the machines she asked for, directing the pillory to be set next to her gimp, and the other two devices to be placed in front of her, in full view of the floor below.

The older asari's stony silence as they both awaited the instruments of her demise unnerved Liselle, but she kept herself busy by contemplating what was happening to her. She had always assumed that she was going to be dragged to the kitchens, and butchered there. She'd never seen the insides of that area herself. No one had, other than the cooks. Though, come to think of it Liselle hadn't seen any of those either. Dancers sent to the kitchens never returned. Not alive anyway. Asari-meat always appeared on the menu after a dancer entered, either from being ordered to report by Aria or on a dare from the other dancers, a practice which Aria tacitly supported despite causing a high turnover. Asari-meat was on the menu at Afterlife with an astonishing regularity. Liselle had sort of been looking forward to seeing it.

"I had originally planned to harvest your Azure myself, by hand. But your selfishness ruined that. Now you're barely fit for my customers to eat, much less worthwhile enough for me to harvest personally. If you want to be treated like all the other asari snuff-sluts I've had hatvested over the years, then that's fine. I'll treat you like the meat I had you bred to be. You're nothing but meat now, you stupid, slutty little brat," Aria declared once the machines were in place, the guillotine snapped into the automated butcher's block to create one whole machine, and Tevos locked into the Pillory with her feet next to her hedn her arms still locked behind her back and her ass and azure jutting out just enough to make a tempting target for a crop, showing off her own bared and dripping azure while removing her ability to turn away from the sight of her daughter being butchered. The crop was one of Aria's favorite ways to have Liselle's other mother punished, as Liselle well knew. The queen of Omega had even her chastize Counselor Tevos on several ocassions, usually with the windows to her throneroom datkened and her concealing facemask removed so that she could stare into her mother's eyes as she whipped her sopping cunt.

"Meat doesn't deserve a name, and neither do you," Aria declared. "Climb up on that block and lock yourself into the guillotine, once you've finished with that, you can start harvesting yourself for me."

The effect this whole display was having on Tevos was absolutely clear to anyone able to see her. The Asari gimp was trembling, and her nipples looked hard enough to cut through Thanix battleship armor. She'd never been that involved in Liselle's life, she didn't want to get attached after Aria told her what she planned to do with their daughter, but somehow, despite seeing Aria snuff countless girls and send countless more for harvesting, the sight of her naked daughter being ordered to snuff herself for Aria's enjoyment was more arousing than the deaths of a dozen other girls combined.

Liselle stared at the machine. This was it. This was how she was going to die. For a second Liselle thought about running. Just fleeing naked through her mother's club and out to one of the many docks. She coukd stow away and service the crew once she was found. They might even end up snuffing her themselves. A gang of pirates coming across a naked Asari maiden, it was a possibiliyy. Or they might keep her as a sex slave, forcing her to pay back the cost of her passage for the rest of her life. She'd heard of it happening. She might even get away with it, sneak off the ship at the first port of call and make a new life for herself, away from Omega, away from her mother.  But Liselle couldn't do it. It was like she was trapped in a bad vid, the only direction her legs would move was towards the machine, towards the final makeshift bed where she'd be laid to rest.

Aria watched enthralled as her daughter willingly climbed up onto the automated butcher's block. She'd ordered countless girls snuffed, the automated VI in the kitchen taking care of anyone that entered, but it was only very rarely that she got to see a girl snuff herself, much less her own daughter. The sight was incredibly hot. Aria knew that she'd be snuffing Liselle's mother within the next century. Aria had found the already well-connected matron at a snuff show she'd put on for her customers, an incredibly rare event meant to showcase what would happen if someone crossed her. Over the years she'd lost track of just what the maiden she had snuffed had done to displease her, but sbe'd never forgotten the site of then 'minister' Tevos with her dress pulled up to her belly openly fingering her Azure in what she thought was an unobserved corner as she stared dreamily at Aria's victim, clearly wishing she was in the other girl's place as Aria had her impaled vertically through her Azure and left to slowly bleed out, naked, the ocassional electric jolt sent through the spit causing the girl to spasm and cum on command.

Eventually, she would end up snuffing Tevos. She'd spent enough effort nurturing the counselor into a submissive snuff slut that that was just an inevitability now. But she wouldn't be snuffing Tevos any timesoon. Not until the counselor's usefulness had run out, both as a political toy, andas a sexual one. She'd be using the submissive matron as a tool to replace her lost Azure filet later tonight, putting yet another daughter in her to raise as a dutiful and chaste snuff slut to provide her with a perfect dinner. Maybe she'd have Tevos snuffed after finishing off their next daughter, she should be retired from the counsel by then.

The automatic butchering machine was complicated, but Liselle managed to make sense of it as she climbed on top of the mostly clear horizontal slab that was positioned just high enough to give those looking at her from the floor of the club an incredible show while also managing to block her second, subservient mother's face from view; a fact helped by the way that Tevos had been moved once she was locked in place. There were a multitude of different locks on the slab, starting with four sets of leg-locks, around ankles, above and below the knees, and upper thighs.  There were Arm-locks at wrist, upper bicep, and above and below the elbows, which locked shut, but looked like they had enough slack that they would allow her to move her arms.  Then there were a further two locks about her waist and just below her breasts, and one around her throat that was actually the stock for the guillotine itself. Liselle willingly fastened each one in turn, first the ankles, pulling her legs far enough apart to strain them and thrust her already wet azure out into the open air. Next the rest of her leg locks keeping her in place no matter how hard she struggled. She could see her mother smile as she trapped herself in the harvesting machine willingly going along with her demands.
Next, Liselle fastened the locks around her torso, keeping her from bending her way to reach the leg locks. It would probably take over a minute to free herself now, a minute in which Aria could order her snuffed in any one of a dozen of different ways. A machine this complicated probably had a VI, and if Liselle had learned anything about her mother over the years it was that Aria didn't leave anything to chance, especially not the willing cooperation of her victims. Somehow, the knoweldge that her mom would be snuffing her tonight whether she helped or not had only managed to make Liselle's azure clench in arousal before releasing a flood of enjoyment at the thought.

With Liselle mostly secured, Aria pulled the hood off of the Asari Matron who had given birth to her. "Are you enjoying watching your worthless little girl snuff herself, Tevos?" Aria asked, secure in the knowledge that the club's lout music would hide her words from those intent on listening in, and that Tevos' position rendered her invisible from those watching from below.

"Yes, mistress Aria," the asari counselor moaned. "I just wish it was me in her place... Liselle is such a dutiful little snuff-slut and I'm proud of her for- ah!"

Tevos' praise was cut off by the loud crack of a riding crop landing hard against her sex. "That's enough. This worthless little cuntling of yours doesn't deserve any praise, not after ruining my special dinner. She'll be lucky if I decide that her meat is fit to feed the vorcha out back!"

Liselle practically creamed herself at that beautiful mental image. Her mother tossing scraps of her meat to the mutated fish dogs that infested the asteroid turned city. It was so... degrading...

"Well, what are you waiting for, you useless cow. Finish the job I gave you." Liselle eagerly complied, lifying the stock of the artificially arcaic looking Guillotine so that she could fit her head inside and securing the lock around the stocks that went with it, trapping her neck as well as the rest of her body in place.

The stocks blocked Liselle's view slightly, keeping her from turning her head and making sure that her attention was completely focused on the gleaming metal blade suspended above her neck that Liselle knew would be used to end her life. Still, despite her diminished field of vision, Liselle managed to blindly secure her remaining limbs in the straps and locks provided for them.

"Barely adequate," Aria dismissed Liselle's accomplishment. "If you're done wasting my precious time, it's time for you to fulfill your only remaining purpose in life. There should be a button within reach of your right hand if you squirm. Press it."

Liselle had a good idea what the button would do to her, especially since it was the only button she could find on the surface of the table itself. But despite the trepidation that she felt at complying, the sheet knowledge that pressing this button could end her, snuffing out her life without any chance of appeal, Liselle pressed it anyway.

Imediately, Liselle felt a sharp prick in the base of her spine from what must have been a hidden needle protruding from the automatic butcher's block. Almost imediately the strain in Liselle's legs went away, replaced by an almost airy wash of pleasure in the areas that used to twinge and ache. The feeling flooded slowly through her body, taking almost a minute to completely fill her with a vague sense of euphoria. Liselle couldn't tell what the substance was that she'd been injected with, but whatever it was it was amazing!

Aria of course knew what was now coursing through her soon to be ex-daughter's veins. She'd created the serum herself. A mixture of traditional azure spice packets with potent aphrodesiacs and extremely illegal stimulants, the mixture lermanently switched all signals from an Asari's nerves to pleasure, as well as giving their meat the unique and addictive kick that made Afterlife's Asari-meat dishes sell out almost immediately after they were added to the menu.

A full minute after pressing the button, a pair of high energy blades constrained by mass effect fields rather like tge omni blade rose up on spindly waldos, inching towards Liselle's painfully exposed tits. The waldos were thin, the blades slow, they'd pose absolutely no threat at all against anyone prepared for them. Even an infant could probably avoid them, but strapped down as she was there was no escaping the blades for Liselle.

Liselle's azure spasmed as the blade began to cut into her massive tits, severing them neatly at the base of her chest. There was something wrong, Liselle realized. This should be painful, but instead Liselle was nearly cumming, the sensation intensifying by the second as the blades carved effortlessly through her ample chest, the energy blades cauterizing the flesh as they went, leaving an absolutely tantalizing smell that Liselle woukd recognize anywhere, the sizzling scent of roasting Asari. If Liselle had any doubt about her fate as meat that tempting aroma completely erased it. She smelled delicious.

Milimeter by millimeter the blades carved, each new cut sending almost impossible waves of nearly endless pleasure through Liselle's body until finally after almost a minute and what felt like dozens of mind-shattering orgasms, the semi solid blades destroying her chest winked out, leaving her newly seperated tits to slide greasily down the curve od her ribcage to rest on her belly. Liselle panted, deep gasping breaths that by some minor miracle failed to dislodge either of her massive former mammaries.

"All fat," Aria complained, looking at Liselle's massive severed mammaries. "Your fat tits are completely useless! They're barely fit to grease a frying pan."

Liselle couldn't muster the strength to respond, but she could feel her cunt clenching at the accusation despite how much it ached from the near continuous flow of climaxes. The thought of her tits veing rubbed across a hot pan, their fat melting and greasing it so that the rest of her could fry... it was absolutely sublime.

"Well, what are you waiting for you lazy whore. Press the button again and start the next stage!"

Liselle didn't think she could. She was exhausted, her mind clouded by dozens of orgasms, her limbs felt like lead, and despite feeling them on her stomach where they'd landed, she could also feel them aching in the empty spaces above her chest where they used to sit. Liselle gathered her strength and hit the button once more.

The waldos hummed insistently as they moved to either side of Liselle's body, glowing a menacing orange that Lisette had once associated with the danger of Omni-blades but after the last press of the button now only associated with the intense mind-breaking pleasure they could bring her. Liselle's mind flashed with brain-mu,bing pleasure as the blades sliced into her upper arms just barely below her shoulders, the sizzling cound as they burned through her limbs sending her appetite into overdrive despite the meat cooking being her own flesh. Aria's jibe about using her tits to grease the pan had only helped to spur her fantasies onwards into even more depraved imaginings focused around the idea.

A dozen more orgasms crashed against her mind, slowly shattering it, one after another until the only words Liselle could manage were moaning whimpers of ecstatic pleasure. Juyst a little more and she'd vanish, she'd disintegrate into nothing more than a mewling kitten begging to be snuffed. Just a little more and-!

It vanished, the pleasure vanished and Liselle realized that the waldos had gone, and so had her arms. They were still there of course, she could see them, but she couldn't feel them. She couldn't move them. The small gap between them and the rest of Liselle's body told the quivering Asari maiden louder than any words what had happened to them. They were gone. And she was now helpless. She'd never get free now. Not that... not that she wanted to, Liselle realized. Not even a little bit. She was helpless now, useless for real. Nothing more than a set of legs and an absolutely soaked azure ready for whatever her mother had planned for it. Some part of Liselle's brain tried to salvage the situation, she still had legs, and a beautiful set of hips and ass attached to them. She could still Dance on a pole like the girls her mom kept close in case she wanted an emergency snack! But Liselle knew that it was hopeless. Without arms, maybe. There were people who were into that sort of thing, but missing her tits as well? Never.

Then, without any notice and before Liselle could blink, the waldos were back, with the same humming orange energy blades as before. Of course, this time the blades were focused just a little lower...

Liselle gasped as yet another wave of misplaced pleasure hit her as the blades carved into her thighs. She bucked and jerked, but the restraints she'd so shortly fastened held her body in place as she was cut apart by the deadly blades. The smell of cooking Asari got stronger, and it was all that Liselle could do to keep herself from drooling, either from hunger or the overdose of pleasure playing across her nerves. She came and came, her azure clenching endlessly against itself as it struggled to milk genetic information from a partner that just didn't exist. Then just as Liselle thought she'd die from the experience, it stopped, her severed and cauterized legs slumping in place supported by their restraints even as they came free of her body.

Dimly, a distant part of her pleasure-addled mind took note of the fact that she'd never walk again. No amount of medigel would be able to restore her cauterized legs to her, and she'd never be able to escape the table without them. As bad as her situation was before, Liselle was now as good as snuffed. Without her arms or legs she really was the useless little whore her mom said she was. She was just a torso, unable to do anything without aid, reliant on the care and pity of others, and Aria T'Loak did not do care or pity. But that part of her mind was dim and distant, the greater part of her, the entire rest of her mind and body from the tips of her lavender head tentacles all the way to her now non-existent toes coursed with pleasure. The rest of Liselle, the asari snuff-slut who'd been flooded with more pleasure than she could ever imagine during the last few minutes of her life, knew that the only thing that mattered now was that she was carved apart and snuffed as her mother intended. She could be thrown away, even fed to vorcha after that, she didn't care. She needed to be snuffed.

Then, everything stopped. The blades withdrew, the slab quieted down. The only thing left was Liselle, limbless and alone.

"-so jealous!" Liselle realized that Counselor Tevos was talking. Had she zoned out? Liselle wasn't sure. The last thing she remembered was... Oh, Goddess! Her limbs! They were...

Liselle moaned in pleasure at the memory, the scalding heat that burned through her flesh, the mirrored phantom heat gripping her azure... that was... it was incredible! She needed more.

But, how? Without her arms she couldn't press the button anymore! She was a helpless doll! Unable to even snuff herself by herself!

"That was absolutely incredible, Liselle."

Couselor Tevos again? What was her mother talking about?

"Watching you cumming endlessly as the machine cut away your limbs? Seeing your juicy azure revealed as you came? Goddess! I hope Aria snuffs me like that."

*Crack!* "None of that, slave. I won't have you praising this worthless pile of flesh, and you certainly won't be snuffed until I let you be, you naughty little cunt," Aria's voice broke through Liselle's stupor, setting her sex on fire once more. Out of the corners of her eyes, Liselle could see the dancers that Aria employed as an emergency food supply unstrapping her severed limbs before placing them on the bed of a hover-drone. Liselle had enjoyed quite a few of their predecessors, after all what Aria saw as an emergency and what the poor girls she hired for the job thought one might be frequently differed, usually fatally for the Asari maiden in question. She couldn't remember the names of most of the girls, but she did recognize Malia, smiling kindly as she bent to pick Liselle's tits off of her thoroughly greased belly.

"Maybe I should have the rest of her thrown to the Vorcha?" Aria mused. "If they'll eat her. They usually are fine with trash and table scraps, but I've never fed them a spoiled asari before. It might be too much even for them to eat."

"Can I... that is... mistress..." Tevos murmured.

*crack!* Liselle winced in sympathy as she saw her mother's riding crop smack firmly onto Tevos' bared sex. "Speak up, slave! My time is precious and I won't have you wasting it with useless babbling!"

“Sorry Mistress... I just wanted to know if I could have the azure of my unworthy little slut daughter, as a keepsake,” Tevos pleaded. Liselle shivered. Fed to vorcha, stripped of her azure? What sweet new torture would her mothers think of next for her.? If she had known that this is what would happen when she decided to defy her mother's wishes and meld with someone for the first time... Liselle would have done it sooner. The pleasant flush of her body, the waves of ecstasy coursing through her, she would have traded years of her life, decades even to experience this sooner!

“Please... Please...” Liselle whimpered, the vestiges of pleasure quickly fading from her body until they were no more than a dull ache.

“Please what, You slutty little sex doll? Please mistress, will you carve out my worthless azure for my equally worthless sex slave mother? Please Aria, please snuff me? Please Aria, let me ripped apart by Vorcha like I deserve for defying you? Use your words you horny little cunt.” Aria cruelly replied. “You know, I probably could have made money sealing up those wounds of yours and selling you as a helpless pillow,” Aria drawled, “But no one would ever buy a useless soiled little bitch like you, so I guess I'll just have to take your worthless life in repayment for all the effort you wasted.”

“Please Aria, Mistress, rip out my Azure...” Liselle begged, her whimpering pleas clear despite the noise of the club around her.

“And just what exactly will you give me if I do? Will you obey me? You already had that chance, that's why you're here right now, a useless whimpering torso attached to an absolutely worthless cunt,” Aria berated.

“Anything... I'll give anything...” Liselle begged.

“I've already taken everything from you you worthless little quim. You don't have anything left.”

“My life...” Liselle pleaded. She needed this, needed to be harvested before the end, it was her destiny, it was the one thing her mothers, both of them, had always promised was in store for her.

“That's already mine, you little whore.”

“Please...” Liselle begged, helplessly.

“What about you, my little snuff slut?” Aria asked turning to Tevos. “You're the one that wanted her worthless snatch, what are you willing to give me for it?”

Tevos' eyes widened, uncertainly. Aria already owned her, body and soul, what did she have to give her mistress? Maybe it was a trick? Maybe it was something her mistress could already have if she desired it, but she wanted Tevos to give it to her, freely.

“What about another daughter? One more worthy of your dinner?” Tevos offered.

“That'll do slave, that will do,” Aria agreed. “Malia, carve this filthy slut's cunt out for my pet. I think she needs a collar to show her who she belongs to, and I know exactly what to make it out of.”

Despite Liselle's conviction that she couldn't be any more aroused than she already was, the idea of her mother, the counselor of all Asari space wearing a collar made from her sex was enough to double her arousal. The mere thought was enough to send her panting over the edge into another, probably final climax, which in and of itself was enough to distract her from Malia's approach.

In Malia's hands she held an immense corer, much bigger than the devices used on fruits... In fact, the long wide metal tube tipped it serated teeth looked like it was designed specifically to fit around something the size of an Asari azure. Liselle had never seen anything like it before. The corer that Aria usually used, or sometimes, rarely, had her, or one of the other girls use on the azures she intended to harvest looked shiny and new, and used omni-blades and other tricks to keep the girls alive long enough for them to walk, permanently gaping down to the kitchen where the rest of their bodies would become the night's special. This on the other hand looked almost barbaric. It was simple, incredibly so, just a handle, and a metal ring at the end of a partially open tube, and as Malia brought the mouth of the frightening device against her unguarded sex, Liselle truly realized that this device was meant for her.

Liselle could see the arousal dripping from Malia's uncovered azure. Unlike the rest of the dancers in Afterlife, the five girls constantly employed as Aria's emergency larder wore nothing to conceal their sex while they were on the job, and if Aria was in the club, they were on the job. Liselle didn't begrudge the younger asari her arousal. While all of the girls who served Aria personally were beautiful virgins, there were only two kinds of maidens who signed up for Aria's deal with the devil, Girls who were turned on by the thought of being harvested, and the truly desperate. Given just how turned on the sight of Liselle's helpless sweat drenched torso, locked into the guillotine above her was making Malia, Liselle suspected that Malia was the former of the two types of maidens Aria employed as her Azure larder. Liselle couldn't blame her, after all, if going through the process herself had only left Liselle with an uncountable amount of orgasms, how could she fault Malia for being turned on by the mere sight of it? Besides, Malia had always been kind to her, she was the sweetest of all the girls that her mother had ever hired, and Liselle had even thought about asking Aria to let her harvest her for her birthday. That wouldn't happen now of course, but turnabout was certainly fair play.

Liselle gasped as Malia pressed the savage device against the outer edges of her aching azure. Did she break the skin? Were she not locked, helplessly into the butchering block, Liselle could have craned her neck to look, but now there was no way for her to check. The pleasure intensified as the corer began to dig into Liselle's flesh, ripping and tearing through her body just as much as it cut as Malia deftly pushed and twisted the tube around Liselle's absolutely sopping Azure.

“OOOOHHHHhhhhh!!!” Liselle cried out as the corer bit into her very being, destroying her. It was sublime. Slow, and laborious, the way that the the omni-blades that had removed her limbs and breasts were not. Malia was ruining her by hand, and it took considerable time and effort both to drive the corer all the way through her. Inch after satisfying inch the brutal metal teeth of the device drover into greater heights of ecstasy. She quivered, and squirmed causing Malia to ruin even more of her body than necessary, only the wide opening of the tube keeping her azure itself from harm. Climax after pain-fueled climax crashed into her robing her of words and senses one after another until finally, Liselle felt her body give and the corer broke through, tearing out the flesh around her cervix.

Liselle gasped as the flood of pleasure and arousal suddenly dimmed, making the world around her just a bit blander. It didn't vanish, how could it, when she was as turned on as Asarianly possible, but it was definitely diminished. Through the flood of pleasure, Liselle could make out something smooth moving inside her, pulling out of her and dragging something large enough to slightly stretch the new hole that Malia had torn in her body behind it. Liselle blinked, her senses slowly returning to her from the nirvana they'd been dragged to. What happened, the last thing she remembered was... Malia! And the... Oh, Goddess... was that... did she really? Liselle felt her muscles spasm as her Azure tried to clench without responding. She did!

Malia pulled the corer free, clearly dragging Liselle's ovaries and womb behind it. They dangled softly from the mouth of the corer, limp and lifeless now that they had been torn from her body. Liselle's eyes widened. She'd been harvested! That was her azure, her womb dangling from it like some macabre keychain from a human antiques dealer. She could almost feel the gaping completely cylindrical hole that had been left behind. Liselle smiled, her mother did want her harvested, and now she'd die just as she was meant to, bleeding out peacefully, secure in the knowledge that her parents would enjoy her final gift to them.

The stinging spritz of medigel spray woke Liselle from her pleasant daydream. She recognized the bottle in Malia's hands, she'd used it as a kid after shinning her knees. It stopped bleeding almost immediate... The reality hit Liselle like a Batarian slaving ship. She wasn't going to bleed out after all, her mother had something else in store for her.

“Is that the worthless little whore's azure?” Aria asked.

“Yes, Aria,” Malia quickly replied.

“Tear off that useless womb and toss it over the side. If someone down there wants it they can have it, otherwise it'll be cleaned up in the morning like the rest of the garbage that gets thrown on the floot here. You can drop what's in the corer on my little snuff slut in the pillory. You can feed her the whore's ovaries as well, they're hardly fit for paying customers even if they might want them, and they'd make far too much of a mess for the cleaning crew bursting under foot. Still, they should be fine for a helpless little cunt like Tevos there.”

Liselle's heart ached as her mother continued to debase her, her eyes turned to her other parent, still locked helplessly in the pillory, her Azure exposed to any and all abuse. She watched enthralled as Malia tore off her womb and snapped her ovaries free from it one after another, feeding them to Tevos and letting the counselor lick her fingers clean after each one. Liselle's hips struggled to buck against their restraints at the depraved incestuous sight before her. The image of the respected counselor Tevos, restrained in Asari-learther, trapped in a pillory, slowly crewing and swallowing her own daughters with a happy smile on her face burned into Liselle's brain. The hole where her azure once sat ached and Liselle knew that if it still existed as a part of her the scene in front of her would have had her cumming like a river.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Tevos spoke, “Thank you for allowing this humble little snuff slut a taste of her worthless daughter's meat.”

Liselle watched as Malia slid her Azure out of the corer with a wet plop, letting it fall into Tevos' makeshift lap staining it with Liselle's blue blood in a way that Tevos wouldn't be able to clean until she was set free long after Liselle herself was (hopefully) gone. Of course, Aria wasn't finished with Liselle either...

“Maybe I should leave you like this, a worthless, broken toy missing its one redeeming part? Would you like that? Living on as a useless husk, a warning to everyone who disobeys me what the punishment for doing so will be? Or would you rather be thrown to the vorcha? That's an option as well,” Aria drolled. “Of course, your begging was almost amusing earlier, if you entertain me enough, I might let Malia there use the guillotine to snuff you. I can see you staring at it. It's what you want isn't it? Convince me, and I might let you have it.”

Liselle's heart soared. Her mom had noticed her plea, she was willing to let Malia snuff her worthless disobedient daughter! “Please! Please Mother... Please Mistress Aria... I know I'm just a useless slut not even fit to feed the Vorcha with my corpse. But please... please, I'm begging you, please let Malia snuff your worthless, disobedient daughter...”

“That's certainly not good enough. Though you're right about one thing, you're not even fit for Vorcha to eat. Still, I'm sure there are plenty of stray Varren around to enjoy you. They'll eat anything that can squirm.” Aria declared. “Malia, Unclamp-”

“Wait! Please!” Aria held up her hand to stay Malia from liberating her limbless, sexless daughter. “Please, please let Malia snuff me, I know I'm useless, I know I disobeyed you, I know I'm not even fit for the Varren to gnaw on! But please, I want to be snuffed in front of my parents, even if my crimes mean I can't be snuffed by them.”

“Drivel and sentiment. I have no use for it you helpless little whore. If that's the way you plead you can plead with the dumpster once Malia throws you out. You can live there from now on, I'm sure there are plenty of scraps to eat.”

Liselle's mouth was dry. Aria's threat was real and Liselle didn't doubt for a second that she'd go through with it, but the sheer degradation involved had completely robbed her of her voice.

“Please, mistress...” Tevos' voice rang out. “Let me watch my incompetent incapable slut of a daughter being snuffed. I promise I'll make it worth your while...” Tevos offered.

“You will, will you?” Aria smiled cruelly, “And just what could you offer me that would do that?”

“My... My nipples,” Tevos admitted, planting. “I know you want them. I said I needed them, that losing them could expose me and cost me my position... And that's still true! But... If you want them you can have them... for this.”

“Very well then, I accept your offer,” Aria proclaimed with a heavy dose of finality. “Malia, I'm tired of listening to this worthless little whore. Snuff her.”

Liselle had only a few moments to smile and gaze up as the heavy blade fell quickly on it's course towards her neck. She didn't even feel it as it hit, slicing through her body without any effort at all. Before she could blink she'd hit the floor. She was tumbling, rolling until she stopped at the base of a pair of long white boots.

She had absolutely no control, less than she did even as an amputated torso! She would die in a few seconds, her brain shutting down, erasing everything she was, ending her vulgar little life, but despite the pointless inevitability of her death, she couldn't bring herself to look away as her mother picked her up.

Aria leaned down, placing a soft kiss on her daughter's lips and whispered the final words she'd ever hear in her ear. “Despite disobeying me, you managed to be a good little snuff-slut after all. I don't think I'll be feeding you to the Varren. Instead, you and one of the girls in my larder will be serving the customers at Afterlife one last time." Aria smirked at her, "As burgers, of course. At a discount.”

And with that, the life left Liselle's eyes and she faded away, and the little snuff-slut couldn't possibly be happier with her fate.

To be concluded....


You write good, really good, kudos! I love the ME universe and extreme fantasies but dislike consensual snuff fantasies, but thanks to your writing skills this was still an amazing story!




nice story ,really good :) ,can you write a story wher eis a girl mutiladed and formed into a oral doll,by removing her limbs,then pelvis and shoulders and breast,and also some face parts? i would love it too!


Wow, missed this the first time around. I love your Mass Effect stories, keep them up!

Have you considered writing one with Ashley 'starring'?


I don't take requests. But even if I did that idea probably isn't something I'd write.

I have a story on Hentai Foundry where Male Shepard and Ashley destroy Liara, but I haven't finished it. I probably won't do one with Ashley by herself on my own (not a huge fan of her), but I am doing one with Jack and Miranda as part of a trade and I probably wouldn't have done taht on my own either.

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